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Raiders bring in Marinelli, Stadium Update


This episode of the nation is brought to you by. Sdn Sports from station. Casinos as T- In sports is the only sports betting APP. You need this season. Sign up today A and get a new sign up bonus about fifty dollars like like I said to Bring right kind of people in here. We think that can Dole Championship football team. He has the most loyal fans in the world. I know it hurts that we might not be the Oakland raiders forever ever but we are still awaiting action. I think it's going to be a bill. Get an army coming into Las Vegas. Everyone everyone it's time for another episode of the biggest nation. podcasts where we bring you up to date on all things happening with the raiders. Set to kick off here in Las Vegas this coming season Vegas nation. Nation is brought to you by Sti Sports Mobile Station Casinos and presented to you by UNTUCKIT. Today we are fortunate to have our full crew of raiders writers Peter's joining the show. I'm your host. Heidi thing and I have in Studio Mile. Simmons and Adam Hill and on our hotline Vinnie. Bonsignore the raiders beat writer. We're we're also going to have our business editor Rick Vlada joining us today. He's going to stop by and drop down an update on the stadium construction. I know a lot of you want to know what's going on there so so we're going to bring you up to date in store also. We're going to talk a little bit about this championship. Game between Ellison Clemson and see who the raiders might be looking at from these teams and we know Raider nation is not pleased right now with. Tom Blurs being passed over for the hall of fame. We're going to get into that. But first we have to get into some of the comings and goings for the raiders There's reports right now. That Brenston Buckner. We'll be like. Oh the Raiders Defensive Line Coach and replaced by Rod Marinelli Vinnie. What updates do you have for us on this as this actually happening For whatever the reason the raiders are Hold off in making it a officially official but it is happening and you know I tweeted and wrote wrote So harsh business sometimes not Any kind of an indictment on uncoached buckner what he did You know and and the strides strides up. The Defensive Line May this is about being able to bring in a very highly regarded and respected coach with a tremendous track record of developing defenses defensive. Linemen in particular Rod Marinelli Guy who has experience With John Gruden they coach together. They WANNA super bowl together in Tampa Bay back in the day When you have a chance to go get a Rod Marinelli You go get him And that's just the way it goes sometimes and and unfortunately It came at some cost a good young coach You know it was kind of kicked to the curb as a result. But he'll land on his feet. He's he's a up and coming coach. There's GonNa GonNa be a spot for him somewhere in the NFL or college football but again hate that it came at somebody's expense but at the same time. When you get a chance to go get Rod Marinelli you go get him? I think it's interesting that you have a guy in Rod Marinelli and obviously he and groom have a lot of history but a lot of times what you'll see in some of these positions where you have somebody with history and you WanNa add them to the staff you just add them to the staff. You might say that Marinelli could have been a senior senior defensive assistant and somebody that could have helped out with Paul Guenther You know in terms of trying to get the entire defense to be better because that's something that Romanelli only has a decent reputation of being able to help the entire defense but instead I mean I think there's no doubt that Brenston buckner did a pretty darn good job with this young group of Defensive Lineman now could you say that maybe you would want a little bit more from somebody like Cleveland Pearl instead of what you got from Max Crosby. Yes but I think that you you have to say it is a little bit of an indictment of the job that Brenston buckner did. I mean I understand how good Rod Marinelli isn't that you wanna get him but anytime somebody gets fired right like it's it's unfortunate and it does say something maybe gruden one at a little bit more from that spot and he didn't necessarily feel like he could get it with buckner and then also Marinelli. I think that I think sorry. Sorry job there but I think the way the raiders are looking at this as they want all of his attention on the defensive line and put They paid a pretty big price at that position over the last year's draft picks And the investments that they've made in some young players and I think they feel good about these young players out you know. Obviously Max crosby showed what he could do with ten sacks last year his rookie year glimpse Cleland Farrell Era You know probably not kind of year. You'd have expected from the fourth pick overall but there's a role that they have You know for him That the ambition him playing But I think that they want more and I think that by hiring Rodman Elliott saying we want all of your focus not as a senior consultant. Not Not as somebody. That's going to have his hand in the entire defense. You know sort of a behind the scenes kind of guru type of position they want him specifically one thousand percent invested in the defensive line. Because that's where it all starts Defensively and they've got some good young players and they wanna Mac those players out they feel like you know he's the type of guy that's it's going to be able to to maximum potential. I don't think this this any kind of a change happens. If a Rod Marinelli wasn't available so that's why I'm saying wasn't necessarily Any kind of a a an indictment. It was more of A. Hey this is a guy that is is is so good at what he does and gives us a chance. Got To get the most out of these young players Unfortunately it's GONNA come. Somebody's expense but we what that guy at on that position thousand percent of his time as far as the numbers numbers go. I was a little surprised. Just because you see the line go from thirteen sacks to thirty two on the season and then the run went from being thirtieth in the League to being eighth in the League so for me. It was a little bit surprising but I do understand what you're saying. I'm just glad that he didn't become the head. Coach of the raiders. Because the last thing I remember is him as goes Marinelli. Was the own sixteen lions. But yeah I mean Bruckner. Brought back the Raiders de and I like the you know even though this is not technically official that he went out to twitter and he made a nice statement he kept things positive he said. God doesn't make mistakes when he decides my time is up. I don't question it. I was blessed to coach a great group Group of Raiders. I had the pleasure of experiencing Raider nation. I'm appreciative for GRUDEN. Blessing me with that opportunity. hashtag faith before fame one. Love no hate when you lose. Maybe more than just a coach. I think it was a guy that was that was like that was a guy that was kind of an emotional leader for that defense and Somebody that the players really seem to respond to react to us. I think even more than what you could lose in technique from a coach which you mentioned the they did certainly improve a lot I I think you lose that kind of emotional Alito kind of see in his in his statement. They're exactly what he kind of brought to the team but in the end clue in rural coach killer. I think that's that's the way we go with already. No that's not what happened. That's not what happened a honestly though I know I know that's not it but it's it's the old old boys club of the NFL. Coaching System at work again. And I think this is maybe not necessarily the topic that needs to be brought up up on the Vegas nation pockets. But it's got me thinking about it enough because now because look look when you look at all. The different coaching hires that happened in the NFL. L. This year you see one minority and that the only guy that was hired was Ron Rivera. And so you have a guy like Eric B enemy who's in Kansas City in who by all accounts terrific job doing what. He's done there without offense and he only gets a couple of interviews and honestly they seem like they're rooney rule interviews instead of being the kind of interviews where you say all right look here. Here's what the Peop- the person who has been the offensive coordinator for Andy. Reid has done last right. You look at Doug Peterson. He's already want super bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles. You look at Matt Nagy and yeah the twenty one thousand. Nine hundred wasn't so great but I think Adam Hill would probably blame that mostly on Mitchell Autry. Bisky did take that team to the playoffs in his first year. In Twenty eight now Eric Vietnamese the SA- the same position you can see him. Calling plays is on the sideline and I think that Andy. Reid is made up a point to make sure that it be enemy. Is doing those kinds of things. Andy Reid standing next to him with nothing and then like he's probably not too happy to give the full menu to Eric the enemy but like I think that there's a point that he's trying to make their and so we look at those kinds of things. When you see somebody like Brenston Buckner who did a good job at what he was doing? He improved that defensive line and then Romanelli becomes available. And it's like Oh man. That's it's my buddy that I think is why you start to see some articles that come out and reports of African American coaches feeling like well. I just need to go to college because I'm not going to have a shot at doing what I wanNA do in less. That's where I go in it. I think that they have legitimate argument as to why they should be upset. I'm I'm with you at thousand percents On that visors. There's no question about it. But I also believe that there are situations that are unto themselves they transcend that and I don't think this is a case of the old boys club necessarily a really good coach who has a tremendous track record specifically at that position in that right side of the ball I mean he was defensive coordinator and defensive line coach of a really good Dallas cowboys. Defense and defensive line And that's you know beyond everything else that he's done in his career and he's also you know Adam talked about it in emotional leader. There's no more of an emotional eater than Rod Baron. Elie ask any of the players players that ever played for 'em they'll run through a brick wall for him. He's wired that way he's got that kind of mentality that fiery mentality That that that really resonates with his players. It's it's not just technique it's not just fundamentals is not just as he gets into the heads of players and they want to play hard for him. So there's no question region about that so. I don't think that this is really an all boys club. There's plenty of coaches at Jon. GRUDEN has coached with over the years that you know are on his staff or he's not reaching out to. This was a very specific type of coach that he respects. Obviously that has a great track record at position that they really want to maximize with all the You know the money they put into this position so I just think that this one while I'm with you entirely on the bigger issue of minority coaches the lack of opportunities that are that are there for them. I just this. This one is unto itself. Well a minority coach. Who did do well for the raiders? It was just recently passed over for a hall of fame nod. Tom Flora's a two time superbowl winner. Coach also player not many people. I think besides hi. It's Mike Ditka and Tom. Flores were coaches assistant coaches head coaches also players. That were able to accomplish that yet. Tom Flora's passed over. Refer a hall of fame not yet again We were able to see bill. Cower and Jimmy Johnson get inducted and this year only two coaches. We're going to go in on the season season though eight. Were finalists for the centennial class for the hall of fame a Lotta Raider fans had expressed their outrage for this thing that you know Tom Floor is eighty the two years old guys that have been passed over like cliff branch who have passed now and would only be able to receive that type of honor posthumously. So it's it's something that you look at now and you have to wonder like we'll Tom Floor is get into the hall of fame before he does pass on which is unfortunate thing to say but it's true and you have to to look at this because he's been denied into the hall of fame. I believe this is the second time so it was another time where he was as well and it was just like so you know. Is this going to happen for him. Will he ever get the nod Miles what was your reaction to this outrage and Tom Floor is not getting that non you know I think this this is the kind of thing that's unfortunate because when you ever you talk about to me okay. People are going into the hall of fame. Then who would you take off right because this was the the special class they WANNA do. Twenty twenty and then the centennial class. Of course because the NFL has reached one hundred years so basically. You're you have to make the argument humint than that. Either Jimmy Johnson or bill. Cower should not be in the hall of fame. If you would want Tom Flora's to replace them. And I think the unfortunate thing is maybe they should have just said. Look we gotta get more people in there and not just have it twenty for twenty. Maybe we should've expanded this a little bit more so that that were honoring people who deserve to be honored and so that that's where I think it. It's sort of tough because I understand that Tom. Flores should be in the hall of fame. I absolutely think that he should be in the hall of fame. But I think that there's also arguments to be made the Jimmy Johnson and Bill Cower should be in the hall of fame so the argument with Johnson. Okay I mean I would Florida's I mean I that would make the argument against Bill Cower. First Yeah Yeah exactly I think I think to Johnson deserves to be in there for those of us. That are old enough to remember a The turnaround job that he did with the Dallas cowboys and it was him in charge. I know that Jimmy Jerry Jones also had a hand in it but they came from the depths of Hell The Dallas cowboys dead with shrewd trade of Herschel Walker. That was Jimmy Johnson. Had his fingerprints are all over that he turned that program around it wasn't just coaching. It was personnel decisions. It was bald. Trades It was great drafting So I don't know that that you could say that Kaur at that kind of a role in Pittsburgh but Jimmy Johnson certainly did with the Dallas cowboys. And there's other coaches Dick Vermeil. Dan Reeves Mike Holmgren. I mean these guys. There are a lot of worthy coaches coaches. You know that that if you WANNA use the word snub I guess You know that that got overlooked it again and it's just a tough one because of the way the numbers work got the way the system works out the way the voting goes and everything like that and the constrictions at your under as a hall of fame voter so I don't know what the answer is. Maybe you do expanded a little. Somebody brought up quite nephew closed off low at maybe less people. So that guys like you know Kaur who was a a good coach but was he a great coach. I don't know in my opponent. Houses the guy the guy coach what nine years and he had of course those great seasons in Dallas and. That's we all remember him for the turnaround after starting one in fifteen his first year Turning around and winning the way did and then the the the unceremonious ending to his tenure there and we all remember that but you know he was okay in a couple of years of Miami. It's not like he had the longevity that I think usually look for. How many goats? Well but Tom Afford has the the history behind him Of of what he was able to do as far as winning as a player coach head coach Being the first Hispanic all the things that he did that that I think are historic over. Necessarily what Jimmy Johnson. which I think Jimmy Johnson was a flashy coach? A guy that we like remember as having all the success and everything. I don't think I don't think Jimmy Johnson is completely unworthy. I think it's a fine selection but I think we're GONNA make the head to head to head comparison there surly a case to be made for floors. And you're right. Cower cowers well you can make the plus minus arguments there But I I just felt Jimmy. Johnson's Johnson's selection was more fame. Necessarily than than you know a CO coaching careers. You look for for a hall of Famer. Yeah I look completely different over over him and coward because I just remember what he did you know is a historic franchise. Obviously The Dallas cowboys. So yeah there's some flash in there and his personality certainly certainly help But but restoring the Dallas cowboys the way he dead and and so much of what of that of that restaurant should was his doing I mean if you remember the hersal Walker Trade The impact that that had in the shrewdness of it and how it you know changed their fortunes and and not just to make that trade but then to hit all those draft picks and I mean there was that was a tremendous team that he put together and so so for me. I think he's more than than than cower. I'm not saying that I do believe how floors deserves to be in there. I think Dick for mill deserves to be in there. I think John Kerry the album. He changed the game. I know he didn't it. Didn't translate into Super Bowl wins. Don coryell was a hell of a football coach. Who guys are still using using things that he came up with You know when when when he was in Saint Louis and when he was in San Diego so the impact he's had on on the game itself In in the direction that it went yes he doesn't have the super bowl wins like I mentioned but his impact on the Games is still felt to this day. I agree with everything you said. I'll just say this one one thing if it was not Dallas. Would he get in in. And should that matter. America's team I don't know I mean it's the hall of fame you know so there's there earthern that word fame so I think that it obviously helps just like it probably helps you know Derrick jeeter with the with the Yankees if he was on the Seattle Mariners would he be in the hall of fame You know he was. He was fortunate to be part of a team. That had the resources to be able to build around immediate singularly lead the New York Yankees Danny kind of a championship. That was a team effort and a lot of it was because they have the money to have the resources to be able to draft the way they did sign international three agents the way they did sign in regular free agents big big trade. So I don't know I don't know the answer to that. Probably not but there's probably a whole bunch of players that we could talk about the history Sports that benefited from where they were all right on that note. We'll go ahead take a quick break here and when we come back. We're going to get you updated on all things happening with the stadium idiom so stay tuned right here on vacation this episode of Vegas Nation. We'll be right back ever see untucked buttoned-down. They look bad. Why right because they weren't meant to be worn that way? Thankfully there's untuckit the original button-down shirt actually designed to be worn untucked. No matter your size or shape untuckit Richard will always fall at the perfect untucked blank. 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With Mile Simmons Adam Hill in studio and Vinnie Bonsignore. Where is on the line and right now we have an update for you from Rick Vlada who spoke with us a little bit earlier about the current status of the stadium? And will it be done on on time. I know that's a big burning question. So let's go ahead and get the update from rank as promised joining us now on the Vegas Nation. podcast we have Rick Vlada in-studio in studio and he is going to bring you up to date on everything that's happening with the stadium because I'm seeing on social media right now that a lot of people are concerned particularly about the roof. And I'll tell you. Rick is our assistant business editor here at the paper and he is on top of all of this. He is in the know with the stadium. He knows every detail every rivet of this place so tell me right now. How concerned Raider Fan should be about the stadium roof and any delays that? It may cause for the opening of the Stadium Stadium. Well I I think that That there is a certain level of concern because this was a project that they had said they were going to deliver. Last August he got pushed back back to September and then it got pushed back to November then it got pushed back to December. And now we're hearing that it's going to be pushed back to mid may well if the stadium is going to open July alight thirty I is. Everybody says it's going to to open. Then that's cutting it pretty close in terms of getting this accomplished in time so you know that's that's one concern. The other concern is that It's it's it's a lot of different projects that are going on at the same. Mm Time if the roof is not enclosed and it rains it could damage a lot of the things that have already been done. which that's that's another big worry? Okay so those are the things that they're going to be watching an kind of concerned about in the months ahead and when we talk about this stadium and you bring up in a lot of people. I think don't really understand that Las Vegas has a monsoon season at the end and football season. The start of it and you're looking at the preseason. That's Kinda prime monsoon soon season so I can understand the concern there. A lot of other people talk about the parking situation We haven't really updated anything here on this podcast. Essence you were last on about the parking situation so I believe I have heard that some areas getting bought up in that there are going to be spots around there. What can you tell us about the parking as fans start to make their plans to come to games here in Vegas? What will the the the raiders have expanded the number of lots that they have acquired? I think they're now up to six or seven different different places. Where you can park and then get shuttled into into the Games? So it's now a matter matter of working out those details like which. which lot should I park in? If I'm going to be seated in this particular area. What areas are going to be most conducive induces to tailgating I it's those types of details that I think that People are looking for answers on because the capacity is not not a problem anymore. In light of the fact that they've got all these different Lots that had been purchased. In addition the raiders are kind of expecting that most of the people who will be attending these football games will either be staying at resorts on the Strip and can walk or they can take mass transit to to to the to the site and then of course there's always the the uber lift Option as well so as far as finding a place to park. I don't think that's going to be a concern It's just a different way of going to the stadium. I know that you have been to the stadium in Minneapolis. They don't have any parking the on site and it seems to work out okay with them and they haven had a super bowl there. So it's not like this is a The first time this has ever happened and the the raiders are looking in terms of this being a different experienced getting there and he wants to be a good experience helpfully. They'll find someplace to tailgate aside from. I'm in the hotels because his hotel isn't gonNA offer too much space for them to do that. But it's part of the whole experience I had heard that there was some promenade. That my turn up around the stadium that may be developed. But what do you know about who were there. There are a lot of different proposals and ideas. That are out there. And they haven't really been fully explained to to what's going on. I have heard that the raiders are of very conscious of the fact that they want to have a very good tailgate gate experience and thus they've got some plans in the works that they have not unveiled yet. They've talked a little bit To to some people who have been covering that off the record in in terms of what they want to talk about so I feel I feel like I can't really disclose what some of those conversations are but at the same time They're very very conscious of the fact that they want it to be a good tailgate experience and it sounds like what they've got planned is going to be something that the fans are GonNa look forward to okay so on Thursday which his today actually as podcast is being recorded We will have a huge meeting. Where the Raiders Stadium Authority will meet and again Kinda track all the different tasks that have to be done now as I read in your article there are forty forty one thousand only forty one thousand individual task right right now Someone schedule some behind. What can you think of Aside from the roof right now they may be kind of key things that really need to be attract on time that are on this. I know it's forty one thousand things but what key things can you think of that. They may be discussing in in a lot of respects. What they don't need to get done is maybe more important list and among those things that they're going to do is back in the house stuff so things that the fans don't even see see and they don't even really care about those are going to be wait they're gonNA wait on those? Incidentally even though they get a temporary occupancy permit to move in on July thirty first I. They're really not going to be done with the stadium until October. That's something that they've set for all in all along. That's part of their plan Among among some of the other things that are not going to be done this stadium's GonNa have four Locker rooms they're only going to really need two of them Immediately for the the raiders and for the visiting team so those other two locker rooms are probably not going to be finished right away Those are in place for for other teams had come in for for example. If you have a final four you're gonNA need four locker rooms so it's not really essential that they get get those done right away. They're certainly going to have everything that's in a public setting a completed they're gonNA have all the concession stands done. All the seats installed called They want to have all the mechanical stuff that will that will be in good working order. So those are the things that are going to be most important for them to get done And some of these other things that can wait they will wait. They just won't finish them right away. Okay as we wrap things up here give me the level of completion that you expect. This has to be at Probably let's say by July which is when they're supposed to have an opening July thirty first so if you have detractors attracted to the first of July how much percentage of the stadium will actually be done. Do you think by what you've heard I would just guess ninety ninety five percent completed And again those those Those last few items. That don't have to be done won't be done And all the public areas will. It'll be I think that the most important thing is to To to keep it safe make sure that field is in place Obviously that's a big component of the of the stadium. The the the field trae that moves in and out there already underway on that there were got the high doors pretty much done so so a lot of that is A lot of the really important things are are complete is just had roof that makes people worried because that is the key and and and there's a lot of important physics that go into how you put that roof in place People that are smarter than me can probably explain it better than I can but at the same time the fact is is that they have five engineering companies. That have come in and have reviewed how to do this and and it sounds like they've got a pretty good idea on how they're going to put in place and it's going to take some time to do it and again it's just the cable net system system that supports the translucent roof. That is kind of the concern right now whether or not it's going to be able to support the actual right. Wow all right so we will bring you in much more rick as I think we lead up to July. Maybe we'll get a monthly update going for the fans here That way we can keep them up to date on all all things happening with the stadium as well we. We certainly appreciate your time today. And can you let everybody know here where to find you on twitter. Sure I am at at Rick Vlada. RIC KVIL VIDEO OT TA and he will always be out there tweeting. He's a madman. If you follow him. He's got all these meetings. He's always up to date. He's giving you the play by. I play for everything happening with the stadium. Here allegiance stadium. Las Vegas expecting at all to be done by the time the season starts and preseason season obviously in August. So we'll keep it. Keep it tuned right here. Everybody and we'll be back with more here on Vegas nation again. That was Rick Vlada. You can can find all his stuff here on review journal Dot Com and give him a follow as well on twitter to keep up to date with everything happening on the stadium as we mentioned in that interview There is a big issue right now as to whether or not that roof will get up on time. Will it. Cause any damage to anything in there and also how. Much percentage scented of the stadium. We expect to be done. There is a meeting happening very shortly here. On a Thursday that will bring some more information to light. We hope Vinnie. I believe you have some information on that as well. What can you tell us about your knowledge of the stadium? Update US there. Yeah and you know not a construction worker So well I don't have all the technical aspects too but what I can say is that I have been assured the highest levels of the raiders. That everything's GonNa be fine. It's going to be Completed in time to host the to play out the playoff games. The two preseason games who knows off off the bus before the playoffs they gotta host a preseason game in October is usually when they when those games get played they may have. I have to start on the road for a couple of weeks in preseason Not all that unusual. But but I haven't told that everything is fine It'll all be explained nine. I think this is a lot of construction type talk. That construction people are very comfortable with in in in saying that it's it's GonNa be okay and and the stadium will be opened in time to to host the UNLV. Eddie place cal in late. August the raiders will be able to host their preseason games of the regular seasons are going to go off as scheduled. There's no talks with Oakland and there was a report about there. Were some contingency talks with in. That's not accurate whatsoever. So ever so I'm interested to find out the INS and outs and the exact you know technology that they're going to explain a meeting. The raiders But again from everyone that I've talked to the highest levels of the raiders. Everything is scheduled to be completed. It might be a different little order in terms of when they get to certain things things but the completion of the stadium will be done in time to set to host. What's already on the schedule? What's going to be on the schedule? And that's the do preseason games. UNLV's game against cal. I thought the venue is due to open July thirty first. The first event scheduled for August sixteenth has been you mentioned there and as we look ahead to this twenty twenty season. Something I thought was interesting about. Last year's draft was mayock had picked a lot of guys from the championship game four to be the exact and this year's championship game between Lsu and Clemson made me start thinking who will the raiders pick in these top. Let's say a five. I pick that they have because they do have five picks in the top hundred There are few guys I think that stand out and I wanna see if you guys are on the same page with me particularly really I was interested in looking at Clemson's Isaiah Simmons. I think he's a very unique player. He's got a lot of strengths. He plays a safety and linebacker. They're kind of a fantastic last name. uh-huh wonderful last night over sayings overrated. Okay saying the last thing is overrated. Also say if the raiders are planning on taking him they're they're gonNA have to package twelve and nineteen move up to number three To the guys go the guy. You never know with quarterbacks. In the way that they're gonNA fall and and how many people are gonNA reach and trying to get quarterback quarterbacks he's probably one of the top three or four players in the draft so yes he would be a good fit. I think he's a great player. But that's going to be tough with the draft. Picks that they have for him to try to fall there and another guy that stood out. I it played alongside of current Raider. Aj Terrell He's somebody who played with Trayvon Molin they played alongside each other in previous years. So I don't know if that's somebody that you guys think that. Maybe the raiders. Look at as well to have somebody somebody who's already had experience with another player chemistry wise that would be something that might spark their interest. What do you think of any I if you stay at twelve and nineteen I think. And let's presume that Derek Carr is the quarterback they roll with Next year I think you've gotta go linebacker or wide receiver at either of those two spots. And I think that if you can lock up You know a dynamic wide receiver. That offense is ready takeoff. I believe it's short a dynamic wide. Receiver we've talk about Antonio Brown and what that vision was that visited. Vision does not change going into this off season if they can acquire somebody that can take a top off of defense. Draw attention Opened things up you know for for you know your Darren Waller's your Josh Jacobs Your Hunter Ren froze It just makes it just makes the offense that much veterans on the verge being pretty good They need to try to bring in that dynamic number one wide receiver. So that's the direction that I would go if you're not going to take a deep look at these quarterbacks linebacker backer or wide receiver. And there's a whole bunch of great young wide receivers. I think somebody will be there at twelve That could be a game changer type and I think that you know at night in there will be ah a linebacker that day. One starter You know as well enough. And let's not forget they have seventy million dollars or so to spend in free agency and there's there's some players You know that that that they can bring in that can make an impact right away. I like Cory Littleton for the for the rams when you look at the raiders defense there in the inability of their linebackers to to to Provide decent pass coverage was really glaring in the first couple of games that uncovered you decide patterns across the sharp middle of the field where linebackers they attacked their linebackers. Two two opposing opposing teams to great success. So a guy like Cory Littleton is really proficient in that area. As a three down linebacker able to provide pass coverage rush the passer to stop the run so I would think that they were going to make a move in that direction. Somehow some way in free agency as well so for me you gotta look at wide receiver and and and a Making linebacker at twelve nineteen. If they're not looking to make a change at quarterback so from this game just just this game. 'cause I know there's a ton of guys like you said at wide receiver debt Do you think that any of the wide receivers might interest them. Maybe somebody like March Chase. You know he had a good game team in the championship. Game from L. Issues. So I was just wondering your thoughts on this game. If Mike Mayock is putting on the same hat he did last ear and getting Cleveland Farrell and getting a Trayvon Molin. Is this something that he does again. This year in looking at the death of these two teams miles. I think there's a lot that you can look at with. The Way Clinton competed with the way that LSU competed. I think a lot of people talking about the weapons that Joe Borough had and I think it's interesting because I know that the guy sitting to my right things that Joe Borough is going to be a bust when when he makes it to the NFL based on the phone playing in such a great offense boy. I know I don't I don't get it but to be clear I'm talking about Adam Hill Sir but I think when you look at just the way that things went in that game. I mean a Jess Joe. Borough has a lot of good weapons ends in yes. He's playing a good offense of system. But I also think that you know if I think if you're most teams and if you were the raiders. The raiders are not really going to have this chance because I don't don't think there's any chance. Cincinnati doesn't draft. Joe Borough but if you I think have you watched the totality of the season and understand that Joe borough played in a really solid offense and then had had to do a lot of things in terms of ball placement and making sure that he had a good pocket presence. I I think he would be still the number one targeted guy off of a lot of guys draft boards. But you know like I said he has really good weapons. So if you're talking about why receives yeah you can look at both sides and say man. There are a lot of good wide receivers that one could pick and then improved their team. LSU has always had great weapons Yup just look at all the Lsu wide receivers and play in the NFL. Provide Joe Borrow was was able to elevate even those type of players And that's why they won the national championship and arguably arguably the Best College football season of all time. The quarterback is pretty good over there. And he's going to be the number one second yeah. I don't suspect that he's going to be a anybody's best raiders at least have a one little piece of that. LSU powerhouse. That's foster moreau so tight end but I'm sure they're looking forward to his growth as raider in the coming years but that is all the time we have here today on the Vegas Nation podcast. We appreciate everybody out there listening. This podcast is presented to you by. Sdn Sports Mobile by station Casinos Keep up with US weekly as we will be here every Friday for you with refresh episodes keep up with it on vacation dot com download the Vegas nation APP and find the podcast anywhere that you're listening and just hit subscribe on it. Find us on your favorite the platforms and social media as well biggest nation. Let us know you think the shows doing we love hearing from you guys leave us. Some comments leave us the feedback. And maybe we even talk about awesome about here on the show Guys that'll do it for us here today for miles per atom for Vinnie. Thank you so much for listening. I'm Heidi uh-huh.

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