7 Essential Strategies on How to Live a Valiant Life Victoriously!- 3rd Strategy


Ladies, do you want to live victoriously? Are you possibly in need of some inspiration and a new perspective on life? Do you want to get refueled up on some fearless faith? So you can endure your battles with Victoria's mindset, then you have come to the right place. This is the show that you can turn to, to give you just what you need. This is valiant woman podcast where you will. Discover how God can move in your life. Just as he has another 's. Here's your host, author of fighting fat with fearless faith, and founder, valiant woman Christie Taylor. Welcome to the valiant woman podcasts. Thank you so much for listening in, and this is going to be the third strategy to living evaluate life victoriously. And I'm your host Christi Taylor, author fighting fat with fareless faith, and the founder valiant woman. So the third strategy to living valiant life victoriously is to list. The strategic action steps you'll need to take to achieve your overall mission. Now that we've talked about author, mission statement next is when we get down to the tactical planning. Yeah. And in the fighting that with fearless faith. I have my clients. They create a battle plan verse we discussed the mission statement. How it defines your destination and points you in the direction, you need to take to get you where you wanna go. And then we start getting into setting attainable. Short term goals, and targets that will eventually lead to the victory. You have visualized now in the drill command in the battle plan area is where my clients literally get serious about planning out goals and action steps to achieving those goals, serious individuals who are seeking to be transformed need to define and own their goals goals provide purpose and give us something for which to strive to help us move forward, often we have goals, which we are, are never realized, and why is that it's frequently due to setting unrealistic goals are not having a planned achieve them. Now, let's, let's talk a little bit about how attainable goals that will help you achieve success. Now you're going to list your short term goals. Short term goals, and targets are smaller. Progressive steps that you'll need to -ccomplish in order to fulfill your mission statement, you will often be working towards more than. In one at any given time and once tained new short term goals, will be written. Unlike your permanent mission statement these goals often fluctuate or are deleted, or modified, according to circumstances where you are wherever you're at on your journey or having reached them already. You'll find yourself replacing attained goals with new challenges to conquer all the time. It's critical in writing your short term goals to ensure that they are smart. Have you ever heard this? It's an acronym. It stands for specific measurable, attainable realistic and time bound people. Use these words to help them right goals each goal, you right should align with these terms goal should be specific and address a precise objective. They should be something that can be measured in my case, this often involved a scale for others. It may mean a stop, watch dollar figure distance or checklist. Your goal should. Attainable. Just as we discuss when talking about writing your mission statement, it's important make your short term goals, realistic. It's better to have goals that are seemingly, too small and easy to attain that you can actually do rather than loftier goals that are too difficult, and therefore lead to failure set yourself up for success and right, realistic goals. I often think of climbing the mountain, Colorado, my daughter, and I went several years back, we decided we were going to summit, a fourteen or which is like one of the biggest mountains in Colorado. And as we were going up, it was probably about four hours into the hike. We thought we had literally gotten to the top what we were experiences are experiencing was was fall summits. And so we've got to a point where we were mentally filling exhausted. So he had to create. Short term goals, and those little goals were fifteen steps. Get to the next rock breathe. Fifteen steps get to the next rock breathes, and we did it over and over again. Because I'm telling you, if we would have just kept looking at the very top of the mountain and realizing that we were never going to get there at felt like that anyway, then we would not have experienced getting to the very top, and summoning and seeing how beautiful Colorado is. So you need to just make sure that, as you are working through that you're celebrating your small victories, also finally goal should be time bound, and that you say, specifically, what time period, you will have -ccomplish the goal, this may be daily for something such as habits you need to stab, which in order to fulfill your mission statement, they say that a, a habit actually takes sixty six days to. Actually, be formed. So, you know, a lot of times we hear twenty one day challenge. Well, Twenty-one get you in there a little ways, but you need to stick it out to sixty six days, anyway. In order to fulfill your mission statement, you, you need to stab habits, but you also need to make sure that these, these goals are bound to a deadline with a date and time attached now once you've lifted your goals. You must also list obstacles that are likely to occur or setbacks, while it isn't possible to think of everything you don't wanna be blindsided by things that could derail you so that you lose heart expect setbacks and obstacles that will hinder your progress. They are merely opportunities to learn and grow after all that which does not stop. You makes you wiser and more capable to achieve victory both with your current goals, and your future. Ones, I have had to overcome many obstacles in my life and the difference between how a handle these up sickles is the fact that I understood that God has a nose. The plans for me. Maybe the timing isn't right for certain circumstances. It's all about my attitude in realizing that setbacks are, okay. And how I choose to react to the obstacles is what really will make or break my progress. Now what I mean by this is that I've had setbacks I remember the first time that I gained seven pounds in one week after having a setback due to a stressful week at work, which led to motion eating I broke down to my parents crying, and feeling like I was going on a downward spiral, and that I was fearful that I was going to gain back on my weight. But I learned from that setback that it will have weeks where I will gain. And that it is my attitude of whether to be victim, or value. Int- or victorious in. That's what will determine my final outcome of whether I continue to maintain my health or just give up throw in the towel and gain it all back, this was a pivotal moment in my life, where I learned that I would have to be Christie the fighter and choose to 'bout bounceback and be resilient and to persevere when I have setbacks, I had to choose to have a resilient attitude. I had to choose also to be relentless this also made me realize that I needed to be better prepared for when obstacle likes obstacles like this arise. Now if I can overcome that obstacle then. So can you. This is why it is imperative that you create a strategy to address the obstacles, you believe can be prevented. So, for example, I know I get hungry bid morning. So I know my intention to eat a health. Diet can be more easily derailed at this time, therefore, I have a healthy snack plan and prepared for that time of day, and in addition to planning for those obstacles, you can prevent you should also have a plan of attack for those you cannot prevent, for example, if you're training for marathon, you might wanna have a plan for what you will do if you experience an injury, if you're trying to eat healthy. You might want to have a plan in place to deal with those holiday gifts of suites, inevitably brought by well-meaning friends. My point is that the more you can plan for in advance. The less likely you are to be deterred from your goals. If you meet with unforeseen, circumstances now I'm super excited to share with you the fourth essential strategy on how to live a valiant life victoriously, which you'll receive in your next Email. So one. Last thing remember this remember that your loved your here for a purpose that God loves you and be valiant. Feeling hopeful. Are you ready to live of valiant, life victoriously? Visit WWW dot valiant woman dot com. For more fabulous resources that will help guide you into being that valiant woman, God intended for you to be. We'll see you next time on valiant, women's podcast. God bless and be fearless.

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