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#B104 (benignancy to benthos)


Hello words welcome to another episode of the most riveting podcast ever. It's the one where the dude is reading the dictionary. It is so amazingly some. The first word is -Benin see benin-city b. e. n. g. and A. N. C. Y. I thought it might be benign and see because our last word was benign and they start the same way but it's not it is but Nigga Noun from eighteen seventy six the quality or state of being benevolent or benign. You want to know it. Benifit means well. I will tell you it is the next word. It's an adjective from circa seventeen. Eighty two Beninois number one serenely mild and kindly. Synonym is benign number. Two synonyms are favourable and beneficial as in a benevolent power. Benevolently is an adverb. This is from combining benign plus the suffix aunt then in parenthesis it says as in malignant which is basically the opposite of benign or benevolent. What a weird word. I would not know how to pronounce that if I hadn't been looking at this all right now. We have benign neglect two words. Noun from nineteen seventy and attitude or policy of ignoring and often delicate or undesirable situation. That one is held to be responsible for dealing with next we have. I don't know if you can hear but there's some rain outside. It's it's trickling down on my air conditioner. You probably can't hear it though now. We have benign prostatic Hyperplasia Asia three words and from nineteen sixty eight enlargement of the prostate gland caused by a benign overgrowth of chiefly grandeur tissue that occurs especially in some men over fifty years old and that tends to obstruct urination by constricting. The URETHRA ABBREVIATION IS BPH and it is called. Also Benign prostatic. Hypertrophy hypertrophy or hyper hypertrophy. Something like that hypertrophy. See I share in his yelling at me from the other room. I thought that the Annunciation or the emphasis might be on a different syllable. But I couldn't figure it out in my brain hypertrophy. Okay so this is a thing that a lot of men have to deal with dealing with their prostate in some form. I have that you know once you hit forty or fifty years old. You should get regular checkups on that. And if you have a history in your family of prostate issues or prostate cancer or something you should probably start a bit earlier so I hope you go get checked out as early as you can catch something soon. That is my. Psa for the day next. We have Benson or Benson B. E. N. I S. O. N. it is a noun from the fourteenth century is also the the levels that they measure to find out if you have prostate cancer not PSA if your PSA levels elevated than that means you might have prostate cancer. See I was saying something smart. A double entendre. It was a it was a serious thing that also ended up being a joke. I am so darn smart. Okay I think we almost finished Benetton. I was so rudely interrupted by some actual facts Okay the synonyms for Bentsen our blessing and Benediction next. We have Benjamin the name Benjamin with a Capital B now from the fourteenth century a son of Jacob and the traditional eponymous ancestor of one of the tribes of Israel. This is a Hebrew name Bin. Yameen all right next we have. Benny spelled either B. E. N. E. I don't even know what I just said. B. E. N. N. E. OR B. E. Noun for rum. Seventeen sixty nine and we have the number one definition for the word sesame so this is of African origin and it is akin to the Malinke word. Ben A. B. E. With a half circle on top of the I E and with that word means sesame I assume they mean the sesame seed all right next. We have Benny again. But it is B. E. N. N. Y. It is a noun from nineteen forty-five number one is slang. And it is a synonym. For amphetamine number. Two is also slang. A tablet of amphetamine taken as a stimulant well. What's the difference between one and two? I don't know all right. Oh and they get the name from the word benzedrine which I assume is. Maybe kind of amphetamine or something related. And then they just edited I e at the end or the more likely the e sound the. They took the E. N. of Benzedrine Benny but it says it's the suffix I e but then the spelling. It's just a why so. They're not consistent on this our next. We have Bene- mill B. E. N. O. M. Y. L. Is a noun from nineteen sixty nine a derivative? C Fourteen H Eighteen N for o-3 of carbonate and Ben's amid Dissol Benz amid is all US especially as a systemic agricultural fungicide. Good Times now we have the word. Bent B. T. I form noun from the fourteenth century. I don't know if you can hear but there are some random bang. Sounds every once in a while and that is my two cats running around the living room plane. Just jumping off the couch and off the cat tree and onto the floor and it probably won't stop okay. This is a number one enclosed grassland to a one a reedy grass to a to a stock of stiff coarse grass and then to be. The synonym is bent grass. This is middle English word. It means grassy place or bent grass from the old English beyond which looks like a a prefix and that is akin to the old high German. Be News B. I. Z. Which means rush. Now we have the second form of bent. It is an adjective from the fourteenth century. One changed by bending out of an original straight or even condition as in bent twigs number. Two strongly inclined. Synonym is determined. That is usually used with the word. On as in was bent ongoing. They really really wanted to go. Where did they want to go? You can't go anywhere right now. Number three is slang and then we have three A and three B. So three is different. From the normal or usual. And then three B. is chiefly British synonyms are dishonest and corrupt. And then we have a phrase bent out of shape extremely upset or angry I am. I am extremely bent out of shape that I don't know number. Three third form of bent is a Noun Farrah from fifteen eighty six one a a strong inclination or interest. Synonym is bias. One be I guess I have. I have a strong bent toward reading the dictionary. I don't know that's weird example One be a special inclination or capacity. Synonym is talent number. Two capacity of endurance number three a transverse framework as in a bridge to carry lateral as well as vertical loads. And then a synonym says. See the word gift like I have a gift for this. You could say it's bent. Okay this is an irregular form of the first form of the Word Bend B. E. N. D. now we have Bent Grass Noun from sixteen seventy seven any genus of grasses including important chiefly perennial and risa mattis or razzamatazz pasture and long with fine velvety or wiry herbage that is so poetic fine velvety or wiry herbage. The genus name is aggressiveness. Next we have the word Bentham ISM capital B. E. N. T. H. A. M. I. S. M. Bentham Ism Noun from eighteen. Twenty nine the utilitarian philosophy of Jeremy Bentham and his followers Bentham might is also a noun or an adjective. I don't know why Jeremy Bentham it reminded me of Jeremy Baramidze from the good place. If you've seen that show then you basically know what I'm talking about. Okay now we have the word Benthic. It is an adjective from nineteen zero to one of relating to or occurring at the bottom of a body of water number two of relating to or occurring in the depths of the ocean. Now we have been phonic. It is an adjective from eighteen. Ninety seven and the synonym is benthic the word that we literally just read about all right now we are going to do one. More word for this episode is the Word Bent B. E. N. T. H. O. S. Noun from eighteen ninety one organisms. That live on what that were did not come out of my mouth organisms that live on or in the bottom of a body of water. This is from Greek or it is a Greek word which means depth or deep sea. It is akin to the Greek word. Baathists yeah I think we read that a while ago B. A. T. H. Y. S. Which means deep I remember reading all those words like Beth amateur or something. Is that a word and all they all have to deal with the deep water stuff. So what does the word of the episode we are going to pick benign prostatic hyperplasia? Or Benign prostatic hyper hyper hypertrophy hypertrophy. that is the word of the episode. Because you know you gotta go get your stuff checked out Of that is it for today. I appreciate you listening. Sharing subscribing rating reviewing comment on my instagram's and the twitter facebook and that is all. I got today until next time this has been spencer dispensing information goodbye.

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