Are you chewing it well?


<music> hub hopper originals this is mi ni hao goyal from they hug wheel trim clean reading reaching out to all of you have hoppers that this feat stop bake on anti the not of your life so we have on one hood this so many times the food should be chewed properly for the body to digest in an optimum manner also do not exhaust austar entire system after all the mouth with its teeth is therefore the reason it has a job to do and then the digestive system. Tim has its own responsibilities isn't it these are basics. This is what we have learned in our school which means at the time that we were growing don't own trash eating too slowly and to france same is the case with life and it situations to escape. The situation is like not doing it will not understanding it. Well trying to gulp it down without letting it do. Its job burying it. Obviously it will jack your understanding of yourself and things over a period of time after all you did not digest the reason season and does its nutrients well so give yourself enough time. Contemplate observe digested vel do not naught. Try to gulp it. Do not try to escape it or bury it because if you do try to do that if you do become an ostrich and put them out in the san then you will miss the entire lesson off that particular situation. Would you want to run away from the point. My friends is that you cannot run heavy from the situation because it will keep repeating itself through something or the eh through some situation or the other do the dime you do not and this dan and digest. It's nutrients which means still the time you do not understand. It lessens friends. We are all on a soldier new over here. This body is just to this experience is the v._a. Through which the soul wanted to have these lessons so till the time you you do not learn this lesson. Completely will keep repeating itself like a baton. Take note of your life in the past. What are those situations. Which did you have all these said. This always happens with me. It is always how this has been those other patterns of your life. Those are the things which your life hasn't digested listed so far because you do some other reason. You have tried to run away from it. You have tried to digest it. Well so this time when the situation shen happens observe it look at it feel the feeling completely see what it is trying to tell you and then move wants from there so this is mi ni ha signing out for this. We hope you enjoyed this particular episode. I will reach out to all of you in the coming week in the meanwhile. If you have any questions you can write to me on nia anita any edge double e. e. n. a. you are at jimmy dot com also i will be beginning a new twenty one day workshop to write the story of your life. If you are interested please do right back to me a whatsapp me on my number nine eight seven nine four eight zero one four. Thank you so much have a nice week ahead by take care. I hope you enjoyed this hubbub original august. If you wanna we get started with your own show. Please get in touch. We'd love to have you onboard. Send an email to info at hubbub dot com. That's info at hubbub dot com and we'll get get back to you in a flash. We're looking forward to creating some great audio content together.

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