189 - Collaboration over competition


Welcome to five minutes of momentum. These episodes are short five-minute bursts of inspiration motivation and Massive Action. If you need that little hiccup about to get things moving into a spicy take Massive Action that every single Thursday. I'll be sending you through a five minute episode to download digest and Implement to finish your week off strong. You ready to get started off. Let's go. Five minutes of momentum. Are you ready? We're going to dive into collaboration over competition. And for us to do this, we need to understand the game of connotations and the scarcity mindset that is attached to competition. So what is competition competition is creating rivalry. It's like setting yourself up to compete against other people and for what when we run our own businesses, we're not competing against other people and it's hard to let this one go and it's hard to shift it to a mindset of collaboration because we're constantly being told to compete with others and we're constantly said that message that we're competing in the market is flooded and there's too many people out there and there's so many more people that do what you do and that you've got to stand out and so the choices in marketing or always feeding into that scarcity and the reason why they do it is because it's a sales tactic, right? But what we really need to understand is that competition. It's almost like deciding whether yep My choosing to lean into your feminine or lean into your masculine. The masculine like competition is really masculine like fighting against each other competing against each other like there's going to be a winner now when it comes to business, I don't really think it's about winning and necessarily unless you're competing against yourself and you're trying to better yourself and you try to make a bigger impact in trying to get great results for your clients. But when were looking at as collaboration, it's about connection and it's about relationships and it's about working together, right that's very much on the feminine side. So the other key thing I want you to be aware of is that competition is feeding into your need for scarcity. When we believe in competition that that we're fighting against each other for clients or for business. They're actually coming from the place of believing that there's not enough to go around and there is enough to go around you have to believe it and I was saying this to a client yesterday like how many clients do you need for your business to be successful for you to be able to hit your goals over the one year and month? To you. It's not 50,000 right depending on top of business you have right? Like she was a consultant and she works one-on-one with people. She probably needs 50 people over the year to actually hit her financial goal that she has in mind off. So when you think about it from the perspective is there enough people in your country in your state in your town that need your services. Yeah. Absolutely. So we need to come from a place of abundance. There's absolutely enough to go around and when we think about it from the perspective of competing against others, I really want you to look at the role modeling element of it of thinking about how you can utilize comparison because that's exactly what it is utilized comparison to help employ you to do better in different areas where you feel like you're lacking so that could be that, you know, it's about better communication. It's about really communicating your uniqueness in the market. It's about communicating the way that you helped solve your clients problems. So then the client makes the choice because the end of the day it's not actually about the competition because the the dog Jim is actually in the client's mind. It's not in within your control at all. It's not within your competitors control at all. All it is is absolutely in the hands of your client. And so it's about yourself up to make sure that you're able to communicate what it is that you do in a powerful way that resonates with those clients and I such a firm believer that the right clients choose the people that resonate with them and also the right choice would choose you because they need to work with you for whatever reason that might be but it's also because you need that client to learn the lessons you need to learn to get better or for whatever Journey your soul is on on this planet that we attract those types of people into our world to be a mirror for us to see where we need to heal or see where we need to grow. So, please shift your attention to collaboration took action is a beautiful way to grow your business and not only that it's a such a genuine way of serving and coming from a place of working together and serving on such a higher level because when you comb Right with others. Not only is it fun? So you're in a high Vibe energy. You're also in your feminine energy and it's being a part of being in flow and momentum and enjoying the connection and collaboration with the other person. And so then it's about really focusing on if you need competition. Like if you find that you're really driven by a competition use it to compete against yourself from yesterday. How can you get better compared to yesterday rather than comparing yourself to another human being until another business? Cuz that's only going to leave you in spiralling out of control into comparison and feeling like crap because we are individuals because of that reason but we are not the same as other people you do not want to be the same as another human being so how can you be better at being you so ultimately when we worry about competition, it's actually a lesson in abundance off because if you can collaborate with someone that is similar to what you do or that is great at what they do. You actually leaned into believing that there is enough to go around competition wage. You'll listen in to elevating your belief systems about abundance. So then you can believe there is enough to go around and we're never ever competing. We're never competing if this resonated with you make sure you could tell me on Instagram come find me a Christine Corcoran under School coach and let me know how competition is challenged you in the past and how you want to view it now have an amazing week.

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