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Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 4)


WHOA WHOA I wonder what he was doing now he's still performing yeah he's still toured state fairs no that was Damn Lewis man he's still I still plays in the Pebble Beach pro-am every year I was gonna say you're telling you get him Alhaji I wonder why can't my eight was ever taken out in the first place I mean he had been dealing in that game he'd been dealing over the course of the plan what Rick Honeycutt was saying today Roberts but it's Dave Roberts decision to make that if the rams run a play that doesn't work it's not anybody other than I mean that is that's going to go down as like top five not just worse results Kershaw's ever had just worst pitches you're a Saint Louis Zinn is right get into these games that matter like these are the Times where you're really looking towards the manager's decisions and how they go about reading the situation how they go about reading see what is the playoffs are totally different animal in the playoffs it's not play the long game in the math will ultimately pan out in the playoffs it's Clayton Kershaw looks like that's it yeah I mean these are ultimately the these are ultimately Dave Roberts is decisions and I mean this is also something that people like when dot net out if Roberts maybe take him out there it's never know we will never do got a nice dinner over the middle of the plate four hundred forty nine feet later this guy pitches right now and then when you get into this situation this guy goes here's your lineup for today against this pitcher these are the there's not a ton of let me look at this their actual players and Dave Roberts clearly misread it yeah and I think this comes back to the front office again and I think that it's important to continue to put them into the box on this as well because the dodgers are an an analytically driven organization and if you are an analytically driven organization over the on McVeigh's fault for calling that play that you get to make calls in that chair that's the they talk about it all the time when you make one step to the right in basketball of course of one hundred sixty two games and I don't mean this to sound like I'm throwing a ton of shade at Dave Roberts but he doesn't have a lot of decisions to make the decisions are made by the math guys is it in any way because he's a veteran maybe because managers and coaches in general will always fall back on veterans like they will always implicit going from an assistant to a head coach it's different they come to your locker they come to your office after the game it it's it's Rick Honeycutt can offer council but it's not his fault hotline in and Matt Matt you're on the morning show what's up talk about Dave Roberts Kershaw for this go find arms that Dave Roberts will trust because somebody like Dustin may not only could I told you I did tell you before the deadline he's not gonNA do anything in the playoffs league reflexively trust those guys like this isn't just a Dave Roberts thing this is just coaches managers in general which is in part why I was so adamant about at the deadline the captain of a ship has one or the the ship has one captain a baseball team has won manager that you get input from your guys and and we we don't know it just an absolutely huge game boy still got some phone calls i WanNa talk about what happened with the dodgers the dodgers are doing with their manager with the front office? Let's start on the sprint people's I believe so you're on the other end of something that happened to me in the eighth grade I remember like it happened yesterday when Tom need fewer got touched up by Jack Clark in the NFC s go from Walker Bueller to Clayton Kershaw why because Clayton Kershaw Clayton Kershaw and we trust him he also has the Gravitas as opposed to having any type of flexibility you're closer into the game is something that makes all of us wonder what are they doing here in fact we were all wondering why Kershaw even pitching in the eighth inning awesome like you wonder why you don't figure like just keep him in longer like actually stay with what's working I do want to like if I had gotten out if Kershaw I honestly don't know the answer and I don't know if Dave Roberts will ever tell us the truth in this is that how rigid were they going into this game about using kershaw others and when Dustin may went out there want both times the dodgers were behind and even the one time they were behind one run travis you'll agree it's different being down one run the decision making out of the bullpen they've lost faith in Kenley Jansen he simply is not the picture that he used to be but to give up seven runs without getting was already in motion and you wonder okay was that plan formulated by Dave Roberts himself or is that the front office plant like this is what we are going to do we're going in questioning why Kershaw's in there in the first place Dave Roberts had already announced I'm going from Walker Bueller Clayton Kershaw so that was a plan that I needed to pitch two or three or maybe even more but all of a sudden it's the seventh inning and it's a tight game Clayton Kershaw not a relief pitcher Clayton Kershaw is a certain type of take time to ask all of these questions and they're about ten questions to ask from that dodger game okay now here's what's interesting about that like with Tim Curtis indicate in Los Angeles over three to the imaging over three I mean I'm just not that big a fan of the image issue here in series why wasn't he phasing him in the eighth inning so they were a million strategic questions another great part of October baseball it moves slowly of managing a bullpen is by definition improvising. Like you have to be really able to react different things that you're not planning for or they don't shake out exactly and you wonder if the rigidity of the front office or of Dave Roberts or whoever was ultimately the one in charge of making that decision was what we said we're going to do it so we're going to do it the analysts they all do but if you become completely slavish to those analytics you can sometimes lose the ability to improvise and you know part and you just and this was the same thing Tommy lasorda leaving need fewer in before the home run your thing get him out get him out of there this is not going to go blink get him get him out Joe Kelley just four balls in Rhode the math may tell you ed she's just as likely to come back and get the next guy as he was your eyeballs and what you just saw two days prior wonder if just the ethos of this front office prevents them from being able to do that things need to play out the way that Sean mcvay wants to play out this weekend at the Coliseum because the masses to do it as opposed to San we gotta get six outs we got to run lead ha this this is the problem with being analytically driven and that Chris is GonNa come for you now storm in right now like that's when the bit went too far this isn't on any assistant coach this is on the manager of the team second that because what if Walker bueller had pitched poorly and you have to go to somebody in the second or third inning then Kershaw makes sense of the world so you go in there because at that point the NFC three teams or even four in the North are in playoff position you look at the NFC south you've got the saints who out Fast Carolina's when three in a row Tampa dude who is a starting pitcher has had a great deal of success in that role just because you said you were going to go to kershaw second doesn't mean that you have to do it the situation has changed the of okay we had thought about Kershaw but we're now getting towards the eighth inning Miami has been nails during the series go by that's one of the things that's frustrating and and so all of a sudden like in real time you have to adjust your entire mentality and start dealing with the unfamiliar and that's not ideal at all this gets overused a lot because all these teams in all across sports they all use analytics like I like the idea that you know a team goes purely off it's gut or a franchise they do living in the ways that we've expected from Sean mcvay they can't come up with the solution all right week six of the fantasy football season is underway you need to set your line Toyota what about Rick Honeycutt precision making it said you know this is the point that key was making yesterday Matt and it's an interesting question but when he's got Ken to my eighty to face Anthony Rendell who can hit anyone right now and they had adam cleric who face Soto so and did so well early you for your fantasy football weekend and like every single week we check in with Casey Joyner the football scientists Casey how we doing doing great but there are wildcard team where might you have to go Green Bay Chicago Philadelphia Seattle cold cold cold cold jerk off does not play well Nicole so the it's as opposed to being up on they were never going to trust dust in May with a one run lead which makes him in some ways useless in the playoffs here's Tim Kirch in talking about the way you thought they would and sometimes you have to go against the game clan or against what the numbers say or even against your own gut against your own emotions I sometimes the football scientists Casey join join us next you know what that means that means that you need to get on the phone to ask him a question eight seven seven seven ten espn well again like you said when there's actually good teams in both your division and your conference think about where they may have to go if there if the rams let's let's be optimistic in the sense that they make the playoffs is kind of unpredictable Atlanta's stinks you look at the NFC Dallas and Philadelphia or both going to be there there's a ton of traffic in the NFC this is huge on sauce also too they're never and this has nothing to do with in Dustin may won't be good I'm very often he'll be good but I was also very confident they will not allow him to do anything you're you're in a position that you're not used to you you've never actually been in the Sean McVeigh era team that has to claw their way through like they're used to being up at the top looking down on everyone it calls Sam and then go play inside New Orleans against the saints we've seen the rams and Philly we've seen the rams in Chicago it does not look the same as we've seen the rams absolutely bananas fantasy wise have we ever seen a week like that before not to that extent I when you're seeing players go forty and fifty points seven seven seven ten three seven seven six for the football scientists casey join you better call because Andy is gonNA steal most of the time there you go you know what that means you're getting ready Lord I don't think it is this week because I rate coverage by a red yellow green rating were Reynoso player you wanna avoid and yellows and okay player hey it's not just that you need to get in for all these reasons it's who you may have to go play last year set up really well the rams were able to host the cowboys here have put themselves in a place where all of a sudden because of the personnel or because of Sean McVeigh they can't scheme their way out of it like like they can't create be created away and then boom slipped back then what was LASORDA's rationale if you can remember or if you just know what do you think the rationale I honestly don't remember I mean it's something that comes up every few years but to have a couple of three in one week it's just not something interesting that often but it just shows the teams are are getting to the point where when you're looking at green is a player you want to target and this week I've got the rams facing a red rating tithing coverage so this week I think they're probably going to see some reduction and it might be matchup centric as far as their product in warm weather and inside and you start wondering okay if they're three and three is there an issue that they're regressing like as a team are they starting to are they starting oh you're going to be chasing a least two teams at the end of the day win or lose and now all of a sudden this game is coming up the forty niners and you look at hey guys good morning I'm in a PR league and I got three I've tried to fill my flex position and I got the possibility of tyreek hill coming back this week but eight seven seven seven ten ESPN is the phone number eight seven seven seven ten three seven seven six you can also reach out on twitter Roz you got some twitter questions yet rams simply cannot allow themselves to be three and three with a team in their division at five and a and another team we'll see what Seattle does against Cleveland that they're going to be five in one four hundred aren't so between those two if you don't have those players league pretty much not winning leagues let's kick it off in Lakewood and crew with the football scientists what's going on Saturday Sunday or DJ chart junior versus Nolan's in Standard League okay I've had the second most points scored against me in this league which is not my fault I got nothing to do with that one in four fourth most points in league my team's not bad I'm and Anaheim Frank you're on with the football scientist hey guys going all right two questions P P R quarterback Ah Digs I I don't know what it is with him because he's been on the outset in Minnesota and promised I know it's been frustrated by Calvin Ridley but he's playing the Arizona secondary has been just really inconsistent this you're playing him out of those between keenum and and in case keenum or Jimmy G. and on flakes I just need one to start really dig or Emmanuel Sanders things is it GonNa have to turn that into a lead alter pretty soon we talked earlier Casey with Gerald ever the rams tight end who the last couple of weeks have been super productive do you think that's real moving Burg's inconsistent secondary but a tired plays you have to play him because the way the Kansas City vertical passes I'm going hill as long as he's healthy let's go to Orange County arguably the best run blocking team in the League and they want to be a run centric team I don't think I think you'd be a long shot place I could rule him out and Mike Williams I I like the matchup against P my team's not bad but random luck of the draw is having fighting for my life my schedule difficulty according to the computer that does is second you steer against the chargers here in Los Angeles or DJ Chart Junior out of nowhere Jack Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver versus New Orleans had the he'll be at the Patriots last night kings there you go Roger Ataman draftees let's all right here are there any rams you absolute tapes are coming at US Casey as you always see in a Standard League from Mike Love Twenty One Juju Smith against the chargers here my opponent had will Lutts I had whatever defense they were going up against it was like a seven point swing on the computer had going from one hundred percent probably win the tape you seeing teams go to the point where if we have one thing that works they're going and keeping it working and it's I despaired because you've got a lot of players who you think would be performing rated cornerback a shutdown guy you want avoid but he's awesome and terrible and coverage at times there's talk he covers as well as he feels like covering game have a feeling he's going to want to cover as well as he can the League Travis One enforce the number that matters it is the number of Matt I okay week one week one remember the saints will lots kick that game winning field goal right really have to have on your fantasy roster at this point I mean couvert covers the leading fantasy wide receiver so he that'd be somebody in your Ostra I'm I'm looking as yeah I don't think he'd like to question what scientists needs repairs phone why need him back you've you've been looking forward to this ah zero happens fast yes casey is back Casey joined the football scientists Raj let's go back to the twitter twitter verse KC in a Standard League Juju Smith unfunny I need you to pick three of these six and it's very important that you do this correctly tire kill Tyler Boyd Mike Right now is battling a illness he's got they just illness maybe a cold or flu something to that nature so if feeling addicts could have some upside but I'm still Lindsay versus Tennessee I don't like the upside their tendencies defense is a very strong defence and as good as he is compared to all those other guys probably gun-free him pretty low key yeah you you you have the fourth most points in your league and you're one in four yes it's hard to do it's okay it's total bs let me be honest wise I'm not sure that he's GonNa be a QB one for most of the season I just don't see that in his future he's probably gonNA somebody who I'm listening. QB One anymore ah they're scoring points I think most of the ranch players are going to get you're gonna I still think that you're going to have a Malcolm Brown I think he's going to have more value down the road because I just way girlie is playing I think the thus I want to get to the phones in just one second we'll take some on twitter as well but what we saw last week where we just had more than one or two but a couple of handfuls of people just go in and Casey he needs to pick two out of three and a standard here two out of three philly cheese steak hoagie or Car Wash Burrito Evans Austin Act lawyer Phillip Lindsey and Kenyan Drake Three of those six grid Gordon Jimmy d I just can't trust Washington all those changes going on another face in Miami but I really just can't trust him and Jimmy GonNa maybe get in the shooter giving us the Rams Garoppolo in this game but you just gotta third string quarterback on the road against a pretty tough defense I'm still going to risk charts GONNA Hit the points and take him all right in a real serious one from twitter g fish twenty one I'm very jealous of those videos sports the album sports those videos the Huey did early on were we'll get to the rams and the forty niners coming up in just a bit the camera for Philip rivers and Mark Ingram ooh that's I'm looking at rivers and thinking that matchup I'd some faded by said I needed I'm one in four in my Pr League. I have I'm giving up Kamera for Philip rivers and Mark Ingram I got to choose the cheesecake for long because MRS scientists is a huge philly cheese steak van and she wouldn't let me not do that I'll go car wash Rita too because it seems to be the mascot of the show is back and so they don't if they think he's fully healthy they'll get him into greater epic because they want to send the message defenses hey you know you need to be scared of this plus Watkins probably doesn't play so they're down I'm player anyway and they need to get that big player in the lineup all right back to the phones back to Orange County entrepreneur on with the football scientist with Casey so I'm trying to figure out do I eat tyreek Hill Mike Williams or marquees good with Mike Williams and Marc Goodman Goodwin that's the forty niners charges one of the leading fantasy wide receivers this year problem is he could face Marshon lattimore in coverage and that can be hit or miss thing because Marshon lattimore has shown this year that he can be next he's going to get the most curious you trust hill right away coming back I trust right away coming back eight because they're not gonNa let him come back he's going to have to get a one more scam before you come Denver Ganic at Jacksonville Minnesota I'm just not seeing QB one performance out of him so I'm not sure would make that move eight seven seven seven ten ESPN is the number if you got a question for Casey joined the footballs he's a seventeen points whereas good enough for quarterbacks and if you got that you were fine now it's twenty point of view can't deliver that will continue one and I'm looking at he's going to be facing the boards of it but if I have to go between those two I still think that they want Coleman to be the lead back I think they see Brita as it's probably going to be a platoon but if I had to pick between them I think ha you're not wrong enough nonsense Casey let's get down to things that really matter your team yeah get a pen or pencil inver he's going to be facing a good Pittsburgh defense he's got ten or he's got he's got Pittsburgh this week he's got Tennessee come in Chicago Green Bay at some variegated against the pass as Breda or seven Kobe thank you read it or Kevin Coleman Oh man I'm GonNa League got to play both last week and and and we Larry he's not gonna be getting a bulk of the carries up probably actually rule out all running backs and I'm going to go all through wide receivers as long as he'll is healthy uphill doesn't play I would put in probably Lindsey scientists Amani in the bay you are next you're on with football scientist hey you got eight a quick question so apr DVR Pr Thank take this automatically because the dolphins they have the worst officer platinum the league so I can rule it down to five pretty quickly appea- are bullied I'm looking at two running backs from the flex right now are running backs spots I have James Caan Chris Carson who I'm looking to flex he's either more tense get big plays so go Coleman Roy Moore here Orange County and Alex Alex you're on Casey Joyner McCall guys so already messed up Coleman was going to be the lead back he's going to be probably GONNA get the goal line carries and plus I can't trust read it necessarily do it he did last week and hit the one big play and Coleman I think it's just going to be going to be hideously bad here's my thought I think that the bengals are a mess I think Miami is playing as well as they can play and they're horrible accusing to run away with the second one looks human for the first time demarco you know Kansas City is still the class of the AFC west to me and Patrick Mahomes is always dangerous and I don't know what to make Ooh let's move onto the next one Houston in Kansas City Kansas City coming off their who first loss of the season Patrick Mahomes who was last year's MVP and luckily well that's an easy pick for me. I'll pick Kansas quarterback match up that's fun because to Shawn Watson is coming off a monster game and that that guy doesn't have as any weapons around him he doesn't have the town around him he's really good does Shawn Watson is a perfect example of when we go into the draft every spring and you're looking at quarterbacks pick the guy that keeps winning Houston you're good you just beat Atlanta you stopped Atlanta but you lost to Carolina a week before so I don't know who you are where you are they're kind of helter skelter Kogo he's got that catch one hand catch logo I don't think I'm in the market very quickly one of the best teams in the NFC right now yes absolutely that's right now as we speak I'm just saying besides the height besides the commercials on field how much better I don't know so Seattle no doubt the browns just all hype and no Saul hype is it right now as we speak how much better is Baker Mayfield Johnny Manziel wow right Seattle and Cleveland in the mets they're getting towards the end of just an absolutely brutal part of their schedule is it a brutal part of the schedule Demarco or the this is my next three or four years am I going to be doing this with a quarterback who can't get the ball did you guys know he has a logo ob Jay has a catch logo like the Jordan football game yeah pretty good weapon out there with him the android necessarily as many might not go I think that would make that decision for you there for him between Sutton and Geoffrey Geoffrey Minnesota Minnesota a he's probably GonNa Face Zero Zero Casey joyner he is the football side him on twitter as well at Casey Joyner T. F. S. he joins US every week getting ready for your fantasy football weekend Casey as always reeb Mayfield or not that the two of them don't get along their feuding anything like that but the he's starting yeah frustrated because now you've got oh Beckham junior starting to stare down his future going is defense would be their biggest strength season touchdown on special teams defensive touchdown last night that's the game was closer than it appeared if you take those things out it wasn't a game anymore I look New England is going to be in the Super Bowl anybody wanted out me that defense this year and that's something nobody saw coming the idea that uh-huh all right let's start with what we saw last night the New York New England patriots the Patriots are out six game run for a hot minute and it was a game and thanks a bunch forget all right time to pull back the pigskin I do like the pig goat yesterday was a nice change a what I think is really interesting about where we are right now with Cleveland's you're starting to see these stories about frustration frustration from O B j not not that he's angry right lane running back full stresses heavy here right Shawn Watson is coming off a four hundred twenty six yard five touchdown no interception against in the giants are not very good but the Patriots they're out to these old I've said that before and that's come back to be honored put down in the back pocket coverage that somebody I really want to avoid a possible and Sutton's got a he's got a not not incredibly farewell match up against Tennessee but he's not as unfair with match with Xavier Saugus on Jeffrey it looks like Hollywood's not gonNA play this week he's missed both practices or purse to practice the week and I believe he's limited this and this today's practice so it looks like he all the animals here we're we're pita friendly we've got a lot of we've got a menagerie going on here in the studio menagerie started to thank you very bad Atlanta defense and no sacks he didn't act that game for the first time ever not Shawn Watson is that he might get killed in a football game I don't think Dallas is trying to figure it out with Zeke Elliot but when they do when they hit their stride they're going to be just as dangerous as they were last season going into the playoffs so there late bloomer because it's often next game let's go to Dallas cowboys

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