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Starlings thank you for listening to the starbucks audio podcast network. We have so many great comedy shows to add to your playlist. Just last week on starbucks audio on the untold our Jessen bowser joined by Alison Schedule. Yoji and her alter ego. Defen- Penn do their first musical guests on ghosted by Roz dreadful as my favorite murders Karen Killed Gareth talks about a creepy and terrifying. Ghost encounter this week on Boogie. Monster Cow Canadian and Dave Stone catch up on food ninety day fiance and the reopening of the country on never seen it. Kyle Ariza's joined by Langston permit. Who has never seen rebel without a cause but wrote his hilarious. Take on so starbucks audio on apple podcast spotify or any podcast platform for full list of our shows featuring hosts like Miss Calcutta main Jackie Johnson. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and twitter at starbucks audio the show and remember stay safe. Stay healthy and keep laughing. Welcome to murder minute today. The story of an Internet affair turned murderous. But I your true crime headlines. The prime suspect in Pennsylvania homicide was arrested on the beach in Florida one day after the state reopened beaches for physical activity. Jacksonville police were patrolling the beach to ensure that people were following the rules which allow for active recreation such as walking or swimming sunbathing or sitting in chairs on the beach is still prohibited officers encountered thirty year old. Mario Matthew Gatty loitering near the dunes. They learned that he had an active warrant for his arrest in connection with January shooting death of thirty three year old Michael couvert junior in Pennsylvania and he was taken into custody without incident. Gatty is being held in the Duval County jail as a fugitive from justice police responding to a separate incident at a Bronx apartment building found the badly decomposed body of a young woman inside her apartment. And her death has now been ruled. A homicide officers noticed a foul smell in the building and traced to the apartment of twenty two year old Dominique. Ben David whose badly decomposed body was discovered inside the residence. A next door neighbor reported having smelled the foul odor for several weeks before the discovery of the victim's body. The neighbor also reported that she often heard yelling and arguing the apartment before the noise abruptly stopped a few weeks ago. Ben. David's death has been ruled a homicide. She was known to have shared the apartment with a man a woman and a child. No arrests have been made in the case and the investigation is ongoing a fifty seven year old man who is currently serving. A lengthy prison sentence in Nevada is now facing new charges for the nineteen eighty-one rape and murder of a sixteen year. Old Honor Student in California. Sixteen Year Old Amina Scott. Was last seen leaving her home in Oakland around three thirty in the afternoon. On December. Twenty Third Nineteen eighty-one the forefoot eight eighty pound teenager plan to walk to the dentist office to have her braces removed. She never returned home. Her body was found the next morning in a parking lot. She had been stabbed to death and sexually assaulted. The suspect jewel. Henry Collins was tied to the cold case through. Dna which was uploaded to the national database in two thousand Nineteen Collins has been incarcerated in the state of Nevada since nineteen ninety two when he began serving a sentence of twenty five years to life for the sexual assault of a woman in the town of sparks. He was charged with Scott's death in September of last year but was not extradited to California to face prosecution until April seventeenth. He is scheduled to return to court on. May Eighth and has not yet entered a plea coming up the first known Internet murder case involving sex lies and a chat room but first a quick break. Welcome back to murder minute now. The story of Bruce and a Sherry Miller Bruce and Cherie met and lived in Flint Michigan the Blue Collar town known as the vehicle city because of its history in car manufacturing. Cherie grew up in a trailer park and left home to live on her own at age. Sixteen by the time she met Bruce. Ten years later she was twice divorced raising three kids and working as a bookkeeper for his company. Bruce was forty seven then divorced three times and had nearly thirty years work at General Motors. Under his belt passionate about cars he had also purchased an auto yard to run on the side mostly as a hobby he fell for. Cherie quickly and hard and the feeling seemed to be mutual. After a short stint of dating they were married in an interview with oxygen. Bruce's brother Chuck told reporter. Chuck Miller that his brother considered Cherie to be the perfect wife. Some of Bruce's friends on the other hand weren't so sure. They felt protective given the sizable age difference and economic disparities. Between the two and they believed Cherie spent couples money. Recklessly Cherie continued to work. However at that time as a salesperson for Mary Kay Cosmetics Bruce supported her work which often involved travelling to various states and direct sales in clients homes as a gift. He bought her a computer to better run her business aware of friends and loved. Ones Skepticism. Cherie assured them that. Although she was a wild child he was settling her down one night in November nineteen ninety nine just seven months into their marriage. Cherie was at home talking to Bruce by phone while he worked at the auto yard. Bruce told Cherie had a customer and had to cut the call short. She later told datelines. Hoda copy Cherie said she figured Bruce would finish up with that customer. Pick up the pizza. They had ordered for dinner and had hump to dine with a family and relax only he never showed up as hours ticked by. Sri called the art repeatedly. She found the restaurant they order dinner from to know side of their either once she alerted. Bruce's brother and sister-in-law. They headed to the auto yard to check on him coming upon a grisly sight. Bruce on the ground behind a desk covered in blood. The called nine one one needing an ambulance fast. When police and ems arrived it was too late on the surface. The scene looks like a robbery. Bruce's wallet and cash in his pocket. Close to two thousand dollars gone soon after she reads. Stepdad showed up at her home in a police car. He just shook his head. Should we told copy? That's all it took. He just came in the house shaking his head and he had been crying so I knew I knew that he was gone. Break Ins weren't uncommon in the salvage yard. According to Cherie but murder took such crimes to a whole new level earlier that day she said. She recalled odd comments from customers. Like what did you have to do to get that kind of wedding band? When they wouldn't stop. She threatened to call the police and the customers left. Investigators looked into that run but nothing seemed suspect. While looking into Bruce's associates. They learned that employee John. Hutchinson had been investigated for tampering with vehicle identification numbers. He also owed Bruce. Two thousand dollars and couldn't provide a solid alibi for the night of his death. Police arrested him though month after month. Passed without any physical evidence linking the man or anyone else with the scene then in the town of Odessa Missouri. Over six hundred miles away. Another violent death broke the case wide open former police officer Jerry Cassidy was found slumped in a living room chair with a Bible Open in his lap near him. Stood a briefcase holding cards a CD. A computer hard drive sonogram papers that appeared to be transcripts from an online chat along with a suicide note addressed to his parents. According to court records the letter described an affair. He'd had with none other than Sherry Miller. He said she had been pregnant twice with his children. And Bruce Miller had ended both pregnancies through violence and threats the messages also revealed. Cherie wished to kill. Her Husband. Cassidy also claimed that. Cherie helped with his murder stating at like this. I drove them there and killed him. Cherie was involved and helped set it up. I have all the proof and I'm sending it to the police. She will get what's coming. She just wanted all her money and no more husband while she got her wish but she is soon to learn that. You can't do that to people. Investigators determined that Sheree. I met Cassidy at a Casino Reno where she was attending a Mary. Kay Convention three months. After marrying bruce things grew steamy between Cherie and the former cop immediately they would meet several more times in person. Relying on Internet chats and email between most of the transcripts on the hard drive found and Jerry's briefcase redeem romantic sexually explicit are both some include revealing photos and video. They used the screen names. Jerry's fool and cherise full saying things like this. Ham I will be a rock. I will be your soulmate. Her tonight is a night for a warm fire and plenty of cuddling him. My heart aches every minute. We are not together. Her winter is only good for one thing that is getting snowed in and loving all day. The messages mentioned their plans to get married. The pregnancy is described in the suicide. Note along with photos of positive tests bruises should we attributed to abuse Sherry said. Bruce raped her causing miscarriage and that he forced her to have an abortion for the other pregnancy. One message seemed to quote Bruce. Now you won't be responsible for any little bastards in Cassidy's note to his parents. He apologized for the pain he caused but said he had to end his life and quote. Here's why after Cherie and I got together. I found out she was married. She lied to me and lied to me. Made promises as you well know at. I believe them all further down. He added. I'm sorry mom. Those were my babies. I loved them and wanted them. I drove there and I killed him. He claimed to have proof of Sherry's involvement in the murder on its way to police presumably meaning the briefcase contents. She will get what's coming. He said I have been so stupid. But now you know the real story of why went into such a state of depression soon after finding all of this police brought Cherie in for questioning without revealing their discoveries. Cassie suicide the messages or the note. They asked her a series of questions. Such as did she have life insurance frustrated. She got up to leave if they weren't going to arrest her. She was out there and so they did arrest her charging her with murder and conspiracy linked to Bruce's death. Peter plummer a prosecutor with a High Tech Crimes Unit. Said Cherie had complete control over cassidy by stating things that would quote really kind of bring his blood to both a sexual emotional boil he told CNN. She could get him to do anything. No one in the world did she have more control over than him. Lieutenant Kevin Shenlian the lead detective on the case said he couldn't differentiate the truth from her lies anymore and quote he was going to be the White Knight for Sherry Miller. He was going to kill the dragon and claim his property. Cassidy's suicide note confirmed. This he wrote. I was so blind and so stupid and so much in love little did I know she never met any of it. She just wanted all her money. And no more husband during the trial. Prosecutors made the case that Cherie Miller plotted and manipulated her. Love her into killing Bruce. She was never pregnant or abused. They said and they had proof of her lies. Her tubes had been tied for years when she cassidy the pregnancy test photos and Sonogram and even the image of a bruised torso they said. Her's the text messages were considered the smoking gun for the prosecution's case some of the most striking messages involved the murder itself her Jerry. I am scared. If this don't work. He will hurt me bad him. It'll work her now. You need to listen to me for a minute. I will call Bruce at five. Pm is the gun loud him somewhat her. Just do it and get the hell out of there shortly after Sherry added. Are you going to be able to live with this the rest of your life because I can he replied I love you? Yes I can only. Apparently he couldn't when copy asked plummer about the magnitude of the instant messages he said in some ways they were the biggest gotcha evidence. Because how often do you have a transcript of conspiracy to murder not only transcripts but accurate mines detailing the murder almost exactly as it would happen on November eight? Th One thousand nine hundred nine Jerry Cassidy drove the six hundred plus miles to Michigan and met up with Cherie where the state said. She gave him her cell phone to stay in touch. She then calls him on that phone shortly after six. Fifteen PM which they took to mean that he had arrived to. The yard is planned. Cherie then phoned. Bruce was on the line when cassidy pulled up to the yard in his truck. Bruce Judiciary someone's here than hung up that he used the word. Someone indicates it was someone he didn't recognize. Prosecutors alleged cassidy entered the office and said something to Bruce to get his attention then shot him dead at six forty seven. Pm CASTA used Sharia cell phone to call her home and let it ring just once. Signaling Mission Accomplished then headed back to Missouri and the instant messages and emails between the two gradually diminished. Then stopped altogether one month later. She had a new boyfriend in court. She reads defense team painted a different picture. Instead of a calculated affair used to commit murder. They said it was a flame. Gone wrong attorney. David Nicholas at the entire instant message stream could have been made by cassidy who portrayed as a drug addicted suicidal loser who sets. Cherie up to hurt her for rejecting him so vindictive. He made up a story to lash out at her from the grave. The relationship ended Nicholas said and he couldn't handle that. Cherie took the stand testifying for several hours. She admitted to the affair with cassidy and lying to him repeatedly including about this opposed pregnancies. But she said she never plotted to kill her husband. The entire affair was a fantasy that played out only on line. After fifteen hours of deliberation the jury found Cherie Miller guilty of first degree premeditated murder in what's considered the first Internet murder case the trial gleaned national attention and prompted the two thousand and three book fatal error and the two thousand six lifetime movie fatal desire while in prison in two thousand seven. Sri Miller was diagnosed with PTSD the following year a federal judge determined that. Cassidy's suicide note should not have been allowed in court because its author was dead. Couldn't be cross examined the judge overturned Cherie Miller's conviction and granted her a new trial she was released on bond meaning bail was set and paid ensuring that she would make all required court appearances. The case went back and forth and appellate courts until two thousand twelve want. Her conviction was reinstated. Now for you. Eight years old. She remains in prison in Michigan in April of two thousand sixteen after nearly two decades of proclaiming her innocence and multiple efforts by attorneys and the courts. She finally confessed to manipulating Jerry. Cassidy calling Bruce Miller. A great man and the only man who ever loved her for who she was. I destroyed a lot of lives. She wrote in a four-page letter which described a double life and her fear of getting caught instead of family. Bruce's family finding out what I really was she went on. I thought covered up by having bruce murdered. I cannot deny this anymore. Bruce Miller is remembered by loved ones as easy going liked by everyone who knew him the type of person who enjoyed helping people and an all around great guy cars were his. I love until he met Sherie Miller. He is buried beside a wind. Decide Road in Mount Morris Michigan about seventy feet from a wishing. Well this has been murder minutes for true crime anytime. 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