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The Great Gildersleeve 51-04-04 (402) Bullard Needs Boat Access


Graf Foods Governor Presents Willard Waterman as the Great Gildersleeve. The Great Gildersleeve is brought to you each week. By the kraft foods. Coveney on your mark get set. Go Time's running out in Parque margarines. Great Eighty three thousand five hundred dollar name. The twins contests still time left though for you to win one of those glamorous. Ford Victoria's are one of eleven hundred and fifty prices. Tonight will be our last chance to give full contest details on this program so have paper and Pencil ready for our next announcement. Listen to for the names of second weeks winners at the close of tonight's broadcast this great contest and tonight's Great Gildersleeve program are brought to you by Parque Margarine Margarine. That tastes so good. Because it's always fresh try it. You'll love it be a R. A. Y. Bar Margarine made by craft Well the twins growing and getting brighter and cuter every day and the Great Gildersleeve is finding that with the babies around. It's hard to get away from the house in the morning. You better let me let me hold the little rascals for a minute you in very good to have them all day happy as can be John. Away with babies. They're laughing look on. Yeah not I tend to you and Bronco have to find some names for these. Oh we rent the all. Our friends are helping us. Good you know a few minutes with these little tykes really starts. Today are fine makes a field man that he loves everybody. Oh there's Leroy take the babies my dear what is it my own way where window shifts on dry land. There is one ready. Mr Bullard has assailed hits to his Cadillac. Going around the world. I got Leroy probably going to say I'm grass lake. Show off staring at your. Mr Bullard has a boat. Major speech was before now he'll probably throw rocks at. Oh isn't it beautiful? I've seen bigger in pick us to look at it. No more I get seasick. Travel backing it into the street. He Better Watch it. You GotTa name right at my Maple Tree Traffic Leroy. Stay here behind the cookies anybody goes out. I'll go out. I don't think Mr Bush will appreciate your help. I'm not trying to help Lillard. I'm trying to protect my three but things have been so peaceful lately. Yeah you haven't fought in a week. I'm not going to fight. You're getting closer to my maple. That buller is looking for trouble. He's come to the right tree modules. Right there's no use antagonizing bullard. Just because he doesn't know how to back out volt be just a diplomatic and tell him how to do English a yes. Can I be of any help? No the naked. See All the way back to the end of the aisle manage. Thank you glad to give direction. Thank you know you. I'd be glad to help. Neighbor gives us. What are you trying to do a Nagel an invitation to ride on my boat this summer I am not as a matter of fact the problem your boaters pointing right at my maple tree. That's the stirred up worrying and move. Gildersleeve I'm cramping my wheels that were cramped on the other way. You'll you do me as glad too. That's why I came. Not No no. No no no. I don't want that of help. I'm a grown man with a good car and the license to drive it. Oh yes go ahead to the right grabbed the LAP euless lease. You're going to mind. May I know how? Oh No see you see you see you you back into my three. It's all your y'all why did you plant the trees close to the curve. You'll look at this blurred. You broke off limp. Hi Dad where they're sticking up through the bottom of your boat you watch. It's Bullard tell me about to hit your trade Wieden. Alex Mandl like warning. Floyd Days Shave handful haircut. I need something just another brush with I just Moody Rumson. Bullard let a neighbor. Well takes all kinds of people to make a world as they say and you can make a world without that kind big cars and it sailed through with employed with the aim. Watch you climb up in the chance beget death might relax me hang my hat. Get on towel. Let little boy months and team your cares way. Good Morning London. Give me a shaved and I'm in a hurry over. You've got my seat. I Yeah I'm I you know well versed. Oh is that you back there Gildersleeve. I thought it was Munson village tone. Now see here. Get Out of that chair. I will not visit your chair. Why don't you in it because you beat me up your friends cups at me you call me a Nincompoop this morning? True Your doubled incomplete. I can't wait to and if we ever meet again doled even Pecan I you don't you speak to me. I'll cut off your water. Don't see eye to eye do you Mr Bulletin. That Munson is the understatement. Of the year he started my day off this morning by poking a hole in my vote with his maple tree. No kidding that was only the beginning of a miserable day when I got my boat to the lake. I found the property I have to cross was fenced. Posted WanNa cut the fence. I got a pair of Hedge Clippers at home. You have to handle these things legally or you get through off lawyers tracing the owner of the property. Now you got judge Hook Awaken. There's the judges getting permission to cross. And I have to have it if I expect to spend the summer on my boat. I adjudge judge. Come on in that and I had an care drugs. Did you get these men no Rumson but I found out. Who's in charge of fabric gay? You won't have any trouble getting down to the Water Wilbur. All you have to do to get your vote in. The water is to see the water. Commissioner you mean leave Summerfield Water Department now owns all the land bordering the lake and the man deceive Rian Luck Luck Matt around the bullhead. Maybe you'd like to spend your summer in the mountain. None some stay out of this ransom. For some reason you seem to be upset. I am upset. I'm seething Gildersleeve not only punched a hole in my vote now. He's barring from Lake Ban on the best of times judge. Oh you gotta do this to me. I won't be outsmarted by a water buffalo. Nevertheless we need his signature. Bottom fumble luck all wheel. Drive looked forward to spring when I could sail my boat. But if he thinks I'm going to come crawling him fawning and begging and forgot. My Hat I commissioned him morning judge later Floyd. Oh Louie. We're not speaking Mr Bullard remember. Forgive Me Gildersleeve. At that time but man you should hate me. Eight does Loyd Gildersleeve. We've had little differences from time to time and it's been my fall. I've been a bad name. Bullard what are you up to gala? You know bullets vote. Would you not to hold in? I didn't of course he did all my fault. I carelessly backed my boat into your maitree. A stupid thing to do. I'd just like to buy you another tree. A golden spruce. You would let let bygones be bygones. Gildersleeve ran hands infringe men the taunt and tattoed fellowship of years gone by. I've always admired you gildersleeve really. I've said to myself so often. Why are you so mean to Mr Gildersleeve when you love him so All right and now. I hope you will honor me with your French. Thank you Gildersleeve old friend. How about having lunch with me tomorrow at my club to say that'd be fine. Thank you you've made me very happy. You what a wonderful great Gildersleeve will return. After this important announcement or Victoria beautiful new. Ford Victoria's for owners that's right. This is our last chance to tell you how you may win. A beautiful new Foreign Victoria or one of eleven hundred and fifty other valuable prizes in Parque margarines eighty three thousand five hundred dollars series of weekly big prize contests prizes. Just listen to these prizes. Each week for five weeks. Parque is awarding four beautiful new Ford. Victoria's ten general. Electric Portable dishwashers twenty General Electric. Triple with mixers one hundred crisp new twenty dollar bills one hundred Chris. New Ten dollar bill. Here's how you enter. Think of names for margin broncos. Twins one's a boy one's a girl get an entry blank from your grocer. It will tell you how prize winning entries are judged or use plain paper. Send your names for the twins your own name and address and your Grocer's name and address do parque margarine box six seven nine nine Chicago seventy seven Illinois with each entry and closed. The Red End flap from a package of Parque Margarine and remember. I Prize winners. Whose entries were accompanied by to read end flaps instead of one are entitled to a five hundred dollar bonus in addition to afford Victoria. This week's contest ends at midnight this Saturday. The fifth and final contest ends at midnight April fourteen and her both contests as often as you like. Remember the address. Parque Margarine Bach. Six seven nine. Nine Chicago Seventy Seven Illinois. Why shouldn't you in one of those? Ford Victoria's Mail your entry tomorrow. Let's get back to. The Great Gildersleeve is wealthy neighbor. Mr Bullard has never been exactly friendly. Since he bought a sailing boat and discovered he couldn't get it on the lake without a permit from the water. Commissioner things have changed my shoe shine. Leroy thank you. You are my other. Gosh thanks I usually get only fifteen cents Leroy. I met a man in Bullard's club with a fifteen cents shine. It's pretty snowy. Alright inviting you on. Because he likes me he dies. He said some very complimentary things about me. I know income poop sort of thing. The one who's at the door never mind. I'll get it good money Come in come in thank you. I didn't see you Mr Bugging. Why don't you call me run? A coup insane. No need for us to perform and we're such close friends. Yeah you're right Rum's close second. I like it better when were fighting. Lira. Growing into a more handsome young man. Every Day Leroy. Don't you want to go outside for a little while by the way I haven't seen the twin? You have a treat and stuff. I think has been the Dan my degree company. A miserable came to see between how Mr bullied and good morning. My I'm afraid I've been remissed as a neighbor. I've been meaning to come over to see the baby's for the past two months. They're only six weeks old. Oh Oh yes. Well they awake. I I have presence for them you have. Isn't that Nice much very thoughtful here? I'll pull the blanket back so you can see them. Good morning young people. What are their names? We haven't decided yet whole run. Mr Bullard back. I always liked babies. They liked me dot. How would you like to call me on cool? Rumson watch it. Babe is a fascinating Mr Bullard better. Oh I must've forget their presence. I bought from silver spoons. Nice of you. Mr Bullard shouldn't have done it. Well I think everybody should have a syllabus boom spoon view an view. What did I do thanking you? Mr Bullard I really should get to sleep. And if they don't like Silva perhaps they like those would be like to see uncle. Robson's what I don't think I get close and then they might grow better right against the crib north. Not Mr Vollers. All right it's still ticking. Fine Old Hamilton. My father gave me. He was a railroad man conductor he owned. It should have well. I must be on my way. Thank you so much for this Mr mentioning. I like doing things for people I like. And you'll remember you're lunching with me at my club today. I couldn't forget that I've asked suggests for bullock to join us so jasper ballot and he's an Englishman who spent most of his life in South Africa. Now very distinguished gentleman. And since you are Distinguished Water Commissioner. I thought you two should know each other lunching with an Englishman. This is wonderful. I was do something. Nice for you someday. Hold that thought guiltlessly. Good time and go rhino records my hat. Pd's I want to get some expensive guys before the lunch. I'm through smoking these chief cigars Can for you give me some expensive cigars something. South African Englishman might smoke and then the Corona Corona phoebe guest with whom? I'm having lunch today but it'd be a South African Englishman every Rumson new young. You you get the one hundred club very expensive PD. And how do you happen to get invited? Rams in bulletin. I very close friends. You Know No. I didn't know that. The overlooking at a new boat even lavish with his gifts to the twin. Still Berg. You're talking about. Isn't he. Wonderful thing to discover a deep and enduring friendships like this? How long have you been friendly all day? We're seeing a change. Come over you and Mr Billard. Oh yes the judge. I haven't seen much of the judge since I've been traveling in Rumson crowd. Say It's none of my business. But has it ever occurred to you that Mr Bullard might be after something? How can you say that people who wouldn't put it past him? Gv You're aligning dear friend of mine just because he's taking clouds his lunch and keeps telling me on. A wonderful guy doesn't mean after something. I wouldn't see the eurosceptic sharks. I wonder if I should have come to my old car. Parking place knows Lindsey right in front of the canopy. Ya Better Not Park here. Doormen give me a dirty look around the corner and Pike. Hakko thing right there all right you know right with him to the doorman you know. Just you saying pay help you out. Guilty will thank you. You didn't have to wait outside the club for me Rumson. I wanted to be sure. You've got in Gildersleeve. Follow me thanks. A lot of steps reminds me. The DISEA- Do you wish to order now to know thank you. I think we're waiting for us. So Jasper Bala I of Jasper in the bedroom. I'm GonNa go wish me to tell him you variety center you please with places like waiting. Nice. Dining room to how high is the ceiling all proximity to story Jasper at the door at him. He is a Gildersleeve. I think you'll enjoy talking to suggest that I feel. I must tell you. Easing kind to ramble. A bit run suggest room fight suggests football. I want you to meet my very good friends. Russ Martin guiltlessly. How do you do? How do to meet you on a dime chime to? I used to live in South Africa before they down all the time hunting. Every Jasper has quite appropriate room save. He has stuck fast over my natural. Well we have something in common sportsmen hunting fishing hunting calling wondering why you find to hunt around one hundred coud plays Oh good suggest enjoying yourself your good good this lunch and was planned for you. Shall we studied the good idea? Good idea you it. Shall we started lobster cocktail vichy size of Guinea Hen yards rubs? And this is great. Uh Fighting and I've no time for people who say you like this guilty. Taking some people been trying to tell me you invited me here for a reason me. Oh how I like that. I do anything for my friends and my friends will do anything for me right. Jasmine is right. Right isn't he was me just saying that he didn't invite me here for any South Beach Reason. Yes yes calling bull good on tap visiting own friends from way back by Mr Golden State for saying that he and I are old friends for neighbors year. Yes I'd say heading told him about that. Fat Woman Commission have who lives across the from you. Let's shelve audit was telling you this morning commissioner. Something compounds is gone and browse late without his fellow to soften that's I can't recall. Duffers name wasn't the CAP. You who has an incomplete back Jessica? Gildersleeve is the water commissioner. He is using make a phone call. Bullard Gildersleeve I suppose you think I'm a cat but I had to have your permission to say on my goal. You won't give it to me. Oh yes I will. You will guy like this club. Would you like to give me a permanent guest guide? But I think I'd like to play golf or to a country club. I'm weekend Gildersleeve. This is an outrage. You bought me to do this. And you can't go saying fine. Fellow I bring on the Guinea Hen The Great Gildersleeve will be right back now. Here are the second weeks winners in Parque. Margarines name the twins contrast or entries submitted before midnight March. Twenty fourth brand. New Victoria's Goto is an J. Framer Upper Montclair New Jersey. Mrs George H Maxima Sheffield Alabama Michael Follow Chicago Illinois. Bonus winner unknown a Bartlett Barre Vermont. Also bonus winner winners of other. Prizes will be notified by mail. Winners of Victoria's in remaining contests will be announced at the close of this program for the next three weeks. Four weeks contest closes at midnight this Saturday. Fifth and final leaks contest ends at midnight. April fourteen entries must include your name for the twins your own name and address and the rent ends lap from a package of bark margarine to read in lapse. If you WANNA driver a five hundred dollar bonus as well as a first prize send entries do Parque Margarine Fox six seven nine nine seventy Illinois. Hurry your names for the twins. May when you brand new far Victoria Ou. That was keen the way to put it over an old boy. I taught him a lesson. My never tried to make a friend to gain favor. Yeah I'm GonNa let him sail his boat you're not gonna be bullies all right tree. He did you will. I knew honest in golden spruce. Georgie kept his real gentleman. Must've taken a big chunk. Could deliver it. Three track. Land brought it. Hi again by was written by all John. Addyi Robert laid very loved. Lillian Randolph. Bill Thompson. You Brian Urlacher grant. This is range of night for the makers of the famous line of craft. Quality Runs Fisher to listen next Wednesday and every Wednesday for the further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve Here's a secret for making economy meals. Come to life next time. You serve cold meat sandwiches or leftovers. Don't forget the muster but when you add a little mustard you add a lot of Tang. Every bite tastes better and the mustard to add crafts prepared mustard. Two kinds off kraft salad mustard mild and delicately spiced and craft mustard with snappy in. I ready data have both on hand with different. Tastes DIFFERENT. Uses and remember when you add a little mustard. You add a lot of. Tang get repaired mustard. Air The vulcan every Sunday over the station. Check Your newspaper for Time of broadcast and listen next Sunday. As the Falcons. The case of the car ham rancho logs plays you bet. July hear him on NBC.

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