EP 201601: Garage Pass


The chip Ganassi Suspense Kyle. Larson lost definitely difficult times for everybody. So you've gotta calm weather the storm once we get back to the race track. These kids can be a blast skin back in the car. It was fun. We ended up getting a third place finish Mark Carroll NPR INS GARAGE PEZ. Oh Wail guys wail. Wow where that's a big deal Okay Wail grail. Fono can turn quick on the water. Progressives Boat Insurance. Has You covered? Get a quote today in as little as three minutes. Progressive Dot Com. At least it wasn't a shark. Iran Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates. Now that racing is not easy but did you know car. Shopping is easy. Auto trader is the only car shopping site with Kelley. Blue Book. Price adviser so you can be confident depresses fair confident. Like when you make a pass on that semi-truck going slow in the fast lane car shopping now. Easier than racing. An eighteen wheeler auto trader. Finally it's easy. Everyone seems to agree with any malicious intent. But getting ready to do some. I racing Sunday. Night Kyle Larson dropped the N. Word while he was trying to connect with his spotter chip Ganassi racing has taken immediate action issuing a statement that said quote. We are extremely disappointed. By what Kyle said last night? During an eye racing event the words he chose our offensive and unacceptable. As of this moment we are suspending. Kyle without pay while we work through this situation with all appropriate parties end quote. Well we're now heading into week. Seven of the corona virus shutdown. And like it is for just about every business in our country. It's putting a lot of financial pressure on all the NASCAR teams front row. Motorsports driver Michael McDowell definitely difficult time. Not just our industry but for everybody so we just gotTa Kinda weather. The storm is the best thing that can happen for us. Is We all go back to our normal way of life here soon and that will stimulate the economy. And we'll start growing again but you know right now. This can be a major ripple effect for a lot of industries as to when they'll resume racing NASCAR is currently contemplating a number of different options. The earliest of which now is Charlotte's coke. Six hundred may twenty four. No matter when it happens. William Byron Toll Fox. He'll be raring to go. Yes ca fun to just be back in the car and honestly just be able to go to do normal things and see your race team and I know everybody wants we get back to the racetrack. It's GONNA be a blast to skin back in the car. During the in our country the Nascar community wants to salute and thank all the medical professionals doctors. Scientists first responders everybody on the front lines. We're with you. We are with you. Were here with you. And we will continue to do our part staying home and social distancing so that we can all beat this so we can all this so that we can beat this together together together together together together during the INDYCAR. I racing challenge over the weekend on. Nbc S. N. Team Penske driver. Simon passionate one at Virtual Michigan but in his open wheel debut Dale Earnhardt Jr. came home third after surviving a big wreck just as the race started racing all his guys. A lot of those guys were pretty ticked off about how the strategy worked out for them. That recommend frustration at the start so of took a bunch of guys down pit road and put a bunch of NCO mileage mode so fast as cars get the best same race. Today provident win. Prn's garage past presented by progressive insurance cars home boats motorcycles. Rv's more at progresive DOT com.

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