Lebanese International film festival


Good morning lebanon. This is chris cordis here. We were talking about the dubai film festival the jew by international film festival in how amazing it is and i got to work there. It was interesting to me. George clooney sharon stone and other actors. It was entertaining and fun and exciting. And i think that we should have in lebanon in international film festival. Lebanon international festival. That would be amazing if we have that. And i think a lotta actors would like to come here and visit the beautiful country of lebanon sued to have a lebanese international film. Festival would be great. That's a very good idea. People would work on it and get ready for something like that. I think everybody would be Excited would have lots of actors and movie stars coming here. And we would have lots of movies to watch in the cinemas and vip cinemas will be interesting not for now because of the pandemic. Of course we have the coronavirus. But i'm saying later on when the pandemic is over. It will be really nice if we had a lebanese international film festival. Like in dubai. That would be amazing because people will get to see how beautiful lebanon is in. How great the people. So this is something to think about for the people who are in charge of entertainment and things of that nature. We'll be back after the break.

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