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Inside Supercars - #266 - Fathers Series - Glen Holdsworth


The matter of pulling together a lot to hold joint and putting what I can be a brilliant. We'll be honest with herself next week as usual and say okay this stonking result. But what could we have done. Better Passion for rising again looking like my job back to just doing it because I love rice. It kind of eighty really exchange. Welcome to incisive Kaz Shine Dan Ginsberg ripple pricing thing. Here hello and welcome to inside supercars. We continue our summer series with five of Serb Augusta's this week with Glenn Halls with who is just seen his son moved from Gary Roaches Motorsport Sports Stern brothers which moved into Arabs since then he's established himself with Charlie Schmor- called before joining teakwood. You could racing in two thousand nine hundred and it's been quite a journey for them as you'll eat tonight. H Wait joined inside Motorsport team as I look at all the news from across the street and around the World Sulman Sean. Thanks thanks sport with Interviews News and opinion go put money back into the sport at the lower levels to develop the kids. Bring Them Up. You can't rely on good luck. Fidel recount is all manned without a few nights of tips and money in and sending my direction needs to be lettuce for broadcast ask community radio and online at sport radio DOT COM dot. I use the views expressed on inside supercars including the panelists and guests do not reflect the views of the the network thunder media or sport radio. Any publication will rebroadcast. The show without the expressed written permission of funding media is strictly prohibited. Dick Dick Johnson from team penske. And you're on insulted working inside. Say The calendar where he at Winson pretty cold and damp and Glenn homes with some ease ago that maybe Victoria was not his rating ice. So you'll know Queensland based for many years one of the best thing I ever did tiny with leave this place dis whether it was actually like full seasons today anyway so glean in Monterey with name of being together for some years so tell me your history in motor racing let somewhat surprising you put it there I actually because I it kind of the more background has got no attachment whatsoever the best way if it did was put water wheels Zephyr that There's a bit of a story as to what we got no matter what. The story is basically three my work on Philly knowledgeable. If you like on a ride exit institute sticks in Milwaukee and then Lee was sixty seven years old the seven and a half. They started taking my sales into I wanted to get a peewee biker. Mida bike on you will list on right side with box actually sent to on on the day if you promise never automotive Bryant and ball you're always good to my word because of course I said yes. The Knicks said I the Guy Cotton we went out two weeks. Show Rice track at the guy cutting out there and join the club and that's where it'll Scott her nibble back back but there was a time back in coming early this century. Then there were three Holdsworth's Day in advance. You look ahead ahead of yourself at the moment daddy. You're looking at a whole to wasn't the rookie of the year until night. Oh man that's still haven't got like hill but still rising commodore cap down it was a great trading rallies it. There's a Lotta young drivers in some not so young. Who came from this series? I was Rimma Jon. Folkman telling me John and I said this place horatio. Police scoured the delivery of the Victoria Police car invasive which is extremely Brooke. HSA and always Joan telling me though that the worse this category you can go and rice before jumping into what is now a supercar as worse when you do come Cup because he looked bad habits. Habits will prevail. I think providing. You didn't remind in the for too long. I think he probably had a point. Because we had that experience where Leeann to using using Commodore Cup before going into the Konica series as it was in cold in the second tier of sued the car whereas Brett of course spent some probably seventy seven years while sprint into Subic irony. The he did reasonably well he certainly had the bad habits. That Lee haven't had an a quad. So so I think probably Johnny full. It was probably on the bowl with that comment. And all right so okay. So you've got Tucson's champing at the bit say that we need to go to this one. This one was yes. I'm but you must have got into some such a lot now. I didn't get into a thug. Up More camps. Licensed tiny windows. Fifty eight goes that was already lost in fact if he's ten years ago the stadium story there are fifty. I got my camps licensing. It wasn't until I actually actually finished. Because as you're aware a category manager in Colorado for some reason it wasn't until I actually nearly finished that whole era that I thought Lee was off your hands and no costing the money he had been in the past so I thought maybe I should have a Gallup these myself. The weather a lot big name I can actually put into practice. Okay so Both out in the carts Lima progresses affair. Right then We'll we'll have budgetary quicken cats YEP mm-hmm and waiting do state series and national series. Like a lot of people do and bottom line is. We just couldn't afford it and of course is running. Two cats switched double A. Costumers Nice fatal But both of them very quick and Lee particularly lighter on we put him in I'm getting of the Catholic had been recently was at a recent series cotton nervous. I've quicken that but And that was just before. He came into Commodore Cup when he came into commodore copy was He's fairly picking the Commodore Cup. Series Stride Wise. Well he was just answered the top three in in two years and I think he might have finished fifth in the championship in the second year. But he was certainly You know a sixteen seventeen year old. He certainly obviously Talent together elsewhere sway dot decided. It didn't just didn't have that. Signed driver name beaching of Tokay. All right now. There are some of just mentioned some names. I mean Jeff Camry tiny bites Marcus candidate people from Coming Cup happens. There are others. You know rising still around full of course Jeffs very successful okay all in an Audi and the the JT series. I think and just won the championship last year. And just had a win last week and So he's very successful I'm Mark Kennedy teaches. been running in the turn. Kim turney bites in portion. Also enjoy to share. This is a lot of people still doing a lot in writing. They're the ones that immediately. Come on me and of course there's me there's me these because I I didn't carried extensive reports on Komo usually make sure I got the results of the rice overweight in one of the things that because the people who work in the top teams that go save come from somewhere yes and that can be spending on a commodore food or somebody else. They want to actually know what's going on the living on enjoyed. That was wise enough to realize that you're going to carry that. He's so we'll just talk about the the oldest of your son's some non forgotten worth the bright who works in the oil business he does. He Manages Business Dow and and that's where he lay we're a little different than their air. NBC had that To to you know down to distract and he saw a rising more as a hobby than a loss a lost stolen aloft choice so yes. He's very successfully managing. That business is still working. The business missile. You've had a number of different businesses. I have been sir similar in essence the we have a business With cowpox equipment. We import equipment which is packing leaders. Barry a guide and technologies. That you don't see either out in the back office. Attached to those things Also consulting businesses to safely traffic engineering during the development sector We don't work for the public sector That he'd been the development to die to die experiencing development it and its bricks sexually working in that sector. So you get into a cow patented this g like a lot of things you told told me your story before you started this recording and I think you'd probably I would you happen to To to happen into the sakes and the Civil Engineering University to countywide sport as a cold. That's a coincidence or lock or nothing like that. That's that's a that's a sheep and you go do something new I mean I like for Melvin to see snuck our friends at work and got myself a job for a weekend cleaning wheels. That was was all lower planning involved in that quite seeing a little plastic attached to it. Then when we're for Country Rights Board of course which is attached attached to the traffic engineering sector and then to Scott Interested in it and started my own business so it goes twenty nine years old at a S in Richmond Richmond and had to get an office because br started to answer the phone when he was when he was twelve to That'll work thank God business. 'cause wouldn't Ford Motorsport northside that quote seriously. It's very expensive sport as we all the G. never looked back. Go Go recommend it to anybody. As a as a family activity an activity that any bonds family one that keeps you children away from drugs rugs and does other issues we sunny parents have to deal with and of course now at least a couple of he's also married with kids bricks got Two children yes boys and Lee has a boy and a go and I was actually looking after them. This weekend. WAKENED wellstone here the the rising inlays rising and his wife. Is He responded okay. There's no Fox who early uh-huh many of them talking about what they gonNA do motoracing yet. You know what the the the way things are looking guy on that track carriage courage it big issue there I can tell you last night looking at Have a replay of the Earth saupiquet around with the young grandson Lee's son who is I think just turned to write and he actually used. The draw is cars are going on their side with breads boys as well. They're they're willing to truly down that track. I think having rice in a series that Lively won't take totally dominated by the generals equipment. Your Family Keller would be naturally Raid Than what is that Seeing now Sulina the forties not very much site in just had the remote would drive. Altogether doors had to throw all the red jacket. Oh very much been holding passed a and every car I've earned as a whole I think that should indulge also self and bought a corvette so it's still going down that law and even in the business we bought holdings all the time Cy Year beautiful departure. Yeah no one for the Mustang and doors actually been digging in the ribs. The boy must take quite that happening. I see we've had a riding lease. He's Rhody now. He doesn't take his father in that cassidy shaky Mark Data Rodman die. But I haven't been. Yeah well you've certainly Coming to an interesting time and lays it certainly before he'd gone to Dr Chali things were slowing down. I mean obviously. There's now a lot of things with a new car and you tape. Yes well I think like like You can track most of these These drivers I mean you always have to at the end of the year. Certainly at end of a contract period mega decision. That's it's a very very much well to the media position for the next two or three years and A friend Joe here and I would. We're just talking earlier on how informal one that occurs in people can get taught you know into Particular Mike. It's not going anywhere for some period of time. And how long do they actually cope with that. I moved on well. The scientists guys with Lee unfortunately Gary Gary Rogers things. We're looking terrific. And he didn't that she's no might've moved to to to Steinbrenner's which it was fantastic move at the time but little was lead to node horizon Irois sites who are going to come in and of course that he's whole career intern from one which he was drawing to win and rice. It's one way or he's trying to develop a cop and that is headed varnishing itself because tightening very knowledgeable of add rice cows. Instead I always think Dave Stewart's pretty good and I would think that going through that process even though alternately while I wanna rice and it's reasonable times and have had the ultimate success sort of thing to go through developing stories about uh-huh backing I'm Jay in the factory and you know you might have much crowder Ford engine now. You couldn't do that. That would be fascinating back story return to the and I think that experience whilst supplies even at this point in time it certainly in the reason passes deletes it felt like Not a bad experience but perhaps one that you prefer not to have had I think ultimately will turn out that it will hold him in good stay. He won a guy on multiple because he's seen what it takes to build a team. You're saying what it takes to develop a car. She saying why teams and personality personality made to work to build success. Things that happened there unfortunately of course was soon as he left the halls the successful straight right away and then it's a similar story even with jolly and Come come away from it. It was a lot of developing elephant to go on as I had to single. 'cause I didn't have any other data for the reality is the team that that not drawn reporters no Patine leads Roy for different AAA support In data coming into it so Again things have happened when once he's left which is a bit disappointing to him but Anyway he'll get on with it but I can tell you these never been so happy is at the moment he's He's he's very comfortable and I think he's well regarded entertainment. He holds all of the time in high regard as well it. He's going to smile on his face and Vita springy step. At the moment he just needs to learn how to qualify the car of He'd better. I think I see that you wearing a blue jumping out so forward to you. Where did he? He's rising well. He's rising five-speed Ashby qualifying Whether that Hema whether it's the Guy Dot Ninety nights to get off the front further coal firing and then we certainly hope over the next extort six months from so we've got some time to sit back and watch that he certainly showed encouraging signs of it. Thanks much glen in Holdsworth for joining us on inside. Civic has extended make next week we conclude our series on father's with Fasel the oracle accompanying champion champion. Wind McLaughlin I hope you'll join us then inside. Supercars is produced by thunder media tune in next week for more at sport. Radio DOT COM dot E._D._U.. Locking the podcast on your aunt Joan's or mobile device. Search inside supercars.

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