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What if the system NASA developed for removing contaminants from building paint could be used to clean up the environment? This is innovation now bringing you stories behind ideas that shave our future polychlorinated biphenyls known as PCB's were once added to paint to make it stronger after learning of their harmful effects. Pcb's band but cleanup has been difficult. Jackie Quinn an environmental engineer at NASA's Kennedy Space Center had an idea so I went to the cafeteria and I picked up a couple of drinking straws and I took them up to the lab. I heat sealed one end and then I took a little bit of ethanol and I put it into the Straw. That heat-sealed on one end and the Nice heat-sealed the other what I ended up doing was sticking that Straw in a vial water and I knock voted the inside of the vial with. Pcb's and I put the straw inside the vile and close it up. And I said well we'll see what happens after rounds of engineering. A team developed a successful extraction system that started as one scientists. I wonder and now a company called Eko. Spears is using the NASA technology to eliminate PCB contamination across the globe for innovation. Now I'm Jennifer. Pulley innovation now is produced by the National Institute of Aerospace Through Collaboration with NASA and is distributed by w HR V.

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