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The Finale


from cave drawings to family histories two stories around the fire. Humans crave order among chaos connection amid isolation so we tell stories our mission at the storytellers network is to bring the art of story to the masses whether you're in marketing. You're an entrepreneur or you're developing your own personal brand telling your story effectively can make the difference between celebrating milestones and collecting unemployment. The storytellers network strives to help. Storytellers tell their stories. So you can learn from the best now your host Dan Malloy storytellers. It's me Dan. Look I've your host your tour guide your Librarian for a hundred twenty five episodes. That's one hundred twenty five. Legendary storytellers from all walks of life looked to repeat guest but one episode had three guests. So you do the math. Her writers video creators including Television Show. Creator podcasters social media storytellers poets songwriters. Business storytellers man. What a journey. It's been and this. This is the finale. Taking a hiatus from the act of creating new episodes of the storytellers network to work on something else being that. This is a hobby that I do in my spare time and I have a family and other activities including the motorcycle that I'm really itching to ride right now. I feel like it's time to allocate my time somewhere else for a bit so depending on when you are listening to this because the Internet is forever. It's possible that I'm back with another podcast or future episodes of the storytellers network. Who knows but what I do know is this. I started working on this show over two and a half years ago. Now it was November twenty seventeen when I had this idea and began the creation process. And my whole idea was to have conversations with storytellers about their own stories kind of behind the scenes and my goodness what blessed journey. It's been from the very first guest to say yes in record with me. A well known marketing author thought leader and Speaker. Who didn't need my little show for any kind of exposure to my final guest who has one of the top podcasts. In the world I've had the opportunity to spend an hour with some amazing and very generous humans and many of my interviews were with storytellers with smaller platforms. Who were happy to get in front of you. My loyal listeners. Others brought my show to their audiences numbering well into the seven figures for some of them. That's more than a million people for those kind of their fingers like I do so. I've learned quite a few things I've is. This story truly connects us and we're all learning to tell stories better so I wanNA leave you with this. Thank you I appreciate more than perhaps you realize each and every listener who stopped by to hear a story. I'll also leave you with my final story dislike. I asked my guests in just a minute though I be sure to visit the storytellers network dot com for past episodes conversations with those amazing storytellers in humans. That I referenced. You'll also find links to resources to help you tell a better story. If you're looking for that and contact information for me if you so desire shoot me an email. Let me know what episode brought you in by do love to hear from listeners. So here we go. If I could tell one last story and be done as a storyteller I give us a lot of thought for the last two half years actually but I think what it would be as the story of my blended family. It's not always easy. I mean what marriage is right blended family or not. Marriage IS NOT EASY. There have been even some times. Were I kind of question it right time since my bride and I met that I've wondered if a second marriage with bringing families together is the right thing to do and yet despite those difficulties it's beautiful I can see what an impact our blended family has on all of the people in it the four of us but also the people around us and beyond so I would share the story of how Sonya and I met at the right time how we put our faith in our faith and in marriage itself the actual institution of marriage how we work hard to be a strong caring loving and safe home for our daughters and how we work at it every day and sometimes we come up short but we always come back to it and we filled our home with love and a dash of sarcasm course and somehow we're making an impact on our teenagers and other families so there is hope after divorce there's hope even in despair and there is a chance to not only survive truly thrive our daughters are proof of that one hundred percent that would be my last story so thank you for joining me on this journey until next time. Here's the telling our stories having those stories to tell.

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