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Welcome to the funhouse podcast. The podcast that hangs out just hang just chills hangs out and has a good time and has good vibes and is just generally above board all across the board hanging out. Anyway i'm joined today by. Lindsay is me. What's up okay. Big wave two hands and patrick. Are you saw that on the mix you at all. Look what you just open your mouth. Gaping i'm so glad you to join me today and And an issue said this before but you know people make an account you can chat with us anyway. Maybe that should be cut from the episode. I'm not sure but doesn't got a couple of things to talk about today. And first and foremost i wanna mention. Nothing seems to be happening this week. It's it seems pretty quiet out there. I went on twitter looking to see what's what's going on. And it's it's pretty quiet Jordan peterson is up to some nonsense. And people are out here. Posting bad takes about a million but the snow from house on. Somebody's trying to say that horror can't exist in space. Yeah okay well. that's a bad take. You can pay alien. But that's not that's not it right it. I mean are we say that while event horizon exists. Well that's vessel scary. No it's fun. it's fun very fiery. Did you see his face at the end. Where you i say. Julia has like the runes carved into his face. I don't know there are too scary movies. Okay horizon to terrify the cruise to. I'm with you on. i haven't seen it. That's more of a cost. Looks too scary It looks it looks absolutely terrifying nick. Cage master of animated her. No but it's all noise it's all nonsense and so we've got. I've got something else for us to talk about in a sack because there's some gaming stuff happening and this is at its roots a channel about games about video what happens. Guess what e- threes back. Baby oh i saw i settled right. That's right there was dot biz. Are patrick just had inside gaming wash over yeah guidance. Second yeah was anybody thinking. That i wouldn't be back. Was that a thought. Somebody's to have gonna do it. I wish i didn't have all this information my head but unfortunately i do they. Did i think a lot of speculation going around because we had many inside gaming things about this is a lot of speculation. They weren't gonna do it again because game developers would be like wait a minute. We just did a year without any of these conferences and we didn't allow why do it. Yeah i i think any traced back in some capacity because they just kind of keep sticking around and that's their whole thing. But i think the news is that bear actually backed by nintendo xbox capcom konami ubisoft. Take two brothers and coke media. oh k. o h. h h media. Okay imagine what else that would be. Great good so gamers above anything else. The coke brothers. oh sorry rest in peace. The coke brother god so sad dark times. we live in But yeah it's going to be digital only and but there's possibility of using streaming technology and journalist only streams so it'll have like some of the trade show aspect come back to it and not just like a digital carnival ride for everybody to get on. I do hope they still rent out. The whole los angeles convention center to tell stream from. It's funny to me i don't know what is that what they did last year. I wasn't now now no did. They couldn't cancel their residencies and they were like shit at the cc'd lic space. Hi i'm sorry. I was just gonna say the latency. I'm not a fan of the digital convention. But that's just me are your fan of the engine. That was my question. Yeah okay. 'cause i i like to socialize. I like to see people and i liked. Meet people in the industry. That i'm in and liked to party so i i like that stuff too. I think when patrick and i were at the convention previously we were so far on the outside that it didn't really feel like we were connecting with anyone at all like very much outsiders that had felt like we had accidentally been given media passes. And then you we were going around last. E three that the last person he three in two thousand nineteen and we were trying to try games and zach was smarter than us he was going to like. Pr desks and saying i'm with riester teeth whereas the two of us were going to desks and saying we're with inside gaming which had launched a rich. They all relaunched three months earlier. And they're like what is that. We just wanna play wolfenstein young bud and they're all you can come back and twenty minutes and see if there's a line okay. Next time you just gotta go i'm with. At the says that number one gaming cell phones in the world. I'm here on account of five. G step aside everywhere very much like to try odd world. That's kind of gaming wise. I mean it's back. I mean i'm gonna watch the dock and i'm gonna watch them and now if there's something cool but i don't even know like has any no new games like nothing comes out right now. I think until like soup is coming in. may i'm pretty sure. Yeah and then the new horizon zero don is on the way i don't know but sony's not even three. They're they're not as right now. They're not part of this event. They gains relying. I think we definitely don't learn the name of this. Podcast kind of like a like a shock base. Thumbnail glow game really wild yes. We're going to face face out our faces and we're going to be so old release and then shutdown games. Release the snyder cut of elven ring. And then we're done with video games. That's enough it's fine. I'm video goods. We don't need anymore. I'll take some hitman. Dlc while we're at it. i'm sorry but that's it. That's a casualty of this thing. That's going to happen mix. I decided for that if they get that out before than ring fine. But that's not stop for the games industry. That is the last one. I was just adding it to the list. You know Yeah yeah you know. I feel like that kind of takes care of any of the game stuff. I think we have more pressing stuff to take care of. This time is is gifted toss from on high from a singular power omar and we have to use it. Oh to the best of our abilities things happen. Because we can't be entertaining we have to be informational and we have to the helping hand to the to the funhouse fan. And that's why we gotta talk about how to be cool. This is easier today. we're going to talk teen. The today is all about team. Talk for the cool adult. And so because i feel like corona virus has like on cowb- d calibrated my sort of senses us like what's cool and i really wanna like reconnect with that and with my ears and we're all we're all cool young people right and also the more things open up the more. I realized how scared i am teenagers. Oh they're terrified. Los angeles teenagers really. Because i was gonna say maybe i don't run in the areas of where there's teenagers but i feel like la is like an adult city. I don't really see a lot of teenagers. Well you got to hang out at the dunkin. Donuts the library you're right. I haven't been anywhere around in a high school parking lot at seven forty five in the morning guys. I can buy era. I wouldn't do that. The bell rang. Only hard liquor. Oh god get to class. Then i look at my like digital casio from nineteen ninety five. Oh the oh. They have school school. They go to school like outside. That's yeah that's that's zoey one the classes and outside but like outside I knew about it. I saw in the oc in two thousand and ensure watching that show. So i knew that was the thing i knew that was the thing i was like outside school cool. I went to elementary school here. So i i got that experience you gotta taste taste taste. And then it was. Snapped away to the frigid northern. Wastelands where you couldn't really go outside in the winter can you. Could you could snow days. I had snow days. We didn't get no snow days in southern california. Yeah you went too far to the other extreme because it was always assume. That's what i'm saying said get here anyways. This is regular if you live. What are you. A baby actually have like extreme severe weather. They just started like well. This is just what you get for living here. You don't get a day off. Yeah yeah yes this is probably at no. You gotta go. Like pennsylvania like was the perfect balance because it can get so hot and humid and it gets cold and snowy sometimes catastrophically so especially with the increasing effects of climate change. Bummer we're not going to talk about any bummer. Like climate change today on the staff teenagers. Don't talk about bummer. No good to talk about what happened singer last night. Well the teens are talking about west. Have you seen the kermit. The frog clip of yes singer. No it is. It's the most insane. I've never watched the show but like presumably the Performance just finished and they're taking the top hat or hat off of the back of a giant snail cost tube and they lifted off in. There's like a hole there where someone's head would come through and everyone's a waiting with baited breath and then kermit the frog pops up and every hundreds of people losing their minds they go jong everyone's like puppet muppet waving around and yeah it feels fake. It feels like it's made up and like it feels like a show that they would that like the people in the capital would watch the hunger games fresh in my memory because watched the second hunger games movie but it feels dystopia right place right time. Okay anyway sorry hold on. I'm wondering what's there's a palmer. Here i was worried this. This is a good moment to take a an ad break so be right back after we hear word from our sponsors folks. Let's face it. 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How was certain apple on him. No that's like classic. Yeah mean navarine sweep to you in the midwest. I want six year. Old patrick back. They put the pineapple on the ham. Saying it's not like. I don't need to see the pineapple on the ham like a nice way. That honey glazed super nice honey glazed ham so good. Yeah no i love well. Easter brunch didn't that. I don't know what to say. Some sort of i so i ran the a shower this morning for like a dot in and it looks like shit lindsey. It's a tired but easter brunch looked like this and it's just a picture of like a huge dump iran my shower for like two minutes this morning and then by the time i got in there was like it was like an inch deep of water. I was like oh cool. That's awesome and then my landlord came in like wrestled with the drain for like an a half hour. To forty minutes. I heard exclaim inside. He's like. I can't do it. Thank god like there's a lizard that he's like an eel that he's wrestling with coming out of the dream. All of these things are those things that teenagers have to deal. Thank you for bringing us back. I brought up. I think an article. That's really gonna help us kind of get to the bottom of what's cool and its slang words. What our young people saying these days and from huffpost canada in december of two thousand twelve. So this canadian slang. Oh in two thousand twelve o two thousand twenty were. Yeah so well. It's not so much about what were they saying. What will the teens their rapidly burning through the culture of the nineties and early two thousands guidry knock at twenty twelve. I know why they're wearing kinko's three county right if arranging cars. They've got like seen hair color in there Sure he lays will be back any time. Anyway i just got some stuff here. I like the one of the first things that they're saying or will be saying is murked and it can mean actually a number of things. I thought it meant killing someone but it can mean yeah as toronto like a guy tackled knocked out or even if you just had great sex and yes then be fighting words. No and and it's delightfully canadian to in the in the use thing it's a moose in everyday life did you see the raptors get merck. Last night we suck so one for toront- toronto tinians. I remember that being kind of a thing. But i don't think to the extent that this feels like a game. It's not like a gaming culture. It was yeah. I gotta work for sure. Call of duty got merkich. Do straight murked. I don't know maybe tackled. Sorry go ahead. Oh i was just gonna say milaoda. Guess one of the words on the list and if it's on there that's fine. We didn't establish there's points in some but there's no it's very ryan of fear is not at all combined now. I channel ryan furniture. I feel like is yellow is going to be on this list. That was also use the next item on milan left. I have to get it in before we did more words. No you you got it in right at the right moment which honestly vinci very cool yay. Congratulations maybe blush. Oh look at that. Yellow which is of course an acronym you only live once Thank you drake a visionary definitely not a weirdo like flirting with yellow. Yeah Yellow is often used before taking a risk or questioning situation. has been named the worst word or phrase of two thousand twelve by their associate books editor. Zoe triska patrick. Would you like to guess one of the two thousand twelve words. Oh god there yeah. I'm here okay. I didn't know if your pc did that. Thing where it just starts now not yet. It'll happen. And i'll lose the audio someone's problem to figure out but not yet just secondly it will. You shouldn't have cast me. It's actually your fault. i don't i'm trying to remember a word From two thousand twelve and you grew up close enough to canada. I'm gonna look at my picture. Twelve grenade. Youtube are a couple years older than me. So twenty. twelve wasn't really primoz teen time now and so. I did want to bring that because i know i. I was like charlotte. Were you a teenager in two thousand twelve like what's this weird year that you're picking. I guess you were right. I was i was. I don't remember no. I was eighteen seventeen in two thousand twelve. So yes so it was twenty four. Okay so very much an adult. I was twenty three or twenty four. To i mean people are saying that okay. Okay teen age. That's okay twenty six. You're you're actually kind of a cool teen. Now they're saying twenty six is extremely old and pathetic age and then once you get over once you go over thirty though you hit. Cool again is what they're saying. I have any here. I gotta get a lockout in my twenty. It's it's been an fucking stupid honestly. I'm telling you. Thirties rock thirties where it's as whereas whereas that twenty three is like my one good year in my twenties mine is twenty four. I don't remember. I had like one good. Twenties are just are just starting the the first few years of my twenty s. We're kind of stock in self exploration and introspection regarding. We're past sports. Sports just looking inward thinking about sports anyway after yolo patrick because clearly you're not going to ask just i'm not gonna go. I don't i can't delay. We're going to say patrick. You weren't gonna just say yo lo and say any words say yellow and then say your head because okay. You only live once. How thank you know about bingo or yahtzee kid. The kids were saying that right. Yeah did you say swell our swell our bomb. Yeah say that. It's not as bad as it sounds. I was to say it's not not. I thought that it would be when i was going through it. But it's our dash bomb. Okay and oh. I mean do you guys now at this is just stanley standing word for the our word. It's actually not it's it's it's when someone receives and reads a message on blackberries messenger system b. m. but doesn't respond so so that's an okay in two thousand twelve canada here now. She's on we on the canadian hot canadian teen teen hot and his cool cold as the rockies which i would assume continue north northwards into canada but the phrases about the rock the colorado portion of right. But i'm sure like it veers internet you know does it. Does i only hear it. Every so often can world building. Can you guess some any early. Two thousand slay charlotte. Oh my god take five take. Yeah sure my kind of territory. What are you goes. Guessing shrager shrek. That's a movie. That's so shrek it's when someone's green how about fronton remember fronton. That's i feel like these things. Don't feel like slang to me because they were eventually either forgotten or folded into just talking you. You ever taken a chill pill before. Oh my god chill. I think it'll list right now kind of in a year or walk. I've never done the crip walk. But i'm aware of the crip walk. I don't know how to do anything. Pinned really i was so ready for. Us dish for you to show us the no. No no new. No no no. Let me see if i can guess one. Bon you have fallen was one cool. Fake separate have been alone. I think bond was their pimp. It feels like it's i feel like balling might have been ninety s though a holdover is kind of the same. Yeah except yeah now. When i was that i saw something. I'm losing my mind over here. There's a couple on here that i've never heard in my life and then there's others that are supremely popular like cray cray cray cray. I've heard that cray that shit cray that is examining what are of the ones you've never heard of maybe Yeah let's hear him still spelled at the y. instead of an. I still still. Yeah s. t. y. announced still s t y l l yeah st y l. l. law. I don't know i'm agreeing with someone or the truth and so you would say in everyday life quote that episode of the vampire. Diaries was good still. I think it's like saying new cap. I don't remember that. All i all i found i found a word to word to scroll through two thousand year to six on my facebook page reduncancies. Somebody wrote ridiculous. Yeah that was a big time for language. Thank you remember when people would say awesome sauce. Oh yeah i feel like that was the right alongside ap oh thousand eight. Yeah yeah wouldn't size. Yeah i feel like everyone. Everywhere goes through the trying to call up surfer speak with like radical and Yeah gnarly or totally nar nar nar nar. Nar school are bone. What'd she say. Bone narva dinar shred. The narbonne with studies right. That's the no. I think i've had another word talking about this yesterday. Let's sue ya. Grandpa pancakes is that a family member. Or nope that's just teenager land pancakes. I know grandpa pancakes. I no longer have these social media sites. That had when i was that was just like my private little. I like stoorikhel oasis. God i can't think of it now but like i have my band website from seventh grade. Maybe i don't know if that doesn't a slang in it though. Let me see if i can find some more. Oh sang thing saying calling people. Money like adding money to the end of their names their name. Oh yeah yeah hope. Easy money z. Money always review p money. Money was big. Yeah definite i was those words is. He's he's got a gift you know. I wanna get this plumber on the side. Yeah see what. His favorite a teen lingo has he. Is he down You wonder if you could could you could promote is business. Where's this website i'm looking for. What's the website. I don't know i it's. It's the website from when i was a child ebola world. No no that's so funny. I was thinking of bombs role. A lot of my lingo from those comics. Even home star runner dot bro. Seth yeah that was one thing. Geraldton were bad nights of broand Nicer bra and door doesn't latch on the men. Jay she she's shares. Nesh isn't it. I hate it then. beyond that. Fotiou zal fizzle shell and my nestle right. Oh my gosh. That's how it went. What time do people ever actually used to say. You're punking mayor right now. Are you just got punked or did that show start. Yeah the show will say that. I feel i mean the show definitely put it in pop culture. Maybe some people said it. But i definitely want to set it. If it wasn't for the show punked became the new like done. You got punked all right. So actually i wanna i wanna start. I wanna give you a prompt and see what kind of science comes up You and you and your buds. It's saturday in september. And you're going to the mall but your one friend who was gonna go with you and maybe even drive actually turns out that their parents won't let them come anymore. Yeah does this bring anything. Forwards man no no word like narc or like. They're so lame. Like that's what i write bad. You know i. I would say that. Now you know. I'd say that. Now yeah when your friend can't drive you to the mall. Yeah you've taken to people in their thirties though and ask them to identify slang from when they were already in their mid twenties now. But i'm not talking about thousand twelve. I mean when you were teens. Yeah i was just thinking of when i was a teen but yeah one of these canadian ones. Lame would probably be. The one value lows had a lot of traction blows. Yeah yeah. I think i still think so. Yeah what would you also say. My maine's i would not say maine. Is that as in like your best friend. That just like your best friend. Close group of friends are my family now. Lives sure yeah like. Bff's is sort of timeless though. So fellas yeah. If i heard patrick say apps i would call some hotline And just call an ambulance as the top. A i would say. Bff's for like my closest closest friends and it wasn't until i think i was in my late twenties when i started calling like any girlfriend like my girlfriend's because when i was in my early twenties i was like well. She's not my girlfriend. She my friend my girlfriend and then later i was like why does it matter like i can call them. My girlfriend's like yeah right again. If i heard patrick say like oh i had a good weekend. I was with my girlfriend's my head would expect my. Yeah my bff send my girls went out to springs. It was pretty low. We hit the spy. It got pretty cray cray still. I just found a list. I guess i wouldn't call it all bunch of my guy friends like my boyfriend's my boyfriend's going to hang out this weekend with a bunch of my boyfriend's it's no big deal. Yeah my boyfriend. James patrick ryan and jacob. It works just fits. I'd find a beautiful website of a m abbreviations. And oh it's a classic classic type of website which i love and i think she'd come back where it is so unpleasant to look at that. It actually hurts. The is and maybe a seizure risk because okay the entire background of the page right. Like there's these white text boxes that only take up the middle of the page and then the entire rest of it is very thin. Lines like a like an inner the interlacing on television. So when you scroll the screen just flashes you violently and it's really good and this was not that uncommon back then not unlike the black background with green taxed. If you'll recall that was a pop classic style. Yeah so i'm here in. There's a do you wanna do you wanna guess what. Stf w stood for status. W stf w stf. That's like shut the fuck something kind of sort of in. Its its search the fucking web search web. Don't ask me any it. Just look at something that my dad would use lingo. That might search. Here's a classic one how he would use a classic. You're probably big on. I am right. Yeah amer was like twelve years. Probably my well. I don't want to actually. I don't want to say because some of them. I still use from my more private stuff. So sam just know that they had numbers and they had like random bullshit in and fair enough you still use. Am oh you still use the username. I still have to some of my own accounts but lost. they understood. I one was goose. Baby oh six. That's one that i don't use my burst. One yeah fan. 'cause i was knows g. o. s. and i was a google's fan. Oh yeah that's good. That's really get their lyrics runaway message with that account. I mean probably had to. Anyway i tell me the the name. Tell me if you know what this is. This is classic is this is extremely. It's extremely important to the culture of being In middle school or high school at the time peo- s charlotte the obvious. One that i think it is. What do you think piece of shit. Now i've made a faux pas on the internet and it's gonna live here forever. Let me get another ganzi helper out Did you forget it or does it. is it like. It's an acronym shorthand. Okay it's it's panel like what a point of sale is all the kids were talking about the sale softwares and selena that or pick on sister because that was like a formative part of growing up for me because it's it's parent over shoulder On your when your parents were behind you and you were chat with your buddies or maybe crush on even you would say and that would have parents didn't know but then your friends knew not to say anything bad. Oh wow because your parents incriminating compromised. Christmas party wants patrick found a word. That one's good. Yeah sick one's really good. This article has flex in it. It has ratchet are twelve. Yeah i found out ratchet from a on a school trip in highschool goes an ice call. Them and i met some from kansas. And they were all saying ratchet really kansas. Yeah kansas folks day ahead of the show. They were saying ratchet and finna they were. They been go to the store. They didn't originally around for a long time. No they didn't feel like. I think that just gained kind of drive through one hundred miles of crops. That finna flatland is so ratchet. Just kansas things so ratchet. Kansas city isn't in this state. that's finna at school. People still use that but maybe ironically but then becomes part hero. Cab ironic anymore. I've heard people say design that's like. Ll for me and day. like i always like Just right out the word. Because i was an asshole and then and now it's like ll it k. a. I still mayo picked out so hard and allows saao raffle fao. I still do the ha. I don't know. I don't do fulfill like all caps. It just feels good. It feels good. Can you imagine that if i sent that. What would that upset you. I would assume some shit the la mayo personnel. But you're you're you wouldn't. Yeah exactly thank you but you. You are very much. A lower case l. o. l. person. I've never been. I could see that. Really no. But i could see you doing it. I i wouldn't. I wouldn't be like why i'm alive. Har- yeah you are hard and you don't you'll sometimes put extra ha-has on the end. I know if you think something's funny to ha- to display how funny i think it is. I add an extra hawk you also do. I'm glad i know you 'cause you do kind of texts psychopath completely. But like you know. The whole like people will try to get out around the lack of context and texting so they will add more exclamation points and kind of like infuse it. Patrick will send k. And i know because it's patrick that he really means and it's like oh okay. That sounds great. Just the letter k but with other people. That's like a smoke signal. I'm not happy with what just happened. And i don't even wanna talk out at a lot of people. I have gone to me over the single k. Texts because it's like when it's actually if you want me to say i'm not going to write a fucking paragraph to respond to like it's it's good K it's too easy. They have all k. It just might have it means. I have the information i need. That's all it means. It's enough high. Couple of those. I go like is if i'm like okay. I actually like okay. Just helps with them on their end. Well they need to adjust is the problem Everybody days and that is what i've done. I've just not everybody that not everybody but everybody that i'm texting everybody. Is there a sign that you'll allow yourself patrick to have emerged pinch. I use emoji. Oh no you know what i do. I do the thumbs up all the time because the classic the sons the thumbs up is the equivalent of the k which is great because thumbs up is like i'm done talking about this because you know especially like in slack. Sometimes it's like you get something sent to you. You're like okay. Thank you ha ha no problem. Then you're like okay. i don't want thumbs up. It says i appreciate what has happened. We're done we're done now. It's over until something new comes up. I got some saying. Just go ahead. And let's hear honda p p a hand would've said that shit on dopey. Yeah but i. I feel like i didn't pick up on that until like i don't know we won a couple of years ago and i was like it takes a while for these things to come down from canada. I want to be insane. Does migrate down from canada. Exactly yes we know down. The can the mississippi a lot of times when i start picking up slang and saying it. I'm like it's ironic. And i'm making fun of it because it's so funny that this is the thing and then in my vocabulary and that's how it happens but my well i'm being like yeah sounds good. Honda p signed me up. But you pull it off though lindsay. You feel like you're you're so thank you and when and when you speak that i feel like even if people have never heard the slang. They'll be like that makes sense. I think i think i understand what she saw. Lift you up on their p p. Sometimes i'll hear Ears perk up at some local slang like philadelphia. Loves john jay john. Yeah which is basically just a placeholder. Where for anything like my friend was in dunkin donuts dunkin now i guess and this guy walked in from the back of the store he said yogi me one of them cold johns and they yelled back an iced coffee he said share so it's very it's very specific but i guess we'll get you where you need to go so it just means or any saying joint kind of like a eight like that. Yeah one of them. The giants right. I've never heard of that before. That's new to me. Yeah i mean. I wasn't i want. I'm sure it's been around philly longer than i was aware of it. Because i'm not a not exactly the hippest person and that's by choice Because i immersed myself and other cultures like gaming does it work. Does it work like this. Does it work like us. 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And i bought a demo cd off guy on hollywood boulevard. Because those in idiot. And i had some cash. It was only like ten one of the of it in your hands. Yeah yeah and it was so worth it. Because like i always used the auxiliary cord in my car so i only ever had one cd and the stereo and it was this and he did have a track called swag zillah and it was as high as the sound. I was looking around like it was like swag zillah so you know. He bought this beat and he just like when into the. Let's fucking go and he's like swag zillah swag swag zillah what you do and go on like that and my circle of friends loved it so i never really heard slang but i think that was the natural end of swag. I heard an awesome. I was at an open mic once a to watch to support a friend in. There is a rapper there in one of his songs. I remember two lines. One of them was on the highway to hell in a stolen car. And then the other one i remember. Is you call you. Girls all call my folks and and everyone was with with his his parents. And that's all. I remember that to say his means. Yeah pretty good. That's so sure about the did not wish i had always worth buying. I have one that i would do in two thousand and eleven an abbreviation. Csb cbs's be. Don't remember that one can't so ballin any means when you can't go into the sound because you're hooping cool story bro. Oh wow aiding it even more like more offensive. Yeah like see us be. Ah walls rave raspy. I would always be can come at me. Go l. l. Get off my lawn. Get off my l. Gobble gobble think of any off my line. Now it's not is it i was. I believe that sort of a metaphor is it like get out of my life. No no no. Don't give it to me okay. I want to see if the check and guests to come on chat. I know it's delay but jeez oh my atlanta o. Jahmil gamal get over my. That's it hell getting over my losses. What is over my losses. You didn't get on my level. I knew that i knew that. Get on my level get That's really good. I like this one from the two thousand twelve west that i actually do use still which is deep like let's dip. Oh i can hear you saying that. Was this ever said. Let's blow this popsicle stan. I know this like yeah. I mean yeah. We know that was stand. That was fully. Let's blow this. Is that so popsicle. Stand i don't get yeah. I don't know where that came from. I don't know why it caught on in such a way. But they definitely definitely had got that get on my level is like they already got it so fast so i know that. Sorry didn't mean it or up but that's probably been asked for it so get ready to see it pop up quite quite a bit more. Yeah yeah and a okay. I know what this isn't this is regional. But you know what bars are like an song bars. No ours. No dessert bars. Oh it's just like a brownie right. Not necessarily you've talked about this. But god don't can relate the million bar the millionaires bar. I don't know it's like a baked dessert brownie but made out of anything but that because brownies blonde days. That would be a bar okay. That's a bar but there could also be barred that's like has like granola and fruit. Kind of that kind of a bar is also a bar a millionaire saw. No no no. That's a by. It's all baked but like bars you can have. Any bars are tied. Then you get like chocolate chip cookie bar that patrick stratton hanging out with i. Don't even have dischord up about millionaires. Bar good what is that. Cheese baked the bottom treat short. Yeah shortbread look fucking bomb for one of those. And i am still look yes. Yes multiple dental visit bag. Hamas thought of another one from my high school. Okay i feel like one got called a ho bag. Like a person of authority that would lead to unheard of levels of scolding like that. Just seems really rough. Yeah yeah oh thank was that jank. Yeah yeah persisted a little bit that my arms around it God there's one here for money. Which is scr ila okay. Yeah i'm for that one oh yeah. Guerrilla was huge. I just. I'm rolling in skrela sloughs. Who's hot does that. Come from. scratch scroll. A scribe bag the bag. That's today right. That's daisley getting no yet bag. I love getting that bag. Oh i forgot. I had a couple other links in here. I have the top ten new slang words for two thousand eight. Oh wait let's hear just a few of those. Can we have a few. I'll just go well. This is like someone's blog so it's not like not written as mystical. So i have to like okay so i guess you're in like a i. Guess yeah i. I don't even know 'em liking one of them is a joke from thirty rock and was going to be a new slang word but they thought it was funny. Maybe just math. That's been around and it's going anywhere. Timeless no mill timeless the bromance station. Dumb this is very very much of the time though of two thousand eight. There's a there's like some lingo in here nodding at sexual fluidity. Wha i don't know it's i don't even know it's totally wrong. I also have this article how to dress like a teenager at any age. That's it's so. Sad i just wanted to read you. The intro of that like we don't actually have to go through it but it's so funny because you think about the type of guy and guys that this is written for that. This article has directed towards and just imagine like imagine it being your dad and just ask god for the record. There's no expiration date for dressing like a teenager not at age twenty nor at forty nine even at eighty and this is i think in english article. We don't just go out of adolescent tastes the same way we grew out of our favourite trainers and while we may not have endless hours shooter. Perfect our ups or entire weekends to spend at the skate park. That doesn't mean we don't. We've left these affinities behind so no need to banish any clothing from your wardrobe indicates you you still care. I don't know what the there's and then it breaks it into archetypes that you can still dress as which are the skater. Boy the sportsman and the modules man's odd man what is that. The mod subculture erupted. Oh these are for when like old guys reading teenagers. Yeah yeah yeah. I know man. Culture erupted in the late. Nineteen fifties suits paul rebellion. It's like it seems like pre punk rock that it's it's basically this is just like what is just before ashton. Kutcher show replied. Yeah you got spunk. The original honked punk. Yeah this is just clothes. It's like a button-down in jeans. Like all i know is in twenty years. I have to read some article where it's like. It's okay to dress like you did in two thousand six. I'd look at those pictures of me in two thousand six and i'd vomit also what they're saying all did not have i mean not like i have fashioned. Now 'cause teasers. But i did not have a vest over like a t shirt with a pocket the scarf and then like the hat so like the concept of dora fedora. Hat right heavy. Everybody can make fun of me but okay we'll go. We went to school at the same time. I know i know exactly what you're talking about. I guess i'm i'm thinking more like late. Two thousands of how dressing. But 'cause when i lived in ohio i dress like straight a basic white girl mid western white girl meaning. I had like the little hoodies with like asli or with the like the long sleeve shirts just like a hoodie and there was fleas normally genes for american eagle. A rotation of eggs clogs. And no i actually never had any dogs but i did have renegade had called i. I'm not. I'm not cool right the anyway. That was a saving grace for me. In retrospect because i was so far removed from anything trendy in high school that i mean my wardrobe if you can call it that was basically just like frumpy like ill-fitting jeans and t-shirts amd like sometimes had a lot of that. Something that i was like this cool and it wasn't like i look back on pictures of myself and like short of like plaid cargo shirts and a graph shorts and a graphic t- of like the flash or like the ninja turtles. It's like one of those canvas belts with the two rings at the end and like a lot of westover slack at the end of it that you can't tuck into your belt loops and some chuck's like that was like the most like. Oh yeah it style from my circle but otherwise pretty middle of the road shit for young charlotte for growing up in that time like it's kind of hard to place. Yeah that's fair. Yeah so not too many embarrassing. I mean it looked like an idiot but that was kind of just more me than what. I was wearing at worst. We're cool pretty cool workflow or call or call. We're cool even more. Not guess what. We're enough to drink alcohol so teenagers can suck it. Yeah that was in high school. That's illegal you can't say that degeneration x lookit there. That's all straight edge now. That's what it's about it's wrong. I just thought about what what you said. That's not what i did in high school. I did this. I did not the other. And i think everyone. Yeah that's cool lindsay's cool. Were patrick and i were talking about this. Yesterday about millennials that are very quickly becoming boomers. Getting the boomers are under their skin. And yeah yeah i have. I have a. it's not about age. It's about attitude. There's twenty-three-year-old three year. Old or twenty like twenty five zero hunting bought a house and now they're mad at like seventeen year olds for saying that you can't part your hair from the side anymore or your school and it's just like watching it happen has been so entertaining because people just on the exact same things. They were making fun of her for doing six months ago. And it happened so fast. Yeah like clockwork. Let it happen. You don't have to stop here. is today. keith side. You can keep wearing skinny jeans. You can keep parting your of the sud cool anymore. The hanes are cool. No and look to and in ten years. They're going to be lame and they'll go through the same thing but also the middle is is a crazy. Look what now. I look crazy now. There are some that are fine. But it's a what are you on. What are you on the prairie. I was playing with his central park earlier this year. I logged on to do the daily. And i had dark lipstick onto and patrick was like okay wednesday. I like exactly what i was worried about. Like a black shirt onto to make a million one time. I did do minion. Bounding accidentally nuts in content. I just got a new pair. Overalls has very excited about it. And i those are cute overall. I wish i could world you can. Did someone tell you know. Because i just when. I wear overalls and i say this without trying to sound like oh he myself but i my body would look like if french just dumped. A bunch of potatoes and some overalls. Because of the way overalls are shaped right is to go over your shoulder. So they're holding everything like in certain ways and so like maybe a more fit person i could do the overalls but like it amy. Let me do the middle part okay. I'll keep a part is so cool my skinny jeans or whatever but the overall it amy now right now maybe in a couple of months maybe well that's great. I think you should wear whatever you feel comfortable. and lindsey. i agree. I also agree. I think to finish us out. I'm going to talk about some of the slang we're seeing today from twenty twenty. Oh that sounds that dot is not on here. I think that's more twenty-eight already aged yourself. Oh my god you just call yourself out in the town square. Is teenagers all around. You screaming apes. Well yeah that's really good. I have young cousins so they definitely taught me all those hip dances like tiktok. So here's some slaying. This article is written updated in february last year. Says pre cove. Ed maybe let me back on. I'll give you the benefit of the but we got hate to see it. I love to see you hate this. You know what i hate about. The slant about current slang the slang thing is invented in within a day is written into the ground so fucking hard by every social media. Thing that i hate it here again ever and you're a hat and the brand hack if you use it like right that same with the songs tiktok has the same song. Use a different song. Oh yeah i know. I don't even have tiktok this shit. I was just saying okay boomer. One of my favorite things from tiktok is like sayings or slang is the not me blank blank blank because i couldn't fuses the shit out of me. I was talking to somebody and they said not me doing acts and i had to ask. Does this mean you did it or not. Yes yes now. As i say did it and then here's what it means. It means that they did it and that they're they're like i can't believe he did that. Like not me goal. Janelle digging my grave not me grave and putting in burying myself alive. Yeah it just it annoys me. Just because of the repetition of those things phrasing gets five death they all over the internet. It's not about the people using it. Quick the nature risk happened on some slang instantly. Like i never wanna hear this one. I hate anyone who uses it. Yeah i love fine too but people look at it with very much rose colored glasses. 'cause they're not growing out my mustache. Okay boomer vina's probably not freight right in hindsight. No it was. The only ones people are the compilations these days. That are actually like funny jokes. You think back to it and like there would be a thing like a joke or a fad or some meam that would spread across the platform and every single person would have their own version of it and they would do a dozen of the within two days. So i know. I'm just saying it's all the same shit like you get all these personalities like single app which has a lot of different diverse interests. But everyone does their version of the thing. I mean you. See it on youtube. To and i of course has a through line like battery out two games but like it tiktok. It's happening every hour. H one did not mean thing confuses the shit out of me baltic h one zero and actually pretty fun. We knew people that worked on the social team for the east sports arm of h one z. One which was nice. We could hook you up if you wanna if you ever want to meet him is he later fouls playing if i was playing h one z. One i would say not me bling. H one z. One in twenty twenty one anyway anyway done nowadays. Yeah we got. We got basic fit for real. How far no pap that does not meet. Not me capping. That's basic gum. yeah is all together anyway. I feel better now. Thank you. I feel like i can take on the teens in my neighborhood now. I can go out with them. They're just trying to live their lives. But i'm gonna approach unmasked and start. Just berating them with the slang. I've learned where'd a couple of teen boomers here. Okay team boomer teen influence teen boomer yard. Yeah we're were influenced series We love to read artists national. That's obviously obviously click. The link below subscribe initials fucking with a smash that like button and faria. Thanks for listening. Not me listening to the fun house. Podcast peace times to give us the ad. What are they saying. The rat apiece. Let's play this popsicle stand ono. You know what they do they go right or is that are just so i think that's further in the past. Thank you looking at twenty seventeen that one anyway. Thank you both for joining us. I do wanna real quick talk about some of the stuff coming. Not the having an aneurysm you at the emergency room. And they'll show she having an aneurysm. Okay what's up and very alison. No i did know show. Are we supposed to do the things on the stream before we end the podcasters. We and the podcasts. Don't we talk about what's coming. Is that a strange thing talking about what's coming up on our channel. Yeah funhouse oh then. Oh then hell yeah. That's part of this pie. All beans so sorry forever doubting you. How dare you step to me. No cap for real. that's bay. this all started. Because i found an article called ten sex-slaying sex-slayings that will be bay in two thousand sixteen written in late. Two thousand fifteen but it was kinda tongue-in-cheek so as a politician. Hey cosmetically are some of the most fun you can have on the internet. One point five million six tips to send your guy wild to send. Your man did grapefruit challenge. Anyway we have coming up on fun house We've got some content. Coming up soon sideline but it's super funny. I ll friday some of the early. Friday already dead. Yeah it's the first friday one of funniest videos. I've seen in a minute. Come out of this channel and surprisingly not not even involved and it's still funny. They pulled it off guys. I've just a weight are of the channel. You're both in it. You're both super funny. I don't wanna be cheese. Was i think the the the details of it. I think are what make it so funny. It's it's kind of shocking and there's more boorda's hell coming out gonna get. I just say this. Because i'm in it. Lindsay is but it does only get better because the game starts to pick up today. Yeah yeah we started low and we're going high. I mean really like the character traits and the stuff between us just starts to solidify more and more but basically what i mean is like we're heading towards day to shooting when chit physical exhaustion of the actors alcohol levels in ryan cups. The levels are going all over the place a lot of chocolate syrup at one point more. Makeup shenanigans expired expired whipped cream all good stuff coming up on house. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for listening to us beak will and learn cool. Thank you patrick. And lindsey of charlotte and a shoutout to my plumber for coming in clutch. We go shower. Drain big ups to the plumber. Huge respect yeah putting out of respect on his name for free. Okay thank you goodbye. Cody about that classics. Me and cody for making this all happen. Otherwise we would just be alone in our rooms. I caught. Oh my god narasimha lifestyle thirty.

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