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ooh Hey what's up. Welcome to in the thickness podcast about politics. Race and culture from a POC perspective. And I'm and pillow. It's a special Monday. Drop ahead of the New Hampshire twenty twenty primary election. which is this Tuesday day but before we get to that I lo just a reminder? It family. We'd better see you in Mississippi we've got to live shows and podcasts cast workshop. We want to see you there. And the first week of March we want to see you in Detroit for another live show so check out our social media and today's episode show have all the information to RSVP okay. Let's move to another state a little bit north of Mississippi Julia. You you were in New Hampshire just to clarify that demographically. It is actually whiter demographically than Iowa but we are talking about the POC. Vote in New Hampshire. We're going to get to that in a second. But who do you. You drove over the border line from Massachusetts to the New Hampshire. And you're GONNA give us your hot takes on Friday's debate. I loved your ratings. They were kind of adorable power. Rankings your power our ranking. I'm going to trademark those race. Did come up for a good portion of the debate but aside from Andrew Yang it was an all white stage so he kind of made you feel like wow it would have been interesting to hear what's on the candidates of color had to say about reparations voter suppression and in the case of Andrew Yang you know. This claim that universal basic income would solve the issue of racism. Oh alright that got US side center. He said just just letting you guys know I I mean economic empowerment. Yes but it's not gonNA solve everything after Pete. Buddha judge performed well in Iowa wasn't surprising that Elizabeth Warren Enemy Clova Char went after after him. Clova Char started criticizing Buddha judges electability by pointing to his lack of political experience. Warren took issue with his answer on the issue of race The moderator from ABC News Lindsay Davis Pushed Buddha judge on the fact that racial disparity in marijuana arrests in south bend. Indiana in his city went up during his time as mayor. You know was there a pressure from him to say we want. We want better numbers right right. Buddha judge kind of skirted around his answer and Warren made it clear. That race shouldn't only be brought up when people are talking about criminal justice. Thank you you for that in so many cases of incarceration disproportionately of black and Brown Americans. Were the incarceration. Did far more harm right. Hello how do you explain the increase in black arrests in south bend under your leadership for marijuana possession. The overall rate was lower. There was an increase the year before you were an office. It was lower once you became in office in two thousand twelve. That number went up in two thousand eighteen. The last number of years here that we have record for that number was still up and one of the strategies that are community adopted was to target when they were cases where there was gun violence and gang violence which was slaughtering so many in our community burying teenagers. Disproportionately black teenagers. We adopted a strategy. That said that drug enforcement would be targeted in cases where there was a connection to the most violent group or gang connected to a murder. These things are all connected. But that's the point so we're all of the things that need to change in order for us to prevent violence and remove the effects of systemic racism. Not Not just from criminal justice for more economy from health from housing and for more democracy itself. Senator Warren is that a substantial answer from their judge. You have to own up to the facts and it's important to own up to the facts about how race has totally permeated our criminal justice system for the exact same joins. What was it like to be there can you you just give us like you know the vibe the feeling just give us a four one one? It was in Manchester New Hampshire there obviously national local media. People don't understand as well That that part of New Hampshire's part of the Boston market so there is a lot of Boston media so I I got a lot of colleagues which is great but in the end and I think what I got from talking to people and reporting and that Bernie Sanders is by far consistently very likely. We're GONNA win this well. I mean I'm not making predictions but that's what people are saying and a lot of that has to do with Interestingly his outreach with connects voters am I right even you have yes. You're absolutely right in one of the things that I had an opportunity to connect with Jeff Weaver Weaver in the Spin Room. He's sanders a senior adviser because that Friday There was a release by the UCLA. Latino Policy See in politics initiative that look at voting data from Iowa and it showed that Sanders won over half of the vote in Iowa's top thirty ready to high density Latino caucus locations so basically thirty two sites. Were there are a lot of Latinos in each of those sites so I asked weaver whereafter. The debate on Friday like about the study and whether this was a strategy for the sanders campaign and this is what he told me early on in the process. we reach out to Latino voters both in Iowa and in Nevada. We've been reaching out as well to Latino voters in California and other states during the last campaign we saw tremendous explosion support for Senator Sanders among Latino voters all across this country. I think that his own immigrant story connects with Latino voters I think in many ways Senator Sanders talks about the America. Sure that people who came to this country thought they were coming to and it's an aspirational community. That I think really you know They really like Senator Sanders Message. So Winning Latino voters a very important part of his primary a strategy. But let's be clear. You know. Latino voters largest racial minority now in the United States of America typically underrepresented represented in the general election pool voters and we think Senator Sanders strengthened. The general election will be able to bring out a large numbers of Latino Voters Latino Support Maria as a political journalist. When I was looking at the cycle again and I know about you but when Sanders announced again there was a little but like why? Are you doing this right. But there's a lot of Latino and Latina support for Bernie Sanders in places not just this California like eight is an explicit strategy. And I'm seeing that loyalty in a lot of places and it's real so I just need to step back and sort of like the reporting I've done. I was skeptical. But I'm Kinda saying now it's like I think we shouldn't take it for granted. I I think it's real. I think it's fascinating. Actually you know when you think about the fact that the Latino Latina voter is perceived to be socially conservative somewhat what but politically progressive. But then you also know that twenty five. Let's say percent that's a rough Latina's voted for trump You've got this strong. Evangelical thing going on that is very anti abortion but at the same time you've got this really intense radical radical wing of Latino Progressive Politics that comes from Latin. America is a part of the experience of Latin America. And what I want to know is like who in Bernie campaign like really understood this and crystallized it and said we've got to get the ground game first of all from what from talking to the centers campaign and talking to people have been covering it and also just I voters in general. It's younger. It's definitely younger. And what you're seeing is like. Yeah these younger like let next like voters who are telling their like parents will meet Bernie but you have to say one of the senior advisors to the campaign his name is Chuck Rocha and Chuck is from Texas. He's Latino he is part of the inner circle what he told me via twitter. And there's reporting on this as well as that. It's not being seen as a separate thing. You know what I'm saying like Latino campaign strategy is not separate. It's not like a little like you know you have your main campaign. Oh and here's the Latino outreach it's integrated into the private years weaver who is a white liberal man. Give me an answer so quickly. Like he didn't even know who this reminds me of. What Matt Dowd Remember Matt Dowd? who was the chief? Strategist for For George W Bush and all he did was to you. Think about how to get the Latino Latina vote which George W did at about thirty thirty five percent and he did very well a super super good and if you have that and you understand it and integrated it can in fact be the difference. Here's something interesting. You know my Latina Women's group they have this fascinating. What's up going through all the debates bates and towards the end surprise surprise many of them were saying that they were liking clovinger? I was going to say that that was the big takeaway of my reporting on Friday and also following why she did first of all I think Loescher did a fantastic job like fantastic well. She was very strong strong. I mean here's the thing you could say what you want. Everyone went after Bernie about like the question about. Oh it's a socialist and everyone kind of backed off and Bernie did a really good job like And he's doing a good job and let you gotta be on us. He was consistent. I mean people are fawning all firm on Morning Joe Joe Scarborough right now is like fawning it over him. So that's like Doodoo right but amy Klobuchar did really well at least saying hey. I don't stand for socialism or or Democratic Socialism. So I'm going to give you a different option listening to this about meeting the moment and my first thought is. I'm a fresh face up here for a presidential -sential debate and I figure that fifty nine my age is the new thirty eight up here. The second thing I think about is this and then is there. You go meeting the moment meeting the moment. We had a moment the last few weeks mayor. And that moment with these impeachment hearings and and there was a lot of courage that you saw from only a few people. There was courage from Doug Jones our friend of Alabama. Who took that tough? Oh there was range. There was courage from Romney who took a very very difficult. Though there was I read today about the tenant curnow curnow intimate and being escorted out of the White House when he took her it. But like you said Pete as you're campaigning through Iowa as three of us where jurors in that impeachment hearing you said it was exhausting to watch and that you want it to turn the channel and watch cartoons it is easy to go after Washington because because that's a popular thing to do. It is much harder as I see centers chicane in the front row such a leader. It is much harder to lead and much harder to take those difficult positions. Because I think this going after every single thing that people do because it's popular to say and makes you look like a cool new cover over I just. I don't think that's what people want right now. We have a newcomer in the White House. And look where it got us. I think having an any closure if you look has been tracking walking has been trending up the last couple of days in New Hampshire. That's all everyone's talking about. And what's crazy about this all media in Massachusetts and New Hampshire gotTa Remember That Elizabeth Warren is a Massachusetts senator and she had Massachusetts like elected officials. There who knows where she goes but watch out for Amy Klobuchar I on primary night on Tuesday. Night in New Hampshire. That's all I'M GONNA say. Thank you for doing that. For driving across state lines. It was not that far. It's only an hour and ten minutes. You know who's great. So that's that's why I'm saying thank you for doing. You're like yeah. Yeah like I do that all the time. It was good. I also checked out colleges for my son so I turned it into I was like well. Maybe you should go here. Play soccer but listen. I WANNA turn a little bit to the primary race in New Hampshire which we said is. Is this Tuesday so while I was there on Friday before the debate repeat I had the chance to interview our good friend. He's kicking butt for. CBS News as a political correspondent. Ed O'Keefe Ed has been on in the thick before we both know very well just because people are going to be like. Wait Eto Keith. Yeah he's Latino okay his family's from Central America and he's always consistently reported on the community and is doing it for CBS right now. He's doing a fantastic job so it was funny because I looked like a podcast guy because I had no no makeup or anything like Ed shows up. And he's about to go on television like in an hour and he looks fantastic but I met him at a local hotel lobby which is basically the debate bait headquarters of all the media and everyone who was. Everyone was in that hotel in the lobby so I asked him. I asked Ed where New Hampshire stands in the shadow of the Iowa caucus chaos. Because like you said Mighty New Hampshire is even whiter than Iowa. According to the census that's ninety three percent white and it's a state still with a lot of significant political power. No major party nominee in modern American history has won without coming first or second in New Hampshire's there's primary which is wow so I asked ed about the PC vote and this is what he told me. I don't think we can assess whether this whole diversity argument women was as valid or even more valid than it has been in the past this time until we see how many African Americans Latino Americans is Asian American show up in bigger states where they actually can throw it elections either way and demonstrate that they were the deciding factor. There is evidence because of the work that they were doing that on the margins the micro targeting the sanders campaign did in Iowa towards Latino households in places like Des Moines Muscatine actually probably saved them from placing definite second. But that won't be an issue here in New Hampshire and we'll see how everything plays out going forward in Nevada and South Carolina And you know the I think the other thing to keep in mind is as you know as you talk about all the time. We are not monolithic. Black voters aren't necessarily monolithic. Either and so you know they're gonNA WANNA be with the winner and if Bernie or Buddha jets comes out of New Hampshire and wins uh-huh what's GonNa Stop Black Latino voters from looking at them and saying okay. Look you may come from a very white part of the country but on paper. You've done this or that Ed or you've said this or that or you've done these things and I'm okay with that because ultimately last I checked like one hundred point. Five percent of Democrats wanted to feet president president trump at all costs and so if the party ultimately pick somebody. They're going to go with that person. So talk to me about mayor the buzz since so you literally went from Iowa to like New Hampshire. You're on the trail and there is momentum before the primary like the Boston Globe poll like he jumped twelve points which was incredible. Let's talk to me about what you saw in the last Week since Iowa. He's made the point that you know. There's a lot of intrigue for him. A lot of interest that existed in Iowa paid off barely but it paid off and that he had to put points on the board to start convincing. Everybody else and I know from having talked to New Hampshire voters not just Democrats but independence too because remember member in New Hampshire. Independents can jump in on this and they have said. I'm intrigued by this theory or the concept of thirty eight year old small town mayor. Our military veteran who yes sold by the way is married to a man and if he can do it in Iowa. And if you can do it in New Hampshire you know He. He may be unstoppable at least until he hits the Mike Bloomberg brick wall and it's similar to what Obama used to say which is just vote for me and helped me win and the skepticism episode will disappear. So I think the surge here in New Hampshire in the days leading up to the primaries driven by that and I said we're okay with this and so they're going to say well maybe we are too and look at what's going on in Washington as this caucus and primary season plays out you have all these. Old Politicians wins literally acting like children in some cases swearing at each other questioning their faith ripping up documents in front of their faces and he was thirty eight year. Old fresh-faced guy out here who reminds voters by the way that every time Democrats have won the White House in the last fifty years. They've done it with a fresh face. WHO's younger and hasn't spent much? It's time for if any in Washington and I think a lot of them are just go. Oh He's got a point so he's hammering that now in New Hampshire. Yeah and he also in this state more within an Iowa can hammer his military service. This this is a state with a high level Compared to others of active military service and then veterans and so having the endorsement of a group vote vets which is a popular veterans organization and having them out actively campaigning on his behalf is a huge huge asset. That he didn't play up as much in Iowa But he definitely can to his advantage here. So New Hampshire is GONNA matter. Where does this go next? I I mean obviously the the primary is on Tuesday but like how big is a win in New Hampshire and then is it going to be seeing sort of the classic momentum if you start looking at pre or what what do you think that necessarily because merge incredible operations in Iowa and Hampshire but less so in those other states he's spent considerable amount of time in South Carolina to try to boost is numbers with black people but not as much necessarily Nevada whereas sanders inviting especially have spent a Lotta time there and so it could be a real test for Buddha. The judge coming out of New Hampshire to sort of say you know does. My win helped me in Nevada and South Carolina where Mike is going to have to hustle over the few days that remain between between the two states to actually get something done and it'll be Biden's last opportunity if he can't make it happen in Nevada and South Carolina ten. Pack it up because ran out of money I mean last reports said he only had nine million dollars. That's like Jeb Bush level problems for you there in her because a member Bush came out of the twenty sixteen campaign big name recognition Asian. Look good on. Paper was doing well and pulling for awhile but then suddenly couldn't raise any money when he got South Carolina and lost. He had to drop out because he had nothing left. Could Happen Abidin as well. So so it's critical for everyone but certainly whoever emerges from here. Victoria's especially if it sanders Goes into the next two in very good shape. The question though. Thanks to Mike. Bloomberg is who really is viable in fourteen big big states on March third and who can afford to continue racing to that into those contests in California alone Texas North Carolina Georgia Arkansas Alabama Mississippi Virginia Bunch of states stay tuned northeast. Very few people can afford to do that. Bernie Sanders is one of my bloomers definitely other and maybe but only if he keeps winning. I mean what what he's saying it's it's hard to hear in some ways because he's saying like unless Y'all show up there's a certain level of irrelevancy. Yeah I you you have to show up you. You have to show up and it's going to be with your body. It's going to be going and pulling that lever and I think that that's it's a very important takeaway like we can talk all we want. But if you're not registered and you're not showing up then all his you know who cares right first of so. I just need to step back money. Because he's so damn smart he's on the campaign trail he understands the complexities of this. The fact that I can ask him that question in a place where it's New Hampshire. I'm he knew right. He knew that it. It's not just like ninety three percent white and and their pockets and I'm GonNa say this straight up money. If it wasn't for Latinos in Iowa Bernie Sanders would not have gotten the delegates and probably would've finished a distant second in the delegate count if you look at the study that was a strategy. And that's why he did so well in Iowa. Ed O'Keefe did say something. Yeah regarding Buddha judge that I just WANNA say he said yeah all good until he hits the Mike Bloomberg brick wall yeah So Mr Jones you know who is with Trans Lash media. One of our one of our all star said people are not talking about my Bloomberg. It's the only thing that's going to be talked about in a month breath or less so I just wanted to put that out there and ed it's got a good sense of it and I was just happy to connect to them journalists journalists and I. It's just really good. That we have a smart Latino Latina and journalists of color who are working in the mainstream there are few and far between but the ones who are there You know go to do that. 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For twenty percent off your first purchase visit native Deodorant Dot Com and use Promo code in the VIC during checkout and there's no risk trying it because native offers free returns and exchanges if you're in the US so again for twenty percent off your first purchase visit native deodorant dot com use Promo code the thick during checkout so before the debate last Friday. I love this. This is awesome moment. Can I say like this is something that you get a group of nine New Hampshire. Latino Latina political organizers and leaders. We're all GONNA get together at a Mexican restaurant in Manchester New Hampshire hello. I'm so happy that we're going to be able to share some of the conversations that you had add so Eliahu who is e e was participating in the nineteen sixty eight Mexico City student protests. Yup Alright all right so no spring chicken. But he's still out there. He came to the United States thirty years ago. And I love the way that he told you that. He got involved in New Hampshire politics because of the rise of white supremacy in his town of Hudson and so he helped to form better relations between the police and the Latino community as a result. He's the chair of the Latino Caucus of the Democratic Party of the State of New Hampshire so go Alejandro early handroll. Let's hear what you have to say. So all the campaigns has been talking with me because they want to our reach into the Latino community but at the same time than they dog with me I believe they don't really see the power of the Latino community totally no there. We say looks like for Song campaigns than is something that is really need to be invested because we are yourself you and that is a big mistake because we are not a yes the number you who compare the number of Latinos with all their estates. Yes we are but we can make the difference and also how we vote. have an impact on Outside of New Hampshire so for example with these. Bob Are happy now In the car because what happened is what is growing here is going to have much more impact. What is happening is now on the last moment I have seen gene more activity Tober to reach the Latinos? No they are not really working well that there is a lot of composite materials in Spanish. Somebody told me the other day. Do you know Latinos are there is. They are America's sees as opposed to speak English. Speaking list is a process. Anita roses awesome take time and that is not the same to speak. It'd be able to around and speak about something that understand profoundly political campaign so he's insane that this campaigns and they are not they are not giving materials in the Spanish. See something that really made me mad. Yeah Alejandro will. His story is incredible. Let me just say one thing about this conversation which I talked to them for fifty minutes. I'm actually GONNA try to edit it and put it up on one of our Fudo media properties because it's too good conversation but at the same time we wanted to share some of the highlights so besides Alejandro which I was like just just to see him I was like with history and then it's like you're not giving this to me in Spanish. I'm angry I was just like go. Alejandro Ruth Yeah. Because you're out there in New Hampshire Mexican second man Jesus fantastic but another person that I truly loved around the table. Her name was Alexander Rodriguez Murray and she talked talked about the dangers of Whitewashing New Hampshire so Alexander she's the regional organizer for a group called writes in democracy. She's an immigration activist from Miami but her family moved to New Hampshire when she was five years old. Her Mom is an immigrant from Nicaragua and she remembers the time when when her mom became a citizen and her dad is a first generation Russian immigrant from Scotland. So let's take a listen to what she had to say and New Hampshire because it's so small we have a greater opportunity for democracy and to be able to represent our solves. Our state houses like the largest body of Representatives in the world I think proportionally and our communities are small on close together. So it's harder for people to be racist when they have to see you every day and I just think there's a big opportunity movie here in the state for us to like game power and control and be able to you know pass legislation. We need and want because it's just easier for us to get those positions and also me Hampshire accepts. A large amount of refugees and immigrants and national on Manchester are incredibly diverse cities. And it's kind of whitewashing to just say like Oh. The whole state is White Latinos. Tina's aren't here one. There really is like a big percentage in certain places so props to New Hampshire but actually it's the third largest parliamentary tree representation in the world not the first. But you got a New Hampshire. I thought it was fascinating. What she said about the whole like it's small? Oh and you can't. It's like if you're going to be raised. I want to be right there. It's just like you can't hide. I think that's why in the thick is such an important part of people's lives across the country country because we actually recognize that. You're they're doing this work. You are not invisible to us and the people listened to us are interested in learning more about you outbreak. Like what what are you doing. Why because these are distinctly American stories so there was this other really great person that you met? Its Panos Enrica Cardona. He's LGBTQ Puerto Rican organizer in New Hampshire in two thousand seven at the age of nineteen. He became the youngest elected official in the state. He's now the chairman of Lakonia Democrats and he's been canvassing for Bernie Sanders catalyst moved to New Hampshire when he was fifteen from Massachusetts when he became homeless check this out he was an LGBTQ CO chair for Obama in two thousand and eight and lately. He's gotten quite a bit of media attention because he is hosted the nearly thirty Democratic candidates in his house by coming to my house having food at my house Hosting people in the yard up to nine hundred people one event and really. There's a fine line between pandering and of course there's feeling the pain of our ethnicity of our culture and our struggle. You know we're not just it's not about race for us is about the struggle of being Latin And coming from places where poverties beyond something that we in America cannot understand so really. It's for us to teach which I feel that we've been doing a really a good job but there's very few candidates that I feel truly understand not just making material in Spanish and pandering but also truly learning about our culture in the process for me me. I felt that the minute that it was it came down to about Puerto Rico. I felt that nobody could speak more about the colony status of Puerto Rico Than Bernie me sanders. So when I when I got to know him I never really thought I was GonNa Fall in love with him. As a candidate. Hillary support in two thousand sixteen at which I knows shocking to a lot of people but when he started talking about Puerto Rico the way I know Puerto Rico that is to be land that is to know our heritage that is to know Oh our culture and our struggles what we face some of US face death threats. Some of US have phase domestic violence abuse. These are real struggles in Latin America. So I want candidates that really understand not just print material pander to us but actually understand the struggles that we suffer. You know what I love about. Godless is that he embodies intersection your sexuality yes and the focusing on class so rare we bring it up a lot. Let me tell you about Carlos really quick so he he showed up about a half hour before and I showed up a half hour before. Because I don't want to sit up. Check out the space. So first of all I said we're the to Puerto Ricans that come to things early and he started telling me his story before and I was like blown away by by what he said and I just couldn't believe like people need to understand one thing about New Hampshire. Lakonia is trump country country. And here you have this teenage gay. Puerto Rican man who won and just clarify Carlos Twenty nine years is old now he just emanates confidence and just leadership and power but my Maria the last thing. This is the the thing that I felt at the near the end of the conversation. That just like really when I was recording it and people around the table like everyone paused and it was. What's Sebastian point this who sanders delegate as well he shared and he's approving immigrant who is undocumented until two thousand and sixteen? I'm going to be the only one at this table. Be Brave enough to. I want to express my gratitude to president trump for one reason and one reason only stable you know. We have a younger generation unreachable. Now getting involved in New Hampshire also Latinos. You don't see that often. He has messed up his Gorman so much that he brought up a whole different generation getting in both Alexandra young you know young activists myself manny people running for office. I respect on the next election for the New Hampshire area is going to the More people like US running. So that's something that I believe. You missed up blue. You got into you know multiple you know by now. We say that a lot and I do think that there is something that happens. When you're I mean? Our lives are impacted by politics. And when that happens things like for me in this this country it started with Nixon and the impeachment and the Vietnam War Watergate. You know all of that just touched me and even shaped you yeah. I wasn't a citizen but yeah I became distinctly involved politically and that never change. So these are the historical moments that will change people's lives and that that conversation in New Hampshire has fueled me again in like you hopeful it made me hopeful and I just want to say it you you have all these people are like we understand this New Hampshire but this is our state and we're going to try to help it and we're GonNa try to impact it and I'm like good for you one last thing. I want to say about this I I need to personally. Thank New Hampshire State Representative Mantius. beat the forgetting all these voices together I literally. Dm a week ago and said. Hey I'm coming up and really I WANNA talk to leaders thank you manny manny incredible story. He's from southern California. He identifies US Shikano. He came to New Hampshire to work for the Hillary Clinton campaign in two thousand in fifteen and southern California. Boy He stays in the state. Like the coldest flippant state in America after the two thousand sixteen primarily takes exchanges. You're like we said he said I'm GonNa bring some people he's like. I thought it was going to be like three Maria. Nine people showed up to record nine people. You know what I mean. It's hard and record them while you're eating duck goes which you say. We're legit are they. Were awesome well thank you for that. Update it before we end though what the Oscars okay I just had to. What some seventies do we used to watch the Oscars because of the political shit that was gonNA come down on the Oscar size late sets off you guys parasite one parasite won a non English film? I I like to thank everybody. Who's been supporting parasite and who's been working with parasite and who's been loving parasite? I it really really really want to thank our Korean film. Audience are movie goers who's been really supporting all our movies and never hesitated to give us straights for opinion on what they feel like. They're movies and made really never able to be complacent and kept pushing the directors. The creators keep pushing the envelopes envelopes. And without you our Korean feel margins we are not here. Thank you very much I know but I was asleep by them and I'm really the happy that that happened but I'm just like out. Do there's one more thing you guys. Yeah happy anniversary to us. Happy anniversary to us because we are four years old yeah. We launched in the thick because of our frustration of not being part of the political conversation. Can we remain frustrated but we are part of the political conversation now and you dear listener. You made that happen so this is not just a podcast. It's so much more. It's about life and tackles in New Hampshire. You give us life. Thank you for listening for four four years. And I'm Lorella and remember go to apple podcasts. To rate and review it takes you. A second helps helps us a lot. You can listen to us And Pandora spotify wherever you choose to get your podcasts to follow us on twitter and Instagram at in the thick show like us on facebook Pinto. Everyone you know in the is produced by Nicole Rothwell and Moore Saudi our audio engineers. Are Stephanie Lebow Julia. Lucile and via Sean. Our digital editor is enough. Half are in turn is gone that all the music you heard courtesy of Nacional NC K. records. We'll see you in our next episode dear listener. Happy New Hampshire Primary Bye. I'm going to try it. It's so hard it's so hard sometimes yet. Does yourself right. It's like your palms sweating needs week. Drums a heavy vomit on his twitter already Ma Spaghetti. He's nervous but on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop bombs at Iki forgetting what he wrote down. The whole crowd goes out loud. He opens his mouth but the words won't come out. He's choking how everyone's joking now. The clock runs out. I can't do it so aw one chance to. What's the leading except the opinions expressed by the guests? And contributors in this podcast are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of voter media or its employees.

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