S10 EP58: The Hope of Better Days


Hello and welcome. It is erickson here. The full number if you'd like to be a part of the program is eight. Seven seven nine seven eric. Eight seven seven nine seven three seven four to five glad to have you with me this morning by the way and i wanna i if i can deviate a bit from the street headlines if you will. I'm sorry i'm trying to i. I forgot to push some buttons and flips switches as we as we launched the programs were and texting a friend of mine. All right now. I can focus. I wanna read you three different pieces and just bear with me in these. There are some new stories out. I guess you could say columns opinion pieces. That are there in the background conversation. If you will. And i want to bring them for the you know what happens. Oftentimes is the opinion leaders if you will and washington new york and the conservative movement the the editorialist. They're talking about things behind the scenes. And they're not really telling you what's going on. But the their responses to those things are shaping the way they then talk about the conversation. And i just think it in the interests of candor and fairness disclosure. I should bring you buying the curtain and let you listen to some of these And it starts with this piece by glenn elmer's at the american mind. The claremont institute and the headline is conservatism. Is no longer enough. It shows muscular guy wrapping his hands as if he's about to get into a boxing match. Here's limit let me just read you parts of this. Let's be blunt many of you by the way many of you are going to agree with this. Let's be blunt. The united states has become two nations occupying the same country when pressed or in private many would now agree fewer are willing to take the next step and accept that most people living in the united states today certainly more than half are not americans in any meaningful sense of the term. I don't just mean the millions of illegal immigrants obviously those foreigners who have bypass the regular process for entering our country and probably will never assimilate to our language and culture are politically as well as legally aliens. I'm really referring to the mini native born people. Some of whose families have been here since the mayflower who may technically be citizens of the united states but are no longer if they ever were americans. They do not believe in live by or even like the principles traditions and ideals that until recently defined america's nation as a people. It is not obvious what we should call these citizens. Aliens these non-american americans but they are something else. What about those who do consider themselves americans. By and large i referred to the seventy five million people who voted in the last election against the senile figurehead of a party that stands for mob violence rootless censorship and racial grievances not to mention bureaucratic despotism regardless of trump's obvious flaws preferring. His reelection was not a difficult choice. For these voters. In fact leaving aside the republican never trumpers and some squeamish centrists. It was not a difficult choice for either side. Both right and left know where they stand. Today it is not together not anymore. Those who wanted to make america great again may refer to themselves as republicans though many realize that apart from trump. The party does not really care about them. Mini may also some loose ways consider themselves conservatives but among those plumbers insurance salesman jim owners and factory workers. There's one question you can pretty much guarantee. They never discussed with their family. For what kind of conservative are you. This question is virtually no bearing on the problems that overshadow their lives. It is still a question however that occupies intellectuals journalists in the world of think tanks and this matters unfortunately because however sensible down earth the voters may be an effective political movement needs intellectual leadership to organize explain the movements purposes and goals. This leadership is still divided into the name. A few neo-con piliokahi not to be confused with paleo. Libertarians rad triads. That's radical traditionalist. The dissident right reform macon's etcetera distraction. But before i reject these disputes as mostly relevant. Let me make a couple of points about why we immediately leave the debate behind now. I'm actually going to skip over some of that. And i'm going to get to this. The great majority of establishment conservatives who were alarmed and repelled by trump's rough manner disregard for norms are almost totally clueless about a basic fact. Our norms are now hopelessly corrupt and need to be destroyed. It has been like this for a while. In the maga- voters knew it. While most of the policy wonks magazine scrubbers did not instill. It's almost every in almost every case. The political practices institutions and even rhetoric governing. The united states have become hostile to both liberty and virtue on top of that the mainline churches universities popular culture and the corporate world or rotten to the core. What exactly are we trying to conserve. That was glue. Elmer's the claremont institute. Now let me read you. This from dan dresner in the washington post. He's writing response to the elmer's piece by conventional metrics conservative down but not out in american politics after two thousand twenty election that many predicted would be democratic. Blowout republicans still control a majority of governorships and actually increased their control of state legislatures. Things look worse for the gop at the national level but far less hopeless democrats hold bear majorities in both the house and senate if the midterms follow pass pattern. It would not be surprised if the gop controls at least one chamber in twenty twenty three. This observation seem somewhat disconnected from conservative rhetoric. However on fox news. It is the in time jesse. Kelly and tucker. Carlson agree that the right will soon embraced fascism because they have no other choice. Rachel campos duffy argues. That michelle obama was the secret agent of culture to take over the us military. And then there's the claremont conservatives like glenn elmer's who wrote the super chill essay about the state of america which opens his follows. Let's be blunt blah blah blah blah blah. I read it. During the trump era the standard lament was that liberals scared about power and the political realm but did not have it whereas conservatives cared about power in the cultural round but did not have it and let's be clear conservatives have lost influence in the cultural realm academia has moved to the left so has the media the standard counter to this charge for those of us residing in these institutions is that these are professions codes of conduct constrain. How much one's political preferences affect one's intellectual output these codes or not perfect conservative critiques of cancel culture. Not without foundation still. They've been exaggerated. The trouble for conservatives is that reliably conservative institutions have begun acting in a less conservative manner polling during the trump years suggested the military was moving away from the gop. Since president biden was inaugurated conservatives have been banging on about the woke military because the defense secretary's committed to combating political extremism. In general officers are pushing back on. Tucker carlson's harangues about women in the military meanwhile conservatives feel besieged by big business as well put yourself in the position of claremont conservative right-wingers lost influence over liberally institutions heretofore conservative institutions are coming more hostile as well the last remaining hold out maybe religion but that trend line is discouraging fate base conservatives democrats will retain control of the house in an executive branch twenty twenty three the earliest compared with four years ago populists conservatives exercise much power and influence the country seems to be turning against them. Conservatives are not crazy to feel like they're missed feeling or facing existential threats they start to sound crazy failing to recognize their own culpability in the situation. They find themselves in. That's article two now. Bear with me last one here. This is from rod dreher in the american conservative headline woke capitalism in decadent republicans. Arkansas governor hutchinson proving once again that many republican politicians are as useless as a bore when it comes to defending anything culturally conservative or saying vetoed a sensible law that would have prevented body changing surgeries or hormones from minors suffering from gender dis fauria. Back in two thousand fifteen after woke capitalism came down hard on the state of indiana over its state version of the religious freedom restoration act for she this repeal the same governor hutchinson saw to it. That the arkansas version of the same was strangled in the crib. Walmart which is super woke cleared. its throat and governor hutchinson did its bidding. I wrote the benedict option. Because i believe we are. In revolutionary times are in fact living through the collapse of our culture and civilization and that faithful christians needed to figure out how to survive intact the friend this morning text to say his nominally. Conservative religious institution had suddenly gone woke. He sent this quote from jack. The bosons celebrated two thousand one door stopper from dawn to decadence. The system was rotten. This has been said over and over yet. The old hulk was immovable. When people accept futility the absurd as normal the cultures designate the term is not a slurred as a technical label a decadent culture offers opportunities chiefly to the satirist in and on it goes. Now i've been thinking a lot about this. And i've been thinking about it to some degree in light of my with tim keller and really his book hope and times of fear. You've got glen elmer's at the claremont institute an intellectual take for conservatives of that has gone towards reactionary conservative populism that What is there left to conserve. There's nothing left to conserve. He even goes on for example to to attack the constitution. The us constitution longer works but that fact raises more questions than answers. Lots of groups today will tell you what's wrong with society and leather particular theory or doctrine. When i say that maga- voters are clermont conservative that transcends any faction return for into the idea. The united states was the first nation in history of the world explicitly founded on the idea that government derives all his legitimacy from inalienable rights. America's re conception of democracy differed from what the world usually mid up to this point. The rule of the majority in america would be limited in principle and on and on it goes. you've got the responses to it from people. Like the dandruff lament of the collapse of a decadent culture from rod. Dreher it this gets me back to the idea of hope. And i finally now having read all these pieces and the responses to the pieces and i share some of greg elmer's concerns what i would note about a vast array of conservative voices in washington particularly the ones that were so easily persuaded that donald trump is terrible. And there's no redeeming virtue now in the republican party The people who could most easily do that are the ones who have no religious dacian And i have no affinity four The culture of life. It's really easy for people to say i'm going to vote democrat donald trump When you don't think killing kids a bad thing. And it's really easy to cast aspersions on people like glenn elmer's and others for lamenting what they see as they collapse of culture. We and you actually are okay. With a lot of what's go- you may not like the takes. You may not like the the rapid Censorship of of the cancel culture. But you know transgenderism not a big deal for you. The the fact that that people are looking at bruce jenner. And saying well you better calling caitlyn or else he i mean he did legally change his name. So i guess we should but that we're supposed to accept. He is a she even not. My child last night was lamenting that. There's a a kid that she knows who She now wants to have a gender neutral name and and be referred to as they an and mike. It's like it's just easier to go along with it when i'm in front of them because otherwise they had this meltdown and a lot of you at the end of the day. I think you're just hired of the meltdown you. You can't say what you want to say. And of course the lesser. Well you just racist things like what the hell is in the water. And i actually i. I've got to. I've got a thought on this. And it's this hope when tim killer and i were talking the other day. He pointed out that most people when they used the word hope. They're talking about wishful thinking. I hope. I hope. I can combine my two radio shows and get back to just one three our national show i. I hope that i can get a new car. I hope that all have the money to put a new rule now. I hope that my kids will do well in school. It's a wish i. I wish that this will happen. What actually is is the the word we use is better translated in in the bible. Shameful the hope of the resurrection the hope of the cross. The hope of our savior is the profound certainty. There's not a lot of profound certainty right now on the right other than that. The left is bad. So what we see is on the left that becomes the mission of the right is what's own the left. The left is bad. We are profoundly certain that the left is bad. So let's own them. The problem with that though is that. And i think this is glenn. Elmer's mrs things. I think to some degree this where dan dresner his response. Mrs things where rod dreher. Mrs things that My hope is in the american people. And if you've lost the american people then you've lost the culture and and no amount of getting it back no Embrace of fascism to say. We're not gonna have actually gives we're gonna put our guys in and that's it we're done and you can't have. You can't have the levers of power back because we you're gonna do the same does. There's a profound wisdom in the average american citizen. Who is it on social media. Who isn't a yelling at the tv. All the all the time. They're not watching fox news. The reason their family their love in their life they're navigating through and we have lost the profound surtee in the goodness of the american people. On both sides. I think on both sides. But we've also lost profound certainty. That conservatism is a winning message. And you see on the right. And you see that. Because i think roger gets to this a conservatives have felt sold out by their leaders that i've had conservative pro-life activists told me they would rather talk to democrats about abortion rights because at least they know they're dealing with someone who honestly doesn't agree with them. As opposed to a lot of republican members of congress will pat him on the head and then keep funding planned parenthood. We've lost profound certainty that our leaders in our party really agree with us and we knew the donald trump though we may not agree with him on everything knew he would certainly own the left because he knew they were bad because they weren't with him anyone who's not with the against him. He's attacking the conservative governor of georgia. Because he thinks the conservative governor. Georgia could have done things he couldn't do to stop the election in november from going to joe biden. There's a there's a profound certainty that the left is bad and no profound certainty and our ideas anymore and so no one wants to even have the talk about ideas. No one wants to have a talk about. What could we do to bring people to us. It's just let's we gotta fight. We gotta fight the constitution's bad. The constitution broken society is broken. We gotta fight gotta fight. You know you can't fight in the way you want to fight If the institutions are lying against you they will stop you and the way to get the back is to rediscover your profound certainty in the goodness of the american people as a society in all you have to do is look at the fact that in november yeah the left with biden and the right for the most part when trump but a great many people went with joe biden and then voted republican down ballot. Because they don't want the drama they don't want the fight they don't want the nastiness the they want. They want some hopeful vision of america and they didn't think they could get it with trump or with the democrats that tells me that the republicans have a winning message luring black hispanic voters over to their side and the light. There's a winning message there. If we will just reimburse the hope of good ideas the profound certainty of good ideas. We can even bypass the media. We see it happening on a daily basis. We've got to get back to that and get away from this idea that we have to fight because the system is corrupted against us. It's all come tumbling down no rediscover. You're hoping america. Hello there it is. You're here said here. The phone number is eight. Seven seven nine seven eric. Eight seven seven nine seven three seven four to five. Wow look at the clock. I went long that last segment. I need to tell you about omar's steaks. Y'all i'm excited for omaha steaks new package that they've just come out with if you go to omaha steaks dot com when the site load. 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These aren't just your average ground chuck burgers either. These are juicy delicious. Oma steak burgers goto ma stakes dot com put georgia in the search bar day. Hello there it. Is eric erickson here. The phone number is eight. Seven seven nine seven eric. Eight seven seven nine seven three seven four to five. I'll if you're just tuning in let let me let me reset a little bit There are a bunch of articles out right now. That are really focused on one other article. And it is an article at the claremont institute by glenn elmer's who basically says conservatives. It was no longer enough. We haven't really conserved anything and there's nothing useful. It's time for counter-revolution Learn some useful skills. Stay healthy get strong. Read some books and it's really a lack of hope. It's there's a. There's there is an element within conservatism. That came to the foreground with the flight. Ninety three election stuff also from claremont in two thousand sixteen and now a piece. by glyn elmer's that essentially conservatism has conserve nothing. And it's time to fight that we've got a hold on the dangers here. Let me just play this out. As as people on the other side see it and frankly This is a to some degree. I can see how they see. It is when you say. Conservatism has conserve nothing. And it's time to fight. you eventually. do get to where the left has been you. Were going even if you never meant to get there. Which is you get to. Someone grabs power. Never lets it go because if you believe that your capacity your ability kit can only be to hold power and never let it go order to shape and change things a peanut shave moment here in this country. I you don't really. you're you're not. Really even you've given up on conservatism. To and and essentially a lot of these people have given up on conservatism. Because they feel like. The leaders of the republican party gave up on conservatism. And i would say that one of the worst things to happen to. Conservatism was the election of george w bush and i don't mean that as a criticism of bush what happened when george w bush got elected is the conservative movement became a wholly owned subsidiary of the republican party. But you gotta go back a little bit further than that. Because really the worst thing to happen to. Conservatism was bill clinton. Bill clinton wiped out the democratic party and the democratic coalition that existed before bill clinton's defeats in ninety four win the entire south rapidly with republican and a lot of the midwest did too and the west did before that conservatives had to reach across the island. They had to find a common tongue with democrats who were conservative. The conservative democrats were so wiped out by bill clinton and his behavior conservatives no longer had to reach across the aisle conservatives could stay within the republican party and build coalitions and ideas within the republican party and then along comes george bush and a lot of the conservative movement then becomes the republican party. And you really start to see the media using conservative republican interchangeably as if it means the same thing you rarely ever see when used progressive democrat and mean the same thing but you very frequently even among conservatives will hear conservative republican and and they've always been different and but because people internalize that conservative republicans. Say well there are a lot of republican leaders. Who aren't very conservative. Look at isa hutchins. Hutchinson in arkansas. He vetoed a bill that would prohibit a transgender surgeries for children. The arkansas legislature over ruled him over overrode his veto and he was on fox useless. It had a very bizarre interview with tucker carlson. Hutchinson claims to be socially conservative and yet when a corporation steps it's finger he does their bidding and corporations have moved to the left culture itself moved to the left and so there are a lot of people who feel like they're that that things are slipping away from them. Which is why you have this. This fight or flight response now by some conservatives. They've abandoned all hope. And that is the bottom line here. That conservative leaders conservative intellectuals and a lot of the the grass roots element within the republican party. They have lost hope. And let's be blunt and honest. You're donald trump. Did not give people hope. He gave them an outlet by which they can have their vengeance on other side that they blamed for destroying the country. donald trump. what did they say he fights whether he fought or not he fights and people went with trump because of that. And frankly that's why there's this element of trump supporters. Now who like josh hawley. So much because always been very unapologetic about Challenging the election of he refuses to be bleed. it's why so many now Gravitate towards santa's forget the policy. He fights he fights and they want a fighter. They want someone to fight what they need. Is someone who offers hope. Not hope that we can own the left but hope for a better tomorrow and some of these people have have decided that owning the left gives us a better tomorrow. And that's not the case because it's not sustainable because there are a lot of people in the middle who you require to vote for you do. Their whole idea of hope for tomorrow is a better job. There hope for tomorrow is that their children get ahead and you got a lot of conservatives out there now and their messages we've conserved nothing. Even the constitution doesn't work. We got to prepare for a fight to these people. They don't wanna fight. They want to make ends meet. They want their kid to go to college. And you've got a winning issue right in front of you. The culture fight because so many of these conservative electrodes have internalized that conservatism has conserved nothing and culture is lost. Look at what happened the election. Forget your your theory that the election was sold just for moment please and this is going to be hard for some of you and i realize this but for a moment please just please for one moment. Pretend even if you don't agree with me pretend that the election wasn't stolen. Just pretend. how do you reconcile. How do you reconcile that. The republicans gained state legislatures held governors mansions and nearly took back the house representatives if the election was stolen. How do you reconcile that you reconcile it by looking at what happened if you assume it wasn't stolen which you understand and conceive from the data is that the american people they kind of got tired of donald trump but they didn't get tired of the policies. They got tired of waking up to see if he started world. War three on twitter. They didn't get tired of him. Fighting back against woke them they elected a bunch of republicans and took back several state legislatures. They were turned all the republican governors. They held state legislatures. They could have lost like here in georgia and donald trump lost by slim margins. Forty thousand votes nationwide. In the electoral college. Forget the millions of votes. That joe biden got from Places like california new york. Look at the forty thousand votes that gave him. The electoral college win got slightly less votes than donald. Trump got four years ago the electoral college. If you reconcile all this together what you see is that. There's an america that is still. Conserving cultural conservatism. There's america that still believes in hard work. There's an america that still believes in going to church. There's an america that still believes that boys becoming girls is kind of nuts and they're ripe for the taking because the left is trying to cancel them as well. The left is bullying them as well which you have to do to get those people though is not be like donald trump takes his policies but not be the on the left. Throw the punch. You've got offer hope now. What is that hope. That hope is a profound certainty that your ideas are better than their ideas and what we have right now is a profound certainty of doubt on the republican side a profound certainty that the country has lost. The you can't really hi. I'm joe blow. Vote for me for president because we've conserve nothing. And there's nothing left in this country worth saving and we need to burn all down and start over again. Guess how many votes that guy's gonna get. There's there's joy in the sunrise and republicans are painting a sunset picture. There's joy in the sunrise and republicans are painting a picture of decline. And they're not just painting a picture of decline. They're painting a picture of not only are we declining. But the way that we have to get back as we got a fight and it may become a physical fight the country's tearing itself apart there are two americas and one of them. They're not really american. You know what the other side is saying to you. That will you know those guys. They're not really american anymore. They don't believe in the constitution. Even we believe in the constitution. Now you can argue with them you can say they really don't but but that's their message thursday in the same damn thing you're saying except they're offering people a picture of a greater tomorrow able more tolerant more diverse more open society whether you believe it or not. I have a profound certainty in the american people. And i have proof. They rejected the defunding police. People in two thousand twenty. When everyone said they wouldn't. They rejected the democrats nationwide the only democrat. They really backed was joe biden. Who promised just to return to normalcy. Guess what he lied to him and now they know what they see it she features just offer. Some hope offer offers optimism offer. Some are our best days are ahead of us rhetoric and get beyond your cold war vision of america beyond your nine thousand nine hundred eighty s. Be reagan playbook and address the issues of the here and now this whole idea of now. We're the we're the working class. Where the where he not. You're not really you're not really. The party of the working lasted in fact. A lot of the working class did vote democrat If you actually look at the actual date of who actually voted there was some working class. Vote for republicans but by large voted for the rub against the middle class black white asian hispanic the middle class. It's the rich white people and the the die hard union people who stayed with the democrats. Now what are the democrats want to do. They wanna pose unionism on everyone. They want to raise your taxes. They wanna get you out of your car. They want to keep your schools. Close down The democrats have embraced a pessimistic governing vision that they're packing with ideas about hope for tolerance diversity. Where they really mean is is orwellian. Cancel culture that this is why the right should fight on these cultural moments but they can do so with the hope the american people and right now. They're not they're just i mean they're pinning these essays at claremont We gotta fight it. It's overdone with. We're we're done. Even the constitution doesn't work. We gotta fight. Oh no offer hope. And what are the things you do to offer hope. Is you laugh at the other side laugh at them. they're gonna scowl. They've got the media on their side. But you still do enron about them. You can still do in around them. You don't need the the mainstream media anymore and republicans still i. Well we lost the media al qaeda ever win again because you don't need them. You got the american people on your side. How do i know because they overwhelmingly voted for you in november even if they rejected donald trump. If you get out of the idea that it was stolen from him you start to see these things and you realize the american people are not with the local haram crowd. They're not with the defend. The police crown. They're not with the angry left. They're not with the academics and they're not with the media there with you so just offer him something hopeful not we gotta stand and fight because the country's going to hell in a handbasket the world's on fire and everybody sold us out. Yeah i want to be on that guy side. No offer a hopeful vision for a better tomorrow where your kid can get ahead and one of the ways you can do that. Frankly is you can take on the elite in this country. The amazons of like you can take them on because people are turning on them. They're realizing that they've taken the vision of the american dream and they've walled off from a whole class of people in this country who are entrepreneurial and ambitious. And they're told him no. You've got to stay on the social safety net. We're gonna keep you comfortable but don't you dare get off of it. There's a vision. For better tomorrow in conservatism if conservatives will just go back to it or find a new way to talk about it instead of just being angry about everything right now anger is not going to get you back into power and believing and professing that. The constitution is broken. It's not going to get you there. In fact it's going to give a lot of people reason to say you're not really a patriot. You believe that. And they're not going to vote for you governor. Brian kemp of georgia has become the latest to reject the idea of a vaccine passport. Rhonda santa's greg abbott. I believe doug ducey in arizona now. Brian kemp forest. Nope it is an invasion of privacy to require a vaccine passport. You have a right to travel in this country and Vaccine passport violates that right to travel Good on them. I got to spend a little time on. ac hutchinson but but to get there While i gotta this tucker carlson interview with. I can't play you all of the interview. I had to go back and watch it because my mom was texted me last night. wondering what on earth has gotten into the governor of arkansas. Now the governor of arkansas. You do need to understand. has always been beholden to walmart. Walmart is the chief employer in the state of arkansas and when arkansas arkansas is one of those few states it's kind of funny. They're more blue states with religious restoration acts than red states. They never thought they needed now. In arkansas considered one a few years ago walmart stepped in and said nope p- and the result is that Governor hutchinson made sure it couldn't pass. Let me just play you. Part of this is just tucker carlson. The one that we allow eighteen year olds to drink beer in arkansas. Why don't we let him to get tattoos when we left. Fifteen year olds to get married. You're allowing vetoed a bill. That would have protected. Children not adults children. Doom a different standard applies from a life altering permanent procedure. That has effects. We can only guess. The early indication is very serious and very negative in some cases. And now you're telling you do that because you're a friend of limited government okay then. Why are we preventing kids from drinking sincere question. Getting married sincere question having sex. They're not enough to have sex but they're old enough to be chemically castrated. How does that work exactly. I'll listen as point. I'll listen to the. I mean the. The governor of arkansas was a he. He did a very badge. He did himself no favors by going on with tucker carlson he should probably fire whoever thought. It was a good idea for him to go on television with tucker carlson and it was also a very dumb thing for him to do now. The arkansas legislature has overridden his legislation Senator clark tucker democrat a little rock city was concerned about the most powerful people believe the most vulnerable senator. Ted rice republican of waldron. Arkansas move for media consideration of emotion to override to protect children. The arkansas legislature in a vote of twenty five to eight in the senate and seventy two to twenty five in. The house voted to override governor. Asa hutchinson's veto of a bill to ban gender affirming treatment for transgender. You now let's let's let's deal with the new speak for a moment. Have you noticed the orwellian newspeak when it comes to transgender philosophy these days if you want to send your kid to therapy to get them to embrace the way god made them. It's called conversion therapy and it's bad but if you want your child to change their gender it's called gender affirming shouldn't be the other way round conversion surgery gender affirming therapy not not with the wilkes. It's the exact opposite in arkansas now. The the legislature has overruled the governor and imposed a ban on trans gender. A gender dysphoric a surgery and they've done so to protect kids because there's a growing movement of insane parents who wanna start giving their kids puberty and other things before their of of the age of legal consent to keep them in some way. Oftentimes because the parents impose their own biases and prejudices on the kids. It's the whole thing is very bizarre. We are in a very weird cultural moment. In the fact that acer hutchinson would side with the locks on this Tells you his career is kinda done. Now he's he can't run again for all office Sarah sanders running for white house. Press secretary Daughter former governor. Mike huckabee of arkansas. The whole thing is bizarre. The interview with carlson was genuinely bizarre. So which. I had to go back and watch it on. My mom was texted me about it. Hutchinson i don't know who's advising him But he's he's way out of this league on this. Hello and welcome it. Is eric erickson. Here i am so glad to have. Yeah i guess. It's not a place for me to say this for those of you listening in athens starting what next week. You're going to get all three hours of the program They're going to be moving me noon to three in athens The as as they move beyond rush limbaugh show Just let me live. Can i just spend a moment here. with you guys because i still find the thing very weird and surreal changes coming to radio. Obviously and i'm i'm trying to figure out my future in radio. And it gets frustrating their speed bumps along the way about where you go and how you do it in and who do you partner with and i know there will be a station here or there that if if i were somehow able to pull the show off as a noon to three show which i'm already doing local show in atlanta and my hope is somehow to be able to figure out how to make this all work together I got corporate masters involved there who they gotta figure out their futures. Well but i know. If i did there would be some stations that i would not be able to take because some of those stations have corporate owners and they have their own people. They're put it in noon to three then. There are a lot of other stations out there already. Like half of my affiliates are already airing this program in delay to three even though it's technically Live nine to noon Next week we're going to be picking up a station in tyler texas And they're going to be running at noon to three and is so we're we're starting to grow the show now. That next week is kind of a trial. Run to see if jihad is he. I'm practiced g hall with their with their listeners. In texas we'll we'll talk about the glories of brisket next week but the future is uncertain. But if you weren't here. The last hour i spent way more than i intended to on. How i i think conservatives have lost some hope in that hope is a profound certainty that their ideas are really good at work. And you hear all the time. People who used to be diehard activists within the conservative moving and say we've conserved nothing. We've conserved nothing we we've actually conserved so much we have expanded the second amendment In the face of a unified opposition. On the left in the media. You know what. Let me let me. Let me. just talk about this. For a moment i hear conservatives lament people who no longer define themselves as german. They consider themselves part of the right A lot of them are the post christian right. They've moved beyond the blending of their their christian values with conservatism. And they say that we've conservative. The conservative conserve nothing. What did you. we need to move on from services. What exactly they want to move on to some sort of America yeehaw nationalist populous thing. That still has a lot of the traits of conservatism. But they no longer want to call it conservatism. It reminds me of the left No one to talk about them. As liberals anymore they had to go back to call them and sosa's progressives their rapidly moving back to having to call themselves liberals again. 'cause everybody hates the progressives but you got this this strain. It's almost all white men. By the way who say that we've conc- conservatism has conserved nothing actually We've expanded the second amendment conservatives. Have we've expanded the second amendment. We have protected and expanded the allowance of home schooling in the country We have expanded people support for the right to life in this country. Overwhelmingly now the majority of men and women of this country favor restrictions that abortion even that they have not yet favored abandoned abortion. We have continued in this country to Embrace states rights thanks to conservatism in fact During the trump years it was the left taking the go it alone at the state level approach embracing key elements of federalism that conservatives have long advocated for we have continued as conservatives to embrace a robust national American military even. If we don't always agree with the ways it goes we certainly have a but conservatism does not actually mean no change. Conservatism means slow. Change considerate change Consideration of the democracy of the dead of the way we do things are done because those who came before us through trial and error on. This is the best way and we may at some point decided not to now. That doesn't mean that conservatives have won every fight but the whole idea that the country now broken that it's all hopeless and we're going to need to stand and fight and rethink things and come up with new ideas or or not necessarily new ideas but new philosophies and embrace some sort of a nationalist populous blending You know the the left wing critique. Oh this is that it leads to a level of fascism it leads to a level of getting power never giving up and you hear that from some of these people. It kind of scares me that people on my own side shirts. Well we're never gonna we're never gonna leave wolves we power get. We can't because the other side's gonna take it and we say that they're so bad we're going to behave exactly like we think they're going to because we don't want them to get the power. The it is a level of hopelessness in the belief in your own ideas. Part of that comes from people like ace hutchinson. The governor of arkansas clearly doesn't believe the ideas he espouses and yet it's the conservatives who who have graphs the discernment to be able santa fight but the arkansas legislature stood up to him We're also in this era of identity politics and politics personality where we get rid of the guys who have the ideas and go for The people who scratching each for us we want to punch back. So let's go with the fighter We would go with the brash personality. the the critique from so many people on the right now is that while those who didn't support donald trump ultimately. They didn't like his personality. Look what they did to his them. It's all their fault and you don't actually understand and admit that they had any validity to their critique because you yourself rejected it you overcame it. Why can't these wince overcome it and yet when you look nationally the republicans are doing pretty well. Conservatives are doing pretty well maybe not in the media maybe not in the institutions but with the american people. The american people rejected outright the whole defunding police movement people. The american people outright continued to reject the wilkes. It's why by the way the left is so censorious when it comes to transgenderism because your average american citizen realizes it literally is bat poop crazy that boy can somehow become a girl and the american people understand this which is why the left have to shut everyone up why they have to use big business and there's no hope on the right right now. There's no optimism of the right. There should be a lot of optimism because the american people are still with us on a lot of these days. Have faith in the american people that actually gets me into amazon. That's right com. I'm i'm extrapolating. The culture war and moving over amazon dot com amazon has decided through. Jeff bezos to come out in support of a higher corporate tax rate. And also. They've come out. In support of a higher minimum wage. Amazon dot com is fully bought into the idea of fifteen dollars an hour or higher. Saying they already pay their employees their employees mind you. They've got a p and bottles but they pay them fifteen dollars an hour. They're perfectly happy to raise the corporate tax rate. What is going on here. This is i think an angle where conservatives have the opportunity to make a play for the american public with an optimistic hopeful message we now have this country big businesses that are almost universally aligned with the wilkes fortune five hundred companies. They share the values of the wchs and they aligned with the democratic party. And they're doing it out of self interest. Amazon dot com wants a fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage and wants higher corporate taxes because amazon knows it can afford it. And the little guy. Amazon's not doing this out of altruism. It's not doing this out of some level of patriotism amazon. Is doing this. Because amazon understands that it can ruin its competitors if these policies go into place amazon can weather a twenty five or twenty eight percent tax increase or to that tax rate. They can weather the fifteen or twenty dollars. An hour minimum wage with me and pop shops on main street. Can't walmart you will recall. Came out in favor of of obamacare in large part because walmart knew it could offset the burden of its healthcare to the government and then mom and pop shops. Couldn't compete what we're seeing in this. Country increasingly are big. Businesses aligning with the left for competitive interests. And what's brilliant here. Is that the republican party for so long has been seen as the party of big business and the chamber of commerce and in fact the chamber of commerce is much more at home now with the socialist than they are the free marketeers because if you allow a full in faire free market with a level playing field amazon can't compete as well and there's always the chance that the little guy will eat their lunch now. Part of the problem here within the gift of the conservative movement is the money that's being thrown around so here. Here's part of the problem. Take the supreme court decision. This past week. oracle versus amazon oracle versus google. It wound up being in the supreme court. Google versus oracle a lot of the conservative movement was getting money from oracle under the table to tobacco oracle and make all sorts of impassioned arguments about google other conservatives. Were not getting money. From oracle but also despise google and one one or hurt google and they knew if oracle won this case it would hurt google babbly. The case was over an api which is an application programming interface. And how google took eleven thousand lines of oracle's code and and used it and oracle said that was a copyright violation. Google said it was fair. use. We'll be eleven thousand lines of a two million line code. I played in my last hour a clip from tucker carlson from fox news. It was a thirty six point. Six second clip. I could play that. Because there's a doctrine of fair use under copyright law. Google take eleven thousand lines out of two point. Four million lines of code. Because there's fair use google. The point from the supreme court was that google was actually taking the code and duplicating. What oracle already did with the code. They were taking the code and they were doing something new and different. Bigger than what oracle ever did they made the android operating system. They weren't taking the underlying essence of the code. They were taking a essentially the code. That shows how to display something and then they were displaying different things with that code. Now the issue may be complex for you. It's a technical issue but you need to understand a couple of things. There are a number of conservative organizations taking money. From oracle to attack google there are other conservative individuals and organizations that were attacking google. Because they see for the minutes that google is. Google is a menace google. It believes its employees. Believe that its algorithm can be shaped to exclude people and and be non diverse. Those same people want to exclude conservatives. You can see where this goes as those people who believe the algorithm could be used to exclude use it to exclude conservative voices from web searches. There's a real danger administered. Google a progressive woke organization. I know a guy who worked at google who got fired from google because he became an open professing christian was talking about his faith at the office. That's the sort of company google is. Google is a dangerous company but to side with oracle over google. Would you be to side with a company. And a decision of the supreme court that would have lock in predatory monopolies that would prevent someone from ever being able to outcompete google literally if the supreme court had gone with oracle. It would've her google every other person on the planet who writes software because everyone who writes software take snippets of useful code from those who came before and uses that coach. Develop something new. You would be locking. People into proprietary standards could be break into but the conservatives never thought about it they just wanted to attack google. there are ways to attack google. There are ways to attack amazon and conservatives. I think need to overcome their reluctance to attack. Big companies and understand that we're big companies are in this country right now led by groups like amazon is they have gotten big and now they want to tilt the plainfield in their favor so the creative destruction of the free market can never take place if you believe in the creative destruction of the marketplace you should applaud the supreme court's decision to go overseas oracle. If you believe the creative destruction of the marketplace you should really oppose government protection schemes That raise the minimum wage that raised the costs of labor that raised the cost of doing business that raised the regulatory concerns. You should be wanting to destroy a lot of the patent system in this country that is now being used by major corporations to prevent innovation. There are ways for the conservative movement to move forward in ways that are hopeful and optimistic for the little guy for david to be able to slay goliath. What are the biggest problems in the conservative movement. Right now is that there's so much money. Flowing under the table from corporate interests to steer corporations steer conservative incas people derisively call it in certain directions. And you gotta have more honest brokers within the conservative movement but more than that got to be willing to stand up to the left and understand. The media's gonna hate you. They're going to savage you. Twitter is gonna come for you Social media companies are going to block you but the american people are with you. Stop living in fear. So much of the conservative movement lives in fear right now. Fear not you don't have to be a brain biblical donkey. You can be a nice guy but you can still stand up for your values and that's frankly with the conservative movement. Each right now we need people who stand up for principles and ideas and not just going to throw punches at the left you can throw punches all day. but ultimately the american people are going to cast a vote. You need them to vote for you. And they're not gonna throw they're not gonna vote for the people throwing punches. They rejected donald trump for it and they rejected the woke when he defined. The police were riding in the streets. Maybe we should actually realize that pattern instead of continuing to believe fantasies about the election. Hello and welcome it is. You're hearing here the phone number if you'd like to be a positive program. Eight seven seven nine seven eric. Eight seven seven nine seven three seven four to five. Let's go to the phones. You're going to be up i welcome. Hi eric can. I was pretty happy to hear what you were saying. Last second not anyone earlier about fun. Because i'm thinking of the four us club and i think i think you're a member if you're not even if you don't even know which is faith family freedom and fought the right to pursue happiness. He's got a you know in the re- exercise thereof break so so Act so i'm thinking that every political gathering it would be in my mind i was. I'm sharing an opening prayer some allegation or demonstration of family Maybe have a little then. You have a little thing about something about freedom. Some things the horrible things that you were saying about the first and second amendment and that is a parody songs for fun you know we've got Bernie sanders theme which is Well you know. I've been to moscow. That's like kind. Of like the kremlin. Those are insane there. But you'd have to ask the clintons. That's when the old three dog night song. I've i've never been to spain a bunch of those so we can have lots of fun with at any political events and i think that's that's i'm glad you said that because one of the things that i really do think is happening. Here is the conservative movement has lost it since if humor and we used to. I mean you know. I if i had the budget to do it and i don't i hope to get there I would i would get in. Who for years did the parody songs rush limbaugh and start doing them here The the environmental songs. Can you imagine the fun. You can have With with the songs on on The the the woke nonsense out there. I mean they're truly. There are some creative moments and the left. It would drive the left insane and we should. We should be laughing at them. Y'all i mean we're we're literally we've got a group of people out there who cannot. You cannot have a sense of humor with these people because you could joke about something last week and this week it will get you fired. The the twelve days of christmas. I mean the first day of christmas my true brought me a partridge in a pear tree. By the time you get to the the pipers piping the partridge has been canceled and you're gonna get cancelled if you say it. I mean these people. The is the the logic of an insane asylum and we should be willing to laugh at it. You've got a boy. Oh suddenly you become a girl next week. You want to become a they. I mean they wanna put caitlyn jenner up now to run for governor of california if they don't support caitlyn jenner or are they transgender transphobia. Are they bigots. I mean this is this. Is their logic. Hold them to their logic and laugh at it it. We who people are angry about everything these days. There's really a lot to laugh about right now. There's a whole lot laugh about and we should and people just don't want to. They want to yell and say oh the country we haven't conserved anything. Haven't even conserve the constitution. We got southern. We gotta fight fight fight fight. People wanna fight. They just wanna go to work. They want to raise their kids in peace and and they're perfectly happy to join you in laughing at the idiots on the other side if the laugh at them instead of screaming all the time. Hello there in his era. You're excited i so i got. I got a mention something. They're not an advertiser. They're they're not a sponsor. I'm i'm endorsing them but i'm not getting paid for it because just because i love him. I got a listener yesterday. Texted me and said Thanks for the wreck tech lead. I bought a five ninety five ninety wreck for those who don't know there are a bunch of pellet grills on the market. There's the there's the the pit boss there couple of other. I tried several now My buddy brandt push me on the record. He he got a wreck tech and he pushed me. I had never heard of richter's they're actually. They're made here in georgia. They're they're made in augusta georgia and show pit boss is a cheap pellet grill you can get at a big box at lowe's and home depot Don't go to home depot right now. We're mad at lowe's You can get about walmart. I think you can get a trigger pretty much anywhere as well and triggers kind of the brand. The problem is that in the last several years the been manufacturing in china and they're build quality has been great and i used a trigger and one of the things i noticed is it. Does it get as hot or stay consistently hot as a wreck wreck also. The parts are pressed in china. But they're manufactured here they're put together here and the entire computer system is domestic So it's not from china and it's got a better warranty and holds up better It's a it's a good pellet grill and they're also so the the thing about record in addition to being In augusta georgia that they've got a cult following but one of the coolest things is when you get erotic. I am not kidding win. You get a wreck tech You get the ceo's business card with his personal cell phone and i have texted him in the middle of the night with a question and he responded. And it's not just me. Everybody who buys erecting gets the ceo's cell phone number. And i just i love. I love my wreck. I genuinely. I've got a big green egg. I'm gonna give my big green egg to a friend of mine. I gotta clean it up for him. Just because of this point. I just want something where i can flip the switch and start it Without having to wait an hour for to come up to temperature after dumping colon and getting on me and stuff so the the pellet grill is just easy now full disclosure. the rak gets nice gets over. Five hundred degrees holds it a trigger. But i don't use my wreck tick for grilling i have a professional grill And it's a it's actually a professional quality grill. That i i spent way too much money on it but it will last me the rest of my life and i love it. It's a cold. A dcfs by fisher. Paykel they're a new zealand company. And oh my goodness the sucker gets up to fifteen hundred degrees and it's just. It's br doesn't have a seer burner because every burners birds awesome. I love it. So i use it for all my grilling is got a fifty pound rotisserie. It's got to be on the side for. I can do fish fries with. I'm thinking of getting a standalone deep. Fryer one of those. Those gator was from louisi- any event. I just i was so the only reason i'm thinking about this. Is someone just. Sit me Comment on instagram. Where can i get your rib recipe for your pellet grill. That reminds me of how awesome. I love my my wreck but also These comments if you want my recipes. I will send them out you. What you can do is text the word recipe to three three seven seven seven i will you will get a link back you have to. This is imported. You've gotta click the link and put in your email address. You gotta do that if you want on the list and i will send you a recipe and you could also if you go to e w erickson dot com. You can find all my recipes. 'cause i like to cook because it's something more than just politics and i can't you'll i'm i'm can we just admit we're tired of it. We're we're all tired of politics. These days gotta find something else. I i got a bourbon beer and barbecue that seems to be my passions these days and go into cross fit because i'm fat but anyway let's go to the phones shall we. Jim indicator you're going to be next. Welcome thanks eric. It's this is a great topic. I never understood how conservatives just are always in a sn it at the slightest deviation. We've forgotten have to go back to ronald reagan in nineteen eighty. He began a string of of vic. Intermittent victories before reagan. People laughed at the idea of tax cuts. That really was considered a joke. Now it's a very vibrant part of our political dna in cultural dna. That is a huge her around. That is a great victory to get this many americans to understand that can be good. We've had some notable military victories. Some of them without having to go to major warts either any kind of even go to war You could just go on and on but let us have a little slippage we hold off hillary care we stunted obamacare and have come up with a perfect a a pretty workable. But you know you don't win you don't win every battle you don't get everything right and you know we. We actually should have been we. Should we were supposed to have lost all kinds of seats in the house and possibly in the senate we did goof up the senate last a bunch of them. Almost thirty turnaround from what we were expecting. So just throwing phipps you. We are and it frustrates me this this this level of it. It's what i call it. Increasingly is the post christian right That we've got to behave just like the other side we can. We can help greece We just nasty is them. We're convinced that they want to hold onto power. Never let it go. So we're going to hold onto power and never let it go in. My view is is. You know like Oh god is as my ways your ways. I think that we as people on the right. The say your ways. We need to offer a an optimistic vision of the future and right now we're just all the constitutions broken everything screwed up We just we got it. We're gonna have to fight. Most americans don't actually want to fight At least with each other perfectly willing to in the country but they don't wanna fight with their next door neighbor. Next door neighbor bob the they. They don't like him because he's tech fan instead of uga but otherwise they get along just fine and yet. The level of anger is just out of proportion right now. Amen brother We've just we are not generally speaking. Those are some the the talk show world in the political world and all that forget that americans generally aren't political people aren't political animals. I used to think it was kinda bad then. I studied the civil war. That no you know. That's not such a good thing. This is one of the other things. Here is that I do see that a lot of conservatives have moved into a bubble as much as people on the left and they all of their friends talk politics just like people on the left do instead. They're convinced everyone else's political as them when the average american really isn't political They're they're worried about their work. They're worried about their home life. They're worried about their kids. And now you've got both sides. Franklin will if the right so you gotta care about it and they don't want to care about it they want to go watch a football game and not have politics in their face which is why are down. And that's a compelling message right therefore for further right right. Now jim listen. Thank you very much for that. And to that point you know if conservatives would make the message you shouldn't have to care about what happens in washington. You shouldn't have to have politics in your face. I think that's a message for the american people that i i don't have to care about the stuff right now but man on the right right now is so whipped into a frenzy about all of that stuff. And you know there's there's this thing here. I'm seeing the trend in the media where the media can't understand. Why are conservatives fixated on why why are conservatives. They're they're fighting over cancel culture. What about the infrastructure. Bill you know. The reality is with the media misses. And what the left. Mrs is that the culture stuff actually plays well for the gop. The culture war stuff plays well for republicans right now because look again at november. This is something that the left is busy. They're fixated over the january. Sixth stuff they're fixated over the trump people thinking that the that that the the racial stolen etc etc. That are what they're missing. Is something very simple. A lot of americans don't like the in your face my way or the highway pressure tactics of left a lot of americans don't feel privileged to be white or to have had come from a two parent household. They don't feel privileged to be a christian. They don't feel privileged to be heterosexual or or six gendered left with say they don't even know what the hell since it is or why they should care about it in the left does that you must care. You must dare. They don't want to care about that either. And i wrote a book. Several years ago called you will be to care on how the left essentially forces us to take aside and i think there are a lot of americans with. They're forced to care about these issues. They're going to care and ways the left doesn't like but they don't want to come to a conservative is all well. Screw this all his laws. We've conserved nothing even the constitution stocks. And that's the message. They're getting from so many of the most vocal people in these. We're going to have to embrace fascism because the left is going to embrace communism. And so we're going to have to embrace. I think that's where this is edited. I don't endorse the proposition. And i don't think that corporate america or the left really understands the democrats per se. The president of the united states like understand that win the leprechauns that culturally dominant that they can wipe you out over a ten year old tweet and you're nobody but they can ruin your life. People get pissed off and the right should be offering a compelling counter program to that and they're not they're like well. We're gonna cancel people. We don't like we're going to be just like the left except we're going to go after that. I don't think that works i. Just don't there's hope and optimism about their folks there is there is hope and optimism and the conservative movement. The right needs to sell that hoping that optimism that the conservative movement east to sell laughing at the left you okay. Let let me pull up. I want to pull up a song real quick to give you an idea of this. Let me reroute my speaker. Here of doing the spur of the moment. I was i. Was you know rush. Limbaugh was famous with paul shanklin parodies for so long rush would play these things and i just i. If i had the budget i would. I would do that. But i don't need a budget for this because i want to play the song. This song is from an artist called. No she no. She put out an album environmental songs about going green. And this is a song that this group actually wants teachers to play school. I don't need You go in a ugo rush. Limbaugh global warming purity. When i have this that i can play on the radio. Want gooding every som- word. What's hot for that. To actual song. That they won in schools is getting warmer. We're all gonna die kids. Eat your parents. Because they're carbon emitters. Were all gonna die. Don't have kids kill them if you do because we're all going to die the little mouth. Breeders i mean there was a story yesterday in the atlantic about the two things the two things that we could do to save the planet number one each year leftovers. Stop throwing food away number to stop eating. Cows tasty beef no-no eat pork. Shrimp eat other. They don't eat beef because cows pollute and so much of the planet must be used to grow the food to raise the cows to give people hamburgers thing. This is the left's message. We're going to ban hamburgers and that we will the right can't laugh at that What if the cow decides that the cow identifies as a donkey. Are you going to you re. If you identify as a girl why does it. The cow get to identify as a different species. And then you can. Do they become a protected class. You can't laugh at of course you should be aware of that stuff. I don't need a parody song about global warming. Because i got that and that is actually not intended to be a parody. That's intended to be a real song to scare your kids in school. As the teachers tried to doctrine. It's getting warmer kids. It's too hot to play outside. It's global warming because the adult screwed you sep not in that way because we're not in that state but then the last you know what i mean it's ridiculousness. We should be able to laugh at these people because these people literally there any. It's hello welcome. It is your erickson. Here let's talk about the gateway to hell showy the matt gaetz story. I've always gets in Multiple people told me. It's it's actually it's pronounced gates the gates way to hell i. I had someone call yesterday. Who said that we should have. Matt gaetz is back because matt gaetz is a conservative. And it's the rhinos were attacking matt gaetz. And they're out to destroy him because they know he's an active and passionate supporter in good messenger for president trump and and we all need to have matt gaetz his back. I i do want to say in the interest of fairness and so you know where i am coming from. I'm not matt gaetz fan. I actually don't think he's a good messenger for the president i think he's a self promoter and oftentimes A overshadowed the president's message with his own self promotion. I know enough. People who know matt gaetz to believe that. There's gotta be some truth to some of the salaciousness in the stories that he's not the nice guy he comes across on tv. This plays into one of my pet peeves about where we are as a culture right now. Where if you see someone on television who tells you the things you already believe. You decide that person's a good person when really there. They may not be a good person behind the scenes. I mean i remember when the stories about a certain tv personality came out and the number of people who are shocked that this guy could behave like that around people buying the scenes. Because i see him on tv every day and he seems like such a nice guy and i agree with everything says nope turns out he was a real a biblical donkey behind the scenes to a lot of people including a harassing a bunch of women in in doing terrible things but she didn't see that on tv. She decided you like it reminds me so. I've got a friend of mine who is a very famous person celebrity In movies on tv. We don't talk about our friendship in large part because The the woke would certainly come for him. And i am shocked. Well i'm not really shocked. But but he laments this all the time the number of people who treat him as if he is one of his famous characters who was icon iq. And that's not really him. it's not really him And it it. Just it reminds you people connect to a character on television I just listen. I don't say this to flatter myself. But i am the exact same person off air that i am on air eighty-one. Who worked with me could attest to that fact. I'm i'm just. I don't i don't have an. I'm not trying to play a character on radio or on tv. I'm i'm just me and so many people are trying to play character and you get attached to the character and and really the person's a jerk and i just met gets gates. I don't know if he's played a character up. But i i know plenty of people who knowing behind the scenes to say. He's just not he he's. He's not the good christian choirboy that that you may think he is on tv and a lot of the stuff rings true for them but the bottom line is this. Forget what i say. And forget what i think about matt gaetz. I'm not a fan. Forget anything. I say about him notice. Who's not saying anything about him. Weirs donald trump. Where's donald trump junior. Where's eric trump. Where's ivanka trump whereas kellyanne conway. Where's mike pence mark meadows. Stephen miller jason miller. Where where's the president's team with are the close advisers to donald trump notice. They're not defending him notice. They're not speaking up. I mean when when oftentimes president trump's supporters are embattled. He's one of the first people to rush it and defend them he and his supporters and and his core staff advisors and his kids they come to the rescue. They're they're not coming to the rescue for matt. Gaetz right now. They kept noticeably silent. That should tell you everything you need to know about the situation whether the press has the story exactly right or not that. The president's team has kept their mouths shut and won't defend him says a lot to me. Sometimes you know what what is it with sherlock holmes. It's the dog that didn't bark. That's the most telling thing the dog that didn't bark and the fact that the president's team they're not barking in defensive. Matt gaetz is something. I think all of us who are questioning. What the heck is going on should be paying attention to in this situation now. We got to switch gears. Would we come back. We gotta talk about the left's continued obsession with donald trump. There's more today. Hello and welcome it. Is eric erickson here. The eric your acceptance show coast to coast the phone number is eight. Seven seven nine seven eric. Eight seven seven nine seven three seven four to five glad to have you with me this hour we we must begin with the on going media obsession with donald trump. We had a situation at the end of the trump administration. We in donald trump was banned from social media outlets the media. Said good riddance. Good riddance. we don't ever want to cover this guy again. We don't want we don't want to utter his name. He will be voldemort whose name shall never be mentioned. He will must not be named and the ratings came out in the ratings sock spoiled. Cnn's lost about half their audience. Fox news's back to number one. Msnbc doesn't know what to do without donald trump. The new york times the washington post subscribers down readership is down What what do we do. What do we do well. They begin to drop donald trump's name and everything they possibly can every week now all of the media outlets who were they would never ever talk about. Donald trump again are dropping stories that put trump in the headlines. I mean take for example to see an end analysis. Which was the dumbest thing ever so. Cnn has this guy steven collison. And every morning stephen calls it has an analysis piece which is actually an opinion piece and his opinions Make chris eliza look like a phd. If you crystal is a collison. Is i mean. He's he's a british dude. Who writes about american politics and he was the obsessive seen in guy every morning during the trump administration would have just about the dumbest most unhinged piece about donald trump. You could read. And now he's back at it and every time he writes he's got to write about donald trump. He can't do anything else because only made his living. Here's the headline. Gop's trump obsession is giving biden and opening. that's right he says it's the republicans who are obsessed with donald trump. Donald trump has left the white house but the republican party just can't quit his studt politics as president. Joe biden sells a popular covid. Nineteen rescue plan highlights a quick any national vaccine efforts positions himself to benefit from an economic growth spurt after the pandemic and tackles economic inequity in american society. The gop seems to be acting out the temperament of the last president at times. The party seems trapped into a perpetual primary race shaping positions that seem best suited as fodder for the culture warriors of fox news. The party has spent the first months of the biden administration rewriting election laws to suppress minority votes. Denying the truth of trump's capital insurrection raging against vaccine passports trashing science with state openings. That threatened the cau- to cause unnecessary pandemic deaths. Senate minority leader mitch. Mcconnell unleashed a fierce attack on woke corporations that reacted to a discriminatory voting. Laws georgia mcconnell. At least in his rhetoric sounded a lot like the former president. Businesses must not use economic blackmail. Spread missed his information and push back. Ideas citizens rejected the ballot box. The kentucky republican said in fact georgia voters rejected at the ballot box causing the gop to change. The laws was a sector for trump and two republican senators and on and on it goes down to trump still ruling the gop by making a pilgrimage to mar-a-lago soon after trump left the white house house minority leader. Kevin mccarthy sent a signal. He believed keeping the make america. Great again fans on his side was a passport to power. This this guy is you might as well put this at some left. Well i guess it is. Cnn cnn dot com is one of the most left leaning news outlets even like the folks who ranked news outlets separate cnn dot com from cnn. Noting cnn.com is further to the left. The trash you see on the air regularly these days from some of the woke reporters the don lemon griquas the world. so you've got them obsessed with donald trump's clave all it's not us who's obsessed it's the republicans as we have to cover the republican obsession with donald trump. Did i did you hear me. Say trump it now. You got politico here. This is this is an actual front page story at the politico. This is the actual ed line. What a photo of trump's new office reveals about how he wants to be remembered and this is the actual subtitle and obsessive inch by inch political breakdown of the fifth presidents new digs at mar-a-lago picture of his office. And they've got things circle. I kid you not. I kid you not. This is the circling wooden box desk. Black sharpie newspaper chair iphone reading glasses coca cola plaque commemorating the border wall mug rack of challenge coins statue of trump air force. One pitcher mount rushmore picture. Lamp family photos. This is this is this is the politico the their obsession with donald trump. Who i i'm just i'm kinda. I'm kinda flabbergasted by this Let let's you know. Ah let me see if i get the the the political reporter to actually talk to us just a minute here. This this would be very important. I think if if we can get the the political reporter here who did the detailed breakdown of the president and his his office to to even go so far as to highlight circles on the desk to note that. There's a desk and a chair a lamp can't can we get him. Please know the other thing. Yeah what is that. Well start to explain. I was in loved ones really. What was her name. I don't remember that's not a good start but but keep going. She was brazilian chinese or something weird. I met her in the bathroom of a k. Mart and we made out for hours then. We parted ways. Never see each other again. I'm pretty sure that's not love. Damn it. I love carpet. I love desk brick. Are you just looking at things in the office and saying that you love them. Do you really love the lamp or you just saying it because you saw it. I love layup. I love lamp. Brick dow writing at the politico brick loves layup. brick loves desk brick loves wooden box brick loves newspaper brick loves chair brick loves mug brick loves family photos. Print club layup. He loves this. This is the actual politico story. Americans got a glimpse of donald trump's presidential office for the first time on monday when former white house aide. stephen miller tweeted out a picture of himself with trump. The photo comes out as trump tries to remain the king maker of the republican party and has been meeting politicians down. Mar-a-lago seeking his endorsement or hosting fundraisers at the resort. The office is above the ballroom at the exclusive palm beach club. According to someone who's been in it the image showing a smiling trump and miller with palm beach trees in the background outside rocketed around social media with amateur online sluice analyzing everything from the collection of popularity. The room to the bottle behind. Trump's phone politico decided to do its own deep dive into trump's office with the help of four former white house officials floor. Visuals here's our best reported effort out. Which does the forty fifth president chose to keep around in his new ford alive. And what it says about how he uses legacy we used to call this crap criminal criminology. Four former white house officials have been involved in analyzing a photo that shows his desk with highlights including a layup and a desk and a wooden box. The former lighthouse official said. The lamps are likely mar-a-lago lamps based on the core of the result. This is the hard hitting journalism of the post trump presidency. these people need donald trump. they need trump their rating suck without him. They've got to have him in now. They've hired brick to tell us that he loves lamp and desk and carpet. Got help the american press corps. I like layup and desk. Just these people. They're obsessed. They're obsessed all right to the phones. We go greg in marietta georgia. You're next welcome eric. I like better old. You've obviously seen that mean. Yup i like trains. You gotta look it up on the glass half full guy. But i got a lot of conservative friends and last week with major league baseball It feels like a tidal wave as washed over. Is this obvious the fortune one hundred or in bed with the biden administration and the media. What's the strategy for conservatives to make it the next twenty one months till to. Hopefully we take back. The house is listed. There are a couple of things that i think that conservatives and republicans have to do one of which is i think conservatives in the republicans have to get over their reluctance to attack the chamber of commerce because the chamber of commerce is culturally on the left and has been for a while. They've been opposed religious freedom laws. They're opposed to traditional values. And i think that conservatives need to start going after the fortune one hundred and they can do. So in a way that blends conservatism and populism beautifully. And it's a way that i think connects with black and hispanic voters. Not just white voters that these guys wanna make it so. David can never slay goliath These guys are perfectly happy with beetle cultural left and lying to the american people so long as they get benefits You can make a great case. That amazon and the big box stores are killing small businesses around the country But more than that you. I ju- the that we have the opportunity to bring back the happy warrior. Ism that i think has been lost to some degree on the right We can laugh at these people and their absurdities we can laugh at them in their scowling over. Frankly transgenderism is one of the big issues dead naming the way that elliott page always was according to time magazine There is some humor to be had in this. And i do think that the majority of the american public are with us on these things. Like for example The reason that the left is so fixated on a water and food at polls is because they cannot talk about the voter. Id element which was the most substantive change in georgia's voting laws. They can't talk about it because they oppose it a yet even a majority of black residents support it I do think there's something to be had here in the level of hypocrisy with major league baseball. I think that Marco rubio is probably right. It's time to come after major league. Baseball's antitrust exemptions under federal law. There are things the right to do. But more importantly we control a majority of states. We control majority state. Legislatures majority of governors mansions. We can redistrict Which we're going to do. But also at the state level i think you can see conservative policy be implemented for example georgia florida texas arizona. They valid come out now against Vaccine passports i think they can certainly do that They can certainly passed laws that prohibit private businesses from denying access to their stores From people who don't have a vaccine passport they can do stuff like that to push back on the fortune one hundred and the fortune one hundred frankly i think is right for piggyback on. I like business. The business of america is business but when business goes all in with the woke conservatives do have to push back frankly i think if conservatives want to have one major level of impact pick one business it better not be delta. 'cause i'm not giving up delta because it's the only airline we're flying out of atlanta Pick i don't know coca cola. Home depot disney something and just every conservative group in america working with every church in america that is inclined to to support them. Say just for the next month. Don't shop here don't shop here. And here's why This company whatever company is. They're beholding to china disney is a great example Disney's beholden to china. Disney love china disease making money off of china Let's pick a month in say we're not gonna do business. Plan your vacations around it. Don't go to disneyworld during this month. don't cancel your your disney plus subscription for the month Do all of this stuff in. Just turn it off for a month and show that conservatives have economic clout now. I don't know that the conservatives want to do something like that. I don't know that they wanna give these things up but what they can certainly do is they can start with after tax breaks. And you know i. Tax breaks are probably an easy way for conservatives to go first of all stop giving tax breaks to companies to lure them to your state away from another state second stop giving tax breaks to domestic corporations get rid of delta's fuel tax credit. Get rid of their fueled tax exemption. Get rid of all of the tax exemptions you give to companies like disney. Get rid of the antitrust exemption for baseball. Do all of these things and make these corporations understand that. If they're siding with the left they're going to be consequences that the left doesn't want them to have the stuff anyway and now we're going to give it up. I think there's a winning message there for the gop. Above all else though. I got to say this. There's a level of dread on the right right now and i just don't think it's healthy to be whipped into constant fear about the other side or to be yelling angry. And there's there's this interpretation on the right that the anger that donald trump harnessed was a winning thing but actually i would argue that donald trump won in two thousand sixteen because he was running against hillary clinton and people hated her moore and the republicans at the federal level have not done well With that level of anger Whatever happened to the happy warriors. It just seems to me that We got a lot of people out there who should be and can be happy warriors and right now they're not being happy warriors right now. They're not out there laughing about the wchs there. So much about woke haram. Def- about i mean. These are people who really think that. If if you're dude and you up today my name is now. Mary and i'm going to go play softball instead of baseball. That that's normal i i just. I think there's something to laugh at. I think there's something to laugh at about the walks and their language revisions There's something to laugh at it in intersection. -ality the idea that Neil armstrong's views on landed on the moon are are less valid than the non neil armstrong who passionately believes that it is. It's true not his or hers but it's true or i'm sorry they truth there truth that we didn't land on the moon that we got. We got to prioritize this person there. There's a lot to laugh out there with these people. And i think we need to There's no reason to be in. Perpetually spun up an anger because there are a lot of americans that again i. I've talked about this this entire day. Maybe this is the theme of the program. Today there are a lot of people who just don't care about the stuff they just they just wanna work they they just wanna go work. They want to have their family. They want to get a little league and you'll laugh at them. You laugh at the woke with them. You turned the walks into the butt of jokes then. I think they're with us. I mean they wanna happy warrior and the conservative movement. Right now doesn't have a lot of happy warriors. We got a lot of ambitious politicians. Who wanna play act and we get the sense. They don't really mean it. Say what you will about donald trump. But you knew he believed what he said whether you liked him or not only that he a lot of people gravitated to just because he was authentic we need that level of authenticity not the back stabbing ambitious politicians. Hello and welcome it. Is your erickson here. Delighted delighted to have you with the phone. Number should be on this year. Program is eight. Seven seven nine seven eric. Eight seven seven nine seven three seven four to five. I have been telling you. Is this week about eden pure there arduous advertiser and i can definitively tell ya yes You need and pure what is it. It is an air purifier. Odors are big thing when when you're cooking in fact we had a so. We've got the eaten thunderstorm. I had to buy one because my kid they sent one to review in my son stole it l. Should see he grabbed. It won't give it back. You put it in his room and he definitely is not waking up in the morning with clogged up. 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When i went to visit my parents and had a rental car someone had smoked in the that stunk. Die heaven the pure would take care of that. Takes care of the fishy odors in the kitchen and my kids sleeps through the night now without waking up tonight coffin with a smoggy knows From his allergies eden pure really works. It's great product eden pure deals dot com for. Where i i. I don't know where you are. Where i am has allergy season. I see blue sky and yellow outside from all the pollen and the purest perfect for that. If you got allergies you got stinky house. Eden pure deals dot com. Remember use the word. Eric e. r. i c. k. At checkout you'll get ten dollars off their lowest price all right. I got to spend some time on the stories kind of funny. A buddy of mine texted me this and said this is something you should talk about on air. I had it in my stack of stuff to talk about. I got a push alert yesterday about this law. And i was intrigued. The today show actually has a story on this. Biological fathers in utah are now legally required to help pay for half the medical costs associated with pregnancy and delivery. The bill signed by spencer cox. Republican governor only applies to those whose paternity is verified while speaking with the salt lake. Tribune state senator. Dan mckay or republican described the bill as an effort to try and bring some equity to the funding of pregnancies. But the new bill might not be just about helping moms republican. Senator or republican state representative brady brammer hopes to see the abortion rate. Drop in utah as a result of prenatal childcare naturally planned parenthood. Go straight to. Hey guys it's cheaper to kill the kid rip it limb from limb and we can sell the body parts will. They didn't quite say that way. But you know what they mean. Listen to this. This is from the today. Show this paragraph. This is amazing. The associated press reported the average cost of raising. A child is two hundred thirty three thousand six hundred ten dollars. The figure does not include the cost of college but the cost of an abortion is only one thousand dollars in the woman. does your according to planned parenthood. I mean you could tell the goals writing the story. Yes it's a way that were dice. Killing the kid is cheaper than letting the kid live while we appreciate this. Bill highlights. how expensive is to be pregnant. And that many women struggled to cover the cost of their healthcare. We feel there are better ways to support pregnant people and families karrie galloway president and ceo of child killers inc reviewed. I'm sorry planned. Parenthood of utah told today parents in a statement expanded medicaid better health insurance coverage equitable access to reproductive healthcare code word for killing kelly kelly and paid family leave or just a few. As policymakers. do much more. People who become pregnant should be able to determine for themselves what is best for them without legislative interference compromising their privacy or bureaucratic hurdles. Oh and of course the ywca chimed in it provides services to domestic violence survivors. It has concerns. Domestic abuse can get worse during pregnancy and seeking. These costs could further increase. Stressors about financially supportive able. You don't have to do it but is it not good that we now. Here's the thing. let's just look at a child. Killers incorporated also known as planned parenthood. They don't believe that A a man should have any ability to interfere in whether or not a woman butchers. The baby and. I'm not hiding behind the abortion euphemism. We all know what it is. You rip the head off a child crack open at skull suck on its brains and tear it limb from limb if they're developed and otherwise you scrape it out of the womb. Let let's not pretend that it's standard medical procedure. You're literally ripping a human being limb from limb and planned. Parenthood child killers. Inc does not believe that the should have any say so whatsoever in whether or not the woman should be able to kill the child but if the woman decides not to the man better pony up he's going to jail. Frankly i think that should be a law as well that if the man i cannot Nell course the pro-lifers. I understand where we would head with this. But if the mand can have no say so on whether or not to kill the kid why should the man have any say so on whether to pay the kid pay for the kid. I mean i. It's fair is fair there's a there's a paternal issue there. I don't actually let me be clear. Here don't advocate that because you would have a bunch of saying hey Kill the kill the kid. I don't wanna pay for it and we should be supporting culture life. What's so funny here. Though is the reaction from the death cult utah passes a piece of legislation that says that the biological father has to cover half the cost and death incorporated. Its response is well. Yeah but it's cheaper to just murder the child. Let's just it's only a thousand dollars to rip up the kid and let us sell the parts on the black market by market. They sold on the i. Guess the gray market death. Inc is perfectly happy to cover the cheap cost of killing butchering the child. Because you know it's really expensive to raise one of those suckers hand. They emit carbon dioxide. They're bad for the planet you could be saving. Can you imagine the death inc planned. Parenthood statement They could come out run an ad campaign. What a healthy environment murder your child. That's basically the response to this piece of legislation by the way this shows when it comes to raising kids in covering the cost of goods. You're never going to find compromise with the people who want a butcher children. You're never actually going to find compromise with the people who hide behind the euphemism of abortion to talk about ripping child limb from limb cracking open at skull vacuum cleaning out it's brain and then selling it For for parts you not because they want to make the economic argument that it is cheaper to murder child legally then it is to raise the child so maybe moms instead of getting dad to cover half the cost. Just come on in spread. Your legs will kill it for you. I think that the utah legislature should be praised for dealing with a difficult issue and requiring that it takes to to have a child and they both have obligations to that child. We live in a society. These days that devalues children. I mean hell you got half the left things. If if you're three year old puts on a boy's clothes and in in your three year olds actually girl. Well then. let's start. Start them on puberty blockers tomorrow so that they can grow up as a boy because clearly the kids transgender. A little billie picked up the purba doll away issues in the legs of the show. You know my wife had a barbie. When she was little she used the barbie until its legs. Fell off as a shovel outside. Play with the boys in this day and age thank goodness. She had normal same parents if she had some hippy. Dippy loopy leftist parent. They've all she's using the barbie as a shovel. She must actually be a boy. We should be able to laugh about the of the stuff instead of just getting it. I mean the fact that planned parenthood reaction to a bill that requires that biological father's actually cover half the cost of a child. Their reaction is kill it instead. It's cheaper the world we live in the woke are nuts. We should point it out. I really y'all. I did not wake up this morning or go to bed last night. The i'm gonna have theme day on the radio where every story is going to be woven together into a theme about the happy warriors or the right versus the wilkes but my goodness it sure does work out that way today. I mean every single one of these stories you got angry leftist and you've got the people on the right like oh my gosh we're all gonna die. The world's gonna do it in the. There's we've conserved nothing. I how can you look at the people laugh. How can you not look at these. People are realized. They're kind of nuts. I mean how can you not look at alexandria. Ocasio cortez and realize this woman. She's kind of crazy and for all the people the right. You're just obsessed with her. No yo actually look up to this woman and follow her on instagram and perret everything she says. My goodness she called these things at the border concentration camps and you had a guy who died tried to firebomb and ice facility because she said so we're not obsessed with their we're pointing now she's nuts and now deep thoughts andrea cossio. Cortez they want to say what about the surge. Well first of all just got check. Stop anyone who is using the term surge around you consciously is trying to invoke a militaristic frame and that's a problem because this is not a surge these children they are not insurgents we are not being invaded which by the way is white. Supremacist idea philosophy. The idea that another is coming in the population that this is like an invasion of who we are back was deep thoughts alexandria or console. Cortez man sixty minutes cannot just take the loss and move on. Sixty minutes is doubling down again. They released a longer statement about their as oliver as much criticised story on vaccine. It's not much criticized. They got it wrong cbs. I said that all they did. Is they edited. Rhonda stances statement to their reporter at length. They didn't do that. They took two separate statements from rondo. Santa's from two separate questions and merged them together and didn't disclose that and now they've got a new statement. When florida state data revealed people of color were vaccinated at a much lower rate than their wealthier neighbors. Sixty minutes reported the facts surrounding the vaccines rollout which is controlled by the governor. We requested and conducted interviews with dozens of sources that authorities involved. We requested an interview with governor rhonda. Santa's he declined. We spoke to state emergency management director. Jared moskowitz twice but he declined to be interviewed on camera for our story until well after our deadline. The idea we ignored their perspective is untrue. Counter to his statement yesterday we also spoke on the record with palm beach county mayor. David kerner for over fifty years. The facts reported by sixty minutes have often stirred. Debate prompted strong reaction. Our story sunday night speaks for itself. That's their statement Well jared moskowitz. The democrat in charge of emergency management is now on twitter. Saying i did speak with sixty minutes. Never said i didn't. They were very nice but i told them. The public story was bull. Blankety blank walked them through the whole process. The fact that. I didn't sit down on camera because i'm in the middle of responding to a one hundred year emergency. Does it change the truth while while while he's a democrat. The mayor of palm beach county is also coming out and attacking. Cbs saying they willfully misrepresented. In fact they didn't edit ron santa's again they took two separate statements ron santa's and they merged them together even been smith now. The media columnist for the new york. Times is calling them out. Tweeting broadcast tv remains worst than anyone else adjusted meeting when they screwed up a sixty minutes. Completely screwed up. When you have democrats in florida who don't even like rhonda santa's coming out and defending rhonda scientists that tells you pretty much everything you need to know. Meanwhile in georgia governor. Brian kemp is continuing to go out and campaign on his election. Reform package that he signed law and the president by the way. Joe biden is swell. He's walking back. Remember biden was totally down with major league. Baseball boycotting georgia. It's now blown up. The democrats faces. They've chosen lily white. Colorado where the the people of denver whiter than the snow. Top mountains By way i. I got to dispel disinformation from the right though. Colorado does not have more restrictive voting laws georgia. And i know there are people saying that it's not really true. Colorado has more restrictive voter registration requirements than georgia but it doesn't have more restrictive voting laws than georgia. Colorado has a shorter time for in person voting than georgia but colorado uses universal mail in balloting. Which is less restrictive than georgia. It's more complicated than either side. Wants to admit Both sides would it'd be dogmatic about it but that's the truth. Colorado by using universal mail in balloting is not as restrictive as george overall. But when it actually comes to voter registration and is more restrictive. Well joe biden is asked about the masters whether they should get out of augusta. Here's what he said. Masters golf tournament should be moved toward. I think that's up to the masters look you know is reassuring to see that for profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new jim crow. Laws are just unethical who we are. There's another side to the other side to to is when they in fact move out of georgia the people who need the help the most people or making hourly wages. Sometimes you could hurt the most. I think it's very tough decision. For a corporation to make or group to make and i respect them when they make that judgment and i support whatever judgment they make. But it's the best way to deal with this is for georgia and other states to smarten up. Stop stopping Here's governor branka. Making the rounds on fox news folded like a wet district to cancel culture. I mean it is woke in in real life and americans in georgia should be scared me. What event going come after next. You know what value the the you have the way you live there your life for the coming after next. Are they going to come. After your small business next disasters getting screwed maria small business people that would have profited from the all star game being truest park at the home of the atlanta braves. And now they're moving to colorado. They have two days less of early voting than we do. They have a voter. Id in president. Biden's been talking about. How bad voter id as he did. The pre game for the insect aa championship. The night. That was all held in indiana. That's the birthplace of photo. Id that's where the first lawsuit was a paled says it's okay to have a voter. Id most americans and must support this. This is so critical and it into your question it is. It's amazing that ceo's had government affairs teams. That knew what was in this bill. That were fine with it. They didn't even bother to check with them because they got pressured from the woke from the woke from the woke woeckel haram a little more. The governor yeah. I think they will. I mean it's almost comical East all of these sits at keep falling moving all star gang from a city. That's you know. Our metro area with fifty one percent african american to joe area ten percent. African american has less early. Voting days in georgia has fifteen seventeen bug all day requirement for in person voting as a as. We do the voter the here. I mean it's insane. I mean you. You've compare where major league baseball is headquartered in new york and we've you know i've talked to that bad issue the nauseam really about the discrepancies in how they're guiding and pulling games out of a state like ours yet they're headquartered in state is more restricted than we are and it just doesn't add up. I will tell you the people here in all over the country and figuring this out there outrage and they are sick and tired cancelled cancel culture. And i gotta tell you. I think in georgia. Brian probably is going to win reelection on this against abrahams abrahams realizes. She overplayed her hand to run out now. Even raphael warnock. Who refused to take a position on boycotts and as well is usually boycotted. You're you're hurting the democrats Ones calling for it originally and this is going to blow up in their faces now and they're going to get what they deserve. Which is brian. Four more years in atlanta as governor.

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