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Tony you know I was reading some of the obits nasty sort of preparing one myself last night when I was told it. was was probably not going to make it very long, and you look at something like ten point eight points a game. People Follow Basketball now look at that and say well. How could that be important? How could he be in the hall of fame? He was everything he was. He was like the strong his kite. As we know time and say quick story, personal story the Gray David Duprey. Who has you know for? The Washington Post covered those bullets teams when they went to the finals, and they went a couple of times and failed, and they won. They won a championship. I was going to practice to substitute for David Dupree is a young sports writer for the Washington Post and to listen to me. You don't just go to west. Hills, practice, unscrew around and star reading the paper or you don't do that. He will quiz you. He will ask you what play. They're running and you better know so you better pay attention this time. When not only could you attend practice? You better, pay attention and WES UNSELD. Inclusive, I mean I learned more about basketball. Those days covering the bullets in the Wizards Win West was the coach and the g. m. after he ended his playing days when I was a rookie reporter and I know you feel the same way. He was strong and honest and sincere and sharing and giving he. I don't know a better man than West on sale, not not in my life do better man out of school I will suspect you feel the same way. I will speak to this issue because I covered his teams as a columnist, and as a columnist I wrote critical sarcastic, nasty pieces, and what's unsettled, always talk to me, always answered my questions I grew so fond of him as a man and felt badly that as the coach general manager, he never got that team to the levels. The team was at when he was the player you talked about. About ten point eight points again, he was a center in the style of Bill Russell Defense matters more than offense to us on cell. He was a tremendous rebounded the outlet. Pass the classic. Outlet Pass we go up with two hands. You turn in mid air. You put the ball onto hands behind your head, and you throw it down the floor. That's West unseld. The Guy who does the. The best in the NBA right now is Kevin Love. This is interesting about Kevin Love. Kevin Love's middle name is Wesley and he was named for West unsettled by his father Stan. Love who played on the bullets with West, some selden thought that much of them they got one championship. It's west on cells. They went to the final four times since he retired. They haven't gone to the finals. Finals. He his relationship with the owner. For so many years a Poland was like a son, and I need to repeat that and you know this, my like a son, a poll of wooden let west goal. What job do you want? You can't go? You've got to be here with me. And he is by far the greatest figure in Washington best while there's there's no one who approaches him. Too quick historical notes rookie of the year and MVP. Here's the list of people who have been rookie of the year, MVP wilt and West on sale like that list, and the other thing is Tony. He was being recruited West was. He was part of history when he could have been a different part of history in at the University of Kentucky. Players then Yeah Adolph, rupp went to wes, unseld home and attempted to recruit all sorts of other issues I. Know West didn't want to be a part of talked about it like you had to find another black player because he had to have a roommate in college, there was all sorts of stuff in western. I'm fine to the University of Louisville where he went and was great. And all you people, all you kids out there who don't want to include wes unseld your top whatever Google has pedia pay look West until read about the man and the player he was. Just I'll just say one other thing that every night. When he went out there and he was six seven, he wasn't bigger than that. He was wide, but he was only six seven. He had to battle against Willis Reed and Kareem abdul-jabbar. Wilt Chamberlain in an era where the NBA was dominated by seniors. He always held his own always and get Bob. Lanier Dave Collins I mean it was giants beating each other up, Westwood, the shortest guy by far, but he was so. Strong and so tough. People think they're strong and tough now. No, not really. Tony we've got. We moved from the great to the absurd strangest controversy over the George. George fluid tragedy involving The New York, Knicks. Jim Dolan is being harshly criticized for sending an email to its employees, essentially explaining why the Knicks would not be issuing any statement regarding the tragedy in Minnesota and its aftermath Tony, you've seen and heard this criticism now. You've known him Dole. You know the Knicks. What do you make of all of this? Okay so as I tell you all the time. The Knicks are a disaster as an organization. They have a terrible won loss record. They have terrible public relations. They step on themselves all the time. Would it be so hard? To just say this something that took ten seconds to write and let me get it. We are shocked and saddened and appalled by what happened to George Floyd and what it says about our culture, while we think that we treat our employees fairly and equally, we will redouble our efforts to provide equal opportunity and a welcoming environment to all who went to our doors, Mike. Like you can't do that. What what is what? What position are you standing on that? You don't want to release I don't understand it. I understand the position is he understands the position, the down three with Donald Trump, and therefore he might not want this contributed to his political efforts I. I don't get a tony his so crazy about this. There's not another owner in the NBA that is hired more, black or female executives in tow. Tow You right then? Yes, stolen, yes, and yet, Tony. He's put a muzzle on his own people inside the garden. Apparently and you know there are people inside who want to have a state who want to say something who want to speak to this yet he does. It's so contradictory. It's so confusing you always tell me he's the worst owner in sports at. Go Tony don't be so harsh. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah this is damning. I think that everybody is super sensitive about what is going on now and sort of unease. And you look into your heart and you just say this is wrong. We can't have this. We have to reexamine our positions. We have to make sure there is justice for all not just justice for some and to go out of your way to not take a public position. It brings everything down on you. I don't know Mike At. The Knicks do. And Express the Thomas going to mention a couple of things. Tony Floyd Mayweather who I? Rip Pretty harshly for some of the things I think he does that are just over the top. He says and there's confirmation paying for Floyd's funeral. Mark Cuban to pick another owner in the NBA Mark Cuban's come out and says wait a minute. We've got to deal with people equally and equally does not mean the same and mark. Cuban has outlined a lot of things that he is going to change about his own outlook. Here's another owner again waiting in. Understand? Each person has his own comfort level Tom Herman, the University of Texas men's football coach, talking about the treatment of black players on off the floor. People understanding that even if they're not particularly comfortable, they're going to have to talk about this publicly to their own constituencies, whoever they are and here's a Guy Jim Dolan. Who's been an owner for a long time? He's a public victories in a band, says all these things and he can't even. By the way the San Antonio is I haven't issued a statement that the the NBA team but Gregg Popovich. My God he weighs in, he weighs in like. Else completely without fear, and if Dolan went the other, we can do whatever you want, but Tony the silences just. There's A. There's a phrase that we've been using over and over again. And it is tone deaf, and that is what this is. It's totally toned up. Let us stay with basketball, but move on to something else. The NBA is reportedly working on a plan to resume the season and begin their playoffs. The plan calls for eight regular season games as a sort of a up to the playoffs, and then some play in games to set the field to me. The big news is that twenty two teams that came up with twenty two or going to be involved. What do you at twenty two? I don't like it. I mean that's just personal and I totally understand I'm not the one paying the freight so there. There are owners in their. Contractual obligations and understand there are people who are looking to work and be paid at this time in this world and I don't want to step on toes or offend anybody, but if you're asking me as a Connoisseur, of basketball. Twenty two teams I mean I know it gets Zaylon in people. WanNa see Zairian. Gets Phoenix Suns team in weirdly enough that people think team that will have charismatic characters very shortly here. They moved to the forefront from the back burner the front burner. The Wizards The Washington Wizards Bradley beal okay. People want to see a lot of things, but twenty two teams also brings in a couple of hundred extra people into this bubble that you were trying to keep safe and that. By definition incurs extra risk so Tony I don't know I I know the Bronwyn plans for games, but I don't think Lebron by himself is driving that bus I think there must be other people on it, but it seems to me. That should just start with the playoffs. Twenty two makes no sense at all. Especially since you don't even know, is that eleven from the East and eleven from the West because apparently the reporting is that the only extra team in East is Washington, giving them nine, and then here's five extra teams from the West giving them fourteen, and then you wonder, are you GonNa do crossovers in the first round. Is it going to be the the normal traditional conference things you can attack the NHL for twenty four teams, but they're going straight to the playoffs. They're they're not doing this. There are no playing games or anything like that, and to your point to your point and I know that you often talk about owners and other leagues being arrogant. It strikes me. That if you are concerned with health and safety, why are you adding more people? Why are you adding more games? Why are you adding to this bubble? Do not think that the corona virus has a better chance of affecting your playoffs. You widen it out, Mike I. You know you and I sixteen. Let's go tip it off, so I don't get Tony I. don't even allow for a plan a brief quick play in, and then you go to the very I'm okay with east versus West I'm okay with one through sixteen any of that let's get. Let's let's let's cut to the chase, but I'm sure we'll have an explanation. We hear about Tony You know you up. But I was a young pup. Twenty one years old. Come into, sit, master, believe it or not, it was you. My Mentor. What did you always say? Stolen from Bob Woodward at deep throat? Follow what? Follow the money or is donal Myer said the answer to all of your questions is money, so that's what it's going to be right. Y-. Baseball Tony. Let's move to that quickly. Baseball owners are floating the idea. That's a phrase we use to of a short fifty to sixty games season with the players receiving their full pro-rated salaries for those fifty to sixty games. This comes after the players made a formal proposal to the owners of a longer season, one hundred fourteen gangs turn. What do you think of the idea of fifty to sixty games for your next baseball season? I don't think it's going to be fifty. It's not going to be one hundred fourteen. But it's not going to be fifty fifty thousand feel like a baseball season. Baseball season is longer than that the important thing as I read this, the important thing is that the owners have said okay. We'll give you what we agreed to three or four months ago. We'll give you prorated salaries now. They want to keep the games down so it doesn't cost more money and the players want. Expand the Games so that they get more money. This strikes me as being on the glide path to a compromise. This actually does now again here. My questions. Does this mean it's American? League and National League and it's not geographic. You know at the same questions I have with the. The NBA like what is it exactly? Because Mike Baseball leaks another plan every single day every day, but I think this gets them closer, don't you? I think he had to them closer and so what they'll split the different planes eighty. When we're talking about eighty at the very beginning, but you're GONNA. have to have the compromise began to be really reached is whether it's fully pro-rated or not I mean we're going to get back to that. I don't think that just a meeting of the minds of the number of games or Fito. Finding some spot in the middle is going to get them back on the field, but Tony Fifty to sixty then what they gonNA say. Thirty teams will be in the playoffs starting Labor, day weekend fifty sixty. Even get you to September. So what are we talking about here? Are we talking about American? League National League? I'm okay if they do away with that for one a one time, only thing. We're talking about. I mean we're talking about seventy five or eighty gangs tone. I don't see how people the consumers can't be satisfied with that. I think they would be but again, and we just talked about the NBA trying to restart, and now we a baseball, trying to start, and the central issue is money it. The central issue to everything now is money. This is not new as we've said about a variety of things across a variety of days. GEICO knows there are many reasons why ride from the Camaraderie of the other bikers band of brothers. Always there for you rain or shine to the amazing savings you get with Geico on your motorcycle, insurance and accessories coverage all year round, but for. It was one reason in particular. It was my helmet hair born with helmet hair I've tried to cut it a bunch of times even buzzing it, but it immediately just goes back down here. GEICO motorcycle fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more. You, know the drill glasses yellow legal pad, Yellow Legal Pad, kids. We do the habitat here. Happy. Sixty Eighth Birthday Gary Bettman the Commissioner of the NHL has an actual plan to get his word up and running, albeit with the usual caveats about health and safety that man has narrowed the NHL's bubble to as yet unnamed cities, but there is a structure in place and a definite field of twenty four teams in the playoffs. That man has been NHL Commissioner, since nineteen ninety-three by fog longest tenure, the big. Big Four commissioners like Adam Silver Bettman once worked for David Stern and like rob, mannered detriments Cornell Grad he was hired. Sell the game in US markets, and he is increasingly revenue from four hundred million to three billion dollars on Seattle joins the League in two thousand and twenty. One eight new teams will of the added under Beckmann and seven be in the United States. The winter classic has been both commercial and artistic success under bettman plus we'll. His kid wants caddied for me in Dick. Shops tournament. Listen whatever chirping is directed at Gary, Bettman is a certain amount of that that goes to commissioner is no matter how successful by any reasonable measure Gary Bettman has been a to riddick steward of the NHL product. Can we agree on that? Yes undoubtedly at university. Dirk Nowitzki on this day boy, my stumbling on this day nine years ago, the Vicki capped off a furious fifteen point fourth quarter comeback in Miami to shock the heat, and even the finals one one in a series, the mavericks would win for their only NBA Championship. This was revenge for Dirk over dwayne Wade for when the heat which Shaquille O'Neal of course, beat the favored maps in the two thousand six finals. This heat team was the first with the big three of Wade. Lebron James and Chris Bosh and And they were big favorites over Dallas. Who Squad was Dirk and thirty-seven-year-old Jason Kidd? Koran Butler Tyson. Chandler. Jason Terry and Shawn Marion hardly in a league with Miami had, the heat held onto that fourth quarter lead. Maybe they do win. Not Four, not five, not six. Maybe Lebron has at least four titles by now, but let's give Vicki credit dragging his team to a championship when he had had playoff failures like losing in the first round, in his MVP season, one of the many things I admire about dirk. Hook up with somebody he'd have to leave where he was and go play with a player who to championship. He's stay here. I'll take this for a while. He was going be the Ernie banks of his sport. Buddy wasn't got to the finals as you mentioned. Once he lost terrific Miami Heat team, and he got to the finals again and he won. I Love Dirk Nowitzki I think the league misses him. More than people will say Tony He's underrated. Champion. WHO's underrated I? Love the stayed in Dallas and worked with the guys he had, and nobody calls him a big three or big anything else. Jason Kidd. Jason Terry Caramba Cutler. Tyson Chandler those guys. I Shawn Marion. Loved watching them when they were playing that sees. And a melancholy trails to Pat Dye, the former Auburn coach revive the sagging Auburn Program made it into an SEC power died yesterday at age eighty die had a ninety, nine, thirty, nine and four record in his twelve seasons at Auburn and five of his teams ended. Their seasons ranked in the top ten most important for Auburn fans die got them to where they were on equal footing with Alabama. The irony is that die got his coaching start as an assistant for bear. Bryant at Alabama dies. Most accomplished player was Bo Jackson who beat Alabama. Alabama as a freshman, and ultimately won the heisman trophy. Jackson's daughter wrote this on social media. Quote you turn to shy and angry, young boy into the intelligence, sweet and caring man I. Get to call dead. You taught so many young men at Auburn how to be a great football player, and an even better human being. We love you with all our hearts coach. A recruiting scandal caused is jobs as coach Auburn in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety two, but the school so admired him that it named the football field itself after Pat Dye. What an ice eulogy from Bo. Daughter Tony Pad Thai talk about being Mr Sec. He played and led his team at Georgia. Playing several positions linebacker an linemen. And then he assisted for bear Bryant. And then he goes on to lead Auburn, and they won the SEC four times in those twelve years head coach. That's a wow, and I'm sure the People Auburn. Are Really sad today at losing someone who, for them was an absolute giant. Even if people nationally don't remember him quite as much.

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