Bahamas officials bracing for "unimaginable" death toll; Sources: Bolton & Pompeo have gone weeks without speaking; House Dems demand docs on Pence stay at Trump's Ireland hotel; Decaying school on military base loses money to Trump's wall


How do you get help to islands that were nearly wiped off the map. The lead starts right now. One town was cut off for two days. Nearly lee every building has been destroyed the destruction and humanitarian emergency coming into clear if you with the death toll from hurricane doreen expected who explode doc as president trump meltdown over matt hot spots around the world or heating up and now new c._n._n. Reporting that is to not top national security officials are at war with each other plus half to a massacre new information today on the gun used in texas drive by mass shooting was was the firearm actually assembled for the killer and illegally sold to him. Welcome onto the lead on jake tapper. We start with the world today. Authorities in the bahamas say they are expecting even more horrible news in the wake of hurricane dorian medical staff telling c._n._n. As they treat the many wounded that they are dreading and bracing themselves to learn how many are dead the storm killed at least thirty people by last official count but given the overwhelming damage to the islands and the hundreds of people who remain missing behaving officials believed the real death toll is quote quote unimaginable new video. Today gives an example of hurricane durians forest. You're looking right now at a hummer. That's around six thousand pounds. The the powerful floodwaters picked up that vehicle and slammed it through the side of house during his currently off north carolina's outer banks as a category one hurricane still flooding towns and knocking out power but it is the bahamas reeling from total disaster the u._s. coastguard alone has rescued get more than two hundred people there. A helicopter crew described seeing the avocado islands in the bahamas for the first time. The town was just looks like a landfill saw. The houses were dismantled. It was trash everywhere in ever c._n._n.'s patrick ofman reports parts for us now from the bahamas where he tells us he was struck by the silence and the destruction and the stench of death areas of of grand bahama island means driving through still flooded streets demand streets that are no longer streets. This area in the east of the island highland has until now been inaccessible since the storm little to no help has arrived the force of the hurricane through cars through buildings the storm orbital out here the category five leveling whole towns many rode out the storm in their homes. Many did not survive pastor. Joey saunders was on the third floor of his home with his son. When the storm surge crashed in these saturday make out to the second floor of the house and been put ten minutes in aside to flow to the third floor you know in the modern that flow optima head and we felt like strong current trying to break loose everything he cracks and this was in the middle of the night one thirty in the morning and then the current was so strong then the roof sarah to lift a nest thing i remember i was underneath the water my son's getting i noticed he had to searched like i guess he just disappeared socially and i heard him screaming daddy daddy daddy. He was in the water at that point right. He's ready gone in minutes later. When i came on the water i tried my hand. I caught onto the trust and re roof carried mealy so we will lake but six hundred feet away away from each other's for two days and be caught up into the pine tree with thirty two feet high surf the water carried. You know pine tree in the middle of the night. Your son was a ways away from you. What was going through your mind. You must have been terrified. Yes i was hoping that he was alive and he thought i had also also wasn't tells you know the two days later that'd be so he was under the trailer idea not sold another government has warn warn people the death count could spike in places like iraq where everyone knows of dead or missing family and neighbors that news is no surprise even though this is one of the hardest hit areas help from the government is yet to arrive either. The government is on his way. He doesn't take a bit of time. Can you are the settlements but they do anything. Gradually you know. Do you wish they were moving quicker. I yes i wish it can move quicker. People desperately need food and water before time time runs out a lot of lost most of their clothes water food basics right now. It and we are in the town of hierarchy. This is where dorian category five came in installed. These people had category five winds for over for four hours. They say behind me what house just had the front of it knocked in and it was completely flooded. Believe it or not this used to be a neighborhood. There was house after house <music> after house. They were all gone. There were three people who were in this house. A mother her daughter and a granddaughter houses swept away into the ocean knows where they are. They are officially listed as missing but residents say they fear that most likely they were swept in the ocean and it will never be seen again throughout the day. We've seen helicopters coast guard helicopters hovering over spots in this area residents say that's how they know. Another body has been found and the grim work continues and at this point we're told by residents. They don't expect for anymore survivors to be jake patrick ottoman. Thanks so much for that story c. n. N.'s paula newton joins me now live from a different part of the islands <hes> she's at an airfield in nassau which is now being used as a staging area for aid and rescue rescue teams in paula. I mean frankly it could take years for the bahamas to recover from this. If ever the bahamas will be for for many decades likely transformed by this and the reason is that you were dealing with islands and keys that are isolated at times spanning over several hundred miles this says the deployment area unfortunately jake and not for lack of trying with the aid effort has been in fact spotty and chaotic you have that mix of both government and volunteer aid and given they they said how widespread the needed the need is it is difficult to really ascertain if people are getting everything that they need and when we first start with the basics the food in the water then there's people who need to be evacuated and then as patrick just told you in very grim detail there is search and recovery and that search and recovery mission is also very important gordon because it keeps away disease that call listen. We're here in nassau. This is also where they're bringing evacuees. I spoke to elizabeth nixon. I mean her story about. Even getting outta here was crazy. They put the kids or nieces and nephews in coolers to get them out but after that they had to split up at the airport in marsh harbour what happens some of them came here. Those children with some relatives tips are still at the airport tick. Listen to elizabeth nixon. Those babies can't stand minute avenue eaten last night. They said there was an airport and they they at the airport right now. Daily front that is so chaotic you know if those will catch trying to push through a lot you know the issue here is that she saying it's frantic that is not the way on day six that you wanna see all of this unfold and she's desperate because she knows that those children have not eaten. She knows they do not not have water. Jake <hes> listen the challenge ahead. It is quite significant all right paul. Thank you so much for that reporting <hes>. Let's go now to dr caroline burnett galloway. She's on the phone from the bahamas. Choose the medical chief of staff at princess margaret hospital which is the only hospital in nassau still able to treat critical all patients in the entire bahamas <hes> doctor. Thank you for joining us first of all. How are you doing. How are you holding up. How is your family. Thank you jake <hes>. My family is fine. <hes> and we're all rolling up with is a great team effort. It's it's tiring. It's exhausting <hes> <hes>. It's the most traumatizing hearing some of the stories of our patients that come in but we have to keep going. You're the only one taking critical patients right now. How in in nassau how strained or your resources we've come together and and deployed stop and me shepherd through that we're managing. <hes> initial wave of critical patients from arbuckle has they've come in. We've admitted taken them to the operating freaking there too if necessary i know the second wave of the walking wounded are coming in initially they came by koos guard helicopter and the airports so now open to regular plates are bringing more patients in but <hes> with with very strict and tight triage resorts in the patient offending them to a public health clinic or after come into this. Don't you told c._n._n. That you're treating the wounded right now but preparing for the dead you believe that the death toll is is much higher than thirty right correct. How much higher do you think it might be i. I can't estimate but it's going to be high. We are preparing some people coming to you. <hes> have been trapped in their homes in some cases on top of their homes for days on end. What kind of you've conditions are they. In by the time they get to you so dehydrated exhausted <hes> emotionally exhausted i <hes> <hes> somehow metabolic abnormalities from the long exposure and they had a chronic illness like diabetes hypertension. Do be out of control dr caroline brunette caraway. Thank you for the work you do and thank you for your time all out how still living a deep disconnect the new low reached in the relationship between two key trump administration ministration officials. That's next high and bill kristol feeling confused about politics. Who isn't that's why i host my podcast. Ask conversations with bill kristol. I have thoughtful conversations with leading figures and politics and public policy. We reflect on where we are. We consider where we're going. Allegedly ashley speeches harvard professor harvey mansfield on the crisis in our universities are they're still places. Were free speech and liberal education possible. Please subscribe today to conversations with bill kristol. No spin no soundbites just thought for real conversations. We're back with the politics lead new details about the all castilla between two of president trump's top officials secretary of state mike pompeo and national security adviser ambassador john bolton this comes as the u._s. is involved in aiding the bahamas after deadly hurricane doreen and iran is ramping up nuclear development in russia is flexing its military muscle in europe and the trade war with china's causing issues in north korea is regularly testing new missiles and on and on c._n._n.'s kaitlan collins now reports for us even amidst all these conflicts and international challenges. The president's didn't top two advisers on these issues. Bolton and pompeo recently didn't speak for weeks c._n._n. Has learned long-simmering tensions in the president's national security team have turned into all out hostility three sources say national security adviser john bolton and secretary of state. Mike pompeo rarely speak to each other outside formal meetings and recently went weeks without talking at all like watching doing it. I like seeing it. It's a big change from their old relationship when the two would meet with vice president mike pence before going to the president on a foreign policy move you've while they still see eye to eye on the issues trump sees them differently. We have a very similar thought process. I they actually temper john which is pretty amazing. The president claims he doesn't mind the chaos. I like conflict. I like having people with different points of view but aides say the breakdown down has left communication between the white house and state department to subordinate at a time when the u._s. is facing multiple foreign policy test. They may not i'll be speaking but bolton is keeping a close eye on the secretary of state's job while sources say pompeo has his eye on an open senate seat in kansas houses. I'm flattered when people say might be a good united states senator representing kansas and as the white house is trying to downplay concerns about the economy the new august august jobs report revealing that hiring slowed last month but trump seems to be more focused on being right than the latest jobs report. He's now on day. Six consisting alabama was in the path of hurricane doria and is now suggesting reporters should apologize to him claiming. This nonsense has never happened. Bend to another president now. Jake the thing about this breakdown in communication between pompeo is bolted is that they still agree on a lot of the issues at their. You're court. What's different is the way they approach president trump kaitlan collins. Thanks so much <hes>. Let's chew over all this jen psaki. Let me start with you as someone who served in both the state department ornament and the white house how concerning is it if the national security advisor in the white house in the secretary of state don't have a good working relationship well and in normal white house the the national security adviser is really the coordinator of the entire national security team so they're not a person who would be negotiating deals typically or traveling a lot sometimes sometimes they travel a bit but the breakdown is a is a reflection of the dysfunction here right so if pompeo and if they're not talking at all if bolton. I'm not talking at all it means. They're not having kind of conversations after national security meetings. They're not having phone calls they're saying. Where do we go with this. What do you think of this crisis. Yes that's a huge problem. Though reading this story i think what struck out to me was the fact that the the isolation of bolton because pompeo clearly has an into president president trump. I mean we've seen that typically. The national security adviser is is the most powerful in the sense that they have the ear of the president. They can walk into the oval anytime they know what they're thinking. King they speak on their behalf. Certainly was the case in the white house. I worked in <hes>. This reflects his isolation and that was interesting to me. You worked in the bush senior senior quail white house. So what do you make of all this. I mean certainly the reagan. White house had some competing. <hes> personalities people didn't get along especially with the first lady at the time but how significant is for the country for the stakes i mean usually it is about something that the disputes about something real so weinberger and scholtz secretary of defense state under reagan had actual different views of issues control negotiations and other things. This seems to be entirely personal about who has more access to the president seemed actually differ that much on most issues but this function is deep. I've talked to a few people who are have been in or close to people who are in the white house ahead in state and defense and i mean the people who just throwing the arms up. There's no process there's no into their no agency meetings every you can make fun of these things. They're overdone probably but those have been in washington a long time. You need to have uh-huh quite as many of them have been investigations but it is kind of important when you're dealing with iran and afghanistan and russia and china as well. Let's have some coherent policy making king and coordinating state and defense and c._i._a. At this apparently none of that really was literally. None of that has happened one buried in the story. Is that mick mulvaney. The acting chief chief of staff has his own senior national security advisor his bones don't get along and so this guy who worked in the national security council. I guess or that or if you've ever worked at the n._f._c. but address some hill background and defense and foreign policy is working for mulvaney and this is the president likes dysfunction. He wouldn't put it that way. He likes competing view of viewpoints. We saw this on the campaign yeah he does and i don't think he really cares that. There's not a process. There aren't interagency meetings. I also don't think that we should be that surprised surprised that john bolton may not getting along with people in the white house i mean we kind of knew the dishes what was going to happen when they brought him in so that in and of itself was not surprising president was warned about that when he was considering bring him on and he tends to rub people the wrong way so i don't. I don't think that that's a shock and i just don't think that this is the kind of thing that bothers the president the things that bother hammer when people are taking credit for his accomplishments when people are telling him you know that you said alabama was in the path of this storm and it wasn't really when they're challenging his sort of dominance dominance over over the narrative but if he's like you guys are all fighting amongst each other like fine go for and whoever wins out that's whose opinion you know like gets to be number one with the the president ultimately he'll do whatever he wants to that point there isn't there doesn't seem to be anybody challenging the president on that other than the media and the facts to louis you part of a team that broke the fact that president trump is indeed the one who with his sharpie pen and tried to make it look as though the path of the hurricane at one point was projected to go right into alabama which it was the worst you know graphic portrayal scene yeah aw other people within the administration are fighting over afghanistan and iran and china president in his obsessed over berry minor slights whether it's attacking his former aide anthony scaramucci or you know drawing sharpie on a map to say the hurricane was actually going to alabama alabama when it was in the president is focused on a lot of these minor issues and some of his aides are concerned that he's so focused then so obsessed with some of these issues that don't really matter at the end of the day for days on end he gets re route up about media coverage about things that are relatively minor in the grand scheme of things and while that's happening that allows there to be all of this infighting getting within the administration over some of the major issues because they know that when they finally get the president's attention he can easily be swayed on things that are more important than the things that he's focusing on at the moment. I i wanna get your e. I want to get reaction because the trump campaign. Today is promoting a magic marker. A sharp sharp of their own you can buy from their website is our fact checker. Daniel dale put put it. This seems to be a i the trump campaign selling memorabilia of its own dishonesty. That's i think joe walsh is campaign is selling a sharp. Don't lie on its. Everyone's hope sharpie is do well. I guess they oh you at dinner somewhere. You know for publicizing the fact that you know. It's kind of funny except i mean we do. American foreign policies is pretty important and the president president think it's abusing these people around but what did you do if you're serious. You know a country either well an ally or made it really is. It's really bad the fact that there's a whole peace deal with the taliban and the afghan government. That's coming down the pike and we don't know what's in there or whether or not anybody in the white house is going to sign off. Everyone stick around. We'll get more to talk about <hes> coming up questions about the vice. President stated trump property in ireland far from over as house democrats are testing a new strategy to conduct more investigations and oversight of the trump presidency residency. Stay with us the cases. We gotta find who wrote this. No we do that. We find the killer this science chance to find out police used luminol a chemical which glows when it comes into contact with the iron component in blood that drama but where was the rifle and which man was telling the truth forensic files the legendary true crime show is now a podcast join investigators as they take on the toughest cases with cutting edge scientific tools subscribe now with apple podcasts hard casts with new episodes every monday and thursday. You'll never miss out on getting your forensic fix democrats on the house oversight and house judiciary committees today demanded that the white house released documents related to the decision vice president in pence to stay at president trump's ireland resort this week more than one hundred eighty miles away from where mike pence's official meetings were being held c._n._n. Insulin joins me now in sunland. What specific information are democrats looking for here. Well jake committees. They say they have grave concerns about all of this and they are now demanding details documents from the vice president's. Stay at the president's resort in ireland they want for example and itemize costs of pence's trip including a breakdown of security transportation tation. All of the lodging costs the communities are also additionally now looking into the president's recent suggestion that his private miami golf course. I could potentially host the g seven meeting next year. <hes> the all this. The committee says raises serious concerns about the president potentially enriching enriching himself potentially in violation of the emoluments clause of the constitution. The house oversight chairman elijah cummings sane in a senate letter that was sent to the administration today quote. The committee does not believe that u._s. Taxpayer funds should be used to personally enrich the president trump his family's elise and his companies and the opening up of this new front of courses part of the house democrats new strategy to widen their investigation of president trump white in and out out beyond just the mullahs report and investigate other aspects of president trump where they see potential abuses of power and potentially help them of course answer whether they will formally normally recommend articles of impeachment. This will be a big focus for the fall for democrats of course with congress jake back in session next week all right. Thanks so much jen psaki. Let me ask you what do you make of the democrats are launching an investigation into this the idea that the president is using his presidency to send taxpayer dollars essentially into his pockets through all the administration officials who spend a lot of money and his properties well. It's illegal and i think in any other presidency it would be a massive scandal. I think the democrats are trying to do their jobs and look into <hes> steps abuses of of power abuses of resources and that this is an example of that now it seems in the grand scheme of all the things trump has been accused of to be minor but that doesn't mean isn't problematic. It shouldn't be investigated. That's how i think the democrats had now. They also see it as a continuing effort to story tell and communicate with the public on on the indiscretions and illegal activities in their view of donald trump and so that's an ongoing effort there have been more democrats have come out in favor of impeachment thirty four total. Now you're right. It hasn't been it's not the majority as we know the majority of the majority the majority of the majority the majority of majority so nancy pelosi yeah she is somebody who is watching every day every week to see where her caucuses not just the majority of the majority but we're her vulnerable members are i think that's where where her her views and her actions could shift and two in addition to that democrats are now talking about holding hearings looking at president trump's roll in those hush money payments made may two adult film star and director stormy daniels whose real name is stephanie clifford. She tweeted. I have no fear of being under oath because i have been and will be honest. Bring it are democrats nervous nervous at all about having having stormy daniels testify in the house and the circus that theoretically could become i don't think so i think they want to paint a picture of the circus that president trump is brought to the white house and the fact that not only did the southern district of new york say that he was individual one but they actually put someone in prison for what happened with stormy harming daniels they put michael cohen behind bars for these illegal hush money payments in the fact that the president was implicated in <hes> in that filing means that the democrats want to show the american public that you know this is a witness that they can bring before the congress without having to fight in court like they have with all the other people who are white house officials or administration officials who the the president said. We're not gonna let these people testified. These folks in this situation where we'll be able to brought be brought before the american on the legal part. The president of the united states paid off a porn star. I mean that is good for the democrats to show the public so you know that's the i guess the question that i hear from some some democratic. <hes> consultants is that people already knew that that's the kind of person donald trump was when when he was elected. I think that's true. They did know that was the kind of person he was. I think we're in a little little bit of a different climate. <hes> donald trump was sort of elected before we went through this whole metoo reckoning and so i actually don't know if that is going to make a difference at all in the next election of people are oh really going to care about that but i can see why democrats think it's worth rolling the dice and going forward with this because it is the only crime that the president was directly directly implicated in by prosecutors in court and if you were going to try to make a case for impeachment or for bad behavior whatever it is democrats are designed and they're going to prosecute at. That's a pretty clear to bill. I want to ask you about something else. That's going on which is right now. Even as there are at least three individuals planning on challenging president trump in the republican primary including well and i think sanford and and <hes> walls republican officials in multiple states are actually actually moving to get rid of their states primaries now. It's happened before in south carolina <hes> but this is much more widespread jen said that <hes> in any other presidency it would be a a massive scandal talking about the travel and that's true so many things that get you put over at the any other any other residency in any other party ardi it will be a massive scandal to take a bunch of primaries that we're going on a long time and caucuses and suddenly decide okay. We don't need to have a problem when there is a when there are people challenging the presence of cancel the primary the state parties some places pay for the primary and not the state government and they don't wanna pay a little if there's no challenger regularly with reagan at eighty-four george w bush in two thousand four ortho bomb in the fine castle primary but there are two already three there might be more and they are canceling it. It does suggest to me that there are a little nervous about the total vote both walsh and weldon sanford and maybe others could get at is reflection just of trump's trump is authoritarian and now the party's authoritarian way trump isn't corrupts and now the republican party has been corrupted just a reminder that he's a republican it was money meant to build a new middle school for military families now that money is going to instead pay for part of the border wall are going to take a look at the real world impact of mexico not paying for the wall. Stay with us remember to create an ad like this. One visit pure winning dot com slash c._n._n. In our national lead now a military community and kentucky is hurting after the pentagon decided after being told to do so by president trump to redirect money to build a middle school funds allocated by the congress originally approved by the pentagon pentagon to pay for a small section of the border wall. Now fort campbell will not get the school at desperately needs and kids will be stock in an old and overcrowded building. These are military children. These are military families. They put their lives on the line and they deserve the best. I it's crap. <hes> the finan- was raised for the kids. It should be spent for the kids to school joins one hundred twenty seven projects all taken a hit to raise three eight point six billion dollars to build one hundred seventy five miles to deliver on the president's biggest campaign promise the border wall a promise. He's not been able to solve by working with congress. Congress joining me now is democratic congresswoman elissa slatkin. She sits on the house armed services committee. She held a senior position at the pentagon in her previous life a congresswoman. Thanks so much for joining us. Senate majority leader mitch mcconnell spokesman said he's committed to protecting the funding for that middle school adding quote we would not be in in this situation if democrats were serious about protecting our homeland and worked with us to provide the funding needed to secure our borders mcconnell blaming this on democrats. What's your response yeah. I mean first of all. I think there's sort of two issues going on right now. There's one just straight removal of the money from the pentagon budget aged all the families and the communities that are going to suffer because of that but then there's sort of the bigger strategic issue of the politicizing of the military the pentagon. There's been a place that has enjoyed bipartisan support. We want to believe that everything they're asking for all the billions of dollars of they're asking for our for the right reasons and this just this brings the pentagon into the political conversation in a way that is not good for them and not good for us as a country listen. I'm on the armed services committee and the the homeland security committee. I am ready to have the conversation about border security frankly as an officer. I worked my entire life to preserve the homeland from attack so there's plenty of us who want to have that conversation. I just think that this way of doing it. Just kills a couple of long standing principles that we want for our military bipartisan partisan so not to defend this move but haven't democratic leaders in congress basically said to president trump. Were not going to give you any money for your border wall. No matter what but i mean hasn't been a non-starter spirit of speaker pelosi so i think i think the wall. I don't know that there's anyone including the president who still talks about wall from c._d. Shining see. I think that most people think we're talking about security at the border fencing barriers and i personally don't have a problem with those things. I don't think the the speaker has a problem with real border security but it has to be focused on the actual threats and while i'm support doing more where we need it. Most people right now are are coming through the ports of entry. They're not sneaking over there coming right through our borders and we have organizations that are completely overwhelmed by that so let's focus on what the real concerns are address that and pay for that instead of just like over and over with the campaign promise colorado republican congressman doug lambourn district will be directly impacted did as well he says quote it is unfortunate that it has come to this but the primary job of the commander in chief and purpose of our military is to guarantee our national sovereignty unquote quote. What do you make of that argument. I mean again. I don't have a problem with the conversation. It's just this idea that the president is redefining his relationship hip with congress and with the military in a way that is just breaks with tradition of how any president of any party has done it but congress allocates money. That's in the constitution so the president's continual sort of ignoring of those division of powers to me is the more dangerous piece of this. It's not one specific based one specific community. It's the precedent it sets so i understand we all wanna have a security conversation but let's have it in the appropriate place not take it from our military. What's your response on to the moms. You just heard in as an introduction who are saying basically one of them said this is crap the the idea that our kids are going to suffer that school. Our understanding is sometimes in one classroom at one time there will be multiple classes because it's so over-crowded and this is the result of this order. I mean listen. My husband was thirty years in the military. He spent many years of his life on fort campbell bowl. My stepdaughter's in the military just left fort campbell so this one is just very personal and the schools are one thing but there's a lot of facilities including places like tyndall tyndall and lagoon where we've had devastating weather related problems. We're the communities need these things and it just i just don't believe in blaming and punishing seeing those folks for the political conversation to continue for the president and you know you heard it at the i couldn't have said it any more clearly than those bombs but you think that president trump is specifically typically directly hurting military families for the sake of politics well i mean the the he's taking his money for political promise from people who have done the right thing serve their country their their projects have been in line and the military specifically looked at those needs and ask the congress for that money and we gave it and we gave it so. I think they're right to be frustrated. Why is it coming out of their school or their rehabilitation project their cyber center and not from where it belongs which is an honest honest to god homeland security conversation democratic congresswoman was the slot can of michigan. Thank you so much for your time. We appreciate it. Thanks coming up frightening new information nation about where the odessa texas shooter obtained his firearm and what that seller might have been doing against the law. Stay with us. Hey as howard beck and i've got metta world peace on bleacher reports the full forty eight. I was on the verge of being a a definitely a hall of fame gonna fight for that. I gotta make a big argument mic for that which i probably will be. It'd be just my defense and hope for that game you check out the full forty eight now on the bleacher report or subscribe at apple podcasts in our national lead. Law enforcement sources are telling c._n._n. That investigators in texas mass shooting have found some evidence that they believe shows the alleged seller of the firearm used in the crime was manufacturing firearms himself. Seven people were murdered in the texas shooting spree. Twenty five others were wounded. I want to bring in former f._b._i. Intelligence analyst phil mudd as well as c._n._n.'s evan perez and evan. Tell us what you learn. Well jake what this alleged seller of the of the firearm was doing apparently pantley manufacturing firearms for resale. Now you're allowed to buy stuff and make firearms at home. What you're not allowed to do is is essentially become a an unlicensed <hes> dealer of firearms manufacturer firearms and so that's what investigators are focusing on now. They're trying to see whether the evidence that they found and in the searches that they did early this week indicates a pattern that this person was <hes> buying <hes> parts of guns at home and making it into more more lethal weapons <hes> do in a pattern whereby he was essentially acting as a dealer not just as a hobbyist and if they can then bring a case against him. They're are going to bring some federal charges against him because again. You're supposed to take take out a license with the a._t._f. In order to do some of these things quickly they are hobbyists. Are these individuals who manufacturer the manufacturer guns are. They allowed to sell them yeah. I mean if you make something at home and you wanna. Put it on craigslist or whatever you are allowed to do that again. You're not allowed to do this a business. I got it okay phil. Let me bring you in here. How concerning is it for law enforcement that people can manufacturer guns in their homes and sell them without the authorities even knowing well. You've seen this all the time on shows like your show jake that is you see a swat team. Go into a house in media coverage of an investigation in the united states eighteen. You'll look on media coverage. You knew say why are those guys dressed in swat outfit when they're executing an indictment on a house drug house gang out even a domestic dispute. If you've you've got situations like this where people are selling weapons that are altered to make them a semiautomatic like we have seen in this case. How the heck is somebody who's executing yeah. No no it's in the house you can search the owners background to determine what licenses they have but if they've got an altered weapon that allows them to engage you with a semi automatic arm. How the heck do you decide. I'm going to go in soft if you think that might be in the house. This is really tough and what are your former colleagues in the f._b._i. Think about the ability of gun buyers to avoid background checks by going through private sales. Let's do a quick contrast. You go into a rate situation. You're you're facing a twenty two rifle. You go into a rate situation. You're facing a semiautomatic weapon. That's unlicensed. If you're going into the second situation you're multiplying risk esque which unlike almost every profession and america multiplying risk it state local federal law enforcement means death. Let's cut to the chase jake. The fact ah political divides on automatic weapons in washington means more law enforcement will die because they've got a face people who don't have a twenty two. They've got an a._r. Are fifteen. That's the facts jake and look at one of the complications. Here is the job of law enforcement which is to protect public. Safety is made harder right now. This alleged seller would be in jail right now. Jake facing charges for not doing a background check if there was a universal background check law day instead what the <hes> the a._t._f. Is having to do and processes crossings. Omni do is trying to figure out a way to use the patchwork of existing laws to try to bring charges here and so that's what i think you're hearing from law enforcement officials who've been pushing pushing for this even bill barred the attorney. General is telling the president look i. We think that universal background check is not such a bad thing to do. The problem is obviously the there's <hes> people inside the white house who don't want this to happen and of course you know the marion and other forces on capitol hill who were opposed to it the overwhelming majority of the american people according to poll after poll support commercial background checks evans says thanks so much remember that jeep that ended up in the ocean during hurricane doreen well. We finally learned how it got there. That's next touched hi. Everyone poppy harlow here. I'm excited to share some inspiring interviews coming up on boss files. This week's guest dick parsons having steadied time warner as ceo after its merger with a._o._l. And writing the ship as former chairman of citigroup during the financial crisis arsons is facing perhaps his biggest challenge yet as he battles cancer what his story career has taught him especially the importance of having a sense of humor. They hope you'll check out our interviews and subscribe the boss files today. It's the jeep that took the internet and the world of t._v. News by storm abandoned in myrtle beach is hurricane doreen swept in but now we know how it ended up there the owner telling our c. n. n. affiliate w. and the f. breath that he lent his jeep to his cousin who wanted to get a video of the sunrise before the storm but obviously ended up getting stuck doc instead guess. You'd be was towed off the beach earlier today. The owner also says he didn't even know what happened until police showed up at his door. I'm guessing just guessing now. That's the last time this gentleman lends his jeep to his cousin. Be sure to tune in to state of the union this sunday morning my guests secretary of state mike pompeo democratic presidential candidates senator amy klobuchar former housing and urban development secretary julia on castro. That's at nine a._m. And noon eastern follow me on facebook vic instagram twitter at jake tapper cut the lead c._n._n. Our coverage on c._n._n. Continues right now. Are you interested in learning how great companies grow download the mar- tech podcast. The mar- tech podcast tells the stories of real world marketers who use technology to generate growth and achieve business and careers success from advertising to software as a service to data getting brands authentically integrated the content performs better than t._v. 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