Ritalin, Provigil, and Caffeine Compared [60 Sec Psych]


Today on sixty seconds site ritalin pro vigil and caffeine compared about one in fifty adults in the us use stimulants. Like amphetamines adderall. Methylphenidate ritalin conserva hormone daffy new provincial new vigil without a prescription and any percent of them take the drugs to enhance their cognition not to get high the ethics of all this is vexing but putting that aside how well does the practice actually work. And how does it compare to the drug that most of us suggest every day caffeine. I some biology caffeine works through a denizen receptors whereas the prescription stimulants work through dopamine and norepinephrine. So they're not the same here next. Let's see how they compare clinically in a new. Study the study setup to compare the three big stimulants. Caffeine modafferi provincial. And methylphenidate ritalin in forty eight healthy men who had no psychiatric disorders also. These participants did not drink more than four cups of caffeinated beverages a day. They were randomized to take either a placebo or one of these three stimulants and then they underwent a battery of cognitive test after taking the medication. The stimulant methylphenidate ritalin. Twenty milligrams modafferi nil pro vigil two hundred milligrams or caffeine two hundred milligrams which is equal to about two cups of coffee. A week later. They took the cognitive tests again. This time with the placebo if they started with the medication the other time or if they got the placebo on the first trial they did it with one of the stimulants. Here's what happened. Methylphenidate helped memory specifically the ability to recall images. They had looked at a day before. That's called declarative memory. Caffeine improved attention and modafferi improved energy but had no real effects on cognitive performance. The differences however were very small although the results are probably valid as they were in line with earlier studies. The study was also small and it used a lot of measures but they did adjust for the false positives that can randomly show up when multiple measures are tested. It might be surprising here. That mode avenue. Which does treat. Adhd had no effect on cognition in healthy adults. There are cognitive studies showing positive effects with mode avenue in normal subjects but there are others showing no effect so the data is mixed overall though moderna final is much better at increasing energy than cognitive ability in most studies and modano does consistently help cognition in one kind of person people who are sleep deprived which is part of the reason. The fda approved it for shift work syndrome. One caveat to this research it only looked at one day of testing in some studies methylphenidate in cognition on day one but worsened it on day. Two in healthy adults why because stimulants can impair sleep and there's no better memory enhancer than sleep. In fact all of these drugs come with some cost to sleep and the subjects in this study reported side effects of insomnia restlessness and headache the bottom line caffeine helps people sustain attention. While they're doing grueling work methylphenidate help. With next day recall and madonna. Final doesn't help much at all unless you're sleep deprived where it does hope your commission however these benefits are mild and they come at a cost to sleep and when people don't sleep well. Their concentration gets worse and they crave more stimulants and have a special announcement today. I'll be hosting a live two day certification course in psychotherapy for depression bipolar feature all the latest behavioral therapies for these conditions. They'll be december. Fifteenth and sixteenth through has the education. And you can sign up at psyche. Education dot org look on the right side of the page there psych education dot org and you'll see online courses live today event. Hope to see you there.

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