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Hotboxin with Mike Tyson & Rashad Evans


The box in this show. Why is it shows? So so important because it would it does is it's it's putting a different different spin different kind of phase on something that's been till taboo for so long, and I can't say enough about it. So like, you know, being oh hot hot boxer, Mike Tyson. You know, I is is more than just just being here with the chatman. We sit in a message. The episode of hot pockets and have a man I'm Evan kicking. After they now, we got rid shot Evans hill, U, S, D laughing. Yes. Up was up, man. What's up? It's it's a pleasure to be here. Man. I got first and foremost, I can't express to you Mike enough. You know how much? Your career has impacted my life. You know? You know from from an early age. You know, you your fight is what brought my family together. You know? Really? Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely, man. My father was your biggest fan, and you know, we we actually learned about fighting through watching through watching you in the eighties and stuff like that. And you know, I was I was so into your style. Man. I even talk myself, the peekaboo style and upstate New York. Great. Yeah. Upstate New York. Peek a boo style a little bit. Yeah. You know, I taught myself the motions. And I watch you know, all Mike's training videos, and and I figured out, you know, like, you know, which count why would he do for which punch and and his punt sequence? And you know, the the number system that he did. And you know, I even. You know, when I when I got into my career, I trained with this guy named Billy white. He said. Why really why we'll task you? Yeah. So he had me doing some of the Ainhoa technique. Yes. Some of the techniques. So, you know, you know, I it will something that, you know. I I just always Doug Mike's mentality. You know, 'cause you know, he he he would he was honest about the way he competed and respected that meaning the fact that, you know, he was he was transparent, you know, he was able to feel feel fear, but then overcome it, and as a fighter that's one of the biggest that is the fight that that is the fight right there. How do you overcome? You know, your own self doubt and your own apprehension to go out there and execute your technique to flawless ability. You know, that's that's the fight right there. You know? And and I thought that might did a really good job. But just you know address in that and making sure that you know, he talked about it because him talking about a made it easier for me as as a competitor to. To be able to to analogy fact that it's okay to feel fear you to here. Mike talk about how every fight. He was he had fear. He felt a ton of fear throughout his box and career and how he overcame that. And was never know. You know, he's known as the most ferocious food ever do it. Yeah. You know? And so thinking back to my football career, man, all the fear. I felt before games, you know, the fear of failing the fear of getting being defeated. You know, the fear of being embarrassed and having to overcome that. I think it's a natural thing. Yeah. You know? It's what every fighter every combat athlete. You know feels. Yeah. Every human being every everybody do. But it, you know, it takes a an honesty and yourself to be able to acknowledge that because when you're in a position, especially as a fighter, you know, you have this people have this idea that you fearless in in fear in, you know, you don't feel any of those feelings, but I. I, you know, that's that's part for me. That was always the part of the the ride which made me want to keep on keep on fighting is the fact that every single time that I fought I discovered a different element of myself, a different element of who. I was as a person, and I would, you know, overcome those doubts those fears when I when when I go out there, and and you know, go out there and fight to my capability. So you know, that was you know, I it was huge, first and foremost, it'd be like, okay, I can be a bad as fighter and still. Be be afraid you sometimes, you know. Yeah. So so that's, you know, he even to the fact that like like my mic it's been such a like, a big part of my mindset when it comes to fighter. I had someone doing artists composite of Mike's mice is, you know, because the thing when whenever I see Mike compete, and I seen you know, when you know, what I'm able to judge Mike was gonna go out there. And catch frac always seen it in his eyes. You know what I'm saying? He always had this look in his eyes where you know. I it was just you know, he was going to go and do his thing. And you know, when when I wanted the pitch on my, you know, let me just get let me just get Mike's is. So I can just see, you know. And that's and that's what I got on the wall. And my house manages just your is, man. Just because I might you know this. This is the foundation of of me being able to do. What to do just being able to be like, you know, to recognize focusing by this is the kind of focus. This is the kind of intensity. I gotta have when I go out there. I gotta wanna be able to to to devour my opponent in face, the fear and face all those feelings and go out there and catch wreck, you know. Yeah. Man. That's that. Yes. I it's you know. That's that's that's what I had to say for Mike, man. The Lytham and tell me they might sorry. If you need any Jay's they're in their brother. Let me get one course complicated. No, dude, we got that birdcage, bro. All right to Jay's. Oh, okay. Okay. Thank whenever you got. I'm good right now, man. Thank you. Yes. Might gave one of these two Joe Rogan, man. I I I seen. I've seen it podcast my. Yeah. I was I was impressed, man. Just because of you know, I like I like the mentality in where you headed as far as like, you yourself discovery on you know, the deeper side of life. You know, what I'm saying like the other side of life that that no one really talks about, you know, like, the spiritual side of life. You know, what I'm saying because I myself took that same ship that you did with with with the toad tone is incredible. I. Relations. Yeah. I did the incredible. It's also dude what was your experience with the toad, man. It was we'll we'll when it came to me. It was you know, a buddy of mine has his name is del out in out in Colorado. You know, I was I was kind of going through some changes where I just wanted to, you know, just just find out like what life was truly about. Because I started to see the the system. I started to see the system as a system. I started to see the matrix of of of a thought, you know, what I'm saying the matrix of the paradigm, which which we live in which we call that reality. Right. So I I was kinda getting to the point where I was at my breaking point. And I needed something. I posted a posted something in by my post that I made he was like, you know, shot. I think I have something for you. So you know, after my last fight it didn't go my way. And you know, I was kinda still searching because you know, I was like man, I gave everything I had. And I couldn't believe that my career. Ear was going to end in in a way that that. I just never foreseen. You know, I'll always felt like I had more left. But you know, I just I just fell short when it comes to desire when it comes to meet net intensity. I just didn't have it anymore. You know, and I had to be honest with myself. So that that facing that truth was was really really hard for me. And it was something I put me into a hard mental state. So when opportunity came when he told me about this retreat that he was having in Colorado. You know, I had to have the jump all over it. And you know, I it was something that I I've I did a lot of research on before. But it was something that I felt like I really need to do. And when I did it it changed my life man, because you know, when when you when you take that that that medicine, and you go to that place where you you leave your body, you know, in and you stop. The part of you that you have become that, you know, as yourself. It dies and you have and you face what you've always feared your whole life, which is you coming to an end. And then you realize once you come to an end that that was just the beginning of existence, and there's a whole set of a whole nother existence outside of that. And then you start to understand that your your your your part of something that's so enormously massive that is almost incomprehensible to your waking mind in this in this reality. You know what I'm saying? And when you when when you when you come back into your body, you you feel kinda like reality starts to come back together again. And then you start to to to understand that, you know, you're a human being and you have came with miserable. You. I want to our crying. I was crying when I came back. I didn't wanna come back. Yeah. And knowing that say that people say what you want to come back and wanted to stay dead. Yeah. Thought I'd I'd I wanted to stay that way. But did you did you feel did you feel like the like the the gold like ours? I felt like I was in in. I felt like I was inside of the sun as no I didn't want to come back here. That's what I knew. I didn't want to come back here when the time came and it wore off I would like what the fuck happened. What did you do motherfucker? I was angry. Yeah. They commodities took them from violet. Have you? I do and I didn't wanna come back at the put me on the again, I one hundred again, did you celebrate beckoned again, the most the most amazing part for me was once I got into that state of being where I come on myself. I felt like I was every single thing in existence all at the same time. And and what kind of you know, what kind of what kind of brought me a little bit of pause was because when I was gone. I didn't miss anybody. I didn't miss anything. I didn't have that feeling of that. I thought I would have once I leave this earth. But the truth about it is once I started to examine that understanding. I got to understand the reason why I didn't miss anybody miss anything because every single thing that was I thought was outside of me was actually inside of me like all the people that I know, you know, this reality is all apart of my inside is not so much a reflection of the outside. You know what I'm saying? So I was afraid I was afraid that you think that was afraid. Fan though, the friend losing my children and. Aaliyah's afraid, and he hit you hit found you hit a music calling you more and more to happen deeper and man. I never felt that feeling before freedom. I can't even say freedom. I have a different perception of freedom and freedom is not what I do. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Not now. Let me ask you say. Because I this is what I picked the freedom feed. Yeah. If existence to me reality to me this freedom right here to me to be able to do what I want legally to do what I want. It's just took me to another level beyond that. The did you did you feel the pull of the all like like like what I felt as if like I felt as if and it was and it was it was the thing was like there was no mistaken. The understanding it was like as if like once I was there, I was instantly being downloaded with true with with the true realities of what the true reality of existence and from that true reality of existence. I was able to put you know, to to feel that you know, all the existence is part of one collective conscience. And that's all what we share in the fact that when we have these personal experiences were were actually if we were to look at our selves as an entity will be probably one big entity that has an existence in and has. As individual, I guess experiences through each of our egos. Right. So so like when we when we do that we move and our eagles completely gone. And and for me, like when I got like when I got done, I it was kind of confusing because for me, it was like, I did all of that to realize that in essence, I truly don't exist in a sense of innocence of individuality like like, I'm Rashad Evans. But that's the name of mother gave me, you know. My perception would the way people think of me, these are things that are based on the character in which they describe me on which they you know, the title in which they know me, right? You know, as a father, they look at me one way as a son and look at me another way as an athlete look at me another way, and as a friend that looks me at another way all those things are not me individually. Right. So there's a there's a higher form of me that exists. And once I you know, once I I get past the eagle. Of who? I think I am then you can get down to what truly is. And and it's an it's kind of amazing to be honest. This is what the fuck we do here. And we do, bro. Evan in my experience as well. I fifty but I didn't exist. You know, you there. You're you're nodding your body, your body doesn't exist. It's just. Man. Not. None of me ask you like when I when I came back, and once so I started to conceptualize like life in and what it all meant, you know? Looking at reality in the way that we live our life. It just became so. So so fake to me to the point where I had a hard time making an adjustment at first and trying to put things in his proper perspective. Because I I realized that, you know, a lot of things that I thought were so important we're really was really not important at all. And and the fact of the the system in which we we live in in die for him. We dream for him. We we, you know base our whole existence off of is nothing more than assistant incomplete. Based off the fact that it doesn't address the nature of what we truly are. You know, because I it's it's Celena something that's truly not what we are. We're so much more than than what we've been told. You know? And I think that's true disconnect of -solutely I feel that. And disconnection, you know. With the total game disconnection of what I've really what I believed all my life. You know, everything I believe on my life with ally. Yeah. You know? Yeah. It's all a lie. Aloun was towing believed him and life with a lie. It's just made up that's input. But see. That's that's that's the heartbreaking part about it. Like, you give the state that. You don't know. Yeah. That's that's. Heart. Wow. Who am I what do I really know? Well, I know nothing I I think the silver lining in all of the fact that that that the I guess the when the world ceased to exist because that's the only way I can I can say it best to the fact that once you discover the truth about the world it ceased to cease to be real to you. Right. And then you into a state where you know, you have this void, I guess where where you really understand where you are. But I think like for me the best part is I got to reconstruct. My idea of what I want my reality to be you know, what I'm saying how much importance I'm going to put on, you know, the the monetary things in life, and and trying to get ahead versus, you know, living with the real aspects of life. And and and I do an and for me like I like to dissolve my eagles much as possible. So I like to do psychedelics, you know, what I'm saying? Because that allows me to, you know, get past this ego. That sometimes gets in a way of of of proper human interaction. This does what do you call? What do you? Call a plan based tonight, then plant medicine T DM you've done the thing. That's that's. Oh, that's more fun here fun. Yeah. The total like, whoa. The tone. The the toad is going to tell you something about existence in general. And I think like the the the plant the spirit molecule tells you more about, you know, I guess your your your souls progression through its existence, you know, to give you somewhere. Give me some kind of like, some some scattered like, did you have all your Wasco or Nah, I wanna do. I wanna do Iowa. I wanna to I walk, but what I wanted to. So so for like this past year, man, like I just been like, I just I just going changes man, I've been going through some changes like I used to be a heavy drinker. I used to be a heavy party or and stuff like that. But then as I started to do things to dissolve my ego. You know, a had different experiences where it's kinda wind me off of like doing doing those kinds of stuff. So like, I don't I don't I don't I no longer have the urge to drink any alcohol at all anymore. Like, I just don't drink it anymore. You know? And then, you know in something weird happened to me as far as like eating meat, you know, before I used to like to eat meat. But then, you know, as I did a couple of psychedelics like I did I had a trip one time, and you know, sometimes mushroom talks in and and it like, I have a theory based on why the mushroom talks to you. Because it. Came to me in deep trip on time. And. Yeah. So so here's here's why I can kind of come to understand why the psychedelic mushrooms able to bring you this kind of knowingness that that you you can't really explain. So so I if if you think about, you know, the oldest the oldest beings here on this planet, you have to look at vegetation. Right. You have to look at the plant system in the trees and things like that. And that's something we really don't get enough credit for is is their intelligence in their ability to, you know, be able to survive, you know. So there are some kind of intelligence that these plants have to be able to survive like, for instance, if they communicate to the root system, you know, if if you were to put the plants in an anatomical scale like you do a human, you know, their their legs, it'd be sticking up. Those would be the the the tree as we see, but their brains will be the roots that's underneath. And those those roots are. Are what they're using to pass information all along. So they have a network of communication with the constantly passing information. Like, for instance, if if a tree's getting attacked by some kind of insects or something like that it ascended chemical off and then in a pass information, and then all the other trees will understand that they need to make some kind of defense force. So then they have released a chemical that the animal or threat away. So they ask you this is all coming in this trip. Yeah. Yes. I've had this theory myself. Yes. So this is this is as a result. We're just in this. This is this is my trip coming. Yes. Some come with understanding, and you know, the trip told me to sit down and to said, how do you expect to understand anything that's like above you? If you don't understand what's below your feet. And it was below my feet was just as network of understand this this complete network of communication is library of knowledge of the planet. So as I as I as I understood, you know, my Celia them mushrooms are one of the most intricate parts of of of of the system, and, you know, the the network and system, you know, they they link all these these these trees, and he's plant all of them are linked together. So they all communicate with each other. So I believe there's knowledge that that's in the the root system of the my Caelian. Right. So when you eat it, it causes you to have these downloads of some of that information. So it's like like, for instance, there there's a my Caelian that makes this eats the mice and insect Lethem my ceiling them, and then it. Limes- to the highest point like a tree or a roof. And then it dies in an explodes. And then a sports come out of the head of the ant. So therefore, the these the mice Leland act as did the told I was fucking. Yeah. Oh, yes. So true. Yes. So I believe that when when we eat the mushroom it gives us the download of what is going on with the earth with with what's going on around it what's going on with the ether. And we're and we're able to tap into that. Then we have different understanding of the place that we live in nothing. Honestly, speaking, the reason why the world isn't a place that it is is because we don't do enough mushrooms. Do you know Palestinians? Have you ever listen to Pau because this is what he talks about you know, them. Yes. Yes. All the pause positive genius, man. I I follow him on Joe Rogan show. And and that's where you know. That's what made me start becoming Joe Rogan show was one of those shows that that kind of started to own my rose. And into into look at things a little bit deeper. You know, and you know, there are some things that you know, that that bring a lot of controversy that they talk about. But they're absolutely correct about. I feel absolute it's I think Mike I'm out there. Mike. This is what we're all about them. So how's your? I mean, you like you like weed cannabis something you use. Did you use it as a fighter not not till the end man it? But it was something that, you know, once I discovered it is saved me because you know, like, I'll tell them Mike in the green room. You know, when you when you fight is the recovery part is the hardest part to to to be able to to get by. Because you know, when MMA there's so many different facets of the sport. You know, we have to be able to hit all those different disciplines to be to be officiant and be fluid and not have any, you know, not any tells in any one discipline for them next. So you have to make, you know, time to do all these different disciplines. So you have to be able to Renton repeat in how many times can you do that over and over and over again, and that that becomes the tell of how fast you can grow in the sport, you know, and. And when you're not able to recover and feel rested. The you're only able to may begin in a couple of different disciplines in and and you you're not growing, you're not progressing. You know, like like, that's that's why that's why a lot of these the younger fighters are able to move so far ahead of these older guys because they have the energy to to keep on going and going and do work out and work out because they're just toss his higher our work out four times all day work all day. And then and then I will after after fucking my girlfriend Gabby pump out again right on that. That was me, man. I I would I would work out four times a day. And then eat McDonald's. You know what I'm saying? If you, you know, my, you know, I'll leave right I'll leave I'll leave Eileen was along side with me. And that's what we do. Like, we would just, you know, eat garbage food, and we're going we're trained like maniacs. Trainees to hate this. And listen to eat a steak tonight. I go to Burger King or something. A whopper steak tonight. Okay. Defend my title on Wofford. But you felt good right? Oh, yeah. That's eight years stuff. He'll take some lobsters and stuff pack thing and twenty dollars put him came. Yeah. Like, I, you know, I I really taken some time since I stopped fighting to to properly understand nutrition the right way, saying I learned a lot of stuff about, you know, Dr Saybe in work that he does and stuff like that. Also, I will be going snickering drink arms. Yes. That was. But that's the spite that spike is sugar sugar. Spike, the sugar spike who tell us a little bit about doctors sevi-. Yes. So Dr savvy man, he he was quite amazing. You know, he is you know, he's he's a holistic doctor who really caught a lot of flack because he took on a medical industry in a way that has never been done before. And he was able to actually win a case against the medical industry saying that he was able to cure diseases that that the medical industry can't cure like cancer and aids and hepatitis and and all these these different diseases than. He's able to do that. Because his philosophy on nutrition is about, you know, eating electric food and getting rid of a lot of the food that we have we come to know as food, and and and get rid of eating animal food, and and he's very plant based very very plant based, but more or less, you know, an electric dia. So you know, he he's like a fruit the moral word more. Yeah. Electric because here here's a reality. We you know, we're we're carbon based lifeforms. But we're we're we, you know, we use electrical impulses in order for our body to communicate, you know. And in the simple fact that we use we have an acid based diet, which slows down the electrical impulses for our body to communicate efficiently than than we're actually really, you know, I guess, you know, short in our capacity of what we can do as human beings, you know, because when because when you're able to physically, you know, have have one in your body communicate properly to the other then then you get rid of things like. Strokes, and and bad circulations and things like that that causes problems at old age. You know, you don't get the plaques and your brains and things surgery provincial body from communicating. Yeah. Because because you know, a lot of the medicine in the pharmaceutical industry is not as not bioavailable to your body. Meaning the fact that your body can't break it down, you know. So then I ended up going into different areas of your bodies in different plans that get stuck in it makes it so that you, you know, you you have a toxic level of of chemical that your body can't do anything with. But 'cause you know, a disease. So it's you know, as we're dying is is it's a touchy touchy thing man because we're being poisoned. I don't know if it's intentional or accidental plays in sometimes do I. I don't I don't I don't think anything is by accident. I think that the wanna get us outta here there. There's there's more there's more to population control system as the system, and that's and that's and that's necessary unfortunate part because it makes it really hard to be to be an American into be into be proud of being an American because the truth of the matter is, you know, there there's a lot of dissension in America based off of the fact that, you know, people ideas of what it is to be an American is not in line with each other. But if you look at what we say on an in by the pledge of allegiance in vowel that that whenever we sing sing our national anthem. Those vows that we have deviated from you know, and the truth, and a matter is, you know, a lot of a lot of black people in a lot of people who were Colin Kaepernick, you know, stop standing up just because when when. At what point do we start holding our country accountable to to to what we're saying? You know what I'm saying? Like, I get that. You know, I it's really a hard and complex problem that really has to be handled with with the delicate care, but at the same time, you know, I think that if we force our, you know, our resources are in in our mentality to to really solve the problem is something that can be solved. But, you know, then again, you have to understand that we're in a system that that is created to to cut us off from from what what is most important, which is understanding that we're a lot more connected than we are separate, and and and that mentality and that understanding of human interaction can change the world. But that's not one that's pushed, you know, selfishness and everything else was for when you're writing your book do. How do think? It's fucking book, man. Right. The fuck and bull, dude. That's why these medicines are emerging. I believe that's why mushroom suicide in LSD in DM. Teen Iowa's all these things are in cannabis, you know, because the earth guy the spirit of this thing that we are all connected to saying guys you need to wake the fuck up. Right. Exactly. Because I mean, that's that's the only way honestly that we're going to be able to to make it. So that that our children are able to have a life and their children should air able to have a life. And I think that you know, we owe it to existence in general to make sure that it goes on and carries on and that, you know, whatever this is that we're part of that that we we we get to really live it to us fullest potential because at the end of the day, it shouldn't just be about. How many cars you can have or while the things that you can you can buy monetarily. You know, I think that existence has got. Away for all the two ways. Yeah. Has gotten away from heart. It's gotta energy to. Yeah. It's it's gotten away from human interaction. You know what I'm saying? It's gotten away from all that. And I think that it doesn't it doesn't progress or go any further if it contains and move at this rate, you know, that's this event human to accurate here. Right. Yeah. Take you talk to me on the phone me. Yeah. That's that's the thing. And that's the thing. You know, I'm a parent too. And as a parent, you know, that's that's how it is like trying to be able to communicate with your kid is it gets difficult, and it gets to be like something that you as a parent have to constantly constantly, check yourself and be like, yeah. You know, what I can be doing better in this area? Because it's easy as a parent to kind of to kind of take myself. Yes. Easy to slip away to allow to slip away and allow it to get out of hand. And then next thing, you know, you look up when your kids making bad decisions. Like, how did we get here? You know what I'm saying? But you know, I it's. Win after. Yeah. I it's a joint effort, but is recognizing when as a parent like how to how do we like when do I need to strap down a little bit as a parent. You know for sure, but it helped me kids. I four four kids old. I got one that's nineteen and young. Yeah. Then my youngest is is three years old. But I got a in the middle of twelve and a ten year old. And I it's it's amazing. But you know, you know, my my life is it's been difficult because you know, I had you know, I had a situation where you know, where I had I had I had, you know, relationships and I had children out of different situations. Like, I had my first kid when I was, you know, a young one nineteen years old myself, and then I got married, and then I had to with my wife, and then I got divorced. And then I have my last one. So, you know, I it's just a story of my life. But at the same time, it it it, you know, has prevented. Presentative problem as as apparent because it's hard to be everywhere as hard to be able to pursue a life. Where you want to you know, give them the better things, and you know, chase a dream. But at the same time, you still need to be have more kids. Yeah. It's eight oh sham. More. See? That's how I want more kids to I want him. Then. Then is more. I want more kids. What what it's incredible. One. I I do want more buy-sell to see so many different different printing. Finale, all you all. All different more sensitive than other, Dan that mean might as well out his wet. Oh, yeah. Absolutely man that that's the that's the amazing part is like, you know, when these kids start expressing different interests, you know, like like, I have my son little shod, man. He's he so different dynamic in his own way. Because you know, he's he's very strong on on not being not being me. You know, he he doesn't he he's very conscious. You know? He's like, you know, he wants to standard zone and he's into comedy, man. And he did his first little comedy is comedy, six minutes. Man, twelve. Our kind of. Stayed in. Oh, yeah. So I'll I was just blown away. Yeah. But he's just he's just got their personality. Then you know, I got you know, the the one his his sister's the ten year old. She's she's she's she's so funny because she's she's like the most caring sweetest of all of them. You know what I'm saying? She's just like, she's just so considerate. You know, and and such a team player, and she in honestly speaking, she's she's kind of like the roughest one. We're not on when it comes to fighting. She wants to know she wants to learn most about five days, though. That's cool. Yeah. It's got a great daughter in karate, dude. I'm stoked yet. Loves it. I'm like fuck yet. It's awesome. Go. Yeah. Man. Yeah. Yeah. Man. It's just it. It's it's amazing man, you know, and being young parent and have in having a kid who's nineteen is is is challenging, you know, because you're you know, when she was when she was sixteen years old. She. The telling me she's like that. I wanna I wanna have sex. When it went up six this. I'm going to have sex this year extreme and I'm like, I'm I'm trying, you know, because she's she's very open and honest with me, you know, what I'm saying great. She said that in a kind of made me mad a bit. But then when you know, she was like, you know, she's like, well, you had me when you were nineteen, and I and I really. I really didn't have an answer for that. But you know, I just I just let her know as much as I can't how much trusted her to make the right decision based on, you know, being smart and not just doing something just to do it. You know? So great advice that that was hard though, man. That's. I am not looking forward to my daughter being teenage I and my daughter. Trip is crazy, right? I'm just savoring. This. She's kind of you know, what no room that. I'm like, whoa. What's he doing fix? Don't take no shit. That's awesome. Yeah. I mean, that's a good thing after Lutely, man. Yeah. Absolutely. I think that is is good. It's good to see that. In for me. Like, you know is so good to see. You know, them coming into their own, and and and becoming, you know, little little, you know, people you know, what I'm saying. And and and it's always interesting as a parent when you see, you know, your child star breaking away from you and become their own the own person, you know, because you know, part of you just I don't like that part. Yeah. That's that's that's that's the heartbreak in part because I put is like first grade felt like. Taking her first raid. I I was no listen, you really give with you take the college. And then they got their own mind in that school education and think of any think a way that you don't even communicate. Yup. This person who told you think like who even talking to. Yeah. I know, you know. Yeah. That's that's that's that's that's the hard part on that plight ups like in the war next year. It can to stay with morals, and conduct is crazy. Yeah. When when when when when they first started to. Yeah. And then as and then like, if something weird happens like when you when your daughter starts to, you know, you know, be intimate or start that way to wanna be intimate with a guy is almost like she has to you know, might take you out of the helm of being that guide or life. So she kind of she almost gives light weight kind of you know, disrespectful and kind of tries. You bet. But it's just try it. I'm gonna be who I wanna be. That's that's the part as a father where you just kind of kind of be like the. Yeah, I'm trying I'm gonna try not to cuss them out. You know, what I'm saying, you try to be understanding I'm lifting weights man, the whole way he come out come out with fucking sleeveless shirt out of the basement after pumping iron. What's up bitch? Who are you here to see not sandy? Today should factor. I've lived in one guy, very nice and listen check this out. Right. When we do the hermit do the you. Yeah. The visual. That's enough to make you behave. Right there. That's crazy visual, man. So. Let me let me rethink that. Man. Mendota? Mendota free get away from and get your and get away. But. Get away. That's what she said. Do you get away? But but I I mean, I mean guys think when you like come to your house in day. Mike reiss. What did they just, sir? I think that's certainly try to my daughter. Trending Voight me feeding them. A void me knowing who they are part of a party the house and the guy in the point of view new. He is the mother explained fifty guys, and you sometimes you don't be surprised from time might be Caucasian. Yeah. What the fuck? You know what I mean? Yeah. It what it is. When I say, what are you seeing him? Yeah. And you don't see into my like, your father something. Yes. Yes. Who they date? Yeah. But I'll be I may cause I got to be. It's got a weird for them because you know, from from from me like just notice you from outside. I know I know that you're the kind of person that you know, if you feel any kind of disrespecting any kind of way, or even if even if you feel like the Tom was even going to kind of way where you feel tried. You're not afraid to set somebody straight out the hate to do. Do you hate to do that? Put down for my child. Whoever made that is with dating I'm gonna put it down on this. What your father do? Yeah. You know, because they'd never seen that Fatemi. They and they always both me around and stuff. Yeah. They never seen as we started me. Then I'm really the would took guy. Could I don't tell you their financial take advantage? Yeah. And I'll I'll speaking about that. I'm just like Yemen that that that would have to be a difficult situation man because they got how hate to have one put the hands on their girlfriends of stall. Yeah. Yeah, man. Yeah. They put your demonstration down. Yeah. You have you have to you have to demonstrate than for your daughter. Yeah. At that point seven straight administration, the devastation. I I like the way you say that too because it sounds it sounds so official like that needs to happen. You know, what's going to happen? Yeah. Devastation of sorry. That have you ever got to the point where you actually have felt that it may have to go down like that. Like have you ever been to point? We you know, what he might need to be corrected dig, right? My daughter. Oldest to she dated basketball guidance guy talks lick and knew this guy wasn't going to be governor. She wasn't ready to date. No guy. He was talking slick like pressure Buss pipe and the president of the basketball player something and that interest in that situation. Right. That may had Ono deal with him. So to speak. Yeah. Make one day. He playing basketball. He had a bunch of little girls waiting at the basketball in my daughter from to you know, what I mean? And my never confronted. She's just not that kind of person that stuff by letter not the kinda guy. She's gonna get them in trouble. You know? So you like a guy you gotta taken with faults and everything 'cause you like the guy, and he hurries you like you gotta get them in a lot of trouble. And then your father might be allowed trouble. And I expect you to come see me when I'm in prison. Yeah. See not there. See like like like that last little bit, right? There is you're saying a lot without saying anything at all. And I expect you come see me in prison. You know, says it has like that. Hey, I will go to the limit for this. You know what I'm saying? So that's the mic. That's the man. There we go yet. Yeah. Great lawyer here. Yeah. Man. Hey, so Mike, let me ask you, man. You know, I'm a big fan of underground scene. And I know you you from Brownsville, and, you know, with what you know about the the fifty to the fifty two blocks, and that's been going on probably seven. Yeah, man. Yeah. So so so it might be working on this project, man. The fifty fifty two man. Yeah. Yeah. So I wanna get I wanna get some of info it. So tell so tell me a little bit about the history of man, how you come across it. This is the real deal. Here you hear about the kid guys doing print, and then you hear about this guy. Name. What was his name mother did factual guy? He's rape people and put that's just through them the history. Yeah. Yeah. And he was the best. Yeah. He so he was the best practitioners and prison. Yeah. Yeah. Man history. He was almost that you will. But he was a vicious merciless fighter Dame man down. I know that I know that style. I because I seen I've seen a couple of elements of of it when you when you fought I forget who wasn't us us fighting. Man. It was. Dang. I forget who it was. But you went on inside with it. You move you Bob, the weeds you, and you got to the inside with it. And they came up with a left hook off of it. It was just have it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So that's what those guy there guys in Brooklyn eastern, their stem math to that if kids, and they could do it brilliant and make me look like an amateur. So so so what the pickle boo style. Like like once you got the cuss. How hard was that for you to massive because it looks as if very complex is very complex, right? Yeah. It's almost like being turtle. Hands up Chen, damn boom. You know, it's almost like karate is right here where they move up banned by companies back move of the way move move move and movie and keeps you hand by join your chin down your hand by Jordan Neef cheekbones that you can feed the punches still. Yes. So it's like repetition repetition over and over and over again the number system down during the punch two three four four or five things you gotta get it there. You know, the punch though, it's real complex. But it's really simple. So in the now is a beauty. You started. I was Doug. Because a lot of people, you know, they kind of missed they kinda miss w finding stallions more of a brawler style. But they they missed they missed a mastery in it. You know, what I'm saying like you were able to box within style. And a lot of times you able to out jab people had reached time until jabbing timing. So that's that's that's what I that's what I. Doug, most about the style. And it's like, you know, once you came when she came with their jab, you had you had different kinds of jabs. You do sometimes you got the jab where you're just kind of you leave it out there, you leave it out there kind of long, then you got one where you kind of you know, you get behind it moving and you pump. It comes side aside. And you and you rip whatever side you coming out on man. I forgot. This how much I was watching the style relying on what part of the fleet in the for even Rochester buffalo buffalo. Niagara falls. Yeah. Jane beverage from up there with Jays. Yeah. Being vote you ever hang with Rick. Yeah. Hang with Bolitho one day when I was younger maybe for a met. Right. I used to this. Girl these than buffalo, but she was a model in New York. And so I went to buffalo of the family after I'm let's go victims, the no, we're not going to regain out, man. She did it. They know raking while doing drugs only nineteen at the time of clean cut. Ruini before I started. Listen, Vic was the Beth man, James. The bet you live by the fruit belt. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yup. Yeah. Man. Yeah. Man. But my mic man in your time, man, you and nineteen you thrown to the world, man and man's crazy. Right. It's crazy to me. Because like, you know, Mike, Mike has been Mike has been through it all man and to be able to come out and beat his guy right now. You know what I'm saying? That's a true testament of just a mindset and internal fortitude at it takes you know, what I'm saying. Like, that's that's that's not really lucky. I didn't die. So really forty nine in died. I got and putting so many situations over the years, but I should have been dead should old deed to my should've killed me. I miss the hot. How how did you? How did you deal with done came down? I can't listen at eighty something years old died. Docking. Don't forget. Doc dockings always like. Focus still hold me money. He remembers everything that I was I was impressed by that man. I was in my Donald everybody. Ill says about money, but down off the way dawn. Oh, yeah. That's amazing shit. He because he's he's still in Florida. And he's still got a building down there with his name on it. And I'm like. Nobody's in the book. Yeah. Yeah. My way again, no finance. That's so funny. The man so so what do you think in a boxing game right now? I think I think is that an interesting point right now man interest in because we have new fighters coming up. But what we do. Now get the fight without out in the mainstream grabbing arrow spent devante Davidson those guide and the lemon kinko's and those guys like those guys mainstream. You know what I mean? I mean, I think tank goes pretty pretty mainstream. But I think he's still needing competition. That's that's the problem. He's missing. He gets an adversary. Yeah. Just devante. Dave guy is really good. But you're going to another year and a half to be in that level. Right. Right. What do you think about we think about tyrod spun and Tara? Doing all doing good. But he you know, he wants to Bach. Yeah. He he he's doing it, man. I think he's like number seven number eight in the world heavyweight and heavyweight before. That's awesome. They'll be like me. He feels more. Hey with now. So fucking bigger. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. So what was your biggest advantage being a smaller guy because you I mean, you is like well. After year and good defense, and I've really ferocious. And Meanwhile, I was McGrath of. That's the key right there. That's the key right there because he's not. I mean, I mean, you know, you always have to let people know they can afford to make a mistake. That's it. That's all make fucking mistaken in by being enough state of mind, you're going to make mistakes then now you're free. You make the mistake there. That's what's up, man. So her show I've heard you have a good Mike imitation. Yeah. I gotta good by God. They wanna bring it out. 'cause I won't mind. I won't might go. Check it out. I could do it. Yeah. This this this is. So I don't know if you remember this man, I met you one time. I met you went time. When when. At a club with that. Drake's one time, and it was right after his right after I fought Machida, and you come up to me, and you is like. Us like. All mike. What's up, man? Nice to meet you use a nice nice to meet you as well. And I was like. And I was like, and I was like Mike in like, yeah. I saw you last fight, and I was like year, and he's like first of all, you know, I had a lot of fear in your heart in fears like fire because because because because left unmanaged fear fear fear. These on fear. Fear can do some Tampa things. But but but but left harness harness the right way, it can do some beautiful things. And you can't let fear get in your heart like that. And I was like man might that's pretty deep, man. You know? But you know, what I'm saying? I'm I was surprised at Mike. Our surprised at Michael's dropping. Like remember that listen, I met your family assisted. Yeah. You told me a wife thought her thing hush you'd run to the ring the chuckling? Yeah, they look the fifty eight th way. Yeah. It was your wife. Yeah. I I used to love Mike when he get up there. Like, I'm the greatest fighter Gaza created like I say like I was like, yes, he is. Like like, no, we crave. Listen to me, it's in your heart. You say that rage momentum had me wanna kill people, man. I couldn't control it in him. I would knock these guy that I will use keep in. Yeah. Yeah. You in them, I use the look that's used to love to watch us borrow matches because you wouldn't wear headgear. And and you was a like you would go for it. You'll go down a lot in throwing aren't yes barn. He'll go for like Chinese tele- got first thing to. Hey, listen. I know he's a kid, but do your best. Don't take it. Easy with them. Do your Beth? Okay. I'm being sincere. What you around, and you know, bad. Do your best on looking at the kid. Do your bet that one can get my hands on them back. Then see what was so sofa me like, my my thing was like, what was my mom. My thing that made me fight was I had a hard upbringing. So that was my that was my fuel unit. I'm saying like I had a lot of resentment. You know, for my father at one point because I felt as if like, you know, once once I got to a certain age we fill out of communication, so I kind of carried that resentment. And that was my fuel. You know what I'm saying? But as you know, that fuel would would make me fight like an animal, I can just tap into it at any given time like I could just close my eyes, and I can just like tap into. That mindset, you know, but it's like as as I got older, and and as I started to live life and in star to, you know, see life differently. You know, what I'm saying start making some of the same stakes that, you know, my father made I started to feel. Different about that situation. If our feel different about my father, and I slowly start to forgive him over time. And as I started forgiving, my father star forgiving different aspects of my life that that that that rage and fuel ISAF fighting started to go man to the point where I just I I've just became so much at peace. You know, and it was like I remember the day like that that passenger went away, man. He was like, you know, just just try to hit it one time at a fight. And he was just like. It didn't flare up. You know, if you know like in my situation, it wasn't about money. When about my up when I wanted to be these guys. I wanted to be Leo on the Bafokeng the ran. I wanted to be I went to be them. Yeah. I was envious. I wanted to be jealous of them. Yeah. Yup. That's the I didn't know what the fuck. I was gonna do. And I get the, but I wanted to be. Yeah. Yeah. I like that man. I like that man that that's. That's an ever few of the mindset, you know, taking keep on and keep on going, man. You know, what it is about a hero, worship look. Yeah. It's too. It's about anything for store. Yeah. Gopher. Yeah. It's about the store you tell yourself you compete, you don't saying, and and when you achieve something, you know, like we become champ. They were like God could like when you're younger, you look they can do anything on the nobody. Then everybody loved him. I said they've all looking with all that money and do walking by themselves wherever they want. No way did fuck who who's who's your favorite who's your favorite, my kind of all oughta champions who who's your favorite band, and like the ran the rim. Him and Ali and should Lynn. I like cigarette Robinson. On. I wasn't in the area. But listen, he's a month. This guy had like. Not yet. He had he had forty five thirty one all in the road in forty first fight loss. Right. Then he won ninety three in a row after that. And I only three in a row now. And I and I love his fighting style the way like the way he threw punches back. Then like he let them go way back here. But it always found is like one hundred and twenty one loss, man. Ninety five. That you know in this day and age, this is where the warriors go, you know, to these sports or to the military, you know, a thousand years ago, you know, we we might have been Spartans, you know, we were warriors in another light. I like that from fighting was like life that you can keep going keep on giving you bet. And then you get a disappointment you might lewd, but continue to go on act like it. Didn't learn from that and continue to go never let it break. Your your confidence to feed, you know, losses can't be taken death sentences. Some people pick a loss of the definite. You can't. Absolutely, man. That's that's as deep. I dare. Because a lot of fighters may you like they they identified themselves so strongly on the fact that they can't lose. And then when they lose they the left with, you know, with such an identity shattering, you know, problem that they failed to make the adjustments. So they can improve to to to redeem those guys you see like Robinson our leasing what they do. And they come back from loss. You see how they fight? They listened to fight like Ali like when he was a old guy. He's no quitting. Like, the people you gotta kill him to beat them. You know, he's not going to give up like when he was older, and he was on a ropes get beat about home. Let's go to quit. You ain't gonna quit. That's that's incredible man has yet. That's that's a different willing different mindset, man. The kind of punishment that heals able to take in. And stuff. Gosh man is. That's a different kinda metality, man. You know what I'm saying? Then beat you f. Yeah, man. Yeah. You know, we'll have to learn from my adversity of you know. Yeah. Man. It's just definitely going to fight me. This one thing you have to know. That's one thing fighting all you have to remember one thing was forget everything else. You would left hook your right hand. You you're going to go fifteen wins knocking them out. You're going fifteen round the way he lives here. Let you go in litho him move, dad Luebbe ten ten around twelve thirteen then it's gonna fight you like an animal for the next three or four rounds using softer. He's gonna start laughing you either going to start lately coming from punchy coming from Noah, boom hard is on the pop pop. Pop. Pop up. Bob, Bob, all win big giants down. Yeah. Man. Yeah. Man. That's in the fifteenth round. He still pump. Boom, boom. See that the guy to fight a feeling afraid you still want to come. You. Don't be trained if they can't go. No more than has done can't go. No more. See? That's that's that's that legendary stage is one of the kid hands can beat them. But he still wanted to get hand. I used to love Frazier. I love. Style. Frazier with a month, his style, you know, Burt Watson, and you tell me that freighter had style because he has vision was messed up. So he could see. So he always wanted to fight like that just so that way he can always feel somebody's breath on top of. When he said out whenever you can't see no more. If I want to get that here. That's. Yeah. Yeah, man. But it is is nuts, man. Like that. That is like you're part of that legacy, man. And and that's amazing to me. Because like you you're such a living legend like you. You can you can easily be named in number one spot. You know what I'm saying? So is is just is just an honor to sit here. And just like, you know, what I'm saying? I'm saying with a piece of history right now, you know. Be Frazier form. Yeah. That's guys to end. Man. Fuck. Yeah. Man. I was mazing absolutely made about money but their pride. Yeah. That's what it's about man. And that's what I feel like I like UFC man because I feel you out of out of it. All man, I feel like that the sport is bringing it because you know, people fight they fight hard. You know what I'm saying? They fight hard on that, man. And you know, this product that I'm working on right now, you know, as with this company called onyx, and you know, we change in the equipment game because. Yeah. Yeah. This one. Yes. Oh, so we change equipment game. We we in the process of remaking the UFC glove because you know, we we're trying to adjust the eye pokes. Because at the end of the day, these athletes that that are in a UFC, they're getting bigger faster stronger. And you got you got guys like Johnny Walker. You got. Glove. Yeah. Yeah. But that was the only that has been the only I guess improvement on combat equipment and since the conception of quit. So there's not been a lot of technology. That's been put into it. And that's what that's what we do. So great with onyx because at onyx, you know, we were Trevor Wittman is the brains behind it this dude Trevor Wittman, he started making this equipment in his basement, and he would make the equipment because he's the coach rose NAMA unis in and just engage. He and his coach for myself Nate Marquardt. And when you see this new design in his glove. You're going to be like, okay. I it's pretty dealt because it has such a new innovative, look awesome. Yeah. So you know, I mean at the end of the day is about making sure that these athletes are able to be safe enough to do what we able to do because the training is the biggest in hardest aspect of all of it. And and and here's a reality. There's not a brand image may gear yet because. All the that we use either Bauer from body people get hurt and train his barn. And you'll see. Yeah. Yeah. They that's the hardest part. That's why aren't man fuck. That's why I'm normally guy. That's just dominant Spahn guys knocking out every but who have sometime guide champion her cause. Sometimes the champion the new guy they could borrow and he could beat anybody in the world. He has can't beat anybody in the ring right fight. Oh, yeah. Jimmy can beat anybody way. No thing and the Jimmy and nothing has the gym you nothing compared his practice Aero's. Yeah. Did to me. Why don't you play him in fort me attack? Guy's a bum. You let this guy do this to you. Yes. Practice so funny. Interesting process over I'll. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Man. I I guess guys feel more comfortable when there's nothing at stake. Yes. And then sometime I imagined pissed me off my ass. Jim didn't find his bummest pumped destroying? I think I think what it comes down to is started. This whole thing off with just a mental aspect of fighting like a lot of people can't handle having an having a date like like sometimes people they like violence fast. Right. They can handle somebody run up on our we throw in hands. I like the violence fast. But some people can't handle having a day knowing that they're going to have somebody who's equally as matched with them facing them deaths. That's the mind. That's that's the mind. Fuck right there that there's make people just just makes them not fighters you interested in. Interesting. And you said that that's so interesting because I'm at that aspect where I'm the kind of guy. I don't wanna get it's going right now, we're going with fight. I'm the kind of guy we wanted. I wanna talk shit about. I want everybody here. I would want to build it right now. That's great man to build it up, man. Ready? I'm like the action fast. Like, I was always guys who always got us started just when just man crazy hit. Yeah. Man. I mean, you know, I mean while boy growing up man, but that's why that's five for me fighting save my life, man. And that's why that's why you involve this prog this program called always progress. And you know, what we plan to do? And what we've been doing? We've been reaching out to kids, you know, in in in rough communities and kids who have problems and stuff like that to be able to to show them another way, you know, what I'm saying and martial arts win those things, and I wanna be able to give to these kids and be able to show him because fighting save my life man for five man, I think might being prison indent. The something the lift to give back being involved with that was made me wanna fight it. I wanna to be those guy you see these guys wanna be got nice clothes car. They're beautiful girl. They're all the holy shit. Well, curfew awesome job dead. Beautiful. Oh, I want some awesome chiklis that only champ of the world like that. That's that's the that was the dream. That was the fantasy have big mansions stuff airplanes and all that stuff. And then you get it. And you're like, wait. Listen nothing supposed to be nothing. Nothing. Never appears to be nothing think energy ever. But you gotta have a hobby. It'd be down moment. Yeah. Yes. That's that. Was that was that was being Ritchie making happy fat? Hey, go this money, but then happening fun if happening. Hey, good bunch of girls. Let's get a donkey in this motherfucker and make writ. That's a quote of the day. Day right there that is shit as brilliant. My should go for your legend Brown's brilliant, ma'am. Really, right. You think you take a guy from where come come from Brownsville Brooklyn with nothing, but look like a war zone drugs. Tefft? Tefft these gangs welfare. Addiction all over the place. However, I go to make and I'm in the game of robbing stilling on stuff how that go to make. I'm a little guy might in a good athlete thing you he's probably had two hundred street fights, right? If the kid had three hundred three four all they probably four five day, something like that everywhere. You neighbor fighting somebody one day, we listen when they we parking lady on the bus, and we got up the, but he didn't think the lady could no way complain. So we got the while got off the bus and next thing, you know, we walking up to block the wall walk on the block. And that thing, you know, the lady comes to the buck screaming. While getting studies and nothing we walk in her house walk by her house. The guys that mummy mummy the Jamaica. They start running out grab that we had the fight. And there is man. Oh, man. On fighting for this one. Crazy. Yeah. Crazy. We have. Have the money is giving my cards back and the guys. Mommy. Mommy. I roll the. Walking. Mummy mummy. January. The get any grab. Man, how fights puns? Got been them. We started. My friend was little like nine how little kid and he grabbed them guys. I punched him, and I grabbed the Duma snow. How big were you in eleven big league one hundred seventy five pounds. Like what you hundreds of pounds at eleven years. Oh, you got a man. Yeah. Seven five pound. My gosh. You were man. I got one hundred seventy five loon house just seventy pounds eighty pounds. Our that do the violent. The guy out going to talk it. Yeah. Yeah. I've I've been in before I been here before I got into some of that look craziness the strong, man. Yeah. We were crazy going up to man, we did a lot of crazy stuff now. But you know, you. You know, you. Day. We put together one day. When they. The my came in his room. You know, listen this guy he got money Joe. He fuller, Jerry when we got into this guy pulled up by. We'll be rushed you can pull out of the gun. We didn't know yet ago. We we formally Juliet rushed Raila snaps nam boom slammed on flow down. We walkway Lee. Start shooting Boone hits, my friend. God, you don't even know anyway, shooting, boom. Gotta go. Dane, gotta go. That's crazy, man. That's okay. He make it now. Now, they that's that's that's nothing. How how old were you in? When it happened fifteen though, probably twelve. That's bananas tragedy. So like when it happened. How that affects you did you got to change everything. I want this day my fame. They we still went, Robin. When he cuss thirteen thirteen Costa team so year later? Yeah. And then from then on did you stop doing all? No I used to go back down every now. And then and no, no, my rob the guy. Listen, right. But then I'm a stay cut the MIR rounds and stuff, right? So the guys, rob. I'm right there and the guide Robbins master, listen, I wanna buy that coat, and they go, rob the Cote, right? By wouldn't. I wouldn't do I wouldn't get directly involved. You know what I mean? But I would bring stolen goods houses stuff. And then I stop I started winning national titles and you start being in the paper had to stop this shave really stopped one of my friends. My other thing get killed. So I really was scared closer this has stopped. Yeah. Was the first fight. You got paid for well old. I got paid probably fifty thin hot dog. Yeah. When I was a kid on fourteen for your first fights, Amdo Spanish, people pay Fuca the bed on the money. That's deep. That's deep right there, man. That's so crazy. So so you so so when when when did you style come out like like what you had that that that peekaboo style? Like that. Like when when did it come out when it was it was only under cuss to or did you? Never boxy for police force and nothing meant cut. Okay. Okay. Okay. You were just raw when you really rule. Yeah. Man. Awesome. Train train all the time. It is rain train train train. All the time. Because it's like, you know, what what Mike is experiencing. What Mike has been able to be part of is is is once in a lifetime. I'm saying like to even you know, Senator even man it's like it's like, Hercules all the time. Mike is our version of Greek mythology is the way it was. No, that's the crazy thing. Do it's all true. So awesome. Did you probably some crazy? Crazy, dude. I damn just imagine lift I've been so lucky and life. Listen. I'm in Miami. What do you think about Miami's trade from one boom 'cause they pull them guns proud? They put diamonds what Chan oh sorry about that bitch ethnic, somebody some football ban. Man. Man, man, but that's respect right there. Man. Man respect. Why they pull the TULIO year to leave one time. To their client. Oh jam. We thought you bitch nigga nigga. I think they build up on me to see me myself. The man. Shit. Mike that's a definite complex. That's crazy. Oh, that's so intense bid. Yes. New. I'm like who's that? By women mind this nigga, but Mike where where you feel like you like all right? When I go here. I gotta be careful because I always get shit when I go, oh that place a strip club or something. Yeah. Oh, straggler be cool. When I go to strip club stupid mother. After one to put my tongue in the bitch. Mouth grandma got the bit. My head draw man. Yeah. Man. Listen, I've Davey my woman going out the good girl back in the day. These girls that motherfucker? Checking out getting the guy checking rating fuck away from girl he paying. I was absolutely. Is that is hilarious. I remember she tell the both not to let him in when she's working than when. Let me and when he. Because he could have you. Hi. The gum right here. I'm here. I'm here. Oh, I go. The time on psycho. So so so like, I mean have you ever felt for Chipper like like, okay, there's going to be the one that I'm going to be with mini attorney. Your by your by these girls the shit. What are you? You've always. What he was. Sure. Thanks something. The house was keeps it real Mikey a that's that's real shit right there. That's really folk around. That's my man. That's why Mike is man. Listen, I'm in. Got in a fight one day in the strip club. And I nothing guy. Right. But I mean, maybe in high not checking around that he had his win is boy snuff me. I'm watching guy. Power power. Oh. What? I'm got bullying. This guy coming meant to with that. And man by keep it. It's a wells. Grow by death. Funny so-so now, you don't even fuck shit. That's good, man. That's what that's what it's about. Man. That's growth might because it's understanding what makes you weak, man. Yeah. Yeah. Man. We all got our weaknesses. I hear that man. The club. The south Florida's strip club, south, Florida. It makes you want to save it. Does it make you make? It do like. Girls. Yeah, man. Yeah. I've seen some pretty strict. I don't want to. Vour? Oh. I want to say, no, I'm not trying to be no chauvinistic pig. That's just my my passion to devour. Stuff. I wanna hold out too much humanitarian, you know, what I'm saying that. Oh my gosh. She's a nice girl. Oh, really go to college. Let me let me pay tuition. Nice. I didn't want. I wanted to slut man. Yeah. Oh, my see Mike, Mike, he lived and you had it. All man. I that's a beautiful thing, man. Yeah. That's a beautiful thing. Man. If he might see I I would love to have. So that might ties experience. But when I when I think when when the game, and they win a lot of girls they're caught up with aids epidemic this dope. Yeah. That's that's the thing. Make sure you stay on on that bullshit. Listen, man. You don't know your numbers? It's crazy though that you all those people that don't get caught out there. They're smarter than me. I respect them. And tell them the decision makings, and they got sick out. There dumb guy who I had. No respecting my decision. Make you want to make it as yes. Yeah. Man. Do pit living my life the way. I did. Yeah. Yeah. Man. It's a blessed. Man. I bet you think sometimes dang how my even here. I'm very grateful now. Yeah. Well, our young I wanted to kill my full bad. But now they get old. I wanna live. Yeah. Things look forward as you children. Look forward to them growing experiencing your experiences in life. Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. That's that's a blessing right there, man. That's that's that realization man about that. That's where I'm at my life to you know, where I'm starting to like get into phase for. Unless about what I wanna do more about. What would the people care about one? Do you know? That's what it comes down to my life non-full about my family. My kids and stuff it where we used to my daughter. The little sick today level with a little in laws to we were worried about her go check my wife. I left a message that everything's okay. And it's just that you know, you never know when that that moment's gonna come. You know, what I mean when you're vulnerable, and you can catch money. You think you don't care how big a star? You think you'll have bigger eagle you think to my who loved his suffering. You can't do nothing Wade out like a little they not just waiting and you go back to God. Then you realize then when you go to guard when you have nothing money to help you fade, you turn into a little fucking putting all gone, please help me. Really go there. Yeah. Thing about it like. Honestly minute. So so I used to ice at work in hospital. When it when I was when I was coming up before I was fighting part of my job was put people into the morgue. So I used to see death all the time. You know, what I'm saying always used to put me in a mental state where it was like man, I gotta make sure that I made this life count. You know what I'm saying? They put me in appreciative mindset for life out the gate, man. Because like when you put him bodies into the morgue in the back of the body is still warm. You know, saying that kinda stays in your mind for a long time. You know what I'm saying? Because is you know, somebody's life coming to an end, you know, kinda some deep shit is kind of morbid. But I think a lot of people don't don't think about, you know, the totality of how fragile life is enough, man. Please. Oh, man. Please a little on one one little guidance sunflower with choking die off of a fragile. We seem so indestructible indestructible me he often corporation Kantha. Yeah. Then destruct with this guy one and do brick wall. He got brain cancel feeble. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Honestly speaking, I think that, you know, more than anything that we need to be more conscious about, you know, what is in our virement into to make us healthy because you know, now, you know, the five G network and all the five G towers out putting out these these these broadbands, and he's frequencies penetrating and going through solid matter, including our body in pretty much. You know, when you we think about it. You know, our body appears to be physical. But at the same time is nothing but Maracha molecular frequency slowing down a different frequency. That's why. When we do, you know, any psychedelics change vibration, you vibrate at a different level. You know what I'm saying? And then you vibrate out of your body. But you know, those frequencies that five network those have harmful, you know, really bad problems for our body in general, you really think about like to think about what might have been too far the radiation. Doctor gives medication at whatever on the took over the year for pain. I now man is sending on and all that crazy stuff. I have finished pattern box because they have bad hands. So he's not myself for Bachmann, gifted just get off for won't be detected in the fight my hands her that long as the fighter I can deal with I can deal with the conflict punishment and training. But that that's that was that was like like breathing star detox my body's just because I wanted to just clean it out with auto. Oxen's and everything like that. Because, you know, for a long time as an athlete, I did do a lot of those those stuff like that. So when you say that Yunessi de marketing, he's trying to do something for athletes to make sure that they have something cleaner. Putting a body that helps to replenish it. And make sure that they were to compete and recover. Then that's. In my life. Exactly my mind with all about that fix. Yeah. Boom. Fictive Pullman needle boom that pet boom fig if for that forty five minutes or whatever it takes boom. That's all I need it from now the hand stuff my with broken forty five minutes, breaking more, you know, you get caught in open to opiate addictions in that that right? There's nothing to play. Because once you play with that that releases the monster that you just can't control in addiction just becomes so powerful that it just takes over who you are as a person. And and that's and that's what we're that's epidemic that we're facing right here. You know, what I'm saying that all the all the the hard pharmaceuticals, you know, got everybody addicted. And then once they start cutting back on it and everybody started turning to the hard street drugs the heroin drugs, and you know, our country's falling apart behind it. Yeah. Yeah. We're pretty much drug feeding country. We like China were than thirties and forties and twenties member opiates and British if the whole country with drug country, opium dens. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's what we are. Now. All right now. Maybe I'll kill your big town. Assistant president everybody we all getting high now. Hey, we have a main. But that's proceed. That's why. That's why I like that's why like, you know. The hot box in this show. You know, why why is show? So so important because it would it does is is it's putting a different different spin different kind of face on something that's been taboo for so long. You know what I'm saying? So many people look at, you know, you know, marijuana in CBD and things like that nature and look at it with such a different kind of stereotype negative stereotype. But at the end of the day, you know, when it comes for me someone who suffer from many concussions someone who's been, you know, suffer from depression, suffered from all these things that comes from the career that I chose this is what gives me relief in this is real this. No commercial this gives me relief. This will make sure so that I'm able to function this. What makes it so that I'm able to still speak? Clearly, you know, and and I can't say enough about it. So like, you know, being hot boxer, Mike Tyson. You know, is is more than just, you know, just just being here with. Man, we sit in a message about coming. Also your career being a fight of you of fighting. You get hurt real bad. Yes. In a lot of fighters got hurt real bad. Embellished with there's one situation where it has got name cyborg. Got it head by. By my venom page, and you know, dynamic one eighty five hundred quantum with a knee any actually put it in detail in his head. But you know, fortunately enough, and here's a beautiful thing about about the sport. Is that no one has been like seriously seriously injured, but at the end of the day, you know, it's I mean, it may be just a matter of time. But I think that. You know, for some reason to formula that we have an inmate has been working at nobody's been getting seriously hurt, you know. So, you know, I it's. I guess I guess, you know, with the fact that we can evenly distribute the punishment of your of attack evenly throughout the body. You know, just focusing on the waist up taking those heavy heavy shots. But I've seen some people get get messed up. Like, I one time. I kick the do in the head so bad. And it was it was it was so bad that like it's forever for them to get him out out of the cage, and it was one moments rows like man, I think I really I really really hurt as do because you know, like if you put somebody lights out bad, they're they're never ever the same after that the worth one when you're fighting unit noted when you hit somebody in fill like, you miss them. Yeah. Did. Yes. You scares. Yes. If that. Feel like you miss and you hear them. Here that I don't know why that way all the time. Yeah. But man, I had through soil hat had had. Areas you feel because. I mean, I mean when I did you do it in movement is happening so fast. You almost don't even feel like that even hurt and the start to react to it might not even knowing that they heard, and then he just oughta here, you just like, ooh. That was a bad. That was worth, you know, with another people know, I want to be the okay. Yeah. But, you know, back in the day, we were so crazy man we used to do this thing where we will come up behind somebody and put them in. What we call the dope fiend, and we're just. Those that don't know. Sleep though fleeing. Fain and put him to sleep and we'll do. Middle school was always like trying to get costly slip AMAN. But yeah, that's where I'm going putting each other sleep. That's good. The is is banana. That's what we did to the drug drunk yoke putting on pocket. Oh, that's that's why that's why like kids these days, man. Like I there's a big epidemic. I don't know bullying, but bullying but hairs on it like, how do we how do we confidently say no bullying, bullying, we live in a society where we do nothing, but promote bullying everything everything that we promote is as far as the reality show. That's that's part of Kate on just that whole bully mentality. So a seems you know, rather rather impossible or pretty impractical to think that the children going to act any other way than than what they're what they're seeing. You know what I'm saying? But when we were when we were kids like. Confront bully confront when they had to fight this guy birth. And I was scared the fight among I wanted to find MAB still scared there. But my friends that you Mike fucking fight a main idea man, we I didn't care. Fuck me with. Okay. Well, see back in the data use willing to take an air bully like I had a bully bully. One of my bullies was one of my best friend Craig ill. His his uncle his name was uncle billion uncle Billy was kind of a maniac ability. Like like, like, here's Billy like, we'll go to my. What about boys house, right? And we'll go to his room, and we'll be in. He shared a room with his uncle, and then an uncle home from school. And he like, hey, what the fuck are you little assholes doing in here? Right. Oh, man. We're just we're just here to wait for Craigie. Well, guess what? I don't want you little fucks in my room. And guess what? That means. That means I'm going to lock this door. If I'm going to beat the shit out of everything every single fucking while you, really. He he. Close the door locks in the door. And he will beat the hell out of us for like, a least two hours. Are you serious? He was a maniac where Billy. But that's but Billy was a crazy. Son of a bitch, man. He will be as bed. So that's the kind of bully that I grew up with man. But these kids got buddies like that bad. All like. L? Nobody could believe me. They were bullying a lot. Okay. I'll turn you on. Right. But see the thing is how kids though like when they get bullied online. Is that like like something that they did get put online like they get caught slipping? Somebody taking him bear some pitcher or something like that. And the NASA element. That's that's that's the that's the bell. Belem around suicide. Yeah. I mean fucked up to you feel like your life year when that happens man, you feel like your life is over a lot of kids can't handle it never over never met. That's that's the beauty of it, man. Just going through it and just and just riding through that valley man, you know, valley teach you something. Yeah. What are you doing these days man on got onyx? You know? Also, also working with this fertilization company called fidelity trying to do some business with Mike about who. Yeah. Yeah. So so what we have is. We have like an all natural, you know, super friendly further fertilizer that. Yeah, you can put on marijuana in in. It doesn't have any harmful chemicals. So low safe that you can even like you can put it on your hand, you can spray it in your mouth. Yeah. So something is something is is super super safe because the NFL because I mean, there's a lot of cases situations where you know, they had a lose crops because you know, if they get caught with anything that has any kind of fad Campbell's pesticides metal earn heavy. All the I mean, that's the thing that I think Kim of you know, how long living the Bethan guys Ari into even know. You know how much? Pesticide. And she we've been eating over the man plays it. Yes. So so so yeah. On on that, man. Have you ever heard about the conspiracy Comey about that? So yes. So that by yes. So so so the problem is the fact that the these-these halogens, that's that's what these chemicals are in the the bro the bromide and all these the fluoride and all these different chemicals that come onto our food and in into our bodies, you know, they compete for the same. They compete for the same. I guess receptors as I dine in Aydin is one of the things that we actually need to have cell development. You know, so important point, though blow policeman. No is also. So there there's I dine at you supposed to take it is is called the nascent, I die. You take nascent Aydin and it super by bioavailable for your body because it would allow your body to. Absorb it right away in most of us are identification in most of the problems that cause cancer is because of a deficiency nine, and that's and that's something that all this shit in our water. Well, this up the receptors right would help us or right, right? So once you start clean out your body, and you start, you know, supplemented with some like nascent iodine, and some other things that will help to clean out your blood, like, you know, you need something for your stomach like if you take there's an invading called hair Taki, if you take something like that that helped clean out your stomach and clean out your blood, and it also like ads like three hundred percent more oxygen to your brain. So they're talkie. Yes, called heritage. And you take it every single night. So take that night. And if you you know, you would it is it's an stringent powder that you take in cleans out, your bows. And when most disease happens it happens because you know, you have food and stuff that doesn't can't get processed through your body because it. It's it gets caked in because when we eat the foods that we eat it's not bioavailable for body. So why man? Yeah, glen. Yeah. So so it gets stored in areas where it causes cancer. We do the break that down. So that's what I'm saying. That's that's what you do. You take stuff like that help clean out your blood that help clean out your digestive track. Once you start once you start doing stuff like that taking Aydin taking things to help boost your iron dome Pfaff into that too fast fast that just won't go into a more electric diet going to more, you know, fruits and vegetables and stuff like that. Electric because because when when your body's to acidic, that's when you start to get all the cancers. That's when you get all these things grow, but man, probably fucked. No. But even this even if you start drinking, something distilled water, people say distilled water is not good because it washes, the minerals, but that's not true it washes out the minerals that are not bioavailable to your body. So like nyc harm from Israel's that's what it washes off with all the one that all the ones that are good for your body Stillwater won't do it. So still waters something that everyone can drink. Everyone can afford you drink it, and it just it cleans out your body from a lot of the toxins. We come in contact with interesting. My wife's got me on the celery juice. Every more dummy the pair too. I love soup Amelia. It's a lecture charged. That's the word to my mind when I'm drinking this man, and you drink it first thing in the morning. It's supposed to clear out all the shit out of your liver and stuff. Yeah. Bath. Oh, yes. And good shippers. Interesting to hear you say like electric foods because this is the first time I've ever had something I was like this is like electrically charged his drink. Yes. Anyway, I love it, man. I'm a big dude year. Like, you're the fucking man trying man. Trying man I'm trying to show. Nobody is Sean and your shove him. My I am working in that direction. Mike coming up two years ago, and being like, a sell your fight it let your heart, and that whole that that was that was that was one of the biggest moment of my life, man. It was just like because because I looked up to my solo in to have him come up and talk to me and said, he see me fight house. Like, I was brought to tears, but you know, might gave me some good advice. Many. He told me he's actually told me some things that that that I didn't listen to in independent price for you know, he gave me some advice about being being in a marriage and being in stuff like that. And I didn't listen and I end up getting a divorce, but never. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But my advice guys. It was something on a lion's about like, you know, he knew how big support my ex wife was and stuff like that. And he talked about, you know, just about making mistakes and things like that. Because I think he was that he was at the point in his life where he was starting to, you know, start to understand different things. So yes, so so he'll he'll he'll kicking game. And is like house surprised, man. Because you know, there's a co feeling your own feelings co alone have shit you broken the money alone. No friends with the fuck among gonna do that. I said, that's that's that's a very that's a hard feeling man. That's a hard feeling. And I had you know, I had a situation where I had, you know, manager takes Sears money from me. And you know, that that that is hurtful thing because you know, as I didn't I didn't make all the millions of millions of dollars as a fighter. So as it may fighter when you lose some money men at that money that money hurts me. You know what I'm saying? So, you know, it could bring you to a dark place, man. But it just you know, as a fighter. Listen and beat some poem Pomona up so bad. Man. Do this guy. Oh, man. Man. I am such of pray to God. Forgive me one day my maker. I was just why this guy stole something that this this Dan about the window to win go. Hold on. Man was crazy. It was crazy fighting. It's quite thought. I thought I thought my mind I was a fucking God of war. How dare you disrespect me violent? I my mind bag. Got sick. Wow. You man. I you to do that to also caught up in that mindset. Yeah. What was what was the moment where you had to confront might Tyson the fight overs? Mike tyson. You know, the person like because there's always that moment. Where is that? Like where we're where you have to kind of put a make a division between the two of them. Or did that happen? When my daughter died for your daughter passed away. And there was nothing that can do. Fuck. Yeah. Yeah. Doc imagine man began do shit. Yeah. That's a heartbreaking thing. Does. That's that's the part of life. Like, you know when you. When when you just want to. You know, you you just wanna just just like tap out in and then, but then you find some way to just some reason to keep on going, man fog, I think, and I was have no money both it and a friend of mine Pacific thousand for the funeral while as amazing firm. That's also up. You know? Yeah. And in the Azmi through it happen, pay boom. That's love right there. Man. See that's that's what it's about having having people like that. And that's why that's why so much respect man for friends. They help me, but they would never give me no money. They helped me out, but they would never give I needed Sunday by from the never give me no money in put that way that when when feel good at you know. Yeah. So at after that, that's the moment when you started turn it around. Yes. Star to to rebuild and wanted to change my life for her. Yes, that's the blessed life, and sometimes that's what that becomes a hard part about when we seventy tragedy. You know, what I'm saying is hard to see that the impact of life like the movie like collateral beauty. Here is always Claro beauty in so much things in life in. It comes on backs of those those hard those hard those hard situations. It was weird because I was still old the getting high, and I was deem, man. I was getting walked up, and my wife that the more we will change your life. You have stopped doing this. We get some shows rating shows and the next thing, I know. She voted show from after doing for man show in. Yeah. And then on from then on everything started going up, and that's a beauty that became that became your therapy became Rehan became time. Yeah, that's dope. Once you experience, the tote. You have did you have a different perspective on a situation on the on the path. Maybe daughter different perspective on the way. I look at people in the way of talk to people. We'll never look at them. This thing, you know. Yeah. I know I know most of just eagle fed in we freed to show who we truly are. Yeah. We feel naked without eagle eagle gives the forces to curate. Absolutely. Have have you ever tried? Have you ever tried mushrooms? Oh, yeah. The Muslim but their bags bad expand. Because I'm there I got mushrooms. And then I got my I'm one mushroom. I got my. After two girlfriend back then. Lift a man. And then I got guys then I got guys trying to hit on my girlfriend. I wanted the mushroom and so I get mad mushroom. So I'd get fucking golf club me start going ill in the house. Yeah. He's not going Terresa. I wouldn't go. Biased week. We had Joey Dee as on talked about doing acid and prison. I was like I would have now scared to for them handle shit shouldn't no fucking way. Oh, my. What was the craziest part of being in prison just from? I mean just from. I mean, you know, you incarcerated there. I mean, the survival is just a different mentality. You know what I'm saying? Like how how did you make that adjustment man privilege like? Prisons the closest thing to being dead. You know, you you locked up away from the world. You have no connection with the world at all, you know. And no connection can no you can't touch. Nobody behind the glass and. The only that's the only time that the dead fucking live communicators somebody imprisoned because he's really dead to leave backout else. He may never come out. You know, and you have to accept that. We -ality everybody that you don't exist. But you do, but you don't you know, you do. But you don't see. That's the hardest part is probably the seeing everybody's following from you. And then at the same time, you know, you just kind of like in a place where. I mean like you said you feel dead people are dying love you can't do anything for them. Normally they can help. You can't help them. And then then forget that. That's what does your personal gig gotta deal with now you gotta deal with these idiots in here. Right right now. You got the Indians. See that's. Everybody. I mean, you had to have people trying you until you be had to be like Joe, I'm not just Ono felty. No, listen. No lynn. Again, the author Keisha with this guy, right? And I got into the case with this guy. And I find this guy the game this guy gets six hundred seven hundred guy outside right? But I'm playing like, I'm a skidding nothing. Right. That play up and fan. I'm dying all these negative. We're gonna kill me and. And. Fuck right. And then move to poor. And then the mice the your might man. Got a couple of hundred negative out there waiting you come out on right? And this other guy the little guy little black ponytail. He said this where Mike afri- to. He got about a thousand guys. I said, well, I listen, I don't want. No trouble. Nice kid, I found on the travel. What's to stop deep? Right. I mean, that's what that's the first time. I really experienced real gang activity. Hey, well, you know, bro and five late squash to shake and make this appear to be cool. Yeah. Able to do that. Yeah. It was cool. But they didn't want it to squad. They have really personal stuff. I didn't want them to use me for that stuff. Right. You there the ship me away and put me somewhere. I didn't wanna leave that print. You know, that must have been incredible for you for this guy in that prison to be the guide of just bring peace that situation. Holy as he is crazy. And the guy came out of nowhere, the Mike who have no way, I know that guy. Nowhere might well. My friends too. Shit. Let's see the so so so so that's what I'm saying. See that's the mentality part man that that that is is is about you just being survivor, man. You know, what I'm saying from day one is being able to always make that transition transition. Make that adapt tation to whatever life presentiment, I should have that should deeply always affair at the at the the number one of method able to dab two situations. Yeah. They can print now though, the cool after that was made sure by got the drugs and everything I trouble and chill out by bunch of drugs. Your chil-. No trouble man 'cause they had to joke from time yet. Yeah. Like a good strategy. Great strategy to diplomatically. The smart man, that's mart. I learned not to get an argument. The God of the guys the Tyson and you put the money in my book fuck is world up. Like that. Yeah. They would they didn't care had nothing but time, and they know. Yeah. Put money in their book eat anything done over there. But I wasn't. But that's crazy. Because you think though that they were have you just like in in isolation. Like, you think that there's some? I was going to relations the middle place in the world, you lack down twenty three hours a day. And you'd think they'd let you outside to go work out. Not put a cage eight to yourself. That come outside you walk back and forth. Back. Crazy. Yeah. That's insane. Say see there's so much. There's so much power in my story, man. Just from just oughta different phases. And all the different mindsets. That one must have compass, you know, just just even survive this crazy love everybody thar sympathetic when you got fucked. Sympathetic for me. They, but they look at me like the puppy. They wouldn't from super Bandon. God man you. Plenty to them. You got to like that. Yes. Bush. They changed the law to get you that bullshit. Mm-hmm. And it's all about that rebound baby veering Louis everybody fill my time. Baby tried to get me in programs and stuff. I get my time cut and everything no program time. We've cut in half. We wanted to do to you do this you cut this library cut that cut list program. But you so you had to learn a lot, and you had to learn a lot near just just to make sure you like I mean, you had nine that's probably had to be spot where you here but lifting knowledge game. This is the problem this pro when I first came in print, and I was so I read amount of fighting with the cars had altercation with the God. And over the time by the time. I started cooling that me and God's the friend all those five they build up. So I had to come back. They to give an extra year. So I had to go to all these programs to cut the year or get out. Three I've been doing for all these programs to have. Okay. Okay. That's crazy, man. That's going to stay out of trouble getting arguments, and nobody could depend more powerful than the sward in there. They start rain you workman. Yeah. Time on top of time. They hit you. Listen there. You'll get life. You're going in for three years, and they come back and wind up getting life in their medicating guys came in and they got three or four years one. I'm getting light. And just just try vives got caught up. There could have been from bullshit. I mean stabbing people that cramp stuff. Many stories you hear you know. That's crazy man in prison different mice altogether. Think you'll get you'll know what's gonna happen to you. And you get in there. Somebody's going to kill you charge in the worth going to happen. You might kill from ATI. Yeah. You know? So heavy now everybody dangerous everybody little skinny white moved long hair all things within they're all very dangerous. And it's got to be crazy 'cause you have a target on your back. Yeah. Who you are and everything like that on dangerous. I never live. Let me tell you something about me. I am. I was kind of fighter house. Oh freight. I want everybody it'd be afraid of me. You know what? I mean that was me. Showing my fear, my ferociousness, and all that that was my fears right now people always took it. This is the average the savage fear. But that was my fear as fear based got I create a fabulous guy. You know? Yeah. Scared of everybody. Yeah. Fear bay left low self esteem. But I had mega mania ego. You know? Yeah. Yeah. Mike always had this great vocabulary. Man. What would you read the dictionary? All time growing up now. Listen, right. How'd you get this? Okay. Will. For my mental. You still help me go. We'll go over words stuff. He showed me the words write them down with the be used to over words, especially when it came to combat sports, and I used to read about the old fight. And how guys is this guy to right in boat like Dora at for like a kill. Then he's the rain about these guys. God. I wanted to write about me like that. I love that. Anything? I don't know what Magna was and that was the prior to be a fighter to be fed if please forgive me if I'm therapies act like a fabulous. Because really I am. You know, who they were data? What had? Anyway, forgive me, if I've savage gimme act like fabulous. I am a savage. Faye? That's powerful. Because it's true is true is true man because you have to be no because the fact that because I'm. Faye? You have that way. With really taboo. You know, what I mean, the really felt there Gatien into anybody had big egos, and they say, I am creating successful fucking Fava's or beast about took that honor and Vadim flick that on people to the show how much I better. My hands on them. Yeah. I liked it must have it. Give the seven could have all I was into fighting who have warfare of ecological warfare and everything about fighting war. And it's always read about fighting in combat fighting how guys one fights without even fighting, you know, and that's the art of fighting the win fights without fighting, right? As best. You had a lot of people beat before the fight even start it. Absolutely. When I was such a free. But I've thought it realize these guy the more frayed of me, I am them. You know? Yeah. I remember seeing the Olympic. Where the Olympic where you're doing the competing tournament. And you're crying before the fight. You know, you're crime before just just just being given into your nerves kid. Yeah. That was that was a powerful moment man with that was that was one those when the time com. Click it goes away here goes. Yeah. Kidding? Did it that was one of those things man just helped me to be like, man? I it's okay to to be what had his feelings because this is how you handle these feelings. You know what I mean? Some people are different some people. Then people before five in the mirror again, beautiful going out on a date before the fa no here eyelash and everything share within looking good guy that crazy. Land fighters reference, checking of they want to be pretty. Dudes, and the L who'd be putting fucking gel in their winning. Winning looking. The Fokker you doing I'm like, spitting and fucking shitting. Flora. Yeah. You know, you're hearing for war. Right. Listen. That's the fact the war psychology to remember reading about the Greek warfare Alexander the great youth. Always going battlefield smelling beautiful looking beautiful. You know what? I mean. He's ready for war. That's interesting perspective too. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think maybe for me. I always get dressed up before I will compete like you. I think that we're going to put on suits and how to come up, but that was one of the process that that helped me to alleviate some of my nerves from from thinking about the fight because if I had a routine that I was doing then I'll focus him. I retain not worried about aspects of the fighter home gonna feel and I use it to win. Nice stuff for the faith in the press conference. And then I started thinking I have to be the person. I am. So. Fucking luxury came added a me. Yeah. Yeah. Right. I mean, if I'm therapies stuff can't matter to me. That's why you never came out with a Rover stuff commanded me. He'd be a savage luxury matters to you. True. Yeah. That's true. That's true. That's a different Mike that is the care of that deep though. Because that explains why he will come out with just a towel. No, socks black shoes and black shorts. You know what I'm saying? That was keep that image out there fabric. And I wanted to keep them uncomfortable. Wanna to keep them a free because I was afraid. Yeah. I want them to feel when our with feeling won the feel the heart bubbling their blood bubbling and shitting on felt vaguely the bathroom every five minutes. I wanted to feel that too. Talk about fighting suppose, you're talking about emotions and stuff that we do. This is now what people do actually do for. They don't do for no knife. What we do for a living people? Void their whole life confrontation avoid that their whole life. We do for a living for that. That that we're in a difference a mind scheduling the most people. We have different mindset. There's no doubt about it. Thanks. Mike. Those dope is hell, bro. Thanks. I appreciate you have. Off to the toll Meghan, listen. Most brother, the freight and stuff like thing. Right, man, brother talk. Whether you're talking about that white boy shitting fuck that shit. Now, you know, Negga, right? That's what I when it hit me, boom. I o chef fucked up them white boy forgotten. I got me. Let me ask you were you able to think in that place where you able to have any thought why us Aaron no boom, I got hit. I started seeing shit Mark. I could talk to myself. I hear myself talking my head, but man hours out cold. I couldn't move and I started seeing those permits and all that as Texas and stuff. Yeah. In the demand is made out of rave ovens, man. It was crazy. They say, so there's a book call to ban book of the dead. And it speaks about how do you die? Right. And they speak on the stage of death that pretty much described. What happened when you do? The toad is called the first stage of bardo. Bardo means in between. So in the first stage is that you are engulfed in this, everlasting encompassing lighting, and you feel the you feel the feel of the all like, you feel how you feel when you do the toad and you're supposed to recognize that. That's you. But a lot of people they say they say that when you pass through and death that is so seemless, and so smooth that you don't even know you died so most people don't know died. So when they feel that feeling they run from that feeling then they go back to a reality that that fits their their emotional state run from it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's what. But what it is is it's it's the eagle death though. That's what it is is that eagle death in and what we have to realize that that is the essence of death. That is the extent of death is the fact that the eagle was going to die. The idea of who you think you are in this flesh and bone is going to die. And that's the scary part. But that's not the end of existence. Yes. But that's what you think. Listen only thing. I have. I thought I had with my eagle my eagles. All I hand is all that made me made me believe that was wasn't. Yeah. My eagle was only kadumi told me things I can do that never dreamed that I can do you know what I mean told me lies to. You know, told me live. You know, what I mean, I try to live to live that we're unacceptable. He couldn't be challenged to touch the tangible. The you know. Yeah. So interesting ego. They say it's the thing that ties our spirit to our physical body. Yeah. Really? Yeah. That's why that's why. That's why here's what we all need to do. We need to go on a venture where we do some some intrigue mushrooms retreat and do some mushrooms and nature mental telling you he'll and stuff man they actually going to legalize they're going to legalize suicide and in order and also in also trying to do the same thing in Colorado. So, you know, Silla cyb in his healing a lot of people. They say they say they say this offer suicide suicide is so powerful that one dose. One good dose of suicide is worth six months of depression free symptoms. We try where can we try to? Oh. Well, you can get so Siva just play shuttle be interesting to see how that gets like worked out. I mean, there are they talking recreational or two I think they're talking about medicinal. I think that you know, they're also trying to maybe lineup study with with with John Hopkins and really put some real research behind the name again change your call. Silla cyber. Yes is name is age washrooms mushrooms. But it's is one of those is one of those things that that it helps you heal on another level because when you do Silla Simon you you learn to confront the problems yourself. So there's a lot of things about about each of us that it gets really hard to face when you're in this reality. But once you do suicide is shifts your ego enough where you able to have a perspective and perspective is all you need is to have understand. Right. So once you have that understanding that becomes your new truth. And then based off that new truth would ever you feeling becomes dissipated where you able to have a different understanding because I mean, that's that's the power of the medicine. You know? So fuck, yeah. Yes. I mean that that's what that's what a good session of doing the medicine. Can do it can really shift your mental state. And have you have you seen life in a different perspective that that that is is is? In cohesiveness with with with existence in general, just with the. The the the non bullshit of life. Because once your ego is removed. You get to see that. There's not much difference between you, and I know Edfu eagle remove you realize that you now you think you're you're not a fabric, right? Yes. Frightened little boy. Right. You know what? I mean, not savvy Frank boy somebody to hug you say they love you trust. You comes down to absolutely. Ended order. Everybody. Thank you for listening to this episode of hot boxing. I'm Ed Britain. I'm Mike Tyson and shot Evans. Fuck. Thank you shots. Thank you here. We have flu here. Those literally the best. Thank you. Through five.

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