Carolina's Time To Shine #62


The long tail in any industry is always gonna win out. You actually win if you lose. More than fifty percent of the time writing them explained that if you understand that you will you only need to hit gold once and you should try a whole bunch of different things strategically in order to increase your odds of hitting gold. That one time is actually how this stuff happened her. The trainer show podcast so start with the protection plan. Stuff yes yeah. We'll pretend like we're doing this for the first time. Now that we so so Learned the value of the protection plan. Know the extra dollars. 'cause my camera that normally used it went down a canon t seventy thousand dollar dsl area. And i like you know spending that extra two dollars the extra eight thousand to protect it at this age found. That is crucial for me. I'm very much into that and people who don't like it chapman hot. Let me tell you why. I don't agree with you. Let me tell you why. I never take the extended protection plans. You shit whenever you want nothing to do with that in actually no it actually does have something to do with that because one of the main ways to get which and build wealth is to understand money into understand how money works and how does understand when other people are fearful the benefits of making. Good decisions actually improve. So here's what. Here's what guides me on where i buy insurance. I look at insurance as nothing other than disaster protection right okay out of things that this is a lesson from my dad by the way. This is a john goodman thing. The amount of things that you'll see insurance an extra coverage on that you spend ten bucks here fifty bucks. They're right those actually really add up over time versus like the one time you might need it your down or whatever it is which like two thousand bucks if you actually do the math. It never evens out and so i look at. I look at insurance as hugh disaster protection. Why like. I get travel medical insurance but i do really really high. I always get like a five or ten thousand dollars deductible. Because i don't care if i go to the doctor and pay thousand bucks here right right. What i care is that it's going to cost me a million times when you have. High deductibles is massive. So in looking at that with like a congress well. I mean i'll get like collision insurance show but okay again or ten thousand dollar deductible it will follows by the same principle because the premiums are so much lower right over time. All that i'm insuring against is a is a disaster a not insuring against anything else and as a result. Now i have way more money for myself over time which i can spend raise compounds over time and adds up to way more. We bought like a lazy boy chair for. I don't know what it was like. Fifteen hundred bucks and allison wanted to spend like an extra seventy dollars to get some like cleaning protection on it. Like kind of malaysia's a celtics late last on it and is going to be willing to do not yet but like at the same time like what will it cost us and to get it cleaned cleaning protection hundred bucks. Why are we getting this special cleaning insurance for like seventy dollars. When the worst case scenario that's gonna happen is we make call ourselves to get this posted to come out and like the amount of little things so anyway. That's why i don't agree with you in that smart. Take all high. Tebow's get your premiums down. Might babe example on this up. I gotta say way. I gotta say an example on this topic is this girl worked at a cellphone store. She was telling me about. This guy is younger. Guy goes and buys the newest iphone. And then she's like. Do you want the the protection like findings by cara. Literally this guy second. He stepped out of the door key. Drop dead and it's and he's like. Maybe i will buy. And she's like no i can't you know no does not anyway. That's awful. I hope i never see you. That's how that's how they get your. That's how they him ruin those iphones to my camera. Situation would have been awful. Now thank you. Thank you jesus. At this point. I can afford to buy the camera. I can afford to buy another cameron it will. It will not put a dent in my finances in any way shape for that at and that states to the ot ot level a level too by the way club club. But however if you if you if you pay john goodman money a protection your best with you the service protection plan you tell them no. I'm not a level one graduate and it's better than allstate lot of good hands on the allstate logo are literally jonathan goodness. That's that's why stay says you're in good hands it the the the parenthetical m. a. n. After good is implied in the commercial hands is what is really saying. So if you were to you don't need insurance you're insured you're protected by the dc. Let's talk about like another piece of this. So you talk you talk about like your cameron. How wouldn't take you down like you should not own things like you should always look like. You should not own thing that if they what what is astonishing to me is be like walking down the street and oc laborers who are making minimum wage. Not thousand dollar. I felt louis. What in the hell are you doing right that to me is is if you have to buy insurance because this thing breaking would be such a big problem to you. You should own that thing. The democratization of product there was basically nothing these days except for potentially private travel that really wealthy people have that even lower class middle to lower class. People don't have appropriate access right. We all can get a cheap phone phone plans. We all can get a tv. We all can have a cheap co that gives us twenty eight and the reality of it is absolutely the actual service that it provides the benefit that it provides is actually almost no not different in any meaningful way right to dissociate from ego. Yes if you're not walking. You're not walk if you're not it's not like i need not falling in a ferrari either way you know. You should not have her phone if you can't afford that thousand dollar phone breaking right. It's this there's no question that included the problem right. that is the rule the problem however. I am glad that. I serve having a camera because it paid off for me to stop. But let's get to your commentary. Your country does give off. Jonathan does it does give policy that thought process. And i'm saying this as a man who spent a decade of his life selling insurance it does give all but that was like insurance different. We know you're gonna win. Not win like again disaster protection. Alison i one. Hundred percent. life insurance in the policy on right head is bigger than the policy on your head. Because what's the disaster. Right she passes. I'll be absolutely crushed every which way and not do with myself but financially will be again. It's just a matter of management. So catalina came up with a brilliant topic today in. It's it's sorta predicated on. Can we call it. The net flicks effects. Can we say that. Is that something that's regional. Let's just i think that's what it is. I think the netflix's effects we and we've seen it recently right with the actual we're talking about ashley is what we usually share. What this keto will your thoughts about. The today's topic was might think for today is like the idea behind the topic is where will you be when your name becomes dumping and what that means like all of this. I've been thinking a lot about the netflix. Show the queen's gambit a lot to be more familiar with it because he became like an overnight sensation huge lots of people loved it and it follows the story of made up story of a girl up woman eventually chess player. And it's all that she has to go through on the stuff that she has to put up with than the barriers that she has to break. It's a fantastic show and well what happened no story. It's not anybody. I thought it was based on a true story. Okay i watched half an episode. Of course of course. Of course she woman and there's emotions so i'm out turn turning up. Does she just cry as a model like what's happening here what's happening right. I i am your boss and that's why we're right now. We're at the of mexican internet for all we know we're just gonna you're gonna drop off the we'll be okay here. We'll take keto go on your continue with the story so what happened here in. But now what. I'm noticing isn't that in a lot of business groups apart of and facebook. What we're seeing in times like who's who's enjoying this show right now coaches. They have their hands full. They have way more clients than they can handle. They don't know what to do with like. Oh my god like this is to me. It's like an amazing input of a business for them because they're thank suddenly end overnight became the thing but everybody wants and so who's really mill. Excitement and the benefit is ghost. Chess coaches who have already laid the foundation of their work. They have already done the hustle. Some people already knew about them so they are the ones getting recommended. Their names are the ones that pop up when people do google searches. They are the ones that have the freebies of. Hey sign up here to receive quick intro guide into chess playing one. Oh one or whatever. Those are the people who are freaking killing right now. So again the zones along with the online trading academy in april twenty twenty. John you're just gonna bring this back to you because what freaking happened when the pandemic broke out and every single online coach wanted to start online coaches who melt it like who really benefited from it. You right because you had laid the foundation of this work for so long that you were like the no brainer goto. So that's amazing. We have five thousand six hundred new customers in the first week when the first shutdown. So do you know as i had. Just become an opiate coach. Maybe a month or two before. This happened and it was crazy. I can't describe it any other way than crazy. Like just the influx of coaching calls that we had at in the sort of in the bullpen of oj. Coaches in the other thing was and this probably isn't a good thing and the chest coaches may be experienced in his keto but everybody wanted advance knowledge immediately. Yeah like there was a sense of urgency. That was it was demand that we could not supply. We couldn't make people experts immediately. I can only imagine net. These coaches are having sort of an influx. That people wanna learn as much as possible right away. Yeah maybe i would think that the difference. The chest coaches would be different amino case it was unique. The whole industry finally woke up and realized that they needed what Telling them that they need for the last six years right. They were also putting a lot. I mean they still are. Our industry is still be needed to be that. Call it be there now. Because i'm not as eloquent as yes. They needed to be there now because they will hooton income right. Yeah slot to in many cases nothing overnight and so they needed to feed families. I mean literally. That situation was very different than the just situation. I've seen some of the some of the stats in how much chess has benefited From the queens. It's on lille what happened with us. It was different because it was. There was a lot of pain associated with the exposure. Yeah yeah wizard chest. It's not so much it's just like oh you know i've been thinking about While like oh. This is pretty cool. I'm going to learn it. yeah absolutely. Here's the thing though. Red and jonathan like we think about it for example the summer olympics. Like they're coming up soon. I we've talked about this before there's always like the this incredible stories of glory and the underdog like his your sport or your specification. You've been listening to us right now. Is your thing going to become the next big thing. Thanks to the olympics. Thanks to the successes. Thanks to the next show or pop culture thing but explodes like and if it does. Are you prepared like. Do you have a way of you know of collecting people's emails to start creating your email lists. If you don't do that already do have valuable resources that you're sharing and plays within two people know to find you when they need your third curling. I freaking love this topic. I love that you bought it out. It's it's really good abbey to really good topic because yes. There's a large element of chance. Anybody who speak to in anything like basically the long tail in any industry is always gonna win out. You actually win if you lose more than fifty percent of the time right. Let me explain that. You only need one big win right. You only need one or two big wins. You don't really know what's going to be certainly not going to win every time you're certainly not gonna win. I mean you're not gonna win the on but if you understand that you really only need to hit gold once and you should try a whole bunch of different things strategically in order to increase your odds of hitting gold. That one time is actually how this stuff happened. And it's not just like. I'm not just talking about on training if you haven't gotten that yet. This podcast is not just. Jim like lead. My book like take the train academy like it's not just about online training. Because i would be doing you just about online training. It's about life and the best. That i it right and so you like wound. Buffet for example has made something like four hundred investments in his life. Greatest investor of all time right ten of those investments will good injustice like ten over four hundred right but those were so good held onto them for so long and that's the other piece of it is like holding on foot long enough to actually make a difference. So how do you position yourself with this idea. Well i mean unless you knew what was going to come out. Netflix's like it would've been estimate the queen's gambit but if you know that for some of the olympics are coming let's break this down a little bit in how you could actually strategy over this. Okay so you. An athletic preparation coach cool. Those words mean nothing. Those words mean nothing. Those words mean nothing to nobody. So it's kind of relevant but you can call yourself that you could actually prepare people for any sport. I if how to prepare people for sports like you just need to down the sport. I trained everybody from dragon. Boaters laser like professional dragon boats to professional like people climbing trees competitions to olympic committee to nhl players to actors to act does like like physical actors right which is effectively sports to downhill. Mogul skiers right like olympic hopefuls. I don't think he made the olympics. Expensive once you understand the sport you can break down the mechanics of it okay. So you know that the summer olympics are coming up it would not be very difficult to highlight five. Oh ten key athletes right. Who are the people who have these. Incredible stories are the hopefuls of winning golden multiple goals. Will then you can actually get in front of it and say okay. Here's the sport. Heroes with exposure is going to be. How can i second that that happens. Be ready with the product. Be ready with the program. Be getting of this. You can do the same thing with physique training. What oh blockbuster movies that are going to be coming out in the next six to twelve months superhero movies. You're gonna love one thing that worked for me. Like a freaking charm is after this this past super bowl that we had shakira at forty five years old and j. lo at fifty one years old shaking all they have with the majestic nece that is them to get gets who's target market women. Over four. the most killing their lovers there hasn't been a more catalina theme that's existed in all sports up until super bowl. Bound was my moment. Our lady i am. I got to like back literally. I got your back ladies like we can do. We can do this so yeah so i didn't know i love it so let's play around with this. You didn't. You didn't know that this is going to happen. This is a happy accident. You place positioned obviously really well in with it but think about if you were to look. You're like okay. Well i know that people have holy crap beyond saying oh jaylo insecure denson halftime. Like you don't know they're gonna shake but but like you know that there's going to be media attention around their appearance like like it or not like you know that that's been hoping you know that they're going to show up their best because of what this thing is right. You got ahead of that yes. I am good garden headed in a big way in yet. Big way if you wanted and you could follow the coup. Ears of like latina bombshell right. And no way they're going to be an anticipate when they're going to be in the news and when they oh just be ready to hop on it with content with programs with what on how is how we. Because that's authentic to me right. What we could kind of like trying to nail in the head for all coaches coaches here listening in that if you stay authentic to you it's not even an effort. It doesn't even feel difficult because it's fun for you. it's enjoyable. It's what you know and you are ready. You have laid around foundation or when you're thing becomes the thing. Hey jonathan goodman here. This podcast is made possible. Thanks to people like you. Here's a quick word. Most sponsors you still trying to pick your online training software if so let me make this easy for you. Go with distinction. It's truly the best. I'm not just saying that because there are sponsor we actually use peachy distinction for own online fitness business online trainer coaching. And we're really happy with it from on boarding to programming to client communication. Pt distinction has everything. You need to run your online fitness business smoothly and it's super simple to use now. 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We know what works so you can get to the success and it case you busy working a fulltime job or who a fulltime parent know. You can go at your own pace. There's no deadlines to complete. Otd max that said if you already to make rapid change in finish the course of the next eight to twelve weeks. You can expect to invest three to five hours each week on the program. And here's the best part. If you join today you will make an extra one thousand dollars a month in ninety days or i'll give you money back so if you're ready to build the fitness business you want and make the money you deserve go to online trainer dot com slash academy to enroll today and i hope to see in there caroliina if you jumped on this and you like and you put out like a zoom thing and you open it up to everybody in all year like mexican ex-pat mom groups whatever it is through education loon to do this accua jaylo super bowl dance. Oh my god you taught it on zoom and then you made an offer at the end of that says we're gonna do this again in two months but i've got this program to get you in the best shape of your life to lock who wants it I liked it would be pretty cool. Maybe i'll take it may borrow. I'd like to take out there. Going to be going to be the guy on zoom with his camera to exactly god so turned off. Yes that sounds like a phenomenal idea. Can keep me posted on that. You might a good experiment for the podcast. Maybe elvis related and see what happened. Secure just came out with a new story over her over her video. Everybody like recreating. So i don't know maybe i dumped him back. The newest thing. I'd be happy to objectively in court about. I mean i could could literally. I would be percent just comment without any residents on running very quickly like that could be. That could be your entire program was like every two months or whatever it is. It's like not only will you get fit. You'll learn this new. Whatever she dance jaylo deaths that could you could just spin that like two months right. I don't. I don't know but but this idea of like understanding what's coming up in the news. It's not hold. Here's a challenge. It's hard if you're operating outside of any unique selling proposition and if you're not operating within authenticity asked when it gets difficult right you know. And that's and that's the problem because you can't pay attention to trinh's if you're always hopping around trying to figure out what people want instead of you are. I've had this conversation a few times with. Ot a students they've asked me about enrolling people in december and i'm not big on deciding upfront for potential client. What they will or won't do so. You'll never get me say things like well you know. People are thinking about other things during the holidays or like. I don't like that language. There's always somebody who wants what you need is always somebody that can afford. It is always. Somebody is ready to do it. So i don't put thoughts into other people's heads about what i think. They won't do because of insert reason here. But what i have so coaches is are you paying any attention to what you're seeing happen in the market right now because number one if you go online and you try to buy paired dumbbells they're gonna be sold out in lated ridiculously in price. That tells me everybody sort of stuck in their home gym right now number two. Are you paying attention to what's happening to gyms around the world from global gym to mom and pop shops. They're closed down there open their closed down number three. Are you paying attention to the frustration that the potential clients are having because of the fact. That in gyms are fluctuating. Plus the fact that people are adding home equipment. If you've got a good in-home workout like your time is quarter one. Two thousand twenty one like if you don't see that and you're not prepared to say in your language. Hey for all of you. That have lost your gym. But you've got dumbbells at home for all of you that have exercised vans minimal equipment for it. It's right there in front of your face to take advantage of. What's about the athens in that regard in my opinion if you're building a large jim only routines you gotta sorta see. The writing on. The wall here likes things about the. Are you prepared to maybe put down the bar bell in the olympic lifts for the first quarter of twenty twenty one and offer something that people are absolutely gonna be able to do because one of the things that jonathan told me when the pandemic hit he said people need you to facilitate cow specifically. It's not about the nutrition specifically but people need you to facilitate some type of thing that can be involved in. That gives them a sense of security in regards to how they connect with their wellness sunday. The seven day at home south which went well the way i have people lifting laundry baskets for rose in ken goods for lateral raises. But it went off really well. Also we're about to come to that queen's gambit moment in quarter one i think for people who can eloquently in entertaining and in an entertaining manner provides some sort of at homework out to get people. Do this q one. But are you prepared for it because it's going to be. Winter is going to be a long winter alone winter. Like this thing isn't gonna go away. Quarter one or two. In my opinion everybody just been doing their workouts outside. That's not gonna work for sort of two thirds of north america. You're not gonna be able to get away with that People aren't going to go out in the snow. You do jumping. Jacks and boot camp and that writing's on the wall and jonathan's being good about sort of forecasting based on really what's in front of our faces at the moment and being ready for being ready for the one at that s. That's why i like this topic that kid over so so much because if you're operating in what's authentic to you it's hard not to see the writing on the wall. It's hard not to the being space you know. I'm sure it's chess coaches. Were probably all over. The story about leans gambit once it was probably green lit was it was going to come out next year net flicks smart ones. Where i'm sure you know but nobody knew that it was going to be popular thousand eight like so random why we're going to have a scripted drama series about female playing chess. Oh yeah that's going to be a netflix's hit right. No rank predicted that one. Okay i got a great idea. Have you ever heard about big. Cats are going to see how this stuff it would be very interesting to actually speak to some top chess coaches and see whether they had any idea that this was happening that this was going to happen. Like did people in that community kind of picked. I mean look in the fitness world world. It didn't take brainiac to say. Okay well you know what hostal training in a gym is kind of a shitty thing like it's broken. How the business model works right now. Not to say that we should eliminate it but like cleanly there has to be more to this right and they didn't have to do it for very long in the gym to know that so for me. It was very different for me. It was just a matter of the wayne. Gretzky line like on a skate to where the puck is going. I don't know when. But i know that online training is gonna hit right. I don't know. But i wanna make sure. I'm there beforehand with chess. I don't know whether that was the case it you know. I don't like everybody knew chess wasn't going anywhere but whether it was going to be like front page news. I'm not sure what made some. Sometimes we operate in genre. You just have a better understanding of how significant it can be. If you've got your finger on the pulse of that community can be surprise. You know as a as a marble junkie comic book junkie. I knew that black panther was gonna hit in a way that nothing ever hit in the marvel universe. Foreign and i was reading for that a year prior. You know i'm a black guy. I know how rush that on black panther i could have if my demographic wasn't gonna that and crush share. Yeah my mom's over thirty. Don't really care about it but if i was training nudes you know. Here's here's a. Here's a routine. Michael jordan utilize. You know you want to build a kill monger body. You know like i could. I could really same thing with creed with michael jordan hitler. Donald creed body. Here's how you know train for the relaxed. Could've cabinet but my demographics a little offshoot shoot at so that wouldn't work well for me but can we can talk michael jordan doing like interviews for acting like i cool. We got this new guy coming in. He's really really great. What's his name. Michael jordan ush then we and then one post was like wait a minute. What if we could be in there is like you're so cattle in terms of being prepared and i a conversation with Students before this call. Peter fisher. He reminded me of the Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Right in in terms of this is there a way to sort of seize these opportunities like what do you see. They're like do i just. I just need to be a person who speaks a lot about what i do specifically do. I need to be as authentic as possible. How do i set myself up for that. Thing that might happen is is is their way. Your mind set up for that being. That might app yes. I think there's definitely many ways in which he achieved. And it's definitely like bad like the intersection of the things that you love and quirkiness that makes you you combined with the service that you offer because like for example. I am deeply passionate about women's rights about equality. Trump is like that and i think most of my clients essentially and also might peers. They know law kind of woman would well they know what kind of woman would be very resistant to working with me because of my political use right if they are more on the conservative side. They probably want nothing to do with the end. That's okay that's totally fine because we're not for each other totally cool but that's very clear to anybody who can see my social media because that's important to me so i talked about it and he just comes through and it's all there just like dancing is important shaking. My booty is important priorities and find the clients here. Okay with all that. He's just as you described jonathan goodman's business model. They're taking it back for example to the to the example that we we're talking about with the olympics like i don't care like are your mobility specialist talk about mobility and as the athletes that are going to be representing the olympic star. Coming up talk about them in what they do. That is relevant your line of work that you also do with your clients that you agree or disagree with anything like that. You train post-partum moms i can guarantee you. There's gonna be athletes in the olympic who just recently gave birth and they are now back on track and competing at the olympics after having had a baby and that doesn't mean that we're going to put our scientists but but they're going to be there and so highlight them and talk about them and what sacrifices or struggled they have found that resonates with your clients and they have somebody to look up so the examples are there. But you really have to connect with yourself like i said uring. Join your enjoyment and your quirky nest. The things that make you you combined with a very particular service that you provide those things together and one of the really cool things that that's such a great point. Carolina really cool things too about olympic athletes is very rarely lead like huge celebrities. Eight thousand and so. Yeah if you were to find using your example if you were to find just amazing female athlete. Who's newly postpone them in light up a bit feature about her or celebrate hoon some way tagore in it could easily figure out a way to get to her. My guests like odd so pretty good that she would then show it to all of her audience at low you desired audience and you might actually begin to build a relationship with eight. Would i be my man liberating yes. That's super bowl. And there's there's a big opportunity though. Because you know. I i think book globes a lot is like everybody's trying to get a book blurb like a like view from like a celebrity. You actually the most powerful of us from people with really authoritative titles. So if you can have something like on your page. Oh here's a quote from an olympic silver medalist right way. Nobody knew that the titles good use from a ceo the company or from in only general or something like that is actually like the best quotes social proof that you could ever get. This could be an opportunity coming up. Will you could get some of that. Absolutely killer social proof that is like so perfectly dialed in to your audience. Currently this up so does your time to shine man killing it she she. She did indeed shine. There was a distinct scene. It's one o'clock though. We gotta go to is two o'clock here. We hope you learn some valuable lessons here about sort of positioning. You know when when the thing comes to you. Are you prepared for it right. I think the most important thing will one of the most important things that we shared here today. And so eloquently put bike. Catalina is sort of everything. Good that you want to happen through this whole online training thing is going to happen through the varying may narrow needle of authenticity. If you care sort of figure out what you're talking about who you're talking to is a good chance that you just not you haven't committed to your own quirkiness as keto put it your own. Authenticity and i can say from working with coaches on their. Us stories all day. That one thing really does complicate a lot of other things. It makes almost everything after that really difficult to attain so so lucky. No was authentic to you dive into that man. Beat be your regular authentic self to the extent that it's beneficial when those opportunities present themselves not only will you be prepared for it. You'll be able to notice it because it's it's things that you're already following along with anyway pretty much everybody's going to get some opportunity for their thing to be the thing but you might not get it twice. So don't miss her. Don't miss it. When he comes. Show notes can be found at a online Dot com slash. Podcast nailed it. That's to onto onto shows in a row where where doley nailed that. We didn't get to hear from amber That much today but we know she's there somewhere because she's got other ambers. She is ambushed. Mba's not feeling so hot today. So she's here but she is a black square just making sure the podcast runs video and audio off. We hope you feel better amber because nobody with a haircut that fabulous should feel bad in the same week. Gas haven't seen her ambush air pro v. commercial that she did for us on facebook the other day it was. It was a significant moments in hair history. Just an expertly flipped in tossed. High cuts bob. It was just amazing. So we'll see you guys next time on the online trainer show and do some jingles stuff in amadou. Whatever thing you do. We don't understand this format at all. This is train or visit the online trader show. We shouldn't podcast.

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