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Do you think it's okay to drive stoned the truth. Is your reaction time. Slow way down. When you're high you not only put yourself in danger but everyone around undo stop killing yourself. It's not okay to drive high. If you've been using marijuana in any form do not get behind wheel if you feel different drive different drive high get a d._u._i. It's time for episode four fifty three of who charted the show where comedians discussed the top five songs and movies of the week. It's the third week of august. I'm your h. Michael cray howard kremer. Yes what's out there. Oh that must be starred from. I'm your voice. Remember me and there is hugo our producer. Let's get right into this inch. Oh i don't want to keep this guy on ice yeah. He's a hilarious stand up comic you know from achey directed by matt besser credits that are like bossy possibly know unless they lived in new york for his special spicy honey and the crowd work tour are available now. It's todd barry. Mary nice to be back todd uh right off the bat. Can i get you to sign. Oh you have an icky postcard. They were that i saved things for moments like these and this is to thousands. This was the year two thousand right. It could have been two thousand is definitely around two thousand and at the improv olympic west on hollywood boulevard directed by matt besser. You did your first autograph this lease centreback wow i would say gimme. Give it to me on the front. Okay sign it right over your face there. Wow this is when you had postcards printed up yeah and you'd have five thousand thousands of printed and then you'd pass out like one hundred of them yeah so then you needed to do a different date and say just put us put a sticker over and i see that's what i did. Oh i see doc ten dollar ticket. That's pricey and i know that did move to u._c._b. At some point oh every yeah i mean it's it's been all over. Maybe three different places. We'll thank you that was nineteen. Eighteen years come and this has been waiting patiently to be touched by its owner and i didn't personalize. It said he can ebay it easier. I welcome back to who charted. We had gone a couple administrations ago. Yeah we've got a few hundred extra under your belt. Now there you go two thousand eleven and you haven't been you've been new york's and said i have. I live in new york city. Yeah yeah welcome back to l._a. Thank thank you. It's lovely to be back. It's how do you like the net flicks building. Oh original you saw is in the netflix. No i texted jew that we were in the vicinity of the next flicks building and you hit me back with. Oh yeah like i'm always having your oddly enough. I ended up in the net flicks building. Which i realized is near in here when i walk by a thai restaurant that recognize from yesterday i went to net flix building yesterday. That's all i can say lots of location. I'm not allowed to talk talk about something. That's not going to happen. Well good luck with that did icky and a new form where we see that it's a a still shot of that postcard is car for an hour and todd. Have you been keeping up with the music charge. No i have not i didn't. I didn't even know there. Were still music charts. No i mean i. I knew that i'm being a little playful okay do you do you pay more attention to those comedy album charts i do. It's i mean thing about those is like if you put an album amount. Almost everyone hits number one yes at least the first week yes and brags about well. I mean i it's pretty exciting to be like number one on the chart yes but you did say everyone gets it. Yeah i know there. No you're right. You're right out there listening like actually i didn't get yeah okay <hes> yeah i have looked at those roundabout answer ever still not an answer ah well. I've seen you on them. Of course i've seen you <hes> shortening on their chart. I mean i'm i can't even count how many charts to budge inch. There's new ones since you were last time this brand new charts or she's a._m. Charts there's spotify charts. We're going to get into it. I'm going to wrap now. The history of recorded music feel free to interject and then we'll get into the music chart okay so i can just interrupt anytime. Yes okay news wrecks. We used to play. L._p.'s burst cassettes and cds. I see why you want me to interject now. Download and stream stood hear you scream got got a couple of great all right. How long did you take to write that. How many times did you rehearse it. I would say it was all done in in one continuous move so euro rehearsal. That's that's super inspired. Achey takes a lifetime before you wrote it your ten thousand hours we it's working up tough todd <hes>. We have a music chart for you this week. A what is it hugo. This is a billboard awards top. Two hundred albums chart and these are the top five highest selling albums this week but you're going to ignore one hundred ninety five insurance today and just skip right to the top five life. What's the top selling album these four copies because i mean yeah. I don't know i mean that's true. Everyone should buy me bucks stats starbucks. You can get it. I don't know where where people are going. They must just get it at home. Yeah yeah like on itunes or something by their digitally but it's still hey sales sale yeah. No i want. I want people to buy music absolutely well. You do a lot of music videos. You you do a lot of work with bands. I do a lot of music videos. I've seen you in them. I've seen you thought you'd guests you wanted on <music>. Spike jones does cameos todd. We're gonna make you happy guy today. By playing you selections from the billboard top two hundred chart okay all right all right coming in at number five number five live it's ed sheeran with south of the border featuring camila cabello and cardi b. off of number six collaborations project seeing the emma me i kissed this love is like salami and stop dancing the the sort of baby when it kicked in a little bit i kind of liked it more when kicked <music> music and you go to a bar that's playing in the background. Yeah sounds like donkey kong music okay. I'm not i mean i would put this on right but <hes> you know not torturing me no so bad sharon's. It's not a fantastic. Nobody's planning three stadium in you know what i'm saying. I'm not gonna factors actes lot of cocoa labs on this album. Yeah yeah who else is on. Who else is oh. I think he's got a twenty one savage savage or somebody like that he's got its album is collapsed area right there in the title. I mean when you did your crowd work work. Tour you could say that was a collab- i was with me in the audience. Yeah cardi b. was on the other people the other the i mentioned his name ever have any rappers at u. Shows <hes> rappers at my shows. I i mean if i did i don't. I don't think they identify fight themselves. Okay to just let these just statistically everyone's had wrap reset shows where people including anyone who claims to be rapper rapper right all right what's coming in number four coming in at number four. It's billy irish with all the good girls go to hell off of when we all fall asleep. Where do we go so <hes> starts <music>. These teams are moody. Who is this. I see that she's a young lady. Who's taken the charts by storm. She's a teenager yet. She speaks for her generation. I kinda i kinda liked. The goal of this stuff comes from <hes> <hes> echo partial. She's a teenager. Still teen makes us stuff for the brother and she's charting it. Just overtook the number one spot on the billboard top one hundred she do live shows greek. Yes she just started. <hes> learning how to ticket to the crowd coachella yeah she did know when people get famous quickly and they just go right into like playing the greek theater to to sweating a lot of del rey did that as well really just to be tough for comic right yeah charlie sheen did that stand up i did not. I don't know how i missed that but i always doing stand up. He was yeah he was doing like opera. Houses like decided he wanted there. Was that moment or i guess people were like he's kind of like the winning tiger blood area yeah right around there. What's that what's that number. Three coming in at number three is trippy read with mac ten off of exclamation point atop packing. Don't link christa. You cannot try pistole. Thank you must cheer this in new york. You must hear music like this is the most surprising word in legit. What you just played was gelato. The one that i i was like oh what was it songs about. <hes> perhaps here in brooklyn. There williamsburg not really not really necessarily type apple music godless too but right but i'm not criticizing it okay. Although i guess you could argue that i am but it's based on twenty seconds zero any <music> music you would heavily criticise. I mean i try not to believe it or not as edgy as i am trash people individually because it's like we're all in this together right and also what's my opinion mean true unless i can think of a really good one okay trashcan gwen alon on twitter. I see that a ah but that's well-deserved. Do you ever think that while he's doing red state blue state or one of his heralded projects that he's he's thinking about what you you just said to him on twitter. He probably is that so. I looks distracted on stage. Yeah you can see it eating yeah <hes> like in red state and it affects performance. Yeah shake some rattles. He has to walk backwards through the door. You know at the end of the show seems like does it it kinda get in his head. We wish him lock out there. All right. What's coming in at number. Two coming in at number two is rick. Ross with gold rose is off of port of miami to that was nominated. Never wanna grand slam. Lot of lives was lost but i never panicked lot of last trust. I never did zanny honey ruined mentioned but i felt abandoned. Love megan love where would love. Tom jealous bitches. Why would you if you lived in a hundred match and that is why you feel abandoned to even if you have people over if you want roommate eighteen bedrooms away ads funny. Do you think he has one hundred room house. So <hes> <hes> i think he might be exaggerates at that point but i think she gets sixty. Guest rooms feel connected to that song because i've been nominated for many grammy's grammy's and also having a long time <hes> do we want to trash the grammy. Committee didn't the grammy's start giving out like awards for people blame netflix specials like the audio netflix special. Was that included. How do you like it was so you got to disgruntled. <hes> <hes> do they ever showing across away. Maybe they show your special doesn't doesn't test well. Sorry for the showbiz terms. I'm in hollywood ca <hes> <hes> then he <hes> exciting projects should be pitching while you're out here. I pitched something the other day. That's why i was at the netflix bill yeah but i can't talk about okay. Did i say that as dramatic as possible. I would love to talk about sounds important but i'll be back on the show promoting and if it happens oh wait. Maybe i won't be how i how high up where are you. What floor were you on what floor. I don't even know no always ask you like towering over the denny's or anything there was a great have a great great lobby waiting room with food and s you know a espresso machine okay chips all that space blow you away jason from new york. I sold you might see celebrities. There and i didn't see any celebrities. Oh so that's distance very very good that means it's if you walk in. You don't see what i did get recognized wants to lobby. We got chips. We got cold brew. We have celebrity somehow. Look through replant. This is there a service comes around and replenishes your cold brew. Yes you go oh. I don't do that anymore. Dairy there is we have we have. We have a contract yet. That's a huge perk. Huge nick dump down. Stop towns matra and they've got a new t._v. Shows you stop town does yeah. There's some show stumped off. Drive arrive stomped brew group. Can i reached out to <hes> who's in charge of cold revenge served cold. I'm gonna push to the sons of bitches enough to this brutal brutal brew brew brew crime stump town okay. Hey we have tied berry in studio. <hes> welcome back to the show todd thank once again. Thank you for having <hes> we. We were probably three or four different studios backed by the last really. This is a nice one. This is very <hes> feels pro great yeah very basics. It's not really overly decorated right. When you sign our table again. We'll sign your table yeah okay. Let's find out what's at number one all right coming in at number one number one. It's slipknot will on sainted off of we are not your kind interesting. It is this imagine dragons yeah yeah. I was just thinking that their tribal drumming cop and the saw the c yeah yeah these guys scary but they don't sound scary right. Now is what bad trash imagine dragons. Was it slipknot maybe so was to or some who who trashed him. I don't know summer so much trouble and there is a thing like yeah something going a beef between two bands that i could have sworn where the same ban oakley the guys maybe it was. They changed the luminaires head eh okay. I don't know i can't comment on that song slipknot fans. I loved it right on uh-huh there from iowa todd played. You played their right to moines. I've played iowa city. Okay i think one other place shout out to todd berry fans a an iowa iowa cool state. I'll be back. I'm afraid of the secret to your success. I think is not say anything anything negative. Oh is that i am. I my supposed to trash things. I don't know but i thought man here you traditional up while say iowa <hes> what's is going on the rap. What are they got over there. They got the <hes>. John hans prime got the primary johnnie from ohio. I thought he's from indiana iowa to college something. I could be totally wrong. I stopped at a truck stop when i was seventeen. That's the only thing thing i know about it. Sign to bring this podcast on the road and make des moines. Stop city love to great charter congrats tardy on the road soon yeah. I'm outta town. When's this gonna air. This'll be out tonight really yeah yeah you. If you want some dates or unsure i'll be at the thing festival in port townsend washington on on the twenty fifth. What's possessed of all. It's a music. There's like q._n._a. With natasha leone oh nice snail mail jeff tweedy in thailand fathoms me. We did a festival in washington state. It was does <hes>. I remember that this is sort of replacing sasquatch who different place now that the gorge now now. They're not doing sasquatch anymore. Okay and then i got some other stuff ta dot com check out dates right there and we'll be right back with the movies chart the h. michael cray am i'm here with todd berry and start and you go and this is the movies chart. They're just like tweet release. Release them constantly. We don't need to see when you get a good one. Ooh hey thank you. You're done what i did. I wrote that one performed it though rehearse on you take you <hes>. Let's cut that let's record that and that's the todd berry remix viking todd. We're gonna take a look. The movies movies now of course you were so great in the wrestling i think about you glad he's in the top five still <hes> <hes> it. It should be tough there. You go yeah there you go and it's so exciting to be able to share this week's movies with you all right. What are we got all right right down three to number five. It's scary stories to tell him the dark he make us who we are not can be scared. These kids in the eighty s on a quest or modern times looks like the sixties yeah. They're going to try drive in movie. They live in a town filled with vintage cars. It's modern day gonna chicken dada you into these scary things. I'm not really like if i someone else wants to go. I'll go but i don't go. There's a new film out of. I can't wait to see it. You don't read theaters out. I tell ya i do rent the theater out and suspend all the comics who are on the bill and five. I don't know this seems seems <hes> i don't know about it seems like kind of you know i gotta say well. I'll get critical here. I'm tired of seeing like three teens run around solving crimes crimes. I think if it happens once a year that's great but mostly adults who do that. I mean it's true so we're sort of a glaring <hes> yeah factual yeah the new. It has adult chapter two. Oh does that comes in and september. Oh good so this is the number five moving the country. That's right okay my wallets missing. Let me call up a crazy ban the kids to sit down for sir fourteen year olds who can help me with this existential threat on the town yeah they get the experience humans in town to tackle all right. What's up next right debuted at number four. It's the angry birds movie to to to third island. We need to put aside our differences and work together say world from being destroyed what we really ask you about these movies at this point. Couldn't they digitally just have you choose who you want us voices. What do you mean like just like you know. They put a filter on that and turn it into. You know what i mean like g._p._s. c._b._s. Thing yeah like like i. I want john goodman to play offs. Whip it up on a laptop. I'm just wondering why can't they do the fire people or maybe higher advocate famous voices dago. Is that what you're saying. Yes i <hes> that's a good idea. I want cardi b. too because she's populated our get her as delete on your phone while you're watching it you get to pick. I like to set that up. I'm not i don't see too. Many animated movie needed you. Are you like performances. I like a nice character driven indie eighty film okay jim noah baumbach any type thing like like one of his movies okay squid in the world the wrestler wrestler yeah. That's there you go. How did i forget the movie that i was in that. We just talked about so what's up next. Okay again at number three. It's the lion king everything you see exist together in a delicate could balance while others what they can take atrocious make you miss your little kitty. Cat does <hes> a little that little lion cub did make me miss my cow. What's your who's taking care of the cat while now but but now i got a friend stay in at the place i could care yeah. I put a bowl of food out and say see in ten days. No that's so fucking great. I am but i feed my one year old for every ten days philanthropist. That's great. This is just lion king movie. This is the first time it's been a lion king movie the second time they shot for shot remake seriously yes why hey that when did it come out <hes> but was the first one early nineties i would say like ninety four. Maybe wow eric andre dry and james earl jones together at last night could dial that up on your phone at any movie. I want andrei and earl gentlemen elvis. Jon favreau directed yeah. He must've story must storyboarding. It must have been tough since it was a shot for shot remake uh-huh. Oh i got nothing. I'll skip that one okay. What do this could be exciting next. It looks like humans in this one. What are we got all right down. One and number two it's fast and furious presents hobson shah called antica into control congratulated iraq who just got married yeah congrats. That's why i'm in town was he was he married married here back. Tell me just what we're dealing with here. It's my sister. I hope they you do enough of these todd. Berry could get a role again them in there. Yeah i literally don't know what these movies are about. Never seen one one couldn't even begin to tell you what they're about. Are they comic bookie. They're very unrealistic like a lot of people fall out of buildings survive but there've half of deep down. They're about family other meat heads having your back yeah they started off as you know street racers in los angeles and then they it became sort of government agents that help save the world. Oh god this is so thankful like them because they're ridiculous right there but i don't know that on that. I wouldn't wouldn't say that. I wouldn't say that i think it's true. That's a lot of kids. Watch it and don't be a doorman at the at caroline's comedy comedy clubs yeah. Oh oh wow. I did not know that now. He's a d._j. I still does he grabbed shift there once in a while andy cal <hes> well. This looks like it will please. Its audiences is hit. Did i see helen mirren and there. I stood next to her recently. Show what was that i went to. I got a part in this movie called the climb which ended up going to come out night. I just bankrolled my on trip to calm okay. I want to lose a lot of money. What ended up standing looking at a restaurant menu outside and it'll turn my life. That's helen on mirren standing right next to me. Left alone left her alone straight. That's classy man said hi al and i don't know what i'm supposed to say to you. You see very nice to what to peers meeting to day night it. Oh i've got a story about this but go ahead. Let's get into it. I wanna hear it all right debuted at number one and number one. It's good boys girls at the party that means trauma yeah man. No of course these are kids in an r. rated movie. They're looking to kiss other. I i guess cuss girls when i was my story is the though the young man in the middle <hes> i ah i was at south by south west. I saw him in my hotel lobby and i recognize them from saying it's gluten free in some cereal commercial. I didn't say anything to him but i was just like i want. I kind of wish it might have been weird to take a picture with like a boy but right. It would have been funny to go to recognize the gluten free guide what he's doing clearly. He's moved on from that so when you saw them recognize him. You didn't know that he was in. He was in the film during south southwest so i mean i figured yeah that's what was going on. I don't know if it was this film but that's my story seemed like a nice kid. I heard him talking to some people. Ah very polite humble kid doing the line for the people that ask yeah. It's gluten free going nuts. Perhaps we'll see. It looks like a lot of fun. That's actually of all of them. The one i'd want to say the most because it's the closest hoses to being an indie jam as a kids film though right i already did seth throw and those guys that yeah. I just assumed it was for kids did twenty one million this weekend yeah. I heard it did very well. It's raunchy and these kids can't go see it. It's it's that is funny to start having movie starring kids who can't see the movie they start. They gotta wait repeated what you said act like. I thought it was funny that they can't do the movie yeah <hes> who you've got to take a wicket the well that was a crazy chart. I'll probably go see that at some point yeah all right well. We'll be right back with the the hot picks picks fix. The third jotted artist countdown about the start. Let's see you pick and let's see who did not dick's all right. It's not a competition but we are about to listen to songs and dan compare and contrast their good qualities. All right what's up at number. Five number. Five is max's pick max. Do you want to introduce his pick. Yeah this is <unk> thanh there is swedish power metal band <hes> known for wartime related lyrics yeah. This is the song bismarck about an ancient worship. Not it's not about the capital north dakota as far as i can tell positive in the rapper so i think there's a skit yeah yeah. This is just a war documentary. Go to like two minutes enter something oh. I weirdly liked it now better i'm and he can. It's very fist in the air with us power metal the music video looks like it was directed by michael obey at sleigh does lanes and ships fighting each other. It's crazy. What war or are they talking about the war of eighteen twelve or so on the plane sin. That's a good point howard. What's that they're called sabotage on a kid. That's been playing video games. You're whole yeah. I didn't really go to school. Much swedes are telling the story of the word twelve swedish war. I don't no no well while the goldfish war right the goldfish more just and swedish fish tweet us for the gumy's the yeah while sweden with their problems over there shop rocky was of course detained. Actually i might be about its rockies whole okay tackle. Wow todd you felt that you said a little bit yeah you you know when when he eats fast forward to the chorus which was a smart move on your part you gotta get into that court catapult us to the gonna hear part of a song you wouldn't expect a metal band to open with a skit <hes> but they did interesting stuff all right. It'll be tough to be what's coming up next is number four todd's pick and it's sharon van etten with seventeen this constantly be good chorus chorus in this coming up okay and i could see this theme song song to your new netflix project yeah well. It's got an intensity and fabric. I like it this. This is more my speed than the last one then your own saw wow. I like this one better. Has this ever happened. That's never was the night did that is <hes> well. The last one's more of a lurk. This is serious todd's bringing in hair so he's trying to get stage time really any spots on the road he inherited the improv and i don't know if you guys knew that <hes> <music> mom but <hes> yeah sharon van who is a friend of mine and she knew or in new york but i don't think she lives in new york anymore. Thanks she lives out here. I know she lives out here. I'm acting like i don't know she's with bonnie berry thing yeah exactly yeah the new bond albums great too. I thought about bringing that in but i know you guys like high intensity so yeah. I don't like to sleep. He stuff yeah. You know it's scientifically proven that slow. B._p._m.'s will put you to sleep just bad content or just like a slow movie. You wanna know what i've been fallen asleep to know okay. We weren't talking about that art. What didn't fall asleep to fish jams on on youtube grill. Hey don't week too much. Just hit me with your pick all right. What are we got coming up next number. Korea's harry is brett's pick. I got a special one this week because this is kind of a personal plug. It's a big deal for me. This is man man with beast released released. A new single play in his own tunes going to be tough to chris. You're on step up the single voice. Uh did you produce this help guitar guitar komo able inclined blind so maybe like a major louder than the other ones so it's louder longer so that no one was talking. You all all stunned. I think it's really good music. Pearl champ is they're related to fish. Try muscle bat any thanks agenda. Are you paid to mention that the fish champs he said it again he keeps saying it. We cut it out. I can't go with any. I can hear them anymore. I band upsets howard. I understand yes. Thank you <hes> released through the sub pop singles club. What's that it's it's kind of like a sub pop. It's the old school was one of the things you sign up for and they send you don't want to sign out joke. No you're not totally wrong third trial okay so pick that up so these guys are given an ep or a full album. Thank you congrats on the i mean does it sounded. Amazing actually isn't that sort of a textbook contra conflict of interest well. We hit them. We you'll feel it's my right completely. Protecting your pick from criticism. Just come on with him. I learned guitar and joined joined a band and did put it in all this effort just so i could pretend to finally get a hot picked. I can't be criticized elaborate ruse ah listen. We'll always promote some song when it comes to absolutely. I don't usually pick him for hot picks but i'd love to yeah go ahead now. I'm done uh-huh. Am i having a summer. I don't i never think about people ask. How's your summer and i just i. I don't know it's what i don't no. I don't make i don't delineate okay. You can look at all. The other seasons are just as good no. I just don't think like all right. Here's here's how my summer is go. I think here's my spring is going there. Have you been in the water yet. What i was going to do all four seasons man for all season. Oh uh-huh. I've been in the water. No i haven't. I haven't been to my beach house. Yeah gene like a beach guy now are you. Are you like a layout and i'd like to <music> summer. Yeah okay. There's been on the show in a while. What do we got coming in at number. One will always give my pick so number two number number two pick. It's my friend chris farren search for me. Oh another friend over here followed him man he like he tweaks it man stop. He's faves might like snare. Sent me on there now. Tom put some tape tissue on that thing. I i liked that way better than your regular picks you. I think that's a good step the right direct bringing krista no puff here. Chris is a good guy. He's been here a few times. He's awesome right on chris new song yeah. I see him on twitter. Always has good energy out there so now. This is another good ruse having him be a friend of your yeah protects. You guys just now. We can't say anything back. Christmas listening to the song recorded well. Well seven is going to be on jonathan be unnecess- party seriously okay but also hard to say anything bad about something that is just flat out good. It was fun to try to address the elephant in the room ears tale paola paola. You can look that up. Who's the d._j. The paola dido alan alan freed. Yeah yeah i guess now they are tall and shit. Wow there's one more pick all right the number one. It's howard's friend miley cyrus with ooh slide away. It is but it's not live drumming listen to that. It's like a carrot carrot. Being snapped twix yeah well of course mile is now a single eighty guys. She's out on the market. Her lamb liam hums worth. You think i should pursue howard. I wasn't addressing you particularly max. The entire max ended up with miley mileage. That'd be very text <hes> from an unknown number of the other day. I looked and it was this song. It was a link to the song maybe term whoa man maybe this is really ah i think <hes> miley regressed a little bit. I was prepared for her to come. Come back like the sort of rock and roll chick most you <music> able to herself together to get into the studio but not good enough sister are at the chris cornell tribute thing and she killed it. You really really impressed me as us like she's like janice joplin or something yeah and that she's releasing this kind of mid tempo pop stuff. She said that she just couldn't brokers breaking that. <hes> nothing breaks like a herzog's really great okay. What about i saw her. I went to an adult swim party and not uh namedrop but years ago and she was they hired her to entertain choose quite good a very entertaining. I always thought she's entertaining. Yes very very she is what she is with. No apologies yeah kind of like us trying to lead five of us and that was the top pick of the we well. What was the number one pick what was number one. It was relevant. Yours are all interesting but will not really be remembered numbered by time. That's that's fair. Including <hes> starts in the most brutal no yours is usually gonna make noise. Protection is my lip and she's part of those cases. That's true. That's not going to be one of her best songs though right no no no but still still better than swedish of war. Wow they're coming to the wilton. You wanna go see him with me. Are you gonna go see them. Do you need a parental guardian. Well yeah you actually have to buy the tickets yeah. That's the thing about relevance. I mean you gotta be con- irrelevant to play the walter like these metal bands to you might think <music> off the grid but they they do well video as to ads in front of it that means they're doing some things <hes> speaking of bads todd you'll be out on the road is where can we go for tickets. Oh tabarre dot com to bury dot com and can we find you on social. I have a podcast caster utah berry podcast which i do not as regularly as other people do their podcasts okay social media todd at todd barry on twitter todd barry on instagram tubby to grab and twitter. You can follow the. I mean facebook also. We don't need to bombard people yeah. Is your name like bud terry on there or something no well. It's a tough fan page. Oh it's not it's not a secret a a personal account burner follow the who charted hot picks twenty nineteen spotify playlist also check out prem- stream team on stitcher premium this past week we did a great live <hes> battle yeah. It was spotify versus apple. It was hugo versus start tune into that want to see you. What does a lot of fun fantastic stuff. I'm going to be taking this time berry iky postcard placing it on ebay. We'll see i ah go. Hey good luck. I hope you hope you actually do that. I could wait till the twentieth anniversary which would be next september. I'll i'll go with nineteen in years. Let somebody else on it. I'd say eighteen thousand dollars. You can give ya expecting eight. He's writing kickstarter eighteen granted by this postcard. Thank you so much time for coming in you can check out my stuff at have a summit dot com. Tom slash shop also over t. spring by a t shirt max. Where can they find you can find me on instagram at max beesley and i'll also be you coming to denver soon doing some dates there. Although if you're in denver come see me okay start. Yeah check out a man <hes>. That song was beached. We also got which it's on spotify apple everywhere you congrats on that and you go yeah. Just follow me on twitter. I guess daca foulmouthed apodaca on twitter apodaca matt yeah. I thought you just said hugo. He goes like a sort of a little bit confusing. My show name calling. My name is matt. Howard calls me he said at least you have a confusing i and named situation and also an an impossible spoke last year yeah. It's it's the whole thing is but i'm doing doing great all of those. I love it. Parting shots walk off home run. Yeah yeah and we'll see you right here next week.

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