Gary Quequish (Oji-Cree) Part 2


My grandfather's. Name was Moscow hosts. Most Hosa was my GRANDPA's. Spirit. And when I came into this world in the early fifties. The first hand start laid hold of me. WAS, to hand sober medicine woman. STEIG good. Welcome my friends to the storyteller who you'll find first nations people from across native North, America, who are following Jesus Christ without reservation. Today. We'll hear more from Gary. Quick wish and Oji cree from the North Caribou Lake first. Nation as he shares what happened after an amazing encounter with his creator. And as I gathered myself together. I realized that I was on the floor. So. Great was the presence of God. That's why we're going to die. So, heavy was delayed of sin. A, crushing. The heavy load on my back. Couldn't speak. Couldn't even lift up my eyes. God was in their. Beg For mercy. I. Don't know what words I said. But God heard me. You see in those days. I couldn't talk. I stuttered. Couldn't even say my name. Scott to save you. Understood, right there and then what Jesus? Who Jesus was why? He came to deserves. Why he was. On the Cross while he was crucified. While his body was broken, I understood. It all became clear. And God touched me that day. And I gotTA. From the floor. Jake. Strang got up to. Gosh! You've got up. We were so relieved. That got touched us. Saved us. And Albert thought this was all show. There was all a joke. And he walked out. Leaving Barely cod. And he stopped and came in. And he Shared with us. Once again. God sending his son into this world to save sinners. And we were chief of centers. That we need it. To ask Jesus to be your savior. And he read versus to us, and he led us in a sinner's prayer. Glorious experience. All my burdens are gone. I felt light. And what happened was there was curfew in that school and turn the light off. And Albert spoke to us in the dark. And even slept in their own with us. Late into the night we spoke. And, he spoke about God. And a wonderful but all. He spoke of his adventure with God. He was serving half. He said he was serving. The greatest of the great the master of Masters. Was Privilege for him to serve Jesus. The serve God. Finally fell asleep. Peaceful. Sleep My. Tarman. My Fears were gone. Next morning I woke and. Albert was there. And he said to me. You know what happened to you last night. I said Yeah. I've become a Christian become a child of God. He says yeah. That's what happened, but you know what happen something else he said. I said what. I sat on. Says well last night. I. Don't know if you're sleeping or. If you were Awake. All of sudden. It's as if you walk in your said. And your shouted! You said. Something Wonderful Happen to me. Jesus. Came into my heart. I didn't know I said it. But that's what He. said that I said. And sense that time. To this, day I know. God. Sovereign God Israel. I know. He sent his son Jesus. and. I know. The power of the Holy Spirit. It was him that. Change me. Into another person a child of God. I have versus. Don Thirty years. I remember in Psalms. I, believe it is. One of the first versus that I had was I some thirty four, not sure. VERSI! Or some thirty two. I will instruct. And teach the away with Dow Shoko! I will guide the. Mine High And so I can say. Can give. This Affirmation. That disperses real. God has instructed me. And he's taught me great things. Along, the way these forty years. and He. Counseled me in a way that I go. He says I will guide De With Mine I. And that's how I have known God. He has guided me. With his I. A lot of things so happened since my conversion days. Off can say. Seventy three. After I finished high school. I went to Bible School in Nineteen seventy five. Graduated in seventy. Eight. From seventy six. To this very day. I've been in ministry and service. Subtle Lord. I've been serving God Regarding. This Gospel message. It is truly a message for all people. I grew up with a father. WHO, was. Direct pass movement the traditional face. My father. And his father. My grandfather's. Name was Moscow's. Most also so was lack graph a spirit. And when I came into this world India early fifties. The first hand start laid hold of me. Was the hands of medicine woman. I grew up. In the traditional power and counter. Belief system my GRANDPA was what they call on. Water Walker. He was shift ser. and. My father walked in there. And those of you who may be listening and saying all this Jesus is the White House Gospel No? Jolie's and My father could attest to that that this message. Is a message. For All people. My father, who was a devout. Read Movement Man. became a child of God. And a first elders of the church. were. Cutting birded and medicine, men who still retain and kept and preserved. Their language and their culture. Even to this day. We speak on native tongue. We do the traditional ways of life. We are first nations people. God made us to be first nations people. We think India. React India. And so I'd like to encourage you. To be. Open minded and look cut. This message raised for God. FOR OF BOOK FOR ALL PEOPLE! God will touching. And Change Your heart. And you will be changed into another man. You. The Lord Jesus Christ. The son of God. I had heard many types through my mother. Telling us the story or repeating what she had heard in the church message about Jesus. And now come to know Jesus through my mother, but it really hit home. When I was convicted of my Sin Sen received him as my savior. Jesus truly is the son of God. And He came into this world he lived. Here on Earth for a very short time thirty three years, they say. His ministry was like three years. And Crucified Him. But you know his name and his death and resurrection. Affects the whole world. Manny Manny people many many nations. Follow. Jesus and He's coming soon. And I look forward to that day. This is my story. I'm wanted to redeem sinners that God saved. So many years ago. And now go. To The answer beers to tell his story to tell us mess. I, thank God. I can give my. Testimony to you today. I pray that you to receive Christ's. Never received Christ. God can change you. How about you, my friend, are you one of the redeemed sinners that God has saved? Not only can he savors, he can rescue us from the powers of darkness, because Jesus is greater than the spirits. have. You received him as your savior. If not, what's holding you back? What God has done for us is amazing. He paid our sins penalty at the Cross and offers forgiveness and new life to whoever will receive Jesus Christ. Listen to how Jesus put it. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. My friend that whoever includes you? Turn to God and receive the Lord Christ. Then you will be one of God's redeemed. If you have any questions or comments, you can write to us at the Storyteller Po box one thousand and one BEMIDJI Minnesota five six six one night. Our phone number is eight, seven, seven, seven, six, six, four, six, four, eight. That's Eight, seven, seven, seven, six, six, four, six, four eight. Our web address is without reservation DOT com. Thanks for listening and remember the greatest story took place at the Cross for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord. My friends. There are more amazing stories to tell, so be sure to join us again next time as we listen to the storyteller.

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