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Today's episode is sponsored by google. Good morning welcome to axios today. It's inauguration day. Wednesday january twenty labou. It's a big day here in washington d. c. So here's what we're watching. President trump's last move on china but i joe biden swearing in as our forty. Six president is today's one big. I'm sam baker. I'm the healthcare editor at axios. Streets are closed. I would guess maybe half a mile away from the capitol. You hear a lot more police helicopters shake a little walk. And you'll see i assume they're national guard troops walking around in their komo with their big guns. It feels sort of like a symbol of the national. Taylor this is elena train axios congressional reporter even though i have a pass that allows me to access the white house and access capitol hill. It's tough to get through. This is margaret talev. I'm the managing editor for politics. At axios and i live in southwest washington. The city looks and sounds like early on the sunday morning. Because nobody is out. And everything is close margaret sullivan. I don't live too far apart from each other and over the past week. We've been watching the perimeter around the capital. Get bigger and more soldiers with guns coming to protect it. So i wanted to bring margaret on this inauguration morning to talk about all of this margaret. Is there anything to even. Compare this to pass inaugurations that you covered. I mean i can compare to the two that i really remember in my life of covering politics. And one is brock obama's historic inauguration. First black president he and his wife and their children walking down pennsylvania avenue this ascendant moment for millions of people in this country then president. Trump's inauguration election that shocked the country shocked the world inaugurations. The united states are kind of like coronations. It is like a moment when the president and their family is almost like the royal family. If the united states had a royal family. They're very fancy. They're wearing things that are very fancy their friends or fancy. This is a different moment right. And it's not just for health reasons. Not just because you can't have crowds and people have to stand apart but because it's not really a time to celebrate in that kind of way. Sounds like you're really feeling like the gravity of this moment. Have you felt this for any other inauguration that you've covered. We'll know there's never been a moment like this in my life and certainly not in my coverage of politics. I mean there was an organized effort to overthrow legitimate democratic election. people died in the process. Two of my reporters were barricaded in the house and the senate chambers and i didn't know whether they were okay for a long time it is a moment that if you live inside washington as profoundly affected people in the nation's capital and dominated all of the conversation since but it's also dominated the conversation outside of this town and outside of politics book. Whatever your politics are some moment of crisis for the country and nobody really knows exactly how it's going to fit back together. That was what i wanted to ask you because we think about the fact that inaugurations are one way to mark the passage of time. And i can't help. But think the fact that for years ago donald trump was about to take the oath of office and everything that's transpired in those past four years and i wonder as we're thinking over these next four years. What are you watching for in this administration. I think in a way. I'm almost looking beyond this administration because to my mind like the challenge goes beyond political leadership it is like a civic challenge that i think that's the moment that we're in right now. It's a time to be sambre and deliberate and to really take note of what's going on and i think beyond what a politician can do for each american to sit back and say what can i do. What am i doing in my own life to contribute to this. And what can i do to try to make things better for my family. My neighbors and the people around me margaret tele sexiest as managing editor of politics. Thanks margaret thanks. We'll be back in fifteen seconds with a decision behind the us declaration of genocide in china. Google has a variety of tools and resources to help small businesses adapt from training. On-demand classes through bro. With google explore free tools for small businesses at google dot com slash brooke. Welcome back to axios today. Yesterday the united states became the first country to officially declare china's actions against its muslim leaguer population as genocide outgoing secretary of state. Mike pompeo cited crimes against humanity that include the mass imprisonment of more than one million acres torture manual labor political indoctrination and forced sterilization. This action cements president. Trump's legacy on china. But what does it mean for the incoming biden administration. Bethany alan abrahamian. Axios china reporter. Bethany what are. We are such a target of the chinese government. Well there's a couple of reasons. First of all is the land that they live on so they live in what china seen john. it's northwestern region and it's really important for the chinese authorities both as a source of resources and as a land bridge to central asia and middle east. We years themselves have never really enjoyed being part of china and there has been some low level unrest there for decades really and there seemed to be a decision made among top leaders that they wanted to essentially get rid of leaguers in everything but dna so wipe out their culture and even prevents the youngest generation from even learning the weaker language. What evidence is there for the us to call this a genocide since the us is the first country to do so. There's an enormous amount of evidence. There are hundreds of survivor accounts from inside the mass internment camps that china has constructed across sheen jong there are leaked government documents. There are satellite images of all of these mass internment camps so there's really an enormous amount of evidence that has been collected by journalists by researchers and by themselves. So why did it take the us so long to reach this decision and make the statement. Well it is a difficult process. There's a very high bar for using a term like genocide and crimes against humanity. So this is a policy statement. This is not a statement by court in the hague making this as a legal ruling necessarily mean that there's going to be any automatic new sanctions joe biden's nominee for secretary of state. Tony lincoln said. Yesterday he was inclined to with mike pompeo on this characterization of genocide would you hearing from inside the incoming biden administration about where they plan to take this so the biden campaign actually did call this genocide already. I believe that was back in october. So i do expect the biden administration to explore the possibility of her suing further measures to uphold it bethany. Alan abrahamian covers china. Axios before we go today. There'll be lots of people to view during today's virtual inauguration. Here's one person to watch. For our very first national youth poet. Laureate amanda gorman today we gather founders words do not go diminished will also though work does not go un thinnest for. It's not just a declaration of independence but the everyday declarations of its descendants that make people equal. That's her reading her poem believers him for the republic's at the american academy of arts and sciences. last year. Every day we write the future of together. We sign it together. We declare it. We share it for this truth. Martha's on inside each of us. Like joe biden. Amanda overcame childhood speech impediment. Today she takes the stage alongside biden to read another original poem. The hill we climb. That does for today if you want more news before tomorrow tuninter afternoon. Podcast axios recap. You can always reach your team at podcasts. At axios dot com or find me on twitter at blue. Thanks for listening. Stay safe and we'll see back here tomorrow morning. Google's free resources are designed to help millions of small businesses. 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