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Do something. That's not Adrian. There's no box of gaming. Don't deal in rumor. There. I will there. Nice. You were. Conrad tops. You're listening to wrestle with. And we are back in the saddle what's going on Bruce. How're you? Well, here Conrad Thompson just here by golly. Ready to rock n roll enough. Feels like it has been for ever. Well, we just gotta talk here on this microphones to your system that we have going on, as you will. Well, I wonder why that is Mr. Saudi Arabia, Mr. emergency dentist. You've had you've got some things going on in your life. Baby. Welcome back. Well, it's good to be back ready to rock and roll. We're excited to be with you today. We're going to revisit a raw from nineteen ninety seven we're gonna watch a long day, only courage to go to the WWE network. Even though you want to, and check out the in ring section, and then rawal replays, and then go to wrong number two thirteen that's from nineteen Ninety-seven, June ninth nineteen Ninety-seven. This is a fun show. There's a lot of stuff going on. Of course, I've admitted for years here on the program that nineteen Ninety-seven is one of my very favorite years wrestling, probably my very favorite and I'm looking forward to today's episode. Bruce, you haven't watched this show since it happened. What twenty two years ago, this is absolutely correct. I have not. So I'm looking forward to watch it myself. As a matter of fact, well, we, we appreciate you joining us with us today. Everybody we've got a whole host of fun. Show's coming your way. I do feel like we should run down that list. One more time. Of course we touched on at the beginning of last week show. We've got June nine June ninth nineteen Ninety-seven coming at you today next week. I'm sticking plugged king of the ring nineteen Ninety-six that is not what we're doing. We're doing king of the ring nine ninety four made the wrong notes. But that's been requested for a long time, Bruce, we're gonna talk about that main event that was Owen Hart's linking the ring. But Jerry Lawler and Roddy piper. Boy, that was just what's the what's the old saying oil and water. Yeah, there you go bowling shoe ugly. Virgil the yooglie it was yooglie on June twenty eighth. King of the ring nineteen ninety nine to do something fun on July fifth going to do a watch along of the July. Six nitro. I know what you're thinking on nitro on something the wrestling. Yeah. I want BRUCE'S opinion on the show where Goldberg beat HOGAN for the world title in WCW's, Georgia Dome, debut show, that was we've got Jim Ross coming your way on July the nineteenth. Fully loaded ninety nine on lots six Dirac from a window four on August. Second on August nine twenty years, Jerko, proceeded viewed back on August ninth nineteen ninety nine and we're excited to bring that to you on August ninth August. 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So that further ado, Bruce essay, we fire up this raw replay from June ninth nineteen Ninety-seven. Are you ready? Man. I'm ready. We gotta get everybody else ready. Make sure that they are all set because I got mine all. All road out ready to rock and roll. And if you're ready for the countdown, I'll do a three to one play. When I say play we're gonna hit the play button. Hey, before you do I want to tell everybody that I had a great experience earlier this week, I think told the story before. But I did it again. I had some friends and family in from out of town. And I got to spend the day with a tesla have you driven tesla yet? I have not driven tesla yet. I've little to we'll say environmentally. Well, you know, conscious, you know. Environment. The easy for me to say. Yeah. Forget the environment. I don't want to be conscious much less environment. His right now, so. Well, you know, had the head the brother in law. The former US jam in town this week. We were talking about tesla. 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I without further ado, cranking, you ready. I'm ready. Give us a countdown, and then we'll press play when you say play. All right. Here we go folks. Ready in three to one Palae off forgot. I love this open. I'm going to play the audience so people can hear the, the open because this is one of the best opening themes to Rawl ever. Here we go. Number one. The leader in sports entertainment comes theme music. Baby. This get you in the mood, doesn't it does. And, you know, the beautiful thing about it is, is, there is actually a building that looks exactly like this in upstate, Connecticut that we used to this was our favorite. We could get so many different looks out of this one place, and it was a fun spot to go shoot. That's cool. The no same building for all those venues. Yes, it was in know think about a man. It was bring on fire and a an inferno match before we even had a damn inferno match ban. What a fun opening theme. I just I love it, man. It was the height of fandom. I guess I was fifteen here about the turn sixteen just gotten back into wrestling. Thanks to that, damn whole Cogan turning his back on his fans. And I thought, what's, what's this? And then before I know I'm like, hey, if this is happening, w what's going on the WWF? Man, I was hooked again. What a different era. This is look at all the signs people are going nuts. And there's pyro Bruce, you're back with WB now. Do you miss the pyro or have you just gotten used to it? It's like it was never there. Tell you what after hearing, the pyro not being ready for the pyro the other night. I don't miss. You know, you, you save on underwear that way. Yeah. It's it'll catch you off guard. If you're not ready for the songs. Man different era. Always gave us good. It was fun to be. It was fun to be a fan come on out and just absolutely blow some steam off and the audience. This is a great passionate time. And I'll tell you what look at that reaction for the road, warriors. And of course, the other man in their six man team here. Ahmed johnson. What about those kneepads locations? Well shed those, which call pants Conrad got named Connie to go all the way up into the thought hamstring Bhosle. If you will Ahmen was won't padded up some bitch, and he's got the triceps on the side, which I like as well. So what's the purpose of the, the nape pads on the fast? We've joked about this for a long time, but I mean these guys are coming out with with screwed up haircuts, and face pay and spikes, on the shoulder pads, but somehow, Ahmed Johnson, still looks the dumbest stupid fucking pads on this won't want to know where the fuck, you got kneepads that he could stretch out that big. He's got some huge legs. I will never know. Would you. Watch his matches. It wasn't like he was taking bumps on his thighs as well. Man. It was just ashamed of his, you think I mean, I the flare used to say that he would pull his knee pads down, because he felt like he had what he called miniscule Cavs. The think maybe I'm at Johnson was. Russia. I'm not sure that he had any insecurities at the time if you don't wanna make any was big boy. And he had some damn big legs. But I don't know. I just think it was maybe I wanna look different difference. Good. Sometimes that to me is just different weird. What do you think the nation of domination here, I think this version of the nation's probably my favorite? Well, this is the beginning of the nation. Man. When we kind of started to grow it, and yet de LA Brown, they're young up and comer that no one ever thought would kind of break out the way the de LA did he was just a bit part player that could take bumps. Dealer was dressed. Like he's going to McDowell's to define the prints on coming to America right there. Hey, what do you make the, the dudes at the top of the ramp? Who those guys we have spent much time talking about that bunch that just couple extras just couple extras. It couldn't take bumps of can't take bumps day way from the rain. There you go. I got you. Okay. Got you bump taking nations. And then you got Saddam bump taking nations, the D low was part of the bump taking nation rest of them guys. Eight just nation followers. The can't take no bump. I guess we should mention that this show. We're covering. For more more than one reason, they, let's say, not just what happened in front of the camera, but what was going on backstage, where one day removed from the king of the ring, which is covered that on grill, and JR with Jim Ross? If you'd like to hear about king of the ring nineteen Ninety-seven, but this is the very next day. And this is the day where in that, that afternoon, those a little bit of a skirmish backstage, that got everybody in the business talking, you've told the story a little bit before and we, we certainly have recaps from books and newsletters. But when you realize, hey, this is the show that we're going to be covering this week, did you mainly remember all this is one Brenton Sean had the hair pulling quiet in the back. Well, not only that. Funniest part about it was I had just been in Hartford recently, and walk through this building went in each of the rooms where everything took place in kind of relived, some of those moments of Sean coming in with handfuls of hair, and the commotion and all the hilarity that ensued that day, we're going to get into that. But I do wanna mention some of the news notes that were going around at the time including Leif, Cassidy giving his notice to the WWF, but you guys reminded him. Hey man, you can't give notice just yet. You're, you're in the middle of a contract, and we can really over. But allegedly he was doing this as maybe play to renegotiate that sort of Jim Ross theory. Of course, we know that Al snow's gonna wind up jumping ship going as he w creating the, the head persona. And then he's off to the races. What was it about house snow that wasn't connecting here with the world wrestling federation in nineteen Ninety-seven, Jim Ross, Jim down on him? Jim wasn't a big fan. No Jim was too big of a fan of that. And that will work in your detriment sometimes whenever you're looking for someone and it will now I came in as avatar, it was every time that you would look for anybody to do anything, there would be this noise would happen, people look around like you just ran over a mouse. But it was JR say, avatar avatar to where bench just got sick of hearing the name avatar now snow. Did you roll to the corner right? There you damn right? Have you ever see those like? I don't know what that was. But I've never seen it before for crash. That was wild. That was a defensive forward shoulder roll. They're gone. Crushed shit. Some good shit with the tea set wrestle school Conrad. Yeah. But he's a giant like you, don't you'll see forward roles to make tag from giants very often. But we saw in there, and I started to say maybe says he's trying to escape on it, but I guess he's trying to escape animal anyway. Continue, it seems like maybe our snow was a victim of being JR d- where he just continually mentioned him to the point, the vents as like on principal now not going to push him. It just was something that, you know, we, we tried to come up with something without we did the leaf Cassie thing that was a huge flop, and that was my idea, but it sucked and it was a flop, but it was a way to try and utilize. I'll in get his personality out because Al snow. The human being is a funny son of a gun and he he's entertaining. He's hell of a good worker. Well, we were talking about what's new, what's, what's always good new, and improved new in this new. And that, so we had Marty genetic coming back, and that was the last time for mardi Janetti. But put it without snow. Make him the new rockers and Leif Cassidy was born out of that necessity. So let's needless to say didn't get over this shit, not at all, by the way, AL's new book has gotten over. I don't know that have you read this. We haven't talked about house new book, but it's tremendous. No Al has sent me, one hint, hint out send me a book. Well, if, if you're listening to this, and you haven't read out those book, go do it this week. I loved it. I even text. I texted you to get house number. So I could tell him how much on joined it. And the greatest compliment I can give was, hey, I wish the book wouldn't have ended. I wish it would have kept going. I hope he writes another one. This is really one of the better rooks, ever read on wrestling is called self life lessons from the bizarre wrestling career rouse. Now it's everywhere you would enjoy books all the bookstores like Barnes and noble have forces on Amazon and kindle and everywhere else. But it's a page Turner and it's different from most wrestling books. Can't recommend it enough. You know if I'm putting my stamp on it like this, then it's pretty good. This is really good. Check it out. Ask those new book is worth a look, but something that is worth mentioning. Here's who's no longer getting a look by the company when that nation came down, you may have noticed the PG thirteen tandem that we had grown accustomed to with nation no longer here. Of course, that's wolf e and JCI's those guys were Staples in Memphis and all the God over and now they're not here. What happened was there, some residual heat with Jerry Lawler. Did the rub some of the boys the wrong way is it just a cost, cutting measure? Now, it was kind of a combination of, unfortunately, just different incidents that happen with them either showing up later showing up, not in a condition to perform, if you will, and great yet. Look. Both of those guys will fee, Jamie. I thought were so talented good. God. They just they used talent. They really did weren't the biggest guys in the world. So to be able to utilize we had to find the right act for them. PG thirteen in the wrapping that they did. I thought was excellent gave them some life. But I don't know that they really able at that point in their career, to handle the fame and, you know, coming in late and, and maybe party in a little bit too much. Think that added to their not being there anymore. There's your pen fall ELO celebrating Peru takes the pin after the Pearl River plying, of course, the rest of the nation sort of abandoned. Him here crush and Savia were almost at the top of the ramp by the time the matches over. What did you think of amid Johnson winning never see around anymore? What do you think he's up to you these days? Probably soaking in a bath somewhere. I'm Ed like take baths. Really? Yeah. That's a rain DM. No. How do you know about Ahmed's affinity for baths, because retired when it would be like Ahmed would say, hey, you'd be on the road. He was going to go and have a drink. And he had to take bath have soak I damage, AR good at jacket. I got there, I was waiting on the off and that jacket looks fucking goofy. How about the terrible Photoshop here for the belt on Steve Austin, one of the worst Photoshop she's got damned graphics? Conrad terrible ASI on a shoulder man. Software's come a long way. This is unbelievable. Oh man. This is going to be fun. I love this era. I love the goal dust character here. This version of gold is super Superfund. He just resigned his contract in this era. He's gonna be sticking around a little longer, and the expectation is that mankind will too, and there is your new king of the ring and you've told us before boy Hoener fuck in hated that crown. What? That, that crown done something, said something really bad about hunter's family repeatedly because it was like Kenny is many times, as we killed it kept coming back to get killed over and over and over again. He destroyed it the night before king of the ring, but jokes on him. You guys had Andre freight us from AFX Marietta make multiple so he has another one here tonight. I wonder what's going to happen to it. I love that spot that we saw at king of the ring where mankind gets his head caught between the, the middle and top rope, of course famously. That's where he lost his ear against Vader over in Germany. But what a spot the encore presentation, we've never really talked about that a lot run the paper views on Sunday. And then you would promote that there's going to be a replay tomorrow night on pay per view. And so oftentimes you wouldn't even get the amount of footage would just got you guys would just show still photos. I know that it's going to not be a substantial number. But can you sort of freestyle of percentage of BAAs that you would? Get on a Tuesday replay as opposed to a Sunday, original airing well, what we would do is we would not only do the Tuesday but we would also do the following weekend. And do it a couple of times during the day since for a lot of the services such as direct TV and things of that nature, it was open. So wasn't like you're buying airtime. Ray thing it's just additional airtime to replay Intel people now you can plug what you missed and give. An opportunity to you. Can watch it on Tuesday night, you could watch on Friday night. You can watch it on Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, Sunday morning, give them different times to watch the thing, and I would probably say would account to maybe another fifteen to twenty percent depending on the attraction bottom line is there, one show that was a replay that really outperformed life. You knew you had a head on Sunday. But maybe it was a bit of a sleeper, but once people knew a happened. They were like, oh, we're answering. He go this talking about more still photos, sort of freeze frame areas, China break in the sceptre over the back of mankind is gonna take the pan with the pedigree mask it look a pedigree there. Oh, yeah. Is there one show in particular, you remember like man, the replays really outperformed our expectations? Well, I think, but by this time it was even bit of a different replay was the obviously, the undertaker mankind hell cell match that one did because word of mouth people wanting to see that. And maybe they had not seen it, you know live that night. But they came back. But the replays by that point were just it was second nature and it was being available more and more readily by then. I'm going to play a little bit audio here just for a second of hunters promo here in ring with fans. Johnson. Shawn Michaels stem, Steve. Austin have promiscuous. Ever gonna stand in my way. Again. A probiscus is now from Alabama. That'd be his his schnauzer. Yeah. I was I had deduced that that's what you meant just based on. Well, everybody making fun of AAA. She knows this is interesting because this is maybe a year late for Honiara think we've covered this ad nauseam here on the show that it was probably pencilled in to win the king of the ring nineteen Ninety-six, of course, the curtain, call happens, and that doesn't happen as a result. So instead, awesome. Three sixteen is born in. Thank goodness it is. But in nineteen ninety seven it's finally, hunters, Tom, do you feel like he matured in that year from ninety six ninety seven and do you feel like his in ring work, or specifically as promos and character development improved because the ninety seven version him has China and I think is probably a stronger promo, then he would have been in ninety six do you agree? I do agree. And I think that the entire package that whole presentation had grown in. It also helped him is a single kind of break. Away from Sean from everything else to allow him to step up and be a single star because he, he wasn't relying as much on Sean in anything else in. I think it was a good time for him in probably did hunter is much good. Not becoming the king of the ring. The first time. So mankind here is talking about his love of, John, how he wants to kiss her, and China in a very Mickey Mouse style voice says you can kiss my ass. And here comes mankind out doing a little promo on the big screen. Hopefully you're watching at home with here and that mankind's making his way down and Vince cannot. Wait hot-air? Yeah. So we're year away from him being thrown off the cell, and he's, he's already had a match on pay per view with Sean, and of course several matches with the undertaker, damn another crown wouldn't he know it to crowns in a row. He's destroyed on mankind's head. We'd better get another one quickly because otherwise people will not know that he is the king look at that piece of shit crowd. The way this is the best. Well, there had better crowns. Can we just say, no lawler's shits to oh, lawler's Waller's are even worse boy? Here's this being rude today, they are you're telling me, the lawler's looked better. Just trying to be complementary of somebody motherfucker look into it. Now, wait a minute. The, the old old crowns. Yeah. The OJ Bobby Shane used to wear whatever ones you like I'm talking about those okay by the one Bobby Shane used to wear. The Lawler, stole boy, just can't wait. You brought your shovels to today. Thank you. We respect mankind. All right. Whatever there you go. Now you're all hot and heavy now sunny here, Strutton at ask what that raw or shirt. Wait, wait, get rid of that lower third, what we need to see what are you doing? Man. Kevin was control of this would be shooting from below just gonna tell you now Bono murder. No longer active over no longer active. Wow. Were they not superimpose on the network like the or the number to call an order merchandise now? Like that's probably be a great idea. By the way, I would make sure that everything we ran a commercial for here on the network. We still sell now, we may not have a ton of inventory. We'll get those t-shirt presses going, Bruce pitcher dot com. That's the only place to go and just have it. Every word imagine as you listen to this, a lower third says, Bruce, Prichard dot com. Boom, I like it. Bam this, this version JR is interesting because, you know, he's committed to the black hat but boy, these jackets with the red slaves this feels like a fucking rib. I know it's not my goodness. What a bad idea. So there you go about couple of months ago in February of ninety seven the x press tour endorse LAN where we're going to see. Who's now the European champion, believe it or not the British bulldog, of course early ninety seven. They had a tremendous match over there in Germany to crown the new European champion between Owen and the British bulldog and we're going to see some highlights of the British BULLDOGS route to become a champion. How about that? Big vertical suplex on Vader. That's a, that's a hell of a fee. There's the match go out of your way to watch this when March third nineteen Ninety-seven, these guys had a really, really great match. Probably underrated. You've talked about it because you hated lighting events hated the lighting. But if all school wrassling, I kind of dug it, I know it was on tape delay, because, you know, it's in Germany, but a cool moment for David Bowie, probably top five moment. His career we'll certainly top tan Whitney agree. Definitely would the thing that sticks out there is just the God awful raw strength in power of Davey. Boy Smith is son to this day, you know, really. He has his well, but Davey was powerful. Look at Tony Timmel. How young he is there. That is unbelievable. Not just realize looking at this and I'm gonna text us till I failed Tony him. Looks like the lovechild of Bush Richard, Jim Ross. No, he does not if Jim Ross fucked Bruce Prichard Tony Chimoio is the result. Hey and speaking of good looking couples, there's one or Marlena as you locked to say was all the way live in ninety seven wasn't she she was in it was this was the end. Drudge Innis, as, as we all know the end, drudges goal, dust long with Marlena, this is one hell of a couple of man, and people forget, just how hot the gold dust was controversial at that time. This was had peop- this hat, people talking and people wanting to, to bitch about something find something to complain about by God. They'll do it. But look at this though. I mean this a really cool affect by you guys. I mean you hadn't done this letterbox format before you've got a gold filter gold lights. I mean you guys went to a lot of extra added expenses raining gold from the ceiling. I mean, you've got a major investment in this gold character. The presentation was quite unique different from everyone else, probably before or after the corner there. Marlena lighten up. Yeah. Would always be funny. We'd be nonsmoking buildings. The reaction to people that would try and make her put her car out in the middle of matches would always be fun sometimes because there was always one, sir. They got the European title as legend goes is the first time you guys use a J more, Joe Marshall belt, you had been using primarily Reggie parks for more than ten years at this point. And I think just to show the company what he can do according to the story as the story goes, he made this European championship. And I think it's green on the front and red backing as far as the leather, but he made this design and just Senate it to the office to sort of audio for me. Opportunity to make your belts. You guys locked it so much. You made it a fucking division. Is that the way you remember that story going? Or do you have a different version of events? Well, we ordered a European championship, we were looking to have a European championship bell. Yes, but he didn't just send us about. And then we say, oh my God. We got the spelt. Let's make it a vision. No, that did not happen. One of the things that people are going to talk about forever, and ever, as the, the Bret Hart Shawn Michaels issue backstage, we're going to get there, but I do want to talk about some sort of news and notes that are going on at the time, one of the things that weight killer reports is that the duties of George the animal Steele, and chief Jay strongbow are going to be cut back here. You guys are only running one how show tonight, so they're not needed as much, but they've been kept on board anyway. But now it's a cost cutting measure, so these guys are no longer going to be working fulltime with the company still kept on, but only as part time as a result George starts looking for independent dates, he's been with the company a long, long time. So being told hey man, we can't keep you full time anymore. We gotta take part time that had to be something. Painful for Vince, the do no matter what the financial situation right. Yeah. Anytime that you have to cut back people's hours and you have to cut back what they're doing that. That's tough decision to make because obviously, it's less money for them. But he did keep him on a we were using them wherever we could wear it made sense, travel wise for them and for us, but they were still with the company and just not working as much as they had previously. Also. Yeah. Jim Myers had had for a longtime Jim had the bag and Jim had surgery and quite a bit of intestine had been removed in Jim had medical complications. Well, he had gotten to the point where they made a device that he could close up the bag, Jim or those high tights anyway, in trunks that Jim wanted to work again, Georgie animal steel head Vince was just uncomfortable with him working, but I think the animals still wanted to get out there and take some days, actually working matches with his condition and invents wanna know part of that you've got a great, George stale story about international travel. Oh, yeah. The Owen Hart used to tell the story all the time when we went into South Africa that they detained Georgie animal steel at the border and. We Ron safari swallow and what happened and he says he was trying to smuggle shit across the border. But I'm that's the terrible joke. I mean, God bless and heart for being the got to come up with a colostomy Bank show. I mean, that is something, a lot of people could find humor in, but Owen found the joke in this yet, I guess I should set yet. Shit. Gold dust here, does a promo where he says that I it would be a European dream s to an American dream, if he were to win the title, and I think commentary, it's pointed out that we'll dogs wife, Diana actually won miss Calgary the night before. So that's kind of fun, little footnote here for this match. Miss calgary. Actually not MS. It was it was a MRs Calgary in Canada, because they get married. I think when they're thirteen that they have to have MRs Calgary's and things of that nature. But yet one MRs Calgary. Hanna still looks. I mean holy cow. She looks as good today, she did then she'll sustain amazing and her daughter is her daughter, Georgia is strikingly beautiful. Do wanna mention that? The show Michaels Brent. Harvey feet has been coming for a long time. I think everybody knows there's been a professional rivalry even before wrestlemania twelve but on the heels arrest money, twelve brat goes takes a hiatus comes back in the fall of ninety six and he's off to the races with Steve Austin survivor series. But the original plan think everybody knows was a rematch from twelve wrestlemania thirteen this time Brett, we get the win back from Sean. We know that doesn't happen because in February of this year, Sean loses smile and leave. He's magically better right after wrestlemainia, so Brent misses the main of payday and now they're trying to build towards the heart foundation and. And Bret Hart is going to have some of the best work of his entire career as a result. So even though this wasn't the original plan what we got out of it with some of brands best work with with the whole Canada versus America. And I don't know that, that would have ever happened had there. Not been some hate between showing Ambra and had Shaun not pulled up lame. We may not have gotten that work out of Brett and I don't know that, that gets talked about enough. What say you, Bruce? I wholeheartedly agree with you in. It was in so many ways Brett's attempt to say, hey, I'm viable in would point to the kind of reactions that he was getting internationally whether or not just in Canada. But internationally, Bret Hart's popularity was off the chart in Sean was still the, you know, like in many, many ways that favorite son in the states, you could take. The whole Bret Hart, evolution, if you will, and look at it, and just say. That will you are right. It was breast best work by Bret Hart, because he got to be himself in. He didn't have change Brentwood tell. Yes, we made him change for the heel, persona. But it wasn't that much of a stretch all work. A new one mention that a lot of heat. Now that brats back, of course, Brett's upset that Sean wouldn't quote unquote, do the job for him in return, the favor, wrestlemania thirteen Sean is upset because Brett comeback came back with a bigger contract. He felt like while Brad took a break, Sean, head to carry all the heavy lifting and, and put the company on his back through April May June, July September October and then force brat comes back in November. So he is of the impression that he deserves to be the highest paid he's the champ Brett's back branch, not the champ. And he's the highest paid now. Meltzer would argue probably the two best workers and performers and most. Over talents in the company at this point, Steve Austin, and the undertaker, but neither one of them are the highest paid either in the pecking order per Meltzer. It's Brett then, Sean, an undertaker and then somewhere down. The list is Steve Austin, well, this bubbles over into in front of the camera and Shawn Michaels is going to call out Brett and say that he's had some sunny days, and that's going to call some problems for bread at home. The he gets the adults calm down. But then the kids go to school, and the kids are hearing this, too. And now it's a real problem at home and Sean will say you only did that because Britain had sort of mocked him being in Playgirl. So they're going back and forth, taking some, some real shots at each other, and then bread is injured on the way to king of the ring has to have niece urgency. So we've covered this before. But he's in the wheelchair cutting a promo on Sean. And he supposed to stand up and get super kicked Br misses the queue. So raw goes off the air. With Brett just berating Sean, Sean, just taking it the super kick happens. But it doesn't make air little show it until the weekend. And then the following week on raw by the time they get backstage, everyone is furious. And as a result, Bret doesn't feel like he needs to try to power through the match king of the ring because that's where we were supposed to finally get Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, the rematch, and this was the night before this raw were watching I king of the ring, so inbred pulls out the call an audible, and they pivot. So now it's Steve Austin versus Shawn Michaels who found themselves as unlikely accidental tag team partners and tag team champions. And then when they get to the building here. Well things escalate from there, here, we see Ken shamrock coming in to make the save on Marlena. Boy, he got him how that one didn't he? Shamrock scary man and shamrock and bulldog those two bowls locking horns made for some good real solid believable matches. It is believable, because everybody knows how strong bulldog as that's been well established for more than a decade here in the company and shamrock has been position as the world's most dangerous. Man. So if you've got a legit bad ass against arguably, one of the strongest Gazan wrestling. Hey, that makes an intriguing match. Yeah, it does the intensity shamrock certainly let everybody know all his shit was believable, but, you know, going back to the whole, Sean and Brett situation itches was. One of the personality conflicts that wouldn't go away in no matter how much you know either one tried. They still at the end of the day was like, two kids, the head to get the last word in Numa, like, okay. Okay. You know, we're fine. Okay. I forgive you forgive you. Okay. Great. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Yeah. Your mama, still sucks. Oh, my shit. Like last the Million Dollar Challenge from discoveries on their their plugging here, a contest can't believe this is real at summer slam. You guys are going to give away a million bucks. We've covered that on our summer slam ninety seven episode go check it out. And in that skip out of the way signing was his role. Todd is roll tide gets when Todd Penton. Oh my gosh. Look at him. Would this. Michael Hayes is now interviewing a door. Yes. If I could get worse for me, mR nation, and he held Mark phone to the door. I can't eat. Hi. So here we're going to hear that fruit is saying, Savia Vega and crush or fired. And he's looking for them because they left him abandoned here, DOK Hendrix is still. On the pray all trying to get somebody to cut a promo for him. He finds crush and salvio. What do you think Savia saying here? John teach. How much money? Gone caso. What's wrong with eastern Puerto Rico, Mexico, Puerto Rico? I love you. Hey, how much what Michael Hayes pay to have that amount of hair again. Well now especially like the way that is all feathered. Nice neat little ducktail in the back, too. Okay. So here's the firing promo where where he's going to reveal that let's talk about what's happening backstage, though melts would right? Apparently the problems escalated before the show on June ninth is both were mating and long personal conversations with Vince, McMahon to the point that McMahon was having little time to converse with anyone else regarding details and attention to the on suing laugh television show, heart wind up going into Michael's dressing room, and the two began arguing, and there were eye witnesses to this, which basically said, they argue started fighting, and it was broken up rather quickly most versions have at the heart was screaming about how Michael's comments had affected his personal life and he crossed the line and Sean was a smart ass back the two and add it with most versions having it that heart started it, but Michaels was every bit as guilty and precipitating. It, it was believed to have been a one-sided short, tussle, which resulted in a few punches thrown and a large clump of Shawn Michaels hair being pulled out of his head to the point that was described that Michaels was giving a major ball spa. Hot Michael's face was all puffed up from the punches and he was bleeding from the elbow. Apparently from being thrown to the floor, heart apparently aggravated his recently repaired navy. But none of the injuries were serious, and the agents Briscoe and Patterson some other wrestlers quickly broke it up with Hartop Michael's pounding on him, and Brisco and heart argued loudly back and forth in another room for a long time before breath finally left the arena around eight thirty without appearing on the television show. Michaels was blown up from the fi in a little worse for wear, but not injured to the point. He couldn't have appeared on TV. He was scheduled to wrestle Brian pill in the television main event doing the run in after the Hart foundation. We're all scheduled to jump off. He was coming down the off the match. The Austin pill men, Matt had been hyped all we. And that was canceled because Austin reinjured his right knee, which was the good one by landing wrong and coming off the top rope spot during the previous night's match with Shawn Michaels. King of the ring the knee was swollen so badly to the point they decided to keep him out of the ring on June ninth. Although he was willing to cut it out during the match that just didn't want it to be hurt. Any worse given all the problems. They can add Austin to the list of guys who will be missing this weekend's major shows in Montreal. And Toronto Michaels was going crazy after the predicament and said he could never work against anyone in the heart foundation, because he couldn't trust them. Any ended up walking out of the building climate. He couldn't work or stay in this type of environment and just before the show was to go on the air at seven fifty seven. So these guys leave about a half hour apart, but they're both going, and Jim Cornell has version of this, that, that you can probably share with us will. Well cornet, and I were invinci- office when all this took place, we were going over that night show and just some different things when Sean burst into the room, holding two huge clumps of hair, and we're looking at it thinking, what the hell is that is, as small animal or what the fuck is that, and Sean went on to talk about unsafe working conditions in as not gonna take anymore, and that he's going to go home and Bret Hart attacked him. And, and basically from I don't know how many witnesses that were actually there. I don't know if there were any witnesses that were there other than Brett and Sean, for the fight that actually see how it started. And that's something that I think only those to really know what happened. But Brett, and Sean, both kind of told the story that they kind of locked in and kinda got it almost into a hockey fight with. Brett putting Sean through a wall like a false wall. We had those big sound barriers and they went into fell into shower. And then Pat Patterson walked into the locker room and heard the commotion and got in between them before other people could get there and kind of get in between them. But I don't know there were a whole lot of punches thrown or anything like that. Lot of hair pulled out, look what's going on right now. This is being knowledge on commentary, but Tommy dreamer, Oregon w shirt and Paul Heyman wearing AC w hat are coming down the stairs, and the crowd. And they're being knowledged on camera. How about that? Of course. They are my good friend, this is Hartford. This is my country. It is fun to see this happen. Because AC w positioned itself as the, the underdog renegade promotion, normal, acknowledged anything like this. But they are here, man. This furnace in LA fine. Man, what could have been these guys were some bad ass wrestlers before it ever reason the charisma, the persona character. Whatever it just didn't click here in the company, it really didn't. They were tremendous tag team, primarily found their success in Japan where they didn't have to cut promos. Didn't have to do anything other than Russell, you know, between the bell. So now when you come here, Lafan had difficulty with Lanc language was French Canadian in any had retard time, speaking, the language and being able to understand him and Doug, one really a promulgate. Duck furnace, by the way, is one of the strongest gas in the history of wrestling, and nobody really talks about that. But you would agree with that, right? Oh, without a doubt. Doug, had a lot of strongman records and all time. Like he had a squat record for a long time. Yeah. So the taking on the head bangers here, talked about the head bangers with Cheo are, and that sort of free styled that maybe these guys could have had a bigger career had they not been in the head banger gimmick. I mean, there are certain, they had a good reputation they're allowable. I mean they had a good matches. But maybe this gimmick, sort of pigeonholed them asked him. Hey, is that a Russo gimmick, and he surprised me with his answer? He thought it was probably a gym cornet gimmick, and he felt like maybe these guys could have had a better run as the head bangers had the explained a little bit with vignettes, what a head, banger was and maybe done some vignettes sort of give a back story to who they were. And while they were the way they were. Do you remember this being Jim cornet gimmick that was fascinating to me? It was Jim Jim cornet gimmick. Yeah. These guys were pre Rousseau. It's amazing to me. Let's keep going here with the discussion Meltzer would ri- other performers claim as he left the building. He being shown that he was screaming about how he was quitting. And the he could make it to Boston on time just as soon as he got there. Of course. Boston's were nachos being held at that point. The entire TV show had to be scrapped in a new show put together literally minutes before it went on the air. And the thing that I founded my research here that really stood out to me is an as a result of Sean walking out the Canadian stampede main of changes. I didn't realize that in the original version of that match Shawn Michaels is in there, and he's obviously pulled as a result of this scrap with Bret Hart and he's replaced with Ken shamrock, man. What might that don't get me wrong? One of the best main of insen WBZ pay per view history. Absolutely love Canadian stampede. But imagine the heat it would have been another fucking level. Maybe a mental health even possible but it feels. Like it could have been even a little greater. If shamrock was out and Sean was in. Yeah. That, that would have been riot quality. Back in the day. Like we say that would have been that hot white hot heat, just good riot quality where we, you know, tore, the house down and had them hanging from the rafters. I had the Bill that kinda shit. It would have been some good shit somewhere on the show, here, viscerally and is going to address the situation. This is all from the observer saying late show that both men had been sent home from the arena due to conduct unbecoming a professional and Jim Ross acknowledged the incident on the hotline calling in a fistfight and not going into any more details other than making clear it was not an angle and Michael had walked out on the WWF, and he didn't know what the results would be, but he acted lucky wasn't sure of the future of the tax him championships between Sean and Austin as a team. And that a decision about it would be made this week. Now, the next day Vince is going to send out an internal memo to executive saying last night in Hartford, Shawn Michaels Braves this contract by refusing to perform. We are hopeful, Sean will Rica. Consider his position and return to work. Sean, has four years to go on his five year contract, the doors open for Sean to return under the terms of his contract. Meltzer saver, she of that memo press time, it would have to be concluded that unless a reconciliation takes place for the time being Shawn won't be appearing on the house shows advertised or feature television shows there are no official replacement mashes aside from the change in Calgary since the incident had just taken place. What happens next should Michael's return is really a tricky situation. If he doesn't perform, he could would likely be suspended without pay. The question becomes can tighten theoretically, if things don't work out, suspend him for four years without pay when they continue to pay him as downside guarantee believed to be close to fifteen grand per week for not working to keep him from breaking his contract, and enabling him to go to WCW or could Michael's use the fi, and other incidents in the past such as when he was given a scare by the Harris brothers in the dressing room Madison Square Garden. To try to claim an unsafe working environment. As a way to legally be led out of his contract to go to W W, so we'll keep the dialogue going. But let's take a policy here. This unsafe working environment is something we had heard about famous line a guess, from Sean did Vince, worry. Hey, man. He's gonna try to use this as a way to go to WCW or did you just think, oh, this is Shaun Sean will cool down. I think it was Sean being, Sean. And we just kind of at that point had to get through it. So they went back and forth, all the time. They being Bretton Sean. So it was another. It was another chapter in that story. Allegedly, Sean, his father, had a meeting with Vince, McMahon on may eighteenth air out their problems. And at that time, Sean told McMahon that he wanted out of his contract to go to WCW, and he claims that Michaels told him if you went to be, quote, could be set for life and Vince refused to let him out of his contract. I don't remember ever hearing about that meeting. Do you remember meeting the Vince had was showing his dad or he asked for his release in may? So you could go to WCW. Yeah, I remember them having several meetings, as a matter of fact, where Sean was unhappy, and Ben Vince was unhappy as well. And it just. Those seem to be ongoing all the time. Not only just with Sean, but with Brett to of unhappiness and wanting either the other one's gone or I'm gone a lot of that play during that time. Allegedly. And this is according to the observer for reports that Michaels had a clause in his contract. Guaranteed him being the highest paid rest are in the company turned out not to be true. However, Michael claim that he and McMahon had a verbal deal on size when he signed his contract. Do you remember that being discussed that he had some sort of hear about that? A live with like, you know, on the WCW, south things famous favored nations clause. Do you remember hearing? There was a discussion at least from showing, hey, I was promised. I'd be the highest paid, and I'm not I'd heard Sean say that. Yes. And whether or not he actually had that, with Vince, I don't know if they had that verbal deal or not. But I had heard Sean say that before definitely. Bright wrote about all this in his book. He says king of the ring went down on June, the Cording to the new plan and the next day we were all supposed to be raw in Harford, Sean was nowhere to be found a happened to mention Jim, that as soon as I saw Sean, I was going to straighten him out once and for all I never thought Nihar could be the voice of reason. But he got a worried look on his face and pleaded with me. Please I just got back here. Don't do anything now. God bread. I need this job just forget about it. What can I say? I resign myself to not beating the shit outta Sean at around six o'clock, I went into the bathroom to jail, my hair before going across the hall type interviews and also prostate Shawn's reflection go by me in the mirror. I could see was up tight a smile. The Catholics said, hey, Sean, and he cut me off fuck you, you have a talked to me and over a fucking month. What makes you think I'm gonna talk to you? Now even though I had gel all over my hands. I was prime to go back to my original plan. But Sean vanish, the doorway pass crush was lacing up as boats and heard the whole thing I set out to find Sean, but he. Was going paste round the backstage area until Owen. Davies, Jim and pill men came to find me a no Shawn's watching from somewhere waiting for me to leave this room. I said, a Bessie the second of walk out of here, here, walk in all the stuff is in here watch across the hall, and walked into the interview room and crack the door open to peek back into the hall, Sean strode pass me in the dressing room and he was been over fixings boots when I'm more straight up to him and pushed him to his feet. You got something to say to me. He flicked a week, punch me and missed bouncing awkwardly. Oh my good leg a pop them on the fan rocking amounts. Heels he came for me. Sorry grabbed him buys, long main and pretended. I was doing a hammer throw at the Olympics, and I was dragging him around the room when a hysterical and frantic Lawler, ran and jumped on top of me. Unable to probably off, Pat Shannon for the other wrestlers to help but Davey and crush had no intention of trying to help save Sean, it was nothing but a stretch, fight really. When we were finally separated clumps of Shawn's, precious hair fell from my hands. Blasted him. Don't fuck with me or my family. You little fucker, Sean looked ready to burst into tears as he stopped across the hall of insights office. Shouting loud enough for everyone to hear Sean quit saying it was an unsafe working environment. And then he stormed off, slamming doors behind him and Vince, like a jilted lover whose boy, toy had just up and left him. But he told me that this had not only been inevitable, but long overdue his fault for not dealing with Sean sooner you told me to take the night off off Phil silly to have to come to blows over something so stupid. All everything in wrestling was supposed to be bullshit, that bullshit was everything to me before Rawls off the air Vince was hyping the inside story of a backstage raw between me and Sean for sale. The fans on his nine hundred number so chat me up. His version of events is maybe a little different, but not too terribly different from what we heard, what do you think of a statement, you know that Vince insinuated this was inevitable and it was his fault for not dealing? Sooner. This probably pretty accurate because I think if we had gotten everyone together and just nipped in the bud. I don't think any of us on the outside. If you will the weren't traveling with those guys day in and day out really understood just how far it had gotten. Yes, there was animosity, but you know what? There's always going to be animosity between certain people. And if we really knew it was really that bad type thing because a lot of times you'll hear, oh, it's really bad. You'll get everybody together. And it's nothing. It's just the boy stern the shit and making much do about nothing. So in this particular situation, maybe that's kind of how we looked at it that this is as much do about nothing to. Maybe there's a lot more smoke there. There's not a whole lot of fire. What do you think of that, that angle that just? Shot and the bathroom, of course, row here where we're seeing Brian Filmon and Steve Austin have a scrap in the bathroom sort of art imitating life. I guess, or maybe life, imitating art because that was taped from king of the ring, but at the king of the ring show, he he being Austin pronounce Val attacked Bill when from behind and put his head in the toilet. And they had a camera in the stall Klondike bills. Now what did you think of the Brian pill Mun getting sorely? Loved it because we talked about just kinda different shit. You know, when you when I was a kid playing football that was almost every day. Life situation that took place your I you know, like two or three weeks a football. The, the freshman coming in, or the, the sophomore juniors that were starting on varsity. That was kinda ride a passage. Somebody was getting swirly almost on daily basis. It we're talking about just locker room antics, and that's out came up. And that was real life, just watching that take place. And I thought that it gave a good real real vibe to ship. Breaking down breaking down at Tulsa by God. Hang on the sorely was your idea. Yeah, that's tremendous. I love the everybody anytime I assume I mean, I just assume if there's a toilet humor, if there's some sort of shit reference or joke bathroom whatever it's Vince McMahon. But no. In this case Bracy. Yeah, it was. But it was came from conversation with pill men talk. We're talking about just locker room brawls just shit. His kids playing football and that came from a conversation with Brian pill man. So let's, let's give you showing version of events from his book, you know, because they say you know there's there's. Mavra junior version and the truth somewhere in the middle or have they cliche goes Shawn's version of ants on June ninth, we had a television taping at Hartford, I was in the dressing room when he came up to me and said, I just want to say cut him off before it could finish. Don't talk to me haven't said a word for three weeks. If you can't talk to me for three weeks. I don't wanna talk to you. Now, I don't think Brett was used to people talking like that to him in about five minutes later, I'll starting around and get some geared on my back and I felt somebody push me from behind I turned around and bread ask what the fuck sheer problem, you yelled, he tried to punch me, but peeled back and he missed. He pushed me again. And this time stood up. He swung again. And miss, and the next thing I know, he went for a double leg dob, I called him around the upper body, and we win straight back through a piece of paneling. We had each other in front face locks when Patterson Davey boy, came over and grabbed us Pat was yelling. Come on Goss. I'll let go and Brad yanked a handful of my hair off my head that hurt like heck. I didn't retaliate fine. It was over I went storming into Vince, his office. And I told him I'm out of here. This is BS a so Aldo Mottola, who later wrestled. Here's just incredible asthma. Forgive me rod back to my hotel. He wasn't wrestling that night. So he took me a missed the show and flew home the next day, Vincent. My lawyer skip McCormick who hired found out that Brett's contract a letter stating that I had violated my contract. Skip responded by riding a letter claiming that WBZ failed to provide a safe working environment. And skip told me they were trying to blame everything on me. But once he wrote the later, it would be back in their lap, and they would ask me to come back. That's exactly what happened in a few weeks. We settled everything and I was back as far as I know nothing happened to brat as a result of the fight. I mean, you know better than me. What did happen to brat as a result of the fight anything? I don't really recall what the hell happened with Brett I don't think I think both guys were reprimanded in basically scolded, but I don't know that they're ready monetary fines, or anything like that, because both guys were guilty and Vince just wanted to get beyond it. So move the fuck on and get over yourselves. What we're seeing on the screen hair. This is before tweets. These are internet messages. Where fans are praising king of the ring, and you're, you're showing as a way to sell king. Also the best pay per view in a long time. Owes a great lead in for summer slam. This is a fun way to sorta continue the sale for the pay per view, but not something you did very often are you doing this just as an effort to do whatever you can bring out some more cash? I know that in ninety seven things are kind of lean at different points in the year. It's a way again lies in every medium that you had. And this internet thing we didn't know of his take off or not with something new that all the kids were into so try to just exploited any and every avenue that you possibly had. Mister Monday night. Robin damn come into the ring here. And of course, Tommy dreamers brand is to chair here. It's a pad achier says raw is war to collect share, but whatever he still wants to swing in Iran van Damme and see the guardrails already disconnected over there, which is kind of fun. But of course, Paul Heyman has a real issue with Jerry Lawler, and own assay real issue. I mean, you know what I mean, I guess the story we need to tell everybody here is Robin, damn has quote unquote. Defected from the extreme championship wrestling organization because he thinks he's good enough to wrestle on Monday nights. So his services are now available. He's calling himself, Mr. Monday night, and Jerry Lawler is maintaining that the CW Raina is made out of shit, which is extremely crappy wrestling. Yes. Oh my God. Look at this. What a commercial the pro max award winner was, yeah. That was a big deal. That was one of the first commercials we ever entered like, you know competition for EMI's promo which was the advertising award deal. And it one. Yeah, it is kind of funny. You've got all your stars. They're promoting summer slam and the ad very well. Who would have put that together. Well, I can't say Chris chambers, so I'll probably say David Sahadi, because I believe was Hoti actually hit that time. But that whole crew chamber Sahadi and everyone see this past weekend. AC w arena was the host of Jerry Lawler doing an invasion. And when they turn the lights off and turned back on, and it was Lawler, there, the fans were ready to riot. They went nuts and raw van dam is going to be featured here on Monday night raw because lawler's giving in this opportunity to get rid of his e c w employment and finally become mister Monday night, and he's gonna take on other CW alumna too cold Scorpio who's now wrestling. Here's flash funk, and of course, what we've set up is a match for hardcore heaven in August of ninety seven which will be Jerry Lawler taken on Tommy, dreamer down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the war memorial. So. This. AC W WWF relationship is basically put in place. Try to counteract the I don't know the hotness of the end of, of because WCW is running roughshod over the company in Vince is now willing to take chances. Maybe he hasn't in the past fair to say, yeah, we, we definitely were, it was also we were in need of someplace for talent to go, and in some other place to find new talent and bring in groom. Some new talent EC w was alternative. E c w was some place. We look to have an exclusive deal with so that talent working, there would have available to them first option being us. And that was the that was the general agreement between. EC WWW. They're going to do some, some innovative moves here. I think you're say a split legged moon saw a minute from raw van dam, which is probably the first time something like that had been done in the WWF. What was the impression of? Robin dam by the front office here in the summer and ninety seven. Well, look, everybody liked, rob think that people felt the same thing that they still do a lot of times of some of the younger talent that there was more emphasis on moves and high spots, what have you versus selling and telling the story. So that was the overall consensus, and rob did some very unique shit, but rob was a little different in that rob could sell rob didn't know how to work, and when he took his time shit was very believable very snug. Just ask anybody including rob. And I think that rob van dam has a very unique charisma about him. That he looks like somebody he carries himself, like somebody and his got star written all over him. Man, this is fun to see because I was too, cold Scorpio fan always been a big rob van dam fan, and the is happening just in the middle of random raw ninety seven is, is pretty fun. And what's cool. What a moon salt, man Scorpio had one of the best looking moon salts ever. Didn't he Scorpio can do it all? And I think that if we'd gotten Scorpio probably two years earlier than we did before the injuries and four he was just totally banged up and is best bumping legs were behind him. I think that it would have been a completely different story with Mr. flash funk. See, think you guys would have known what to do with two colts for peo- in ninety four rather than ninety six when he came in because ninety four he still trying to figure shit out for Attala like him. It feels like I do think so, because again, we didn't have the banged up. We didn't have the injury prone. We didn't have you know, he didn't have all the nagging injuries. And baggage that he had just two years later think about, you know, two cold Scorpio in late ninety four early ninety five like oh and heart the type of matches those guys get ahead together would have been absolutely incredible. And I think that Scorpio probably could have helped lead that group of not bigger guys Scorpio wasn't huge guy, but he was big enough. He was thick enough, and he can hold his home with the heavyweights. That's what I was going to say when he said he wasn't a big guy I mean for him to be able to do the, the, the acrobatics that they can do. I mean he's probably what two thirty. I mean that's pretty big. It'd be doing some. The stuff he's doing no ship. Unlike Robin damn dunes shit. Rob van dam. Does it his weight, and it's both are incredible athletes? And I think that that's what made him difference here is Paul Heyman. I will take I am going to hug, you, Jerry Lawler, the scarlet, there's a skull at the hats off and the ball zehr. Ball's not covering up from punches Lawler. He's just covering up. So you don't see the top of the said. Paul having the really long ponytail, but the really thin hair on top. I don't know why. Oh my gosh. It's very Michael Hayes current day. Well, we call it the skull at the it's just a off that was. That's the referee there. I thought that was Hayman for a second. All the bald hair. Alana's got that hair in the can that he ain't about leading, but, you know, get get too wet fall way. This Jerry Lawler. Dommage roemer. I don't know why that random pairing tickles me. But it does. I want to mention we saw earlier, you know, we were talking over it probably about Britain, Sean, we saw a, a backstage, little clip of Mark Mira with his back to the camera where he's not aknowledging. He's on camera sort of talking to say Bill and sable nodding with her head down. I guess he sort of. We're definitely setting the stage for him to be the he'll he doesn't want wife to do this, or do that. It's good stuff. Especially when you know what we're going to see here in a little bit. It's one of the highest rated segments on these shows back then was labor. Not just sable fucking walk into the ring. Absolutely. I do. Wanna mention the show were watching right now. Got a two point one eight for the first hour and a two point three oh for the second hour. So the rating wads up at a two point two four you compare that to nitro which got three point one over the first hour and a three point seven five for the second hour nicer gets the three point four three. So a full point higher than what role was pulling in pretty incredible. How far ahead WCW was here, especially when the quality of the stuff that we're seeing here from the F is really good. A lot of that is because of this guy, Ken shamrock fans. Had been accustomed to him being the world's dangerous. Man. They had plugged promoted him as you know what ABC says, is the world's most dangerous man and conversation with Jim Ross about shamrock and asked him the same thing that he asked you for years here. Why don't you guys not do more with shamrock in ninety eight felt like he was prom for the big push? We know now why he's out here rinkside because they're going to start setting the stage for him to be a part of this, July pay per view, main, event, Canadian stampedes heart traditions come into the ring. He said that shamrock had proven to be a little unreliable at times, where he would miss dates, or he would be late shows even oversleep and MRs plane. Maybe he's a little too much partying. Maybe just wasn't taking it seriously. But it happened on more than one occasion. And eventually, he had to find him a whole weeks pay told him he wouldn't do it again. He would just cut him and let him go. Do you feel like Vince felt like, hey, I can't mecca matab Goth. He's not reliable. And that's the reason he wasn't able to level up. Or do you think there's a different assessment? I think that that's that always going to factor in because. If you can't rely on somebody to show up on time and come to work, then it's really hard to plan around him is sid makes his way to the ring so that it's that definitely goes hand in hand. But also, as far as Ken didn't have the best verbal skills, and could not cut that, that problem that you wanted in the ring nothing wrong with his ring work, and nothing wrong with his intensity there, but it's the total package. That's going to sell the total package is going to be pushed. It is fun. You know, when sits come into the ring, and we're saying, well, fence can't rely on won't give you the top spot. I guess if you're six ten and look like a Greek God, he'll make some concessions every now and again. Yeah. But not for long. That's intially. It'll. Yeah. Eventually, it will come back and buy gin the aspect to during softball season. We've talked about it before. But I always loved the, the said, pyro piece, I'll admit I'm. Ignorant to power. Oh financials. What's something like that cost to, to run that said affect the, the flaming s ide-, just ballpark? What would you say? Oh, god. I have absolutely. No idea. Whatever, I'll tell you be ally. But that, that particular piece really for that kind of pyro. That's not that expensive, those sparklers. Still looks cool, though. Live dozen looks great. And that came from the idea of the original win Lawrence Taylor. Wrestlemainia levin. The pyro was supposed to be this giant LT, coming down from the ceiling with sparklers and everything and the first time that we did it in rehearsal, the, the T broke. And so we didn't use. Not funny. Conrad? We just have L in a crooked, t it's true. It's true. He was able t not crooked t-. What can you tell us we just saw Paul Heyman out there? We just been a lot of time talking about Paul outside of you MAC in front of the ball spot. How's Paul Heyman with the office and the boys and the talent, and all that because this is a time where a lot of his guys are jumping ship, and they're leaving him whether it's to go to WCW where, you know, raven has just left. He's gone WCW. He's been one of the top stars and allegedly. They're talking to a lot more like Stevie Richards. And of course, we know that trans gonna continue Sandman Machi whip, Rick on and on. Was he and all concerned about some of his talent maybe being picked off by the WWF, even the things are good. If it's really wanted, one of these guys, there's not much pocketed, stop, it Paul's definitely concerned, hints, why he wanted to make the agreement work with us versus against us, so that he had some leverage to be able to come back and utilize, you'll get a Jerry Lawler, for his paper, view or even a gym cornet, or whoever that may be. So we were reciprocating to e c w's that was good for balls business. Tell us what you see here when you're watching this match for the first time in a long time I see Owen heart just showing with little tiny things. Why he is. So sorely missed because he was so frigging. Good working with a guy the same size as him or in this case, working with somebody damn near a foot taller than him. And maybe even having, you know what shit seventy pounds on him in sid vicious, and this look and making it all believable because Owen was just that good everything he did you believe from Owen in from his opponent? Yeah. Own heart was one of those guys you put in the ring to make somebody. Poboy then said with his whatever those strikes were. What I don't know. It's just full into here you. Oh boy. Boy, that's very Pat Patterson. Oh boy. Sometimes that's all deserved. Neidhart pick him up to drop him. I don't think Sydney what the fuck where where are we going? What are we doing? Put me down. Yeah. In terrified of it. Yes. Here comes shamrock to right the wrong here. That is a load Ken shamrock belly to belly suplex seeing Jim neidhart is a load. Funny go through here and you look at this and Mike key. Ota looks like a baby. Kid, mike. He'll, of course, third man in the ring referee in and Mike is age a little bit, and these twenty years, twenty five shit. Twenty two what you know what I mean? Conrad, don't make me do math. Psychosis or winner bog out. You gotta love some of the signs in the bag. Hey, elk boy. Oh boy. Elks boys listening now somewhere. He think I think he is. I think you'll I think Moyes hung in, in his big something wrestle with fan. About the ones I just I'm on TV. Yeah. So there you go. Last last Saturday on shotgun, Saturday night. When I see shotgun side or not being filmed in the arena. This is just not what I remember about shotgun saw I like the, the original incarnation where we're in these small little intimate. New York City clubs. That was fun. It was boy that was a pain in the ass. Oh my God. That was a pain in the ass. You would have to go to different clubs different just different situations every single week and new challenges every time he turned around. Here you go. One of the highest rated segments on the show, believe it or not sable modeling raw Moore shirt, and you guys were Max, Mosley, whatever revenue opportunity, there was here earlier, we had sable monitoring the shirt. Now I mean sunny. Now, I've got sable or pushing the replays, real hard with video and still clips and quotes from fans. He's about that business by and. She goes, you better believe it every chance she can you go out and get the dollar dollar bills starting that ass? But it's I mean this is twofold, this is going to be selling merchandise. Plus, get your talent exposed get them out there in front of people where they wanna see more throw a little story line in there. And everybody's happy that Mark marrow gig for all I have to do a step out of the curtain for just a second wave. My hand like come on, and then grab a lady by the wrist. Bring her back womb, giving my check vents I'm dying. Hey me. I'm beat. I'm going to the house, pay me. Well, Shannon Frye ash. I'm how m- hair mckendall hat, and I'm reading one way or these. Thanks think silly. Thank you making fun of me. No, no. But this was a little uncomfortable that we're gonna go to here right now. And. Damn vanson. I'm just got to say it. So going to the mankind interview, the sit down with Jim raw this payoff. Right. Yeah. I think so. I think this is as a reminder, by the way, you know you guys positioned. This is a multiple part interview. I've always been fascinated by this. She got clips from FM, w you got clips from AC w. How did you go about licensing? The FM w footage. Which is asked them. We had good were working relationship with them through Victor neonates and Kenya. Nays had ownership in lava that stuff. So they were happy to do it, though, is, there's a multi part interview here for weeks where we're getting sort of mankind story of, you know, what's, what makes you the way that you are type deal and we learn about dude love, and we learn about, you know, him hitch hockey and seeing Superfly Snuka jump off the top of the cage. And so we get the real back story and we also hear about his pain, as a kid, having the worms and things like that. But this is going to be the payoff believe this week, but he's been positioned as the sympathetic baby. Face up until now where, you know, kids, made fun of me and they remained me and I just wanted to fit in and I wanted to kiss a girl, PLA blah, blah and even earlier, you know, when he's telling China, I'm good kisser the night before, you know, he came out that king of the ring without Paul bear was, you know making fans like okay well maybe he's a good guy. Now. And AAA two is definitely a he'll speak the shit out of him even after the match and happened earlier, even on this card. So we've been positioning him so far as okay? We're gonna leave the baby face are the heel persona behind. We're gonna eat them into being a baby face now, telling his real story and getting some sympathy. But then at the end of this, if he fucking attacks JR, like since it's pre taped JR's been doing commentary for weeks since this. He knows that the end he gets attacked, but he's still selling the man cons a baby face. But. He's about to get attacked what the fuck. Well, if you wanna make someone a baby face attack JR trust me. Just saying. So, yeah, I it was one of those compelling stories and this was something that this whole this whole interview deal was unbelievable. Something JR actually pitched to do to bring out to the story of mankind kinda get beyond the mask in the music. And what we had done up until this point in kind of dig into the layers of Mick Foley and the different machinations of this character in cactus. Jack inlet all these multiple personalities. Come out in a quote sit down. You know, real interview right to let people know sect that sixty minutes, when you, you view someone one way, because their job, title or actions of their past in you dig deep in that interview, and you find out. Hey, now, I under. Stand why they did what they did. And that was the idea here with mic in. I think it was absolutely masterfully done on all parts. Come on comfortable here may with your you're you're, you're looking AMI, and places that sock on your fingers from the mandible claw on a I don't don't hit yourself mic. That's that's disturbing. I don't know. Jerry looks like he just smelled a really deadly fart. I'm going to play a little audio here for papal home versa. Dr Jackson, twelve inch Leedle this line. So I can wrestle one more day. Let the party begin. I believe you sit here and ask me those questions. Do I bring it on to myself, haven't done a damn thing to you? All you've done people is this, this is my favorite look for mankind. I love, I love the hair shaving of everything in the year pulled back all nine yards there, unfortunately hat, did come off. But all my God. JR's down. They are down. God, I love the, the squeals that may cons by king. You know it's almost like a pig. Set me up. Realize this when when he stood up. And sla- tipped has had up with his hand. He says you're gonna sit there and look at me with that smug. Look on your face that's fucking word for word. What may I mean? What Vince McMahon said when he smacked the papers out of that guys handle HBO is awesome. Yeah. Well, so there you go. Her feel bad for JR, by the way, I, we talked about this briefly on, on Jim Ross's podcast, killing JR, and he says that he gave him the working mandible claw, and I'll be honest. I didn't know there were two versions. Couple of different versions there. There's, there's a couple of different working versions, and then there's a, there's a house show version, and there's television version. Yeah. Tell everybody about the different versions of the man of claw. Well, there's the mandible claw where he sticks at thing. Dan, you're Gullit actually six fingers down your throat and then there's one where he actually will pull the fingers in. It's just put it on your lip and. It's just for the depending upon who you are as what version that you actually get. But ain't JR got it in the gullet there looked like he got some of that in there. He didn't get the undertaker version of it. He says he got the, the working version. So just went down in front of the Chan, but you're saying now, he probably wanted to rid the office and jammed in there. Well, no, it was close close up television. You gotta do good for TV talk to me about the curator genius that his rockabilly. Well. Bart? Billy can run their courses Cowboys. Trying to come up with each to do something a little bit different. And honky was getting back in the fold and bents was thinking of utilizing the Haughey talk, man as a manager to help get some guys over the didn't necessarily have the best speaking skills. Billy Gunn kind of fit that category. So to do a. I guess. Rockabilly was another version of, of double j with. With a billion so to speak. But it just yeah, that was another one. She's kind of a fart in church. And I thought you know, okay, folks. Yes, that was one of my shitty ideas, but I. Thought honky I thought honky and make a really great mouthpiece. And people think honky over shadowed anybody that we put in with because he was just such a strong personality. I love part of that interview. We just saw you should go back and watch. It's the fourth and final installment of this interview series, JR ask cactus. Why never came to the WWF, and he says, I wasn't welcome out of Seth that every year, every time I put the mandible claw, and I'm thinking it's been in masking. Why don't you take me when I was good? Why don't you take me when I was young that was tremendous. Because it's the truth. That's why feel so good, because that is part of Mick Foley, deep down, that is so much a part of his. Of his story that if we had mic back when mic was not as beaten up, not as beaten down per se. The thank you would've had a completely different scenario, but at the same time, there's nothing wrong with the mankind in the Mick Foley that we did get. He had one hell of a great career. All league. Rog ability. He's doing the rockabilly. This was called rockabilly. Do want to encourage everybody in to watch the interview they talk about in Shawn Michaels. And of course, that's in the interview series were. I learn about dude love, and he says about Sean, we had the same dream wa does he look like he dies while I look like live like this think it's unfair for me to wish him a lifetime of misery. I don't think that's unfair at all. I think that's a perfectly logical thing to ask. I'm not a shame. I wish him and a lot of WWF superstars nothing but trauma, and tragedy in their professional personal lives. Does that make me bad person? Get stuff great stuff, because it's true in, you can feel that I think people at home when they look at someone that they're jealous of, say that should have been me. Is there anything wrong with that depends on who you ask? It was funny too because. When he finally attacks JR. You know, he's saying it's time you do your damn job is time, you put aside the facade of journalistic integrity, you tell people week after week. Mankind might like pain, powerful man, Jimmy the ability to reach a lot of people spread the truth. And you neglect do it. Let me ask you a couple of questions. What is it about paying than I love see, I feel pain? I heard just like every other person that's we started hitting himself. I says you see that that hurt. So that's when he attacked him. But then afterwards as JR's you know, coughing hacking away. Mankind backs away and says he's going to need some help. Cowley's one of the best characters ever. And here's one of the best factions ever Hartfield Dacian gearing up and turn a happy with camera being there. But we're breadth not there, he left, but everybody else's they're nice way to go to commercial there who would have done a shot like that. God. Well, I probably did it at that point. But it was just again, you're always looking for different things to do in a different way to make Saint presentation. And that was that was it utilizing the personality of Brian pelmet? What would he do and make make his shit appear to be different? And this was just I mean good. God, Stephen pill, Mun, what could have been man. Film would have been able to go. Of course, they did the single in late ninety six because the plan when you got signed, pill, one was that his, his ankle would heal, and he would be able to go and, and every time he was ready to go. He couldn't. And even here, he still hasn't this is first match back and it's not going to happen, the way we hope it will because he's still not ready in, of course. Austin is the person who's tweaked his name the night before. So he's the reason it's not going to happen here, but Hillman, despite all the surgeries and all the best efforts and all the patients in the world, he just can't get right with this ankle. No. It was a lot of snake bit man lot of injuries and just shit going on. When you think about how many injuries how may start stops that we had was stone cold and trying to get him in still the level of success. Unheard of at the time with Austin, just says, so much to how strong and how over that stone cold character was. Pat Patterson out there with his green silk. Jacket than brought him back from Hong Kong that he wore everywhere. Jay guy chase probably cigarette behind zero two. Always used to love whenever Pat would go out. He would either have a cigarette or pencil behind his ear. You never know. So many kinds out here. Of course, the long-awaited stone cold Brian pill match is not going to happen. Mankind's gonna fill in with film, and it's just going to sort of be there is what it is not exactly the way you guys were hoping to today, byu and show off your big investment Brian pill man here. I mean it's been a long time coming. More than a year at this point. And we're still not we're still not getting it. No, we're not in also it's, it's. You're having no idea. How is going to hold up which just did not know in taking a long time to be able to get this far to get him in the ring to see so crossing your fingers gone shit. Now, the guy that we just built the program around for the last hour, many months now he's heard how long is that gonna take so many unknowns? And so many times we would get snake bit when you started get something going and feeling good backdrop, pro fucking ramp man that has no give none. It's still just this thing like there are countless bumps like that. That Foley has taken over his career that. You know, people don't talk about, but my gosh, getting backdraft on the ram. The steel ramp is just something else. I mean this guy I've seen him before it on the top rope. Here we go. We're going to replay here. What a sickening sickening thud. This is. Here's head. Dang has anybody given more to wrestling than make Foley? Dude, that dude was just he's throwing himself in every time you say he's even messed up the mankind masses coming on done here. Bastard. Fitfully. Well, it's kind of, like the, the crown from triple h. How bad that masks mail by this point? I don't I think it smelled pretty bad but not nearly as bad as Vader's gloves. We end end mask Vader's mask and gloves were all kinds of different levels, stinky. It's crazy about to how much of this talent that we've seen on this show used to be a WCW talent. You know, Brian pill, Mun mankind. I think a lot of people forget that Owen Hart, even had a Cup of coffee there. Obviously, Steve Austin Marc Mero sid two cold Scorpio rob van dam was there for a Cup of coffee. I mean just on and on as you go up and down this show, you know, guys like gold dust and the British bulldog and for Ruch. So many of these guys had been on the WCW side of things I mean, even road warriors and. Yet here they all are here, and they're going to set the woods on fire. Absolutely. Look, the clumps of mankind's hair in the middle of the ring, holy shit going around on this show. Yeah. That was mixed gimmick to pull his own hair out. So let's talk about the next day after this big, Brett showing debacle happens here, the next day Tuesday morning, what's your conversation with Vince like? Well at that point, you just have to look the immediate future. You can't really make any long term plans you have to look at what's in front of us right now. What do we need to adjust? And what are we gonna do? And man, you make your Justice on the flying. Go. So it's, it's, it's a matter of what's in front of me. And that's how you have to look at it. And then, once you have time to come back and evaluate know where everybody is no win. You know, you can actually make a decision based on suspensions or whatever, you know, attitudes whole nine yards, then you can make those decisions. But right now it's let's get let's get through what we have to get through right now. Double armed ADT is calling for that mandible claw. Looks like something else when he's holding up like that doesn't it? Slow Steve Austin ish, doesn't it? No, man. See. And now the Hart foundation. So now it's firmly set that we know Kim shamrocks going to be one of the guys in that ten man tag. And we know for sure that gold is going to be, and we know for sure that shamrock is gonna be we know for sure that Allston is going to be. She's crazy. Think Shawn Michaels could have been in that to God dang that would have been like you said, riot level. Yeah. Really one of. And you look at these baby faces that that are in the ring right now. And, you know, a hobble and Steve Austin mankind and people just looking at it going, Austin and mankind being heels. Just not that long ago now being to the most polarizing popular. Talent anywhere. What a great segment. That was that we just saw like. Awesome, just backing up. He's taken it in and he accidentally steps on mankind's foot, and he turns around and looks and just gives a stair and you catch it from the other side where he's not really sure what to make out of this, like, good gar-, your back guy, or you must side. Can I trust you whatever? Just to make sure you understand it still DTA for stone cold Steve Austin here comes a stunner and some birds for Mr. shamrock. And we're off the air. I know it got smashed in the ratings by nitro. But I really enjoyed that show. I mean, there's so much good stuff on there. It was a great year for what did you think of that show? Twenty two years later, man, going back and watch, and not seeing it. And yeah, that was the first time it was. I thought it was a good show. I can't think of anything on that whole thing that we really said, that's that was terrible. Worst thing on it is Billy Gunn, and Bart, but the match self one man. Yeah, the match went bad in a story was decent to, quote unquote brothers against each other. But at rockabilly gimmick socked tarot doesn't suck. It's the largest car-sharing marketplace in the world you can book any car, you want from a community of trusted hosts from exotic sports cars to pick up trucks terro has the wanna selection of cars available anywhere for whatever occasion, download the app, that's t you RO on the app store Google play or visit terro dot com and you'll get twenty five dollars off your first trip when he signed up with our promo code wrestle June at checkout. Terms apply next week, though. We're bringing you king of the ring nineteen ninety four. Of course, the just covered was the one day after king, the ring, ninety seven let's go back three years from twelve thousand people gathered together in the Baltimore area for the June nineteenth nineteen ninety four addition. Of king of the ring. Now, this is known for a few different reasons. One of which excuse me, art. Donovan is on commentary, believe it or not. Got razor Ramon. Bam. Bam Bigelow or R schyster Mabel own heart to talk, the one two, three kid Jeff Jarrett diesel Brett, the head shrinkers, crushing yokozuna Roddy piper, and Jerry Lawler, lots of great talent on the show, but not a great show. Kingery ninety four where does it rank in your list of all time, worst paper views? Well, definitely the all time worst king of the ring bar none and let me go down as is the worst summertime pay per view special. We've ever had. I like that. That's, that's, that's a statement for me. And it shows ever and I'm looking forward to covering it because the bad shows are sometimes the most one talk about. I don't know why that is. But it's made a lot of lists for the worst pay per view ever. And we're looking forward to covered next week so stay tuned next week Friday at noon, your Friday, noon main event something to wrestle, Bruce Prichard. When we visit king of the ring nineteen ninety four in the meantime, if you'd like to chat with Bruce spa means catching on Twitter. He has that bridge Pritchard. I'm a hey, it's Conrad. And of course, we are at Pritchard show on Twitter, you'll build ask questions later this week for king of the ring nineteen Ninety-four if you'd like to participate next week in Bruce, we appreciate you power in through today with a toothache fresh off of I don't know, three weeks straight on the road including a trip around the world twice feels like. Certainly does. But by God, I'm glad to be back in back in the saddle you know, not thinking about it, that CW dismay December to dismember or whatever. That's gotta be the worst. But this king rain this on the list. Okay. But it's worse, what's going to be the worst one that I was involved with certainly the worst summer. One ever, stay tuned next week. King of the ring ninety four we're gonna get weird. Looking forward to it. See next Friday, noon, right here on something wrestle Richard shock at Khan.

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