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Emergency Episode-- Cowboys Trade 2019 First Round Draft Pick


It is bad. Mostly. We've had four on the phone right now and she's like, we were just yell at donation productions last night according and boy, LA play today across the country on our last I've cast over the stuff theme out into the Redskins locker room and and the the fateful all on the kick butt today. Jerry Jones in what just someone term I would turn from an act of desperation goes after the Mari Cooper. He had been on the block for the printers in trays a first-round pick for Amari Cooper. Let's start with you Ed as we get together on this emerges denied cast. What? What were your initial thoughts when you when you heard this surprise? Were you that the three and split Cowboys and and eventually coming off the game where they actually put it throw for two hundred thirty three yards house tries where you can always went ahead and made this move. Brilliant move of this election by Jerry Jones. You know, taking all of the focus off of the risk that the head coach Garrett refused to take for the second time in three road games may have cost his team, a chance to win. It dismisses the fact that the Cowboys are a game and a half behind the visual leading Redskins as they enjoy their by this week. But my first thought was really that Jerry Jones has to believe three things to trade. A number one pick for Mario Cooper, and the first one of those Dak Prescott is a franchise. Quarterback of the second is at Cooper can make an offense difference and three that Dallas can make the playoffs this year. I mean to me, there's no longer any equivocating. The Cowboys are making a statement that as Jerry and Steven have contended, jacks the franchise quarterback in Dallas trading and number one means they're not going to be positioned to draft a franchise quarterback after this season. And this is really the most positive thing. I think that they could have done in supporting Dak. As I've said, this is what I've been advocating for. You believe in deck as the quarterback do with the Rams eagles. The bears have done for their young quarterback and get them the necessary personnel with which to win. And I also think that this is a clear and. Mistake -able admission that their off-season plant wide receiver position was colossal blunder that releasing Dez Bryant turning position over to Allen hers, Deontay tops, tape on Austin was doomed to fail. And they've admitted that now in time to potentially save their season. Yeah. And you could save it is because they play at is a in this division. Right? The Redskins have the lead at four and two out what and eagles tied at three and four still believe that you can win this guy in here and it would eight such an immediate impact. Actually, when you look at the numbers, he's had with writers actually two good games, early disease, and then really has been on factor. Possibly. He fall out there and they knew they were gonna move him and he's really has. He's been, I think, fourth in targets this season. This was the guy who get into it with some of the folks talked to, but so the number of hours just seeing it looking. His last twenty eight games sixty or more yards in receiving just seven. Those twenty eight games. Let's not. They're getting again who is coming off. He's not been on ably productive. He was of last season ended up hundred yards. So you're going back into being on the fact that he's mobile. That wouldn't his first couple of seasons and and I can't help, but think I've already seen people writing about this, but I on the. On the radio in writing iffy, n Ed, and you remember covering this trade in fell's. Eight. At this point, the season, it might be like five games had the Cowboys made that trade for ROY Williams, and it was a first round pick third round pick. I think a fifth round pick was in there maybe without big and in ROY. Ed turned out to be, you'll horrible frayed and so it is it seems like a lot to give up. I just a hard time Ed seeing them getting, you know, a huge returns for this guy. Well, in terms of history, obviously, I think you know, for all the criticism that we've delivered to Jerry Jones in his role as general manager that is worse. Strays, really benefits decision. This is the third time he's traded for number one, better for Seaver traded to I for Joey Galloway in an effort to get Troy Aikman back to another Super Bowl lateness career. And as misfortune would have because of injuries to one or the other never connected. In a single regular season pass for retire. And then he gave up first and three other picks for ROY Williams. As you mentioned Annella Mari Cooper, I think the first two were epic failures. I think that if you're hoping this can work out your attaching your face to a couple of things. One of which is at Amari Cooper is just twenty four years old and his salary this year is completely manageable to under a million dollars next year. He makes Dez Bryant buddies. Fourteen million dollars next year. And really you have to assume that the Cowboys are gonna extend him at some point here in the near future because of the best they've already made him of a number one pick. And I think this has a potential to create some discontent locker room primarily with coal piece whose numbers are better than Amari Coopers and who so far has been stalemated by the Cowboys in his attempts to get a contract extension that would pay him close to ten billion dollars. Cooper is gonna make you know thirteen million to start with. He hasn't even you know, caught a single pass here, but but if you look at the the numbers, you know the the Cowboys have the top top hundred and fifty two top two hundred receivers. Kobe's lease the highest rated cowboy guy forty five. That is Michael Gallup. The rookie at one fourteen Zeke Elliott. You're running back one hundred and twentieth Allen hers. One hundred twenty nine pave on hurt as one hundred and forty. Seven and Deontay Thompson is one hundred seventy seven. Larry. Cooper is seventy third, and he's already had his by week and he's in the middle of a bad season. I think in part because the raiders young quarterback, Derek Carr who everybody expected Jon Gruden was going to come in and make a reclamation project at. It has struggled maybe more than he ever had at any point in his career. And yeah, there are questions about Cooper and is not only performance, but his love of the game. His is interest in being a great player is work ethic. What kind of shape he's in. And I guess these questions will begun to be answered here in the next couple of weeks. The Cowboys acquire him during their bye week, so they have plenty of time to work them into their system. I just think this sets the stage for a thorough evaluation of Jason Garrett and Scotland hand as the offense of masterminds of this of this football team. At the end of the season, Jason. It's not gonna have any excuses Gia the front office. Went and got him players after, like I said, the gaffe that they started the season with which was the belief that they didn't need. Great. You don't need a number one receiver in this league. Have an excellent passing offense that's been proven dead wrong, and now admitted that and they've done what they can. I think at this point, the rectify the problem. Question is, is Larry Cooper going to perform as an elite receiver? And the only thing they have to justify that is, let's assume that they were gonna finish. Eight is a Mario Cooper better than the receiver that they could have drafted next year at that position because they're basically eliminating the varsity that they would have decided in the next ten games at Dak. Prescott is not an elite quarterback and we'd better go draft a quarterback with our round pick that's out the window now. So now they're going to have to invest a lot of money Dak Prescott going forward in the near future as well. I think you're right in in the or under the belief that the deck Prescott of his rookie season is the intent again, and whoever sold Bill goods that they could go into the season stopped with correct capital. I receivers it'll be. It'll be surprised if any of those people are still around now, they'll chance maybe spelled people if you. Got a hand was one of those. I believe he was. He'll have a chance to call the play or Cooper n. c. of see how much this can help. But you're right. This is doubling down on on deck Prescott the season, basically not giving up on the season and saying in this weekend in the east, we think we could turn something around and it be seen Ed the the Texans sitting there for Owen three and and Cowboys. If when they were one in free, they're sitting there four and three now and headed right direction. You know, Gary always is gonna look optimism, isn't it funny that you know, this is the this is the owner that loves to be retained her and got a head coach who seems to be completely different. He is and we spent the last night talking about his game management. No, what he decides on things. So interesting. That's bring up Jason GARRETT'S say this to yet. I have to think, and I'm sure you've been calling around and I want your share some of this ration-. I have to think that Garrett mentor in coaching, Nick Sabin coached under him with the Miami Dolphins at one point into looks up to him a great deal. I would have to din with him on Cooper and whatever feedback made him comfortable and not that Garrett had to go onto completely sign off on this. But I, I assure you that Sabin was involved in this process, but as you kind of have have a button traps on this, what is the initial takes coming in from around the league on on on the straight while the first thing I'd like to say to kind of to your point about the Alabama excellence. You're right that you know Garrett coached with saving. He envies what he's built at Alabama. He. Knows of that that their top line players come out as ready to perform at the top of the league level prospects. And you know, Cooper, obviously, was the fourth overall pick in his draft class, and the Cowboys could have had another Alabama receiver. Calvin Ridley with their first round pick last this past year, but I think justifiably chose to, you know, bolster the defense with Leighton Vander esh and he's played well. But Cooper came out of the draft as a much higher hi- more highly regarded prospect than Ridley who is performed exceptionally well early in his rookie season with the Atlanta, Falcons obviously have a lot of weapons, a very established leap passing quarterback. But just I think from the perspective around the league, it's. You know here go the Cowboys paying too much for a player. I mean, if you look at recent. You know why receivers who've been traded around the league, the Cowboys seem to paid a high price to acquire this particular player. I mean, Brandin cooks, went for first and sixth round picks Kelvin. Benjamin went for third and seventh round picks Jarvis Landry a fourth round pick and a seventh round pick and Josh Gordon who, obviously, is it a different category because of his off field issues, all the Spence went for a fifth round pick to New England. So there have been a lot of receivers traded recently. Round pick, but but yeah, I I know what you're saying few, if any have commanded the price at the the raiders got out of the Cowboys for Amari Cooper, and you know, Reggie McKenzie. The general manager of the raiders who have been accused of, you know, junking the season and trying to get high ticks and accumulate picks, you know, having now trae to two of their three best players. Khalil Mack and Cooper, Reggie McKenzie basically said that he talked to Steven about Cooper for the first time on Friday that Stephen, you know, said he was going to call back on Monday Stephen back today and basically just offered the first round pick. So you have to think that their offense performance in the game against the Redskins was a big factor in their ultimate decision to pay the ransom that the raiders were demanding for for Amari Cooper. Cowboys couldn't even fed the second round of. Did you have to start with the the first today? Good. Good. The reaction around the league teams to be from all Turco's that they what you do. To Bryce is you really have to give first round pick from REI Cooper and it'll I, I guess, I guess desperate times call for desperate measures and. There was competition for the player, the trade deadline's a week away. So there's still some time, but the raiders had the leverage of Cowboys being in this window. Where they can best our best equipped to get him ready for the next game and to make an impact at home on Monday night football, things that will appeal to Jerry. There's going to be enormous focus to next week's game on Monday night football against the titans at hold to Jerry to Jerry general manager, try making a major move support is his young quarterback. It has beleaguered coach, so that would appeal to Jerry and beyond. Beyond that to to the division wanted Cooper, you know, the Redskins wanted Cooper, the eagles offer apparently offered according to four off the second round pick and were rebuffed and the Indianapolis Colts apparently had interested Cooper. So that was the leverage. I think that the raiders had and they appear to have used it masterfully. Yeah, I would say so. And and boy, I tell you that this is a this is an interesting day on the hills of that loss. I says something that resonates could be early in our emergency podcast, and it was the the fact that Jerry seems to be great at changing the narrative at times. And so we wondered he didn't speak after this game. Second time you did this this season oak radio show tomorrow doing. And so this now giving a first round pick pretty expensive diversion tactic. So it's all about that. But boy does he loved it own and change conversations, and that is what he is able to do today. If the Cowboys trade four, Amari Cooper, we'll see. I mean, it'll what I'm trying to think back in is. ROY Williams had some good in Detroit. It did not look out here at all. Yellow put up huge numbers with the addle. It did not work out here. You know, it's not like we have a a load of of examples where guy kind of fades for season half Cooper, has he. He in his numbers got a spike back up there, so we shall city, but I, I would. I would stay fairly rare when you when you do something like this, and then you see a guy kind of revert back to which seemed to be on the pace, and this is a lot about Derek Carr. I mean, the fact that this team to be at a quarterback, we're going to be able to build and for years and years, and he has regressed in a big way and it happened in early. So you know, they'll say the vast majority if you ask general managers, you know, you can start your franchise and your quarterback and be Jack Prescott, Derek Carr. I still think almost everybody would take Derek Carr. So, and by no means do I, I think that this is a solution to all of the Cowboys, offensive problems. But I think it's going to alleviate some of the pressure and get people out of the box so that. They're run game can can be more effective in his equal. Elliot can have the kind of a fact that you want him to have from week to week. You're not going to be, you know, playing against stacked boxes all the time. I think it's going to free up copiously to get a lot of one on one coverage, but you know, I mean, it's not going to solve the problems with the offense of line Dak Prescott spoon sacked sixteen times that's a trademark of a losing team. They're only three teams that have given up more sack so far other than the Cowboys. Only one of those teams hasn't winning record Houston, Texas. So this isn't a, this isn't a solution to all their problems. But I do think that ultimately solving your offense of problems and giving your quarterback chance as a matter of acquiring good players as often as you can. And I think they've acquired a good player. I think the only issue you can you can take. The only thing you take issue with is the price they paid, whether it's too much it a year where it's hard to imagine. The Cowboys can go, you know, winning NFC championship game or become a viable, Super Bowl contender with what we see so far from the saints Rams. And so they're just playing to try to win the division and getting the tournament at this point. Exactly. I have in in doing some homework on Amari Cooper is one of the things they talked about is they they believe that needs remember that was that when we were talking about how Troy Aikman guy who? Yeah, in in in was able to -ticipant throws, but he's run precise routes where there? Yes. Yes, in in this guy fits that description is known as in a leak. Who was able to get separation and it in really that is that is a huge strength of he's not as powerful thing. He's a six one, twenty guy. He's got plenty. He's not like he's just gonna overpower people in go up in wind up all, but he does get separation, which I think is huge thing with what Ripley Julio receivers like that. Just runs such beautiful rows richly who feel that they get open. And I'm glad that it's wonderful points admit that while you were making points, I would try to check to see if I had heard back there GM in the league AFC that just percents me just said first round, pick exclamation ExCo. Wow. But instead, hey, they got there. They said they have their number one now. So, I mean, there's a belief that that this guy is a legitimate number one wide receiver. If you watch what we've seen recently Dak Prescott this concept of not having somebody who's clearly your best receiver in the guy you can count on in big moments. I don't think that's been good for Dacca. If you watch Dak he has a really hard time, I think going through his progressions. And so if you give them a guy that you can say, hey, he's going to be open, eight seventy percent of the time on this route. Then then I think that gives him a more confident feeling in the pocket that he knows where to go with the ball pre snap. I think the things you said about Amari Cooper are true. He's got good speed. He can separate is a precise route runner. There have developed questions about the quality of hands. You know, if you look at the player, the receivers, the NFL at the most drafts twenty fifteen. He's on the list. It's Michael Crabtree twenty six to Maria's time is also available in a trade with the Broncos at twenty four, Mike Evans at twenty two. Two and Mari Cooper at twenty two. So he's got the third most drops in the league. It's twenty fifteen. Okay. The Cowboys to be back in at had a gory after. After. Well, it'll be what you hope is. Then I guarantee you will hear about this, what, what? Jerry's, gonna hope, and everybody and everybody that thal Cowboys, especially Penza couch, gonna hope is that a change of FINA re and you do see from time to time in sports with. Our on him to something at wasn't getting the targets, obviously, kind of warning to. Get his people in there and to go to a place where they're still excited about him that they gave up like. It's not just a mercenary. Okay, want this. I mean, you're you're right what you said. I mean, they have to be thinking about doing extension with this guy. He's going to a place where they're truly excited about him and desperately need him to be good. So you would have to think that would give him a jolt for just a, you know, just a his psyche. Morale, I would think, and you know, we, we all saw that Michael Irvin was has been one of the biggest advocates of the Cowboys acquiring this specific receiver saying that, you know, he's the guy who can be the difference maker that they lack in the past game right now that I mean, that remains to be seen, but I think things look significantly better when you can look out wide with Beasley in a slot and have Michael Gallup on outside at the other position. And when tape on Austin comes back, you could put him in the slot and you got to great slots and the radically to pretty decent outside receivers. I don't think they have that personnel now. No, no, you're right. And. So it'll be fascinating just to as reminder to folks. He has been in concussion protocol, Maury, Cooper, so we'll see, you know how I, you know, I don't know if Tony Romo tho- diagnosed him with that or actual doctors did, but he will will who monitor that situation. But it jumping in there. Obviously, Mark frito on a busy day for him. We just go to drop everything 'cause we needed to get inter and react to this and and always good things out. There expects this kind of thing and we want to deliver that too. And I really appreciate it. And and frito thank you as well, and we will bid you. Farewell. On this special episode of the doomsday podcast.

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