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NPR podcasts are now. Available on every platform checkout. All our shows at NPR dot org slash podcasts. That's NPR dot org slash podcasts. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Barbara Kline. President Trump is adding his voice to the bipartisan chorus condemning Virginia governor Ralph Northam who's changed. His response to a racist photograph under his name in an old medical school yearbook before the photo surfaced Northam was already facing criticism over comments about late term abortion as NPR's Mara Liasson reports Republicans are seeing opportunity in the governor's political troubles. The president like many other Republicans is treating the controversy over the Virginia governor's yearbook photos and abortion comments as a political opportunity. Trump tweeted that northbound's Republican opponent would have won the governor's race by twenty points. If his staff had uncovered Northerns yearbook pay. Page that page shows a person in black face and another in a KKK hood earlier. The president tweeted, the Democrats are becoming the party of late term abortion and crime. Meanwhile, North I'm has lost all support in Virginia. And in Washington as Democrats are calling for him to step down. Mara liasson. NPR news Washington in Ohio. A sheriff's deputy has been killed. Another is wounded in a standoff east of Cincinnati overnight. Bill Rinehart of member station. W VX you reports. A suspect is in custody. The Clermont county sheriff's office says the Twenty-three-year-old suspect I called nine one one seeing someone was in his apartment. He later told the dispatcher he was armed and suicidal a press. Release says detective Bill brewer died from his injuries at a nearby hospital. He was twenty year veteran in survived by his wife and five year old son. Lieutenant Nick rose was treated and released. Police say the suspect was taken into custody early. Sunday morning after the building caught fire for NPR news. I'm Bill Rinehart in Cincinnati. President Trump says he believes US troops in Afghanistan and Syria are tired, and he wants to bring them home. He tells CBS his face the nation. If there's a resurgence by ISIS oral Kaieda, the US can and will return quickly. The president also says sending US military personnel to Venezuela to help restore democracy. There is an option and he says he's turned down a request from Venezuelan leader nNcholas Maduro to meet tonight in Atlanta, the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams face off in the Super Bowl NPR's, Tom. Goldman says it's likely the fans at home and in a TV audience will be treated to a close contest. The point spread is close. New England's favored by two and a half points. And history says it'll be close because the patriots play close Super Bowls in the championship games. New England is played. In since two thousand two the average margin of victory. Whether the patriots won or lost was a little over four points. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Rams are playing in their first Super Bowl since one thousand nine hundred eighty this is NPR. The Trump administration says it would be too expensive and too difficult to reunite what could be thousands of migrant children separated from their parents. The American Civil Liberties union says a judge's order last June that required the government to reunite children in its custody. Also applies to children separated from their families before that time who are now living with sponsors or relatives. The government says there could be thousands the organization that operates a migrant rescue ship in Italy may face charges of aiding and abetting illegal immigration as Christopher lives. Say. In Rome reports the vessel spent nearly two weeks in port waiting for talion. Authorities to let it come ashore. Prosecutors in Sicily have opened an investigation into an organization called see watch last month that ship in the Mediterranean Sea picked up forty seven migrants, including fifteen unaccompanied minors the ship. Brought them to the port city of Catania. But Italy's populous government and new anti migrant measures prevented the undocumented migrants from disembarking for thirteen days. And now the organization that pulled the migrants from the water may face charges of criminal conspiracy. Meanwhile, five EU countries have vowed to take in the migrants instead of Italy for NPR news. I'm Christopher lives saved in Rome. A shipment of potatoes from France to Hong Kong has arrived short a spud. Instead it included a World War One era. German handgrenade believed to have been accidentally dug up in a French potato field. I'm Barbara Klein NPR news.

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