The Silent Twins Pt. 1


Due to the graphic nature of this podcast listener discretion is advised this episode features discussions of drug use sexuality and other adult content. We advise extreme caution for listeners under thirteen Jennifer. Gibbons felt the poorest grid the brick in her hands. She looked at her twin. It was time Jennifer through the brick through the window. She slowly shimmied through the whole careful to avoid the jagged shards of glass still embedded in the frame moments later. She appeared at the front door. Hore of the tractors store to usher her sister. June inside the eighteen year old twins had been planning this caper for weeks and finally finally on October. Twenty Fourth Nineteen eighty-one. The right moment had come. The two girls made their way to the office. Jennifer Jennifer dugout a small can of gasoline from inside her jacket. She carefully poured it over a desk and chair saturating the would in June produced a match and lit some papers on the edge of the desk on fire with a fantastic whoosh. The desk erupted in flames. Lick the ceiling above delighting in their fiery success. The girls ran smiling to the next room splashing gasoline as they went. June lit another match setting the main tractor storeroom alight. When everything was aflame? The girls rushed outside to examine their handiwork work before long. A small crowd gathered with them watching the Haverford West Fire Brigade attempt to stop the blaze. The twins strolled home glorying in their success June wrote of their triumph in her diary saying all the while my lovely glorious glorious fire was licking its way through the roof and the thick smoke filled the night sky. It was a picture which will live in my mind forever. Oh what a sinful evil selfish mind. But what the twins didn't realize was that their presence at the fire hire had been noticed. They were suspected immediately due to their reputation. June Jennifer were well known in town and considered sittard unique. The identical black women stood out in the all white rural Welsh countryside. But more than that. They were undeniably naively bizarre for as long as they lived there. The twins had barely spoken a word to anyone else in the village. Welcome to unexplained mysteries. Apar- cast cast original. I'm your host Molly and I'm your host Richard in life. There's so much we don't know but in this show we don't take we don't no for for an answer every Thursday. We investigate the greatest mysteries of history in life. Honor you can find episodes of unexplained mysteries and and all other podcast originals for free on spotify over ever. You listen to podcasts to stream unexplained mysteries for free on spotify. Just open the APP off and type unexplained mysteries in the search bar at podcast. Were grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at our cast network. And if you enjoy today's episode wrote the best way to help is to leave a five star review. Wherever you're listening? It really does help. This is our first episode on Jennifer and Gene June gibbons the silent twins from age eight Jennifer in June refused to speak to anyone but each other for most of their a youth the isolated themselves preferring to live out their days in a rich fantasy world rather than reality. The question is live this week will cover the Twins Childhood and Adolescence in Wales and how the combination of social isolation and a childhood game the more into an intense connection and later dual psychosis next. Week we'll dive into possible explanations for the twins behavior savior their inability to communicate with the outside world and their games tragic end the story. The of June and Jennifer Gibbons came to the public's attention after journalist Marjorie Wallace first published her book the silent twins in nineteen eighty six for most of their childhood and adolescence. The strange mute twins were dismissed as unintelligent criminals it was only after Marjorie Marjorie gained access to their diaries poems and manuscripts that she realized the two girls were brilliant. Electric riders with sharp wits and need to create June and Jennifer were passionate young women stuck in a paranoid cycle of their own creation after years of playing playing their game of silence and attempting to match in all ways. They found they were unable to stop. They believed the only way that one twin could lead a normal life was for the other to die. June and Jennifer's parents Gloria and Aubrey met and married read in Barbados in Nineteen fifty five. They quickly started a family having a daughter. Greta in nineteen fifty seven and son. David in Nineteen fifty-nine. Aubrey had grown up attending English style boarding schools and had a dream of becoming what he called a proper English gentleman open. He moved the family to Wales in nineteen sixty and joined the Royal Air Force as a technician. The move was difficult and Gloria and the children felt isolated as a black were bidian household on the almost all white. RAF Base but Gloria and. Aubrey had high hopes that they're to newest daughters. Would assimilate June gibbons was born at eight ten. AM on April Eleventh. Nineteen sixty three at Royal Air Force Hospital in Aden Yemen. Ten minutes later at eight twenty am per sister. Jennifer joined her while. Gloria and Aubrey were a charming couple loving parents. Aubrey had traditional views towards marriage as result he left all matters of household and child rearing to Gloria who became especially overwhelmed after having her fifth child. Rosemary Poll Rosie in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven with little acknowledgement from their father and a mother who had no time for individual attention June and Jennifer her turn to each other for friendship and comfort when they started school around age four. The twins teachers reported the girls were slow in speech development. They would talk to each other and occasionally to other students that never to teachers or adults while Al Gloria was initially worried she was reassured by friends and family that the girls would grow out of their shyness. The school put the girls in speech each therapy but with their overworked mother Gloria unable to focus on their lessons with them. They never practiced at home making it harder. June I'm Jennifer were constantly uprooted. The family was forced to move cities. Every few years do Aubrey's military job. This lack the stability only hindered their speech development unable to make lasting friendships at school the girls increasingly relied on each other for companionship. In nineteen seventy four. The family settled more permanently. In the village of Haverford West Wales but the eleven year old twins twins peculiarities soon. Mark them as outsiders by this time. June and Jennifer had even withdrawn from their family. They only only spoke to rosie their seven year old sister and each other Gloria recalled hearing them talking to each other through their bedroom door and compared it to the twittering of birds. Even Rosie could only catch a word or two of the strange twin language they had created. The two girls were often spotted. What'd walking incredibly slowly won a few feet behind the other in perfect synchronicity? They attempted to follow each other's lead. Need so that any motion they made was in `perfect unison. The girls refuse to eat or go to the bathroom at school. They wouldn't answer teachers features or socialize with other students. All the gibbons children faced harassment for their skin color but June and Jennifer were also bullied bullied mercilessly. For Strange Habits. Other kids would call them names and pull their hair. The school eventually allowed the twins to leave class five minutes early to avoid their tormentors of course only isolated them even more. The twins retreated further into their silence. The truly strange thing about all this was that neither the school nor the gibbons family sought to dive dive further into the girls. Bizarre affectation 's it wasn't until November nineteen seventy six when the girls were thirteen that anyone seriously obviously suggested that the silent girls might need psychological treatment. Dr John Rees a local school. Medical Officer was providing providing to brick and losses. Vaccinations in the Haverford West School Gym when he first met the gibbons twins as he described it he was presented presented with a parade of thin white arms to inoculate when unexpectedly. A girl's slight black arm appeared before him. There we're very few people of Color in this area of Wales so he was surprised he grabbed the girl's arm and looked up into face. Ready to make a joke as Z.. Normally did to ease the school children's tensions but the girl in front of him was staring steadfastly ahead refusing to acknowledge college him. He was even more taken aback when as he gave her the shot she had absolutely no reaction after for a few more children he was met my second girl with the exact same face and impassive gaze again. Her eyes were fixed. Straight right ahead giving no perceptible response as he gave her the vaccination. Dr Reese was so disturbed by meeting the twins that he spoke to the school headmaster about them. He was shocked when he heard that the school didn't seem interested in the sisters strange behavior. The headmaster told him that since the girls completed their work and didn't create problems. They didn't see caused to investigate further. When reese went to visit the girls at at home he heard a similar story? Gloria and Aubrey told the doctor how the girls spoke to each other but had completely cut themselves off from from their family like the school. Gloria and Aubrey were unworried by the girls behavior in dismissed it as shyness. It's worth mentioning here that this was one of the many times when institutional or implicit racism came into play for the Gibbons Twins Pulitzer Prize prize winning journalist Hilton. Als wrote about these instances in his article on the twins for the New Yorker entitled we to made one since soon and Jennifer weren't delinquence. The school didn't push the matter of their silence. Further Hilton suggests that if they were white British dish girls instead of the Black Children of immigrants. It's probable school would have done more. But in nineteen seventy six. The school hadn't uneven bother to speak with the twins parents about their disturbing lack of speech while Dr John Reese took a more avid interest in the girls psychological hell even. He dismissed some of it on the basis of race. He referred to the girls as zombies a term sometimes negatively associated with black elect Caribbean culture. By using this word he was implying that due to their background their issues were not psychological but mystical. He also chalked up their parents denial of the strange behavior to a cultural difference. He had heard the twins were thought to how strange behavior viewer in Caribbean culture and assume that was the reason for Gloria and Aubrey's indifference. However reese was the first to question action whether the girls behavior wasn't simply due to profound oddness but was caused by deeper psychological issues and he did persuade the family to seek nick therapy as the girls began therapy? It soon became apparent that the silence wasn't completely voluntary. Instead the the refusal to speak the isolation and the strange movements were caused by one of the twins wishing to hold power over the other Jennifer Jennifer the younger twin was twisting the rules of their childhood games to control June next. We'll dive into the twin struggle. For dominance. Hi It's molly and it's no mystery that I'm I'm an animal lover. That's why I'm so thrilled to tell you about podcasts. Latest Series Dog Tales Dog Tales tells the true stories of Heroic Canine nine who have gone above and beyond their best friend duties. The dog in my life is named Corona. He's a rust. 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June and Jennifer Gibbons silence was regarded as a strange quirk as they approached the age of fourteen however in the adults in their lives were growing more concerned when June and Jennifer where I referred to speech therapists and Trae Harn in February nineteen nineteen seventy seven and knew. She'd have a lot of work ahead of her she. I asked the girls questions about school. Their family and their hobbies. The girls both sat sullenly across from her eyes downcast. They wouldn't respond physically to anything she said. June might might occasionally give a whispered mono-syllabic answer. Jennifer remained pointedly silent and N.. TRAE harn quickly realized she wouldn't make any progress with the girls like this so she tried a new tactic using a tape recorder. The girls agreed to read aloud and speak to each other while being taped but would only do so after an left the room using this method and was able to crack the secret twin language that even the girls own mother struggled to understand by slowing down the tapes she discovered they're coded dialect was a mixture of Barbadian Slang and plain English. But the girls spoke incredibly rapidly. Stressed unexpected syllables syllables and both had a tendency to use h sound instead of an s sound and also observed that June wanted to answer her questions uh-huh but when an asked a question Jennifer would shoot June a signal with her is Jennifer was controlling June and her message was clear. You must not speak with Jennifer influencing June this way it seemed impossible to make any progress. After after two months of assessment. Dr Anne Trae Horn and Dr John Rees recommended that June and Jennifer be enrolled in a special education in program. They thought removing the girls from public school would give them a better chance to overcome their speech difficulties. So in April nineteen seventy seven June and Jennifer transferred to eastgate center a special education school. Here the girls would finally finally get the personal attention. They had sorely needed from their assigned teacher. Kathy Arthur the girls wouldn't speak or even acknowledged Kathy but during their first few months there they were observed interacting with each other and younger children in an eerie recording from eastgate eastgate. The two girls can be seen eating potatoes. Incredibly slowly each trying to perfectly match the others movements but by nineteen seventy eight eastgate therapists and teachers were at a loss. The girls were now fourteen and after a year of therapy had made no real improvement. Something had to change East Gate child psychologist Tim. Thomas sat the twins down and told told them that they would be separated. One of them would stay at Eastgate and the other would go to Saint David's adolescent unit. Another school for special special needs children. He recalled the girls didn't react at first and then almost imperceptibly their hands clenched into fists. They turn to each other with a hateful gaze Jennifer screamed and lunged June raking her nails down her older sisters cheek the to chase each other around the room screeching with rage. Tim and another teacher pulled the twins apart and they immediately mmediately went limp. The staff at Eastgate had never seen the girls. Behave anything like this. The staff was torn about separating the girls also some thought removing one would let the other succeed others thought the split would irreparably harm. The girls psyches while the girls wouldn't talk to the staff face to face. They did call them of their homes late at night and begged to stay together at eastgate but the separatists tests eventually one and on March Thirteenth nineteen seventy eight fourteen year. Old June was sent off to saint. David's it was disastrous June was practically catatonic. She would sit in her chair during lessons. Her head hanging with a constant stream stream of tears in mucous flowing from her eyes and nose the only signs of life she showed when she was allowed to call Jennifer at lunch picking up the phone. She grew animated speaking rapidly with Jennifer in their twin dialect but when the call ended and she was forced to return turn to class June took the same position not even registering the lessons. She sat through two months later. The separation experiment and was abandoned. Neither girl was making progress and being apart made them despondent. It was obvious that twins should stay together if they were to have have any chance of learning to live normal lives. June was transferred back to eastgate in nineteen seventy eight in nineteen seventy nine June and Jennifer. I began to show an affinity for writing while they wouldn't respond to their teachers vocally. They'd often address Sir questions via notes or daily diary entries in these written accounts. The girls expressed their thoughts about their school and each other June was desperate to prove she had an independent identity from her sister. She denied the assumption that their personalities were intertwined writing. We both know we are individuals. We are not trying to tie one another down either. We do not depend on one. Another Jennifer felt differently. June and Tim. Thomas Recall Jennifer yelling at June over and over saying you are Jennifer. You are Jennifer you armie. June said one day she'd wake up and be me and one day I would wake up and be her and we used just to say to each other. Give me back myself. If you give me back myself I'll give you back yourself. Despite gene's insistence stones. It appeared each twin sense of self was irrevocably tied to the other and and there was nothing. More of the specialists at eastgate could do for them. June and Jennifer left the eastgate center in Nineteen seventy nine at the age of of sixteen. They had dismal marks and their teachers recommended. They shouldn't try to pursue any sort of higher education and with our inability ability or refusal to speak with anyone. Besides each other most jobs would be impossible so June and Jennifer started the next chapter of their lives with no real prospects or support. They retreated into each other once more locking themselves in their bedroom room and leaving only once a week to collect their unemployment checks. They stopped talking to their family entirely even their sister Rosie. The diaries the girls had kept eastgate turned into an obsession. The detailed the mundane events of their lives in the bedroom sometimes was writing multiple drafts to get their thoughts perfectly right before committing them to the pages of the diaries. They meditated on how they longed for a connection with their family downstairs. After years of silence they feared the divide was too wide to cross but instead of making an effort to connect the girls created rich fantasy lives with a revolving cast of dolls. These toy families had storylines is to rival the most outrageous soap operas with characters marrying divorcing. Having children and dying at a dizzying rate. The girls wrote a play starring the dolls and radio news and cooking shows. They might listen to the twins in the bedroom found themselves in a state of arrested development and they resented they're changing teenage bodies inbound their breast to keep their chest flat they both wrote about new sexual feelings and were often a free. These thoughts were abnormal and sinful. They spent every minute with each other eating sleeping writing playing and even violently fighting downstairs. Glory would tell curious guests that the noises coming from above where the twins working. She'd she'd say they're just shy that's why they don't come down in one thousand nine hundred eighty just after the twins seventeenth birthday. They turned a new corner now. The Gibbons House in Haverford West was filled with the unabating sound of two typewriters clicking away to the wee hours of the morning the twins were certain that in just a few years they would become famous bestselling writers working at a breakneck pace. The girls quickly churned out manuscript. June wrote a novel about a disaffected teenage delinquent in America called called pepsi-cola Addict Jennifer's book was called Disco Mania and followed the exploits of group of violent teenagers driven mad by disco music like their authors. The book's characters often struggled with failures to connect that lead to disaster. The people they wrote about often struggle to cross a communication divide between themselves and their families June succeeded in getting pepsi-cola addict published by a vanity. Press Jennifer sent her manuscript off too many legitimate publishers but was never successful. It's possible symbol that the girls would have been content to silently right there days away locked up in their bedrooms if they hadn't made a new discovery in nineteen eighty one and boys. Both girls recorded obsessions with saks in their diaries. The twins longed for attention from the opposite sex and awkwardly began to court it. The girls began leaving the house armed with a pair of binoculars they would hunt the boys. They fancied spying lying on them through windows. Too afraid to approach them but still desperate for connection they even bought a set of occult and hypnotism books and tried into practice spells to make a selected boy appeared their house. One boy they fixated upon was Ted Davies and American. An EX PAT teenager. Ted was a troublemaker who had been enrolled at East Gate with the twins. They remembered how he had stood up for them. When other other classmates bullied them please note that Ted Davies and all the names of his family members have been changed to protect their privacy beginning on their eighteenth? Eighteenth Birthday April Eleventh Nineteen eighty-one they would spend all morning dressing in elaborate attention. Grabbing get ups wants wants their outfits were perfected. They would hire a taxi out to Welsh. Hook a tiny village approximately ten miles from Haverford west and notably where the Davies family lived on their first visit to the house June and Jennifer found an unlocked front door and no one in home. The twins nothing of entering this relative strangers house and quickly made themselves at home inside. I they made themselves peanut butter sandwiches and poured glasses of orange juice. They marveled at the posters of Hawaii on the walls in American style. Bomber jackets jackets by the door. The girls rummaged through the Davies boys drawers stealing snapshots and trying on their clothes when a car pulled into the driveway. Oy outside the twins jump to their feet. Panicking the attempt to flee out of the kitchen window but were caught by Joe Davies. Ted's heads father and his wife Jackie rather than calling the police. The Davies decided to interrogate the girls themselves. June and Jennifer sat on the couch with their eyes downcast refusing to answer questions about who they were and where they came from. It soon became clear. Clear that the girls wouldn't tell the Davies anything. Joe and Jackie took pity on the odds silent twins and order a taxi to take them home. They told the girls to never come back. But when Jennifer and June adopted a new interest it quickly turned into an obsession. The twins return the next day and every day for weeks after even the news that Ted had moved to Philadelphia. Didn't stop stop them. They quickly turned their attentions to the three handsome brothers he had left behind. They hoped that by showing up at the Davies House they they could entice the boys into our friendship or even a relationship they would stand outside on the Davies doorstep every morning even when it rained when joe realized and banish them the twins would wait under the bridge down the street hoping one of the Davies boys would notice them against. I all odds it worked seventeen year old John Davies and fourteen year old. Bobby Davies were intrigued by the silent staring. Girls US one day when their father and stepmother were gone. They invited the twins inside the house. The girls patients had paid off and here they were sitting inside with the boys of their dreams. Now if only they could talk to them but the boys always had a solution for that. John and Bobby introduced June and Jennifer to vodka and sniffing glue and paint thinner. Suddenly the girls were talking freely when they were high with Davies. They felt Mike Normal teenagers laughing jokes and talking in their peculiar rapid fliers tocado one night while they were all drinking brandy and smoking pot Bobby Davies brought the twins to a nearby church. He attempted to have sex with June but was unsuccessful but with Jennifer it was different. She wrote in her diary how thrilled she felt that bobby had taken her virginity and how she hoped he would be her husband. Two weeks later June also lost her virginity to bobby lobby in the church. She resented the fact that Jennifer had lost hers. I in their lifelong rivalry. She saw this as a defeat. Jennifer had the upper hand and when bobby rejected June in favour sister she felt it as deep emotional blow one night while the two girls were walking along. The river June snapped. She rushed Jennifer with a stick intending to beat her Jennifer screamed. If you kill me drive away your husband and destroy all your babies June through down the stick and lunged at her sister pushing her off the low oh bridge into the river. June grabbed hold of Jennifer slim shoulders and pushed her twin under the water holding your head down as she struggled. Who knows? How long does she would have held her? There had a car not crossed the bridge at that moment illuminating the two sisters fighting in the dark June June letter sister go and Jennifer rose spluttering to the surface despite her anger and hatred. June couldn't kill her twin twin. I love you. She told Jennifer. I love you too. Jennifer said holding onto June as she guests for air. The strange silent twins of Halford West were hopelessly intertwined both unable to tolerate or live without the other they had such intense rivalry hatred and love for one another that it seemed. They could never be free over the next few weeks. June Jennifer dragged each other down ever darker path but at its end. Lay a horrible cage. Mirroring the imprisonment of their twin ship. Next will follow the twins as they turn to a life of crime time now back to the story June and Jennifer Gibbons had spent their adolescence in lockstep they moved with synchronized I precision and refused to speak to anyone but each other in their bird like machine gunfire twin language after graduating from secondary. The school the girls found that drugs and alcohol enabled them to pierce the barrier that held them back from other normal people their age if only for a little while L. But even in their pursuit of the Davies brothers. They couldn't shake their habits. They were bound unable to be truly happy together. or apart perhaps dude their self imposed isolation eighteen year olds June and Jennifer weren't able to see how poorly the Davies boys voice were treating them though their relationship with the boys lasted less than two months it was tumultuous time Bobby often beat Jennifer and would sometimes take switch June. The brothers would call them names and refuse to give them food. Even when the twins spent the entire day at the Davies. Abe's house bobby would have sex with Jennifer. While June watched unflinching. He would sometimes have sex with June as well though. Jennifer was the prime object of his violent affections but on July sixth nineteen eighty-one. The brothers announced that their father Joe. US Navy officer had been assigned to a post in Virginia and the whole family would be leaving with. The twins. Treated the boy's departure archer with great ceremony. Both girls cut off locks of their hair to give to the Davies boys and they begged the boys to give them something to remember them by. Bobby gave them an old school blazer and a t shirt which Jennifer declared. She would never wash John gave them. I'm a winter jacket but demanded five pounds before he led the twins take it. The girls treated the old clothes. The boys gave them like prized his possessions. In return June gave John The gold watch had received as an eighteenth birthday present which he promptly threw aside for the twins life without the Davies was gray and dull. Having tasted twisted shadow of love love and friendship they longed for more June Jennifer took to wandering the streets of Haverford West stealing unsecured bikes and sniffing glue. They began binge eating seeking to drown their loneliness in food in her diary. Jennifer wrote about feeling deep coldness inside her. She saw other people as only her enemies and believed she lacked the warmth needed to have meaningful relationships chimps with anyone other than after a number of disappointing sexual adventures with village boys. June wrote about being fed up longing. I'm for a real romantic relationship with a man. The boredom was becoming suffocating. The twins felt they had to do something it. On September Twelfth Nineteen eighty-one the twins broke into the port field special education school near Haverford West. Jennifer used a rock to smash a window squeeze inside and unlock the door for June June. wrote about it in her diary. A Lousy Day broke into the port field special school inside. Was this wonderful. TV manage to watch the beginning of film with John. John also nick a few. Jackie megs really fantastic. Why do this nothing else to do? No friends nothing to fill in the cold. Our winter is here and all the birds will fly back south. I wish I could be with him to break up. The monotony of their new young adult lives. The girls escalated their faure's into petty crime. They never sought to cause real damage. Or make off off with significant sums. Instead they vandalized and stole to pass the time June Jennifer broke into more schools. Calls like Porterfield usually stealing a few small items and writing graffiti still refusing to speak to their parents or most adults face as to face. The girls delighted in calling the police station and taunting them with details of their small time misdemeanors but the thrill of stealing pulling snacks and magazines didn't last long June and Jennifer were desperate to find a new purpose like their interest in writing in the Davies Boys. This new journey into crime was quickly becoming an obsession and with each break in. They were growing bolder throughout October. June began to write about wanting to create a gasoline bomb quote. I'm planning on making petrol bombs a bottle petrol and paper then hurl it through the window. I'm going to be the biggest arsonist around and on October. Twenty Third Nineteen Nineteen eighty-one. They escalated their activities from theft to arson. The girls waited until nightfall to break into the tennis complex. Complex in Haverford West. They routed around before finally locating the kitchen dismayed that there weren't any chips or snack cakes. Left have to steal. They decided to try lighting their first fire. The twins sprayed lighter fluid across the tables and stoves they lit a match and set a small blaze which quickly destroyed the kitchen. The next night they turn their sights to the tractor store on snowdrop lane June and Jennifer had been writing about wanting to burn the shop to the ground for weeks after their practice. Run at the tennis courts had gone so smoothly excitedly went forward with their plan in the dark of the night. The two delinquent twins broke into the tractor shop. They quickly slashed gasoline all over the office and main storehouse before setting the shop alight. This was their resistance for weeks. They had been testing the authorities of Haverford West getting away with larger and larger offenses as they watched the fire engulfed the store. They felt untouchable here was proof that the twins could do anything they wanted. Finally they felt powerful while the twins were in their own world. Villagers had taken notice of them. The twins had a reputation for stealing bikes and making trouble and now a number of eye. Witnesses placed them at the scene of the tractor store fire. There was a storm of petty crime happening at Haverford West. The gibbons twins were at the center of it they were brought in for questioning by the police extensively for abusing the nine nine nine nine emergency line at the station. They refused to answer any of the police's questions so they were released with a warning and went right back to crime on November Eighth Nineteen eighty-one. The girls broke into a a technical college. However this time they were spotted by police constable constable radioed for backup and a few minutes? Later reinforcements arrived. The officers quickly entered the college and rushed to the room where the constable had spotted a broken window silhouetted sweated in. The policeman's flashlights. Were June and Jennifer Gibbons. The girls were caught red-handed spring. The room with a can of gasoline in in their possession was a bag full of stolen property a number of cassette tapes stationary and half a pack of mints. After two short months the twin powered crimewave came to an abrupt end in her book. The silent twins wins author and psychologist Marjorie Wallace wonders about the twins motivation for breaking into technical college that night they had seen the constable making his rounds. Out Front yet trespassed anyway. Marjorie believed that the girls wanted to be caught like with at their unorthodox pursuit of the Davies Boys. The girls wanted to be noticed by someone. Anyone stuck in their silent game with each other friend. Unable to express their wishes to anyone else they turn to crime to get attention. What the girls didn't know? was that the eight weeks of petty petty theft arson and property damage. Were some of the last. They'd spend in freedom on November tenth June and Jennifer were denied side bail. The police believe that if they were released they would re offend the to eighteen year olds were sent to Pucklechurch Remand Centre one one hundred thirty miles from Haverford West to await their trial. The female guards recalled that Jennifer and June were catatonic when when they arrived at the prison an hour after I shutting them in there sow one guard checked on them. Only to see there were both standing exactly Michaeli in the position she had left them in. They didn't respond to questions or to dinner being pushed through the door. The guards worried. The girls didn't understand understand English or had some sort of learning difficulty after a few hours of this one more entered the room and asked if the girls would like to rest when they didn't respond she enlisted the help of another guard to lift them both into the bunk beds that were bolted into the wall. June and Jennifer remained stiff and statues and the guards had to physically pushed their heads back onto their pillows. Both twins stared dared ahead. unblinking a guard used her fingertips to slide their eyelids closed. While they waited for their trial. June Jennifer felt powerless. They turn to food to exert control over their lives. They'd switch off with one on eating both twins meals for a day or two while the other eight absolutely nothing. They were both competing to see who could be these skinnier and in there is better twin everything. The girls did spiraled into a quest for domination at Pucklechurch. The sisters began the end to struggle against the rules. That are lifelong twin. Game June would have small moments of rebellion against Jennifer. They'd fought often at home. But in Pucklechurch they couldn't keep from attacking each other when they were put in separate cells. They both recorded extreme paranoia and anger at the other twin. Both were certain the other was eating when it wasn't her turn or being treated better in her section of the prison. As part of their incarceration the twins were required to attend association which was a supervised free time in the recreation room during association the Ation they would sit at the closest table to the door hoping to avoid any attention. Each would take a turn facing the room while the other would take the more desirable position a facing the wall but one night June decided to make a change. According to to the rules of their compulsive games they had to walk at exactly the same speed June. Purposefully traveled slowly down the corridor forcing Jennifer to move her pace by the time they reached the recreation room. Their usual table by the door was already taken. The two girls made their way across the room to another table on the far side. It was Jennifer's turned to face the wall so she turned her chair around and and sat a surprising. Noise came from behind her. She turned back to see that instead of facing the room like she was supposed to June. You was dragging its share towards the wall. She sat down facing it. Breaking the rules of the long standing game. June stared at Jennifer offer at once terrified of her sister and daring her to make a move. Jennifer did nothing but calmly picked up her book and began to read Jennifer wrote all the rays of her fear attracted me like a net. She knew I knew all I had had to do was snap all the girls would see me fighting screaming hissing and attacking like a cat. Who is sure of its revenge on a very weak rival? She would be dead and I would be free in my own mind. However that night Jennifer did not snap she simply stewed reading her own book until Association was over Jennifer felt rage at the slightest deviation from their twin rules rules she felt she had to bottle it up in front of the other prisoners but increasingly fantasized about beating and even killing June and in June often felt the same in prison diary? June wrote one of us is plotting to kill one of us a third on the head on a cool evening dragging the lifeless body digging a secret grave. I'm in a dangerous situation. A scheming insidious plot what how will it end at. Nineteen I want to be an individual independent from that bitch but in the same passage she contemplates how she can't live without Jennifer. How can I get rid of my own shadow? Impossible or not impossible without my shadow. Would I die without my shadow. Would I gain life and while Jennifer was equally upset. She also couldn't couldn't imagine a life without a twin writing somewhere. I have a real twin in this world. Jay Can't be my real twin. My real twin in was born the exact same time as me has my rising signed. My looks my ways my dreams Miam- visions wins. He or she will have my weaknesses. Failures opinions all. This makes twin no differences. I can't stand differences but fighting with each other. Didn't encourage them to speak to anyone else. During there. Seven months incarcerated at Pucklechurch. The girls refused to speak to their lawyers face to face preferring to phone them from another room room at this time. A psychiatrist named Dr William spry became intrigued by the twins behavior. And arrange to meet the girls like every other authority figure. He wasn't able to get a word out of them while face to face. Despite this spry thought he knew enough about the girls to declare that they they had suffered from some sort of psychopathy. He tried to convince the girls and their lawyers to plead guilty. By reason of insanity the lawyers could ask for the twins to be sent to Broadmoor hospital a high security mental institution in London. They're the twins would be treated and cared I heard for in the hospital would be a much safer place for them then. Prison to the girls. It sounded like a Victorian fantasy from the information. Dr Spry had provided they pictured themselves sitting on the lawns at Broadmoor being served lemonade by nurses in starched white uniforms uniforms. They wrote in their diaries that they saw the hospital as a chance to finally be normal there with an army of doctors and psychologists allergists to help them. They'd finally be able to talk but the girls didn't know what was really waiting behind. The walls of the hospital spital broadmoor had long acted as a place to lock up the most violent criminally insane offenders from across the United Kingdom instead of peaceful rehabilitation the girls would be sharing the halls with inmates like the murderous mobster. Ronnie Kray and Peter Sutcliffe off the Yorkshire Ripper blissfully unaware of the horrors that awaited them at Broadmoor nineteen year old June. Jennifer agreed to plead guilty. Not yet they're trial. June and Jennifer Gibbons finally stood before the judge on May Twenty Seventh Nineteen eighty-two they pled guilty realty and asked to go to Broadmoor hospital in the courtroom behind them. Gloria and Aubrey watched with bated breath the lawyers had assured them that after just a year or two of rehabilitation at Broadmoor. They're twins would finally be returned to them. Free Women after listening to the girls guilty pleas for their crimes of theft vandalism and arson. The judge heard the lawyers case for sending girls to Broadmoor when he was assured assured the institution was ready to care for such young inmates. The judge agreed that the hospital sounded like their best chance with a pound of his gavel. Apple he's sentenced them to broadmoor what the twins and their lawyers hadn't expected was the length of their term after weighing the evidence of their misdemeanors mental illness. The judge sentenced them to Broadmoor indefinitely. The girls would only be the free. Once the doctors at Broadmoor decided they were cured and the twins were convinced that they would not be cured until one of them died. Join US next week. As we try to unravel the double helix of June and Jennifer forgiven the two twins who strove to become one. Thanks again for tuning into unexplained mysteries. We'll be back Thursday with part two of the silent twins for more information on June and Jennifer Gibbons amongst the many sources we used we found Marjorie Wallace's book the silent twins and the BBC documentary without my shadow extremely helpful to our research. You can find own episodes of unexplained mysteries and all other podcast originals for free on spotify. Not only does spotify already. Have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy. All of your favorite red park has originals like unexplained mysteries for free from your phone. Desktop or smart speaker stream unexplained mysteries on spotify. 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