Episode 35: Reviving Old Mopar Drag Cars


Welcome to episode number thirty five of talking Mo- parts today we are talking about old school Mo- partrick cars, and how awesome they are to hunt, find revive and drive because saving them is vital in keeping that Mo- par quarter-mile culture alive. We're also talking project of the week. High performance parts and listeners stories so without further ado. than you are in the right place. Don't go anywhere. You're tuned into the best moped through sister of podcast on planet. Earth and I'm your host. Chris Albrecht better known as the moped hunter, and this is talking Mo- pars. and. LISTENING TO TALKING With the car hunter, your direct mention all things. Hello Hello Welcome back my friends man last week was a doozy. I'll say that you know. We had listener appreciation week, and then we had another installment of direct connections with my friend Blake from DIY HAMMY DOT com. That was a great episode. Lots of great stories and lots of great information. If you have not heard that episode after this one go back checkout direct connections with Blake from DIY HAVING DOT com. com a good one. Let it be known that talking Mo- pars will be doing more direct connections episodes. That was the plan from the beginning and I'm starting to get more comfortable during these things, so be on the lookout for more direct connections in the not so distant future in other news. If you want to submit your story, talking Mo- parts for me to read on the show or more, if you. You WanNa. Hear yourself on the show. All you have to do is email me. Chris at Talking Mo-. Parts Dot Com tell me your story, and maybe you're not much of a typist I. Get it. Maybe you're more of a talker. Well, then all you have to do is leave me voice message on my voicemail. The number is two zero, nine twenty eight mope part. Leave me a voice message and I. I will play here on the show. 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Help me out helping us get this show on the road. Today are my friends at Hemi. PAGES DOT COM Hemi. Pages is organizing the. The part aftermarket. So what I need you to do is after this show I need you to go to page is dot com and just take a look around. You're going to see a list of shops. You're going to see events. You're going to see news classifieds articles in more. Wait a second Chris. Did you say shops? Yes, if you go to Hemi pages, dot com, you can click on shops and. And Browse by category you can find parts, stores, dealerships, engine, builders, fabricators, and more folks. This is going to be the place to go, so do me a favor. Go to me pages. Dot Com book market. Put it in your favorites list. Put It on your home screen. Folks HEMI PAGES DOT COM is the place to go, so be sure to check it out now. Let's get this show on the road. This week's project car of the week is a retired drag car now. If you will listen to this podcast for any amount of time, you know how much I love vintage Mo- par drag cars. I think they're awesome and they deserve to be saved, and that's actually the point of this episode. NY CHOSE THIS GT ax as project of the week, so this car was posted. Wednesday June third at Twelve PM. Let's get into the at. At nineteen sixty eight G., drag car, ten thousand five hundred dollars, nineteen sixty eight PLYMOUTH GT x a real gt, ex, not a clone, originally four forty four speed Dana car. This has been a drag car from the nineteen seventies until it was retired approximately eleven years ago, body solid, no damage or repairs, floorboard and frame solid, a small spot of rust on rear quarter panel I. Think this is for moist tire rubber burnouts rear. Rear window lower area has very small spot not rusted through all the door hardware interior wearing windows, etc were removed to reduce weight has lexcen windshield sign windows and door windows back last is original ten point cage trump with his original, but has been skinned fiberglass, hood and front fenders aluminum. Dash with authentic S W green. Line Gauges Bucket seats from GT. Forty Replica drivetrain, four forty board forty over K B, forged tend to win. Win. Pistons Aluminum Rods Sports Steel Crank, DC Hemi means. MILOT on ten core oil Pan, winded trae, high volume, oil-pump, DC, five ninety lift flattop at CAM DC adjustable rockers hd push rods, mccandless ported heads, DC aluminum, water, pump and Housing Hooker headers P. intake, holly dominator Carb, one wire magneto type distributor Taylor eight millimeter plug wires, aluminum valve covers. This engine was built by mccandless and can take higher pm. Seven twenty-seven with TRANSCO shift. Shift Kit Bands TCI three thousand stall converter. Her shifter line lock not hooked up eight and three quarter Rear Center section on new components for fifty-six years spool. mwr Axles Green Pairings extended wheels does new disc brakes DC, buys leaf springs, miscellaneous, sixty one police manual steering box will would front disc brakes, spindles, torque thrust front wheels chrome rear wheels with hoosier slicks. Lots of life left frontiers or new frame connectors, six-cylinder torsion bars rear springs. Springs can be moved back inward for narrowed rear. I moved them back to original position, new jazz fuel cell in trump new holly electric fuel, pump and regulator I'm sure there are a few things I'm missing, but I've already written too much. My intentions were to bring it back late sixties style drag car that I remember in like I have another drag project. Some other projects in front of this and I don't believe I'll get. Get to this. This hasn't seen the track. And over eleven years I had it out for a few test runs over three years ago. The last it was started almost two years ago, the trans seal started leaking. Sure some things will need attention before pounding the pavement I don't need to sell, so don't bother with low ball offers just move along. I'm pretty much firm on the price. This is stored in the back of the. The shop, therefore serious buyer. Only I have the previous owners notarized bill of sale in my purchase bill of sale. This is a New Mexico car titles are not required after a number of years, no title will furnish a bill of sale. Title Status is missing already folks so here. We have a retired drag race car, and like I said a little bit ago. I'm a big fan of these types of cars. Here's the thing. If, you think that you can just go buy one of these old retired. Drag cars and just take it to the track racing. You may be in for a world of hurt because who knows what kind of condition these cars are really in. And how beat on they were you have to assume a retired race car was beat to hell so what I would do if this is my car and decided by it, I would go through the whole thing, so the cage obviously isn't certified, so you're GonNa have to look into that. You might have to put new Cajun and if you can't get the one that's at certified I imagine when this car was built. You know it probably wasn't built to the same standards that we have today, but who knows so you know I really liked the idea of these cars, even though some of them can't be used on the street I, may drag race guy. I like these old super stock. Drag style mope ours. I think they're awesome and this one. Star from the inside and work your way out. That's what I would do I would. Check the cage I would put a new dash in and I'm not a big fan of the way this dash looks, and then I would probably do a little bit of tin work inside the car in the trunk area, and then I would address the exterior, but that's not before I would take the engine. You GotTa make sure this thing runs and drives. Okay, make sure runs and drives and stops. That's kind of. That's kind of a necessity. But once you get those things ironed out, and you can move this thing under its own power. Then you can start working on the interior cleaning that up, and then the fun part for me. Is You know since this is a vintage drag car? You know back in the seventies late sixties. These cars were really wild at the track. You know you saw him with the flashy paint schemes and the big, the big biggest door logos and the whole car was riddled with graphics. You know sponsor stickers, and even crazy outlandish names on the side of these vehicles and. PSYCHEDELIC paint jobs that was big in the nineteen sixties and seventies, and I'm a big fan so for me. If I had this car, I would definitely try to steer in that direction of vintage style and the fun part about this one is it doesn't it doesn't have a name on it yet or any logos or anything like that, so you can kind of. You know, use your imagination and get creative with this thing. That's what I think is awesome. If you could get this thing track ready. Then there. You Go, folks. You have yourself a vintage throwback drag car. How cool is that? I think they're awesome. And you know later on in this episode. We're GONNA. Get into why I think they're cool and why they need to be saved, and this one is no different sure. It doesn't have a crazy name on the side of it like Dick, landy or something like that, you know it's not a popular drag car. At least that I know of. Maybe it's got some history that I. Don't know and that the buyer didn't list, but. This is kind of one of those cars. That is a blank canvas and. You know car builders. You know whether you agree with this or not are artists. Every car is a blank canvas for you to make your own I really think this car deserves a second chance. Maybe at the track maybe on the street who knows I like to get this thing on the street looking like vintage drag race car. I think that would be awesome and I would love to be seeing more of that. You know even if they're you know clones. If I was at a stop light. Check this out if I was at a stop light and a Dick Landy sixty dark clone showed up next to me. That's an underwear changing moment, folks. I would man. That would be awesome because I. You're GonNa hear that thing coming. You know if it's true to the original, it would have a Hemi so you would hear that thing coming, and hopefully you know it's reasonably street. Will you know so that it is at least drivable on the road, but that would be awesome and I wanNA see more of that if these cars are out in about more often than who knows what kind of influence you may have on. Young Little Billie, going to the grocery store with his mom, and he's sitting in the backseat, looking out the window and boom. There's your seventy-one superstock style Barracuda. Hood jacked up in the back fifteen by twelve. Craig. Who knows you know? The options are endless roll cage. Thing just is a monster, rumbles the kid's heart and he's hooked for life. You know that's what I think is cool out these cars and they should be saved so if you're out there and you see an old vintage drag car. You're like man. Thing needs a lot of work you know obviously beat on. You think for a second if you can get that car for a good deal. It may be worth bringing that car back to its former glory. And who knows maybe even taking it back to the track and seeing what it can do that to me sounds like a lot of fun and I mean this is a real gt. Ex, so that's cool. You know there's some value there. Will it ever be worth unoriginal? Only restoration GTS probably not at least with vintage drag car you have. A story or you're going to build your own story, so that's really cool and. Ten thousand five hundred really. Isn't that much in the mobile world? Now you could, probably you know double your money and go get some that runs and drives, and it's actually not a drag car, but if you're looking at a drag car, know for longer than. Thirty seconds if you click on an ad, and it's an old drag car and it's already been a couple of minutes then you know you're hooked. You know you wouldn't be looking at a car if you didn't like it. And if deep down inside, you weren't like all this would be cool to drive on the road. In my opinion, I think this car is worth saving ten thousand. Yeah, don't let this thing. Rod into the ground and somebody out. There has got to save this car I. Wish It. It could be me, but unfortunately I'm not in a position right now to do that, so it's gotTa be you. There's somebody out there listening right now. That doesn't have their. Mo- par project yet, and maybe they have you know ten thousand five hundred dollars burning home their pocket. If that's the case, give this guy a call. He says he's firm on the price. You'd better have ten thousand, four hundred ninety nine dollars, and you'd better get that deal if he takes that deal than he did budget price. It's not firm. If you say ten thousand five hundred firm, but you sell it for ten, thousand, four, hundred and ninety nine dollars, and that's the goal here on talking. Mo- parks is to never pay full price. Obviously I'm kidding folks like I, said. This car is a pretty good deal, so go out there. Snatch it up and save it. No par left behind. This week's high performance part was actually a suggestion from one of our listeners and story contributors. His name is Kevin. Omen he sent me an email here it is, he says hi Chris Nassir. If you know this band, but they are one of my faves. They are a Finnish melodic rock band. Their latest video features a pretty bad ass. COOED in. In fact, it basically is the video anyway. I thought you would probably enjoy if you've not seen. It already loved your listener. Appreciation Week Kudos for following through on it. Take Care Kevin I checked out the youtube video. Video. It's a band called brother, fire tribe, and the song is called night drive, and it features a nineteen seventy a are Khuda now. Kevin reached out to the band just to see if he could get any more information about the car. Basically what they said was. It's nineteen seventy a are. Khuda it's got the sixth borough got the factory side pipes all original interior. This thing is a numbers matching cream. Puff. Go check out brother fire tribe I thought it was a pretty cool jam You know I like that. Old Kind of had an eighties like. You Know I. I'm not very good with music, so I. Don't want to be insulting, but it reminded me of like A. Like an eighties action movie like montage wrong. That's what it reminded me of I thought. It was pretty cool and you know I'm a fan I liked music video, obviously because it had a Khuda in it I mean. How do you not like a song with Khuda in so go check them out. Brother Fire tribe. The song is called night drive, and it features a nineteen seventy AARP Khuda all original and numbers matching thanks Kevin for the suggestion that was high-performance parts. This week's listeners story is one of the ones that got lost in the shuffle. This one is from back in December so I apologize to not only this listener, but any other listener whose story I haven't gotten to yet, and it's been a while. I promise I'm going through everything I think I have them all, so I'm basically starting at the oldest work my way up so hopefully we can get through them in the next few weeks. We'll see I'd like to get caught up eventually so. So here we go. This story was sent to us from Andrew Miller and he's got a story about a nineteen sixty four sports satellite convertible with Hemi. Now I had a couple questions when I saw and read this story, so let me read this story, and then I had some correspondence with Andrew after the fact, so there may be a couple red flags for you mo- par Aficionados out there, so let's get into the story and I'll let you formulate your own opinion here we go. Hey Chris love the podcast I've got a pretty good needle in the haystack. Story, for Ya, and it involves a Hemi and probably fourteen beers after an evening of some heavy drinking at my good friends, pig roast, the majority of friends who came gathered around my friends, nineteen, sixty seven Mercury Cougar, and my one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety nine dodge dart after drooling over our own cars. We headed inside where another old friend asked me if I was still. Still strictly in Imo, Pars, because his grandma just died and left the family a few years, and they were looking to sell them as I began to predict the next words that came out of his mouth. I was shocked to hear him utter what I thought he said Hemi. Roadrunner as I choked on my now. Luke warm garage beer I replied with a Hemi I was done in notice that none of the other muscle car owners in the kitchen. Kitchen Pasta confirm the fact that Hemi had been uttered twice before I could say bull, he said his late grandfather also left challenger, and Barracuda all in real nice restored condition, but the Hemi wasn't for sale as the father decided to keep that one knowing that the potential likelihood that my current state of affairs won't allow for the purchase of Seti bodies, I began to give up hope at acquiring the long way to deep body. Just then he turned. Turned to reach for another beer, mumbled something else to the tune of own this pilot in the back now. This is what I'm talking about. I thought so I respond. What do you mean pilots? What is it? Oh, just the nineteen, sixty four satellite, or something like that, but it's really old and really can't be restored. Fix any of that I. began questioning him like Galen. Gavia would to the owner of an unregistered Hemi car than the impossible happened. Just as I narrow down the potential options in value of the nineteen sixty four satellite, my friend than others. Oh, it's a convertible to, and it has the heavy inside I think I really tried to not drop my now very warm cup of Beer I tried to play it cool for a minute and mentioned that I definitely would be interested in taking the pile of garbage out of his backyard for a nominal fee. I made my way to the garage for some alone time, and made a couple of calls to some immediate family I knew what have some money in? In case I needed it not realizing near one am on a Friday night. My calls were to no avail I knew I needed to do anything and everything to figure out if my friend was gloating, or if he knew what the heck was under that hood the next day I made a trip to his house, and to my surprise, sitting in the back yard, was nineteen sixty four sports satellite convertible with a ripped up white, top black interior maroon paint, sporting two tons of rat crap was an untouched, totally original numbers matching twenty six Hemi under the hood now I. I knew that there could have only been twenty. Two of these cars ever made with ragtop, automatic transmission and I knew there could have been only a couple in that color Combo in the words of the late Great Macho Man Randy savage I had just stumbled on the cream of the crop with a few calls, and a sit down with the family I had acquired for my family. The drop top convertible that nobody knows existed. If you hunters Mo- pars long enough, my friend, you will find what you're looking for. Keep up the show because I really like listening to. To it hopefully, my story motivate some people to get out and track down an elephant behind a tree Andrew. Thanks for saying your story once again. Sorry that it took me so long to get to it. It got in the shelf. Man I really apologize, but better late than ever, so here's the thing great story and anytime you can find a Hemi car. It's you know remarkable, so that is awesome. My only issue was that they didn't make Hemi satellites in nineteen, sixty four for the street, especially in convertibles, they didn't come out with those until nineteen sixty six and. You did send me some pictures and it looks to me like a nineteen sixty six, and if it is an original. Numbers Matching Hemi satellite convertible. You're talking about one of twenty seven to exist so I mean if that's the case, you've got a really rare car on your hands, buddy and restored. That's a six figure easily so very cool story I love stories like these, and I'm sure there's hundreds if not thousands of stories about guys sitting around having garage, Beers and somebody mentioning a car that just happens to have some rarity, and you're one of the lucky ones that landed upon. Upon a Hemi so very cool. Andrew thanks again for sending in your story. That was a good one, and that's that. If you have a story that you'd like to share on the show, all you have to do is send them in. You can email me. Chris Talking Mo-. Parts Dot com, or you can leave me a voice message on my voice mailbox, the number two zero, nine twenty eight. Mo Par I can't wait to hear your stories. That was listener stories. Before I. Continue this episode. I should probably mention that you probably noticed a huge change in the sound quality. Now I know I haven't talked about this much, but I've been doing everything I can to move this podcast in the right direction and what I decided to do is move my office in my house where I record this show I was actually sharing an office with my wife, and inside that office it. Had A lot of river, a lot of room noise, and it sounded like I was recording a bathroom, which was not the case, but. I decided to move into a room that we really don't use much used to be our old guest room in our house, and it is now my podcast studio. Here's the thing I actually just moved in this week, so. I was recording the podcast. And this was recording pretty late at night, and I was getting really tired and I knew the next day was the big move so I thought it would be interesting to cut the podcast off at the end of Andrew Story and continue once I got into the new room just to see what the acoustics were like. See what it sounded like and nobody can see this right now, but I realized that this room. Because bear, I just moved into. There's boxes everywhere around me and. I realized that the room noise was just as bad. It was really it really sounded echoey and a lottery verb so. Believe it or not right now I am recording with the microphone, sitting on top of a pillow and surrounded by blankets to hopefully dead in some of that big room sound, and that's why there's such a big change in sound quality once I get all the. Stuff that I have ordered as far as a new desk and I'm actually getting Some, acoustic panels for this entire room, so that I can improve the sound quality of the show to make more enjoyable for you guys, so I just wanted to let you guys know that it's not your radio. It's not your phone. It is definitely this podcast and I'm stepping up my game. Folks. I'm just leveling up a little bit just to give you guys a better product so hopefully you bear with me as I go through this transition process I'll probably be put in the studio together for the next few weeks. At least I don't know when my desk is coming. I got a new desk and. On basically building an entire room in my house dedicated to this podcast, so we'll see where it goes, but I'm hoping that with the sound treatment on the walls and some improved equipment here in the next few months the podcast is going to level up, so bear with me, but you aren't here at talk about my podcast studio and sound quality and all that technical jargon. You're here to talk about Mo- pars and today's episode is all about mopeds, ours and the quarter mile, culture and hunting finding reviving and eventually driving vintage drag cars, so let's get into it when I'm hunting mopeds on craigslist or when I'm out and about or anywhere on the Internet really. Every once in wild come across a really cool vintage. Mo-, par drag car probably retired been at the track and longtime maybe has a little bit of history. Maybe it was just a grassroots car, but it does have some high-performance heritage. It's been raised it seeing the quarter mile at seeing the thirteen twenty now when I see those cars. I just get this. Nostalgic Feeling I. Love Them I think they're great and here's the sad part about it. Is when I see him. They're usually in various stages of disrepair or you know they've been neglected for a while, and it's a real shame, because a lot of these cars carry a lot of history, even if it's not a giant next time, you know. Maybe you didn't find Dick, landy sixty eight charger. You know what I mean But maybe found somebody else's car. One of my buddies had a duster was a seventy duster and it was drag car. Toured the West Coast. And it was really cool and I had old door logos on it. It was called black magic. I absolutely fell in love with the car thought it was awesome, and my buddy ended up giving it away. I really wanted to save that car, but I just did not have the means to do it, and I know a lot of you out there going, wait he. We're going to get a free duster, yes. I was GONNA take the car. It needed everything I mean. This car wasn't even a roller. I just couldn't do it. I had no place to put it I. You know it's one of those things where it wasn't too far gone, but it was definitely another project that I would be sunk into for a long time and I didn't think it was fair to the car, the reason why I wanted it was because it had that drag racing, heritage and these cars. You'll find them without dated roll cages and. You know. Ancient, looking aluminum dashboards, and it's a lot of old. Craftsmanship that you see on these cars and I love that. So the question is. What do you do when you run across an old Mo-, par drag car. You, know something vintage that hasn't been on the road in a long time hasn't seen the track in years. That's for lack of a better term retired. What do you do? Here's what I would do. If I came across a vintage, Mo-, Padre car. I would have a couple questions first. Let's just say already bought the car. Let's say I got a good deal on it. Where do I begin? Okay, this thing let's say got pulled off the track. In Early to mid eighties. It probably didn't win any championships. Let's say but. You know it had some fun? It was a grassroots car, so I'M GONNA. Give the car overall assessment. I'm going to look at the cage. If it's even caged I like the ones that you find that are caged and have been dubbed, and they just use seventies and eighties drag car. I love those cars, so you have to assess the car. Does it run if it doesn't? Let's get it running. What one is a car. If you can't fire it up, you know what I mean. Then you got to start looking at all the vintage craftsmanship. Is it so out of date? There's no way would ever pass tech. That's something you got. Ask yourself if you plan on racing this car now. It's a little controversial. When you talk about roll cages in cars, you drive on the street, you know. Are, they, safer, In certain situations I would argue yes, are they more dangerous? In certain situations. I would argue yes, you know you're not wearing a helmet. Some of these cages they come close to your skull. And if you get in a bad wreck in your skull hits that cage, you may be a dead man or woman for me I'm an idiot. I drive a streetcar with a cage. Not Everybody's willing to take that risk I, am so I'm GonNa? Look at the car and if I got a vintage Mo- PADRAIG car, I would ensure that not only could I take it to the track and have some fun, but I could also drive on the street, so get the car sorted out. Get it safe to drive and. Have some fun you know. Maybe you get lucky in the car. Still has all its original graphics on it and you know. Maybe it's a little PATINA. How cool would it be to have a PATINA VINTAGE MO- PADRAIG car that ran and drove and was safe enough to take not only to the track, but drive on the street. That would be awesome the. History of the car, maybe hard to find you know, but that doesn't make it any less cool because if you find one of these cars in, it's got the name on it and you know it's got all the vintage graphics. There may not be any history on the car, so it might be fun to dig up that history if you can and the fun thing about it is a lot of had some pretty cool names, but maybe you get a car. That doesn't have all the graphics once you get a running driving and good to go, you can name the car. You know what I mean you can take. That extra step to make it more of a throwback to the older times and I think that's a cool thing to do. I think it'd be cool to get a vintage drag car that you know maybe wasn't named and didn't have graphics on it when you got it, but you like that vintage style, so you're going to name and you're GonNa kind of recreate something that you would see in the seventies drag racing. That is really cool. Because these cars you know you get them back on the road and they're going to remind us of a simpler time. When drag racing had larger than life personality something that you don't see today, you see a lot of corporate stuff today and you know. Look back in the day, Jungle Gym and Jungle Pam's. Good luck seeing show like that at attract today I. Don't think it's going to happen, but you know. Maybe you can still bring the cars back to life. Personally you know I think in style GIC. Vintage drag car build would be really cool and. You know there's something about in the style gic build where. You. Try to gather up all the vintage speed parts from that era, you know, maybe you can get some nos parts to put onto this project to really make it a time machine of drag racing's golden era. You know the sixties and seventies so hunting down the period correct parts would be a huge challenge huge undertaking, but for me that would be half the fun. Half the fun is the hunt. The other half is the actual project itself. That's my opinion and I've seen a lot of these. All drag cars posted for sale and they get criticized a lot. They get beat down and a lot of people consider. These cars butchered but for me. I think there were saving because. You know they're a part of. The history and the culture of Mo- part drag racing. Even if they weren't you know a Dick Landy car or a sox and Martin car or something on that level of importance I think all of those Mo-, Pars that ever saw track time are important for the culture, and you know if you take on a build like that in the style gic drag car build. One of the greatest reference materials. Probably ever! Is. superstock drag illustrated from back in the day. I have stacks and stacks these old magazines, and I love just thumbing through them, and reading the old articles and look at old pictures, and just seeing what things were like back then. I love reading the articles about national events and stuff because you get a real. You. Know sense of what it was like back then and it kind of takes me back when I read those articles and stuff. I'm just like Gosh. I was born the wrong era. Guys I've said it before and I will say it a million more times. I should have been born earlier so that I could enjoy that time and. You know that would have been a blast, but you can get away with crazy stuff when you go the route of an aesthetic bill because you could put the outrageous paint giant graphics on the car and nobody's going to criticize you. In fact, they'll probably going to be like. Wow, that's cool. It reminds me of so and so's Kerr from back in the. The day and I think that would be cool plus your helping. Keep the spirit of Mo- drag racing alive, and you're GONNA. Stand out in a crowd. I'll tell you that if you take a vintage Mo-. Par Drag car build to your local car show. You're going to draw crowd. You'RE GONNA. Stand out here in a stick out like a sore thumb. It's going to be nuts. People are gonNA. Look at that cargo, WHOA! I hope that more people get into building. Nostalgic drag cars I think that would be really cool and. You know I think it's GonNa. Be More popular here in the next few years I think we're GONNA. See a lot more of it and. You know. How can you not want to emulate the legends of thirteen twenty? You know the Ram chargers Don Garlic's Dick Landy, sox and Martin Don, the snake prudhomme Tom the Mongoose. McEwen the list goes on. The names Dragon Lady. You know it's like. You know you got surely Downey. There's just gosh. So much history there, and that's another reason why like to go on Youtube in. Just find any vintage drag racing videos that I can just watch him to take it all in because that was such an amazing time and Mo- part history that we can't forget about that stuff. We can't let it die and I think. You know other than watching videos are looking through magazines or seeing old pictures. I think the best thing that we can do aside from those things to help keep the culture alive is to. Do, these vintage style builds I. Think they're going to be really cool. Like this is what I would have done back then. I think that would be amazing and I think that you would get. A lot of Kudos, especially from the older crowd that was there during that time, so they could be like. Wow, yeah, this is exactly what it was like back then. The cool thing about Mo-. Parts says they will always be tied to drag racing. Just think about all the superstock cars, the nineties, the Hemi, Darts and Barracuda's the twelve superbeets and roadrunners, and then now you get in the modern era. You got the drag packs the SCAP pack thirteen twenties the demon. history is stacked with drag racing and. I think we can keep the vintage era alive by building cars that are vintage themed and I wanNA. See more of that, so hopefully you guys are on the same page. I just you know I see so many of these retired drag cars like the project car of the week this week. You know it didn't have the crazy graphics on it and it looked like just a grass roots. You know drag car that somebody had fun with on the weekends and I. Think it's awesome. But for me I'd have to be able to drive on the street to just so that I can show people what those cars were all about in their heyday, and that's something you don't see too often. I've never seen Dick Landy. Tribute car on the street. I've never seen a sox and Martin tribute car on the street. You know, but I have seen drag cars that people found and revived. At shows and let me tell you I've seen it firsthand. Those people will walk right pass to win car to look at this x drag car. That is still period correct, and it blows my mind, but that's kind of what inspired me I was at a show in Oregon, and I saw this guy who had a demon. That was as vintages you could get and I fell in love with that thing, and that's what clicked. The idea of Gosh I really WanNa, see more of these vintage drag cars. If you're out there, listening to this hopefully, maybe now you'll reconsider some of these drag cars. Then you know are in need of restoration and need to be revived. Hopefully you go. Okay, maybe I'll take that job on because these cars need to be saved. That's all there is to it and they're cool. I don't think I've ever met anybody. That's Sina vintage drag car. Even a magazine just didn't say. Wow, that's cool. You know what I mean, a gearhead, a true gearhead, and you know like I, said Mo Pars are just. The history is littered with drag racing. So it's part of our culture. Drag racing is and especially the vintage stuff, so let's keep it alive. And if you are interested in building a MO- Padre car whether vintage or a modern version. One thing I would suggest is going to visit my friends over ready chassis. You can find them at ready chassis dot shop. That's our EA D., Y. C. H., A.. S., S. I. S. Dot shop and what they can do is they can build you a Dick Landy replica. They can build you They can build you a her superstock. Dr Barracuda Replica! They can build you whatever you want. As far as a drag cargoes, and they specialize in it, so if maybe you want something more modern. Maybe you're a modern guy want. Drag Pack Challenger looking car. Maybe WanNA car like a drag pack challenger, but you know there's only a certain amount of drag pack challenges that exist well guess what ready chassis can build you one and you know if I had it my way I'd send my dark. How a sixty nine superstock replica built! Just because I don't have a sixty eight and I wouldn't want to convert mine into a sixty nine. I just WANNA take a sixty nine and imagine if Chrysler had said okay. We're GONNA. Continue this. We're going to continue building these super stocks into sixty nine I would love to have my dark converted to a sixty-nine superstock Hemi car, but with the modern generation with the modern third generation. Having I think that would be cool, but go visit my friends over already chassis. They can help you out. Maybe you've found a retired drag, aren't you? WanNa bring it back to life. See what they can do. If nothing else. They have a great site they also sell. Sell Parts, so you can go over there and get your parts and you know those guys are really cool, so go check them out once again. That's already chassis dot shop, and you can find the link in the show notes or show description or just by going to talking Mo- parts dot com. I have links to all my buddies over there that about wraps up our discussion on reviving old drag cars. If you find one, send me the link. I'd love to see it. I love just looking at them I. Think they're awesome and you know. Let's get those cars back on the road and especially. Let's get them back on the track. No par left behind. There you have it folks. Another episode. Talking Mope ours is in the books. That was another fun one I love vintage moped drag cars as you probably can tell by listening to this episode for more information about this podcast or to listen and subscribe to the show. Please visit talking. Mo- parts, dot, com and also don't forget. You can send me your stories, questions, comments, complaint, suggestions, and everything else on your mopey addicted mind to Chris at Talking Mo- dot Com or leave me a voice message on my voice mail box. Box At two zero nine twenty eight Mo par to hear yourself on the show and lastly folks, we now have merch in the talking Mo- parts merch shop. You can purchase cool things like t shirts, hoodies, stickers, mugs, and more, so if you want to help, support the show and get some cool stuff at the same time, follow the link in the show notes or just jump over to talking mopeds. DOT, com. That doesn't my friends until we talk again I. Am your host. Chris Albrecht and that was talking Mo- pars. Thank you for listening to talking parts your direct connection to all things. Until next time remember no more par left behind. Thank you to our friends over at EMI pages, DOT, com, ready, chassis, dot, shop, and DIY HEMI DOT COM.

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