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A couple of Quick thoughts. I didn't get to what we're taping a wednesday night and get to a wednesday morning show which will get to second first of all Michael jerry's back for the second time this week. Thank you. I enjoyed our weather took. What do you mean that's the most we've ever talked to for show. I think i would say definitely good was nice the texas morning warm next week. We're mike what do you need. you like me. Why why do you why you ask note. I said at all what was the what was. It was afraid that something had happened or now. This didn't ask enough questions. His name was tommy devito. I felt like i was walking into that. Sort of scenario pike's peak pigewoman. That's right fucking pimple. At that point he was one of us the closest we ever get to get. There's nothing doing nothing we can do. he's gone. There's nothing's gone nothing. We can s scorsese's data. I think over the course of your voice obviously is moms but i think that's his. I think that's bad. Film referencing. Steve kerr goodfellas okay. You call good fellows. Probably yes good british film dress. Lewis is getting getting more his wife. Everything a british film with hugh grant pierce brosnan. Tation watch that thought. Something was fishy my. I was now but it's wednesday night instead of thursday. That's really through. It gets passed this guy he's asked. Did you have like a guilty conscience. Have you been doing something. That kirk should be calling you to account for not all just found it out. You know. I don't even see me once why. 'twas true that i was gonna say it went through the rolodex i mean. I didn't care for the cagey i was. just make. great doesn't just work here. Has never i wanna and baragan in here to get a great. I was just breaking balls. I want you in your tonight. There would have been fun crops. He's got some twenty-six baseball interviews. Or something so i didn't know so i said we'll bring mike. Mike is a good time. But i didn't want you to feel like you were working to much. It's a little exhaust today's week. It ain't work when you ain't getting paid for. It says get paid in promotion coming in to hang out with your brain. That's that's how i think of it to first of all. I didn't get to this morning. How holbrook died. I know if you know. That's the name i said you clip I just text play the second. This is a for me. I would say all the president's men is one of my three or four favorite movies. Ever you play deep throat. Mike would know him. I think from the sopranos. yes he plays. He's the guy in the hospital member. The guy who invented the he was one of the earliest rocket scientists. Nobody's watching the fight with the rappers and the shot. I didn't realize it was him until he died and writing using wall street. He was in into the wild in the every bit. The came out last thing this morning was like he's best known for i mark twain. That's what i was like this fucking bullshit. He's not he's best known for being deep throat and all the men i mean. That's that is i move. Yours are is because. I saw the mark twain thing too. And i was. I wouldn't know this mark. Mark twain in a touring production of st would like probably of marceca's first day. Bobby jokes humor. That guy. you look up a couple of mark twain jokes. don't use memory. Say maybe maybe don't use some of the other words but you know what was his friend gyms first name the ones you tell us public this man. You know an incredible career. I mean after sixty years go to heaven for the climate or the company. Also people down there slamming. Sammy clemens. man he's good. It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech. But how can you prepare impromptu speech. God he's good. It's always the first stand up. I wonder if people were laughing out loud bill. Burr chris. yeah. Let's say. I trust trying. Avacado john f. kennedy. Why would i go to heaven for the weather. Help for the company. He's a front. Ceo is believable. Get your facts. I then you can distort them as you please. Oh that's clever. It's not bad how. I saw a picture of hal holbrook shopping. Eisenhower's hand he played him. He's replay mark twain along. Jesus christ fifty nine. I think the trestle was now his dead. We need a good long life us. Ninety four nine hundred dollars credible. I like i like him in the sopranos episode. That was a good one. When i think telling was yeah. He was obviously out of the dream. Stay at that point. He was so he was. Yeah you watch the fight then the yet. That's a good episode. And i love him and wall. Street's you like the kevin finnerty episode. Kinda did i was found in my sort of did it felt to me like almost like When played stefan like james gandolfini. You wanna talk to regular normal yes. My name is kevin finnerty. Yeah mind it though it was it was okay. It was okay. I like it better than the other dream. Once i remember. So i remember as a kid. People complaining about the dream episodes. Somebody didn't like the shore i saw. I liked him more than a lot of people did. I think it was a lot of his promises where you go back and watch later you like addison so badly you gotta think of it like from my from my perspective or the people that are older than you who watched it like waited for two years. Sometimes for the season for the series get whatever ten episodes twelve episodes. And then he'd be waiting you know is coming. The he had no idea every sunday beef economic put on its dream episode. And you're like all fuck like goddamn and not gonna fucking week for this. You know pissed off can understand. What did you guys headley tv. Show this weekend or no. That'll be tomorrow where we got which we figured what we were going to do. Family ties you want. You wanted to save that for you. We got saved by the bell. Oh sure sure we figured pay tribute to the great dustin taco samuel clemens other samuel samuel powers screech powers. Expired knows first name. That's pretty impressive. I know st wooden Yeah which episode. Oh not jesse. Won't the drugs. No no no that too obvious ended involve the the big screen. Zach fight over. Lisa turtle no interational romance in television history. That's interesting i did think about that will. But we found one casey. That was another one. I can sit. Is you know you say sure. Do i sure do have younger. Brothers to episodes of this. All man forget it. There's an episode. Where screeches down on his luck with the ladies so zach pretends to be a woman. Yes i told you. Remember slave fought against. Mr belding comes onto him as west. Credibly graphic sexy guests. That's all strange. It what. I pointed out was that strange but also like a sitcom staple in the nineties for some reason right. The kid shows that the twins dating the twins young a very strange. Say by the bullet. Which i'm happy to talk about in length. So there's are you familiar with the with the series. Not as much as i. We're going back. I was like this is okay the whole beverly hills now to win. Though did they had a whole summer season. Where zachos and and meet stacey carosi. Play by leah remini And then like the summer's over the back to school. It's the first day of school but zak too tired to go to school. Says momma some stay home on. The first day of school in every character comes by his house and they talk about memories from the summer. That was the mom is like i'm just hired today. No problem i in all the kids. Lisa hi lisa and kelly. In jesse in slater and screech all combine belting. Set us back to the house here. Like come to the one found. His writing was pretty loose. Yeah what are they. Why would they will be here little strange but we were talking about this morning. I felt bad. I you know. I have to say this and i i was wrong. Not i didn't think this for sure. Does the diamond had a troubling second. Half of his life he wrote a he was in. Police blotter facts a few times. Yeah and he a bitter. Tell all that get these. I have only sympathy for child. Actors can keep in mind them chopper for myself dancing. That's right so mean. I'm wondering how much jodi foster or ron howard. Success story right. I managed a fight throw it. Rely stiffer cares yes right. My you know our friend todd bridges. Obviously we've been taught todd statesman great done with sixty of those aired. I thought about todd bridges this morning for some reason master. Your may have played it. I thought about you guys. Podcast and i was like really takes off and makes you a superstar. You know who's going to be kicking themselves bridges. That's what you. I swear to god. This morning i thought busy antonio. I don't know why popped in my mind. How sure right those down but you might just as ing gazing out. Well i so much about eighty sitcoms right. Well i was thinking am. I was wrong in my in. My mind is possible when i first heard the announcement. Is he the kind of guy who do a gofundme hoax. I was wrong this to you. Know on the on the air you talking about dust and diamonds faking his death. No no is is cancer. Oh no actually said that. On air now. Which i was wrong. Obviously i was wrong. Missy earners celebrity networth pegues emmet Three hundred k. Time of his deaths feeling that might be how much money. How much do you think he made on saved by. The none of these told the story like it's classic lake. you know. Those kids made no money different. Iterations of the program is on say about the new class. You played buildings assistant principal. And then he was saved by the bell. The call was he. I thought there was one version that he was not. He's not he's not in the new one the reason he was but i saw it might have been. The college was in college years. I think he was. So i saw an interview with those kind of mario lopez interviewed him for whatever show. He's watch that and it's kinda of sad it seems like he's starting to get his life together and but he referenced something like You know it was sad not to be invited back to the whatever it was reunions. Or he was he was. He wasn't a cultures. Yeah he's the college years. Of course we saw. It's a one season then it'd be and it's literally the same zach de they moved to nbc. Primetime disaster sack would talk to the camera like he battled with the schools like the colleges Chancellor inside the principle. They made her in like. It was a senior in college. Rose back what works like a geek in the same exact thing. They had their formula lucky. We weren't the same school in the. Ra was played by golic's brother bob. Golic the former. Nfl player really. Yes i believe that rights castle. Be bob gullickson vague. Memory of that show. Who shot differently. Right yeah shot like a and no no laugh track or anything laugh track had. There's no way that had been track. But i'm imagining chamorro. Like dawson's creek type camera. Work bob golic ninety three to ninety four right. Obviously they had the a rip supremos ripped him off. screech Episode where they got stuck in the second award it was the same young which is right on the on the show him And the other thing was was turtle. Boy we've had some battles with all the we we do like him taking. It looks like take some time off for mental health reasons right mental time you see. That's Mike i did. I reached out to the got back to you or not irish tumors walnut if you saw it on the story so that was inspiration for that. Yes this is nice. It's kinda ribbon me off. But that's true this weird. No he's on. He's on some podcast right. A couple of his own livestream turtle boy. He's always somebody else's the as a guest once or twice a week. I believe I don't know. I mean livestream is going to set you up again. Is he on anybody's podcast. Jerry jerry callahan's podcast you'd take some mental leave Makes you wonder if this. Steve doesn't evidently because steve's more livestream the livestream on youtube. I gotta go playing a law that livestream got to blame the fucking livestream. Conan's next you think then. Well colonnade i'm i'm i'm hustling for right. Yeah i mean there's never been a more. I've never met a man and immediately thought. Well he should work for the way i have with colony. But things that you and jerry. It's such a place now. Don't you think that things could take do both. Don't you think he could produce hour in the morning on what he's doing. What would it be for spin chocolates. Grenell he's number ryan gave it to you. We're going to pitch him on this. Maybe see what these numbers here fucking producer. What's the problem. Why can't you talk with grenell. Leon can we lose the backstory great wonderful hope that conversation so much space in the context of so annoyed steve for the trivia can finally get past it trying to get my own issues to answer your question. Someone said i would have been better than steve. The only one. I would have known that you didn't get Brandon walker one. So you didn't need me. Say you could save the phone call and i am now if obviously if i didn't know something said that i would have guessed to see us because i was thinking the other super bowls. Nothing else made sense. I was thinking the ravens ones may be but Who's the mvp that the ravens went to the bucks had one. And i'm pretty sure. Ray lewis one but i'm not positive about one. The was the second time the buck the rape twice right harbaugh one. Once and in two thousand they won right. I know that when that's the lowest one year but who is the mvp. The second time that i don't know flacco probably i think you hit a huge postseason. They cabinet right. Yeah oh he's probably mvp so you had the right. So i was thinking. If i had to guess i probably would have. Yes the seahawks. I couldn't think of who their mvp was. It was it was it. Lynch was they kicked. They killed manning right that game. Yes short yes so as i was thinking in my head and thinking. They scored a million points. So maybe somebody went nuts. Wilson are lynch or one of those guys. But yeah so. You could have saved your kurds about it. Well but that's that got us going mikey's number. Yes a call real quick like a pitcher. I think that's nice now. Motive wanna leave jerry show. Hello mike. it's kirk. Hey kirk tournament you've got a minute Yeah you live on the kirkman show by the way. Oh what's going on i saw. You're you're you're you're you're listening today for for an editor or something. Yeah video editor. Okay i going to get dave colony. Is the guy for the job see i. I've heard that a lot. I feel like we're trying to screwing over the over. The ring shrinks the guy podcast. He produced now brian. Ya on mike motto. Who produces that call on april first another hockey podcasts. Business you jerry's to he couldn't do how how much time is needed for this job title job. Okay you must be getting a shitload of people reach enough work. Oh yeah right yeah all right coleens a good guy. He loves barcelo. Love your show. He loves whitney. he's a more big hurry. The big pink whitney. Gosh you totally the like he. He'd worked like a dog for you. Well i didn't know is that is that is that the handles brother the other hand will do plays hockey. Yeah brian do a podcast now. About like like Parenting and hockey and like you talking that kind of stuff from the new england hockey journal exactly. I didn't know that no all right. I'm okay. how's everything going everyday is great. How's everything mike's always you always happy. You're always in a good mood It's kind of a. It's kind of an act now dark sick with it. We've always got along really well. I've always like mike. Yeah well two things one. I love you and i'm a big fan you too. I'm very afraid of you. So i i've always been nice to you. Oh yeah absolutely but you never wanna cross someone you know true. This guy was almost my producer. Mike i know i remember sin lunch with rob bradford who haven't spoken to in three years at the pizza by the way i lost. That pizza is gone. Mike you get really gone replaced by frank pepe. Ace oh awesome. It doesn't fill you up though. Oh i think it's the opposite. Now the what's new what's new and that's been shackled tanning Nothing nothing really. Just you know looking for a new editor. You know hockey up and going. I have a question for you. Guys though schork. Wilbur theatre look going on with that. Went into wilbur show so he pushed that we had the back a fifth time because of covid. So it's january twenty second twenty twenty two and it is going to happen then if you want your absolutely you any of those guys will. You will get you in no problem. Are you guys still doing multiple shows and thank you for that definitely be attending but are you. Are you guys doing. Multiple shows. Two shows that night. Seven o'clock in nine forty-five yes. Yup sold out banks about nine minutes to shows. I look to it boy. Alright we yeah. So so you're saying do we should not pursue this colony thing. We almost onion. I think we can pursue it. But i mean we'd have to get permission from the shore. I understand i understand all right. I'll talk to you later hanging there. What do you think. Conan ads in a parenting podcast. Question example what not to do. I don't really know what his your wife's and labor should be on. A podcast should be having a kidding. Especially that hideous one god. I forgot the maybe the craziest thing. When i was out that i turned on twitter one day and saw that you were like fuck. This lady was unbelievable. That was literally. Billy the weirdest the weirdest thing. You're right in the history because like i said i could pinpoint every enemy in my career. I can pinpoint where it went wrong. I don't even know who was springsteen stuff that's nuts that that was it so from what it's not on me cracked. Yeah because there are times where it's the other person's fault but you can say what you said this you did this year. I did nothing. No fans the fans lobby. Into the bruce to cam- campaign back versus taken that she was offended taken. That tweet from her. Probably come on if brady lovett tweeted that you might be a big bill milk guy. He might be yeah. I guess although for him like texas twenty years younger will of ten years younger than seventy one but still like i don't i don't i don't get it. I ate her. I'll say that three sad. Now that's what i wanted to ask you about Have you know no related. Get back to like a hate jerk. Fans and i was banned for life banned for life in solidarity. Yeah thank you appreciate that. I appreciate swiss country cheese. Which i love love. Love smoke. gouda chili pepper. Cheddar dila vardi swiss new mike news coming in tonight so he is ready to go with a fresh cheese pun right now a stop this country dot com use code kirk for ten percent off all cheese orders from now until february fifteenth. That's deal just for listening to this. Podcast we know. That's this country started with us. They've stuck with us. We love love. Love love love them. I enter my name and location. Winston or worcester public market receive ten percent of your purchase support local businesses by supporting. Smith's go again. I said this the other day if you don't you go. Smith schuster cheesier cheese. You are dead to me. The official cheese of podcast. Jesus valentine's day gift box back and available right now goes smith's country cheese dot com online. Use code kirk for ten percents cheese orders from now until the fifteenth of february. They happy so far. So you the feeling good. They're very happy and happy to have the smiths country. Cheese dot com. All right. what else is going on well. We played the clip earlier today. I guess it'd the wednesday show people listening now of the my pillow. Ceo yes the guy. August the guy who walked out on the my pelosi. Co came back today and issued a heartfelt apology for walking out and the he was in the right wasn't he because he could've fucking got him sued or they're they're already i think they're being sued. Put out these states. Do these statements in these these renews thought. No no newsmax is being sued. For claiming the dominion vote voting machines fraudulent because obviously they make a ton of money with their voting machines. So they're trying to snuff out any rumor that in red states don't start stop buying machines. It comes back on his name. Is bob sellers. It comes back on today. does this folks. If you watch american agenda yesterday you may have seen something out of the ordinary happened during an interview with mike. Lindell the ceo of my pillow. Mike is a printed this network and we were supposed to discuss twitter's decision to ban him and the impacts of cancel culture on his business but there was some confusion and mike thought that we were to talk about vote fraud in the recent election. It's a topic. We have covered extensively on newsmax. I was frustrated that we couldn't focus on the current very pressing issue a free speech and cancel culture. And in hindsight there is no question that could handle the end of the interview differently. Newsmax we seek out all points of view. Mike was back on newsmax last night with rob schmidt on his show conversations about kansas doctor. But it's like so so corporate like the way gonna do not know disclosure whatsoever about all the advertising lindell by. It's just said. I liked in the original clip when he was like mike. I wanted to ask you about culture. Cancelling cancel culture for some reason. He wanted to ask mike lindell. Anything really wanted to dig into this with you because you see so interesting and smart but why can't it just seems so much more natural guy like that comes in is like hey everyone knows what happened. There was big news story I could've handled it better. Maybe but you know he was pressuring us. We couldn't do. What can you talk more. Naturally when you're in that situation you just do it so scrip which never talk about. If you do that just move on the talk like that. Just move on. I guess he's he's more of a script guy yeah. I'm sure i'm chris wray was like hey mike lindell's a good friend of newsmax cancelled like just totally cancelled. Culture culture his people. He'll still gonna keep buying pillows. That's true he'll still be able to sell pillows online unless like the the whole the company that's hosting his website Cancels him yes true. He's got a pretty big online business but it does seem odd for a business owner. I mean he's gotten a lot of press so maybe it's working for him. Yes for business. Owner to be that determined polarizing joining up man alienate half my customers years. Really trying hard to make sure. No liberal ever has a my pillow pillows. It's weird so i got. I think. I got bob holders number okay but the number i got comes up in my contacts is another member of the media. Seth wicker sham really. Yeah who i know a little bit quicker sham numbers. So i don't know haunt call it and see short all right. Let me give you a number. Now you'll remember to. Can you remember to get rid of her. Six one seven or champs gareth that you're a bunch of those memories sky can find. We'll talk to him if he was. Hello filed a second. Bob bob lives tape. It's kirkman hand how are you. I'm good. I'm down in my basement. Doing some work just got. I just got one question. If that's okay just wanted to let you go okay in my neighborhood. There are three people and they all like chicken. Parmesan sandwiches in dogs have shitting. Their lawn have not been picked up. Is that because they like chicken parm sandwiches in the basement. Maybe the connection. I thought he was going to go right to. You is working out so basement. Working out train. People are always doing something comes up with wicca sham. It was him up to deep of a basement. He's bringing reception fucking. Why is that even a thing. You would say. I'm in the basement. Oh jesus you know what. I'm sorry i let you go back when you were in the basement. I said live the tape correct. Did yeah absolutely. i mean. I talked to meet her today. And like we talk for a while and these fees smearing it all over. Yeah i just catch them. Like i don't even know what to sadie about the story like weird. He's like i'm getting you know he's like he's perspective. Like i just feel bad for like my mom. I like people because people understand people read the globe and they see that like like. My dad would read the globe and he moved. Say you would text me like oh your friend meter that kind of thing. Yeah that's what i was gonna ask. Is that no. If if you don't listen to this show no one. My age would have heard that store. True so i didn't know if it was a big deal in his life i think a big deal in his life for people like that. Yeah yeah up here. Beyond he's tech. You're just talk to the person who gave me all this going to say okay. Haven't referenced him on west three minutes talk you know but but yeah it's just it's insane insane. What's in the world of my gear. Oh i know. I know it's ask you to years. What was the thing that they deleted from. Rogan's podcast the other day. Say tweet about that. As far as i can tell it was nothing it was like to have on Tim no no wasn't to Anyway i'll find it good. Yeah they were. I think someone said it might have been when they were talking about tim doing where they cut out Part they played part of his podcast and they cut that out. I think that's what it was. It was something like they cut out a piece of audio that they played that they didn't ever rights fours. Okay as far as i know if someone knows different know. But i mean there was only people that heard the first five minutes. It was always really sensitive to while we can't play this or youtube will take our video down so i mean there's a lot of that then they're trying to is a real cancel culture attempt against him today or no. I mean so the the person that wrote the story that i tweeted out thousand followers saw that but they write for media matters or something which has following. I guess so. I think it is because there is also in the same day. it was Rogan insulted angelina. Jolie saw that clip. Yeah yeah and also that. Can you believe joe rogan's and anti vaccine he just said like yeah. I wouldn't get a vaccine. Because i don't have a reason to right so they're trying to get my both. They are so determined to get this fucking guy who's not wild at all. He's not you just pretty moderate. He's at guests on that are controversial has some takes about transgender. People that are controversial. Some people like sure. Well that's big. I saw rand paul today. Talking to the Education treasure a cabinet nominee for secretary of yeah and rampaul was was like saying language. If was on the radio. It'd be fucking dead. You see it or no no. He was leaving at five. He was basically like I think if you try to count tweet it. Maybe jerry callahan's if you look it up. I think so. I think he might have. You might have touched but it was basically like. Oh my gosh. General about boys running in girls track meets starting doing because it stops right there right there. You're dead. He said boys running as girls and track meets in connecticut. All right it's it's over at that point we actually. i believe. That's the the the the girls who had their dad on the old show few years ago and it was great like he was great. And i've had this conversation with people on this one. I don't really feel like revisiting. The transgender argument that much. I've done it a million times. I completely understand where like that. Dad is coming from if your kid or if it's your kid but then you have to also on the other side of the argument. I'm not saying they're right their wrong. Which you at least have to say cueva conversation about this. You have to have a little bit of empathy with biological like born girls competing athletically. I mean especially like i. I don't know what the line is. If it's a sport that becomes physical. Like what are some of these debt gets like. I don't know what the like you i saw. The the the who were born biologically male or now women or girls you know. I think the top the fastest female one hundred meter runner in the world. I think this three hundred fifty high school boys run faster time right now i mean the again. Is it like the most important thing in the world now is i mean if you're if you're a woman aspiring to be sure when the athlete yeah most importantly i understand what is the most boring thing in the world overall. No no no. That's you can make that argument with everything. Sure about is the most important thing in the world. So who cares was it worth. Is it worth asking rand. Paul's worth asking the education secretary. Manno is it well. I mean i think so. Clearly he has a constituency who wants him to represent the science. I guess keep lying. I mean this again. Pictures of rampal show. Which would be great. Can general about boys running in track meets like they've been doing in connecticut. I think that it's critically important of educate education systems and educators respect. The rights of all students including students who are transgender and every other student has to participate in extracurricular activity. Visit that. Like the top twenty percent of boys running and track meets. Beat all of the girls in the state and that you know would completely destroy girls athletics. The girls are being pushed out. They don't make the finals in the state meet. They don't get college scholarships that it's really detrimental to girls. So i just don't know what the like analysts thirty years from now. That is a ball. Get rolling to the point now where it just becomes one sport where everyone plays like. I don't i have no idea think so. Well that's going to be a pro football instituted. I while yeah damn right. I think th the where the place where conservatives misstep thinking that like changing your gender is such an insignificant decision that you would just to win conservatives make that eighties movie where a guy pretends girl the plane the basket on that. But it's like there has to be a place. I understand that the people like well. This side is has been his is given all the brakes forever. Well if somebody's fourteen they haven't if you play with the team for seven or eight years and then somebody comes along. Who's who's i mean it's just it's just fact like the stronger there. I mean this is you know. I mean it's just reality. I thought the perfect attitude. Remember the woman we hadn't here adrian. I think her name was yes is that was that her name them. I think so. Yeah i think so where she had the perfect attitude. I in the sense that like she understood. The argument against is my kid. Totally which i totally get. Why listen to that. I was like okay. I have no problem with that. I have a problem with someone screaming in your face saying you're ignorant and a big for for not agreeing if it's my kid and i you know i've grown up with my kid. And their teams. They play forever and then they lose because somebody was born one way and lives the perfectly respect them. I'm glad they're doing. It makes them feel better. Great they score sixty two points in the high school basketball. And then i then it's mike to him like what the fuck also where it gets. A little clear cut is. Why does it have to be imposed from the federal level. Like why does some guy in washington. Dc gets to decide how this is going to be enacted for every school system in the country. Why can't it just be federal thing like a state decide which is all should be. I just don't. I don't i just don't know where i just don't know. And maybe maybe just maybe it's okay to maybe there is no end lines. Just everyone's i think so. I you say that that's the way it should be. I don't think that's so clear. Cut for people because they feel like. It's an injustice in texas if they have one policy isn't the same as the policy in connecticut. There is like it tends to be liberals who want top-down uniformity imposed from washington on the rest of us. Oh yeah by austin conservatives would like it enacted so those people can't do it not at the national of i don't know if they're being consistent services at the state senator rand paul would like that don. I think he's a bit federal federal guy. Yeah so i. I know i again. It's not again. I've i've done this topic so many times. I don't. I don't really care that much anymore. But i do think it's interesting that like i hear paul say holy shit you know if somebody k. Bob go after him. Jesus christ remember takes goes to say that or base. Maybe his base likes it but also pa- at this point he said so much cancelable. Shit i mean he's had. The trumpster is coming after an analyst. Coming eight bucks. It's not gonna change. I'll get exactly what my thing though is. It's amazing to me that if gender doesn't matter why is no one put up. The argument like make sports on gender. It's just out if you make either. That's never the argument now. It's j. gender. There should be boys and girls too. But i think that's going to happen though. I do think that's going to happen. That's what we should do that. We have girls are fucked ladies there anyway. The side yard. That's just nuts. You can't do that no of course it's why he can't like can you say anymore. Like obviously guys are stronger and faster than girls. Anybody arguing that wouldn't say that guys and girls those terms really don't mean much. Nowadays i guess is true. I know if you want to be a good liberal. You've support girls have being at a disadvantage in their own sports leagues which originally like sport. Women's sports leagues were feminist. Cause title nine. yeah. I don't know. I don't lady could show the press as much as jerry karabelas christ. Now speaking of title nine. You saw the nike. Very into the steve. Well i just think it's i like when woke. Capitalism is being like when they're using woke themes to try and generate business for. You know obviously nike saying we're going to have five million dollars so that women can play football across the country and it's flag football like who's going to be selling the flags who's gonna be selling. The cleanest was going to be marketing. All this shit to them. So it's clearly a money making enterprise but it's like using capitalism to take advantage of the woke impulse. I think it's interesting. I read that in your like alec. Baldwin voice though because they phrased it so dramatically ball one million fewer girls than boys play sports y football. I mean obviously like. I didn't even think of that also brings in. You know like we've been around clemson on west. There's a reason why that town exists in that call. The football program brings in hundreds of millions of dollars. So girls can play field hockey and tennis. And all those things. And that's great but that's how it works. Well i also think it's sexist. Why not just do full contact. Football white girls have to have flag football to question. you know. i don't know. I mean they have powder puff leagues or whatever the fuck they are. And they're not that it's a sexist term fe. I didn't create certain but like you know. I would disagree with this. If you go all the way with this argument. I disagree with this very strongly but shouldn't if a woman slaps guy in the face shouldn't she be is is cancelled as a guy who stops a woman in the face. Like you know what i mean. If we're all equal. And by the way i don't i don't feel because i think men are stronger. I do. i know it's scary to say. I'm against it. I'm just saying like if there's a hope solo. Who did that or whatever and she get in trouble for that. Yes like looked at like tyreek. Kill or mayweather mayweather in their minds on my mind but in their minds. I'm just saying you gotta big podcast coming back on pending these women. Women's by it's weird. It's weird to think that defending women is now you have to avoid. It's just crazy. Like i don't know but you're right though. They want to be treated like. I always say you'll be treated equally lobbies women to in the media and all over the place like once you criticise me. Will julie the car thing. You can't say it's because you're a woman. I think you suck at your job and your guy. Should i say that if you're a girl of course that's not being opposite being sexist. I think the truth is that using they can use the issue of you know whether misogyny or transphobic or something as a weapon against people that they disagree with of course and so that's the the entire industry sustains it because it's easy to just lop everyone in this transgender biggest category. Because if you're if you're if you're transphobic than we don't have to listen anything else you say. There's no room for conversation with a none zero. It's gone it's closed it's done. It's i mean they. That's everything of the extreme side of it's over. They one they want. You can't keep telling about anymore. I think somebody said that the the culture war the culture wars are over and liberals are just kind of roaming the battlefield shooting survived. Holy just looking to pick people off. And they'll get them. They'll get your rogan one day. They'll qualify will revolt employs will revolt. That will happen. And they're going to have kind of some mass and they're going to do with these companies. Do which is going to turn their back on making money. They're gonna start censoring him until it becomes intolerable for joe and then joe has to leave. I think he'll just and i think he'll be fine. Don't think duplicity regular protest which is fine. But it's bizarre. I mean but yeah. That's all just weird that he's gotten to the point now. Where literally if you watch that clip. It's that conversation is had four million times a year on comedy podcasts. The one yeah up you know what i mean. That tone him saying you didn't think it was funny but it wasn't like three our podcast. You know you're gonna pull a clip where there. Obviously he doesn't know angie who is Germain i wasn't familiar with the guy. Yeah neighbors last. name gra. If you think he's not joking he doesn't know angelina. Jolie so that right there would tell you. He's not being literal. He doesn't know the woman always. So what the fuck with fucker redoing. And then he hits her is just silence them instead of have a conversation. Going to debate it. Oh writer whoever yeah. Of course you're running would have someone on disagreed with him. On that trip. I would think is do a lot of that right. No credit economies people would like politely disagree with them. You know yeah well well anyway. 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I would trust them. ju- nice and safe and good. Well yeah goes simplisafe dot com slash kirk k. I r. k. Either free home security camera and a sixty day risk. Free trial simplisafe dot com slash kirk simplisafe dot com slash kirk. Do that today all right. What else going on mike steve. I think you boys you see Funhouse tweeting around that talk Cowherd clip that he was calling colin coward or no. It's kind of funny. I'll play for you talking about the. He's talking about the super bowl. Jimmy johnson sounds Some coaches don't know what they're doing and give three weeks don't know jesus candy. Read off a bye if you're bill belichick. Are you sitting there this morning. Thinking okay he's gonna throw in stuff we've never seen d do you think bella checks thinking out today. It was yesterday. Well i think you know first of all. I believe in andy reid with his his accolades way. He is after a by. But i'm also going throw accolade. Your way enjoys way for your recognition. Congratulations thank you read. I i have no idea. But jimmy johnson doesn't confront to be clearly thinks he's thinking tom. Brady's in the super bowl bill texan the superman. Oh jimmy jimmy. Jimmy is actually being nice to cower to not call him out on yeah later in the interview. He goes back to go back to the super bowl. You know bill you fish with bill you spend time with busy. You go back to the super bowls. And they've never scored a touchdown in the first quarter reading bell. I saw that it was yesterday right or tweet. I didn't realize that that. yes i think. He thinks bill belichick coaching the super bowl. Like a flashback or something obviously never coach against asking any reading the super and eighteen years ago. Coward probably have a show. Then i mean that's obviously from recent. That is bizarre because the joy girl is the new. She's the one who is freaking out on minna fans and cowards. Not an old man. No that's really weird really strange. It's bruce arians right. Yeah to have. Jesus bizarre about a cowherd. Because that's all we had out there and spend like western mass. I loved that he would make these analogies about sport. he'd be talking about kobe or whatever. Yeah and he'd makes us like you know what this is like. It's exactly like when you're getting a divorce. Your wife is leaving. And it's like is everything right. This is nothing. It's nothing like what you're describing five affairs. She's christ i've never. I've never listened that show for more than two seconds ever in my life dino used to love them energy congressional recognition for what johnson did did he this week. And how do you think he's going to push it didn't he say is a coward starting his own podcast network or something barstool debut. Yeah that'd be a terrible fit. That'd be very awful awful offers sillo of men by the way we're talking about him so it would have been okay your fan. I'm a fan of his. I wouldn't say i'm a fan of his but he's he would fit if they were doing straight sports like basketball football. That's true. please. Was simmons right. Yes i believe. Thanks was anyways i pay. I can't keep up with the stuff. Very hard forgets bill. Simmons is also only on spotify. Now right oh is that right. I know that. I know you signed with them. Yeah she was only on with them. I just assumed. That's i think that's what i was saying about. Rogue in a couple of weeks ago float away. Forget about them a little. Don't i'm a big listener. So i it's like for guys like me. Who would check in like every two weeks of the interesting. He's then gone to me. Yeah the media now won't let you forget about it. They're the only ones keeping them relevant to what to do. Because the right shit like they did today and be like remember. Joe rogan and. It's like get the blow stern. Yeah but by no but like it's you know they're in didn't survive long enough to comment on transgender people when it was in the news right. Y'all did many times wasn't right. He wasn't in he. He is timing was perfect yes he also he also doesn't have an industry of people listening to what he says to try and get him. Can't rogan does not so anyways and touch it though. Rogan does it rogan. You know well. Yeah but i mean he could say something and it would just slip by media matters in like paid. People listening to every single podcast. He does order to make a political thing about it. But listening to in loving in today's culture would have lasted forty seconds. You know it's odd though. Is that the new. Stern still does like. I just heard i didn't hear the segment but i heard a comedian on another podcast and they were like. Oh you were just on stern right. And he goes yeah. It was judging the prettiest penis content. Really so i guess he's still does stuff like that but you can do that though you do. The prettiest peanuts yeah. You hear. he's doing but used to do like a mock. I may use the word anymore. Because i you know the the The the old nickname for transgender person He would like miss that right out or put a bag or you know the bag over their face or something on like just shit all over them mean you could find an endless. You know i want you. I'm just saying it's it's but dropped so much of its timing. Of course. I mean like jim. Carrey the famous clip of jim carey in a eastern right puking correct. The woman was a man that was done. Now you'd never see it wouldn't be never. It never happened. That's why kalina then the guy that's a great team. That's how you make a great comedy anymore. Like like a raunchy comedy. It's different like you know. Like whatever kind of comedy. But you can't make a movie like down. You can't make fun of things that a large number of people would relate to not even laugh at just kind of laugh at night even in an angry way me way just laugh like almost uncomfortable. I kept trying to get a great last raunchy comedy. I don't even know you had to know ass movie. I saw in theaters. That i laughed at was. This is the end like the last movie. Like i like you didn't like Good boys i liked it it. You know the comedian wasn't wasn't wasn't really raunchy though well. No that's true. It was as you to have kids and it was just kind of super bad with seventh graders town souad really like i guess not. No i guess. Not if i mean if you watch super bad now you could pick out stuff where it's like total. Yeah i'm sure yeah completely like. I don't know how you make those moves. A lot of it has to do with. Who is deciding. What is sensible. Like when stern was up it. Was you know. In the nineties and conservatives were advocating for censorship but liberals controlled the industry associate vice president united states wife tipper gore was to. Yes i mean you know you. Kind of have on both sides i mean. She was talking about censoring lyrics. Al gore then was a little bit more like christian conservative. It wasn't it was the kind of same. The same group of people advocating for free expression. She was trying to screw called colin powell's kid was in charge. Really trying to fuck startled. Remember stern needs to go after for years. But that's the difference. Though is the the old farts used to censor words. And now it's kids. It's kids you meet saying like you're not allowed to say so what happens when these kids are fifty. They canceled because the rules have changed. I guess when they're real positions of power although they are our twitter. That's the only fucking matters anymore. People flip out over fucking everything that's what conservatives set for a long time it was like you know they'll they'll outgrow this eventually when they get into the real world and that didn't happen they got into the real world and then they got their working at spotify shit in fourteen fifteen. I told the story before. I think on the show. I'm sure i did. It was right around. The are interesting to me. Right after maya angelou told the story right and like She she just died. And i was like johnny. Go tell you something. I was like you know like i fucked her once. I'd say whatever it was it was. It was graphic. Now the fucking radio dale's on average of that earlier today network said something about the he distinguished poet. Miami speak from he said that but it was like like like you said about broken like could that be more of a fucking joke of course was like the thing was like working with a complete remember like the would never never allow. Yes she goes on may twenty times. Who was that who ran with that. Well it was. The usual rule cast the cast of characters earlier. Surely that thank bob. Reach out right and you're like like what the fuck is wrong with you people. And just that's just being asked as being assholes like bob just fucking assholes is such a content this fucking unbelievable unbelievable and he still in his basement. How he's doing some flood work flood work. She says bob holt should have someone doing that. He's going to be late sixties right them with. Yeah and he's just you know the fucking complete asshole who spent months. What's your work on now. So from linda marks dog shit dog should what is next. it would be great though if that's swept. The nation remark the voice of the boston college eagles today. The spotlight team has what what's lower moving to next minahasa. Like hall of fame balloting. She's dig up. Like kirk kirk desks old tweets true collecting world war two artifacts. Should he be eligible voter. He's going to dig up. My drunk audio is this the mess you want more route we i. I forgot colonies voter. I'd taken him away mistaken. He's voters will give us nine. That's fine so that's how it doesn't have to be everyone. I know how many people we should vote in the first class. It's not ten like the baseball hall of fame threes. Yes you can vote for three if you want. And then we'll find tabulate the ones who get the highest total written. I am close removing kim. Bristle for this year's ballot heard you say that that was disappointing. Yeah just feels and then. He's embarrassing himself on twitter yet. He's a fundamental case. Who's the actor a singer. You referenced got a good laugh at it you said it can from bristol was like so and so talking about his character his character captain dory and hung well but i it wasn't yeah it was i forget now. What was it that was like well. It's when you ask. Trusted kirk created the world's but that's my character james justin's james lipton. Exactly what the fuck so. I think we're gonna remove him in the ballot for year. I don't like that. He's he's a i hope. Well look so as pete rose. That's fair it was joe jackson. That's fair you know. I'm not. I'm not bhartiya mighty here not kennesaw mountain. Landis i'm not saying banned same kennedy banned for life do sound like one of these these fuddy-duddies now in the baseball hall of fame one year. He's off the field. Actions are getting him in trouble of us. But that's the team. He's on the field. This is on the field part of being the fan. All right. that's duty. If he gets in a car accident that kills somebody because he was drunk driving. Like that's all that's fine. That's off okay. That's been done foregin Well he went on cameo with casper permission after the fact right and today justin that the trip the tweets. I go if i was on the show and we got a couple of those questions. Fucking hate that. I hate that base. Go you just go. i would have known like fuck. You fuck you. Yeah so like. I said you know one year. What tweet that out. That's official though. Oh man he is not on the ballot this year but he's giving you one year and all events and not there yet. Oh no. I'm not there yet. It's a one year banned from the ballot. All right and just reasonable. I may leave my ballot blank in solidarity with a good move. I don't mind that tweet it out. I don't mind that. Yeah when you're ban. That feels right very set. I thought about two years. But i mean god knows the other podcast. It's years now guarantee that would take now if he does that. He's in vertical lou. Garrick up on the mid. Is that fair. Okay that's that's real ceremony. The tweets as the official announcement kirkman has banned santoso from the hall of fame ballot. For one year buckle up for a rousing speech is gonna give the video of a lifetime s which beco- good luck. Yes i'll definitely be watching that so a one year ban. That's good but you gotta. I mean you got to be serious about this fight in the in the the the cameras right now putting the ballot together. That's what you said this more cash. They're putting the so. You're going to see all the names. I think that's fair There should be what twenty names or so. yeah okay. isn't that what the i mean ballots. Simplisafe what's have to be public by the way they have to be made public steve interesting. Yeah it's interesting wrinkle kind of changes. I think personally me. I'm going to vote for one surprise. I like. I'm not gonna give you the standard three. Everyone's gonna vote for. I think you gotta mix it up a little bit okay. I worry about it being public as i feel like. That's going to lead to some pandering you know. What do you mean. Steve is gonna want to get people on his side. You no matter rightfully so. Yeah i would you know i mean there's ones everybody thinks you're gonna get in the same old. Oh jeez i got a surprise name. I think so. Yeah that doesn't mean that. I don't think the other people were us. Yeah but but yes but a good one busy minute fan from like the old is that matter what what what are the qualifications he did. He did call into Kirk and callahan. He did yes before the new hampshire primary. that's true but like the old ruling. Three hundred wins. Three thousand hits five hundred home runs. What's that equipment. I think there's but those are hard and fast rules as we found that they were that growing up. Saying what are those to change the. That'd be some live shows right. Oh you'd have to have been at least check. Ups play as a contributing role to the show too. I think as well. I think don't you. What if the criteria justin here. The listener would know who you are. That's important. I think you know like I don't want to insult anyone but just some random twitter account that if you go to a guy only listens on twitter if he would know about listener with no steve from providence. Shirk stephen province. I think is certainly i think most people think has got a good chance of being elected. Things tim from. Canton differ candidate. A good chance of being elected so but you say that but doesn't mean that both for the -sarily this only now you said that you're part of the show what makes it unique is. The audience is the fourth cast member. So i think you'd have to say which fan truly embodies that role as being the third fourth. But we only have two people in the show over the mike left all the fucking who who truly lives up to being that extra member of the show who imbibe -solutely misdemeanor steve's liar. Guys worthy of discussion very worthy doubt like you know very very like i'm gonna. I'm gonna take this ballot filling up very seriously right very serious as you should. We know he listens everything. I'm surprised he's not a voter. That's true but the should we consider that. I guess he could antagonised. Take it seriously sloughing off very cool. He's star is a host of a show now and all that and put them in. That's true that's true. We'll just do a good job as i think he will. Yes okay trust you good. You also think you kind of pooh-poohed it but i think steve was on the money. It just might be the replacement for steve. I don't want to know the title with this team. I don't like i said. I don't want be lebron james and i could say sick. Just like dwayne wade. I don't need him short cars. I've often thought. Just dwayne wade gabrielle. Union fan hopefully is the kobe checks. Boy do i. I'm kidding off now. No god forbid you wouldn't care for the suicide thing but he was a wreck wreck at the. I still stand by. That's the we're about the year anniversary of that almost half past the remember. He tweeted. kobe's saying we are at the wednesday. We actually beat the vitamin ones anyway. That dinner probably. That might be the one year anniversary not not to date dinner but of the dinner of the big cat. Steve justin list. Yes and Elias revelation all the same five minutes a wild evening or just went back to the list. No no no. You know what asked him. Cultures got bold. Move to get the lobster. Ravioli was let's see was it was only year ago. More anything more everything. I think you said a word of god. We're looking at like what is wrong with this now. He's cvs re upped right. Yes there you go was the same night that you you made. Good with willie right. Was that right. Okay yeah we did. All those days were dave was like he d. Went off the show just to the radio our turn to okay. We'll talk show with everybody. Jesus else going on steve. Well i tuned into eia on the way to the studio this morning and forbid yeah for a brief moment in time i thought they'd made an unannounced change the station like a format change because they're playing music for really really long period of time. Really the greg hill show on sports radio here this guy. Why do we in the title of the show or something high known fast forum courtesy. He's no longer ones. They play this. They play for a solid minute for what reasons lead the in this year that is cans. New anthems the pandemic unity anthem from john fogarty. So you have. We have bon jovi song. We almost pulled together. Applying for customer released his real bad radio land. Chris curtis holman unity and a thousand times better than blonde jovi mid that well. Can you understand what. John fogerty is singing. That's the question. I guess he don't you just gather with a group of people Socially distanced of course is. Let me attend the game coach. Jesus christ can't because i knew curses i i really hate. His show is still on the two minutes of her. This morning. i was like all right so finish. Got much better. What do you think goes through courtesy. Mind when or do you think he maybe just muted you because it once in a while i see him talk about like the ratings for the patriots and you re tweeted mclaren. He must be shitting his pants. I played because he he feared you very much. Yeah i think he's like. I think he's wisely kind of moved on like he's sort of you know like i will say on from his wife. He's not played. That why i don't know anything about that. But he wisely got away from that we finished in first place thing right like they tried that they gave. The spin was a fun time. Wasn't we picked apart. Like curtis new. I would they even pretended since. Then you gotta give jason barrett more money. Maybe we'll matter. It's hard for barrett though. Because all these fucking pasar they'll pay him so that will really change the narrative. Though once jason barrick's police people. No i'm sure. I did when they may miss number one but i see these people doing them like you know like he's like corrupt like you guys are paying him right. You know in who cares anyway. Like boy elizabeth. Why are you finished. Fourth and jason. Barrett's list i was listening to your show. Radios and industry is fun of so much that i'm amazed they haven't been like all right. Everyone knows that consultants are fucking morons right and we should let if we think. Someone's that we kind of. Let them do their show as long as they're not know cursing on air but they never learned. It's what happens is hap- amazing. But they never learned that what happens is guys like ken or like jason wolfe or like just kind of move up because they're safe and getting a position where they don't ever wanna get in trouble. The troublemakers never become program directors. Because they're good. On the air right. Like i would never be program director. Here's a big. Why would your great on the why we have you sit in an office all day so instead you go and then the guy like that has to tell you all the time because people above them. Don't wanna get in trouble and people then don't wanna be in trouble every is afraid. Everyone's in constant it's like the old baseball manager wakes up every day. No he's fired eventually us how these guys all think too and they're just like how long can i keep this fucking band-aid on before they rip it off and i lose my job and they also benefit from protecting the status quo right but also really. Don't like big picture. But they don't oh you ever seen this very early on the jason wolfe. Who have problems with. I don't think it's a terrible guy. Has no vision is not know. Imagine him trying to tell me something very early on like eleven or twelve into his office all the time when weekends are filling in and just pop in and just talk radio with him and we were talking about like weekend people when i was younger and doing it and ma was younger. Doing i send him. Do you ever think about like giving younger stable on the weekends for three or four years. And he's like. I don't think he was like i think about right now and like that was an honest answer. It's it's not a smart answer for the weekends. And like joey at least he was honest and when they think like that and i do think they think like that. How do we get tomorrow without getting in trouble. How the next thing. I think suit studio executives think like that tv executives think like that and music. They all think like that. How do i keep my job today. They're really defines. The thinking about to the does funding fm station. When invented ninety five hundred way more successful over the rick radic. Who's a super guy. I really like as a program director now. I don't think he's like boy. Ooh how can make the station better than three years. Look if you're on top. Why take risks. They're worried about not being as you eventually. Then then you become now. He is not gonna be willing to takes over them but then eventually become right now. Ninety five is not like the maverick new sports station anymore. There's there is corporate standard z. I it's just. I suck so bad and i get kind of a risk letting fred toucher on the air now but i mean like if if you start a third sports radio station you brought me in the marl. You'll be number. That showed me no more. They're not afraid of that. Who's going to do that. Who's gonna start a sports radio correctly. James huge barriers to entry right. But not even that you would just start a podcast network if you're gonna do that. Who made i'm saying if you're gonna compete with e. r. Ninety five be dumbed to start a radio station. Yes but that's padilla but somebody will eventually be like. Oh boy. were stu extra spread. It hasn't happened but you know who knows what would you have. You said you wouldn't be like a program director office. But would you have and what. I can't believe they would never lake suggested this. Or maybe they did but if they three a few extra bucks just said you're in charge of talent and we'll get some other pencil pusher to do the day stored he. I yeah terrify me. This is going to be making decisions. Obviously but i'm saying whoever the equivalent suggestions all the time and they would just be like. Oh yeah great. Yeah sure and then never listen okay. I'll be like you know this is funneled like should be doing evenings correct. Yeah by patrick galleries. Incredible radio if it's really mean and vr can use to get office sports nonstop really pretty wild us. The part of the show talk back. That's the other thing that program directors and i've said this is like they can tell and that's a sign of a pussy week leaders. You can tell christian. Arcane one thing that you can't tell kirkman right hate that i say to these guys well. Here's something to say to me. Say it i'll tell you the fuck off. Maybe but say there's supposed to be like oh. That was really good today. But you know it's fucking pussies yeah. I remember arcane gone. He's text me non. Stop telling me to get back to the red sox or something. I know ordway those guys afternoon. They hear that. Now get back to the red sox. Oh god or your. I mean like whatever like let's let's do this or that which is just insane. I can't imagine anyone listening to red sox no fence to corrobos. But he talks all baseball. I think who jared. yeah. I assume he doesn't. What does section ten talk. That's gotta be baseball right. In section ten is more red sox starting nine is more no. i know. that's what. I'm saying section talk because i'm like dustin pedroia or something right there's an audience which is i. I don't get it but they have it. Yeah but they do it in a way where conversational dump on each other and they should of each other. And that's good steve for. Yeah which is always. It's not for me but hey listen since okay. What else we think. Well there's two cancellations in the news What's his name chris. Pratt real dug up the doug of that's not actual story yeah. There's no way that chris pratt tweeted that. That's what casey was tweeting about some park on the air. Like oh right. There's no there's not two thousand twelve. There's no other one very much. Real is a guy named morgan wallin. He's like a country music. Hit right he was now. Although i don't know said the n. Word or something skew it in the fund way. Sure but i guess. I don't know a lot about it but i. He's always apologizing for i think the record label just said enough of this case. Lean ticket the with you. It's always good. Tmz gets a hold of that again. You know he's just. There are some rules these days. That's crazy the bad luck the first time we ever used them. Well there are rules. But it's like why can't we as a society be like. He's not hurting and move that you know. He's not screaming at anyone. He's a drunk idiot. I grew we all. Just look at that for what it is so we move on so we know. That's not of course silly speaking of this conversation earlier in the week the resist twitter account that came after us or re tweeting out. Some of our greatest hits our show earlier this week. Yeah what we do. Porno was back in the news. It was awesome barstools. Graced it us. It was video. I can pull it up. It was talking about the different contexts for using the n word. Oh good it'd be if we played marine. Jeez onto something a lot mostly mice fault it. Yeah mike was leading it for sure. I mean i i still in. That's why we got rid of him. Yeah it's wonderful world. We've got a few more names. I could throw out been busy. They're going after that woman who came after lebron. Oh courtside is you. Take your instance. I think they were they were. They're throwing out the general it's different. It's different if i a line from reservoir dogs yes versus me sancti. Look at that and we're walking down the street. I think there is a difference. Is you wouldn't say you can say said and say n word everyone knows what you're talking about but we have to do this childish thing where even in context we have to tip toe around word were saying just because by all day. They tweeted that out as if it was bad. Yeah they tweeted out january twenty seventh. When dave portnoy's viral and words went viral last year one. Barstool show advocated for white people's right to use the n. Word at certain times. I mean okay most okay i mean you do have the right to use it. Of course you do. I don't use it. But like i do feel that else again. I guess like quoting a line from a movie is different than disparaging something saying you feel that way about them. Which don't bob's got you now. God he's fucking people. Just loon the ticks him. No he's definitely he's definitely work. They they got that clip like the day it came out and it was in the middle of the no question because you we were defending portnoy right. Yeah this is. This is another thing. I remember hearing when i was out but it was in the middle and i never heard about it against maybe Wasn't back at some point a little bit. Yeah but i for. All i know is like i i basically was like w let me on the one. Okay it's more blake Portland got us. But even i got on the. How active is today for example. Who knows he might moved on knowing him moved on the fifty other things. Nice to foes career. yeah. I miss him. He's updating his resume. Tom brady but it's nice to watch him tampa bay now. Sure although he's always been a winner guys getting done for years. God knows what he's doing right now. There's a bizarre. I saw featherstone tweets. It's like you know he's going after him again. A fucking featherstone again. This is another first boat first beladere. He'll be considered for sure. I think from people Now that's an interesting debate lobby to. He's a political guy. Like kfc would know featherstone right. This featherstone featherstone's obviously courageousness great ally but there's even entertaining like you know what i'm saying. I find him in a tie. Santana globe ranting raving. He's like a day in day. Out like stephen providence type. Sure so. I don't know. I think it's a tough guessing to be a tough case for some people. I suppose these an interesting First ballot borderline first ballot candidate. He's a first ballot for me. Because you know he he's like well don't say you're voting for shithead. Why because it's all about now. I'm saying we we will have a show released. We talk about. Okay she's fuck that folks unbelievable. Who's the guy that like When mariano rivera one person abstains because no one should get one hundred percent. Who's that guy might be one hundred percent. Oh i'm not gonna say that because they're not sam both for the guy right. Yeah i mean. There are certain people. I think people assuming again i bow say some of the first ballot hall of famer. That implies that you're voting for him no doesn't means their their qualifications them. There doesn't mean the only three votes is more than three. I bow hall famous my mind. We're only three which i'm fine with now. What about someone like. Dc era may be with trump. no ballots. No i'm saying would. They be on on the ballot. That's fine with the ballot again. They want put those names on the ballot. It's up to them. But i would never vote for either one of them. Nothing against i like him. Hp but he's disappeared failed the also by the way bailed on us. It's tough spots to albright. I mean gone. Well he's he's a doj coin gang who good. I mean good for him. I got nothing against it but he bailed on us when we were when there was real shekhawat. Well in dc mean. Forget it would you act- some tweeted about something yesterday. I don't understand what is really those people never leave that. But i can't if you're sitting down all worry about you as a voter at this point fastenings questions but hey listen just asking questions. The ballot you. I assume we have a braille ballot. That'd be helpful what we're going to be. Ada compliant here so ever braille ballot for you. Like you're going to really look at dc and given the he's going to on for masking looking every just look at every candidate right right. Is there something like that. What i know is something that on the ballot. Are we considering tv. Well how many people would be on the ballot. I guess the better question should have been is how important were the days. You know what i mean. Compare not as important as is the barstool okay. Kirkman to hint showed this in my in my mind. I would've agreed. But i wanted to clarify but people who bail dc papa. Podcasts bailing on us. Right an annual. That's using us of stealing advertisers from his show. Sure but then you get into people with career's short bursts who we talking Trying to think of a good example The guy was a guys who i forget his name. The kid who like after kelly martin remember the guy career but made an impact. I think that's a guy who say probably not look. I'm not going to tell you about who the volt for. But i wouldn't put him on the ballot. What about like kingpin pete. He's been quietly see back in the can. I don't believe so. I'm not allowed to give his whereabouts. Oh real or no. I think he may make an appearance on a youtube show in the near future. One of ours. Or no i believe sawyer. Okay can you repeat to start the whole thing. But mike party the party. That was really have your finger on the polls my my lifestyle also started the whole fucking my mother. That's true foundational. He's not he's not the first and my way. Should it be on the ballot. The first you know the first year. I dunno gets during his strips so assume he's listening i know will will. The came as rundown guys. All put themselves on the ballot. No they're not allowed to be on about that. No no that's fair. But then. I those guys are i bow famers. Maybe in their minds ziggy robinson. Read sheldon show. Certainly they're not of the mar. Who give me some other names. Geez six hundred seven report. I mean what does he. Add is a good twitter fall. I like them but what does he like. What does he brought to the show. Yeah i'd say more. In the days he brought because he was a fighter in the the battle of excellent twitter. He's still latest. Another guy he build on us was math from providence. Excellent practic prank call and then disappears. That did the wherever you did. A priority on he hears. I don't who's i really don't remember the shoutout to his aunt shirley on the radio station. Where the good callers. He always made me cry. Because you said you were listening once. And he said that he's he listens with his dad and it's something they could bond over. I remember that chance Good prank calls for a while. Yeah he yeah he was always on. Oh yeah what happened to him. I don't know. I haven't heard can become a humorless twad. Yeah no he threw a fit. Quit the fucking babies. Dm thread yeah. Yeah i mean. John john from scranton. They're gonna they're gonna try. I'm just saying you give it to the canvas right down. Guys man yeah. He's a subset of medicines that they really like does drug test. Yeah let's just say hopefully. I'm bias of the belts intern. Will it's interesting candidate. He's interested candidates. I would say that will make his productive inter. I would not vote for him. I would say if they gave me. I imagine a. I mean that list of twenty candidates numbers of the voters. The stephen hills three guys. Don't think i do know sure. He don't international provided some funny content. Yes yes him jesse. The whole disaster had with gordon fallon a whole existence of him on the phone every time we tried to call him. I would say if they gave me twenty names and he was one of the twenty names. Closer twenty one. I would hate that. I agree. I wouldn't vote for him. But i i i i you could put you can make a case for him to be on. The ballot is still listening. Though that was assume he's probably still they. I don't know i don't know. I don't think jim rice for fifteen years. We're going to have. The debate is willing. Yeah i f- he should be on not should be. I wouldn't be upset if he was on the ballot. Lauren lynn sure israel. I guess i think it should be some real female representation. A blind mike's groupie she's gone done. We're gonna you gotta be consistent so if like three or four women on the list. No up to it's up to the guys with the ballot together. Well it's going to be a stretch for trying to racially diverse. Well that's true tino kirk too hard. No tj hubbard. Sure absolutely absolutely should be considered absolutely should be considered. Nope no problem with that. But again we're going very g here. I don't think that's i think that's an upset. The other families which is okay. Be a healthy mix. I think who who are the main cells. The door people who are in the in the conversation adam jew. No no no new multiple refill. We're doing on saturday night. Oh yeah. Unfortunately he's out. I'm a huge fan. This guy is on ninety six shows that i think he's a great honor personally. No but like ned snark you know as a great name. I use my punch lines all the time. The guy went through held at the matter. Wasco alfred something i do. I think it does again. I'm just. I'm not telling the voters what to do. I'm just telling you how i'm thinking. Why the ballot. In front of me i think to me. The trump guy and steve's aligarh guy probably the two best new era min offense at least since the i'm upset of people i'm an obsessive people Made your song contributor punchline khurana. Oh oh yes. Of course. I mean i would. I mean i. I'm almost tempted to vote for him. Just to piss people off of what about the produced the show. He's got some credential absolutely. He's got some stamp by the way he'd be the barry bonds of the skin numbers. I think he's absolutely. Yeah i think. I think there has to be a place for him years. Greg louganis of the yeah. I might be get a consistent performer. Yeah i could make a case for the guy who emails me from. The i hate steve robinson at mail dot com account that is awarding of the north. Oh for sure. Yeah oh yes absolutely. I don't i don't know if he calls but he does on the in two seconds some saying we've named more than twenty probably some so that you know you see these faces is he. You know there's some there's any we is there any wiggle room on. Twenty twenty is a good number. I think forty one more. No i'm just saying if it's if there's not a clear twenty wine to determine i think it's important for you to take a few weeks off and we hammer these details up. I think it will spend the week. I mean probably the most important thing. We're doing these guys. If i were going to advise the came down what to do but they should be doing. We're doing for whole show talking about the ballot should be. That should be should make sense that to me is i listened to that. That's a show. I joke i get the feeling ziggy robinson will really do his homework on this. I think all three of those guys will without going well. You can't if you're putting me about the you can't be on the ballot dick. Cheney was in charge of the search and neither self it makes it. That doesn't it doesn't work that way for me. It doesn't work that way. And we'll have the announcement we the before the wasco so we have the induction ceremony in the oscar. Votes there right with the people. Aren't there. I guess if you're not there then you're you're out you're out. You're out so all the candidates have to show up. I think that's fair. I think that's only fair. Yeah because if you are a hall of fame candidate you'd think you'd be there anyway. Sure are you going to wasco this summer. mike. I would think so. Yeah doing your shirley invited all right there in the summer. Well what's the what are the events with no ice fishing. oh. He can fish in the summer. Okay he's gonna be golfing miniature golf. It'll be fun your whole budget so hall of fame events going to get. What am i getting with the were. They giving the amount of work that you do not have to work on that. I mean Yeah the you talk to their last year or economic development shit head. His name shithead. I came with a bunch of jokes. Yeah come with a bunch of fucking streets and stuff to give me. You're going to walk to the city you can finally openness and the shit. What the fuck unbelievable blue i would be. I do want to be honored appropriately. Of course a ton of money that bucking city. Churkin dying need it. So i mean we're border closed all All covid long dine for money. Will we be allowed during the summer outdoors. We're gonna do it with a tent that night. Alka i'll masturbate right now. Steve just to piss you off saturday. June fifth june fifth six five twenty. Twenty one i love. That date gets me that fucking birthday this year. Who's remember the last incident stupid. This is far enough in advance. That i get to miss this. The warthog hogan the bill. Steve steve look at us a vomit. Right there would not no. I love the warthog. But has he ever called. But he's brought mama mia like in the way he's such he's such a drip his girlfriend's doggone girl god she can't she'll ruin that ballot. We'll just like a melting disintegrate was very nice disaster. Deserve any the warthogs girlfriend. Probably the before the word hug your job by the way. I don't really know talkable as a falling out and you know i don't really. I know he knows where to dance. He's got access to that sort intermission. So i don't really know what what you know where ted danson lives. He does yeah following this. I don't really know. I know i know whatever business. He works for his clients. I don't really know what they used to. I used to have trump's social security number because he put it on a book contract. Yeah information like that okay. He likes he's doing all right. Seems to be with that loser. She was very nice and sock. She's very she's very s very nice person but she is not a happy person when she must misery all over the place but i do like her. She's very a russian to somehow. She managed to be the more miserable with at jax. Abby despite the woman who had to get married my medicine was very nice do they. Are they on the battle rather no. That's a that's a big moment. Like what are they really. Don't even on brief brief moment in time. I mean you get people who like the marks blewett like she could easily be part of this. Yeah she'd be singing at the ceremony. She would be but she's out right. I saw somebody tweeted. Stacey should be on the ballot absent. Oh she's not really gonna listen. No absolutely jake in louisiana should be out in that case you know what if what if we called parody market right now. Stacy even remember. You know even work working now. The last time fucking twenty-six sheets to the wind right now face down her vomit etcetera rix measuring like that might cannot just men on the ballot. Anyway who knows yeah would be. She should get in and get in. Get on the bachelor but what would be the fabric of the show. What do we do what. what's the. what's the debate. Everyone's voter effort abroad in. Everyone's everyone's talking anyway. Anybody vote anyway. They want. That's i don't even think we should have like men and women considerations they're just say well yes true know who's running out of these parents. Yeah that's true genders social construct that we don't have to see you know we don't have to acknowledge that's true. I suppose that's true puts some just to annoy you is there. Would they put. Keller no. there's not stupid okay. That'll be obviously crossed off all right and he was like i mean no one vote for him in the dave would shake things up to colon have a vote. Yeah i think. Be goofy with stupid dave with take it serious serious. He might say no. I don't wanna be part of this. I shan't shenanigans jerry. Yup well he might say no. I remember we tried to call a couple of times. He doesn't want to be a few weeks ago very briefly but more often i. It's fifty fifty whether you end jury in the interview with an corolla. Yeah he was on curls something you also school a podcast one guy yes because jerry just signed with them so i think that's okay. Yeah i think he owns. Pipe down curl man. I get your love line right here. What are the girls but going back on the trampoline. Can we talk about kimmel anymore. I i was on curls podcastone three times really some segment when Churn in but barstool up. Yeah dave. This is the first time i want to do this until gas. Let me do it. I curl on on with john. Jeremy we had a tasted lay. One day then. I had him on my podcast. The about me one. I wanted to talk to him just about everything in was promoting that documentary. Meetable pod racing. Yeah he's kind of dick he's very he's not a listener at all. No not at all because a comedian. You know i. I found that not like not like plenty of. Don't listen but i found him to be. I'm sure he's a nice guy. But i just found me. He was almost like a refund on that kind of you don't do like i don't life will go on. I don't know what about them. But that seems like his vibe anyways you know he just seemed like that's his persona. I think he's one of the guys who took over for stern west coast. Yeah i forget. It was in the mid west. David lee roth boston. Which is classic radio decision. That is so radio it's possible. Did he do it wink today. Haven't doing music show you straight talk. Who david lee. Roth does a talk show completely some music i think but it was like i remember listening to it the first day and that was like is this really. The doing this last couldn't have lasted three months. No i it was to mocked roundly That's i remember. I must've been contractually. The couldn't talk about that because he didn't really dump on it the being serious even oh really must have when he signed out been like he couldn't ima- maybe likes david lee roth. I know based to make fun of it. I think for sure anyway tommy. John is back for valentine's day new. Tommy john underwear which is great. And i've said this before it's the most comfortable underwear ever worn in my life. You guys know. I say all the time i say it for a reason. I'm wearing right now. Where tomorrow or the day. After i could run it i could sleep. I can do the case in it. I can talk to my doctor. Bob holder in it. I can do anything in my tommy john. Well some of the top the bob holder right now thunder soaked. probably like. He's probably like dicaprio at the end. The titanic. he's probably hanging on. What is flyable thermic. I'm not good with my hands or anything like that. What would work. I think he's going to leakey. Like flood proofing the basement or something. Yeah that'd be installing a sub puff combat. Let's ask was a lot of snow right now. So it's flooding in his basement like if you're doing real serious and again i love. Tommy john thomas dot com slash. 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There's other for the ads. This week's leave. it is correct or no. No we have left we still miltants. We knew mills. We did we not. That's why we can do to an hour later you now. We'll do it a few minutes. Wait what else are we getting. Mike thing going on with you know not really. We'll talk about You know just patriots stuff. Dustin diamond show tomorrow. We got the patrice. O'neal show excellent big doings. Patrice o'neal thing. Yes was just kiss his ass for pretty much he can come onto. That'll be guys. You're never going to believe lying for years. The only way to come back for this show. I came to the conclusion at the end of that episode. That i'm not like I didn't know how to describe the show at first. Because i didn't know what i wanted to do. And i think now. I've come to the conclusion it's not for entertainment value or anything. It's just anybody ever really. So i can promote things that i want to talk about the people. Just talk to me. That's really all. I want that bad talk to show my obscure interest. Sure that's fine. There's a niche clubhouse. Very small niche. Exactly when john lennon died the live writer. Michael donahue i think his name is they came in and said john lennon died and he paused for second. He's a good career move is that we apply patricia in the. Or no no. Because of the legend like hedberg is a legend. This alleged more of that kinison dying made him more of a legend. The only reason i said no but patrice is because like his name much bigger now than it was when he was alive but in this climate he would have been very interesting. That's true. I mean he would have been crazy interesting to listen to true. But i think like chris. Farley says somebody amateur thinking about chris farley for some reason sunday and i was like i loved chris farley. More than anybody chris. Farley today would probably be doing a sitcom or something unless like you wouldn't be doing great calm like he wouldn't. Who would he be. You know he wasn't going to be. I love you. Think if he doesn't die then he's going to not he's gonna stop doing heroin. I'm just saying i'm just saying play a game. He can just live forever. Like more like are saying no. I don't i think you'd be more like because that's the that's the role that out that you'd be able to sustain it. What do you mean. I think you already lang. I'm saying he's not a drug addict. He's alive past steve saying it's like clearly like clear. The terrible grownups movie those that that role was he would be the kevin james van santa's world and career doing large. You could do that. I think you would have had some very serious acting roles so maybe one of them 'cause he was talented guy. No idea that is what i mean. I don't know if it's bullshit that everyone says when you die but everyone said like he could have acted become like they have a baluchi. Maybe could've yeah. I don't know it'd been interesting. Like belushi is more revered now because he died right so sometimes it is definitely. I mean he just picked up a pool sticking wacked funny nine. Philip seymour hoffman would have been bigger. I think great act. But i think he would still. He'd be even even more roles even great career. He had a great career. But the guys who jim morrison for instance it was. It was a good move. Like seventy two. The faculty know you wouldn't have been great eighties and stuff like that cobaine. He's definitely bigger for but he would. Have i think a really interesting career like would you be doing or he'd be talking politics on. Msnbc right to the other day. John stewart is finally on twitter. The other of which is the on the ballot. Jesus who he close hot and cold. I don't wanna tiffany favoritism. oh boy oh boy no he called my show once talk host anymore. He's at he's at the prestige. Gearhead level is always the five hundred dollars a month. Oh yeah. I would consider him absolutely. I consider who i mean. I'd like to see a little more from him. Grant anybody who travels to matter wasco to ask mike about what is health insurance situation this in the woods. That day the five k. You know he's i would consider. I would certainly consider him on the ballot absolutely. Yeah anyway. The other johnston the lease the world famous one. You see us on twitter. I call this is gonna be epic and of course all of this cranky political bullshit like you know that's different s people saying it's going to be at because you're gonna roast trump give the republican come up and ted cruz like hasn't been done comedian. Now great all of left wing twitter so lost to know that they don't have trump shrew is so abc lying on that day. She was seventy miles away. Well i kind of course training all day. Sure jerry's gonna love that one all those people twitter accounts taken away. So she she. Her claim was that she was in the capitol building so she did a. She did an instagram live. Where she said she's data stuff and she talks about how scary it was that day. How some point somebody. Our security guard comes into our office and he was a white guy and a weird looking his is so was he part of it or was she there. He there helper. Whatever times about the uncertainty the trauma of la and said i think she said she was in the capitol complex but she was in the cannon office building. Probably the street. Yeah it's like it's a it's obviously but it's across the street. It's pretty far away though. You've got like like russell. Ken and then heart a couple of different office buildings but she she was decently far away with from it but could she have known that at the time who knows. Yeah a little she. There's a little bit of like a colin thing. There could smell. She could smell the smoke from the pipe. Sage people start digging but again. I'm sure people mainstream media will definitely do that for the really looking to get her in trouble to well. It's like my friends. Stephen told me that you still no details trying to look. I mean you smell the smell the taste it taste the mba. Jesus we did see that and that was trending all day. Yeah i mean. I don't know she's man. She's hardcore though she said. The trump people are planting bombs. Were i know. But she's she is going all in in She's not that she did the ted cruz thing where they move. They both tweeted about game. Stop or what happened. I actually agree with her. She's like yeah but you tried to have me murdered right. And it's comical. Aren't you start doing that. But whatever i mean she's wacko. It's scoop part of our interesting pre show chat mike and are having i think. Leave it there. yeah. I think the becoming a member of congress now is like a pathway to becoming an instagram influence. Our twitter influence her show much career if she gets out of congress and she's just she'll hosts the show. Msnbc or central comedy central guess. The daily show was daily. Show is stephen exactly difference. She'll she'll get a job like bachelor much better career if she gets out of call them now like. It's probably better than even the heavy like a tv show is stupid probably. She probably gets more eyeballs on her instagram livestreams than some of the late night shows sure close to soc appreciate going to be like you know this this rant about my my experience on january six is brought to you by. Yeah i still feel like her. Her destiny is to face off against dave for the presidency. That would be great does feel oh my god does feel like it's going to happen then there's like the sexual attention before. Would you vote for david. president. I respect that. I don't respect a guy you have to like the press. exactly you get a response. Wasn't a big trump cabinet. I said i would have voted for him. You know did you did not. I voted libertarian. Your makers time. I ever vote. Ever really libertarian. Just to give you know. I'm putting the system on various back. It's really changed. Was i gonna is something. That was gonna forget what it was. It is funny that they're saying that that girl from the movies in nominated for best supporting actress dough. Sure she did that thing with rudy so nominated for an oscar. You remember how rudy was polite to a woman who else could have gotten netzer tipped the election. You know god. I mean one of the worst movies ever. There were some funny lines and one night miami. Have you seen that yet. that's the movie. Yeah talk obviously not considerations amazon consideration one of the guys just this year. sometimes we're like the river for Leslie nominated for okay. It's actually really good. Yeah i mean that stuff. But i think you'd like it okay. It seems like very tv movie. Oh somebody's playing ali. Somebody's playing malcolm x. Amis playing it was written as a play. But it's actually. It's really interesting. I think it's got like it's a culturally salient. I think it's good good acting to. It's good okay. Like if i mean. It's a historical pieces. It's not the kind of formula that i would like. But i it held. My attention was a good movie. Regina king directed. I know that maybe. I'll give this shot. You wash anything. Good mike or no. No we just watched The flexi called dead to me on netflix christina applegate. Yeah if you watch it with your girlfriend. i'm good. He's too yeah. He made it all the way through the card. Nellie yes it's just good. Good actress. applegate's fine. It was a lot like the show. You where you can watch it to be like some fucking ridiculous. But it's like entertaining. What a twist and turn given that yellow stone which was colored brother. Adam would you. Tv wants to answer the phone then yellowstone. He told me he was fucking great awful. I watched like one episode season. Three is so bad. It's the fucking awful awful saved by the bell was honesty more realistic depiction kelly. I remember hearing. It is critically climb when it came. Critics are idiots Why are you whispering nor pickle ball when my now what happened. Well i mean what's your dog or no. No that's that's my wife who giggling because of the campaign. Oh too bad before before. Can you defend season. Three of yellowstone show. Told me was good. It's fucking terrible. I didn't want to ruin it for you and tell you that it was fucking is a. Why would you then hours of television. It was terrible. Well i i really like costner. So i houses grades it. I really really really enjoy. What's your name. I think she's a really really a true cairn. The alcohol terra good evergreen. It's a hallmark movie. It's awful awful. I at least there's nothing rick son he told you. So you got you and ryan both like the show's great rise like it's great. That's not a great show. No it's great for covid. And it often pathy costner relevant again. Good luck with everything. Go back to work there. Slugger terrible terrible gave off longmire vibes. Yeah as i love costume asus. It's a miss. You think you back down in the actually enjoyed it but just didn't want to say yeah. I think so but but i mean that's okay i mean like i said it's a show for dumb people sure i would have liked to have gone stupid. Dr swept away was really credit. I also i'd maybe. I already said this you but i watched the tiger documentary to very very knows good. It was fine Something else i was going to mention. I forget what milks. For second. Milton's dot com. Get your great deals. I'm wearing a beautiful time. Bahama shirt right now I love lena. Listen we've talked to own villains. Who took a million five million times if you're a guy you're looking for clothes or woman looked close for your guy. You go the milton's right whether it's zoom meeting whether you're going out with your but whatever it is just a lounge where winter stuff the great winter clearance sale going on right now. You go the milton's dot com where we go their stores. Central plaza. Braintree chestnuts quick chestnut hill. They've been with us since day. One that can be with us all the way to the final show which i won't outside. They'd soon enough soon enough. Don't you think steve. What the final show of this. Yeah you want that to happen. I mean even kicking it around you kicking it around with you've been pushing for erica's open to it. So the steve is based on dates. I'm gonna guess june four. Steve you gotta admit my you said this to me privately talk stevens. Steve is out in the show right now. I think he would say that. We don't have to be doing this. Show in order to do the wilbur. Show right we can still collect that money right. Oh absolutely yeah ok. Should the obstacles. Then the milton's dot com go the milton dot com right now and get some. Just some fantastic deal. Some great close are great. Great great great. Great partners. Great from an milton's so there you go wellesz mike anything else from users we say goodbye. Noble nice issue both twice this week. I miss this hatred. Doc pitch dot com slash blind. Mike is we get all your stuff. Yes all your stuff again. Well we have the big bell votes patrice around money going up tomorrow as well. Okay get your stock tips folks on the as well as already up or is up last night yeah up last week for that show me crag and my producer and his partner from his very good show. What's the name very good show. Also three big comedic minds. We're getting together talk year. Exactly right over. What do they do kind of bullshit. You know friend original friends hanging out with. What is joe jar. She's all gonna make an appearance questions. Now that you're on anything goes true. Joon interesting say whatever they want. One get joe girardi. What's his name josiah. She's offer the less controversial of the characters on that show. Well that's true if you want to check the patriots dot com slash mike. I'm always in black face. Forgot about gio. he's an interesting guy. where was he on. Mike and the villains. Yes the first. Ever i second. He's no he's the he sent us like her yet he dropped off at the door was like check out. My podcast guys might want me to be involved in your show like maybe care so into it. If we thought about joe johnson. Maybe mike would be. That's another name of that again. These people come and go. Joe jar cheesy said that bang bang guy. Hey forgot totally forgot about. He wanted to save his college football career. Which i'm sure is that's right. Wendy ruthlessly after kelly martin yes deandre actually shouldn't sixteen year show. It was also. It was also like many many months after the anything can happen. Kelly martin like it wasn't any care but that around the time of the day colonnade think and then he tweets out a screenshot of his message. Like that's right. Look what it should disgraced. People coming on a lot of bodies frightened said. Yeah but mike persons who. I was thinking about the hot dog. I was thinking about steve's runner up performances. The guy who's oh we still you left. Oh no what. I'm saying the ballot. Yeah again what does he bring. Fan hot dog contest. Okay but i'm saying. I appreciate his loyalties a fan. I am very president. For god's sake. I know but that was like president. We ever president now or no negative just taken over the fucking around i think on the on the negative side. He did bring the discord into being. That's true to knock knock. I mean be in dc if they stuck around would be legitimate. Candidates aren't saying they get in first ballot but they will be dc. Trying to huge hats. All i was trying to say. Yeah i mean they kept you alive predilection for fellowship for young boys was a running joke forever. That's right you know that joke. Yeah yes definitely a joke now just talking till like random in the fans of drinking bright to four people in other jugs is that right addiction of any content. Going on there mike. He's not asked me. Are you drinking again. Our no very limited lsu shelters that's about it. I know my limits. Now try to anyone. Good good all right. So we're back next week Any else gone. Stephen the announcer now. Are we taping monday morning. We're gonna take monday at some point. Hit them year. Round for that. Mike tyson short walk so mike monday mike and our debating. Whether you're going to try and tape during the maybe ask you guys and watch the game the big game. He predictions go around the room. Steve robson super bowl pre pick. I mean checks these a tough business especially the he's better by. I wonder if you have just fucking burr tation miami. This weird announcers have moments like. I'm going to say tom brady. What's the score ago. Thirty eight seventeen kissy seventeen points. Holy shit be michael berry. I want brady to win. So i will be. Put your heart aside brain okay. I'm trying a chiefs thirty one bucks. Twenty eight who good game game. Also paul mahomes big knee injury in the second quarter. Wow has been getting us concussions interest. Of course mike maniscalco voter right. They don't forget that akimbo. The voting process earlier to that. That's that's that's gonna bias towards the the g. though right he listens the show. I know that or is this still holding a grudge against stephen province for all those poems could he's biased against those guys probably likes them though to misses them. He misses that lie. He misses this callers. He's mrs relevance in you know stuff your career i'm going to pick. I think you pick tampa bay in this game. I don't do. I trust areas in the big spot. That's the question that's of course you don't. I'm picking the chiefs. Thirty eight. Thirty one high-scoring extravaganza i fly. Yeah the bowl. Your reading pam homes thirty eight thirty one. I'm who's the halftime performer. Dynasty in the works the weekend is that was that was last year. I think would been okay in that to naming obviously not good good. I got twelve of the weekend the week the week. Yes apron elliott did probably like some. I'm not a big music. I in general steve the weekend. Yes so they're applying the soup and then there's like seven nine other people was like seventy five hundred first responders whatever vaccinated right toward the superbowl. Great that's wonderful. That's k you. Watch the whole game. I'm not it's not. it's not a it'll end at nine thirty two for me. I'm good care Moved up here always starts at six thirty six thirty seven. The kickoff nightmare. You're doing the show the next day. Christ really oh yeah was because you have to watch the post game and all that crap and a bit like midnight wake up at four and make sure you catch. Bob kraft hammered given some speed. I suppose boy. Maybe i'll watching. Something could be history bruins again. Why wouldn't be history. No matter what happens. I mean all part of history isn't it i wanna be a cruise the game. What was the game we talk about. Cbs cbs so's romani his idiocy. For fucking crazy calls a place called me for an happens. Nansen romo all that crap. Are i find no in. It's it's in tampa correct. Okay field. i talked to jerry. Yes you gotta understand. We gonna do all the sports this week. A why also. Why do you have to understand. Okay understand why. He has to defend his programming decisions to. You mentioned like them if you want to. He likes football talk about. I don't see any problem with that of you. Enjoy doing absolutely the only time i make fun of. It is when it seems so i. Yeah he jerry. Loves football loves it. He's he's he's into it he'll watch. He watches football and crazy. You know it would be weird for jerry. Did not talk about the super bowl. Because you know he's into the care more of a paul like he cares more about that. Aoc story super bowl. But nothing's going to happen from that. I mean what would happen. I mean yeah. He should resign. That's what i mean. What's the head office to jesse smell. It funny ruined her credibility to who though not to her fans a tour supporters the undecided. She's gonna run against chuck schumer. Chuck schumer. Yeah that's what i was saying. Earlier i think senator first stop on the way to a primary against portland. Twenty twenty eight. It would be right. She's too young to sure she won't be thirty five. Then i'll make sure we'll see. How old is she i. she's younger than nineteen. The seriously is that right. She's like late twenties no way that really true holy shit. She's thirty one thirty. One might just make it a little bit. Younger ted sellers certainly candidate a candidate to be on the ballot legos. Soko sako videos. Through the dave portnoy memorial five k. Get right but the but i mean the terrell davis he hosted the short shrift. Globe's we have a short window of a prime though he used to call goldenthal who ten. Yeah yeah no i know. But i'm saying is he had a long sustained he are. He made a prank. Ause gave murchison. If i remember to say these candidates out there you. You'll make prank calls. You won't do songs you wanna do stuff like you've got a few months to shake your ass. you're right. Balloting closes may fifteenth know. What was he deported. Memorial five k date was the date of his death The twenty twenty or thirty day was fans figured out wherever that anniversary as we say the was. That's day the ballet closes. It'd be great is if you did it. The day you're releasing the case and only visit erica's supposed to promote do better. You start going. You go on. Pardon my take your hall of fame. Guys is unbelievable. it's ted sellers. What do you think i'd say ted is. he's cusp. yeah he's a candidate to be on the belt. Yeah not in. Obviously no not a definite in but you wouldn't vote for him would you. It depends on the ballot. The oreos was hurt by being a voter in a way is just interesting candidate. Too short a ton of content certain. But he's giving up to be voter respect. Well he's an employee that's true you know you can't really come in. That's true that's true and jerry. Karabelas could be in for chris. Sake. that's true. He's a big fan kevin clancy. Yeah so. I'll we'll see has a lunch thing candidates it's going to be a big part of the ceremonies. Ronald could technically be voter. Yeah give us even ten. I think he's making some representation of a certain community and motors now. You might. The the chromosome candidate quantity chris. I would not say a candidate. Now he'd be the next he's an extra wanted on the show. Do you think of him as a hall of famer even with thinness. He's in the hall of very good. That's what you would say. I would i would say he's a good calls his forever though. Well i used to like those calls gave up on them doing. But do you think of him as a hall of famer. Stephen use look at him. I'm not sure you should have a vote. Stephen concerned about your vote by ted sellers. I think ted sellers better candidate. Yeah the sacco videos crippled. I mean they were you close as well though. It's not forget. He was in soccer but knowledge. That you pretty much told mike. Today's sure but they still did a good job. Brave and then our hearts first. Four coppola directed the godfather but wasn't brain great. Exactly justin gets the credit for direct democracy. Yeah that's true adjustment. That was the producer. Justin was the director. Mike entebbe the stars. They did a great job of effort. The tremendous job. She's a steve. I would say. I considered the belt. I would be outraged if he was on the ballot. Exact quote me chris. I would say this is ridiculous. Well he's just not there yet they may just do it. Want three are going to get in this year. Maybe if if they reach the so we have nine voters right now yes. So what is the percentage threshold to have to get in over sixty six percent right fifty seven in so it'd be like the you know close to seventy five percent for having people right. Yeah i mean it's gotta be a minimum. Yeah i think so. Don't you mike. it's fair whom i get. We mike nobody where you could. You could do it over. Sixty six percent so six votes gets you feels over would. Oh yeah okay over feels tint feels. Maybe we'll have to have a meeting about that off off lopo show awfully not for the yes. I was looking at the all. The people at the looking at some old faces at the vigil. I don't know how cats tough it's really really tough in this because obviously guy chance. Sure the amyloid kirk desk. The lunatic steve who's always emailing you. Which one of them. The fucking. The guy who was fucking eating mushrooms at the show. Him of waka rob. What's on your birthday. Is you bertha. it's coming up. When is it friday. Friday happy birthday. Happy birthday to you that why we're taking on. Yes the weekend birthday away. Loser from italy for month for his birthday month is your birthday month steve. Don't we have for your birthday gift cake. No are we going to get myself a steak. Nice omaha steak potentially. I didn't think i was going to be allowed to have any of those usually called dibs on the graft true watch it away and jesus. Oh how old are you be. Thirty one thirty two or thirty two years old. happy birthday. The steve everyone would be nice on friday. Steve what would you know. Why are you laughing at the funniest gestion. i thought. Maybe they would be well there. You go see happy birthday. The next time we see you'll be thirty. Two years old with mike gear. Fresh off a big weekend of content. It's right on the patriot. Dot com slash. Mike thanks to our sponsors. Thanks for joining us. And you know what we're gonna read about it in the gulf tomorrow. Flood came out gone. Know floating face elegant dining the flood sports laugh above holder. Bob who'll be alive. That full called income the boston sports bob haller. Linda marks whole dog shit. Tommy harper polar works. And that's all we all need. Who would work she linda. Hi we'll talk to you monday. This was pretty reprehensible. I know how it can be anybody's idea of humor.

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