The Great Gildersleeve 47-05-28 (253) Gildy Tries to Give up Smoking


The Kraft Foods Company presents Harold Perry as the Great Gildersleeve right. The Great Gildersleeve is brought to you by the Kraft Foods Company. Came! Every day. Millions of women all over America. K. Margarine because it tastes so good. Mom. Take. Our K. Margarine P. A. R. K. A. Y.. It's wonderful. Now! Let's join the Great Gildersleeve. It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon in May. But where is he in his office? His desk strewn with papers getting ready to June first report of the water department. Left that? Door Open I told that. To No one city officials takes his duties seriously. How together this leave I don't want any insurance I know. Purvis I told you last time I'm carrying all I can handle I. Know Mr Gildersleeve. Shut that briefcase and get out of here. I'm busy Mr Gildersleeve I have certain responsibilities as an insurance man. Put Away that re- case I mean. He's you're an old customer of mine, and it's my duty to tell you about a policy would discontinuing. After June fifteen, no more retroactive savings policies will be sold by indestructible life. Glad to hear, I'll get those papers off my desk so I can get back and you'll be interested in hearing. Why would discontinuing the policy? The company was losing too much money. That's fine I'll get out. A man I always enjoy talking to Mr Gildersleeve I always feel your foam and worthy of my steel. Steel is right now. You can see from this I. Don't want it receipts from premium idol, what it disbursements and benefits stopped trying to tell me policy. I'm not trying to sell you a pilot. But if I left this policy, be discontinued. Telling you and you blame me afterwards. I'd feel pretty bad looking. Now, I've done my duty polity retention. No hard feelings I was family. They're all fine, and they don't insurance well one of these days. You're looking for yourself. Feel okay certainly at a checkup lately. No, don't need one. Probably not well. Wait a minute. What are you getting at? Manual checkup doesn't do any harm once a year so poppycock. It's a waste of money look, Mr Gillis lead. You are good customer of mine. I enjoy our little discussions I feel I, have a duty, you as well as to the company. What do you mean? Why don't you down and see DOC sample? He's the company doctor here in town. Let him give you a check up at indestructible expense, and we'll just give it a little secret between you and I. I don't know this doctor have sample. Oh, he's a first rate. Man Been with us for years just on. That purvis you. Company pays him. You're going check. Nobody gets hurt here. Take my car with you. You're just trying to put me under obligation. I'm only doing my duty you the customer only thing is. Don't tell anybody about it. Don't worry I. Mean Not even go. The doctor will see you inject a moment Mr Gildersleeve. He'll just come in here fully. Here yet, they're just undress. The doctor will be with you directly. Shoes and everything. Faith. Another one from Peres Dr. Guest. This is an operating room. All those knives. Really can't operate without my consent. That's a state law. Play. No place to hang your pants in here. Put them on the operating table. I suppose it's been sterilized. Just file everything on the chair I guess! Today Well, come on, let's get it over with. Now, that's at now. Lift up your left arm peas. Left it. Reading your blood pressure. How old are you about forty, eight, forty three and for forty forum? We can put you on down now. What makes you think? The. This. This, this is what tells the story. Is, it high, no low. No well. WHAT COMES TO GIVE US leave? Just raise your arms or I can take the band. That why don't you try the other doc? I may be a little, excited or something I. Don't think that'll be. We are. Now and tell Purvis. You're okay. I am Oh. Yes, you can qualify alright. It qualify well. I wasn't interested in that. I wanted to know how I am. My Heart for instance is my heart, and you're all right considering your aid. and I'd say your general conditions the same How old you say you were forty-four. Aren't you gonNA. Give me advice doctor I. Mean Gosh I. Come in here. You poke around and look at everything. There must be something you could tell me. Do you smoke a lot. Yes. I do cigars about six a day. Might as well. Tell the truth ten sometimes. Well you might out cigars for a while I will right away Dr do smoke I got a couple of guys with me. I don't smoke cigars myself, thanks. Thanks a million, anyway doctor I'm glad I found out about this. Gosh. Thanks. Get my clothes on before I catch pneumonia. Leroy! Marjorie. Anybody home. That you Birdie. Having that with some with. These, New I thought you want. No No, thank you. It'll be pretty soon. Blood pressure. I feel it pounding in my temples right now. Or is it imagine nation? Where's that household medical book. At approval cover liver colored. there. Heart conditions. Blood pressure. Scientific term for high blood. Pressure is hyper tension. Its presence can sometimes be detected by distended blood vessels in the eye. Giving the eyeball of bloodshot appearance. Is Probably read right now. That if I could have a cigar I'd feel fine. Still at doctor was pretty thorough. Confounded of a man can't smoke. What can he do? Miss Gill's lead. Birdie, if you've got a minute, do me a favor when you I. Surely Wellness guilty I, want you to be completely honest with me. All I always amnesty guilty. I always tell the strict and absolute truth I nobody all. I wanted to know back and say Adam tell the truth the Jews. Our religion with me always have been the strict and absolute. I appreciate that. Absolute. ME. I wasn't criticizing your Birdie I know you always tell the truth. That's why I came to you. I know I can count on you yet. They're now. Look in my eyes Brady I can look anybody in that I'd look anybody echoes I tell the truth strict that I'm not an absolute, I nobody I'm not asking you to look me in the eye. For that reason I want you to look at my eyes and tell me what you see there. In Yeah yes. What I in both of yes. Will you do it? Yes, I'll do it i. don't see any sense than doing. Fine. No! Look! I'm going get. What do you see? Nothing. Let me explain Birdie you. See the center of the I the Iris. What color is it Brown? And the white of the eye. What color is that right? And you don't see anything else. No. Wait a minute. Man Do what are you see you buddy i. Just. saw that's almost. I don't believe in very you're trying to spend might be. I'd told you the stricken absolute truth, and you'd all bleed all right all right. I Apologize Birdie. He got sick. Man certainly doesn't much encouragement or on here. Great Gildersleeve. will return in just a moment. Right now I'd like. To read the Parque Margarine Commercial Right. That's right. Remember our agreement all commercials. It'd be brief and factual. No hokum now I remember ply K.. Margarine is made by the Kraft Foods Company, and that means ply K. Margarine is a quality food. It's effect, but overheard one arcade German is delicious spread for bread, rolls and muffins, and a delightful topping for pancakes waffles so far so good. Why K. monitoring is one of the best of energy foods and each please? Impound contains fifteen thousand units of important vitamin A park. Park? A margarine is the most mouth watering the most lip smacking the most delicious lease Pale slowdown. You're grownup. People just stick to plain old facts. That's all we want I'm sorry. I lost my head because I'm completely sold Playa K. Margarine. The Margarine of craft quality is flavor fresh. It's made from choice products of American farms and children and grown ups alike delight in its flavor rich goodness. It's America's favorite spread for brand. Millions of women all over America Serve Parque module and because it tastes so good. Now, let's return to Gildersleeve who is still in a state of nerves. This is his first day of giving up smoking and he has discovered that if he can't chew on a cigar. It's a choice of either biting his nails, biting the children or chewing furniture. So he's the drugstore to buy something else to chew. I judge Nice Day. They wait surpassed. What's your hurry? Where are you going to Beckman's drugstore well guess I'll be going. Why beckmann because peeves is closed, remember. That'll be seen yet. Well what is it? Don't be in such a hurry or is. Will you stop being such an old woman? If you've got something on your mind spill? I thought you might just possibly be interested to know that our friend PD is back in town. He's back. You say been back since this morning. The Equity Beckmann. Slow down a little. Bad for the heart. was that. LEELA! I'll be right over. On your way home odd Martin. I ran into judge on the street and he. Gossip he's running around town telling everybody and taking bows, you think he left home, and why doesn't he? Thrives him our terrible well. I just couldn't wait to talk to Mr PD show I went in and bought a lipstick didn't need. I had a million things I was down dash game. Why left home way? Is. What made him sleep in the same room with their parrot? You, know I didn't get a thing out adding breath. You have to know how to handle them. You WanNa. Find out anything. The thing to do is pretend you interested. Just go in and act like nothing's happened. That's all pretend. You never knew. He was out of town pretty soon. It'll get. Silly can't stand it. You Talk Surachmat. Nude of made a wonderful SPA A. Psychology that's all. I. Use it every day. What business you just watch me with regular? Come right overnight. and. Tell me every single thing you find out if your fun. Really? I'll give the old boy a taste of his own medicine. Slowdown so I. Keep forgetting. Only thing. I. I'd like a pack of chewing gum. Please you. Can join him. That's what I said. That's right thanking doing him. And in particular kind. The kind you too can. I mean any particular flavor Oh. Yes. Well what have you got? and. Get. My graduate down here. An! Experiment we south a lot of that. Okay I'll take that, and then we have the double mint and peppermint and Tutti Frutti. I'll take experiment and over here we have. That's gum you. Know. Just, just give me the experiment. Yeah, here, it denting enjoying them. That's not eat. Or dentures the case may be. Then, we have Biman's PEPs enjoying them Pepsi Nets for the stomach. And here we have the ten crown charcoal gum. Jackal Make It spearmint. Here's something new and chewing gum if you're interested in joining together faith. Giambra just gates in this morning. Asked me why. Did he take it back if it didn't go. I took a couple of package on consignment. Machine Double Acting Har- Handgun. Camping came out of the. War I imagine. It not only widens the teeth and massage the gums, but also sweetens the breath and acts as a preventive recall. It that here on the package. CATATONIC! No thanks I'll stick to screaming cars. Ten people to them entertainment. Don't care about the added features. Like a mile, DUMB TUTTI FRUITY! I can't stand. Guardsmen. Prompt. Leave spearmint government. Allocated spearmint. Very wise. That would be an even five cents. No tax I gave you your nickel. Fifteen, thank you. No no don't bother. Nice Day. No. No, that was. Just the Gum Well you've. Got To be going now. Goodbye. Goodbye. A. Nice Day. Got Gotta be on the way. Yep. GotTa get going. Bye. Bye Bye. Married. PB where the Dickens if you been these last two weeks. Many way. Is that all you have to save for yourself. Again I believe if the man goes away on a little trip and. All right don't tell me. So you went on a little trip. Why did you go? Again Why did you come back? Come. Tell me one thing be. Back sleeping in his own room again. Speech sleeping in the garage. What did you say Mr. Braswell come ridenour and tell me everything found out. I'm just done curiosity. Comfortable take the show put. BAGS! His still far he. beat up at never mind the needlepoint. Who? Let me like to shake off all volume, and then you tell me Alabama. Nossa Guy Leila No, no, thank you. Know Chicago. I've been given them up giving them up. Wouldn't know you without a shake off Rachmat. would be like shaven off you much. I've had given them up. Had To. Really I. Don't know who we going around with. These days thrive mountain, and I don't. See. Anything but shy women are never satisfied. All again proven a mine. Foul many now passionately I like the Schnell Shea Gosh Mo- it show masculine. The Shah dot like Amanda feel he can be comfortable when he's with me well, this has nothing to do with any woman Leigh Life. That's what you think. The. DOCTOR'S ORDERS! You've been to a doctor. Wasn't gonNA. Say. Anything about at least. It isn't anything serious. Well. We'll die tomorrow I guess, but what did he say? Five Mile Auden? What did he tell you well? You know how doctors Eilly. I never tell you anything. Always trying to make you think there's nothing wrong. He told me I'd better go a little easy. Particularly guys. You and. Elaine. Let me get you. Know. Don't bother Leila. Let me, put it behind your head. Ethically. Leila. Crawled Ni. I like it. Just, let me move I. SA- guy the other pocket. Broken. Given up, she. Oh, I have. Just had this left? Couldn't bear to throw it away. I, just carry it around with me and snippet when things get bad. Bad show. Shy! my last guy. Tell your trough my. BODY SHAVE IT! It's my silver bullet. Now, now let's try to be cheerful them at. Tell me that Mr PD. What did you find? PEAVY! Come to think of it. I didn't find out a thing, not a thing. John Oh. Hey, I thought. You by George I can't help admiring meal. Fellow that many men in this town would have done what he did. Just walk out like that. I think show admirable. Wrong thing to do but. I do admire him for doing it. I never would have done it. I know that. Because you too much central responsibilities off, Martin. He's because I haven't the nerve now. That's not true why you have more than anybody, I ever knew. I'm not talking about physical courage, Leila. Nola. I think about TV. Just lighting out like that. I realized how dull and colorless my own life has been. Shark Ma. Can you. Know, that's true. Who knows if I'd handle things differently. Taking the bull by the horns struck Liley I hot. WHO KNOWS LEILA? Things might be different today. I might be happily married by now. I might be almost anything. It's too late. You know thrive my line. He wasn't saying much today. But I couldn't help noticing. There was a new light of his I a new spring in his step. He proves I think to himself. Approve something to his wife to. Prove he was master in his own home. They Mash to thrive my heart in Yaw. Decision that's the thing I wish. The auto dealers, a man who is capable of making great Shea Shen Throckmorton. have. Could never be interested in any man who didn't know his own mind. I think the thing about you hours. Man That you don't rush into things. Look not the shallow type who? Proposes to the fish. Kelly runs into fake Zion. All marriage, the first girly proposes to but once y'all mind is made up about anything gracious. I wouldn't get to oppose how I can tell you. Maybe. After all took P forty years to get around to doing what he did. Yes by George I'm not GonNa waste any forty years you WANNA make up your mind Leila. That's the thing and don't be too cautious, either after all the only live once you want to enjoy like you wanna live to the for. Sure Mile Hatton shell right, you know. By George is a big day for me. Leela and you re not. ally. Yup. Made up my mind about a lot of things from now on no more nonsense yards to leave no more pussyfooting, make decisions take action being being live life to the fall. Watch Kanodia fish decision drop. Leila. Stock! Have you got a match. I'm going back to cigars. We'll hear from the great gildersleeve again, so please stick around. Every day millions of women all over America serve why K Margarine because it tastes so good. Try it soon. Discover Park is fine fresh flavor when you spread it on bread, toast and Remember every day. Millions of women all over America serve. Crafts parque margarine because it tastes so good. Look I for the Margarine of craft quality. Buyer K. Margarine made by craft. Market do. You. K- Margarine a R. K. A. Y.. It's wonderful. Michigan listen. I've got OUTTA here Purvis. I've got good news for you. The doctor says you're okay got bad news for you. I'm GonNa live forever, so I don't need an insurance. Goodnight premise good nightclub! Played by our power. By John Wooden. John Lang Tango night for the Kraft Foods Lakers the famous line of quality product. A. Ladies when you're in a hurry in the families hungry. Here's a quick easy way to satisfy appetites with PAB. Step the delicious Cheddar cheese food. Children Love Deaths Mellow Cheddar. Flavor on crackers toasted sandwiches and from main dish traits. You can have a smooth golden pap step cheese sauce ready in a Jiffy perking the flavor of macaroni egg in hot vegetable dishes. Both. Delicious varieties Golden Cheddar and Pimento PAP Steph authorioty of menu uses ask for P. B. S. T. I. E. Double. T. have stepped cheese food. This is NBC the National Broadcasting Company.

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