CIPYD 171: Scooting Around and Holiday Dogs


Is there a dog Anna car out of bar on the street? That's a dog that we really want to. Hey, can I. You're you're. Doll with Rene and Allegra. Welcome to Canada pet your dog. I'm Allegra Ringo. Small dog owner. I'm Renee colder, a big dog owner on the boards is our producer Alexis. Preston. Hello. And this is the podcast for unapologetic doglovers. You guys Christmas vacation is upon us court this it is time to go sledding. Are you excited so excited? Yeah. Oh my God. Where are you going to tell me every or? Yeah. Well, listen, I'm going to try to slid down in canyon gray feel like I'm going to get some resistance from everybody else. Hiking up it. But I don't know people holidays getting spirit marine, if you're one of those disks Slad, you you just like careening down the so cool to better listeners. Do I bet that they have foot of their dog sledding? Snow? You guys were no Allen movie snow dogs the movie. Yes. And if you're talking about. Sweating kids we use letters. They was in the snow, which was not that. I was such a spooky CAD. Why what different than a scaredy cat? I suppose. Mis speak, but his now trying sure she. Spooky chanu. Cool like a cat and a cool jazz. Spooky? Seek Planm atropine. That is cool. Wow. Terrified just here bite of everything. And my poor dad would have to be like, you're gonna love it. Just get to the top of the hill. Really? I would not have thought about you. Like this insane of dropping. I don't blame you. I hate it now. But now, I love it. I love it more than anything. And so weird every time Hank made me do it. I was like well that was the time of my life understand. Why it didn't make me do with sooner? So it was always scared about it. But then after I did I was like, it's fun. It's pretty fun. Yeah. That's funny. I'm the flip. I was like as a kid did not care now. I hate this. I was still sled. Sounds fun. I would love to I would I would give to or tubing the most can use let are you going home for? I am going. I'm sure that they know we did because we did all the time growing up. I can't remember where it was definitely being. Yes. So fun. And you were so I did this more in high school. But you are so sore the next day because you have to hear your to above your head to the top sear. Quads are tired your arms are tired. But it's worth that sounds like actually, the only fun workout. Yeah. I've I've never done it as a person who was old enough to get sore. But now, I'm terrified of it. And then that debacle of just like trying to find the proper amount of gear because you're so hot and sweaty at the time heals, but then waiting in line to go back up again, you're freezing. And you like soaking lex. You got covered in snow. What did you think it is that you start getting sore after everything because I feel like I do anyone Allan. Yeah. Oh now. It minds twenty eight. It was eight. No quite. Yeah. I think is soon as you get a sedentary job. Those are. Those are just like what would what are we doing? Why? You walk. I say twenty five or or the first full time job you get. Yeah. Assuming the job is sedentary. Right. And if you're not maintaining a daily work hushing running some sort of construction warehouse, but I do remember like doing stuff like we would go to trampoline world. And I'd always be sore after that kid interesting. Just don't remember it. Yeah. Maybe it was just I'm baby now. 'cause I I was in Arizona, and I wrote aren't we have a horse, right? And I wrote it, and I was very fun. Love it. Yeah. And then like immediate was like. How how does anymore? Oh my God. Your. Yeah. Hill afterwards. Hobby. This is hard. Yeah. Yeah. It's I wouldn't I wouldn't think that you'd be sore after that, then exercise even riding a horse. I guess I guess properly. Don't even think about it. So I. I do what you were at a horse now. Just kicking back. I don't chew. Yeah. You're just sitting. Well, bouncing and you have to you can't like sit. How you want to show you have to kind of keep it balancing. I guess. Okay. I guess if you're if you're just walking, but I was trying to do fun things with the horse. I'm not very good. Very. I think so. Guys point is sledding. I wanna get back into it. And then I also what I would give to watch a dog sled park. Oh, yes. Server dog park. It's like it's led park with the dogs. Get slide down. Do you think like that are feel scared? Yeah. Especially those dogs who skateboarding bulldog skateboard, they'd love nothing or puffs. I think you can see it's usually always a golden retriever, but they've got a back your backyard or yard. And there's a little slide in. Around and around that they'd love it. All right. So let's do you have can you send that to me? Can you make this is my Christmas wish I would love to see dog sledding dogs? Do you have a dog sled park? If you had that police set us a line tickets to go there that sounds Tokyo when we got Senator dogs in the snow. We'll look them wistfully. A little bit your backyard. Sounds great. Okay. So holidays are upon us legs. What what do we have to celebrate via this show? Okay. Bookie cats. Okay. Well, celebrate the holidays. We're gonna be talking about a new dog at my work. We met this week. We don't have every week. I did meet a new dog this week dogs over the holidays. Okay. So this name is Leonard. And I'll tell you all about Ganley. We also have a dog hero. This is about chaser, the border collie who has been called the smartest dog in the world. It's pretty interesting. Plus, we're gonna talk about dogs and Christmas trees, and we have a minute minute from Donna and the Quila. This sounds like a smash it show, we have on our hands. I. Into it. Let's do it. Guys. We have a dog I met this week. Okay. I just showed him on Instagram to nine Alexis. Alexis reacted with a fair amount of anger. He's not her furious. Make sense Allegra was handing the phone tour. Say, hey, look at this and Lexus with disdains. I'd get this a. Alexis has dog and beer. They're all cute. He's that's because Leonard the dog is so unbelievably cute and at my work, you guys. He's okay. So let's describe him a bit. I think Allegra. Hey, why don't you both take stabs at what you think this mixes to he's a small dog to to me? But he's he's tri-colored. He's fluffy. He has freckles on his forehead. I think that he's a Saint Bernard Chihuahua mix. That's my that's my suggestion think he definitely looks all worked work that. He looks like a tiny tiny Saint Bernard does very like some also form of spaniel there. Yeah. So, but I agree Saint Bernard. I think Faber not spaniel. He looks as he is big. He's gonna get. Yes. I can't really little everything it looks like a big dog. Yeah. And so there's something so cute about it just being small. How you drinking elephant or something like that? Yeah. I know how I always want. I mean every day. Imagine like exotic animals, just small cute. Yeah. Then then I it's like that. Easy peasy looks. Yeah. I love the notion that that's your daily wishing Santa's like, I don't. I can't. For that. And I can get it to you. But. Every day starting today with our hands. Weightings? Sorry. I'm late to work ahead to pray for small you'll get it. You wonder stance light for the savory? Got your wish with? You can't really tell also from the photos that he doesn't look like a small, but like proportionately sized Saint Bernard. He's he's short legged and long. Yeah. So almost like corgi, but very very small, but that sort of proportion albacore gave is so fast. And with maybe like a Weiner dog also got involved there could be hitting his owner. I know this is like the mystery time his owner says I can't remember what she said the rescue told her, but it's something around spaniel Lhasa Apso or long haired. Chihuahua her best guesses. Maybe. Yeah. I mean, he could save our so so small it would be insane. If he was any actual Saint Bernard. Here's here's my. Ooh. Interesting. Is that we got that curly tailed. Do you think maybe a pug could get involved? Sure. Why not have a really short knows. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Are like Chow or something like that? That's true. Well, he has talked to me about his personality. What are we work in Chile? Tuck dog envy, he social he barks when he when his owner is away. Which is I think very unmanageable. Just letting you know O'Hare Hughes may just so, you know, yeah, exactly. I'm very poor complaint with me other than that super chill go with happening, cutting scoots, we can do a separate segment of tug has been to the three times for his scoots. Oh, the vet has a theory. It's. Gosh. Okay. Well, well, all right. Sorry. Talk about my dog who's the office. Yeah. Leonard gives everyone envy because he's really chill. He just he'd I've actually never heard him. Bark. Like while. I'm looking at it. Yeah. He just walks around his leash and he's like, oh, hey, and he's like really chill almost to the point where you greet him. And he'll give you like a little tag tag tail wag. And like, hey, but he's he's not like all over. He's just like Hello. It's nice. He seems like a much more mature dog than he is the only one or two he's little, but he seems like he's like wise beyond his years where she get him. I don't remember he adopted from a rescue. And I can't remember which one I'll ask her. But it's really fun because it's been a source of bonding for me and hurt, you know, being sort of new I don't know that many people. But it's it's nice because she was asking about like new dog stuff. And I was like this is my favorite thing to talk about it. I love it. Remember, the high of getting a dog is he bypassing the no dogs emotional support. Creeping. They're kind of craving like they're creeping their way slowly back into our not disrupted there. Great. It's what is your emotional wellbeing better after spending time with it's one hundred percent, even though he's not registered me. Yeah. It's way better. Honestly, it's everyone loves it, everyone the first time we all kind of heard embark. We all went what was here like it was a phantom died. We'd like to we is your dog like everyone so desperate to like throw another dog. It's the best. So did you get the origin of his name how she come up with Leonard? Well, I know that her I don't know this was before after, but so he had to have surgery for that condition called cherry. I sure a little a little thing. But after she got him he was in a cone and her friend started calling him Leonard cone on his name was linen already. Or if that's what gave him the name. Okay. I'll get enough to. I like both his Instagram is Leonard underscore cone. If you wanna fall him. Okay. He's real cute, and you do listeners. Let's go ahead and do that. Fortunately. My job if you wanna be angry every day, follow Leonard. Okay. We're going to interject a brand new segment inspired by called tug scoots. So I I have to give I think is a little bit what I perceived to be trouble at his first that I didn't have the best experience. I have now found head then in my new good. It's amazing. So great, and they're so nice. Not only do they have Don cookies at the front desk. They have human cookies. Good mood. We're working working with something. Great. And all so the the don't have to get on the table. They come down to him for everything just the best. So talk has been scooting like nobody's business. So I took him in for his annual checkup. Just couldn't be better. They make me feel great about everything. He so we went in for his when your checkup and he had been scooting quite a bit. Okay. So little anal glance guys. Can just check that out. That'd be great. And she she's like, yeah. There was no we didn't notice anything. Thirty didn't need that. I think you know, he's probably fine. But good on you for checking. So, but then he kept doing it. So then a week later. I was just like I'm so sorry. Can I can we talk about this again in just over the phone? She was like he keep an eye on it. Let's give it like three days, and it's still prom when she goes and bring it back in. So we brought them back end. She checked out completely. And then she observed him a little bit. They take him in the back to observe him. I was sitting out in the lobby and then she gave out to sit in the lobby and she's just so great. She's so nice. It was like, hey, let's talk about little bit. And so she sitting next made. She's like such a good talk. Everybody back. There loves him. I think he there's nothing wrong. There's nothing just feels. Field. I think if you wanted to turn him or give him something. There's nothing wrong. He just seems to like it. Took in for a fetish. Also unfair is it thing he likes usually indicative of something. Well, and then also such a social. Along. He's licking it. Like, nobody's tried. There could be a thing of just like, maybe he does seem to like, you know, respond to what he gets attention for. So if you want to try to ignore it a little bit. Maybe that's what's happening. So I've been ignoring it. And now, he's does it even more just. To see. Set it like. Quick. This isn't terracing for you. Firms at tug is the funniest dog. Darcy thinks he thinks it's funny. Yeah. But he will get he is funny. He makes me laugh on a regular basis. But so that's the update on his blood is one hundred percent fine. He just really likes it. Back to UK EP at night up next looks like we've got a PSA from local forest ranger duck. Newton do I start now or yeah. Sorry. Okay. I want to address the unfortunate situation that okay? Listen to people good people that I and a lot of y'all known. Our whole lives are dead torn to shreds, savage, bloodthirsty beasts that the FIS human, comprehension, if you'd like to know more stuff by the krypton Omica Kepler's premier museum Macab just come on. We just wanted to warn y'all to to beg you. If you see one of those things out in the forest don't fight don't scream run run as far as you can almost midnight. Listen, folks, if you see anything, please go to the lamp lighter dot org, and let us know and get behind a locked door tonight. Anything else we need up there leaving. Okay. Well, that's the lamp lighter dot organ. Stay safe out there Keppler. Low maximum fun. I am all of her one scholar journalist DJ excetera, and I'm Morgan random music supervisor who loves to let us we host hate rocks. A music podcast where we talked to influential artists and scholars about the albums that changed their lives on our most recent episode. We had the chance to talk with none other than Rb legend Macy gray about one of her favorite albums on. Beautiful dark twisted fantasy by easy. We get deep talking about everything from Connie's college dropout days all the way up to his most recent shenanigans leak out think he asked to do that. And I was just as pointed. So make sure you your listener are subscribe because you definitely do not want to miss this conversation. Hate rocks. Every Thursday right here on maximum fund. Okay, guys. Yes. We have a dog hero, which we haven't had in a while. Thanks. I love it. Is he going to the Olympics? He's going to the. Pick the right music. Yeah. Don't worry. No. I don't think this has been to the Olympics. But if there were Olympics for being a smart dog, he's found according to me. Okay. So this is about chaser the border collie who has anyone hundred chase from the only recently. She only recently came to my attention. And I was very surprised because he's quite a notable dog. So this is from both chaser the border collie dot com. Go there and also our good friend, Mary SAS lawns article on cuteness, which guest who made her right? That. Okay. So chasers a border collie from South Carolina. She's been called by many this modest dog in the world. Now, obviously, we all think our dogs are own obviously get that title. Yes. Specially mind, actually. Exactly. But so here's why because she has dealer tested memory of any non human animal. Wow. She knows over twelve hundred words, white and has over one thousand toys that she knows by name and confess on command over a thousand call. This is insane. How do you even find them any toys? That's actually the probably the best question here. And where do you store them? All. A store. Crazy carolina. Exactly crazy. You wanna know how they did this? Yes, please. So it has a lot to do with her. Former trainer. His name was John w Pilly. So he was a professor of psychology at wolf Wolford college. Okay. W F F Wolford. He wants. What college and that's how it's. So he specialized in classical and opera conditioning in humans, but soon became interested in animals, and he started working with chaser in two thousand and four. So here's how he did you guys. He observed that border collies had historically been able to learn the individual names of different sheep, which I did not know, and which is bonkers amazing. Yeah. That's incredible. So he couldn't learn the names of. Exact same genuinely could not be like, I don't know. There's again, I I know I know maybe if you had a dog sense of smell it would be different. I don't know. But I thought that was fascinating already amazing. So he decided to work with those instincts that way he began teaching her words using technique called match to sample. So this is where he would put down to objects like a frisbee and a rope say and then he would throw another frisbee and ask chaser to fetch the frisbee. So she would recognize that the two frisbees look similar, right? And that's the word for frisbee. Wow. So to learn names of new toys, he would set down toys that she already knew the names of an avenue toy then he asked hey, certify, the toy with a new name, she'd go to her toys and be able to infer which toy was new based on the fact that she knew the names of the other toys, God, I know. I mean, that's how I got through high school. I don't know. I guess these things do, of course, isn't it amazing dog can do it. Yeah. I know it's very very I should have had her take my SAT's. Tell me. Okay. I know. All right. Yes is unbelievable. Isn't that? Cool. That's too many too much information on her out here. Anderson Cooper has interfered with her trainer. And like there's tons of information on her website and also just all over the internet. Like if you Google the smartest dog in the world. She usually comes right there and then Alexis, founder Instagram. What's a handle? It is. It's just chaser the border collie. Great. And also in case, you were worried the dog is very cute. Okay. The black and white little Bordeaux. She's she's so cute. Yeah. Like everyone's dream dog. Honestly. Everyone's yeah. What a smart girl. Yeah. So cool. That's that's a sounding do that crazy incredibly now, and it's cool koso- pill you her trainer actually did pass away at an old age, but his daughters continue to work with the dog, which is really sweet so crazy. I know I think that's really cool continues to learn and get to work and do what she likes mazing. I know that this is silly. And I think we've probably talked about this before. But I would put it to good use of all the things that I lose in my house. This is what Mckee. Yes, this is what that hoodie that can never find smells. Yeah. Genius limit. Right. Well, with the dial that wants to learn, and as you know, I know border collies, they're smart and energetic. And so they kind of need that stimulation to not be like destructive. That'd be great. And then also my favorite part of winter is bringing out those winter coats and finding the money that you left. I could get this pup to be like it's in this one. That's where you left the doors sniff out money. So you when you're broke you find any money where is it? When there's gotta be a twenty twenty-seven livelier responsible. Help me out. We do. Find the money. That's incredible. What a cool cool. Yeah. So Reno about chaser. Now, listen just talking about border collies. But we gotta get right back into it. I hope you're okay with that. Can you guys work with them? We're talking Christmas trees and you into silly. But sometimes it's fun to go. Look at the website, the dodo. Oh, yeah. So they got a new viral video out called dog decorates Christmas trees, and it's a it's a border collie. So you're like well here we go. She's probably painting it delicately. And then putting it on there. I was a little termed with how the videos if you just wanna look dog decorates Christmas jury Borg only gets the ornament takes it over to three drops it in the tree does it four or five more times. So there's just a pile of ornaments on. Actually, pretty good. And then the three installments, and then the owner gave her the into the lights, and then told her to circle around the tree light started at the top. And then the dog just circled it to make it all decorate. And then at the very end the dog jumped up on her shoulders and put the star on the top. That's Maizet pretty cute. That's really amazing or a great. Oh my God. I just wanna watch a if you've got at the airport. I have nothing to do Google Doug decorates Christmas tree that's a lot of. And then the other Christmas tree. Crucial news that you guys need to know is they they have done a little bit of a study on ornaments that get sold every year and this year, they blame it on lineal. But the the number three ornaments that are sold are unicorns as fine. Yeah. Let it happen food guess what's number three dogs. So they're saying that Lineas now there's steering away from traditional Christmas ornaments and now making team to showcase their personality. But dogs got number three that on a tree. I hadn't thought about it. But now that I think about it. It's not that surprising. I would love dog treat didn't you? Find your somewhere where you found adult ornament was maybe see I was in Chicago a little tree decorated in a store all with Dodd ornaments. So cute all of this should do that. And also like if you on ESI now and start dog ornament. You can get us to mind, exactly. Like your dog. Personally, isn't anything? Now ornament is like I mean, it's the first stop. It was amazing. You tasked me with a Simon of gifts for pit bull lovers. Yes. Ed Oetzi does livers Sochi. Oh, they have everything you could possibly need over there. Oh my God. So cute, great, including down this. You know this over and over what do I ask for a pit bull writing a moose in a paint? Pretty wild. Yeah. But yeah, I liked that. I liked tradition. I think that's fun. But if you just want to kind of make a tree uniquely you go go. That's very interesting interesting that unicorns are also there with. Makes sense surprising surprise me that the farm. I don't I guess I wouldn't have guessed that. But I can also picture it. Really? Well, right. That's true. I guess I mean, they do lend themselves to ornaments. Yeah. But it's a lot of rainbow purple tree what does it unicorn but a dog with a horn. Thank you. Thank you for bringing it back to want to be clear that all horses are at the end of the day. I mean, really good. Yeah. For me wrong point. And back to you. Not. Great Christmas segment. Thank you very much. Hey, ladies, do you know, what time it is? What time is it is time for my minute with Donna and akilah hit it. Hello from Cisco in Canada. This is Donna with a my minute about my pup akilah akilah is what my family likes to call purebreds sketch and rescue dog, which basically means we don't really know what his breed is. But we're pretty sure one of his parents is a blue heeler when we go on walks. Other dog owners will offer suggestions of what else they think he could be the most common guesses are husky and border collie akilah is mostly black. He has a grey Brindle pattern on his legs around his muzzle that my grandma refers to as freckles he also has a white star in his chest and white fervent his black for akilah is eleven months old and his full of energy. He loves going to the dog run to play, but will cry if the other dogs run too fast for him akilah loves dogs cats and thinks he should be allowed to play with those big funny dogs with hooves and Antlers. Akilah doesn't like high pitched noises and will how if he hears a siren akilah is very cuddly. And even though he is quite large. He still wants to sit on your lap time. Oh boy. Wouldn't be cuter so charming, I love it, you these are not gonna have the park with these my minutes done this in only pictures of Akila who is just as. She described there is also a picture of a moose. Dear dear. But I wanted to heighten it a bit. What's that animal? That's right. No, it's candidates. Dear dear. It's really cute. But it just sitting there yard, I'm willing to think. So. I think so. And then looks like a fence, right? Yeah. Begins her home, we have deer in our backyard. All the time you do. What are you? Tell me. Those are aiming of moving your. They're running wild. I'm right up to the window. Scary. You know, Santa and his eight moves. Here. Here the red nosed moose had of very moose, moose moose. Did not know from loose agenda who knew but done it. I love nothing more than a dog crying because it can't. Anything more relatable though, like wanting to play like don't do it like. We're walking at a moderate pace. Like, we talked about that's highly related. It'd be cuter cute. I love it. I love nanna. Call on the muzzle freckles. I love it. He's hill oven. He she. He he has only eleven months old that sounds like a bundle of energy. Yeah. Sounds like she's handling like a champ. Totally akilah Donna excellent work, you guys. It's the holidays. I'm not gonna take your house in December January. Right back at your new house. Your new house. If you haven't yet sent in your mind minute, and you're blaming it on the business of the holidays. Okay. It's not gonna hold up in court. I can tell you that. Now are how many alerts we have eight ten over bait rate. Yeah. Eight plus one on the fence. What's that? Dear. Suisun is your mind minute. Again, you can do that recording it on your phone. And then you just end that recording to the Email. You can do that at the world's shortest Email can pet your dog podcast at g mail that cabin. All right. You guys. I happy holidays. Yeah. Anyone who was a long time ago, but member back win happy Hannukah merry Christmas. Happy new year. So we are going to for the holidays. We're gonna take off the next two weeks when Christmas went for new year. But then we'll be back in action. So we're gonna miss you. But we we'll be back with back. We're gonna be fine. In the meantime, the shirts and my rights we have to Nisar. Yes. First of all, they're really soft. They're very soft. Yeah. I know this because I've received one of the mantle and it's very soft. Did you get possession out? I don't wanna let you happen to tell. That'd be kind of look at great trail legs. Can we do this? I don't know that pistachio will be up for this. Can I get I can definitely get a shirt on tugboat. Yeah. This say is I think it which morale potassium. And then we could do that stuff for the right to rearrange. Okay. Let's see what I can do. Don't let her see who's on the shirt because I think. Go. Well. Death. Don't worry. Yeah. They're really cute. The wonderful Beth morale design them, and they're very cool. They have typo or prosciutto to choose. If you're a tugboat are Pasino, which are just as soft shirt fan. Also. You want both of them. But we hopefully have an Alexis shirt come in a minute. Minute team elections. It's going to be on its way momentarily, but those links on our there pinned the top of most of our social media. So, yeah, if you can't find the link tweet us, we'll we'll give it to you. And if you're like me who periodically blocks yourself from social media, you can find it on maximum fun dot net. Right or you're not gonna find it. I'm going to waste a lot of time. Doing it that way maximum fun dot Oregon. They have a shop little button at the top push on that you're going to have to search a legal bid. But it's in there as well. Yes. Just a little bit of scroll down you can do it. Yeah. We're very excited about them. So if you need them for gifts or for yourself. Thank you for supporting us, everyone who's more the greatest. Yeah. And just in general, you know, holidays is the time to be. Grateful. So here's a bargain on Hugh. If you don't wanna buy shirt. Yes. Whatever you can't right now. Can you leave us review instead go, that's nice? Yeah. That'd be great. That'd be again. Please other view. They talk a lot about shirts is too much. Look five star. And I don't care. Also. You can right. I'm just doing this. I didn't buy shirt, that's fine. Handle that. That's no problem. We can work with on digging a house. You can't give out of me being very generous. Pretty nice pretty nice. All right back on scientists. Good list. As she's Santa. And now has to bring a Lexus of bunch of gift real great. Yeah. Yeah. You heard about that she wants a move. So it's going to be very heavy for miss. We'll tiny Mus key magin. Yeah. That's your it's any small exotic animal big. A bear a bear that time. That's new. You truly are listeners. You are the best love seeing you on social media. We're on Twitter Instagram podcast. Also on Facebook were goes group. We will add useless. What you guys you are not helluva holiday about snow butts in general, New Year's rain. No New Year's, but huge huge huge. Thank you listeners. Facebook group is amazing. And it's one hundred percent because you guys and what you're posting. Every post is more cute than the next too much. And it's also because of all of our moderators Mods. Oh, yeah. Thanks kill it. When we'd been nothing without you. We'd be a real mess without. Thank you. Thank you. I think it's right. Happy holidays everyone and thank you so much to our wonderful listeners for making our years so much brighter. We we really appreciate you. And it's so fun. Especially around the holidays is just really nice to feel the sense of community. So thanks for being great. Yeah. Numerous times throughout this year. You guys are the one thing there. I'm like, well, I got them. Yeah. Tells you guys you're the best. Thank you fun. Yeah. It's so fun seeing all your dogs and kids and lives. We read everything out like you're not shouting into void. Oh, yeah. Yes. Sometimes we get behind on our emails and our tweets and whatnot. But we do read it we see everything he's us. I think you guys are the best. Aren't you ready to get on here? All right, happy holidays. You guys can fit your dog. Can I pet your dog? Maximum fund dot org, comedy and culture, artists owned listener supported.

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