Gab and Juls: How will Thiago fit at Liverpool?


It's Thursday September seventeenth twenty twenty and this is the Gaba judicial you I referenced that you know what happened twenty years ago. Leeann no. Messy rocket. I'll tell you what it is such a big game Barcelos history that I reverend this time and again today. But anyway, let's move on because we have a big show for you Syria getting off this weekend We've got quick hits coming up Jaguars content looking to be on the move, but let's start at the top the Bundesliga who better than Derek Rae the men will be calling. These games four ESPN joining us on the line. This is W. as well if it is he has to do song organization or something like that. You will. I'm sure there's some Scottish. Fight Song that he can deliver it was. Later on Derek welcoming. Let's go right at the top. Geography Contra. Multiple sources including, of course, our very own mark Ogden reporting that Liverpool have agreed a thirty million euros twenty seven, million pound fee with by Munich personal terms TVD but it looks like that's about. What kind of player they're going to be concerned about all the Games he's missed over the years it'd be concerned about the fact that twenty nine years old how does he fit into this Liverpool team? I think he fits well, you know I I think as I look at ti go and yeah, it's interesting because in Germany not everybody has appreciated him down the years every step of the way. But when he's on his game I mean my goodness we are talking about a beautiful footballer and we sold that really under Hansie Flick last season there were doubts about. Going into the campaign when Niko Kovac, was still in charge but. We're talking about somebody who in technical terms and when it comes to actually delivering on the pitch really when he does it is a player who is on the national of central midfield players in the world. So Livable Levin, monitoring this quite clearly they obviously didn't find see the price to begin with but by on as Byron do have driven, not going to say a hard bargain but probably a fair bargain from their point of view. As you set Gaba, it looks as though it's happening. Jobs I'm assuming this vinyl domes gone now. Reports they don't need to sell anybody but in the real world, he's got a year left. You're not giving this dude, a new contract. What does it mean for Byron Go Derek because I look at this and please tell me if I'm if I'm being a little bit chicken little about this but they have they're going into the season with three wingers and one of them's liaison phenomenal player. But a guy who spent the best part of the last couple of seasons injured in central midfield. With Chagas gone you're looking at Toledo Yoshiaki Leeann go let Scott. Buddy result. Nobody seems to like. I do Zirk Zach Thomas Muller circling the backup to live on Dusky Upfront. Or. You can move buller there but then you need to put somebody else in midfield at right back. It's still Benjamin provide who's a centreback impersonating a right back. Let's kick there but then you're down to midfield. Idea little short they need to bring in new players to be sure of their teeth bundles a title. You could argue that you could argue if they're. Doing that. Tell me if I'm wrong. I don't know if you're necessarily wrong because and I'll tell you why I think if you look at law season, we said this is well, I remember having a look at by going into the campaign and even during the season and thinking, Yeah Lebron Dove Ski goes down then you're done to. And okay, he can do it as a substitute. He can do it on a one-off occasion but maybe not over the course of several matches, I always think gab an Julianne that's by on find a way around these things and you know last season they say necessity is the mother. Of Invention they made Alabama David Alibaba and zero back nobody was really predicting that at the start of the season breath because Lucas Fernandez got hurt. Yes I wasn't happy if they don't get hurt. Ripe. So they come up with a solution who's to say they couldn't come up with another solution light. I mean Alabama. For example, you know we know he plays in midfield has played in midfield I country. Now I'm not saying that's what they're going to do but I'm saying I think by on have solutions within the squad to be able to do that. You mentioned tally. So he somebody who's been frustrated because he hasn't played as much as probably he envisaged when he signed que- sauce I like usually aunt think he is a very good talent. So far hasn't been there in terms of the mental side of it, but I think he s potential. You mentioned about of course, there's another one. We're not sure if he's still going to be there next season but TD tools. Yeah I wanted to talk about the doorman obey with you because I'm a big. Fan and like Gab and nothing they can push by in quite a long way. Especially, if Jadon Sancho states if it doesn't taste different story but if he stays I just liked the look of them although other new way you standing there Houston five barometer of Laval not so much like me. I do think the after being. So close to years ago the Nassir close last year but maybe maybe something can happen this year or just in dreamland. No I think you and I are on the same wavelength with regard to dot and. I. Know that there was this big debate at the end of last season shoot. They retained somebody who in the minds of many had failed because you know he didn't catch by and didn't really get close to buy an in the end but I think you can see what father has done, and if you talk to people thought when they all rave about and the people who are close. To the team they say what he does how he works with US players is to be commended and I think he deserves one more chance and so I'm glad he's got that chance now the doubts I have about Dortmund are the same doubts that I had a year ago. They're all defensive doubts I think middle to front they're excellent. They will score goals they will provide the ammunition for. On I don't think that is a question mark. It's all I. Still Am not sure that they have done enough defensively to my Minnea- yes, you know he he's he's good and he will help but do you look dot Moan and say that is a watertight team will keep the door closed enough all them. So threats just just for the avoidance of doubt here I like Lucian Farve, as a person I think he's done some good work. Do you also get so many bites of the Cherry and after all the investment last year. I expected more from them but my considering this year though is we've all marveled tremendous amount of young attacking talent that they've that they've assembled Trying to name them all for those were ignorant been living under a rock I'll do it very very quickly quickly. Jaden Sancho. Yuliana. Brand Hazard Joe Joe Raina they've added Jude Bellingham. Roy It's a ton of people and on top of that of course that they've got people coming through Erling Haaland Upfront, they've got this kid Makoko who apparently he's just turning sixteen or. Eighteen or whatever who erling Haaland was turning with the first team erling. Haaland says all guys better than I was at his age. My concern is when you have that much attacking talent, you want to get them on the Pitch Derek. And yet you can only play. Three attacking midfielder and striker. How do you? How do you navigate that? How do you Kinda? Dole out the playing time in a sense so that everybody develops everybody stays healthy and and happy. And you also get results on the pitch without wall still maintaining chemistry I mean I think that was a challenger in that last season and this year swimming Sancho states it's going to be even more of a challenge though. Yeah, it's a very balanced strike especially for team dot moans where I mean. They are set up to attack and so everybody wants to get his chance and there's going to be somebody yes. Appointed at various times and I think what we've seen is the for document to be successful you make a good point they need this platform and they need a couple of players who are willing to take themselves out of the attacking side of it. Now I do think axel bit. So, though he had a little bit of a dip in form around the Midway, point of the campaign is somebody that can by and large rely on Thomas Delany had his ups and downs as injuries. But I think you know to make the point about it father to be successful does need. It's a half players who are willing to sacrifice. But that of course also means that somebody amongst those attackers was attacking players who you mentioned is not going to be getting a game. You know what I'm worried about for the Bundesliga there and I you know we we we showing it on ESPN and I really hope he's a great season and I hope he's open and have a title race of be like we had last year when Leipzig where I am glad by where I and all of that but you've lost as a league I mean, you've lost seven you've lost Vernon, you'RE GONNA lose. Juggle. You might lose Jalen Sancho you've lost people like Kevin. Fallen He's not. He's not messy birth bays. He's been a really good player in the Bundesliga for many years. Now I live a Kuzin and as you think that the the League if you compare all the places we've left compared to the plaza of calm. He's a wiccan league compared to last year and I just I just wonder what kind of what kind of season are we going to see? Probably, point I don't get lost on anybody connected with the Bundesliga, but these top players have gone, but I think the Bundesliga has been. Careful in terms of how they have managed to recruit in recent years. I'm talking really about all the league clubs. Now you know talking to you a Frenchman yourself the French market has become particularly interesting for Bundesliga club and I think they've they've done a fabulous job that I mean look at somebody like Moussa. Gabby. Sir Lebron Kuzin who I'd love watching him and I. Think there is real potential for him to get better under your favorite Beta boss We'll see how that works out in the course of the season but I mean, there are so many other examples of French players who have come through. Are, getting their chance getting their platform. So this is where I think the Bundesliga has to be creative. They know that you know the way the world is now and in Corona Times, maybe even more so they are going to lose players probably to the primarily more than they have. So it's up to the clubs to be resourceful and I think most of them are capable of being that. You mentioned by Labor cousy near you mentioned Moussa. Koussa. Too frizzy. They've added a Patrick Schick upfront. But most of all, they have this kid everybody super excited about Florian, verts can you describe him a little bit I? He made his debut last year before when he was still sixteen years old if I'm taken. He's School with your true inevitably, people are going to compare him to Kai hearts. Is. Bit Different. There are similarities with habits for sure and you know it was part of again we had been with Kern just down the road but you know players from area are often attracted by Labor Kuzin the not a bigger club in terms of support but they have the resources they have the financial backing I'm Peter Charisma go forget. Of course yeah. I I know that you always beguiled by the charisma of of of the. Obviously As well but I I think that's What's good about him is he can play again across the front. He's flexible tactically in that sense. It's probably too early to say, yet you can look at traits that are absolutely reminiscent of Kaya, hats when he was coming through at the age of seventeen but I think the future is very bright and I think the boss will not hesitate to US via. Sir Labor a lot the season, a team in a transitional face having lost Harvard something lost Kevin Harlan's but having gained Patrick Schick and I think that will be quite a significant game. We talked about father and the pressure and I think on, it would be under pressure as well as. Nine how the full first season and won the travel and etc.. And Peter Bosh Four we know could be could be out of the door in three months and. Probably. Hope so. But I think Niagara Salmon and the pressure he's under because lobster have they have to improve your they? Yes. It's a season where. Semifinalist of their Champions League finishing third in the boost your after having been in touch with the top four. Most of the season team has gone. Tim Verma is gone but they. They've replaced him in a way I guess with Wong from Salisbury but they would maybe. Investor be more between now and October but you want to see Niagara Zeman trying to take on game and teams game to another level as well. Yeah. Help us out with that on on Livesey because they were linked with with a whole bunch of of players. They end up with I. Mean we saw I I've only seen this dude on TV. Against, Liverpool in. Itself but. Is that enough I mean? Can you can you squeeze stuff out of Poulsen and Kumcu some combination out there is. GonNa come good I. Don't know somebody's GonNa come. Sign some stolen. You would think so has been talk about life livesey getting away from the model traditional Botox Traditional Club, the model that they have established, which is signing younger players, polishing them eventually selling them on maybe now they're having to look out of necessity older players but I think I'd be a little bit worried about Livesey. Not as I think they're going to crash anything like. That but how do you keep developing with this model and with the other teams in the League and with the personnel they now have on the personnel they no longer have with with team Oh van not there and shit. Cool. I. Think in his own way was an important contributor last season as a front man within that system, not necessarily a prolific goalscorer but somebody. Who did a lot of the other things? So you're now basically saying to someone like us powers and one of the sort of pioneers if you like for life see when they were coming up divisions, you have to to be the guy again we'll see I mean, we'll see who they sign I would imagine I would assume that we're looking at more signing is for. Livesey narcos amount of course wants them to develop has wanted them to be a more multifaceted team because they are in their core. There are still a pressing and counterattacking site. He's tried to change them to make them more possession orientated I. Just think that there is competition there I don't we're GONNA get to both Co mentioned Gladbach I assume that we will ask. Gladbach next my man Michael Rosa. Yeah. I you know I think that that is going to be a really interesting battle if you like lights he and Gladbach just in terms of where they are with their respective developments I feel like we've hit most of the most of the bigger clubs are gonNA leave you on this because. When Bob Bradley was appointed at Swansea and became the first US coach i American coach to manage in the Big Five. Felt like it was a huge delivery coming out of the woodwork talking to him Blah Blah Blah and I know is a big talker and you have the track record before that. But the second American coach legitimately American coach to coach in a top five leak. is going to be making debut this weekend it's it's know much route. So a newly promoted. Why is nobody to be buzz around in US? It's almost seems like nobody knows who he is and I shouldn't this guy be getting a little more attention. One hundred percent I don't really understand that one either it's not as though he's somebody who has no connection with the country of the US we have US citizens who who have never. To pretend like Fabian Johnson dude he's He's from New Jersey he's from North Jersey groper they all grew up cloudy rain barrel and whatever all the way back to John. Harkes he I think he went to college there and you just move there in his mid twenties right? Isn't that a story? That's right. I I've got great respect for him because he moves it wasn't a glamorous movie basically moved to play lower level football in Germany and made a life for himself there and has made a coaching life for himself and he's learned from some of best and of course, he's working on the Thomas Hitzlsperger there at Stuttgart and I think the interesting thing Gabon and jewels is the. Last. Season when things were not looking great for stood guard, they were having their ups and downs we were wondering if they were going to get promoted instead of doing what some decision makers do and the reflexively firing matter at. So he did the opposite he extended his contract. He said, you know what we have faith in this guy we brought him in for a reason they only brought him in at the midway point of the season. we're going to reward them with an extended contract and eat at the job he got promoted. Now I do think that there will be a lot of eyes on master stood guard in the early part of the season. If it goes the wrong way, they got off to a terrible star. Then he's probably one of the ones that we will unfortunately be talking about as who could be replaced but there's no reason to believe that'll be. The case he's a bright guy he's got great ideas and we all wish him. Well, I also love the fact about this is the as we said, this guy who wanted to make it happen he made his career happened he played is yet he paid his dues you put his rear end on the line and he worked his way up from the bottom Derek. Thanks so much lookout the Bundesliga as on ESPN plus if you're in the US and. will be chatting to you throughout the season. No doubt what about their initiations Oh yes. Derek we've come on come on debut you have to if you want to senior clubs song. Yeah. A little boy Britney Spears. Okay I can do that easily. So obviously, say I'm from Aberdeen North Scotland's and. We have a we have a song of the Aberdeen Aberdeen knows I'll see you can find the right pitch here and you can. You can judge every marks out of ten and I'm sure they they will not be flattering but here we go. Northern lights all the old Dean main home. Sweet home to me the northern light saw Dean are. I long to see I be now one. Of My life. As their side, I've seen God spe- The day when I'm on my way to my home and D. Off. Those Hussein football began in in the primarily league. Let me remind you that the mighty Aberdeen managed by somebody named Sir Alex Ferguson I don't know what he was. It wasn't. So then yes. But he was just Alec at the time the. European Silverware they gave Scotland their greatest ever defender at greatest ever Aberdeen Player. Do you know who I'm talking about? Now, of course. In one, thousand, nine, hundred. That would be one willie. Miller am I correct Derek there's only one William Ella. Cup scholar would have definitely won the World Cup. Bat. Way Back in nineteen nine two. So. and. Of course Joey Harper the most underrated striker in his Dean Gordon Strachan. Gordon's tracking also useful player. That's right. Joy Hopper I'm actually doing a podcast interview with him this week for the club. So Joey, Harper that he is alleged. March, we gave you the Bundesliga are we gave you some mighty Don's as well peers, Eric. Thank you. Thank you that. Gills. Rituals, I was more than Enough Bundesliga. How `Bout I can you make? You excited Lebron I mean more than more than no more Sarah season starting I'm. I've I always get excited. I watch almost any kind of. however, this is exciting because there's so many question marks around you fantas- I. Think you know the General Sense and many people feel this is that you've won the title last year by they moved away from Odi Society they still don't have a center forward as we speak looking GIECO MAYBE SWAT who go for Nine them I I mean I. Don't like the thirty four thirty-three-year-old that. You get for short term fix but the idea is you already have a thirty, five, thirty six to be. As. Good as is not doing your team. Leaving aside, the fact that these guys are basically kids relative to to slot on. But that is Kinda of. Feeling is that they have to we now. Walk Donald still there. So Striking a free transfer I. Get, they're paying decisions they made earlier troop. The objective for Uber, is the Champions League right whether you've been another Syria title no, you've already one nine row. Can you win the big with front? Always we suarez from. She don't you think a bit more so. This season yeah I think this season Jecklin Suarez up. You're talking about a guy who can play X. amount of games you know in knockout rounds presumably you get to the to to the quarterfinals or whatever on your own, and this is where you need that. You know my feelings on thirtysomething strikers, right? From people for being critical of Arsenal and Willian. Look. By once you go down that road. And you're stuck in a corner which is corner that Arsenal risk being stuck in You know. This is what you're going to do Indebted. I think the conventional wisdom is that they are best placed to do it surely. Sort about if they can cook with the pressure if taken cope with the pressure. So the first game that does a really good where he wants to, they may be points if he goes crazy again and they sort of lose nerves the lose the lose their mind, the Luther nerves I that time last season. That could cost them otherwise they yet. They should favorite still very short-termist. I think from from interpret but again, that's what we're seeing now. Obviously, they're really pushing for Vidal, Diogo Dina's sticking around as far as we now Alexis Sanchez of course confirmed. I've got I've got one for you could these be Atalanta's yet because because you can lose his she's old and this could go. Bats because. You don't know the money the bit of time to adopt and get into the groove things. Okay. Maybe Milan E. Bra. You brothers in school. They don't have any those other anything but could these BS. Year. You never want to write them off the what we've seen however, I would assume people some degree are gonNA adapt and and figure out do it also, there's still a chance that Papa Gomez could be on his way. Got Off he's great but you really need to step up if you're GONNA replace Papuan none of course, the the pop dance also questions about. was injured for all that time. So I don't know about that I. Mean I think of it somebody else I kind of like what obviously lots of came very close last season. They've hung on to virtually all the town players, which is, which is a big plus However I think they Kinda overachieved. Mobile pulling crap off again this year we were on the excellent ESPN show mutiny and Stuart Robson said or was it. You know it was it was three I was captain obvious Robson Yeah in the city I was going to be compared to super competitive this year. I was thinking about it and for so many question marks with you with with what would what he can do. You like to at least you understood the logic behind, but it could employed badly I think it could be an to the disaster you could be. It could be Cherry Ori co-signed staff uniform winner I really hope not because I want to do. Well, I think everyone likes. PLO. To see him doing well, everybody believes they could do when he adds orgy attribute to become a manager the way he was the player he's etc etc etc. But he could could really badly, we're going to get in this little mortgages and the quickest we're GONNA be talking about his master's thesis and I think this is kind of a unique situation visit because he. Guiding new job ever manager for WHO gives you a Master's thesis, which is like this is how I wanNA play football and goes into extreme detail. It makes really really I know but check a Motagua better. Than Him and he was a disaster Genoa so he's not because you'll do really good. That's suggesting. But what I find interesting is his tackle does not ended appeal but anyway. What I think is really interesting here is. The type of football that he wants to play is. Very obvious like a blend of Guardiola and KLOPP big surprised there. There's a lot of counter pressing when the ball over the ball quickly keep the ball on the ground go vertical attack the space all the stuff, right? I didn't is very, very tacos with quite complicated position shifts movements. And you know I may do parallel with Zedong, which really angered. Man Manager you'll listen to the quiet old guy who was a superstar in a way you're not gonNA listen to. Saadia Rafa, Benitez or whatever But it's funny because the Dan came in and he didn't particularly do. Anything sophisticated. I'm talking about when he i. Would agree we agree with what worked under Carlo Alright not much. All I can do is really screw things up so I'll just keep the same thing. That's funny enough but these these jobs are harder. Than the than the Riyadh job was Physi- Dan Really. Oh, definitely. Definitely mean so much to bid for now when like you said, you done already arrived on the house was pretty much build. You had to do the little bit of painting there and there I was in yeah and and I think you're missing crazy when you won the leave so many times in a row to say something like that but you're absolutely. Absolutely spot on and what I wonder is. He's being asked or present himself as a guy guys all these tactical ideas. But at the same time I, think he was hired because the club see him as a Dan type GALACTICO whispering. Manager and I think that's going to be the. That's GonNa be really interesting dichotomy there while really like and I think he he because he's so intelligent he's not surprised but he he went and get quite an experience stuff with him he could have just. Just, hired the guy who passed his is cooking badges with, for example, are people who? Played. Wilbur didn't have much of inexperienced but he knew that the. How he will lead with staff would be fine posted but he went to get some people who have been there before he got somebody innovated on. Ideas I'll I'll name check him but he got a guy named talking about yeah. Nobody's really heard of but he's the head of an out. He was the head of analysis with. Italian FA. And you know in Italy a lot of old school coaches, they're not really into analysis tactical Gallison licks might do some video analysis on whatever. That's pretty innovative. What he brings because you know a lot of think. Beatles tactical vision has partly been shaped by interactions with this guy furious thesis, he mentioned all this data stuff that he picked up. So that's going to be really interesting how that works so. We spent a lot of time on. You've I just want to give one last shot up to it all my because we don't. We. Obviously. Losses huge and if jekyll goes that's going to be too but. They're hoping to replace GIECO waste out with milic if he goes. Be. A seamless transition or should be I mean I don't think he's as gifted technically than than Kuwa- don't really grow the left-foot. Volley Dr Jacobs. Couscous for Roma US Dunford Bridge, against Joseph, I in. But in the approach of the game and he's profiled roughly. Similar similar to one could do and you've got the Fonseca Magic in year two. I don't know I I I have Roma finishing finishing in the top four. All told you some game on sutter tonight I believe Sunday Sunday night Sunday nights. This is going to the whole of of the country's GonNa Awards, the whole of Europe is going to watch. These what do you you? If stance? On his face how? We just sit down with the standard. shelter. Law Will you stay choir will lose this? It'd be fascinating obviously lessons. Right, enough of all that, how about some quick hits? Let's go. TURN TO FACE LOKOMOTIV PLOVDIV in the league. Thursday night. But we're not gonNA talk about that because it's marginal the big news is that multiple reports suggests that they're about to bring back Gareth Bale on loan row Madrid reportedly paying half of his wages tvd tools does this excite you and does it excite you to the point that you're willing to sacrifice daily Ali who's been left out of the Spurs squad for the Europa League via we keep a for later Burger Bay I. Just I love the stories I don't I don't think survey good idea and sometimes those stories of all. Digital Song coming back to the club seven years after leaving for record feared the time etcetera etcetera sometimes, you might get injured you. Say That is Daniel Levi's driving this more than Dan Lee has a heart and emotions. He was. Negotiating. For social regularly and then he thought going to wipe out maybe. It would be a great coup for them. I think the funds would be excited. The funds will be happy Gareth I think certainly would be happy and you believe he's hungry to come back and play for Spurs again and all of that. So I think. Makes Sense in a way although I still think before bring someone like him. They should have thought more about strengthening positions in attitude they need a centre forward with different profile. Can play centrally based not the same. I still think I'd be. Good enough I love regular and we come to debate. If. You gotTA sacrifice bail. If you sacrifice alley who's one of your central midfielders and you don't have that many to make bail work even short term I'm not so on board with it. Anyway right. Reports reports I don't know I don't. Hopefully hopefully now because on don't either God because they're on the verge of tying up to deal for several regular remedy left-back for around twenty seven million pounds million-euro. This is a great cool. I think he's so bargain a really really really I think he's a tremendous signing. This whole thing about links united. Then reports were saying the united in wanting because we're all Madrid insisted on a buy back clause two years you know what? Buy Back clause my back 'cause the guy is real. Madrid is GonNa WanNa go whether it's whether there's Aiba closer not right you. Negotiate different bonuses whatever he comes here for two years. He does really really well, Ramadan ready have a guy in his position in furlough mindy to leave Marcello as well. So you know hurry to get back bring a main, not a lot of money very gifted player interesting Ben Davies also gives you options perhaps with the sometimes. Yeah. with Davidson there. So I'm totally on board with it too I. Think it's great signing search. Your man needed an injury time winner from Juliet you to live your first mixture of the season one you'll over mets and stick. Player sent off this time. It was dude yellow but Joel. This is all overshadowed by the wild finish in the patient Marseille game Sunday night and five red cards in a minute walk through the fallout. Yeah. We have the sanctions from the Discipline Committee on Wednesday nights almost the same time as the the game finished during the game during the mets game. So he's a six-match banned. For for cassava one who started everything? Yes. At least through the most punches and kicks on on a Matvey, got three games for retaliating Neymar the big question was we were wondering how much you would get for slap on the back of our head got two games. So the Perez who started the whole Brown by being crazy for the fifteen minutes she said on the page and then. Game, but it's just one game. The the big thing though is the racial abuse claims by name are towards Varo thus is under investigation investigation. So we would know that bellator and for the de Mario Spitting on Enviro. They've? Could mean for next week I. Think it could be in big trouble to Miami we. Could see on the footage I mean are so it during the game to be fair right but now they're looking at, it could be yeah it could be bad for him. All right but. No look the the president of the French for federation came in with a interesting comments on racism in football said when black, when, when a black guy forgive me scores the goal the whole stadium extending not really sure I was going that. So quite frankly the phenomenon of racism in sport and in football in particular does not exist obviously told this guy for real. I have no idea where this comes from I mean I you know to go from one incident to going and making big pronouncements i the also cited something. Where they said Oh, there's only one percent of the incidents I don't even know how to define incidents football are of a racist nature. If, you want to say it doesn't happen every week fine but also that's pretty tone-deaf to say when you have an incident just say there's no place for this we're investigating it. We take this seriously move on you don't have to say the sky's falling and everybody's a racist but equally don't minimize it like this and also like. Are. We still back in the nineteen thirties where we think that you can't be racist if you applaud somebody who scores the goal for your team assured. The guys is the top of French football. He's been there since volatility since stuff in Corsica, all those issues with with racism lately in the last five years and he comes without kind of rubbish. Disgrace going back to last March you told me here, rick album sign a new deal with Arsenal and now we are. Now he's locked up twenty, twenty three but Jules really the highest paid player at the club earning more than me to. Easing. But really good. Did nothing more than ozone no more than those are. Coming from, but you know what he? He believes he deserves it. He wants to stay to become a legend in the club, leave a legacy building legacy all of that. He is the club Tatar really wanted him to stay. So the dressing room so defines I think it made sense it really made sense for us. No my feelings on this do you want to keep out but that's fine. I think means you gotta ditch like that and you shouldn't have signed. William. But Hey, I'm in the minority here evidently. This goes much the city reportedly contemplating at its Madrid Jose Jimenez or Severe Carlos to sign an alternative to Kelly do Korea Bali which seemed that this deal is still very difficult to make an especially if nobody keep on the price that they want to eighteen million euros, who would be a better fair Jimenez all the callers awkward you I like Jimenez Better also he's not left-footed so like They have now all of a sudden, a whole gaggle food centre backs but. He meant is the Bayat clause hundred, twenty million. You'd want to work that down a lot. He is four years younger than Cooley Bali but. I don't know I still think this gets done I. think body comes. That's my feeling but I don't want a bowl is a defendant can play likely by the industry that we don't engine even on. Its the twentieth anniversary of the day. When you know messy arrived in Barcelona today, we're celebrating op yesterday. early with a golden a win over, you don't have for twinkle on the couture gay Jill's it should ever easy at this club. What still with Kuban not being legally allowed to seems Kumon cannot manage to crept cannot be on the bench because they are yet to agree a severance package for kitchen being sucked at the end of last last last season. Finished late last season. Source. Iraqi. Club the Bartolo resident bottom. Doing. It's just time for you to just retire from life just retired from life all. Gabrielle pillows, Master's death. This was published this week and he basically as you exactly. Everything is going to do as Imagine I. Assume you've read it. I read this morning he goes into extreme detail all the defensive movements is. Great for you to read. Let's see if he puts it on the bench. I don't think it's GonNa, be quite as easy as we expect, but it's very Gorgonzola KLOPP. Early Fund Hal ask that great. I think everybody's excited to see what he can do not or a big gamble I maintain the. After early harnesses words at the weekend Biron continue blowing kisses at a hobby w alibaba's agent Selye midget courses, their sporting director sort of because all ECON into. A savvy quote things in other dimensions and that his wage demands a crazy and that maybe other clubs crazy thought. But we're not jaws. How will this end up? I would end up by Alabama not renewing his deal now having no signing staying are buying and then leaving on a free next summer where he go for the money that he wants to get physically deserves to get by don't to don't don't give him. I. Don't know why you don't want to make him one of your highest earners when he's been so good for you for so many years when you've underpaid him for some as well shortly deserves the. And then and then another. Realistic than somebody coming in with an offer for Alabama said, they can't sell you call replace him. The Guy can play in every position pretty much on the pitch. It would be you know losing. The money's you've got the goal money. So there wouldn't be that much or we soom they're getting the toggle money. Wouldn't be that much pressure there. The you call news both. Alibi in the summer for them it would be it would be crazy. So. By the. and. Then let him go for free because I don't think unless you give him the money I. Don't think maybe they will maybe eventually they said, okay. Okay. Is Worn less pain play a long game. Yeah. According to multiple reports are you a billionaire cross is to Palmer that would mean the after Roma, Fiorentina Bologna Milan and probably other. You. Don't want to write a quarter of Syria. He's not owned by North Americans whether from Canada from from the US? How'd you feel about? I think it's good. I mean I think and by the way on cow Krause citing deliver world because I spoke to him Offense but you might be something that might be something coming up on the website But anyway I. Think this is really important for Syria I think the League has been horrendously mismanaged, which is why other leagues I'm talking to not just a result on the page but commercially in terms of image other other leagues have caught up and passed it and I think what we need is more professionalism and I think we need more owners who understand that the game is also a business and you take a medium-term and long-term view I'm. Is when the Cockroach knows nothing about Italy nothing about how Italy worked not nothing about how difficult it is to do anything I think in terms of administration I think that's true to a point. It's also despite the fact that Kyle Kraus and he's listening gives me you're saying this looks extremely mid Western and Germanic His mom is actually Sicilian and his family. Also, came from. Struggled yet but that's not why struggled. But I mean I I think partners are different I'm not saying this guy didn't necessarily be success but I think you need people you need more people like that as opposed to people who? Every time there's a league meeting they fight they argue over scraps and and try to undermine each other I. Think when we get your critical mass of good owners in Syria. Or lease owners who have a business sense in city and you know we've got these five. While there's always discussion about them you would probably add to the left. You would certainly add the other landowners to the list you will probably add. To the list you know you're getting to that critical mass where people like not to mention because I know he's not listening. are going to matter less and less, and you won't have this small clubs stopping big clubs perspective. Other interesting thing is touched on before selling ten percent of the commercial rights to a private equity fund I think that's going to help because you're gonNA have negative control, and they're going to hopefully help the help the league move forward, which is something that I think very much needs. Jack Religious signed a five year deal with Aston Villa after saying it was fifty fifty whether he would stay this means he's not going to united this summer. Wisely part to stick around. So I think. Maybe the the cynical thing he also renewed because no one can for him. Certainly not united, it's united not at the fees that the on the other hand is good because. Because he will go one day because I think he's good. I villa he would go to a bigger club. Spending a lot of money to some but they're never they were never going to. Champions League for them to do and brings European cop. One of my best friends is. No He's Roach and he loves us in Villa and I, really hope for him that they can finish it for you know they want and I. Think one greatest wants to what was she's very international now so I think he will leave one day but at least you got the club covered, there will get some money for. The. Kind of guy who live one year left all on a free or something like that. So I I like the fact that he's that he's sticking around villa historically despite the difficulties are you know if you don't want to obviously there's a big gap big six everybody else but historically there in. United Families, Clinton I. Yeah. Exactly. I love the fact you gotTa homegrown kids remains debuted love the fact that he's a big personality and in the Andy sticking around at least for a while he doesn't need to become Matt Latinos here and think. You know I least give villa a time to chance to grow deafening. Going back to the room on the verge of signing defensive wounded Kid, Mala Kimbala from Hellas. Verona. By the way I'm surprised I'm surprised going to Romano bigger. Club. Went for him but that's another matter gets. Bigger. Than the club from the attornal city. Would say it's Rome yet the oh I know okay. Nine the Champions League champions a guy. Already have. and Gianluca. Cini us. Sent the box. Does this mean though is definitely closed on the mighty Chris Morning? Coming back. This is really interesting. United fans pay attention here because. The gauche were reportedly broke down and whatever else. it's only had a tremendous season. Came back a different player I can only assume the United States got a great season. It'll you grew as a player when it comes to central defenders. We have Lindelof we have germs we yeah. We have the guy who gets arrested in Greece we have you know like. Let me. Know things. In the past and see why we sent you on loan but let's at least have a look, right? Yeah. So I think united being smart in this seeing social evaluative seeing if he can play part this season. My guess is of swollen feels as if you know, he's not going to either be a starter or the first substitute. He might go to the club and say, Hey, can we work something out I'll take a pay cut whatever let's make the deal happen either to go back to go somewhere else because based on how he played last season if it's not a united, this guy deserves to play something that would have back right even with the as and Kabuga kinks afford efficient. So look. Danielson bullish. On. So yeah, absolutely. WHO say my in Memphis defy been linked with moves all season long mostly to arsenal and Barcelona respectively but Leon spoke about the recently and said what? Yeah, what they said the Had nothing beats nothing from either nobody nobody wants to know the interest is that we know that and I believe astronaut preparing a deal a bid. Sorry for for our once they sell Luke Astara Property Torino after Martinez went to. So. I think the two different. I think also we we'll. We'll offer something to Joan for our and I. Think this one could happen. Full Memphis sorry. Different because. The second right because we've seen, I'm worried at Arsenal because we you know we we've seen this version of the played of three, four three obviously in the opener it was shotgun. Now many I'm assuming it's going to be shocked and sue BIOS right is kind of a base where does it mean that? They're going to go with three central midfielders or maybe not playback three ideas to move to a full three three anyway some points. So tyranny moves back to leftback. So we don't have to see yet for example, for classic. and then you could play three midfield and how. But I can play in a in a in a three four three in the two. He runs the law he's got the back and forth. Definitely more so Perhaps maybe more. So than Tobias although he doesn't have the defensive mining approach, appropriate number six would have but I think he can play there. So this is an interesting one Memphis Bossa have to sell first before they buy. Anyway that's also goes for. That goes for session your desktop goes for all the other. Give away for free by the way. Some of these these are some. Of the door. So I think they would make an offer again too young for Memphis once they've been able to maybe. You know sell. Dial go all. Okay. Some money for a player there and then, but unless we still have the mighty mighty Mussa. So they don't really need. They don't really need to Pie anyway it's a tragedy. You'd rather have some money for Dubai for Leone, right? Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. Definitely, and because because the only one sonny's contract and. And and I think they would want to make money him. Got Fi fi giving away a one point five billion US dollars in grants and loans to have full survive around the world after this pandemic what would be the money useful? So the idea behind this is that obviously you know football's hit hard all over the world obviously, we focus on the primarily going to top leagues but fullest everywhere. So even really tiny leagues tiny countries elsewhere even though the amount of money that they lost might have been less is still has a tremendous impact. I don't quite know about some of these. I mean I would the only ran who's the guy who's in charge of essentially leaving the community is going to give this money he said that. World football moves about forty, five, billion a year that they made losses of fourteen billion US dollar figures. Sounds like those figures are. They don't quite sound right to me because. European. Clubs Association. For example, said put the losses at in Europe alone at four billion over two years I don't see how the rest of the world can generate that much money whatever. But you know they're giving this. So know when something's they've given out this money so the players can take Kobe tests and start playing again, which very important because generates money. In other leagues like in Thailand, little more questionable like the money was then used to insist that they could pay for VR in the tighly which I don't know maybe could have been better retain maybe yeah. I. Got Badges View it's case by case. Combination of grants and loans fee for sitting on a big pile of money and they say I, think rightly, the we need this we run real football right? We we advocates world football. Let's give this money back to where it's needed and let's keep the show going to show part is and they spend a Lotta time you're showing us. Is that this money's audited and used properly wherever it goes because obviously, historically previous administrations. When. They started giving money that's when people got in trouble the. Jaws, I know you love your jerseys and your social. Media. I have here a list of the most instagram club kits out there. It's from a company called compared bat which might be totally might be do these basement alamagan Alaba but hey, we got. One. Yeah. So I need you to guess the top three. Okay he's they're wanting to be outside the boats. Scour our something with the Jersey the kids. These are all big rodrigues maybe not the ones you'd expect no Madryn force place I'll K. I will go maybe also like. Second that's summarize. Some of the show because of the funny dramatic lettering on the no, he's stylish. The idea is that you can wear your football buscher in the street, not just to go to a football match. So. To grab. So he's the research top top clubs. To the country our big clubs like PSG. I knew that was coming his ninth a lots. Okay, gone. So third place, it's Liverpool Right. and in first place, it's event is by huge margin because you publish love photos of you with us on instagram. No I think Shauna Renaldo does DOC FM. He's got a huge social media following, but it is a little interesting here. There's actually three clubs. No top ten meet on our ASE. Inc At our tense Byron Munich not very instagram mobile teams. I would have thought they'd be it'd be a little bit little bit higher. Yeah. Why finally gob Diego simeone eighties in quarantine after testing positive. For the virus do feel worse for him or actually for the virus. That's GonNa come with a copy that is a joke that everybody's been making in Spain. It's Yego see meal and the guys are in charge of the guys that beyond and viruses in the virus attacks. Over and destroy it now it's funny. We make love. Obviously this is a very serious. Very serious illness, which is a lot of damage but You know it's a blow for Madrid but best wishes to Giggle shemale and who you know I've had the pleasure and privilege of of spending time with going to lunch with him. He is I think minorities full body as one of the good guys told me once no wise advice to all young players when you're at home in your room. For you flipping through the channels on your television if you see green stop. If it's. Football Match Watch it if it's golf move on because golf is a complete waste of time nobody under the age of fifty should ever be worrying about playing golf guilty Melania not a golf fan clearly not gonna find would have been shocked. All This brings us to an end shot up to and. Watching the Champions League on television issue maybe maybe or maybe who knows. Maybe. We all we got we all we need. Catch you on Monday.

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