Jennifer Pan Pt. 1


Due to the graphic nature of these crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of self harm and suicidal itchen. that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen. Sixteen year old. Jennifer pans stood center stage trying not to think about the sea of faces in the audience. Scrutinizing her every move with each strike of her mallet the rich timbre of xylophone reverberated throughout the auditorium. It felt surreal. She could hardly believe. She was performing in salzburg. The city of mozart's birth. She worked to steady her breathing. Her solo approached its climax. But the old concert hall wasn't just filled with rich history and culture. It was also filled with smoke as dozens of patrons puffed on cigarettes and pipes. The tobacco drifted into jennifer's lungs. And she felt her airway start to constrict but she refused to stop playing. She wouldn't let asthma ruin her moment with the final beat of her mallet. Jennifer stole the show When the curtain fell she rushed outside her vision blurred as she pushed her way into the streets but it was already too late. The fresh air couldn't calm her frayed nerves. She was panicking. She was going to die in salzburg. Then like a knight in shining armor. Her fellow bandmates seventeen year old. Daniel wong sprinted jennifer's aid. He guided her head onto his lap and reassured her that everything would be okay. She just needed to relax slowly but surely the panic subsided as she regained control of her breath. Jennifer gazed into her. Heroes is in that instant. She knew this was a man. She would do anything for i. I'm leaning hobbs. And this is crimes of passion spotify original from podcast in the legal definition. A crime of passion is violent. Crime that occurs in the throes of extreme emotion leaving no time to reflect on the consequences but in this show we explore how passionate relationships sometimes lead us to criminal activity. How does a husband and wife become killer and victim or killer and co-conspirator if there's a thin line between love and hate what manipulates relationships into deadly results. You can find episodes of crimes of passion and all other originals from podcast for free on spotify or wherever. You listen to podcasts this week. We'll explore the relationship between jennifer pan. And her hyper controlling parents hand and vic will also see how her demanding upbringing jennifer up for disappointment and the forbidden romance. That tore the pan family apart next week will detail the horrific crime that changed jennifer's life forever. We have all that and more coming up. Stay with us. This episode of crimes of passion is brought to you by the completely reimagined. Twenty twenty four to escape mess. 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You need for the most refreshed feeling every morning. Only at casper dot com even before her birth in markham ontario jennifer pans. Life was not her own as the eldest child of two chinese vietnamese immigrants. She carried the heavy burden. Her parents hopes and dreams. She was expected to bridge the gap between two opposing cultures and elevate the pan family to greatness. While her mother. Big along was warm and compassionate. Her father way hand pan epitomize equalities of a demanding tiger parent a term coined by yale law school professor. Amy chua to describe her own approach to raising children like professor chula hand demanded perfection through tough love and psychological control. He rarely showed emotion or praise. Jennifer's accomplishments perhaps hands tough love approach stemmed from his own upbringing born and raised amidst the turmoil of the vietnam war. He came face to face with a grim realities of death endeavour station before i continue with hand psychology. Please note. i am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. But they have done a lot of research for the show. According to psychologist betty kirschner the adverse effects of such trauma can be passed down from parent child while some parents feel the need to remain resilient when dealing with emotional distress. The effect of shutting down can ultimately lead parents to become less responsive to the emotional needs of their children despite the mental and emotional anguish of growing up in war-torn country and managed to earn a college degree in tool and die and diesel mechanics but after the fall of saigon in nineteen seventy five. He realized that achieving a life of prosperity in vietnam would be impossible for him so in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine when he was only twenty six years old hand boarded a boat for a chance at something more. After an arduous journey across the seas here arrived on the canadian shores as a political refugee he was one of the few passengers to make it out alive. Many of the other asylum seekers in route from disease violent storms or pirate attacks once again when faced with death hand grew even more resolve to live after settling in a suburb of back. Another vietnamese refugee. The too quickly fell in love got married and started a family of their own. Their first child. Jennifer was born in nineteen eighty-six. Her brother felix was born three years later. Hanan bic supported their children by working at the magna international auto factory while their wages were meagher. They knew the importance of investing in their future. Man in particular believe that true success couldn't be attained in a single lifetime while he could only amount to being a tool and die maker. He expected his son to make a name for himself in the field of mechanical engineering for his daughter to become a doctor or a pharmacist to him. These fields offer the greatest potential for success and prestige. Although bic was more easy going when it came to expectations for her children she was also a dutiful. Wife who abided by your husband's wishes so hoping to secure prosperity through the accomplishments their children hanan bic meticulously planned for jennifer and felix's future success. All the kids had to do was follow their playbook they had to be the best hanan. Bic pushed both of their children into highly competitive activities to help them stand out from the crowd out of the two siblings. Jennifer showed the most promise. She learned piano at age four and took figure skating lessons at age six with hopes of pursuing an olympic gold. Of course this was all decided without any of her input. Luckily she was a natural on the keys and had a passion for the ice. She frequently placed among the top level pianist and figure skaters in toronto throughout her formative years. She collected a treasure trove of awards ribbons and medals to maintain her daughters perfection. Hand put her on regimented schedule. It started with early morning skate. Practice followed by eight hours of class than practice again and finally private lessons during her final years in elementary school jennifer often returned home late into the evening only to start her homework around ten pm. She had no time to herself to prevent her from getting distracted and also limited her social interactions. Jennifer wasn't allowed to wear makeup. Attend school dances or even think of dating. as a result of social life was limited. When she was finally allowed to attend to sleepover. Her parents made sure that the fun didn't disrupt her strict schedule. She arrived late and left early. The more she succeeded in her extracurriculars them more responsibility. Her parents placed on her shoulders. An rarely acknowledged her successes and was quick to comment on every mistake. Playing the wrong key or making the wrong turn meant carrying the shame of failure as a result jennifer felt chronically unloved and unworthy unlike her western peers. She rarely heard the words. I love you from her parents to cope with the printing pressure emotional solitude. She turned to self harm at a young age. While it's unclear exactly when it all began cutting most likely offer jennifer a sense of control in a world where she had none in two thousand eleven. Dr mia medina published a qualitative. Study exploring the reasons why individuals self-harm doctor medina examined a group of turkish women who resort to cutting because of their oppressive upbringings but her findings were universal. She argued that for some self harm was an attempt to have an impact on the relational world and reclaim personal agency. Unable to make her own decisions. Jennifer felt powerless against the mounting pressure of her father's expectations. In times of great emotional distress pressing sharply against her wrist offered her a semblance of comfort while she wasn't allowed to choose her career path her passions or even her friends jennifer realized that she could choose to embrace the physical pain of such moments. It took her mind off the emotional agony that define the rest of her existence while jennifer cut in secret and proudly displayed his daughters many achievements and a glass cabinet despite being reticent to shower his children with praise he was eager to show visitors that countless medals jennifer had received. It was clear that her success were his as well though she knew her. Strictly regimented life was unlike most other children her age jennifer desperately wanted to make her father proud like can she clung to the belief that oliver efforts would amount to something meaningful. One day. She wanted to be successful at all costs so she suppressed her negative emotions and played the part of a dutiful daughter. She did what her father demanded in went along with a rigorous schedule of extracurricular activities. She excelled in sport music and school to every year jennifer ranked among the top of her elementary school class. She often spent her breaks assisting administrators in the office or helping younger kids with their studies. She wasn't just a good student. She was kind and well rounded to. Everyone knew she was destined for greatness so when her eighth grade graduation approached in the year two thousand she had nothing but the highest expectations. Jennifer stood with bated breath as students assembled around her. she couldn't wait to hear the principal. Say her name. She was eager to add to her father's collection of awards. Considering her exemplary grades extracurriculars and close knit relationships with faculty. jennifer was a in for valedictorian. There was simply no one else could compare but as student after student was recognized for their achievements and she was passed over. She grew anxious. Thoughts of inadequacy raced. Her head we're the late nights completing homework and preparing for exams not enough where her volunteer work and assistance in the school office offer. Nothing do they not care about her extracurriculars when the valedictorian was finally announced. Jennifer's heart dropped. Another student had taken her place. Someone else had been better than her to her dismay. Her name was never called once. She received no recognition at all. Jennifer was crushed. Her father had insisted that striving for perfection ensured success but now she'd sacrificed years of her life to reach the top and had nothing to show for it. Jennifer suddenly felt that everything she had been told was based on a lie coming up. Jennifer forges a new kind of life listeners. Searching for another heart pounding true crime series today. 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She stayed up late practicing piano and studying for exams when she wasn't recognized as valedictorian of her eighth grade. Class in two thousand. She started to question whether there was a point to oliver hard work when she started ninth grade. Fourteen year old. Jennifer turned her back on school and focused on having fun and making friends instead rather than spending her breaks in the administrative office. She loitered in the band room or in the school hallways with her new best friends to best you and adrian tim kevin which thanks to her schools. Progressive approach to academics. Jennifer found caring less about her grades isi students were given autonomy to decide the rigors of their coursework. They were free to arrange their schedule however they wished they simply had to earn the required credits to graduate for someone like jennifer whose life had been precisely regimented since birth the newfound freedom made it difficult to keep up with her schoolwork while she had previously scored as on most of her elementary school exams. She soon realized that without sheer determination she was merely an average student. Her grades slipped into the seas which to her overbearing. Father hand might as well have been fs when she received her. First mid year report card jennifer knew her father would be livid to escape his wrath. She doctored her grades using some whiteout and photocopier. Jennifer turned herself back into a student at the time. She reasoned that since it was only her first year in secondary school. She could turn her grades around by the time it matter to colleges. Besides other students took home sees all the time even still her heart race does. Her father reviewed her report card to her relief. Hand bought the forgery comforted by her high marks. He even suggested that she redirect some of her energy back to ice skating. Jennifer happily agreed when school ended at three o'clock pm. Hand picked her up and shuttled her right to piano and skating lessons. He also maintain control over how jennifer spent her free time when she approached her father about joining her high school's track team. He dismissed the idea. She's simply didn't have the time piano and ice skating. Were two important feeling confident that jennifer was on track towards success however hand turned his focus on his son felix. Who seemed to be having a more difficult time in school with her father's attention inverted jennifer experienced things she had once thought impossible in two thousand and three. The sixteen year old fell for the love of her life in salzburg austria. While traveling with the school band she performed xylophone solo in a smoke filled music hall afterwards. She succumbed to a coughing fit. That forced her onto the streets gasping for air. Jennifer thought she was going died then in their fortunately another student. Seventeen year old. Daniel wong came to her. Rescue the spiky-haired half chinese half filipino. Boy placed her head on his lap and calmly helped her control her breathing. Eventually her panic subsided and she regained her breath with her head still resting on his lap. Jennifer stared up at her hero with instant devotion. This was the big love. She had been waiting all her life. Four while the two had crossed paths before and banned she had never really noticed daniel before but now she saw him for the man he really was someone who cared enough to save her life for that. She would love him at all costs while daniel was a well liked and talented musician. He was hardly the type of boy hand would ever approve of. He wasn't well mannered. Or and prioritized. Fun over academics. He even smoked pot. None of that matter to starry eyed jennifer with daniel. She didn't to be perfect. She could just be herself as their friendship evolved into a relationship. The two became inseparable talking or texting on the phone. After some time they began to have sex worried that her father would oppose their relationship. Jennifer and daniel kept their love a secret. They didn't see each other outside of class. Unfortunately during daniel senior year his grades were so dismal that his parents forced him to transfer to another school desperate for his love and affection. Jennifer refuse to let distance get in the way. Daniel was the only one in her life who stood her who didn't make her feel unloved and unworthy. She started skipping school to visit him across town at the time. She figured she wouldn't have to face the consequences of her actions anytime soon by her junior year of high school. She had doctored her report card. Repeatedly it helped her hide her subpar grades from her parents but didn't do much to ease her crushing anxiety. Meanwhile eighteen year old. Daniel was also backsliding without his girlfriend's constant supervision. At his new school he began selling weed at a local pool hall and bowling alley. At first it was easy money but the consequences quickly caught up to him one night. Local police picked him up with a pound of weed and arrested him for intend to traffic. He pleaded guilty and only avoided jail time by ratting out his source worried for his future. Jennifer pleaded with daniel to turn his life around thanks to her influence. He went on to attend york university for music and landed a managerial position at a restaurant. Pleased with his transformation. Jennifer did everything. She could to spend more time with him knowing. That hand wouldn't let her miss out on piano lessons or skating. Practice for social gatherings. She convinced her father to let her work part time as a restaurant server while the job was legitimate. She often lied about her hours. In order to see daniel at night and only agreed to the arrangement if jennifer maintained her straight as and continue to excel in figure skating. She happily accepted the compromise after all she was forging her grades anyway. Unfortunately she couldn't fake everything while preparing for the canadian national figure skating championships. Jennifer tragically tore his acl in an instant. Her skating career was over. Jennifer was happy to be free of the demanding practices and was left with even more time to see daniel but hand was crushed. His dream of an olympic gold vanished and crucial part of his meticulous. Roadmap to success was suddenly crossed off even so hand felt confident that his family was on the right track by two thousand four he and his wife big purchase a new home in a more expensive area of ontario after decades of funneling all of their savings into their kids. They finally bought something for themselves. Hands started driving a mercedes benz while bick drove alexis to the outside world. The pan family was moving up. In addition to purchasing a home in an affluent neighborhood they had raised good kids with bright futures ahead of them they were shining examples of the dream but reality was about to come crashing down one afternoon big pulled her new lexus into the busy pacific mall parking lot to pick jennifer up from her shift at the restaurant as cars zipped in and out of the parking spots beside her she double check the clock. Jennifer should have been done by now as bic scanned the parking lot for her daughter. Her eyes fell upon another vehicle nearby to her horror. She spotted jennifer kissing the man inside then. Climbing out bic felt sick. She couldn't believe her eyes. When jennifer opened the door to her mother's car bic snapped for eighteen years. Jennifer had been perfect. She was the golden child who had followed all the rules now she had crossed a line. Bic assumed the worst based on a single kiss. She worried that her daughter was in a serious sexual relationship and worried that jennifer was ruining her life. She claimed she had seen it happen before. Jennifer tried her best to explain. Daniel wasn't a bad guy. He was her one true yet even saved her life years earlier wall in salzburg. Despite her pleas hanan bic forbade their daughter from ever dating him. Jennifer was heartbroken. Sadly things would only get worse while jennifer had secured an audition at candidates. Prestigious queen's university piano hand made it clear that she would never attend even though she preferred a career in music. Hand was adamant that his daughter become a pharmacist. Then halfway through her senior year jennifer discovered that she was failing calculus because of the missing credit she wouldn't be able to graduate high school instead of owning up to her mistakes and making up the credit jennifer proceeded to make what she says was the most wrong decision of her life just as she had done to her report cards. She forged an acceptance letter to ryerson university. The move represented a major escalation in jennifer's lies but by then she was well practiced at deception according to a study published in nature neuroscience. The brain's response to dishonesty diminishes with successive lies. Using brain scans. Researchers from the university college of london captured the way the brains mick della activated when individuals lied the more participant lied the less activity there was in there amid della their research suggests that the more person lies the easier it becomes the study also found that the amid la became even less active mostly when people lie to benefit themselves in other words self seemed to fuel dishonesty in order to preserve her relationship and self image jennifer went from fibbing about her grades to fabricating a false future to ensure that neither hand nor bic would ask any questions about tuition. She forged additional documents that claimed she'd received three thousand dollars scholarship to save face. Jennifer was going to call it no matter what it took up next. 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After two years of commuting at ryerson she promised to apply to the university of toronto's more prestigious pharmacology school pleased with this arrangement. Hanan big showered her with graduation gifts. As the fall semester began at jennifer left home each week day in pretended to attend classes in reality. She found a spot in the toronto public library and thumb through the pages of pharmacology textbooks taking detailed notes when she returned home each night. She regaled her family with stories about all the interesting topic she'd supposedly learned about to keep her story straight. She lied to all of her friends. Except for daniel not only. Did she complain to her. Co workers about the immense workload. She often talked about how she needed to maintain a good. Gpa to keep her scholarship in reality without a high school diploma. She knew her options were limited yet. She did nothing to make up the missing credit with no plan for her future. She grew more and more anxious. Jennifer's mother beck noticed the change in her behavior when she pressed her daughter for answers. Jennifer took things one step. Further while ryerson was less than twenty miles from the pan family. Home jennifer complained about the stress of commuting to and from school wanting the best for their daughter hanan beck agreed to let her stay at her best friend. Topazes downtown apartment from monday through wednesday but instead of living with topaz jennifer found her with her boyfriend daniel wong and his parents about twenty five miles away from the university. Since her parents had already forbidden. Jennifer from dating daniel. She had to work overtime to sustain your another lie to keep up the illusion that she was sleeping at topazes. Jennifer called her parents every morning and night. If hand or bec aber called topaz to check up on their daughter topaz started a three way call to make. It seem that she was in the same room as jennifer jennifer. It was a complex but flawless plan. She could finally be with the love of her life. without upsetting her parents. Life would daniels family was surprisingly idyllic while han and beg had always disapproved of their relationship. Daniel's parents thought the world of jennifer of course like cannon beck. They didn't know the whole truth. Mal jennifer carried the weight of her lies on her shoulders for too long beautiful years she was able to live with the love of her life in peace when her supposed two years at ryerson came to an end things started to unravel in two thousand six hand press jennifer to make good on her promise of transferring schools as always instead of owning up to the truth. The twenty year old lied. She told her parents that she had been admitted into the university of toronto's pharmacology program. Thanks to her ever improving votto shopping skills. Jennifer continue to bring home top marks but the constant dishonesty took a toll on her. Since she had never completed her calculus credit she remained in the same limbo as before she had neither a college degree nor a high school diploma feeling that her lies had grown out of control. She once again returned to self harming even as her. Mental state deteriorated. Jennifer refused to admit the truth. She kept the elaborate charade until her supposed graduation in two thousand eight. When the big day came she told her parents she had only received one ticket to the proceedings because of a large class size of choosing between her parents. She opted to give her ticket away to prove that she had graduated. She simply gave her parents of falsified degree she had purchased online however after earning her fake degree. Jennifer had no reason to live away from home and was back under hand's thumb full-time desperate debris free. She sent out a phony resume hoping to snag a job on falsified credentials rather than wait for an offer. She told her parents that she'd gotten a lucrative volunteer position at the toronto hospital for sick children. Working in their laboratory as the hospital was located. Downtown jennifer was once again allowed to stay with topaz during the days and nights she worked of course. It was all another ruse to return to daniel's arms unfortunately for her jennifer couldn't think of everything as time went on hand started to doubt her story the only time he'd africom his daughter lying was when he discovered her relationship with daniel but he wasn't a trusting man and always suspected something fishy was going on. Although jennifer had handed him a college degree. he'd never actually seen her graduate anytime. He asked to see her school loans or tuition. She brushed him. Aside and new hospitals required their volunteers to wear uniforms or at the very least carry some form of identification card when he watched jennifer prepare for her. Suppose at work. She hadn't either determined to know the truth. He offered to drive her all the way to the toronto hospital one morning. Jennifer adamantly opposed. the idea. didn't need her father to take her to work. She was twenty two years old but han insisted he even invited thick along for the ride. When the trio approached the hospital entrance hand could send something was off about jennifer her he casually aspect to follow her inside to see their daughters place of work. Afraid she would be discovered. Jennifer quickly jumped out of the car. Rushed into the hospital's emergency room and took cover. Bic never managed to find her daughter. The following day topaz awoke to an early morning. Call bic demanded to speak with jennifer still half asleep. Topaz forgot to cover for her friend. She let it slip. That jennifer wasn't staying at her place. When hanan finally got a hold of jennifer they demanded to know the truth once again. Cornered jennifer confessed. The job had been a ruse instead of volunteering to further her career. She was running off to be with her boyfriend. To their horror. jennifer's parents lawrence. She had never broken ties with daniel in fact she had been living with him for years. Jennifer also admitted that she had never attended classes at the university of toronto to minimize their anger. She slipped in another lie explaining that she had taken correspondents classes instead. She completely avoided mentioning that she had never graduated from high school and had never completed two years at ryerson. University betrayed and disrespected hand was prepared to disown his daughter right then and there after consulting with his wife he gave jennifer and ultimatum instead. Stay home and go to school or go. Danny wong and never come back forced to pick between her family and the love of her life jennifer fell. She had no choice. She was raised to believe that families should always come. First while she had no intention of breaking up with daniel she needed to save face and proved to her parents that she was still a good daughter so she promised to break things off hoping to get her back on track hanan vic force jennifer under house arrest all forms of communication were taken away from her and she wasn't allowed out of the house at all and one jennifer to poor oliver focus into her education. She begrudgingly obliged. After a few weeks hands anger subsided. While he still demanded that jennifer pursue a career in medicine he was opened to her advancing. Her prospects in other areas well aware of her passion for music. Hand push jennifer to get her teaching diploma for piano. In order to receive accreditation. She needed to prepare for a comprehensive exam covering music history and theory. She also needed to pass a series of piano performances as such jennifer was permitted to use the family car to resume her private piano lessons. The mileage was always check to ensure she only went where she was supposed to. In addition to her classes she was allowed to apply for jobs in the medical field as well as teach amateur piano lessons to young students. Jennifer exploited this opportunity to regain access to her cell phone and computer in between checking for jobs. She made sure to keep in contact with daniel but for his part daniel was close to fed up. He'd grown accustomed to living with jennifer. And mr desperately late one night. He begged her to sneak out of the house in meet him. Jennifer couldn't refuse her soulmate after stuffing her bed to look like she was fast asleep. She got a ride from her friend. Spend the night with him early. The next morning stumbled into her room to discover that her daughter was gone. The entire pan family was irate. Once again jennifer was forced back into solitary confinement to gain back her freedom. Jennifer crafted another lie. She told her family that she had gotten a job at a wal mart pharmacy packaging and labeling medication was instantly suspicious just like before jennifer had no uniform nor identification card be insisted on driving to work but this time jennifer was prepared. She knew how to get in through the walmart employees entrance two weeks after she started her supposed job however hand asked to see her payslips she promptly offered up forged documents but when he also asked to see her bank statements. Jennifer was forced into another corner. Jennifer confessed to hand that the walmart position was all employed. See daniel she also. Lets slip that she had never graduated from the university of toronto. It was all too much for hand. He yelled in jennifer's face calling her a liar over and over again angrier than before hand lashed out at any target he could find and quickly decided that daniel long had corrupted his daughter in his mind. Daniel was to blame for everything that jennifer had done. Wrong and ebrill of two thousand nine. He forced jennifer descend daniel an email ending their relationship for good. Jennifer was later able to smooth things over with daniel in secret but the tooth still had to be careful about seeing each other in person now. Twenty three years old. She was locked in her home again. Only allowed to leave with her parent's approval. Oliver communication was heavily monitored and her curfew was promptly set a nine pm. Her life was now even more restrictive than it had been during her formative years. Daniel encouraged jennifer to cut ties with her family and come to live with him again but she refused. She still felt the inexplicable need to remain with her family. Perhaps she wanted to heal what she had broken. Or perhaps she showed signs of what psychologist and author. Brad sacks calls a reluctant young adult doctor sax suggests that one of the reasons why young people find it difficult to leave. Their childhood home is because their parents have been overly involved in their lives from the beginning while parents act with the best of intentions prolonged micromanagement can ultimately lead to developmental paralysis after twenty three years of being controlled by hand and beck. It's possible that jennifer was too dependent on her parents to leave unprepared to face the world on her own jennifer simply couldn't deal with total estrangement even so she constantly completed others about her terrible living conditions. She felt like she was a prisoner. Whose only crime was loving a man that her parents disapproved of daniel was at his wit's end and decided he had enough of the drama when jennifer said she couldn't move in with him he broke up with her for good. Jennifer stared at the bottle of tylenol in her hand without daniel she was a complete nobody while she contemplated downing the entire thing. She only managed to swallow three pills before washing it down with some vodka. Despite wanting her pain to end she had too much to live for. She was determined to win. Daniel back their love was worth it. Daniel unfortunately couldn't see that realizing he would never receive hands. Seal of approval yet moved on with his life. He even started dating another woman. Twenty-seven-year-old katrina via nueva while pretended to be happy for him. Her life was a complete mess. She felt hopeless without daniel and clung to the hope that they would one day be reunited to pass the time under house arrest. She sought attention and validation from other men including an elementary school. Friend named andrew montemayor in the spring of two thousand. Ten jennifer and andrew reconnected through media over time that you grew closer and jennifer shared details about her strict upbringing. She vented to andrew about her cruel and overbearing parents who treated her like a child. She wanted to be free of them. Andrew offered his sympathies. He knew what it was like to deal with difficult family. According to jennifer andrew claim that things got so bad in the montemayor household that he had almost killed his father. A light bulb suddenly switched on in general mind. She knew how she would get her life back on track. Her parents had to die. Thanks again for tuning into crimes of passion will be back wednesday with part. Two of jennifer pan will detail jennifer's plot to kill her parents as well as the shocking investigation that brought the truth to light for more information on jennifer pan amongst the many sources we used. We found a daughters deadly deception by jeremy gremaldi extremely helpful to our research. You can find all episodes of crimes of passion and all other originals from our cast for free on spotify. We'll see you next time when true love meech true crime crimes of passion is a spotify original from podcast it is executive produced by max cutler. Sound design by trent williamson with production assistance by ron shapiro carly madden and brusca. Kovic this episode of crimes of passion was written by gene o with writing assistance by tarot wells fact checking by cheyenne lopez and research by chelsea would make taylor. I'm laney hops.

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