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Four hundred watching Jalen into cope. His Jeremy I'm David. We are Jalen and Jacoby. What do we do? We have some huge news from about exactly which teams will be invited to Orlando to join the bubble? But there's much bigger things than basketball going on in the world, so we start with looking back at the week there's been some very powerful speeches that have been given about the national unrest, and some of the most powerful words came from our guest killer Mike. Let's listen. So I'm duty bound to be here to simply say. That it is your duty not to burn your own house Dow for anger with an enemy. It is your duty. To fortify your own house so that you may be a house of refuge. In Times of organization, and now is the time to plot. Plan strategize organize and mobilize. I love and I respect you I. Hate I. Don't have more to say I hate I can't fix it in a snap. I hate Atlanta's not perfect for as good as we all. But. We have to be better than this mountain. We have to be better than burning down our own homes because if we. Lose, ATLANTA What else we got. That of course is killer Mike and Killer Mike joins US right now on the program. Thank you so much for joining us. I really appreciate you taking the time. They. Appreciate guys. Ula Mike I appreciate you not only as an artist, but as an activist you've been on intellect, your sacrifices in your discipline for our culture have been so very needed and I'm grateful for you in also Atlanta's mayor, she going to be the first black president I love her so much. That are how do you feel? Absolutely how do you feel? The protests have progressed since you did that speech. What I mean if the protest. Period should always be progressing. We should never get comfortable that our liberties exist. Without protest Atlanta is the city it is because of people like John Wesley Dobbs who was unofficial, black mayor Atlanta, and after riots in Atlanta made sure that deals appropriate depth, avid sexually growing economy like the Auburn Edgewood, avenue, so I'm not against protests that all next named courage always push government to be better I think Atlanta handles protests well I think the policemen that attack. Two kids that were going home. They been sired and are going to be charged. I think that was what a mayor should do. This is not the first time Lanta. had been doing that before. I think that I may have spoken a place of concern. Black mother from the Westside side She's from the same neighborhood, is Ti and I heard her backstage, telling them to hold police or anyone going in because she wanted an opportunity to try to get people to go home, and that's a concern black. Black Woman that's bigger badder than a politician. That's your mother and your Aunty and I appreciated her net moment leading the veneer politician down in simply being you know an angry black woman that did WANNA see people her in I, respect her, and I actually think she definitely is going to be on the national political stage, and and all the top about black women bts. Thinks, he's as fit as any other candidate. Well. This inequality has touched all corners of our society, including sports and be one of the coaches of the broncos. Vic Fangio was asked about the elements of racism in the NFL and here's what he had to say. I don't see Racism! At all in the NFL I don't see discrimination in the NFL. In a great atmosphere! Like alluded to earlier. We're lucky we. We all live together joined as one or one common goal, and we all intermingle and mix tremendously. Society reflected in NFL team, we'd all be. Obviously his name is Vic Fangio. What do you think about his comments? I think what I just like to say I've known many people that applauded play cell, including my best friend from kindergarten Robert Hicks. Who was the buffalo deal? Stanley Pritchard. Whose mother taught us into the former dolphin? I'd like to say that. Are you know? I've heard more times in that from the NFL players, and not in particular those too, but just you'll sure rooms. You've hearing. The NFL to plantation so I'd like to challenge Mrs. Ngo Task Them Open and honest dialogue the players that don't look like him about what it really feels life to wear a helmet, and to know that there are certain things you can't say because you're owner may not agree are holding political and I'd also like to give him the challenge of going on. On Youtube and looking at one hour of Jane the Elliott in her rule and blue and brown I experiment because a lot of times, white people think everything is okay because they're ignorant. November and I don't mean it's a derogatory. Our in our ignorance, we may not know how things are being skewed, but once you know you can't unsee so I'd like. Like to give coach homework because he should take a page out of the jail, able and try to didn't get more depth than knowledge on that, and I challenged him to talk to some of his players in private alone about what it really feels like to be a black player in a league where the coaches do not represent you in terms of. Of, what you look like many of the coordinators do not and definitely the ownership does not. That is a very very very big building. The look at on and say that racism does not exist here. Racism exists in corner of this country Mrs Ngo, and I challenge you to find with all square within yourself into rid ourselves of it finally including you. especially a gentleman that was in the League during Colin Kaepernick's silent protests during the national anthem that. Lead for him, being blackballed out of the League so. Ironically his former team, the San Francisco Forty niners participated in the blackout yesterday. Kill my and they want to support black lives. Matter Right now and everything. How do you feel about people who are I consider late to the party, but now feel like they want to join. Well, you're not talking about people you talk about organizations. Our Organization is going to do best in times in terms of marketing standpoint not to be damaged by the time so those organizations, but we don't know if the individual people that were involved in the firing and Black Wall College have a change of heart, and I was still do. The question becomes this aside. When are we gonNA become disciplined supportive enough without that are willing to fight for our freedom, even if we don't agree with it to protest, this is not the first time it happened. His name was Chris Jackson at the time. But we had a player that when I looked at Michigan fat, five now look. Now. I looked at Chris when he played for. The nuggets deficit. Things Martin. Now Muhammed now, but. We protested his kids and we got in trouble, so we didn't get blackballed from high school. We were allowed to come back so I just want to say you know if you really want support colleague Catherine. They take the blackball off, you know. It's time to really do the work for real as individuals stop is organizations, who's trying to save our brain. We know that there are issues with the NFL and athletes have outspoken regardless of what their outspoken about and I believe. Skip bayless, honestly, said the most, he said the most incredible thing in the midst of it all. He said I hope the players understand that whether they. They agree with common Kaepernick or not. If they all stay the Solidere deal with his right to do it, it will finally break some of the bargaining leverage that the leak ads over them, and of course players, other racism of other political glassy shells, not to, and now you still have a league. which ownership dominates the players to some to some degree with equal capital indigenous ARP. With the environment in our society being the way it is now, and as we head into the NFL season. It's obviously think that perhaps we'll have sort of resurgence of people kneeling for the anthem, and when asked about that drew brees, the quarterback of the saints said I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag. What do you think about those comments? I would like to know. What he considers disrespect because in when I travelled and. We perform in Germany. I never see a nauseous. I don't see streets ninety for nause's because nauseous a part of history that charming understands was a cancer and corrupt rated themselves up Juve Lis plays in the deep south. As we traveled through the south, we see the confederate flag everywhere the bands that was a treacherous play. It was a flag that if you read the cornerstone of the cornerstone speech by Alexandra Stevenson, he says in the cornerstone speech of the confederacy. The constitution is built on the natural order that White Society and white man above black. Black people and they are to be held in servitude and bondage, so if you're going to tell me about flagging different disrespecting the American flag, the fact that you live in a region steel found the rebel flag of the confederate flag. You don't adequately speak against that on a regular basis. Just tells me that you're protecting lawyer of life, or what you think is right. The American flag stands for the First Amendment and the ability to say what you feel about situation. You ran the brunt of it you. You may get blackball out in the NFL, but you have the right to so if you support and you don't want to serve the flag, disrespect, the don't look at it on budweiser shorts picnics don't look at it Emba. Keeney shots playboy. Don't look at it all. Your favorite album covers because you think that rock band is rocking for you the all the way with your intelligence with Ballplayer, but that was an incredibly stupid thing to stay into Stephen a country where you have the rebel flag and again. Again it's not something I, even Harper about I live in the place of Stone Mountain, the biggest. Federal Memorial Day is I'd like to see that debt. Those faces chipped off that mountain one day I'm adamantly against their flag. Even have been a bit bigger political fights to fight, but I'm not going to be so burdened with the religions that has become Americanism, nationalism that after getting the flag represents the United States Constitution and United States. Constitution was written by a bunch of people who chose to protests violently. In order to have a fray, they chose to re bail against the monarchy in order to stop being subjects of that monarchy, so what you interpreted as disrespect probably is the most patriotic thing happened today, in which kids are pushing back against the lax in order that everyone may enjoy the constitutional rights that that flag represents and not just the hip nationalism of why anglo-saxon Protestant powerful words from killer. Mike and you can hear more from killer Mike on our podcast. After this. We will tell you exactly what teams were invited to. Orlando we'll be back in just two minutes. Corona extra by. GEICO has the insurance industry leading APP. That lets you manage your policy anytime anywhere. Which means that Geico is always there for you. If only everyone was always there for you like animal control when you're cornered in your garage by angry awesome. Again you guys said you would be here about an hour ago and I. Think the positive starting to get angry I. Listen I thought if I fed, it would go away, but it is ripping holes in the drywall and making some sort nest just back. Always there for you with savings and the industry leading mobile APP. Welcome back to WanNa thank killer Mike for coming through. Don't forget. You can listen to exclusive content with killer Mike on our podcast Jalen, we have news. We now know which teams will be invited to Orlando. If you look at this fo screens is a lot of information, but I will bring it down like this. You Get your sixteen playoff teams, and then five teams in the Western Conference for New Orleans Sacramento San, Antonio Phoenix and one team from the Eastern Conference The Washington Wizards Jalen. What do you think of this proposal? This worked out perfect for the NBA you complete eighty percent of your season teams have pretty much jockeying for positioning. The Western conference is clearly stronger. Take Thirteen teams with the thirteenth. Being similar record to the Ninth Sita team in the West. Phoenix in West that's Washington in the east where you get young stars, deputy booker in Aden hopefully. John Wallis healthy to go with bill, and you eliminate the rest of the east because nobody wants to wash them. Play basketball again this year. I like what the NBA's proposing to do. Hopefully we get back to basketball, so this is going to be exciting if they're able to pull it off. It is GonNa be very exciting. You know a little bit cynical and everything always comes back to the money. It seems as always revert back to the money. 'CAUSE Jalen you and I both know the safest way to do. This is to have the sixteen teams in that's it. That's the safest way to do it and we've already seen a couple of positive tests in the Japanese baseball league and other places, so I'm a little concerned because what it seems like to me. It seems like they got the like. What's the best show like? Like. What's the Best Group of teams that we can invite out there to put on the best show because it seems pretty arbitrary to put in Phoenix who's six games out like you're not gonNa make up six games in an eight game regular season, so they're out there to be exhibited. They're out there just to have on intimate good sean for the band's, but to me. The safest cleanest best way to do this is to have a sixteen team pool in Orlando. You looking at this all wrong. It ain't about Phoenix being four and a half five games out of the ACE spot. It's about the fact that they have a better record. Then the other conference at the thirteenth see. And so now for the East only worried about nine teams in West. You were about thirteen thirteen and let's let's talk about who are some of squads. The San Antonio Spurs the roles in. bage the Marcus Aldridge. Murray like you WANNA. See them be a part of it Luca. John. Dame. Zion and Ingram and ball. There's no shortage of big names part of it. There is no shortage of big names. We will come back in just two minutes stay, too. Welcome back to Jalen and Jacoby Jalen. Kinda know what what which teams will be in Orlando, but one is really interesting, is this there is no homecourt advantage. What do the top seeds get well? Look at the list of things that were inconsideration and look at the bottom plans teams in order for one through sixteen seating. Pick which hotel they stay at first. Point we've seen a lot of hotels sort of course of our lives, and we know they care more about that than extra possessions, coaches, challenges or anything else. Is that not true? That's going to be clutch right? There is the in as I look at his terrific reporting, but I gotta say ninety eight percent of those things will not be happening if you WANNA put back. Up, you can't nobody's GonNa be handled seven fouls. Nobody's. They'll be getting a fall start. Third of no or not be able to. Make sure you check out killer. Mike's Album want appreciate him coming through subscription. We have exclusive content. Their next is Dan lebatardshow. Thank you. Mike yesterday the owner of the Knicks? James Dolan sent an internal memo that was leaked. Basically him explaining to his staff, why he was not putting out a statement to the world in support of like lives, matter in the move in response to the death of George Floyd. What do you think about that internal memo about not putting out a statement I have. I don't know what the memo saying, but I know anybody that'll put Charles Berkeley out after what he did for the Knicks. This Ed. The I just I got no love for you. 'CAUSE 'cause Matte. Black people have definitely man like. I don't care if was Patrick. Ewing in the lane I don't care if it's Oakley kicking out like come on man. You can't do it like this. We've been good. Who would you be without Lewke in community like real? Like you gotTa Tie. You gotTA. Do better than that. We give them so much. You know how many New York rappers. New York New Jersey videos we had to sit through. How many Tamblyn starter jacket to D at New York Knick, see it as we decided to. And this is how you repay like moments, i. not get it together. Man You represent the metropolis like that. You got to do better. Black people have given too much of the even though we can't even afford the tickets anymore if This team you got in a world where you're paying for Male, you come out. You're going to be no stop doing that. Man That eight. The moves are getting together. My next question actually has me a little torn because somebody would have black car, I have to catch myself. Kill a Mike, and I remember there was black-faced issue with Gucci now Louis Vuitton. Artistic Director Virgil Abdal. Skunik from pronouncing his name wrong abloh is donating fifty dollars to protesters. Bail Fun. Donate. If D dollars to protest. Bail Fund in support as as I saw it. I've you read the headline it? It definitely comes off a little quirky, but. I thought is a challenge he. He was challenging people to do to match the donation right so if he's challenged match fifty dollars donation. Most people have fifty dollars spare because fifty dollars by your pair for ones. No more. We've made them popular like we did the Knicks, and then they went eighty bucks so. If fifty bucks is doable to most working people so ask. Him doing amount that people could afford if you look at Bernie. Sanders Campaign Bernie Sanders. Campaign rivaled larger campaigns with twenty seven dollar donations. The people really did so I I'm going to give Virgil the benefit of the doubt and hoping that that was that otherwise. Give you fifty 'cause every dollars needed, but you can't do it like starting, but I resent sometimes as a public. How quickly we aren't to other people's money and jump on I remember. The migos given a thousand dollars to their old high school, and people make light of it within the culture and community, but that was at a time where no rappers debt of the street Giambra track jumper that you didn't see them wasn't getting publicized. They do rags always do I gotta give our guys at, but it wasn't publicized. You look five years after the migos on the same record. Record, label, little baby I think. Donate something in excess of one hundred thousand dollars. Well, it starts with the see. That's the one thousand dollars, and it ends up being a long the progress hundred thousand to another, because they're artists was inspired before him, so I'm GonNa. Give him the benefit of the doubt donate. My fifty dollars matches challenge, and I hope that million other people do, too. Yeah I mean I I'm not a big fan of virgils close. I think some. He's ruined. Some of those Nike's ZIP ties, but I will say this. I've given more than fifty dollars. To get fifty dollars one so I just gave the fifty dollars in passing forward, but I've made donations. Imagine exactly what Virgil did as well so I'M GONNA. Give them a pass on that. Not GonNa give them the past I'm putting zip ties Nike's. Though not gonNA pass on that. happened. I mean obviously there's such so much heavier things going on in the world, but this is ESPN's Jalen Jacoby. Who Do want to ask you about sports of does, although it doesn't feel like the most important thing having our society now it doesn't like sort of going to revamp the NBA in a bubble and the. Hawks Lloyd Pierce where love he said it when. I love him so much, but the team was kind of trashy, but I love him, I believe in. Man, he said. He said. He said that if they weren't to the bubble, it would stunt the teams growth. Do you think that is the case now that we've learned that they most likely will not be invited. Actinic. Our coach is a man of integrity and other and I WANNA. See him coach to officers and tire career. Because that's a very bold statement to make in these times in these times, teams wants you to win win now. They want you to go from grabbing one point guard to being to to be an essentially steph curry and the championship years. You know what I mean. It doesn't work like that. It was a process bill and I appreciate the culture, being honest and instep all along the way and I appreciate Steve Cohen and Tony Wexler in charge of heading the team at the team. Team for giving him the autonomy to do so a lot of times black coaches for me and not only are their hands tied because the pressure to win is on their hand ties, because they've not given the autonomy to make some of those calls and decisions, or even those public statements, so I'd like to be. She ate all of them as a cluster and appreciate our culture, being the leader years, because beyond having our guys physically ready to play on the team and understanding net. It makes nut them because they're so young. If he doesn't get the other talent immaturity around them, they may emplo. Beyond that he makes sure it's his guys. Get into community, and they're talk to by older men that have the opportunity to give them the wisdom, and if I saw out like the coach all around as a human being. A couple of days before we let you get out of here I. Don't know if you realize this, but since the early two thousands. My daughters have lived in Atlanta, so I've always had a whole lot there whether an Alfa Reta are. I made sure Atlantic station. Had A spot there too, and I just WanNa say I told the audience something. Atlanta has undoubtedly the Best Strip club. Experience no doubt about it. Pink Tony on Sunday. You know magical Monday it was onyx on Tuesday. Listen 'cause. I told you about my friend. Robert Hits Right I told you about my Robert. This is my. The Buffalo, is he. He's the reason getting you got James. Say He's been assigned size since kindergarten giveaway. Check this out though. He likes huge Jalen he was an athlete, so he got to go to magic CNN when he was recruited to college, and he went to, he went to tape pony and struggles now that but. Let me tell my guys out there. My Guys Maitland man I of Halse I gotta take you to the Strip club this topping every day day, shift and night shift. The blue flying is blackout. It's in the black community the due. To the where? The Blue Flame is where you should go south of microclimate. Oh Ms. Jackie! Man Sass out to the House Mama. Dj Swamp ears. SASS out the Tracy to promote a meet me at the flight. If you an NBA NFL if you ban boss what living, COP, killer? In take. Flight Yes. Yes! Yes. Yes. Another team. Colby and argue about eating at a strip club and I try to tell him that's. Right now ATLANTA. Next rule. Reader May you differently. I'm south. You won't get layups outs. And and dances from afar voted Cedar. You won't. You won't limit pepper ways shrimp that a jump you out of seat at a lab as Goto the flight either way. That immediate. Lastly we happening I WANNA go. Done done. Say is killing Mike in our audience may not know this, but me Jalen actually I met in the bathroom. STROKER's the very first time we ever met. Ever all not just the white chocolate. then. came. Now Japan. I actually, wrote a record chocolate she they were. Purple Ribbon was trying to give her a deal. I don't know why work workout, but she she could have been made. Along along I'll make sure we stayed this I'm really excited that you have an album dropping to say. Today for free you can download it for free, and if you choose to donate to a fund with there's a legal fine, you can donate to without pay still Alpha free, and it helps get protesters and people falsely accused of crimes helps gets them out of jail. You download it for free you could buy. You could donate a lot of different options, but run the juice. Four is out at Yankee in the brave of let it out. That's. Coming through appreciate everything. Our do some community service at the blue flame. Get back and. The love.

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