Part 2: Kobe Memorial with Mike Trudell, plus The News (ACS Feb 25)


Thanks for listening to the Adam Corolla show on podcast one. Well Mike curdle who's been a longtime Los Angeles. Lakers sideline or coma sideline reporters at the sideline and basketball. I don't know yet is okay. Sideline reporter is. He just came from the Kobe. Memorial is GonNa tell all who spoke what they said all who sung and all the feelings about guys traveled with. Kobe knows him very well and has a very interesting Kobe. Ping Pong story coming up as well than the news. Of course I. There's pet online. It's almost march college. Basketball's elite or fighting for the lower seeds While they're the least finding for the upper and lower she's get in the tournament. Nba's in its homestretch as well visit our exclusive partner at podcast one bed online take advantage of the best bonuses in the business. Sign up for free account the Promo Code Podcast. One for fifty percent sign up bonus. Nba Got Nuggets at Clippers. Box at Raptors Celtics Trailblazers and. Well we got the xfl. 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Lakers podcasts and also like the sideline reporter for Many years no koby very well and just just left the memorial so nobody better to fill us in on that experience so thanks for joining us. Oh It's a pleasure to be here on a on a totally different note. I was just thinking back to nine hundred ninety five when I was in eighth grade and love line came on in Minnesota every night at midnight. So you taught me a lot about things that I didn't know much about told many jokes as well so I appreciate that You in Dr Drew. Educating me and my friends when we were in eighth grade yeah that show was penetrated a lot of places and cities and got a lot of young people and some sort of a bygone era where people would stay up and sneak. The radio under the covers young. Listen there was nothing else on you had your TV stations. And but at that point we all had to be in our rooms kazoo midnight under supposed to be sleeping. You turn on the radio and there was like the only show where you could decide from music. Yeah and it was great. It was a great resource. You now you have a million podcasts. Such as this one. You can kind of pick what you want to learn about. But at the time I literally remember it was just Love Line. I was calling to Loveland was the last of that. Yeah and then my pitch to program directors always. I'm number one as long as there's nothing else on now few choices than we got an issue. But if you don't have if you're safe harbor that's right. I'm like I'm the number one cafeteria food at the school. As long as there's no in and out for then I'm still number. One flocking so mike you just got back from the memorial tell us your thoughts or recollections of yeah it was just a it was incredibly emotional as anybody that just washed. It could tell but being in there. You didn't know we weren't sure what was going to happen Other than that. They were going to be a lot of tears. And so it starts with beyond say and then Jimmy Kimmel comes out and just thinking about You know one of the most indelible moments after he died. Was that video that surfaced of Kobe talking about Gijon Jimmy Show Ryan so there was that immediate kind of connection and and I think that that America knows that Los Angeles knows that was perfect for this kind of made everybody feel comfortable was able to elicit a laugh here and there of course which was much needed and I thought everybody did. A great job is spoke from the heart and it was just. I don't know if I'll ever be there for something like that again. This is this is such a singular event. Such a singular thing that hits in so many places of as a child as a parent as a family member as a fan all parts of society. Really that have kind of rallied around this in this city. And it's it's so heartbreaking but also there's a lot that we can take out of it obviously as well hearing Vanessa Speak About Tgi. He's like Oh my God that was you know what she's never going to build the do what she did do. I mean Um and she was so eloquent and I'm amazed as someone who does public speaking. I'm always amazed at how poison how good sort of civilians can be. You know they. They they ride it out. It's eloquent. It's thought as well thought out. It's from the art not a lot of stammering and cotton mouth. You know like. They seem may she was like amazing. This situation that could just get the better of anybody. He tears understand amazingly poise. Yeah so at the end and I write it down to make sure member. Did she said Babe you take care of our and I got ninety. Bbn Cocoa. We're still the best team I mean. It's just it's it's shattering. And so when we were actually as the team was flying back from Philadelphia had there was a game the night before and when the news happened and so all of us are I. Guess One person I got that initial tweet from. Tmz started to spread around the plane and it was just the thing that that part of it was. Just surreal believable. And everybody's trying to confirm or deny as best they can. You guys are in the air and the air. There's an element of you can't be the same as when you're on the ground you're hearing the worst news awesome and of course some of the people on the plane or very close to Kobe. And then one of the one of the gentlemen in the back had who had done some security with his family There were there were some hints or some worry that possibly one of the girls could have been on based on kind of the route that they go back and forth. And that's as you as you mentioned. Adam. That's the part. That's so truly. Devastating is thinking about that image right of looking over at his daughter At a at a certain point that we all we all think about so it's really devastating so Who spoke at the Event we know at least at least keys played I think Rypien played Christine Aguilera saying I'm Ave Maria in the shack spoke. And what was Gino are Yama Sabrina? I S Q with the the future number one to be and then and then you know Michael Jordan coming out was just something unexpected. They've just been so few times that we've seen him. The last time that he spoke with publicly was the hall of fame speech and to have him share those those heartfelt moments of his friendship with Kobe and the big brother little brother relationship. And he's just for me growing up in the eighties. He was the guy for me. The Michael Jordan will always be sort of that top level hero and then he was the guy to that. Kobe was desperate to surpass or at least two V as great as he could. And I've never heard I I've worked in the NBA. Obsessed with this stuff in Jordan has never shared this this before this connection these text messages the phone calls he would be Yeah it was. It was incredible sitting there hearing that and looking around and you could feel that in the room you know. Some of the greatest athletes in the entire world. Some of the the most a beyond say of course started like Conti West is. They're all of the Jimmy. Kimmel all of these people that could go anywhere and be the most quote unquote famous person in the world are all thinking about Kobe in this different light. And then there's the one other person Michael Jordan summarizing at all I. It's just it's tough to to match. That did yeah. Gina schock was kind of amazing in his own right But I remember I might have been UNESCO not sure one of them took a shot at shack show she was. I don't I couldn't tell if that was supposed to be sort of good human light-hearted or if there was some bad blood there maybe she just had. Oh no poker face it was I think she. I think it was mentioned. Something as a joke about Lebron like the fadeaway jump right. I'm on my probably like anybody else. Watching my brain was half fried with all the people coming up in your crying here there and then you're looking at all the people next to you in the arena was full to a Bram and it just yet so when she said that about the Bronx it was it. Was that same kind of feeling of all everybody. The sense for me it was like there's there's a real uniformity around this like a real so many people knew him in their own different way or at least from afar that it touched everybody in in. We're able to kind of all more than this as a community which doesn't happen that. What was the Lebron Common? It was something like she was talking about G G and what an incredible player she was at this young age and I could be getting this wrong so please forgive me but it was something like she. She's amazing three point shots or something and Lebron hasn't been figured out or something like that. I think it was so she. She had already mastered the Fadeaway at her age. And I think Lebron just did the other right right. You just hit the fadeaway over Jalen Brown last night to be Boston. So she may have just been referencing. That gotTA laugh. But she didn't laugh and I was like. Oh I don't know if there's something good and now he ever exposed not because a lot of shocks speech was about their. They're sort of not beefs. But kind of explaining a Lotta that away like oh no. We always laughed about it afterwards and we're brothers so it was really interesting. We HAVE THE JOKE. Found the the joke all right. We'll hear looking at Scotty. Pippin I think your skill was undeniable at an early age. I mean who has turned a rate fadeaway jumper at eleven? Lebron barely got today. Yeah she's making too. Yeah so he hit a jumper. Last night against our yesterday's how long in total was the event so it started about ten thirty to twelve thirty which is about two hours and so you knew Kobe. Pretty well with your job. Sideline reporter spent time traveled with the team so on and so forth. I think there's one story Chris tell me about you and he playing Ping Pong together or that Thanksgiving night. How did that start go? Yeah so so I WANNA say it was around two thousand twelve or twenty thirteen and the team was in Detroit and it was Thanksgiving and of course. Everybody is missing their families. This is one of the things that happens during the NBA. Season and coby realized that nothing had been planned. So he essentially like rented out the second floor boardroom. Type thing in this hotel and there was this massive Thanksgiving spread and he kind of took care of it at that point it was him in a bunch of young guys so he was kind of like the older brother on the team and the team. Yeah on the the other players. Were you know? We're young guys so Kobe at this thing. There's a bar there and then there are a couple of Like footballs and then there's a ping pong table so some of the players start going back and forth. I think I started playing Jordan far at a certain point. And then I don't know if people hardcore Laker fans might remember Sean. Williams was around for a cup of tea and I was playing against John Williams. Kobe was on the side. And He. I was beating Sean so Kobe was talking. Trash to Sean. Like how are you going to lose to the sideline reporter like you know? What are you doing and so I I in complete jest and anticipating nothing except for hopefully a hardy nod of approval said something to Kobe along the lines of. Do you want to and insurance if you did. And after being I wasn't sure what I got myself into. And so he gets up and I play him and pretty soon on. I realized that I'm just in this one thing. He's he's better at almost everything one of the greatest athletes in the history of anything. I'm a little bit better at Ping Pong. I grew up with the table so I know this right away. The second that I see him hit and so I- beat them pretty heavily the first game and he's not talking trash to me but he he's. He's actually adjusting within a ping pong game so by the end of the game. I had to stop preying on his backhand because he's adjusted to that normal people. Don't do this sort of just get up and play. And then they sit down so then he says let's go again next game. It is literally it is harder to beat him two minutes later in the second game that it wasn't the first game and it just Rob Pelinka actually the of course best friend. The general manager of the Lakers He got up and told a story today about playing tennis with Kobe. They would go to the health club or whatever it was in Newport beach and he was playing with Kobe and rob was better at first so a couple of weeks later he goes and plays Kobe again he finds out. Kobe's getting private lessons from the The pro the pro club and he's already started to make gains. And so I saw this for myself in this little ten fifteen minute window of playing ping pong against him. And I think that was echoed in all of the turbines that you heard today that this was how this guy was he he wanted to and had to be the best or at least try his hardest like he didn't care that you lost me. That was one thing that was impressive. It wasn't an ego thing. He was just like okay. Well I don't want this happening again. So his security guy later told me that he ordered a ping pong table. I think one of the next couple of days. So it's just it's my own little slice of it. It's embarrassing even to think about like yeah. I beat Kobe Ping Pong. Who Cares it's just the it's what what you get out of. It is is a little window into how he ticked. Well you know it's interesting are kind of what I'm hearing in that and it's also I had a conversation with somebody yesterday about this which is like. Why aren't more people interested in improvement? Why aren't they interested in getting better? You know we all have talking to a guy. And he's telling me about a couple of his brothers that you know do spoke cigarettes and drink energy drinks. And they're like and it's like it's like when you try to coach them up they get angry and agitated Communist referendum person. Right why are there so many people it just so Kobe wanted to improve? And if he was playing ping pong he wanted to improve playing ping pong because it turns into a global thing. It's just a mindset like it could be a language it could be an instrument it could be making a short form documentaries could be making children's programming. He was in the he was in the business of improving. Yes and basketball ended up being how he got paid but he was always in the business of getting better and so you watched him get better and six minutes playing ping pong with you because his he was adjusting and making improvements and other people get angry at the table or they get angry the ball or to get you or that the paddle has it in for them or the net hates them or whatever it is and I think admire about him is that he was constantly doing that. How can I shave a few tents off my next lap around this race course and I don't know why that is not a little more prevalent? There's more people who are on the other that sat side of that as so hearing you described that though I I would imagine like to get to build. What you've built. You had to have a certain level of aside from the the talent that this curiosity or this wanting to be great at something to keep pushing it to keep doing it all these years and continue like I. I was driving in this one from the previous shows. Probably this kissing your ass but take one of the previous shows. You were talking about the difference between like a turbo engine and a supercharged. Engine and not a podcast. The level that you described that was was like listening to Lebron talk about pick and roll like it was it was really there was passion like losing out of that so that that is that is that quality that Kobe had it. Seems like in everything knowing? Well I don't know why. Such a large percentage of the population is taking his taken a stance against improvement or information or knowing but the have and then. I think that makes guys like Kobe. Standout like that that much more because even though you think it would be like a little more ubiquitous like people want greatness people want to strive for greatness people wanna work in work past the pain and all. This is all a bunch of cliches until you have to go do it. And then you don't and then most people just they WANNA have sandwiches. Sit Down. I wonder if people that were also threatened by the people that are pushing to be that good at something. I felt like that I grew up in Minnesota and there was a little bit of that. They're like what like what do you mean. Why do you want to be the best in your class this sport or have the best? Gps there's a little bit like who do you think you are well elements. It'll have luck if you are sitting on the sidelines of life. Getting Fat. And somebody says why. Don't you join the game? You don't go because angering lazy because that Guy's Dad. That guy was born on third base trip walking rigged. There's a lot of rigged. There's a lot of you know. Oh they were just born that way. Think about think about all the touch by God guys gifted. He's touched by God like okay. Well how you going to compete with touched by God you know and it gives everyone an out to. There's if somebody said the only difference between that person in you is. That person has a stronger constitution. That person better work ethic and that person has more character that would make you feel horrible but if instead you said that person was lucky touched by God born on third base or with a silver spoon amount than it takes all the onus off you so we've constructed this elaborate scaffolding of excuses that enable us keep eating and sitting. We'll so koby. No one could argue with the talent. Father played professional basketball six six incredible gifts but he always said he wanted to be known as an overachiever. And so even with all those gifts like the truly great people at anything right or some combination of talent and hard work in any walk of life and so he was definitely that Lebron is definitely that like look. Lebron James came into the NBA. A grown man it eighteen and Bronco or bouncing off him and yet he got better every year and he got a little stronger and he got a little tougher so that that was it and the other thing is you were talking about that. Made me think about from from being in listening to Toronto and he kind of Kobe's attitude enabled a lot of young girls and women to feel that same way in gee-gee was now taking that mantle to try to get to the next level so now for her she had Diane it's Rossi whereas Terachi looked up to Kobe. So that paradigm shift. It seems to me like that's really powerful. And you think about how where the WNBA could get in fifty years because it's still super new like the English premier league has been around for over one hundred years in now even like people talking about major league soccer. I'm going on a tangent here but soccer here is still new enough where there's a lot of game of ground to begin in the WNBA started in the nineties. So I do think it could get to a higher level there when did the NBA start in the fifty forty fifty the late forties and fifties and then the merger happened with the with the like later in that but it was there was the league before the NBA can't remember what it was called but yet the NBA was right around that time? Yeah Very sad very I don't know hope everyone sort of take stock of Themselves and their family and their life and And also if you're if you missed Kobi or you were inspired by Kobe. Then you take a few pages out of his playbook and get to work everybody. So that's That's just what that guy did. I mean you know. He's not here because while we were all sleeping Sunday morning he was up. It's going to a basketball game with the with his daughter. I mean that's honestly what what what the reason he's not here because was a work day for him or data improve or help somebody around him get better my hang out we'll Take a break and then we'll come back and do the news right after this. You Gino break I will. All those crazy trump tweets G. grant trouble than the gene gene the news with Gene Grad fresh on the heels of this memorial something that made headlines this morning Vanessa. Bryant has filed a wrongful death lawsuit Following the DECIFIT Kobe. Her daughter thirteen year old. Jonah this according to the La Times Bryant has brought a suit against Island Express Helicopters Island Express Holding Corp Seeking General Damages Economic Damages. Punitive damages The helicopter pilot. I believe it was so van. He was previously disciplined in two thousand fifteen for violating federal flight rules and received counseling as per the La Times. He was also flying island at that time as well and during the fatal crash in January thick fog as we know the lapd they ground all of their helicopters that day a preliminary investigation showed. There was no engine failure on the helicopters. Part So that would actually be an interesting question for Garriga's how does this work? On behalf of your clients or the client's passengers all money. She spearheading it for everybody. I don't know it was just for her family. I think everyone's gotta lawyer. Everyone's going to have a company like this without Buco. Insurance is super deep pockets. And they're just going to go after the money and everyone's going to be compensated and everyone will be minus their loved ones but set set for life financially so the guys who were were not so worried about the Brian Estate. But the guys who baseball coaches and do other regular civilian type so be set up for Life Brian. It reminded me of what was the LAUNDROMAT. Meryl Streep Right Denied you insurance. I certainly hope that doesn't happen. And I expect quickly urgency Meryl Streep in a laundromat. Screw up. Yeah coin people yet. She her her help was off in my washing was it was the Belair Canyon Beverly Hills. I miss the smell of that place. I used to go to coin dryer sheets all the time. Many boxes or something is coming in because they had a smell of warm air merson about then a video game sometimes pacman in one that he's too fancy ones and miss. Oh no this was in Marina del. Rey I moved out. I miss the probably the most comfortable seating minus any padding at all like the fiberglass just slide on into that the one in Hollywood Has like one of those claw games but you pull out boxes of detergent. Wa for the children and Yeah it was a simpler time but I also realized like bring a stack of papers and some stuff and I'd like get caught up on failing writing out checks right bits. I'd like write comedy. Bits and stuff is like the self-imposed creative environment that smelled like tied. I mean like I'd have to go down there for like three hours and I just bring a whole bunch of stuff stuff. You Never WanNa do as long as sportscenter on your TV set at home. Interior soap factory nicer. The smell of sides Wasser there. That's right mysterious blonde enter. She's got grass stains but then they invented the iphone. You can't be bored anywhere now. I don't care about running errands I've got my air pods or whatever I'll just listen to a podcast. It's fine I'll I don't even sit in line. I'll tell you the I'll I'll pay the thing that it has the smartphone in the ubiquitous smartphone has ruined not ruined me. But it's it's hurt. It's hurt me a little bit in the. I don't care nearly as much if I'm eight minutes late somewhere because if I walk in the person's always just sitting at the table and they're during the middle of something like they're taking care of business sometimes answering tax in common. It's like oh I was just working on. I still don't do it but I have a different mindset on it because in the past there'd be the guide be playing Napkin football with himself like he'd ball up a foot restraint in their kickoff. Do that move at the Straw. Where he punched up the paper on it unreal guys. Just sit there board office. Ask staring at the ceiling. One hundred is that right because I'm thinking of The Times that I've been waiting for someone if text me on five minutes out feminist. Thank God I appreciate the five minutes. I taught up on something so we talked this the other day. About how One of Steven Spielberg starters is doing porn. And how she says the family so supportive and they're fine with it. Choose love it when their daughters you porn that you're telling me NO TURNS OUT. Steven Spielberg might not be as cool with it is Is his daughter. Wanted us to believe the cinematic us when it's only a one camera shot when Michaela's Spielberg revealed last week that she was embarking on this x rated film career. She told Britain's Sun magazine that the IT Director Mother. Kate capshaw are not upset even intrigued. And she's twenty three. She might not have told the whole story according to a friend of the family. All intrigue intrigued as to how you don't think you're gonNA be cut off. They said they've always been supportive of Michaela and try to understand her but there are limits and they're embarrassed by her sudden public admission into this world of sex working at the insider adds quote. Nothing can hurt Steven Spielberg's immaculate reputation nor cates. But they're worried about how Michaela's revelation looks to the other kids who are trying to be supportive. But they're embarrassed to they certainly. This is not how they were raised. Nothing can hurt his reputation talking to Harvey Weinstein. Bill COSBY IS INNOCENT. Things reputation as it stands. Now let's not pretend that it's all it's her revenues all based on streaming or click. Girl at ever right yeah. They begged her take her instagram down. So doesn't this kind of news get her or Oh yeah. This is great great. I mean otherwise she minus this. It's just sort of average looking gal up there flicking her. It's a few solo work. Yeah I file this under snake. Meat like rattlesnake. Why we ought to stay like I just not not my thing. I get it. Don't you think this is heard another wave of boost knowing that daddy hates it? Yeah I guess there's going to be a lot of curiosities right sure have you heard of Michaela's Spielberg before this? No Yeah I don't know who's in it Max Patty. You're the right age. Girls Girls Girls. What what what is it? Who's in a CAM girls? And then what what? What's the what's the allure? Let me let me ask the other guys okay. Great Documentary Look at the name of it because I saw it and it's fantastic documentary. Brian and just a camp computer. Hot Girls wanted to see. If that's on strike that's a net flicks. I think I think it was anyway so I saw some of that. It became wildly depressing. Right it is streaming on Netflix. And it should be called marginally. Attractive girls don't they have like after Horn but I all it makes me go to my computer. Look for during porn for the heyday during wash real hot girls wanted watch uncles one because the guy they're just like the recruiting in the management. And all that Shit. He is fucking great care. Horrible horrors is a great character. He's amazed at Beak Rome. Yoga different ends of the spectrum. Multi-million DOPEY yeah. He's he's a schmuck. Yeah but he's great. Please don't watch it earliest going with your eyes open while we wait for Chris to take a poll of the staff here. So another details. Come out about this friends reunion special. We talked about that recently. Hbo confirmed on Friday. It is happening. Networks President released a statement saying the original cast entire cast is going to be involved total price tag. According to the rap at least twenty million what network. Hbo Patria. And here's what we didn't know before. Apparently because we knew was GONNA be unscripted. It's not going to be like a Sitcom but apparently ellen will be hosting like kind of a talk show format what a lazy payday panel remember. Ross got the monkey. Yeah that is exactly that is exactly what it's supposed to be because they're showing clips. They're talking about clips case twenty million dollars. I don't have a strong take on friends is. I've never seen an episode but this reminds me of the episode of inside the Actors Studio when they had the cast of the simpsons on And they weren't funny because they're not scripted. Like Kalki like tankers area was kind of funny and Harry Shearer had some some good ones but it was painfully unfunny. Because everyone's there to see the simpsons we all know and love is one of the best shows of all time. No one's writing. There's asking him questions. I hear from home or simply does homework home. That wasn't funny. Yeah I'm I'm Kinda over. Friends is a funny show. But I'm over it doesn't we don't need to keep going this. Kaelin year into the webcam girls time-to-time nearly midnight as it were to be honest. I don't I've never done like the kind of live watching or the paying for it's kind of the more entailing wherever and are are. They is it that they can interact with them. Give them suggestions stuff to do. Or How's it work? I mean yes when you do stream them live. I thank you can pay for them to do. Certain things feud Sept- yeah watched Here's ten bucks. Can you please show me what they're always alone right? Y'All know sometimes I think there with friends workers. Yeah you're Jobs a joke. You're broke but never with the fellas right now. They have their friends. Come in the girls. Right okay World out there sexually. It's weird to me. You Know Mike. What do you now? Yeah well I was just thinking about. I was trying to think of what else I did before the IPHONE I was. I was thinking to be Calculators snake game like graphic calculators. Yeah I don't know why that was what I was thinking of. When you guys were talking about the The CAM stuff. I'm not really familiar with that. Yeah what goes on the team plan. Kim South can't I can't say that I can speak on that Brian but the question but on the flights right yeah right down. I'll read it for you. What's the what's the meals on flights other very good? Yeah Yeah but how does that work? How does that work? Do people put in before they leave or this go? We got steak or chicken. And so there's like there there are certain catering services right the various teams in the NBA us. They've gone back and forth between just using restaurants and then having a caterer that provides a larger menu usually. I mean it's all catered towards the players because they need to recover and then the rest of us in the back. Just get the benefits of this right. So there's there's usually a steak chicken and fish and then there are there are sides. There's always vegetable right. There's always some kind of like a starch potato or something like that yeah and then you can pick whatever you want basically. What's the booze policy on the flight? So there is no booze. There's nothing on the on the plane. I understand that it's different. Certain sports like I think that they do have booze baseball hockey. It's not even a question. Probably have kegs in the visa. Right right. That's part of this. You know booze on the flight. Yeah Yeah and then boot you though you don't know okay. What is what. How does it? Plain configured it's it's a chartered plane. There's a first class the players the coaches are in the first class. So it's it's a little different team. Also some teams have their own plane like mark. Cuban has a plan right that he flies him as around on the Lakers charter through Delta. So there's a there's a big sort of really yeah a lot of teams are on Delta but it's like a specific it's a specific plan so like even the seats in the back basically first class seats around but the so the players were in the front. The kind of the training staff and strength staff is in the middle and the second part of the middle the coaches and then in the back. It's going to the broadcasters. The public relations crew the crew radio stuff like that. How many all laying on the plane. That's probably I WANNA say. Probably like fifty s fifteen lane. That would hold one hundred fifty or something like that. If it was configured like southwest. I would think so. Yeah if they had the seats really lined up because some of them have the tables in between right so how can face each other got the laptops up and they're watching game film and yeah overnight the flight home from Philly or New York or whatever now at ten pm or whoever it is these dudes Just trying to catch Z's first class seats it depends. I mean some some guys sleep. Some guys play cards. Some guys watch movies. Some guys try to sneak on a little booze refir- something and we'll edibles a little bit so there is a security check so I don't I don't think you I don't think drugs are common. Wouldn't be surprised if there is the occasional beer here or there but it's not it's nothing I mean typically like on a typical game seven thirty. Pm East Coast by the time you're in the air. It's one o'clock in the morning So it's not like a party scene. Usually guys were either sleeping or watching something just getting something done. And it's it's it's not as you might think there who drinks the most roster depth into that. You Know Brian. I'm going to think about that back after the news. It's a fair question though the only other rumor just to wrap this friends situation as David Schwimmer said. We're not rebooting. We're not it's just this thing. The rumor is that the actors are still in negotiation for a twelve part reunion series next year but only if HBO can afford it. So we'll see thank. You gotta be happy when the Jennifer Aniston so the world love paydays working. You know because name. Yeah like if you're in a ban in your guns and roses and axles a little nutty in has F- me money. Just Relax Malibu for seven years in the drummer and you go out you know. Make some Hay while the sunshine band member that is rich from the Solo. Work and doesn't need your money doesn't like you our right. Then they're done but you know Anderson is such a big component of it. Who's out there? Having this fruitful career minus friends is always game to go back and jump into that. Did you watch the no to remake thing? Oh every commercial for I was scared to watch it because I I. I enjoyed nanotubes. No one high school I did. All this was on afterwards. I was in I was like I didn't want to spoil it but then at the same time. I'm definitely watching Topgun Maverick. When that comes. Oh Yeah so what the difference. I mean I. I'm not really worried for my top gun nostalgia. Maybe because the trailer looks awesome. I don't know yeah well. I didn't turn into quite the star that time through step. Maybe that give it time but I used to love watching all the melrose place all that stuff. It was just schlocky now thing but I i. I enjoyed it as adult. I'm older new time soap opera. Yeah her they were. Those were good shows. Heather locklear cast put money on it. I would say the. Hbo Twelve Part Series. What happened in the reason I'm thinking about this is because I was talking to you Phil Rosenthal. Who was like who had a show on Netflix? He says do those popular thing on Netflix friends. Reruns the office if HBO like wants to take a little bit of business from now. Lex friendly's whenever price they pay me worth it. Well I don't know what Hbo's up to these days but a few years ago. I mean the only game in town was HBO. You gotTA stand up special. Whatever now it's net flicks and beyond I nev-. Hbo feels like I'm assuming they feel like we gotta make a move. We ever make a big move now because we're sort of losing market share. Every day that goes by I'm confused by the HBO. Max thing like I already pay to subscribe right so I have all of their shows available. So what what is beyond that? What is Max of what seems like the full Cadillac strapping waiting for friends right? Disney plus does the name Mike Hughes Mad. Mike Hugh sound familiar. Oh well see a stuntman. Yeah and I'm just going to preface this story by saying there is video of it if you WANNA watch it but over the weekend mad Mike Hughes was killed after the botched launch of homemade rocket So video of the crash and don't don't put up Posted on twitter shows the homemade rocket as it takes off from the launch pad mounted on this white truck and it is in the distance. It was a steam rocket. I think what was evil. Knievel's evils can I think was evil evils with steam was. He is blog a home. Think homemade scientist yet lake Yeah like quasi scientists right. Yeah this is the Science Channel So at the launch the rocket veered to one side and a parachute could be seen floating down While the rocket crashed into the desert and Barlow. I'm sorry Barstool California. The event on said it was supposed to be featured on homemade astronauts which is a new series for the science channel. And this this was From The New York Post I believe it says he is believed. The Earth was flat. Part of his goal was to fly into space to see from self and maybe that was just sort of part of the fun of it. I don't know there was a steam cycle. The Sky Cycle that cycle as it was called the evil flu and he thought he was going to get to like sixty thousand feet seems insane. So the thing that's so eerie about the footage and it's so reminiscent of the Evil Knievel. Snake River launches when evil was launched parachute deployed asks. He was being launched and in this case Mike he got launched parachute deployed and tore off when he was owed. Now you're just going into the air and minus the shoot. Now the the good news is is. He probably didn't know the shoot was missing. And tell he hit his sorta a pack started to come down and then start to deploy the shoot so she wasn't all it wasn't probably on the way up. He probably wasn't aware that the shooter deployed. I think I may go this way. Go and I'll I'll tell you why I'll tell you why because that's what I've got. My bid carters really only been one instance of a guy doing a steam powered rocket launch. And that's evil knievel and the one thing that really went wrong. It's a shoot deployed prematurely on the way on the launching pad. I Dunno maxwell you could probably look at both evil and his I the shoot right now. I think in the evil one. There's some controversy because it's like Oh jeeze made evil go back like pull the united his hand on the yoke and the Chute deploy was above that and he's probably pulled back on it or something and then of course evils like wasn't pilot. Error was mechanical error. And the Guy Build. The thing didn't like that part of it. Maybe we'll never know. But if I was embarking on this endeavor to target date I I look. There's one thing that can't happen. There's one thing there's just one thing that can't happen I cannot have the parachute deploy on the way up. Which case all the steam all that's coming out of the back of the rocket just blows up the parachute and then I'm up ten thousand feet near with no parachute now we need a second parachute on the no or we need this one or whatever but the one thing that can't happen is what happened evil knievel and when you see them both as I see them both sort of in my mind's eye they both just did the same thing they just evil evil fired his thing snake river thing and the shoot was dragging behind him as he was going up. The thing to shoot was out. He's so lucky that thing didn't just blow up but it literally deployed as he went out. And what's this Mad Nike's Mike us? Mike is Exact. Same thing shoot deployed on the way up. Evil was lucky in that his shooting blow off. Mike was Unlucky. That shoot did blow off well but that would be like I just feel like this is the one thing that can't happen happen. You guys have any of you know I. I haven't either deathly afraid of it. But it's it's like why am I trusting that one hundred percent this this whoever I'm strapped to assume you go with whatever it is. How do I know one hundred percent that you're gonNA pull the shoot at the right time? Not just it's not worth it to me. I you know people say it's liberating or whatever and I. I don't begrudge anybody on the other hand it's a very weird non human thing to do to every all your wiring us the stay in the plane. The good news is as I've seen and I've been to a couple like a parachute academies and stuff. The plane is always much scarier than this guy. Alty run Guy Brian fixed-wing above wing and of gossip that low right on the side with the permit permanent place landing gear like. That's that thing. When you jump out of that thing you may be doing yourself a favor like statistically. That's a fair point I jumped off the stratosphere in Vegas. That was terrifying your bungee jumped. No they show. Yeah you're kind of security you. You hit a bullseye but I was up there and I was at the very end of plank and I know you guys are going to be shocked but I started crying. I was like I can't do that. They can't do this and they were finally like you. Will you gotTa Shit or get off the pot here? Because we got a line. Which is a metaphor. Don't shit out there. And they realize that at the time so what? I ended up doing for some reason at that moment. I realized if I was going to do this I had to do it backwards. I couldn't look out into the abyss and step off that plank. So I just nudge myself to the back and just fell out. Today was awesome. You're glad you did it. Yeah it was funny because there's video of it because they do that as you go down and how my face goes from absolute terror absolute joy and you see the progression in that like three and a half seconds. It was pretty cool. I'm glad that people aren't bungee jumping as much. That's Kinda Guy. Hit his head on the rock dream because they didn't calculate it like I'm I'm tired of watching people jump off. Do you have mics rocket there? Somebody somebody tweeted me. I've never seen this off in. The distance looks the same as as sort of evil saying his truck mounted thing and he just fires out. And you'll see that ship deploy what appeared to be the same shoots out like and then and it's and it's bad but luck if that's not exactly what happened evil. I don't know what is there's like I I just say there's just one thing that can't happen. Our we need a second shoot me. There wasn't a second one all right. Let me hit macari. If you have stuff and it's cluttering the house you've got the old baseball glove doesn't fit anymore or the dress you've only worn once The old phone in the drawer. Let's get rid of it. Let's put in a landfill. Let's go with macari the selling APP. 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David's bridal to the rescue or at least that's what they say they say they can guarantee they have three hundred thousand gallons in storage. They'll fulfil all the orders because everyone is freaking out. There is no there's almost no manufacturing of these Fancy Fancy frocks or you can go full pretty in pink where you just saw curtain get this sewing prom dress. That's right Best my wife's got her wedding dress and it's just been sitting in the garage and big bag. God Willing. She's not going to need it again. Maybe I could use this. Could you send me that article Senator and be like okay? I think we can make a little money. Donation you know. Yeah see I thought about your donation would have been the nicer thought but selling it. I was thinking about money. I love the biggest line. America's when you wedding dress three grand and then you got three grand you wear once and then they go our daughter's going to wear this and it's like no on. Let me do some quick math. Where's your mom? Strat Shit Your Dad forty. One years ago. I don't see that draft anyway. It's messed up because the diamond thing. That's one thing that's that's more money than probably most of us when we get married Feel like we can spend but then that at least does retain value it. Does I think it's to prove we'll so I? For example I did give I got to see the commercials guaranteed appraise for five times compared to what address is going to stick it. At least you have an on and it's and it's still a diamond value. The worst is I think some of them have to go into like storage and then you have to pay for the storage humidor temperature. Whatever I don't know it's all to some weird ritual that it's essentially that whole world is like I'm angry at money. That's what it feels like to me like. The floral arrangements are only forty six hundred dollars. There will be dead the next day. Line angry money out of the house right. It's so fast like everything about it is a. Let's see how much we can spend on nothing in one day? Now Look I get food. Get some good catering showing and band and I. I get the band photographer but like the dress I duNno. Can we tell three hundred three thousand and the floral stuff? I guess maybe in the Diamond Re. What are we going to do with that? Well thing is if you guys are living comfortably and Palos Verdes fine. If you're living in an apartment in Sherman oaks. That money should be going towards the CAGNO grounds. Yeah that's exactly what I said to me what I still tell him because we talk about wedding stuff and we're talking about engagement rings. I'm wearing my grandma's wedding band not her engagement ring but I say just remember. I appreciate you wanting to do it up for my sake. And that's all very nice and generous but I consider any money being put toward. This wedding is money. You're stealing from our down payment for a house that's marriage. Oh you know what I mean like like I. I don't want to rob us of our future for a party. Of course that's very sensible. Sensible being twenty six. I've seen a thing too so you shouldn't. You shouldn't believe everything you see on the Internet. The stories now finally getting some traction. I saw the youtube video last week. Popular Youtuber proved that once again you can make anything look true according to CNN. Natalia Taylor. She posted a series of photos on her instagram. We have some that made it look like she had this far off travel adventure exotic Bali. She's in this tub full makeup. She has other scenarios. She's in this bamboo room and she told everyone she's on this big. Now leave it on this picture. Thank you This big amazing exotic trip to Bali. Everybody bought it. Everybody thought she looked amazing. Everybody wanted to go to Bali after this. Look in the mirror. Do you see anything any Easter eggs. There that might tip off that she's not really a hotel and it will be very hard to see. Probably if I don't if you don't know what you're for this I take a picture. Do you see that white strips or the white strip KIA receipt. That's a tag hanging off the couch Kia in. She wanted to do this to kind of teach everyone a lesson. She hid these little tag Easter eggs and told her photographer leave them in. She fooled everyone and the whole point wasn't to make her audience feel dumb or to make any money she said. I'm trying to prove a point. The perfect place to vacant ensue. Influence our vacation and delighted. All my followers was not the point. I want people to know we could all use a fund or minor to take social media seriously. And don't believe everything you see. Is there anything? I've been a time to nothing. Wa- FTSE Batter Swedish meatballs. Damn share pizzas pretty good wafting. Mcdonald's fries fries pretty good but the Swedish meatballs the waft mandate put it by the front door. Man You love me. Some Swedish meatballs one counterexample. What am I what about like cinnabon? Yeah that's good wa Wa wa Strong Airport Wa you can be like you can be like two hundred yards away in a mall to a cinnabon and you start getting into your like. What's Pretzel a little bit? Or Whatever Pretzel yes. I agree good waft. Thank you but I would argue. That savory waft brings it out and you more like the RIB joint that the savory wall is just we so maybe that's me. I prefer desert almost anything I I liked the sweet walk. But the savory mix me drool like the actual meat we start to salivate like in feel myself like a salvo. What's Yeah Yeah. Four four the meets with pre-meet sweat interesting. It's a it's the salivating and I do like I'll see my dog. I'll see feel like I'll be in the kitchen like eating a steak or I'll look at film. He's just he's to ruling us that's wired in Arizona. Diamondbacks left hand Madison. Bumgarner is one of the greatest post-season pitchers according to this article. Baseball isn't the only thing he's been competing in. You know this Brian He's a bowler something else. He's thirty. He told the athletic That he'd been using an alias Mason Saunders to take part in Rodeo events explaining to the sports news website. He's been competing under the alias to not attract attention in early December. He won twenty six grand in a team. Roping Rodeo competition in Wickenburg Arizona. Yariel Hick Yeah and interview with. Mlb in two thousand sixteen bumgarner. Who grew up in rural North Carolina said? He learned roping from his future. Father in law when he was fifteen or sixteen years old he also said at the time that Rodeo could be could become more than just a hobby once. He retires from baseball. I hope the Roping. They use the young calves right. Yeah the young cast so they rope and then they wrote them from the Horse. They jump off the horse and then they hog time essentially and then they do like a time thing. When they're done I think they should only use the camps. Set aside for veal because I really like extra miserable like you're sitting in his cage drinking milk all time getting ready for slaughtering someplace August. Oh look ahead by now. You can leave explore the space. Yeah you like. What's his name from crap? Catch a Predator. You're saying you're free to go all right well. I made a big mistake and I'm going to go on the Internet anymore. You're free to leave. Okay I'm sorry. The police no are not yet walk. Tell Britney I'll see you in about eleven years but All right I'm just leaving you free to go ahead. And the guy goes like well it dodge and then the Fresno Popa always tackle them on the lawn and it's always great because they get down get an ESA guys going down. They'll jump on top dot files complying Langham Valley. But I feel like they do that. Chris Hansen's should say to the veal. You're free to leave right now. I never over. Just start walking down then. Bumgarner comes up on your bike you're running dictate jumps on the first thing. I ever heard about Bumgarner aside from baseball. Do you remember the Vin scully thing with the snake? So vin scully. Who you know the famous could read the phone book and it sounds amazing. He told a story on the air dodgers giants game about bumgarner saved the rabbit by killing a snake with his bare hands. But this is something that we do that kind of stuff that gets him going now. That's good then. They posed the question that I was wondering. Is He allowed to do this? I mean does the contract. Say he can possibly break his back doing rodeo stunts. Well he's not he's not bull riding but if you gotta jump off now you gotTa jump off that Horse. You gotta rope it in. Jump off like while. It's still kind of moving. It's it's a very fair question though it just there. Aren't that many athletes. That would like there isn't a lot of precedent probably for this specific sport. Basketball guys have gotten in trouble for snowboarding riding motorcycles. Vladimir Radmanovic famously with snowboarding and didn't tell the Lakers about it and like it it got hurt. There was an issue so this would be one of those things that would probably qualify when Bumgarner Rule C. I think is a former giant. Jeff Kent didn't he have support issue and he's claimed like a foul office truck washing. Yeah sounds right doing some crazy shit? They should have been doing avoided his contract. That sounds right. Yeah all right. Let's do one more all right. Sixty two year old retired marine. Da Supervisory Special Agent. George Hood broke the world record for planking last week holding the abdominal pose for a total of eight hours. Fifteen minutes and fifteen seconds Coin Fox News Hood was a previous record holder but had snatched away by Maui Dong from China. He beat him in two thousand sixteen at the Plank World Cup and Shangri La Hotel in Beijing Hood said he prepared. I Live Sports. Move for nine hours. Play what he did to prepare to slap contest. That's not the planking competition. Great APSO. He said he did. Six hundred. Seventy four thousand sit-ups two hundred seventy thousand pushups and practiced for to do this and he did it for ten hours and ten minutes. I don't know how tall isn't look. That tall Chinese guy worries me a little. There's gotTa Be Height Division. Tore feel like five foot four. That's it's an easier place like the bench press. It's easier to bench long armed and you're six four planking tougher. Yeah so after. His record was confirmed. He celebrated by doing seventy five push-ups and then announced his retirement. You know somewhere. He has a daughter with the eating disorder right. Yeah she hates transitioning steps on daughter. Dad planking so where but if you want to go to this Point Bang C. J. Four stepsons transitioning. So he's going to be out of here at about eleven days guide around. I'm still going to be here I'm seven cinemas set my own record over here Napa. Yeah planking pursuing. His kind of excellence restarted earlier. In the show. I know that's all that's all great. Mind work as planking is just. That's all your brain right but I still say if you're under six foot I don't know there's gotta be gotta be Dif- Different Division. I I try to find out how tall the Chinese guy took the record. That guy's five five and a half that then. Ooh Wait on five eleven certain lanky blank. Blank No. No I'm a Taylor tape thumb right here. It's five eleven just a shade over actually garage license. I remember when I was young. I'd go to Disneyland. They had like goofy arm hanging out. This is a weird version of the opposite grown. Yes all right. Let's bring it. You got it. I'm Gina Grad and. That's the news. We'LL BE BOSTON. She was the news with Gene Grad last. But not least we got gyco owned your rent way. Probably do one or the other. He needs some insurance. How about you bundle those policies at Geico? Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowners and renters insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing to save tons of money and save tons of time. Just go to GEICO DOT COM. Get a quote. See just how much you could be saving it. Geico VISIT GEICO DOT COM. Do it today. They make it so easy to bundle. CLEVELAND HILARITY is coming up Thursday and then Indianapolis two shows Friday and Saturday and two shows Cleveland to that'll be at helium. Goddamn KROLL DOT com for all the stuff you need and Mike Trudell. Everybody official Lakers podcast. But yes make I am. According to China new episodes every Monday on the apple spotify podcasts. One as well Lakers dot com where we can find you on the website. Yes sure where else would you like? That's that's all well and good right there. Aaron Lawsuit My partner to on the official Lakers podcast. And you can shoot him. A tweet at Lakers reporter as well and Marquez. You need to know where he is until next time. Nabokov Mark Arrogance Mike and Gina. Grand Ball Ryan Say Mahala. Just a minute. I'm about the COM gross on twitter out of a job always on twitter. Corolla mail at eight six three four one seven four four scratch. Take any for inspiration motivation. Click the link and Adam Pearl Dot Com and get your tickets and Info on everything like Adam. Corolla is unprepared all injure long Goto Adam Corolla Dot com.

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