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Hello and welcome to love Jonah. I'm Jonah Simone actress producer Vegan activist activist in your host on this podcast. We will cover health wellness weight-loss healing disease and so many more benefits of a plant based Diet in lifestyle. Be sure to check out the video versions of these interviews by going to Amazon prime and searching love Jonah or U2 by searching love Jonah. Thank you you so much and please enjoy. Hello and welcome back to love Jonah. Today I'm here with breath. Dr S Halston. The one the only we have ten questions today and one when bill this question tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey and becoming Vegan leader in the field. Also if you'd like to tell us about the books you've written or new projects you have coming up well first of all say thank NCUA pleasure to be with you and with your team and talk about Probably most of my emphasis might be on my research which is coronary artery disease. A leading killer of women men and Western civilization which the truth be known coronary artery. Disease is is nothing more than a toothless paper tiger that need never ever exist and if it does exist in need never ever progress this is a completely benign foodborne foodborne illness where I got my start was in I guess the late nineteen seventies early eighties. I was increasingly disillusioned that as is chairman of our breast cancer. Taskforce Cleveland Clinic for how many women I was doing breast surgery. I was doing absolutely nothing for the next unsuspecting affecting victim and this led to a bit of global research on my part and it was very striking to see that there were many cultures where breast cancer rates were thirty and forty times less frequent than the United States states for instance in Kenya and in rural Japan in the nineteen fifties breast cancer was very infrequently identified yet as soon as the Japanese women would migrate to the United States. The second and third generation still japanese-american. They still now had the same rate of breast cancer there Caucasian counterpart And even more striking perhaps was a cancer of the prostate in the entire nation of Japan in nineteen fifty eight. How many autopsy proven doing desk where they're from cancer of the prostate eighteen in the entire nation more nineteen seventy eight? They were up to one hundred thirty seven which still pales in comparison to the twenty. Eight thousand will die this year in this country so at about that juncture. I thought we we get more bang for the buck if if we could deal with the leading killer of women and men and Western civilization which is our disease coronary or your coronary artery heart heart disease and so the dream has worked out. Was it if you could get people to eat to save their hardt also say themselves in the common western cancers breast prostate colon and perhaps pancreatic. That's the background. What what are your thoughts on a low carb Paleo and kitone Diet Kito service versus Kito acidosis and what are the dangers of of each I think that those are some interesting questions. I think that you might start out looking at the epidemiology analogy of of heart disease. And it depends what your goals are if you want to slow the rate of Heart Disease Development The Mediterranean Diet is probably the second the worst of course is the typical western American Diet. Fill with dairy and meat and cheese and Bacon pork possible oil and it just absolutely ravages the Guardian and the life checking of our blood vessel which happens to be that delicate innermost lining of the artery the endothelium which manufacturers absolutely magic molecules of gas that nitric oxide that protects us all and nitric. Oxide has some absolutely marvelous functions keeps to sell your elements in our bloodstream flowing. I tough lawn rather than velcro world. number-two nitric oxide is the strongest blood vessel dilation the body but you climb stairs the arteries your heart gutters your legs. They died nitric oxide number three nitric oxide will protect the wall of your artery for me coming stiff thicker Acre inflame protects you from high blood pressure hypertension number four. This is absolutely key and adequate and safe amount of nitric oxide protects you from ever developing blockages replay. So literally everybody on the planet who has cardiovascular disease as their disease because they have so so sufficiently trashed and injured their endothelial production of nitric oxide. They don't have enough nitric oxide to protect themselves from having plaque development and heart disease form and what other foods that every time they pass your lips you injure the endothelium oil dairy need fish chicken and foul lots of sugar sugary drinks stevia maple syrup molasses and honey and when you have people eat without that since this is not a malignancy the endothelial cells recover and they start making more nitric oxide and so literally what you're doing with these patients with heart disease when you counsel them you you are empowering them as the locus of control to halt and reverse their disease. None of the drugs do this. None of the stent. I don't know the bypasses those are all stopgap patched jobs. That just don't treat the homeless. This is why somebody has their first and second sent third stand and doesn't treat the disease and so this is why we had such a result so as far as diets which have even more or made than the Mediterranean which has a number of low fat dairy and low fat but still the engine the endo feeling but not as bad as the western Diet but need to go fully. Holy into the I mean. When every time a an omnivore appeal person eats meat they're giving in their intestinal mic- micro biota their intestinal? Bacteria are such that when they metabolize. There's two important molecules that are found in animal foods carnitine unless it than they end up producing a vicious molecule called trimethyl astle amine oxide which injures the vessel so really a an invitation to meeting. Eating meat to space diet is an invitation toward hastening your vascular disease and and a lot of other diseases and then what would you recommend to a Dietitian who recommends this for athletes that way of eating for athletes. Roaster it's very interesting because just in about the last eight or ten years at athletes recognize that their recovery time quicker and their stamina is greater when they switched over. Oh for plant based nutrition. What are your thoughts on the blood type Diet? I don't really have money thoughts on the blood type Diet. I just don't really have have much to say about it until we really see the peer reviewed scientific literature that sustains what the author is stating and I think that I'm unaware that for instance when we're running about ninety percent is actually a ninety nine point four percent success rate going to close to four years in our patients who adhere to plant based nutrition. We're pretty proud and happy about that. Why is oil not the best for the body? Well again. It comes down to the foods that are going to injure the capacity of the endothelial. Nitric oxide no oil for instance. There's it is really there is not a is. It's probably processed food right. I mean you don't see bottles of olive oil growing on a tree right when you get olive oil when you get polyunsaturated oils. People like David Blanket Horn Lawrence Redel Road Route Claus in and Robert Robert Vogel. I'm really shown how devastating it can be to the vascular system. So that's why we're not too keen on oil. What I remember enforce overnight as well as there was an correct me if I'm wrong but there was A picture of the stomach and if you fill it up with oil the caloric value of filling these the stomach receptors out of all for those calories and then if you feel your body up with plant foods it's it's drastically lesson calories so and much nutrient much more nutrient dense as well for the oils are essentially avoid of of nugenix. You get a little bit of micro bit of vitamin. What are the benefits of eating low fat? Well I think that often people will mistakenly think that our the program is is pointed toward being low fat actually ends up being about eleven percent fat whereas most Americans are eating somewhere over thirty eight percent fat in the Diet and the reason that the level of fat and hopeful plant based nutrition is low all because if you eliminate the oils You and your eliminate dairy and your eliminate meet you are limiting really a lot of these high-fat products and so it's nothing that previously made. It ends up. That bin is a percent that seems aims to really be worth well when we simply are asking patients to avoid foods with that we know are going to harm them but as far as going down low no one sat and being healthy I think the lowest level with healthy people that on became aware of was I think during World War Two Japanese soldiers were at about three point five percent. Do you think a plant based Diet extends a person's life and quality of life and can it fully fully prevent and reverse heart disease. which is the number one killer in America? Correct there's no question that we Dr Orangish ourselves Robert Hostile and others have clearly shown and reported in the Peer Review Scientific Literature that patient who adhere and to hear correctly to whole foods plant based nutrition avoiding foods that are going to enter the end of the that heart disease not only can be halted but it It can be reversed and the reason that that I became so passionate about this In Eve after I retired even from surgery medicine and right now. We're really at a crucial time. Because what is pulling this nation into debtor's prison faster than anything you can imagine Is are the entitlements. Social Security Medicaid Medicare what is forty forty five percent of Medicare forty. Five percent of Medicare is cardiology. Now let's be clear. I have nothing but great admiration and respect. It was a care and compassion and fund of knowledge of my cardiovascular colleagues and they often those that are on their toes will say that. They're so sorry that during their medical school training and their postgraduate training in cardiology and then it never received any nutrition training. Because when you think about the fact that we have within medicines toolbox right now the most powerful tool I think that caregivers had why do I say that because not only. Can you absolutely eliminate the cardiovascular epidemic which is really taking this country to the poor house But at the same time that you're curing disease You're eliminating diabetes. You're eliminating hypertension you're eliminating strokes. Vascular dementia uh all sorts of colitis. Crohn's disease rheumatoid arthritis. Multiple Sclerosis lupus allergies asthma. Meal Disease It's it's just we've never had anything like this. Why is it so exciting because it was all respect? This is not farm again. I'm not talking about pills. Joe Expensive of lots of side effects. Nothing can be as powerful as is so safe. It's prompt it's powerful and enduring and guess what there's no added expense. Can they get better than that. I know why are more people doing this. Why isn't the world planned base base? Well a lot of the world is yeah. That's true. That's true America. I should say I mean what we have done and Europe has done. We've created a billion dollar health industry around a disease that doesn't even exist in half the planet right now is unconscionable how the health industry industry is really garnering and all the the wealth of the nation. It should not be in the health industry. It ought to be in so many other things in education and healing the grid bringing up rail system and then there's so many other ways that we we can spend money. Illness doesn't have to exist good powerful. What are your thoughts on juices? You talk talk about oil not being the best because it's refine process concentrated fat but what about a concentration of fruit sugar from an organic cold. I think that's terrible. I I think thank you WanNa have an apple and eat an apple. You wanted to eat an orange eat an orange but you see when you're eating the whole fruit. The photos is bound to fiber. The absorption is safe and slow. You live it up into juice. You separate the food. Toasts from the fiber for the absorption is like a rocket going off in your stomach engines. You'll never case protein and injure the endothelial so so That kind of sugar is not something we want you know. What are your thoughts on coffee and teas and the caffeine in them are they toxic to the body and if so why Michael Gregor has ended ended? Team with. Caffeine is is okay. I think it's fun. I'm a little bit nervous about coffee with Caffeine because there are several studies that show that indeed. You can cause those he'll dysfunction and remember what I've been saying all along in this interview. It all comes down to doing what we can to heal this dysfunctional Indo. We start injuring when we're kids two three four and five of the things that we're eating that we keep eating and it's interesting if you do. You do. Autopsy Studies of Young Women and men between the age of seventeen and thirty four who've live died of accidents homicides and suicide. You look at their arteries disease ubiquitous. NOT ENOUGH FOR THEIR CARDIAC CARDIAC events yet but there you are. You graduated from High School. You get a diploma and also you get to foundation for heart disease which is probably not GonNa hit you until with a cardiac the echo vent until you're in your late forties fifties sixties or beyond. So we should start preparing now for too late absolutely well. Because you see your what you're doing is you're not only you're saving your heart but you're eliminating chronic illness. I mean as as you mentioned US early of people live longer. Yes I think people will live longer because in the absence of these but you but if you can't live longer the average life expectancy I just see maybe eighty seven to ninety three but those are good years there not spend wheelchair there not spent in a care facility because of dementia. I mean that's the way you That's the way you wanna live real. Look at the Japanese the Okinawa's here. We have the longest live people on the planet. More people there lived to the age of one hundred anywhere else. Why because they're all they're they're eating well and they have wonderful family relationships yes And they have a way of life that they're not sitting down and looking at a computer all day they're out working and that's key as well. What are your thoughts? GMO's and pesticides the little bit that. I'm aware a bit I'm on Tuesday through the asked about GMO's Mos- because it would have been. I think so nice to had a long range study on. GMO's before just sort of forcing them on the public. I think Europe has been very resistant to having that happen and I sort of have to respect that and I hope we're not the experiment over. We're here so I'm all nervous about that. Pesticides Geno pesticides have been around for so long and you think by and now we get our arms around it and understand what was going on. But I'm not sure that that they're The I'm not sure that I can say that there that obviously I want you to wash off your. I mostly eat organic before you eat. Organic organic is certainly preferred way to to go but for people who who can't afford organic and their wash their food of I. I don't think that I can say that that's going to be harmful and award. Yes there is. What are your thoughts on? The sweeteners found in gum. and Diet Sodas in the chemical no you don't you don't ever want that stuff and you know a false sweeteners. People foot put fall sweaters coffee. Why do they even want the sweeteners? Because they're tomato when you don't want Because when you go play Bass but is a challenge for some people is when you do go clam base remember your. Your fat percentage is going down from thirty three thirty four percent down to ten or eleven and the Manila Chemical Sensors Center in Philadelphia. As shown us that if they compare three different groups of persons persons who are decreasing their fat in the Diet. Let's as as one of the typical American Diet thirty four percent twenty percent. Another down at eleven percent. I said one of those groups at the end of twelve weeks is completely lost their craving for fat which won the won eleven percent because because we all have a fat receptor and sugar receptor. And if you're trying to down regulate this is why we always start out culture. He's a whole thing about away. Why because because if every weekend you decide you're going to belly up to the trough and say I'm GonNa reward myself because I was so good all week? Then the fat receptor never gets a chance to to down regulate and you end up with his cousin the no sense of denial and craving and then you have recidivism and failure. It's good advice ace. What are your thoughts on treating high triglycerides and Hashi motos thyroiditis with the plant? Based Diet are carbs from fruit or any kind of fruit harmful for either one either one of those. I don't know how much you know about both it though I don't think they can. I'll I'll answer on Hashimoto's I think that's something that has to be studied further. The first question was on on treating high triglycerides bless rights. y'All high triglycerides. I think we really have to be careful of The simple carbohydrates the producers. We talked talked about apple juice and orange shoes We'll just like alcohol to send triglycerides through through the roof of you've got to be very careful Stevia and a guy day and and Any excess maple syrup molasses honey especially especially dried food dates. Okay then raisins in excess. Those will away track but any types of fruit like watermelon or like the sweeter fruits that are not drive. You know what you would. I often will suggest me to the patients who are struggling a little bit with that is really I play hard ball for about two weeks and then check your triglycerides see and then if you just made it a good a difference and you can be back the watermelon or something you really liked and you don't think it's going to overwhelm me. Daddy's the high trek was it got to protect them. Make them live longer. Okay final bonus this question. Are you currently taking patients or are you fully committed into your research and writing book. No I I totally have seen patients because the you know the writing the writing books and the research is something you do in your spare time but I. I've always had a strong feeling that unless unless you are regularly seeing patients as a physician you've lost such a dynamic Element of what is going to keep you learning. And we learned from patients they teach us and that's part of the world that I absolutely cherish families. I'm GonNa Send My dad to a and come and join them and bother you. I'm doing this because I've looked up to this human being in this beautiful soul for so long and and he's changing the world and God bless you for changing the world and having a voice for doing that and in protecting our earth and protecting animals and protecting acting our loved ones with the information that you and Dr Campbell have have researched for us so it can be readily available for the human population. I just enough well thank you. They're they're right upstairs from here. We're speaking there now. Some seven or eight hundred healthcare workers physicians nurses Dietitians nutritionists who we really are fortunate. Enough to have developed developed an interest in this because for this really to to make it a very of become effective to change the health of the nation. It it's GonNa take really an army of of like minded kindred spirits and Janna where so grateful to you for your help Lousiana and don't forget to subscribe. I hope you enjoyed that episode. As much as we did shooting it be sure to tell me your biggest takeaway on my instagram at G. Simone G. S. I M. O. N.. Remember Knbr you can check out the video versions of these interviews by going to Amazon prime and searching love Jonah or youtube by searching love Gina. Thank you so much for listening and please subscribe to stay up to date on the latest episode release as always loved Jonah Talk.

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