Hour 1: Lakers v Clippers Fallout


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Dan To receive a one time offer of ten percents off your order that shop number five hour energy dot com and use the code. Dan Go shot five hour energy dot com and use the code Dan to receive a one time offer of ten percent five hour energy energy on the go dale quits to got your podcast is presented by capital on this is banking re imagine. This is the Dan LE. Batard show with Stugatz podcasts. Your Michael Dolan songs are welcome. Seven eight six four five six four eight three seven. Many of you have spent the weekend thinking about Michael Jolley active many of us at the weekend thinking about Michael Dolan Akzo. We will get your songs and we will make this a very painful day for Chris. Cody with the call. Screening the telephone number seven eight six four five six four eight three seven. Did libron do the thing that you do the thing all weekend? Did he spend the weekend doing the things to God's because I do get frustrated by the way that we cover these regular season games clippers won a couple of times against the Lakers and everyone said Oh look built to beat the Lakers and then the Lakers win yesterday. And it becomes about the Lakers of the best team in the league. And you've got to have something for the Brown James. Those two teams are very evenly matched. And I know the Lakers have been a better at everything this year. I also know that the clippers haven't been trying much of the year because they're sitting some of their Their their sitting some of their guy had their top it yesterday. That's the first time they've lost with their topic guys in their rotation but I'm saying how do you react to one game because yes Lebron look? Great Anthony Davis looked great. But now I turn on my televisions and all the conversations are about is Lebron the MVP and it's a bit annoying that we haven't learned after all these years. It's been a decade of Lebron teaching that one game samples and the regular season. Don't mean anything right. Listen He did do that thing Friday night against the Milwaukee Bucks. Because that's a team that still hasn't made it to an NBA final. Lebron told them. Hey if you do if you're lucky enough if you're fortunate enough to get out of the East I'll be there waiting at. This is going to have to hit some threes. Which he did not do on Friday night he was one of six has won titles so it really do that thing to the clippers that he normally does because he's just come back at them and say. Hey I don't care about this regular season stuff. I've won titles already. Janas has not won a title yet. Well John is also lost Phoenix the following day. A didn't they lose. He didn't play lose out tonight as well. I believe So he stole his soul. Lebron stole his soul because he was guarding him. He was guarding Jaanus and guarding him well throughout that game And there is something to be said that about the clippers not being able to protect the rim and if Lebron James is GonNa get easy baskets at the rim. You're going to have a problem but I feel pretty comfortable saying if those teams play. Seven Game Series A. We don't know who's GonNa win. Beat it's GonNa be a whole lot of fun to watch because we don't know who the hell's GonNa win. Yeah it was fun to see that. Lebron's hold the coaching staff of the Lakers. That I am guarding Kawhi the night before. That's type stuff like this is personal to him. Coin not coming to the Lakers. His personal going to the clippers and not joining Lebron personal. This is going to be a great western conference final if indeed we get it. And one of the storylines of this. New Clippers Lakers rivalry. Is they each have Morris twin now? Marquee sign with Lakers. Marcus signed with the clippers. Marcus has once called himself the Lebron Stopper but yesterday you see Marcus establishes look at the whole stab orange. Marcus Morris. The Lebron's Lebron. Supper went over nine from the field over seven from three at around. Ofer sticks. The a really need a checkup number seven. You feel like number sevens go on and on that Tim. Hardaway confidence finished with one. Point Right Yeah. One from the line he split to. I am telling you that I believe that one scoring one point in an NBA game is more embarrassing than scoring zero on. The Pole. Guillermo at Lebatardshow is scoring one point in an NBA. Game more embarrassing than not scoring at all. A Patrick Beverley came out saying it said not at all hard to defend Lebron James Lebron stopper and the guy who said it's not at all difficult to guard Lebron. We're the team worst. Plus MINUS Patrick Beverley minus sixteen in the lebrons software minus thirteen. They were a hindrance to their team's chances to win. You know what is interesting about The aging process for Lebron. Because he's got more modern age. You say that but I would say that physically. You're simply wrong. I would say that he looks good. Deal slower now. He might be smarter and Craftier but there have been a number of times this season where he looks thirty five years old where he's getting stuffed by the rim where he's not getting up the way that you're expecting him to where he is lumbering to stay in front of Janas. Even as he stays in front of Yana. He also made the puzzling decision. It would appear just from his body type. He looks like he's walked up again. And that's usually when he bangs down inside but he's got Anthony Davis now and he's initiating a lot of offense from the perimeter is a curious decision for him to bulk up. I thought that's going to be the interesting thing. Anthony Davis on a game which you had the Bronco y Paul George. Anthony Davis was the best player on the floor right. And can he do that in the postseason? Can he do that for an Italian Kyrie? Stay healthy he can do that against anybody in the postseason the best. But you have seen it in the postseason. You don't remember it. But he has played postseason games. That are very strong. You just you're not even doing postseason you're doing. You need to see it in the Western Conference finals. You're not even doing like he's had some money. I don't consider the first avenue the postseason down to the second round one time. He doesn't consider that the postseason does he has. He literally hasn't seen Anthony Davis in the postseason because he doesn't watch the Pelicans when they play in the post. Let's let's let's undercut. Stugatz is basketball credibility here by doing something that we were remiss in not doing as all of Sports America celebrated Dwayne Wade for about ten days where there was a documentary on his life and the Miami Heat retired his uniform number and everyone was enjoying the legacy of Dwayne Wade. And here's what are manned Stu. Gods had to say a couple of years ago about Dwayne Wade threatening him if he goes to Cleveland and he plays one second of one game and the cavs uniform. I will make sure that he never gets a statue and at Jersey's never retired in the arena. I'll make sure but the statute yet have you go for one. So far. What happened with Giant Jersey tried? It was a giant Jersey. Let's hear that again. If you WANNA hear from STU gods again. We were remiss in not playing this again and again all of sports. America's celebrated the retirement of Dwayne. Wade's Jersey number. If he goes to Cleveland and he plays one second of one game and a cavs uniform. I will make sure that he never gets a statue and Jersey's never retired Nina. I'll make sure so. Stu Gods has an ally a rings ally a pretty much only played. What second of one game listen? I realized that the Jersey was going to be a tough task. So I forgot about the Jersey I call on the statute very good so draymond green is a bit like Stugatz in pointing at rings and let's first year from Charles Barkley and how it is the Draymond Green got incited by Charles. Barkley yet is normal. Triple Single Golden State out there on the board we don't encourage clear although man when he got the motherboards with it got out there and fight for south he just don't. WanNa play quit Taliban who can play. I know who can play a normal triple thing? Now is a great line and Draymond Green. Didn't things Barkley so stop for Fargo Plan? So he made that job. You should stop talking to Tennessee. The Egg saw. Stop before not soon if you keep talking I'll take your soul. Sooner daily. Probably should be quiet. He also talked about. Smart enough not qualify. Something he's in a Lazy River. It sounds absolutely taking a bath. Sounds like he's eating Barclays job. Soon that would mean he's out of the League and it would probably be because he's not doing well like the one the one guy you can't come for his job in sports broadcasting right like a great talk but not as good either job at either job because he's not the player he's not nearly the player that Charles Barkley was but I'd like to identify what's happening here. Is this indeed a Lazy River and is Draymond Green clearly chewing big league chewing gum? Fargo job though talking to make enough money playing so he needs a job. We should stop talking to me edgy. So stop before if you keep talking I'll take your soul so honest also can talk basketball. Movie Smarter not qualified. No rains coaster. It's more like parasailing now. He's chewing right where it's like a bath. Imagine him with one of those inflatable Duckie's in in a bath. What is happening there? We would like as much draymond. Green Charles Barkley beef as we can find Billy did you take over the call screening on Dole. Eac How do you feel about what's in front of us now? They're not bad they're entertaining enough. When is is coming on with us to judge the songs. At what time is he doing that? Took thirty okay so plow all right so we've got a. We've got to make these people wait on. Hold say what we do. Is We get a bunch of submissions and the best ones will cut up the clips of it and we can play the best clips for him. That's a good idea because your week has started a lot better than last weekend Donlevatar. I had a dream last night about the show that STU gods was filling in for Joe Buck on his podcast and Allison called me to tell me what a great jobs. To God's did and I realize this is a dream because alison would never praise. God would never fill in for Joe Bucks podcast that may or may not even exist and if I did it wouldn't be good back through a lot of factual errors in your dream. What a weird dream stugatz. So that's the height of your fantasies. Guillermo well maybe it was a nightmare. I don't know it happened when I was asleep. Give these lebatardshow with stugatz on. Espn Radio Dalla. The vivid seats apple enter Promo Code. Espn twenty five at checkout to get ten percent off your next order by just NBC. Get a vivid take advantage of Casper's end of season sale with savings up to twenty percent of the mattress of your dreams at Casper Dot Com now through March twenty third terms and conditions apply casper dot com slash terms. All right. We're going to take some Michael Dolan songs. Seventy six four five six four eight three seven The second best result is that you saying good song. The best result is that you sing a terrible one. Here is the standard bearer for best Dole. Eac Song ever to so. That's what we're going for here. Michael Dolakha backup center for a decade in. The League will join us at twelve thirty eastern to judge some of these songs. Let's start with Hank Hank you're on. Espn radio go ahead. I want Michael Vick. Don't want my act overreact. Overreact soon we don't. We raise their early career barbecues. A whole lot of people spent the whole weekend working on these. It'd be better Erin you're on. Espn radio which ones you want us to replay from the air you're on ESPN radio. He's Michael Doughy. Yeah Yup them don't know at at Yep we're out in Levy one you don't. That's pretty now makes it? That makes ribs now. Kevin you're on. Espn radio go ahead of Bloomberg who Mike TOLBIAC brings. His voice to the Auburn game is better than yours. Damn bright it's better than your. He will teach you how to take charge. Totally Act brings us to the yard. It's GonNa be really or no I believe it or not. I'm still not sure where to stand on this whole entire. I know what I'm GonNa put it as a maybe we'll get back to it. Let's see what else comes in. Travis you're on ESPN radio go ahead Travis. Guess who's back back Dolby X. Espn DOLE EAC Dole. The Dole the act the Act Dole EAC only act totally act only at repeats. I well I did think that went to that only because I was hoping that he would say instead of tell a friend. Tell Raef lafrentz. I was hoping that we would have a rate La- friends reference. I never really sure the court and it's a bit of a stretch. It's still as was re friends back in quite a bit of time. You really was. I'm regretting this idea. You were holding out hope for Raeffel. I went to that I saw him. I saw EMINEM. No the tie is tell a friend. No I understand Mingora. They played in the same era like for a little bit. I guess and again white wine. Are You doing this to me? Like what are you what. Why are you being a stickler about whether or not played came to take first year? Was Timeline distinction. It doesn't seem like a correction. That's needed but you made. It seem like the only way it is the only western know for you said. Tell Raeffel of friends. I would've called with laughter but instead it was just a repeat of another dole eggs. I have great news for Dan. Both their careers started in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine the careers and they both ended in seven thirty this same time. And you're a jerk stickler about. They never played together. The French retired the moment because they were brothers. They were brothers fast. Ball game protests. Catch a really just like two ships. In the night Donlevatar texture writes does. Espn brass listen to this show. They can't still got sow. Could this possibly continue in a prime spot for this long? It's just truly awful radio. Vc's Atar show with the STUGOTZ ON ESPN radio. Espn radio is presented by progressive insurance. The Dan Lebatardshow is brought to you by Shell. V Power Nitro plus premium gasoline. All guests on the Dan lebatardshow appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. Here's your sportscenter. Update the bills have agreed to a one year. Deal with quarterback Josh. Norman were six million dollars with incentives that can range eight million. The Lakers defeated the clippers. Once well to one of three Lebron James Pumped in twenty eight points at nine assists grabbed seven rebounds two blocks despite all of that. Patrick Beverley says guarding the Braun is quote not hard at all and finally a Swiss cheese makers Ra plus no. It wasn't gray area. Share about that. Yes it might be are my favorite part of that whole experience was Su Gadston trying to sound it out before reading as if you were in the third grade now. Well it's a tough one. Were year yet here about that. Yes and you might want to check it anyway. Greer was dubbed the twenty twenty world champion cheese at the biennial ballboy. What a tough story. Biennial international face off Wisconsin. That's a tough word. Cheesemaker Michael Spicer of mountain dairy Fritz in Haas in Bern Switzerland beat a record three thousand six hundred sixty seven entries of the world championship cheese contest in Madison. You angered the gods by nailing coup-d'etat that one time is the worst thing to happen to you. The other thing is. I realized this this weekend. It came to me with a shock because we were rather amazed that he got coup-d'etat correct but of course he would still gonNa know exactly what it could ties. He's GonNa know how to pronounce it how to execute it. Of course he is because he shaded thanks Dan. Sports Center brought to you by advance. Auto parts big ahead advance at anytime. What four batteries is about to fail? Get a free battery test at free installation with any on about a battery. Purchase only at advance auto parts for all the latest headlines. Information during the sportscenter on. Espn radio all throughout the day gear. Mo- put it on the poll. Can you pronounce the Lakers? The or the Lake. Show the best team in basketball. When you've played twelve minutes and had five points and three rebounds issue bail. Mcgee allowed. That's what he does. Javale McGee allowed to pronounce to explain to all that the lake show is the best show in sports and the best team in basketball after playing twelve minute five points. Three rebounds carved out a Nice Little Lane for himself in this career. Man The the thing that the warriors did that was more impressive than anything else they did. Is They made Swaggie? Javale McGee champions it. Nukes every thought anyone's ever had that you can't win with knuckleheads. They not only made them champions. Those guys looked so very competent on that team because all jail had to do was hanging around near the Rim and just dunk the ball. You didn't have to do anything else. I've never understood why. Jails not better jail. Javelin he gets the minutes he gets. Numbers your veil as as an athlete. Okay before we started seeing these guys spring up all over the place. It was super rare to see a seven footer with Javale McGee skill set. Like where you are watching in your like good God. This man is a legitimate athlete. He could jump out of the gym he can he? He runs at a pace that substantive. He's not he's not lumbering. He looks graceful out there except when he looks extraordinarily clumsy. I do love the notion that he's one of these championship. Dna guys like the warriors avail and Swaggie p. When y? When I was growing up it was like Kurt. Thomas. It's so great. The guys to a title team. It is the largest tribute that the the largest tribute you could give Michael. Jordan is to say that his greatest accomplishment is that he made bald cool and the greatest accomplishment of those champion Golden State Warriors is that they somehow gave credibility to jail McGee and swaggie paid. Look up on the Internet. Them doing that What is it a cinnamon test where you just try and as much sediment as you can and nobody can actually do it and so you end up coughing and gagging dot? We must say. Don't try it at home. Just watch other people. Do it watching a really fun experience. Because I I've read a psalm on it and I really wish he would open up more. About how obsessive compulsivity he watches. Michael Jordan because when that dude plays look doing the thing saying he is Jordan. I'm not but when you watch him play. He emulates the moves like he physically imitates him and he looks like Michael Jordan. There was move where not only when he blew past Lebron James but there was another time where he sort of blew past. Bron James set them up on the push off move and he hit the exact same Utah. Jazz game winning jumper it was. It's really fun to watch if you're big Jordan Fan. It's kind of like coby. Coby really studied Michael's game and and Kawhi Michael Interviews. I've told you that story before. I heard Colby talking one time from another room and I thought it was Michael Jordan. He said as much. He said that he would study is interviews his cadence and actually had a pretty close relationship with Kobe Bryant. Both of them were private about their personal relationships is cool. Because he's such a mystery but I would like some sort of insight into just how that dude prepares well. The insight came in a profile from Lee Jenkins of sports illustrated who the clippers promptly hired in order to recruit to why to Los Angeles so Lee Jenkins was the guy who was actually writing things about Kawhi That were interesting yeah. It's hard to make them interesting. Like the most interesting thing about why Leonard is something. That's fake but I've just made it real like apple time apple time apple time thrill my mind. I don't care if it's fake. I'm wondering though if anyone else finds themself annoyed by how quickly the one game result results in Max Kellerman saying statement weekend from Lebron. James reminding everybody that he's still the best player that we're still doing this. Best player thing from quarter to quarter the weekend. It wasn't just one game if you understand what I'm saying. Janas onto the company does not have a teammate. As good the one Lebron has to keep him young like I mean. Don't don't come on. Come on his young so but you understand what? I'm saying like he doesn't have a second guy as good as Anthony Davis and his record and his their season has been better by leaps and bounds than the Lakers season has been but I think that's just that sports media that sports radio that sports gas bagging where to start the weekend. Yeah this is the MVP. But Lebron Beats Him. He guards immunised as a play that well. Janas gets hurt. And then Lebron does. What he to the clippers the following. Of course you're GONNA have people say why actually don't believe that it's sports radio and sportscaster bagging? I believe that it's a need on a Monday to talk about something. And we have precious little from the sports weekend to grab onto. And so that Laker clipper game will be some sort of referendum on something. When it's just another game that those two teams played I do think it should be a referendum on. Hey lebrons still king. Lebron still good. He can still tap into that and we all get excited. We've been trying to replace. Lebron steph started cooking out in the bay area like Janas ask for something remember in December. One Jaanus trolled Lebron James and started crowning himself. That's December. Okay I'll see you in June and he just showed you right now that it's march. Yeah but he still shows you like okay get excited young buck literally in December like plenty people. I'm not disputing that. I am not disputing that. He's gone for thirty ten and ten against Luca and Zairean and trae young. I'm just looking here at at the stat. Line and Anthony Davis was better than him yesterday. And you're telling me that Lebron James the best player in the world now. You will get no dispute for me on the greatness of Lebron James but yesterday's game was not Lebron. James Being Greater Than Anthony Davis. So you can tell me. Lebron James is the best player in the world but yesterday. He wasn't better than his teammate. Right but Anthony Davis. You're only seeing him in this kind of spotlight being this great because of Lebron James Anthony Davis left to his own devices have never played in big games. It's Kinda like Kyrie Irving I mean. The broad does deserve and we're fortunate to still have this seventeen years in that. Lebron James is still playing at this level. Ed still has enemies like Hawaii. Leonard and Janas entered the Gumbo. You just mentioned hiree which has been my favorite storyline of the NBA weekend. We gotta get to that. You've gotta get another coach fired. Pay That man. He's money didn't durant go there because of Atkinson didn't he say scheme didn't it is about a thing who knows who knows with K. D. anymore. I ran off. I mean having those two around playing basketball must be the biggest pain in the ass on the planet out on the poll Guillermo Having Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and not having them be able to play basketball is it the biggest pain in the ass on the planet out to either people do amazing things every day so it makes no sense that they shouldn't feel confident about doing their taxes. Turbo ties believes that with the right tools and encouragement people can do anything even taxes and turbo tax live. You have access to see as an e e as on-demand who are available to answer your questions or to give advice on how to file even on nights and weekends so you can do your taxes with ease and confidence and never feel stuck or alone during the tax process. You can also rest. Assure that you'll get your best possible outcome which means you could file your taxes quickly and easily and get back to all those amazing things. People do every day tax. All people are tax. People Donlevatar Louis Riddick. Every time I see him on television looks a little bit sleepy because he has pianists slowly sucking all of the energy out of that awareness. Stugatz see the best looking bald guy in sports awards. National Force. Riddick'S LOOKING. I'm not here looking man disputing that. He's good looking former athlete. Aren't athletes included? Yes Jason Taylor game over. My favorite thing about Louis Riddick is when he's relaxed. Louis riddick radio buttons the Turtle. Everybody got a little gold teen underneath. That's what he's Louis Riddick. Live at our show with Stugatz on. Espn radio if you missed any of our interviews. Check him out on demand and he Dan Lebatardshow podcast brought to you by capital one. Why SETTLE FOR AVERAGE WITH CAPITAL ONE? You could open a savings account where they rate five times. The national average welcomed the banking reimagined capital. What's in your Wallet Capital One and a member? Fdic August Dan Lebatardshow appear via the shell. Pennzoil performance lot. Billy would you be kind enough to tell me how you feel about the Michael Dolan songs that you have gathered over the last half hour? How are these Michael Dole? Eac songs that you've put together for us. The the saddest thing that's happened to me today. Is that someone had a Mike. Dolan Back Micah Dana and the call dropped before. Put Him on hold and Oh All right let's see if we can get a callback here by getting rid of some of these calls. Give us what remains the standard bearer here? Mike we still believe that this is not yet been topped in terms of something that will make you sway and feel it in your soul a musical accomplishment a heavenly rendition of billy. Joel's moving out Let's see if anyone can do better than this. Dave you're on ESPN radio. Go ahead. Dave bad tragedy Bathtub shacking A salad and keep her racket while bad boys. Acdc poorly or I mean just depends if you recognize the song. I guess it was done pretty well. Is it bad at my favorite song? We've had in these two days was the regime. Rondo Song Max you're on ESPN Radio Max. Go had starting. I think they've got to Numb Doria. Mike you're holding up a finger like Like I should know something about what? You'll find bread whole at a parading on okay. Thank you if you can do that. I would appreciate it at any point. We can play some Brett Hull drunk at a parade. We WanNa do that champions Laurie. Laurie Is One of the most magical things I've ever experienced because it was very early in the day. Most people are not drunk that early in the day. Most people are not Brad Hall. That's right bread hall. Though had gotten his party on and he would have melted breathalyzers from counties over the entire run. They are champions. Laurie lovey you okay. Guy Is definitely a close talker. The bar right like there's no disputing. He's doing a lot of close to auditing. He's leaning in. He is every conversations having with his chin. I also at the urinal at the sports bar and he's got flip flops on. I'm like Close to the with the flip flops. Very chatty at the talking to everybody in there you'll talk to you and then you'll just go back to that. Person has no spatial awareness. Right the person new. He'll be reading the paper and you'll say something like bleep him as he continues reading the paper. I saw bread home. I'm scared to go to any more of these songs. Reggie you're on. Espn radio go ahead. Let's get I WANNA get I. It's my let me see. Yeah totally Let me see your totally Newton. John DOE EAC. We have any that. Were playing back for Dolly Yet. Or Jason you're on ESPN radio friends. Go ahead when he was playing basketball. He drove the paint because he was down. He played a year with the guy named shock. I think his name was Michael. Totally my dog again. Mike I want to play with my wrx original defense. Two minutes called what you were talking to go. Send the original piece. That is not something that you ever in. Not so easy is it boy. I WanNa start screen these things. I'm GONNA have fun. I want to screen them and they're going to be good. Okay okay. You're taunting everybody. You're going to be the most amazing call screener. We believe you still got to the callers. my father yesterday because he believes that everyone watches him on television. My father was Meeting the Carnival's CEO Carnival cruise line. Ceo was coming over and held out a hand to shake his hand and my father Took his hand and pulled his own hand back and scratched his ear. Thinking that this person was doing that because they were a follower of the show and of course that person immediately thought is that a corona virus. Job I am. Yeah I was GONNA say must not be easy being the CEO of Carnival cruise lines in this sort of climb. You know what I mean like. That was so my father. Who'd perpetually embarrassing me. That was a terrible joke to make. The stock market is crashing right. Cruise lines are taking an enormous head. There is a frenzy around here. Everyone's losing tons of money like America was leaking money this morning and my father as ships won't be allowed on our land is sitting there appearing to the CEO to make a disease joke.

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