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Tyson Fury Reveals 3-Fight PlanIncluding Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte


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We give you the caller a consistent outlet to voice your opinions on topics relevant to so you by subscribing to itunes creating a tight knit community by connecting. The sweet science is most enthusiastic fans. The nestor gifts good morning. TBB Welcome Back Ladies and gentlemen through another glorious Monday morning you are awake so thank God. We hit a talk some box and we got Tyson fury given his three five plan. And we kind of talked about this yesterday but I feel like maybe I didn't give it enough thought. Maybe not even read the article well enough because on talk sports it sounds like keys. Speaking of a three fight last three remaining fights with top rank and yesterday I pretty much thought he was retiring after the three three fights and and that might not be the case but his plan. We'll we'll dissect that and see. Is it even possible on a three fight by deal or remaining ideal that is with top bring. This is what we'll be talking about Tyson fury and the three people he's named our next next will also have zones What do you call him? VP MVP Jomar. Cross ski will be on the show as as well as you Kaysone Liam Williams Liam Williams should be called as the mandatory here in the next four to five months ons for Dimitri Sandra aid. He is a Frank Warren promoted fighter. And Yeah we'll have him on the show in a bit and Joe Makovsky up first and we'll be talking the heavyweight division. If you WANNA give us your opinion on today's topic you already know the number to call in one. Four two five. I five six nine fifty to forty one press one once voiced opinion right here on the voice of the people on. Don't forget you can add Nestor Gibbs on skype to be part of the conversation. That's on out so MOCO. Holson Indiana Gross. The boss I speak it believe it receives Speaker Believer Received Speaker believers received dot com to candid bands Olga. Fico hit miss to grab one or look when the building. Let me check my instagram. I might be at a meeting DOT COM Yoyo. Yo Yo yo Yo Yo yo Yo. Good Morning Good Morning. Good Morning TV universe back with another one Tafuri's it. I got three little baby while they're widened Joshua Man I it made. It seem like he had provides live period. A career not just on the interview came from I F. LTV Guest Omari wasn't it was a cougar. North Sanso become to the governator. You but we'll break it down get into it and everybody out to join this. Yes for those in chat we will be having Johm across Kyanne Liam Williams on the show. Today will have joe in a few minutes. We're going to get him on. I'm very early. If you guys want to ask them any questions. I've posted the links to their respective pulse on Patriot Dot com forward slash. The box invoice where you can access exum your specific question Karen Betts stop being cheap. Sign up the Patriot So Mike Man Yeah From from the talk sports article it looks like he means Ma three fights left on. ESPN deontay Wilder Anthony. Joshua dillion he and wife and look. I mean as a regular boxing fan. That sounds remarkable a beautiful schedule but there is a rematch with wilder louder and if he gets past wilder and then defeats them in the rematch. Though be a rematch with Anthony Joshua. And if he gets past Anthony Joshua and defeats him in a rematch. Then he could possibly face dilly and white if he has already fought someone in those four fights that fury would need to get to him on we see say what so if he faces wilder. It's two sue fights. He's got to beat twice if if the loser calls a rematch. Those but in theory. It's two fights there's a rematch clause like right now now denison. He can't really talk about much. Because we know Williams is out this end there's a rematch close. Just like there was rumors of the first fight with a rematch. su-wei there's rumors of this one now with the loser rematch. So you know in theory or hypothetically. The statement doesn't hold much because it's too fights with wilder. We know without a doubt it will be two fights with Anthony Joshua because of how he makes his contracts so by the time he gets. The dillion Leeann is Dylan. Even available to him is what I'm saying because you know Dylan's not going to sit around and wait for. Tyson have four fights with the top of the division while he just sits on his hands they might might find five billion. I know what I'm saying. He's saying that after he wilder than Then it might be in the night the mandatory for two thousand days. So he's going on the other hand cut he takes. Dylan is a good fighter and deserves a shot at a world title Auto Discovery Danny Seo. Aj's Shit House Oh aj if you really want to help me spine aren't Dow will be magnificent. I really would like you to come. Oh he said that she you know without thinking healing really gonNA come here no fuck him up. You know it's just like your fury so crazy you know. One day he's saying Dylan White is also Shit House then one day. He's backing that. He's two thousand days waiting. So with fury man. You just don't know what you're GONNA get. And he's like a coin flip on any side I think he gets his opinion. And when it's time to talk shit and he can't talk shit but when it's time to give them some guy's credit I mean that's what he does look like. I WANNA see the minds in the fight. They Jay Fighting Awhile fighting on saying he seemed like that he has one put out in one for the Maybe looking at at a career in professional wrestling knows. And he's been talking about emanate out all those things so maybe he's not Too Long for boxing anymore. You mean fury yes. I don't know man. I think he's so young. Let's walk down his road. If he somehow finished his top-ranked deal with these three fights. I guess there is no need to continue to fight. You've beat the top you were you know one of the three headed monsters and you beat them but if he beats those also two guys guys like dillion would have gotten more attractive in the box and division. The job was the Dubai's they would be moving up. You know the herbs and Adam Kaufman hockey they would be more popular like would it be the right decision to ride off into the sunset after these three fights. It's absolutely you can always come back and We have come back all the time. Let those guys up. They they they would ever in the if if you very. I mean it's kind of a smart thing to do you know what I'm saying. Allow those guys to beat each other. You know you make noise when you come back just like just like McGregor or or anybody else or retiring and comes back People love to see a good comeback story. You don't say definitely man I would hate hate for him to retire after beating. deontay Anthony Josh. Lewin dealing away only to come back and then we need to give them tune-ups ups and wonder whether or not he's physically at his peak because of the activity or the time away we should be having johm across about five minutes minutes. I do have to tell all my skype is it. Looks like blogs down. So you know we're going. We're going to be going to that bat line to bring in a Joe Joe so I do employ to go. Listen to the show on Youtube during the interview time so that you're not on hold silently unto Blog to get back together because every now and again like yesterday it was down for the beginning and then I don't know I guess because they they sold the two spirit or they're just not doing maintenance no no real clues here but Once again we will be having Joe. Markowski from Disowned disowned the MVP. He like you said. We have a seat at the table when discussing Anthony. Josh and there's a lot of Anthony Joshua News and and disown news to discuss we got De'andre Luquillo fight coming up. We got Pharma fight coming up so plenty to talk to Joe about right but if you have something specific one axiom. You already know what to do head on over the Patriots Dot com forward slash box voice. Sign up for as little as three bucks works by me and Mike a cup of coffee. You'll be able to ask these guys your specific question get Outta line. Maybe it won't get acts but thus far we've never not accident he wants question Even the crazy ones so yeah we should be having him in Matara minutes in unless you you know black dog gets it together taken over that skype Joe Yeah I like Tom. Unlike the plan of theory I like the fact that he's he's mentioned in the top guys But Man I don't know it if you look at pass out or Z.. Is He is. He competent enough that he able to knock out again his interview instead. The reason is to sit down on his punches. It's no secret we look at. What a knockout? It is no secret so a lot of a lot of things to to see how it plays out. I I WANNA I wanNA know what what wait. I don't come in at against wild. How how much emphasis is he putting away on down on his punches too? So that'd be a very intriguing story. Well he's always been the heavy a man and always comes in heavier so you know but remember in their fight against water or against whoever was his dad got mad because he came in a little bit too light I had I been there was a headline like my son should be eighteen stones. Nineteen Tony Shaw. Coming in like around two hundred five twenty so he can add up to seventy five to eighty. I remember. I think he came in like. I'm a google lash now because I remember coming in to sixty eight for for for Zora and looking unlike hot mess bro. Like real sloppy. Yeah no I'm serious. They both were overweight. I think for the first. He doesn't look good or aw he didn't do better. I mean that was a younger version of fury. Obviously but like you know I can refer back to that fight as like. Oh look at this performance you know he was to sixty four Zora on a second fight was the first fighter I fight fight to fifty five so he bloomed up for the second fibro And for Joey able to seventy four and he we did get a stoppage That was the only time he was that high for Schwartz to sixty three to sixty three for Schwartz empha- Hammer to sixty and look as father might be right. When he's heavy he got the stoppage on Schwartz? He got the stop at Jon Hamm. AM At two sixty. He got the stoppage Zora to sixty. He got the stoppage on April at two seventy. I mean he's still got to stop a John Cunningham joining him at two fifty. You Dion Kevin Johnson. I Dunno I deserve Zoro. Fai definitely a decision and he was to fifty five. Maybe a goes up in weight. He he he gets to the detto to fifty to sixty. I mean I think the interview. He was sitting down so I couldn't really get a gauge of how big yours Sam but if he's trying to get a knockout I mean come in a little bit more area and that's what he's popzette last night. So we'll we'll see plays out but Em sounds good saying you making a headline so young guy. Three vice loving theory knows how to make but oh man. A lot of things could happen man by lightning said what about Anthony Joshua Imagine what about a deal white reimagined on Saturday. y'All could have the best I out of all three guys in white we'll know so Theory is is a good promoter. Motor North Sanford. Sylvan is signed a way to stay in the news from our appeared on screen. That's that's what he'll do near me to the fucking cans. And if he can't do that I'm going to get A. I'm going to eat him up there this this time it's going to be different. He's going to sleep in two rounds now two rounds come on man come on baby. Come on we ain't fair and had like you go knock out. deontay wilder two rounds are we found. Good night good. Get headline good quote on. Oh okay all right. Ladies and gentlemen we are live with. Ev P of Zone Joe Markowski Joe. Good Morning Happy New Year and thank you first and foremost for taking out the time to come on the program and just talk a little boxing with us. It's definitely fight season at a dissol man The the end of two thousand nineteen was a strong one for you guys Just want to know what's Across keys outlook for twenty twenty could be back had a couple of weeks away but could be back in New York and and and getting back into the thing of things We ended the year really strong Three or four months of of what we felt was the strongest. Boxing scheduled ever put together started Definitely something we wish to replicate in twenty twenty. It's definitely to do this now that we're back in the New Year We're working on some pretty exciting stuff for this spring period will announce suits the definitely. The intention is to to run that fight season twice again this year so in the spring into the summer and then again in this sort of four wintertime at the end of the year so It was a huge success for off. Not Seuss deftly to replicate that a couple of times this year perfect. Let's get right into the nitty gritty It looks like Eddie hearn has sent went over seven Andy Rees to phase dillion white owned zone and and I wanted to know for you for zone. Who Do you feel? Phil brings in more subscribers because we had a debate here on the show not too long ago that I feel Andy Ruis might be side even coming off a loss because of all the Anthony. Josh Soi cachet the fact that he's Mexican American there about thirty six point something million of them in America. What's more intriguing to you? dillion white or Andy Ruis. Would you prefer to have on zone. I think you can look at the number of writing. And what number of ways right. Depending on which market you sit in Talking purely about the technical skill set for my speculative subscription generation respective very controversial to say that on on Juries Juniors a is a is a big attractions the US foxing audiences idiom white in that fight because all the reasons you right out You would have seen US announced that Louise Aj in Saudi was the biggest. Most streamed event on desired groped me in two thousand nineteen which is significant significant proportion of that came in the US so The narrative about fight was huge. But it definitely helped helped oversee. The release is Mexican American. He's faced in the US. I've got a large following on the back of his success. So Yeah it's it's It it from August bank grain breeze genius a bigger attraction in that fight to the US audience. So why is it my apologies. Good Morning Mister. macron's Mike Rossier. How's it going? Hey I'm doing pretty good now. Says Andy Reid either day side. Why is any city I offer for a UK fight only know? Sam says he's with the zone wouldn't make more sense to have Andy White over over in America. Says Andy probably would bring more soups. That's the question you can always get over these various considerations out of this that my perspective Lexi reservedly one perspective Video boy has a relationship that in the UK. I would scar their ovation. So that On disregarding my opinion on my my perspective from the from design USA position Yeah the the other perspectives Eddie holds and under the various protagonists whole is not questions May Disagree or Hover Count Out Thompson position so I'm saying her late this afternoon. I can always ask him to get in touch with you guys about that but M- my opinion. It's one of many that sort sort of more in our relationship. That is always a the debate. About what the design businees. What his scar relationship in the UK needs what is fighting wants It's blended conversation that we have to. Let's make all cases in almost. So what network has a primary I guess primary Preference on the fight is dissolved. Or is it a skylight which comes stars like do. I make sure that the as long as the the best buy or make sure this guy gets the best but I think it easy sit here and say all. Just get the the one that can beat my chest and say that. But we're we go to mature relationship with both not with Scott and we recognized You know there is a bit of give and take as as a schedule that we put together that maximizes The sort of mocked ability of both the the UK oriented. Scotty consider an for us. So often skull I will be in his ear Regularly staking all requirements and state. Your quite a certain fights and I think sometimes it comes down to a bit of a compromise The compromise and the case breeze and an AJ was the the Saudis came. I'm an impediment of money at Pfizer. Two completely different markets so Look I think it's it's sort of a compromise that using that is often made with frank as well to talk through schedule so Maybe better off to five or six times but I think it's regarding where happens interesting. One resource they the How's it great narrative around him? He's coming off a loss Obviously how how how stand out twenty nine breaking on the I was stage so It feels about the the right tests for India Rees because did he. And why did you. Why automated frustrated with How things played right out in touch with his his schedule? The last couple of years Here what are making claims. WBZ Shot. He's been waiting for and beating on your east so let's let's yeah and Still be part of all part of a season ago this Joe. Can you give us a little bit of I guess Enlightenment here on the new hiring of Julian skills as a VP for product and acquisition and retention and payments commits. What exactly is that role? Yes judy join us from Amazon right. He's a number of years In the product teams teams Listen we building a five six hundred person strong development team in Fog drive business and not the team is is is in the business to make sure for is is world class. They're very adamant to products Obviously making took the quality of the video stream is high. Thank you should apply former stablemate insured user. Experience is simple and easy to navigate Making enjoy that probably is. We gotta do provocative that we all presenting consumers with payments and positions options That all the Norman them market. They understand that. Meet that banking systems that they use and that fun systems So a big draw will be making jokes and all we retry globality The how we are presenting resenting them pricing the product makes the most sense Because she was in the markets that we're targeting them in so He'll be based in London global row reporting in touch put up and Yeah we're talking top. Someone on board is J. Paul versus versus the Co main event for this fight in In Miami and if so with the Put up without process. This putting it as the main of putting two title fights underneath that I think it will be the The reality is we've we've set during the cash so I like them pulled vision They see the tactic. These kind of fights or a tactic will use to to grow the audience. What you know boxing events? I think blunt to graduate watching books and It it's a new demographic defense it's And it's great. I think the these sort of youtube characters are are taking interesting. Boxing that committing ourselves goes to the sports Using it as a platform which create comes engaged time basis and I think that We we are not folks. We're not going to be embarrassed to to say that we all we are using this for my fight to the a means of generating more interest in sports and if that means putting a lot of and Above all traditional boxing party. But then we're going to do that and We will see. Eddie is spoken with the with the boxers Involved in order to recognize the Yeah this this grows the audience of people what she comes in and that's what they want. That helps them get paid helps them build. An audience helps them become bigger names and bigger a good brands in the world of books. So Yeah we're trying to get a second experiment we will run and It's something to replicate a few times this year. Actually based on the ETA league. Do you have a number of how many new subscriber that Jake Paul could possibly bring in like a ballpark figure. I do What be with any of my friends in the media yourself included deleted but Yeah we do we see on the back of a accessible. Casts are like improved to event. That was I think it was so you know we'd be published Faith in almost watch that globally last year as well so Yeah a a a a a huge success economically very very efficient for us Intestinal cost us is new. Subscribe degenerative so We'll see one goes in your learning But yeah yes we're we desperately encourage vogler around cats all the zone go public in twenty twenty so we can start artist possibly get the numbers of what you guys are doing. I don't think it's an plans to list this year. No that we have. We have a very supportive group of shareholders who are who are backing US continue tobacco That's a pretty consistent group of shareholders coldest since we Founded the original parent company for full definitely since we we found a design so Where where where? We're lucky. In that regard we go to support a shareholder. He's encouraged by by what he's saying Wha How often growing and as a result Arabia's any immediate past public all right. Let me get to some of these questions from the public. We have have Brandon Maurice. Who says who is Joel? mccrea Hausky so. What exactly is your role over at zone? I don't know good question question for Brandon My Monroe is executive vice president of North American American business so I- armor spokesman for managing the US and Canadian businesses designed towards that that subscription revenue target so age team of along with Jimmy Horowitz aw. EDP A consent We managed to you about a hundred and fifty people in New York a small team until I'm so as well And I'll job is to is to manage their businesses towards are great targets right so building schedule making the marketing finds interacting with the media Pity on the events making the content and then also studying subscriptions and keeping keeping people were paid subscribers to help office grows. So that's my job. I enjoy very much. The next one is from traff F. D. Y. in Texas has anyone ever told. You Benicio Del Toro He is an actor and a director. But but I don't think you have way better skin. He has like. I don't know you see but the you guys from from the country for old men WHOA. I don't think so. I thought he was too man. I'm thinking I don't know he's the guy from Sokaiya where he's like a Mexican name it is. I never seen that movie. No country for oh controversy. The when the guy gets shot at the border year. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. I think the guy doesn't uh-huh striking but the about real interesting deep boxing stuff here all right the next one. I haven't learned how to pronounce his his name. But we're going to go with the question. which is when disown moves to different markets around the world? Are you the head guy or just in the US. I'm curious because it. It seems like the British market would be the easiest for you to break into. And you haven't are you waiting for certain contracts and hang kink well The question then so does the Global Monitoring Team it every market wherein as an equivalent of me as someone who runs the business in Japan and Germany Germany and Spain and Italy Vizo that doesn't it. It's not my job my job as a US and Canada specifically You A A British business on if you look at it simply. It's percents business. What are you gonNA knock the but in reality when we look at Newmarket's always considering Th the dynamics of broadcast costs in those markets and obviously sky and bt the two main sports ball costs in the UK. I pretty well established positions there and as a result they competed for content And they've driven the price of constant up so couple of years. We've looked at it and I have made an assessment. We don't think it's the right time to log in in the future as is the market dynamics change and content becomes available and we'll look at how competitive democracy then ensure like any market will look at the UK and making assessment I know what the question is hinting out there But right now the. UK's not party for us where we are focused on growing growing our existing businesses in markets. We're in on all the time Looking at a shortlist of markets that might make sense to gin and Yeah we we we. We have to a now so joe without giving us the generic answer. How I guess did last year? Meet your expectations for dissolved. Did you did did we. We ended the year in the US on target Didn't expect to be which a good thing for the business in a good thing for me personally in Canada we we were above expectation with a bumpy. MPA encountered during Oversee boxing's not central to our Canadian offering but boxing events definitely helped us do that in Canada We had some great right success internationally as well Japan and Germany the more established businesses are now sort of nitty four years. Old For us Again that that really gritty motoring along now in in in Japan Number One sports cost by any metric in Germany Probably a solid number two uh-huh you're already in the US we had. We had a brady interesting year over to learning on the fly in boxing. It was the first full year where we're in in the market. Okay And I think that fight season schedule at the end of the year really weird etc business and A Mix of traditional boxing events obviously Connecticut covered other than the DRI event in Saudi Arabia were huge events the generating huge subscription interest. And then say the case all I can pull so Event Resource Spring coder entirely new audience into our subscription based so yes it was a it was a great year. I have to say we learn ahead have a law in nineteen in the world. Boxing united the easiest market to operate in your sort of constantly In an evolving space with with the various cast of characters. You have to deal with in boxing But I'm proud that we navigated those learnings and challenges pretty well. I an end of the year. Everybody's so did position so Obviously our expectations also seeing growth in twenty twenty. But we're starting the year and everybody healthy position. I think that the CONOR McGregor was on designing different territories. Do you know how successful that's like did this past weekend or is is it too early to tell in those territories well given today's a national holiday in the US. I wasn't planning on on speaking with my German colleagues but I can definitely take doubt Look we've had great success with Quantum McGregor events and USC events internationally Since we launched actually in McGregor May with a I would suggest was the boxing event that we had it in Japan and in Germany as well it was a I would cut it. Ah The event that ready our interest in the score of boxing and probably was the first feed the print was replanted in in the US US business being so focused on books because it was such a successful night for us so Obviously a global superstar he's got tremendous marketability and it's great having back competing because it's good for the sport of May hold so Yeah I can definitely find out. I'm sure that was a Germans in particular lockstep boxing. MMA all right we got the next one from Dominic in Seattle he says hi. MR stooped here from Seattle Washington USA. Why hasn't Dimitrius Andrei gotten any title shots or unification's or do the fight with billy? Joe Saunders what's going on zone get it together well let me just say I he also spit sorry for beaches and I think I think he I think he would always him. If I'm honest. I think it's hard to make to meet your android than than it should be he. He's obviously a world champion. I think he's very awkward. Style pizza intimidated by and as a result. It's not easy for Eddie to make the thought that we were one for mattress so obviously fight and Miami and a couple of weeks I'm not Sort of be going to be interesting to see how that plays out. We'll see Dimitrius. Won't the big names Midway you won't see what he wants to triple. Jeez the fights at that level so I think doc definitely in the plan for twenty twenty that he gets out that level Pity sorta is definitely one name that we considered obviously within the desired metro stable. Who is what it's meet your so What happens next week? Remind me and then WE'LL we'll go from that ruin a five. Oh four says is what does know we'll zone continue to partner with other cable TV providers in the US to expand its reach. And that's the end of the question. I just want the ad that I did appreciate being able to just talk to my remote control and say hey design and it opens up on expenditure so so yeah. I'm assuming he's talking about that. For other cable. Providers city will and will deepen our relationship. We come costs as well. So it's even easier. You guys allies to access bar set folks it's all about making sure deserted said old of the environments that people want to come in and Make a lot of sense for us to continue partner and part of Calm Palm coast because the biggest Biggest reach each other's dishes dishes the world as an example. Definitely do this this year so Yeah we will continue to do that does does out the zone zone have stakes in a metro. USA Yet we do Not Public Information. Can we joint venture. We are a minority shareholder in that business. How big how big is a share different minority of the business business? Oh no not one all right Joe we got another one from JEMMY and Delaware New Jersey Delaware New Jersey Delaware. He says recently Eddie talked about how he wanted to get zone to raise the price to fifty dollars dollars a month instead of twenty. What are your thoughts on that and do you think you have enough content to justify fifty dollars a month? I think Eddie should Remember he doesn't work through. The design team works matching boxing. So we'll leave all pricing proposition. Sort of planning funding to survive in business. So I don't think any immediate plans to to follow Eddie Device and I'm pretty happy with our price point as it is right now I think given all conversations with fines and things five hundred dollars to tremendous value so Not Not something. We'll be listening to that. He says a lot. The things not always Always agreed or on brief I think I think we're happy where we are. We'll say we off for a while yet back to more JOE and you're Outta here we got. Cyp and California says so far absolutely no guests on this show has agreed read that AJ is a legend. As of now. So I asked you is AJ alleged. Goes you joe you there delude. You think we lost him. Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike all right so I'll just get joe back all myself. Looks like let me just do this. Real Quick Joe Uncut right Yes yes it did so Basically the question was Do you feel the Anthony. Joshua's a legend right now. I think legend either cheese ahead of a little It depends how you define legend right. I mean I'm not I'm Joshua wants to achieve and his career I know you desperate to have that Undisputed show which would definitely make him Kind of legendary status especially especially the UK But it comes down to how your funds extra work in progress right career. He's he's got a big mess and his career happened. We were passing. We'd save and his team. I mean it depends I injury I think he's a fantastic. WHO's making the most out of his boarding school set back where he belongs the top heavyweight division so Yeah I think this would be actually achieved. Brennan he He has undisputed Sean. Hopefully you you get sick About point and say he's he's he's on a jetty letting states is okay and the last swan will actually have two more one came in late. This is from rail in New Mexico says when Wilder Beats Fury Eerie and white will. Aj step up the question. That I think he's been trying to make that far for a while There is complications is still happening. watch with interest would be great if I see Georgia could fly the winner on news or about five a couple of times in the next couple of years so That's what I want to see. British fancy particularly would love to see Aj fury American signs and global finds love to see Aj. Don't WanNa see us four speech and we'll talk for five so watch with interest in February. And then we'll get about trying to make the fight. It makes no sense to eat out with that that needs Special so Interesting problems coming up in the heavyweight division unquestionably Joe. Is there any way that design a streams the wilder fury in different territories potentially To sort of check in with all teams and see how that's going but Yeah it's definitely not out of the question sure. Have you streamed past wilder orphee resides on any other territories. We have yes we have definitely streamed and Water fights. Yeah we'll we'll probably get nine countries huge range of content so Most of those markets where we're one of the biggest just by of sports content so Yeah we have your engaging concept now I know I said that was. It's my last but there's this guy I'm interested in from. He's from Cape Town. He did suffer laws versus Sebastian. For Mel you guys stream that fight in. I think maybe Germany if I'm not mistaken but it was stolen means versus Sebastian for Miller and it was on zone in another territory. WHY SO I? Can't we get some of those dissolved Canada like why can't the. US still see that he writes traded At each mock okay. Now we're putting the pack we didn't have packages on we didn't have rights to the US so Always trying to make sure that we can broil cost comes unable to markets wherein but That was it case but without wasn't possible I think you'd agree The roster of boxing putting on design. USA Pretty Pretty broad continuing to add to it. So I'll continue working. Make sure you get as much. Boxing comes invoices is possible. I'm pretty sure there was no. US streaming for that fight. Though I mean that's just someone that you you know probably thought we would be interested in to foreigners maybe Details on that one. Our toys you is brought to you Building out schedule Iheart continued to grow in our books in content. That you get to Washer does address this year. Docu so that's good stuff US boxing fans. I remember last Ashley you guys would like. Disowned is not going to be paying the money that we're paying out at first and then this year we get like Garcia getting seven million dollars against Jessie Vargas. Oh I'm looking like are you guys hoping that might be a Garcia comes back or signs back with you or is this truly like just a one off Stephanie. No one else and contracts structured so that we we we have a long term relationship with with Mike he as we work with I think that the the coinstar offending in relation to Hopson some business. We have to do lost year. Then Detroit eighteen that we don't WanNa continue doing Often playing all role beyond the road of cost the tank and things all causes Trish. We have not paid for. I think Masol the comments were referring to We're now sort of trying to reposition the market to a certain extent as imprinting the role of the board cost. Asta not necessarily paying make things happened. we maybe did into solitary nineteen th beyond that traditional remake of the broadcast so not not so until you run into too much Comes out. We're GONNA continue. Investing in in making big boxing events like Monkey Jesse Vargas like Ruiz. Aj to like Catholic Hopefully they can't afford to them. This is this year as well. So yes no awesome much. Do we get Cannella in triple judiciary or or not very much hype say I think we all know accommodations on that one and We're working to try and not the gate but course we will not fight this year for sure. Joe This is the absolute last one You know obviously we have another guest. Just wanted to thank you for your time anyway. We'll pick it up another the time. It's always a pleasure talking with you and if you want to give out any social media go ahead and thank you again yet. Guys have have a great day and appreciate the thank you brother all right there you have it ladies and gentlemen Johm across from design. Good Interview Mike. I'M GONNA cut out in the back and go get our next guest Liam Williams from the United Kingdom signed to Frank Warren while you take it away So what we learned from from his interview Dissolve with public in twitter. Still Way and see those kind of numbers Also I mean Garcia. Sabine does down look I was at a mindset that took the eighty dollars right now I mean I hear joke amounts amount of say He was referred to last year about overpaying. Also look at it Mike Guy Seven in I mean I guess we can say possibly taking a big fight or more competitive fight at least Jesse Mikey which could be their competitive but maybe a aw man it was right turning down an offer saying Mike Guy Seven million maybe the think tank deserves of ten or eleven million dollar payday for that fight. So Oh that's a very interesting to also the different markets. I know I know Germany and in Canada and all that things have like against the price that we wanna see your face that we can't see but We got a special guest on. Hello Ladies and gentlemen. We are live with definitely up and coming contender on the verge of a title shot Liam Williams sign of Frank Warren out of the UK fantastic last couple of fights definitely put hands on our American. Alana's is Fox. An opening the eyes of the American Liam. So I wanNA thank you first and foremost for coming on the show and I'm GonNa thank you for taking out the time to give us opportunity to interview. You and I wanted to say happy new year as well. Happy New Year to yourselves elves in Thanks to get on this. It's my pleasure. Thank you Mr Woods. Michael Grocer Man. Oh man hopefully. I hope everything's been going great with you ever since you moved up to one safety. You can't be in on the tail light not count at the knockout knockout. What is it about one? Sixty argued stronger at the weight. Yeah most definitely Just believe that I can still make one five four but you know I think maybe it does take something to me which seems much fallen as you know being a one sixty and perform ORLA look at a lot stronger I'm a lot more dashing. Thank you know but it's not just the fact of I've got new Craig nominee new environment vitamin and. I'm loving more do again. You know with before I start getting a little bit fed up to be honest with you. I wouldn't enjoy him. I was doing wins so much. How difficult would those two Liam Smith Slash got the first night in controversy? Second fight was very very very very close. How how was it coming back from those two thirds I I get? It's a lot of the time I W I was running away with a slight quite quite clearly. You know Second was it was close. But I wanNA inaugural the fact that he just just Stole the fight. You know it's a case of like people. Ask me all the time you know to you. Would you change anything. Would you go back probably still keep things the same way because I lost them to fight spot. They give me. The boots are really needed to realize that I needed to make some changes them You know back to myself so You know I wouldn't change you. Because the them loss will give me the motivation to come back stronger so Liam I got ax and bit of a tough question. We know that once upon a time Dominic Angle was training. Billy Joe Saunders in preparation for his despite with Dimitrius Andrei and he was not able to fight in America because he was under a banned substance. That was legal in in the Ukraine. I know you train were ingles I I WanNa do you use that nasal spray in the UK because is it is allowed in the UK Michigan. I can assure you with sh I don't take any else which is giving me lead by any other person myself And I don't know the case with Billy Joel. I honestly don't know anything thinking about. Give us between him History but you know I I look at myself. My own supplements might Yes so the problems there is problems you know definitely definitely had to act what I'm one hundred percent clean. Diesel be all load here What is frank telling you about your next fight? Will you be in a a title fight or a title eliminator coming up next. Yeah I believe I believe I'm GonNa be entitled Flights You know there's nothing Chatting stolen yet but I'm just I'm just Rake in my time patiently and I think there's a good chance they could be involved in the world like in the next are we looking like at the IBM WBO route WBZ route Well grow as far as I know is probably going to be the WTO because obviously you know molasses by was for the intercontinental belt and Obviously a good one Kim there so should but if it was up to me like I wouldn't I wouldn't shack my mind number one one Definite you know an organization because I'm open to to any champion in any I just I want these on these big challenges now and I don't believe I'm GonNa come because I'm working harder than they have a more focus than ever been before. Liam can you just clear up your promotional situation with Frank. How many fights were years? Do you have left Should be done exactly the frame I I would have to go back and check Economica. You know You know for the foreseeable future. I'm happy where I am right now. fund trump is. You know he's looking after me. I'm guessing he's he's giving me the opportunities that the communist You know as false goes from my to to where I can see right now. I'm a happy are you also. MTA Global as a management company. Yes I am yeah. I'm with empty empty. Kate Global Management. So when can we expect Liam Williams on ESPN. I mean. We see the all of the other empty K. global fighters eventually making their debut on. ESPN ESPN plus through the connection of top rank and Frank Warren. Yeah I. I'm not sure we do. I was I thought I may have already been on there because because of action. Extra you've been on. I'm not sure but you know I'd love to love to be fighting on. ESPN in and all these other challenge. Anybody any channel any exposure is good for me and You know Ross only Russia me good enough to be on. ESPN regular as much as I possibly come check your opinion. What is a big domestic desktop for them? Smith Smith isn't the trilogy with them. I'm sorry Liam Williams is the trilogy with Liam. Smith is a Chris eubank junior fight. Is it a blue. Billy Joel is is a big domestic desktop for you. I would obviously right now. I think my the best fight for me right now would probably be Christie. Bond Julia I'd love to fight him He's he's not my favorite place in the world and from being told me almost I'd love to finally Smith again because for obvious obvious reasons I want my revenge But it's it's one of these things where it's where opportunities presented to me and it makes sense my career financially. And he's just go ravaging up. You know so but but anyone anyone of these fights. I've look big and I would welcome it seems like. PBC now heyman aligning up. Chris eubank junior to face Jamaal. Charles one hundred sixty pound. WBZ Champion. Can you give me your prediction. If that fight takes place. How do you see that playing out? Honestly I I see very good flight. it. Wouldn't it wouldn't surprise me. Christi Run Julia Beats Charlotte Very tough guy Very strict and he's he's relentless so I think it's very good flight Charles. Good boxing can punch themselves so I generally think that's fifty bucks. Now you said you don't really particularly like it. Chris eubank is there a reason. Why had there been sparring sessions? That you guys had something like that. I have I I have sparred with Chris. eubank in the past it was to be honest. Seems a long time ago Both trying to start careers and we had a good spot. Billy Joe Saunders was able to get the COGNITO fight. Do you have a chance of being Cannella the little scenes that he went back with Ben Davidson. If I'm being told you I don't think I wish all the best. I really like Jelly on Bangles. Or but I think I think his opportunity. VN here in Sheffield Dom You know the boss is my opinion but I. I generally risk all the best because my spell on on I get along very well. Do you think it's it's suit you better for him to go with Davidson because that opens up the possibility of one day you facing him in England not having to be split the friend so he's one of them at the end of the Boxes Fox in sometimes you have to you have to one side is business Yeah I would say that would be a big fight for you Liam in You know to be honest. Billy's Billy's been around the block a few times. He's he's made a quite some some money for he and his family. You know you gotta think about you for sure But what is your I guess. What is your big American? Fight that you envision when you say man I I wanna go to the states. Who Do you see Liam Williams facing Do you I would somebody I keep saying this and some people think I'm crazy but I would love to kids. I think he's a great time. I think is a great match up before he both come to entertain saying you know Both good Paolo fantastic for someone always looked up to you know in recent years. She's somebody I'd love to shave but overlander generally think of a very good chance against. I just wanted to sneak in any anyone. I was going to sneak in We just had Joel mccrea. Hausky of disowned VP EPA zone on his show. And and we asked the my. You know what's up you given everyone money. Everyone's getting all the fights. They want to accept Dimitrius. Andre The guy who you seem to be on target to face because of the Wbo just talk to me about that fight one are you. Will you only be facing him. Because he's the one that has the title when that's where you're ranked or do you not see what the rest of the quote unquote media and fighters like to say that he's in avoided. We did fighters his style. He's boring like what's your genuine thoughts on Dimitri Sandra. Obviously I am simply because of the fact that he owns the title of the Johnson But you know what I ic- everybody's saying that avoided a fight them he's already gone and it does not. I like to fight. Him is one hundred percents since January. I could be on his own. You Make Fun of Make Them I. I don't see how he's going to be taken to have already been absolutely deafening. Yeah I've been talking. You're saying I I've seen you ONA on new years with the proper twelve and I got I gotta ask you. How impressed where Oh you this weekend with the Conor McGregor site to me I did not go? Send me On my phone but you know nevertheless seems very good win for caller. And Yeah like you know. He's you being Scratching around for the White House. Back there but you know Gonese these he somebody to somebody to you know admire in the fight game. He's he's making a shitload of money he's capturing everybody's imagination and you know we seems like a pretty cool guy so good form. Connor stay out of the box. Rain talks of him and his team having the negotiating with many patio. It's real fight. He can come and fight me. I'm a welcome into alright. Liam we're GONNA go to some questions from the people and we'll be all done. We got ruin the five. Oh four out in New Orleans says says any word on if you'll get that shot at the WB l.. Strap this is nothing complete. Must be at but I am hoping that I will get the salt in my next flight. So you go wait for two meters Andrei to To fight a week lose their believe Keila which I think he wouldn't. I wouldn't come kilo because he's a very You did you catch see Pfizer. And he's also I think he's going to bring in. I think Andre Class will beat him and go from there but I'm woke get mixed and obviously the matrices with design and they have heavy pockets are you. Are you considering looking forward to possibly fighting in America verses on trade or do you think that frank will somehow do a purse bid and to keep it in the UK. I really thought too far funds from me a truce suicidal that. She's about security in shop I'd love to fight in America. I've always since I was since I'm Debbie was professional. I've always always in America's always excited me you know so I'd love to go away Captured the imagination of of the American people. As well. All right we got would you. How would you frank? As a promoter on we guys Leave him but on the other guys like you Dan you do bar in Doc. Anthony Yard seems to be over the moon with you. Know it's like You guys for my point of view hold it. Honestly I believe he's already selected kind of fighters but You know a comedy told me too much pretty. He's looking after me and he's doing the job I need so I don't really care what were happens with anybody else. I'm Leon Williams business nor in the I'm normally for anybody else you know from from the Celtics Pug Deville Liam as a U K fighter I would like to ask you this next question. Bath of CYP and California he says is Anthony Joshua a legend right now. Yes because he's still because he's still present and he's still active. It's kind of like generally you kind of call Retired fight does all all like pack. Bike does legend He said the only way to what's Legend stop is because you look at the things he talks and he's he's done so he's a massive things pulpits Fox Agreed next one is from Mr Simms in the United States. That says are you willing to go to one fifty four. It's a lot more fights down there. you kind of answered that already for the right fight so no need to answer just wanted to give him a shout-out which leads us into the next one Christian the magician addition California. Says what did you think of this. Weekend's fights between Jay Rock and Rosario which champion do you want to go after I now obviously sleep. That's only a fight fifty four but you said you could make the way so if offered a fight would did you think of this. Weekend's fighting you know what would how would jufair versus either Jackson. Rosario or Julian Williams. Yeah obviously if I was offered any of are these flights I'd I'd love to get this opportunity either way either. chomped him You know Jaywalks of day could fly very good jobs gains What's the name Jerry? Heard Yeah I'm sorry. No no disrespect in their mind blank. Yeah Jason Jason Derulo. You had a good. You had a good Wayne against them. And and yeah but the other fellas audios like being in a fight those myself. I welcome any of these fights and I'd love the opportunities fight Rosario because obviously the most Belgian the divisional and it's just a case of all these countries I'm gonNA fight in the modern Any single challenge. I want to go back to what you said earlier. You said if you want to fight in America you you would like to fight trump. Well there's something that you see in the Deborah Chico Feick bed that gave you gave you made. You won't won't be more am not really to be Giuliani but Obviously with respect that I think is a good time to get canal Canal KALAC. Sorry he's a wouldn't say quite what he was a two three four years ago. He was a factor and he's kind of using modern Michigan. He's a killing machine. I don't see that in in so much anymore. You can obviously punch very odd. I'm kind of the last thing you lose edged. Think he's on his way out to a good time to catch him. Well Leeann man we want to thank you obviously for your time. It was a true pleasure to have you on. We would love to make this more regularly. I know you should be announcing something soon and we would love to. Have you come back on the program and talk about it. Live and continue to get familiar with our United States audience and once again. Appreciate your time if you want to give out any social media at this time. Police do so for anyone that isn't following. You can do yet. Six seventy five me me on I appreciate everybody and you're always welcome to link up arranged Bach on them. I hope the Gatien some and fight them all right. Well thank you so much. Liam can't wait for the next until you have it ladies and Gentlemen Liam Smith from the United W William William Williams shed say Smith to him. I said it went down but correct myself shoe. That sucks so are because we're so familiar with Liam but Liam from but UK competing that one sixty now been on a a tear every since he's been in one city coming six straight knockouts got a big victory. I'm talking about big victory over the box. A lot of guys cow on the now but he's not allowed to have now been very active versus molen. That's when I started noticing Joe Joe Millionaire and then he was talking about meters meters Andrei on twitter. So I'm glad we were able to have him on the Ephron fight that the line started change in lives when we was watching it. Yeah it's it's the right interview he's going to be Dimitri Sandra mandatory or he's going to be a w to be. Oh eliminator fight with someone else. So you know Jess for you know I guess some sort of clarity will go to the rankings. Real quick before we go to the calls. You know Call US on skype. If you want to be part of the conversation and give give your opinion on Today's topic and two guests in the WB. Yo at one sixty. Obviously the champion is Dimitrius. Andrei and Mr Williams is wow. He's number seven and now these crazy. Mikey got drop weight. It's the nineteenth the update update yet. 'cause they still got Alana's Fox walks and number two they w McGee of stealing more hiring one. Because of the champion went for gift showers. You Know Heine Dimitrios go on that fight before he wanted to Liam fight behind me. Didn't even name a heat number one in WBZ. Mitch mijas Andrei Name. So I doubt that forever Well there goes the bank INS Let's get out to the callers. Yes I think we went to. We went to sponsors yet. We go never to nothing. He said. All right let's Duda. Then these calls are brought to you by El Camino electrical services experts in electric. It could be a cold. Charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation visit us at El Camino electrical services dot com remember NBA to write his five stars on Itunes. All right. Let's go out to N. O.. In New Orleans talk to me. It's just a young fellow and he comes from sat out there listening now San Eh keeping it real with all the interview we gotta a wall along. I won't get their Doodo. beat all they'll be wind tonight now only the next step going and they want to visit with all falls on topic. I mean I mean we get you as autozone now right now say like solid gone up. China China light deny denied on top. He definitely said that. They not listening to Eddy and Eddie says a lot of shit he shouldn't be saying he say he don't date you. You gotta take you gotTa check out the worst thing you you say. I don't think would that mean to you. Mike by sue. Say like you come. You come minority I think so maybe could exc. Cyp Talk to me going on and see why Yoyo. y'All got a question. Question is sign of a board awards that closed closer to still open. This is basically close. But how how big is your opponent who got. Because you know if you're GONNA make it bigger you you won't make it bigger. Bigger new is the new to be reversed own. TV staying the same got issues with me and I got issues with stainless is perfect at you. Stanley stainless Is a little older than you. I think that me the forty up thirty five year age gap and we are the east eighty five. I'm one eighty right now to have been dieting but I can give back to one eighty five. How Mad at the show Chad Buffet? Everybody I'm Outta stainless stainless works. Two jobs to there's going to be difficult for him. A if you can go to the fan appreciation day he could take this ass. It's much quicker and it's much cheaper and the world. Well yeah come. After violent man the map to show seen violent you always coming out of their beef and next Ah Shit hold on Boomerang. These bitches in the sport total disrespect q the Dome guerrilla the smartest thing to do. Stay away from their. I beat a book. I'm challenging this one hundred million all right. Yeah Yeah Alpha will shut off king. You put that together The map the show they'd be live the hot be lots of tasks room some eight bucks a A Complex a+ smells that get on our show and we go back and forth someone get heated. Sometimes you have to have a call after then you figure out what is is about and then it goes so whatever it is going to be That was a great interview This morning I did like the fact that he bowl. The MESON driving one of the best fighters in the sport right now and The Guy who you interview force I agrees when I think get is a lot of guys is avoiding him. Not that Eddie. hearn came make the fights is the fact that he can't get the other guys in a ring to fight him so I'm glad that was a Actually a good question proposed by Mississippi. Y B I don't know if he likes to answer but he shou got that one. I think you're on Eddie Man. You can't say that is these guys. Don't WanNa give them to fight five because canal only WanNa give Laura Defy Haymond got him that fight You know they WANNA give Jacobs to fight in in Heyman got him that is about money is about money. This is about Eddie giving the opponents of Andrea enough money to fight. Andre you see when our lent is Landry Laura to golden boy cannella lending him for canal. So it may sense but now you accent you know. Let's say out Safai. Andre I mean for for for Charles Defy Andre which which obviously with two bells make sense but before in Hayman's is probably won't make sense unless they offer in Charl enough money and nasally each fight the ninety man. I mean I've got to offer. They got all right muscle where it should be. No problem I hey pay. They're paying his wages. The Bet should be no problem at all. Yeah but they gotta pay the right money. That's all the matter. I don't think it has a fixed fight where we could you. You weren't country. Yeah you sat me. That's why that's why I just like McCarthy has told us they get to the table and you know they have a say but they all have a say. You can't just make someone fight someone but it you can entice them. That's all that's my argument. It's up to Eddie to entice that person in the same way they did. Would we look dissolved Cannella. The gave him enough money to come. They gave Gannett enough money to come. They gave you know they try to sit down with. Wow did they. They gotta how to do that with the beast saw or Asia or with the ace I like they gotta think all right see the thing is might you know why they don't WanNa do it because they they could tell Gennady like you say you WanNa contract. We're going to give you X.. Amount of millions face Andre. But they don't WanNa waste him on Android he still you want that triple g three fight in the mean. So where does Andre Go. It's gotta be a Billy Joe or Callum Smith now you gotta pay. Do you got to pay them. Billy Joel Billie Joe accepted. Whatever he accepted before I don't see why would be difficult not to take their he? He excited said they had a training. Camp was just he was the heater in Noah's illegal over here L. F.. I want it cannot build your Dmitriyev Andrey would have been far. He'd been on his own to them. Guys get a being being made it happen just like triple G. Don't WanNA fight the majors. Andrei these going up to Wednesday's hey no one's say facing champion up there and hold them vision so he got. Excuse me but that's the problem so as you're overlooking that's always Billie Joe Billy Joel. WBZ champion at one sixty. And he's like hold on canals coming over here across seeing look backwards. Oh Tito big Joe to face I will come up to sixty eight Brad. Just give me the show. Okay but my tell the public. What's the rumor WHO's getting the real shot? Joe Supposed to be a long. So that's all I'm saying. He ain't going lock himself in. We Andrei if he's here in Romans from his own promoter Ed Cannella come. He can stay at sixty he dropping that bill. You know they they notice it before us good fight but it's not a fight over here excited about but it ain't it ain't about that for the Pfizer. He's GonNa wait for the fight he ain't going be out here trying to prove to you. Jay Mac now you take on Andre. He was doing five bit. Evita's you're going to find somebody once sixty eight broke. Alex Smith and Billy Joel like Shit. Who was proven? Though Billie Jo's Billie Jo's Ben Twenty Three's Oh benefit is twenty three. There's a real fight bra dog. I've been a video has beaten walk. The dog would Joanne. Maybe maybe not though right because is look we seem Billie Joe do things that we expect. He be Chris eubank early in his career. You forgot they all he did he did he did. The size is okay but listen in. Benefited is huge. But at least we've seen Billie Joe facing at high output style high now year Ben Evita's punches come with a little more pop or lot more pop. I'm not going to debate that what I'm saying. We seen them there right so then we seen in versus the punch in like. Let's start acting like he can't put together like I'm always gonNA pick boxes. That's what I do until you know they comes along those big Big Punch hunch that you just you. Can't you can't deny you billie joe is damn good but he did that to fuck you. Bank like thirteen no and we just went to his resume on low. People try to act like he got shit. Resume got a pretty decent resume. He got a pretty decent resume. I love macgyver and make it a big miskin fiber you guys probably about two million is telling but but people probably say that that that that Eh that Cannella was trying to get Bene- vitas early you know all China do a floyd bits on what you do. Maybe maybe. He don't think he needs to do that. Airflow to this day get get this hanging over canola here and before he fight Benedetta as he got burt though Ben Evita's gotTa build his name certainly who got bigger than Bertha ability cocaine cowboy come home now. I don't I listen. I hear you I hear you maybe evocative black and that's what I'm saying maybe hardcore so become pushback maybe hardcore but he do but he do. We spoke about this this on all the shows and I told you all the comments in Spanish is people saying they can Nello kicks his ass but his numbers is big on an Internet. Okay Okay but but I'm just saying to Burto first. Because he been there longer. You gotta give guys like Ben. Evita's Tom Come on he. Twenty three or some shit like that. Twenty one she's not playing about twenty three and they got his title Wound Twenty Four. That's what I said. What the fuck? I hope that I got a double check that but yeah I I was told. He's we knew when he was younger. He lost to Moore when he was young. So you know. This is amazing. I'll be fall in love with this man to see my stories that and that's what I'm saying. He got his own issues over there. Let him be proven. I like you know what I'm saying. Like he and that's why I'm saying I'm shocked to hear you say that you guarantee you and look. You're always right. My Evan t be Billie Joe but but we seen him struggle with fucking Gra Velu Oh man Cambridge comb. What Heroes Fiber Guber? I have never been on a level of Billy Joel Song. Walk the dog with that view. It took two fights. Don't matter you ain't game to Billy Joel Years. Don't fucking twenty table. We lose if you should about the first one with Billie Joe. You Ain't getting a second chance it. Actually he ate Ronald Greville. That's my point. That's my point. He not run over there. I guarantee you billie Joe a hit and run. You're leaving our guarantee aint big big cantopop. Yeah that's all all I'm GONNA say Billie Joe go see them big ass punches and be like this get out of here Bra. He did that. He is twenty four of flat-footed the footage showed I ninety. Let me see you look to the side against the six three got lower recent you may catch away looking a go and catch your way to look at night. I I can send an offer is simple. We just talked about it if they want a unified one sixty eight with the WBZ in a Wbo or they gotta do is send an offer. Aw that's all I gotta do. If you believe in benefit as send the fucking bag over there build them build them now he got to get it on the muscle. He going to do it on our side of the street. So then everything we say is relevant because Billie Joe will take the fight especially if they send them in a bag okay. That's all you know. Listen I was should be up at. You've been Evita's was not with Samson and was with a big house Pomona. Aw they would've said to Komo how many Thomas Sampson do out here. Hey Hey Charlie and let me tell you when I say he had do do do do remember. He tried to leave. Santana side atop without Samson Samson's like hold up nope no shit we right now now. Listen all I'm saying is if he was with a top rank or golden boy. I bet you elite had been sent back for some unification's because they know they got a Mexican do because speak English and Spanish. That's big and strong and could dominate. And we'll get a few belt so they can sell more tickets and put them in front of anybody like they do camello but they ain't doing that for Ben Evita's yet you're racist but I think it'd be better with golden boy just because of that that miss can on Sam background and Shin An and Becca Nella by you. Can you can put him. I mean who who more popular benefit as Ryan Garcia like like you can put him on like another yellow cards and remain popular. Ben Evita's or Fema Lopez. All I'm saying is to one out here not sending the bag. Make them big or been avails troubles. Tusa maybe from some could be and it and they can also be the connection with SAS. Maybe Sam Sinfield like Lou like I'm not turning over my fight a week work together. We can you tell me what you want to often and we could sit down honesty if that's good but I'm not just giving you my fighter and if maybe allen whoever's like all of you ain't given we aim building you know what I'm saying and he got to build his own all story because I don't think there's enough dollars behind him that's that's just my theory but Back to the callers are we going to boomerang more murdered made new glassworks stainless told you. Well what do you squeeze amy talking money biggest language the foot folks conversation on standards. What up what up? That'd be Mondays. Your you off. Because Martin Luther King Day offering to say I'll tax me my issue working Pinkas Martin Luther King Day. He ain't even that's it yesterday. But you see my reply now Rebecca. But you're just not his mother Kim. They may decide tomorrow. I asked I saw SWAT team I only know what to say that those sometimes sometimes I I love you brother about it. good interviews. I see skill my questions but as I good understand. Why Hourly Handyman Chinaman. I just woke up I had to go in with up the truck this morning. Sargon back like Salmon Asleep woke up for the show so a little out of it. I just wrote my blunt let you know out of it I am so that sounds like that right now. Boomerang back in my bad Brian. A new push sorry another saying in but it's all good you hit the matter. I am We got that was boomer. And so we got Steve on the ring and Chicago to do as g pass the cross. Hey this again some back on noise. Nudity Juris legit warfare boring. Yeah Hey good morning. Yeah I I. I woke up a little league today to and I just caught part of the the job interview but I call a Williams good interviews. I have to go back and check with mccloskey said But you got me thinking about on dry. You know I don't buy this. Ain't nobody fade of Andreotti. You know these their fighters they'll fight like you said deals right. Don't fight them. I mean this is what they do. Ain't nobody run duck from nobody but what I think I think he's doing though Ah Bad Service Time Dry D. I think it's Eddie. Look what he's done for farmer. Look at the deal making for farmer. What why can't he make a deal for driving? You know But as far as you know look at Oh so I miss the message. Rob said that Eddie he said Hi. Me Is the mandatory. And you know of Eddie said it and say well you don't think is true. I know I know you want to be in the military. Might Be Cau- and that's what I'm saying. You know those those conversations go eddie probably got on the phone with pock go like Paco was son. He's like God. We're going to call you putting together my buddy tennis when they all know shit about. I'M GONNA go go to the other other other channels quick bill. Would you met but we go out to gobble. What I've got my guy a Osa mega morning? I ain't got much to say I just get interviews. You know what I'm saying. Do you WanNa just listen man. So when do you think that dissolved possibly go public when they await the way he sounded like being the best pumping money here. And that's what I'm saying. They only we're going to do it when they need to win. In right now need to the investors are happy. They giving them more money when they ready. Whenever that contracts? SAY WE'RE GONNA start giving you x amount of dollars or we gotta give you X.. Amount of dollars. That's probably when they opened up stock so people could buy now. I'm probably going to see what I could get. You know because I remember Apple. Stock stock was low man. It was way on the two hundred and I never jumped on. 'cause I know shit about Shit I just and you know you. Everybody knew what the stock was can. When you got that I I I'll phone had to start at and they make sure to let you know but you know only the smart people ball? I wasn't one of those Ferguson Missouri. Start Doc weight when I started out garage am and I mean. I wish we was all intelligent enough to be on top of that. We're going out to Ooh trae talk to us. What of Trae just listening born wants sir? twice right we are going to super chair Ivan G says Hey Mike. There's talk on your Youtube Channel about tennis opening Australia. Maybe we can do something some embiid prowl. No Shit About Tennis Guy Your brain rain man. They know you once you once you apply you. Get Your right forgiveness afford on. No God Debbie's Serena bad one by Roger and route for your it up becoming. I really don't know we got a major stalked me aidrie's from I'll give you a clue show. Jim Holiday my dream holiday vacation. You must be here in Brown India. Oman Dream Oh he's a he's he's in my Bella I wanna the go-to folly but that ain't my dream because you can't smoke out there. They kill people to smoke out the man. Be careful right as you can be kept. That would just be talks a little bit. Listen is the life out here ness life you have you come here I uh-huh plays just your Mrs Listen. I've never been any of these type of holidays Ramona's isn't it. I usually is just like one of these. Spain is local in this is different for rule now and tons onto one degrees right now. You know a nice so stupid times right now from the man. Let me quickly get back to the box. I'll just catching up with everything. 'CAUSE I didn't have time I'm a pissed about my bed. Julian Williams man. I like him. Really men uh-huh you know what one thing I wanted to say. Yeah do you know who's becoming my favorite phya favorite books now. Caress assurance swear to God cutter. I'm which and I forgot to ask that. That's when I had the brain and I was like you know what we're GonNa let you go. I had two questions. Are we ever going to see them. Sit Down with while again. It's a negotiate and fucking. Leyla Lee Clarisa Shack Ham. Believe we let tash drop. Drop the ball hard core hard and thought of it but I just forgot it. I had the brain for you could tell at the anime I even said like Jodi my absolute last one and then I'm like Oh shit what was the question You know what but I say say it out loud. I want to get behind Bra fucking. She had just you know and I knew he would told us he would at least give us a lukewarm answer about that. Ten and five million like Yo but they want ten. You know ten to the winner for the little you know. He's like maybe gotTa Talk. She should come down to two or something like that. What on a second interview she already negotiating? Hey Man Bridge I started pointing to but she won't five but hey my man editor get your money the big fight. Yeah I mean listen. Ten and five is crazy high. She shouldn't have never said to again out loud that should have been some back door shit but jt. No talk talk to US absurdity. You say that man but Chris nobody out for the two years might be perfect age forty two years so active now forty two years old fat camp she. Oh she brought only federal may she says she over two hundred she she thinks. Hey so is Clarisa Bra and color saying that the baby either though either. Hey again that make. They could even worse see. Carry that weight Amis the same stem. Tell you picking Leyla. I just didn't want to be go. Nobody leaves say. I don't know how that women need is. I'm sorry but she carried two kids. She gained like sixty pails each birth. I I bet I bet she. I hear Boyd Swain thing to Kim. Listen goal with this generation. You while right go go go right because this one building up the globe on Diskette. Now you gotTa let the all heads do that. I'm going to give our generation Leila's my father's generation looking like a boy. She'd be good at what they pay a fee. I tried and I didn't like the fact that she was seated. All the way up there like the you have got us. Some drinks probably signed for I. They would be back for an hour. You better go to the page. That's that's all her picture. That's all that shit is not her mothering. Yes her and fury. She standing ending on the chairs and they in the bleachers. Oh my God experience citizen. I gotta go signing Gone Gauge Reality Nuke all all of gauge new caller gauge and talk to my caller. Never said and Dan Your Burger. We never said Oh. We didn't hear you gauge. We're GONNA come right back to you. JC We can talk your way one no dead air we eighty nine. You said now man. I just heard you talk about Congress shelves in I league I said something will come on man but on the show about Leila I mean it went out he got three Faisal enough. We had Joe McCarthy from Williams though talking about. Oh yeah well I'm tired of talking about that Out in Texas Dang but I mean. Yeah Leyla took three weeks. And if is built up already to like. I'm waiting to see it happen. I mean I'm tired of that. Talk is is very doing talk but on shelves in mind seeing that favor league. I don't know who a win that fight but I guess you could save a curriculum because of the instill flagged up. But yeah man Leah. I think we should just too young right now. So so Come out. I mean she'd been out of the ring. What ten years she grew up at his boxing? like charter serve. Leyla on a ladder. Clarisa I is knock out right here later. dingo verify South Board citing Amanda Nunez. My Bill let's see might as well if I saw. Oh boy I because Leyla need Tom. She says six months to get down near tuna fish. She better get a few tune-ups a Gauge talk to us. You'll find a Christy Martin more. Somebody Else Kris Hanna. Gabriel Gates which data gauge reality. Reality do you hear me. Hello now we hear you sorry about that man this now. Actually my other pages civilian eleven. This is my youtube page. Gays reality are called in. But I couldn't hear anything so I tried to do skype. But is the skype linked to my other youtube account all civilian and what to do Yeah Man I kinda got in late to those on a conference call but Do want to say You know the theory fights. That's great if you know if he is going to outline these fights and he you know this is what he's trying to do great. I WanNa see everyone fight And also so you know Kinda hidden on you know does own you know going public. I heard you guys talk about that. You know You know we starting a new business especially something this big those a lot of talk about. PBC being in debt. You know the thing is that with these promotional companies. They're all in debt you know you look at U. of C.. You know Derek dare bleeding money you know when it came to them trying to do the partial. ESPN ESPN DOT COM to help them out. You know so if you see any of these guys get to the point where there are going to go public. Then you see today are making the money you know when you have to go public you have to show you a book and you have to show your books over cut. It don't cut it civilian eleven. Thanks for calling in we. You Guys Trudeau we guy show your book notice and they WanNa make sure prices started. They print price. It properly knows in based on what you didn't pass Oh boy civilian we're going out to Boomerang J. Matt Yeah I do got Congress over Layla. I mean our brethren a mess with me all the time you see once you start having kids and you get famine orientated. Having a fight back for charisma charisma young longer and she wants she wanted to grow the stuff she walked round token correct. Me If I'm wrong. She broke groped she believing even had she stand on it boys The MESON dry compensation back saying Eddie heard is the best promoter. But what I'm saying is I still. They don't think even if I m driving anybody else I still think. He's one of them fighters that we have a hard time getting fights. I have a question for you. Quickness who was the guy you brought on a show from disown and how credible is opinion. Oh He's the VP to force for us you know and that's about because we from the US okay. So he got a credible opinion. He's credible correct. He said that he believes people avoiding him. You Oh come back right behind this say you don't think is avoiding him when the same sentence you also say. They're seeing a fight but they don't WanNa go towards that direction because they don't want keeping in away from because they know it's a problem to save could never it follows. The lower fight does does the bottom line is always going to be money. Man is always going to be money. Just watch boxing long enough men to do that. You think is duck in when you give them the money he takes. The fight. Light is just as simple as that simple box. Ain't got like a soap opera light right the shot because there's no mandatory minimum like if they if we had guidelines but then it will probably you know fuck up the sport like watching that documentary. I see why we don't got that many fighters every why not go to football. My man got forty million for five years and he He was like a late round. Pick his contract with over earlier than the the first round picks able to make more money. Forty million I know not not now. Now let's has do that. Forty forty million five years. We'll start to fights per year about ten fights you know. Oh so you divide the forty into ten. How much is he making per fight for? You tend to some maybe three nine has a. That's decent and that's just because we here we here. In what a Ah Thurman fight and Danny is two million but so so all would deal with about forty sound and sound great but the forty ain't guaranteed. Oh it ain't no what the guaranteed money guaranteed problems like maybe eighteen to twenty five million dollars in. That story is even in crazy anyway because he ain't get none of that at the one way down there and change change the Law Bat. I was saying same as bad too because it was the daughter daughter. That was crazy like first of all I don I believe that still could be repealed appealed simply because when you fall under the law you should stick you know not only. Is Tom like you committed that crime. At that time the law was that you know unless they go back and do everyone like they did like any whatever or they're going to say essentially with under appeal bill and we didn't get a verdict in Nevada. Change but we did get a verdict. Get him they do you right. He he found a loophole. That motherfucker at at twenty three Bateman Foundation. I mean I don't know who he was talking to in there but that's pretty interesting though is if the if go rumor around the prison I know. Say you go. You've got money to this right here. You see that. Take Ball like if you tell me that. McDonald's kicked off a lot of things. Do this shit. Yeah especially that kind of money he underlined. You won't be rich undelighted. Like oh no he said you read something like that anyway who we got. We got next to see what the third one second one is their life together. Eh No matter main I would argue is the third third job show is not as a Lotta wants you to fill Evansville Jit I duNno. I couldn't stains. Maybe we good man. That's how do I call it. A column of out dated fly. I let just hanging me up after showed me and beyond running out. Everybody don't go put as the more. Tom Anyway would come down driving. I don't think about the word that man either you know if we probably don't argue about that. Hey Hey man that's what it takes to take. Somebody gotta do dirty work so a bad boy and I don't know about you you've probably seen it already movie. Birth that's yarn seeing the yet I haven't and only because it's been continuously sold out in my area and I got I got the AMC movie pass. So I could order from from my phone and it's just like me and my girl not sitting in the front so is good believe today. But we'll see you got habe cab. Have you can see anywhere. I know if I'm GonNa Date Guy Beside it. If you're on looking for Dobie chairs on and massage. They nice not all goods have man. I like from dobies down. Yeah but when you come now dry. You're right they do. Everything can farming. They do G. I.. Dragging doc inflate over there man. Ain't nobody afraid eight. No no man has ever afraid of a dude with no proud worried about losing is different than being afraid. Ain't nobody afraid to get jabbed for fucking around thirty stop essiet anyway. I'm not called to. We gave him three millions right there. He said I mean I swear Andre Man right all sound like him I could meet you. Sound like he on the right side side of the argument like Bra. Don't anal buy duck in her. Nobody ducking like he listened. Send it especially Jer Mel Charles. Oh Jer Mel signed to fight. That fight was going to be on showtime. I Give Andrey no quarrel the same way. You don't hear me calling. Aj a duck or Donald Sadat. When you make a network deal you make a network work? Do it just so happened if Andrei you know. He tried to do that while having a FI. Already under contract with showtime Tom Tom in boxing where rock nation was opening update. While it the way the zone was so he finally got some money unit. I mean just like now. Thank God for Design Andrea would have still been with star boxing and banner promotions. You know fucking fighting on like ESPN Friday night. Fight equivalents like. He needed a big time promoter and now that he got one is GonNa Take Tom. You gotTa Market Him gotTA marketing but like he he older and he got the names on resumes. He gotTA GOTTA start. Sending them offers proper offers. Because you know he's only get an older he's only getting older. I mean at this age. I think who's the biggest name named Brian Rolls and Willie Nelson Virus Friday or Giovanni Vannes. Bro Come on Cook Lake Como Oh man I mean I guess I gotTa Start Respecting Kuechley. Because he'd be having ties with ankle but it's like uh-huh Boomerang stainless stainless the good old He did list broke staying as you. They're 'cause 'cause you definitely on mute it right out of phone call. Cut Me Out Say we can. We can only worried about it. Always say site. Please make sure you push that thumbs up this episode of the box voice podcast. TV for life in the Patriot. I just because you still shot out the base again for a buck and jampacked show might go back and rewind what I missed caps on a flips UH UH veto Malaysia dumb as Cyp with the legend question. ooh The fucking the everywhere division. Why are you mad at? Why don't you question? They let me have my time that I got to tell you the same thing. He's a patron he gets. He's allowed to have his time in his question. Asks ask every single time if it bothers you access significant question or a relevant question to his behind the scene. You don't know what he's this doing nine you're talking trash about the end. Is the fourth every interview. That has made a about Andretti when you ask the fighters what you think about. Dan Rather says he's talented. He has this mature pedigree. They never say they WANNA get in the ring with hymns weren't went. Okay a contract. Billy listen okay. You don't WanNa talk about a contract was sent to do whatever we had so far. Aw crickets nothing. Don't don't act like it's easy to make fight with. PBC don't give a crap about Hoda commuting about these e Y thousand Tyson fury. Five happened was because why fatty was getting in a slob. Coming out from two years layoff you know a decision that are almost came to to bite him in the ass you know. Don't talk all that Shit. You don't even know. What could veto do me a favor? Shut the fuck up you motherfucking. UK dudes like he ain't even from UK he just loving the UK. He's always been a backer. Never said that he's a bad promote I said. Eddie gotta make an offer okay. Now Eddie has Andrei what the fuck. You doin' Trello and accent Challah. The fight all these fucking fighters light is on zone any so good but promoted you send it offers the Charles. Don't worry about eight hundred over there with the Lufkin. Why can't they unify the fuck? Is You talk him out too. Big Dumb ass out here and that's the last caller anyway. See Why p get his third call. We're GONNA give them another call. Aw since you so mad. Did he asks questions that got you fucking their age. Ain't no fucking legend and you ma- he remind you every fucking day every day and I'm going to do interviews every day so he could remind you every day so you could be mad every day and call in frustrated every fucking day. Hello in obstucted called me clown. My question veto. What would it be naming it like you? Don't call them in the name. It adds Christian. You probably now. Don't be mad at me. You Ain't nobody agreed with legislators. You don't be met up India. I paid a cough so to beat a bus. I put my money air own time and I want to be mad at me if you and if you missed show the VP with acts about Andrea. He said I want to fight condello sympathy. He did say about Solo with this imaginary offer. Why wouldn't you can talk when I asked him who are what's the facts? How about the duty offer offer a deal says the deal is legit Nixon this so-called deal that he's chunnel deal now oops thank? You played yourself up Yup so mad if any so good get them to fuck and fight right okay. He got him Billie Joe before why Banal. Why is so hard to make now got Callum Smith over there? What's wrong with that fight? Kim Can we get at least column. Johnson who the fuck in a me he ain't got nothing he gotTa Fight Luquillo you talk about. Pb you see. Ain't nobody said it was easy to make fights. Keep your ass over there and fight enough getting Canelo Alvarez. hymie Mum Ghia Era Fungi worried about Giancarlo. Four don't don't bring up. ABC Eddie can't fucking get it done has GTO instagram and twitter man. AH WE'RE GOTTA supercharge coming in from CLIFFORD FETUS CLARISA versus Leyla would look like fluid versus an Oscar Ale. We got welcome in from no no ask. It wasn't that wasn't as prom was out his prime when he fought pat one. Coming in from big banks Rodriguez Ali versus Ursus. Shields will be good to help shields cost over bring her and decide and let her flip it. 'cause they look him brain the general public out. I agree with Mexico but yet following me geographic nineteen eleven or on twitter at Grozny want to. You can follow me on Youtube at Mike Sports. They used to all the guests that came on a day. JOEPAT ullmark Murkowski in the empty. Ko Wings both. Those uh definitely appreciated those interviews man. Thank everyone in the tuned-in then don't forget you can hit the thumbs up the future president pass through the visibility show. And you don't like the questions actor own join us on Patriot dot com which lasted box. Box Invoice Nasdaq booze which has to be sure love.

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