Why We're Thankful + Joe Biden's 5 Election Night Miracles


Hey everybody a special thanksgiving episode. We talk about why this day is so special. I hope you enjoy it with friends and family and take a data breathe and say thanks to our wonderful god for giving us. The gift of america made possible by those. That support us a charlie kirk dot com slash support special thanksgiving episode. Buckle up here. We go charlie. What you've done is incredible here. Maybe charlie kirk is on the college campus know. We are lucky to have charlie. Charlie kirks running the white house. I wanna thank joe. He's an incredible guy his spirit his love of this country's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organisations ever created turning-point usa embrace the that have destroyed countries destroyed lives and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here. Everybody's happy thanksgiving week. We live in the greatest country ever to exist in the history of the world. And i truly believe that one of the fundamental divides that plagues. Our country is half. The country is thankful that they live in the united states of america. The other is angry and bitter that they live in the united states of america. And something. I said last week that i don't think was that controversial is that the left has always been trying to attack. The tenants out thanksgiving and with it thanksgiving and that is directly tied in with their measures of lockdowns. And i could prove it to you if the left was so concerned about public gatherings than they wouldn't have given a moral preference to be a lemon inc a racial insurrection riots. Throughout the summer they deemed that essential. They deem abortion essential in cannabis dispensaries. But not giving thanks. There's a reason for this. One of the reasons is that the american left is dominated by secular humanists. atheists and. I have some really good friends. That are atheists and hasn't really good discussions recently with people who are atheists that are with us on freedom of speech freedom of dialogue but it's one the atheist mindset almost becomes a religion of its own to destroy all judeo christian as they call hetero normative fallow centric traditions. I could use all there. S j w buzzwords for them from adequate makusa. and so. I'm gonna point you to an article. That was written in november of last year by david j silverman in the new york times. The vicious reality behind the thanksgiving myth generations of americans have told themselves a patriotic story of the supposed- first thanksgiving that misrepresents colonization as consensual and bloodless. The story goes like this that english pilgrims cram aboard the mayflower in braved the stormy atlantic to seek religious freedom in in america. They disembark at plymouth rock and enter the howling wilderness clipped with their pro-constitution the mayflower compact and the confidence that they are god's chosen people yet sickness and starvation hall of their population or in the first winter and challenges their faith but he tries to put forth a different narrative that these were colonialists were conquerors that despite keeping a distance the indians were then victims of their colonization. What happens to the indians next. The story has nothing to say. The indians legacy is to present america as a gift to white people or in other words to concede to colonialism. Like pocahontas and second julia. The other famous indians of american history. They helped the colonnade colonizers then move off stage. Contrary to the thanksgiving myth. The pilgrim wom pa no log encounter was was first contact meeting rather it followed a string of bloody episodes since fifteen twenty four in which european explorers seized coastal want to be sold overseas into slavery and betrayed as interpreters and guides the new york times continued by publishing the story. If americans continue to insist on associating. Thanks giving with pilgrim's indians the least we can do is try to get the story straight. We should put the one opponents at its center and acknowledge the remarkable fact of their survival to this very day now. This contrast that with reality of course that the american pilgrims were non violent people that the american pilgrims actually in thanksgiving participated alongside indigenous american indians. And the first thanksgiving. And if you don't believe in a higher power if you don't believe in an omniscient omnipotent and loving god then who exactly what you give thanks to on thanksgiving you could give. Thanks for other people. If you believe in god thank you for giving me certain people in my life. Forgive me safety and health and peace and comfort. But if you don't believe in god who exactly are you saying thanks to. I guess you could say thanks to your family members. For being good to you i guess so but it just seems kind of woefully philosophically religiously and complete and. There's a reason for all of this to understand. The left is deconstructionist's by nature again. The left not liberals the left. Which is the alexander kazu. Cortez rashida elon omar ianna presley those types in the democrat party. They are driven by a school of thought called deconstruction ism they want the disintegration and the absolute dissolving of the american experiment. This is why they have an overemphasis on the less than desirable. Parts of american history that we don't ignore as conservatives but we also don't go out of our way to overemphasize it as if that is what the entire journey of america was about and senator. Tom cotton's says it best. It's the four hundred anniversary of the pilgrims arrival. Why haven't we heard more about it. And he's exactly right. This four hundred years. Since the pilgrims arrived in america in november sixteen twenty a battered old ship called the mayflower arrived in the waters off of cape cod was now known as the state of massachusetts the passengers. Aboard the mayflower. Were our nation's first founders or as daniel webster called them are pilgrim fathers webster delivered a speech to honor these pilgrims on the two hundredth anniversary of the mayflower is rival calvin coolidge then governor massachusetts and president-elect delivered an address on the three hundredth anniversary. Isn't it a sad state of affairs. That more young people are being taught about the sixteen nineteen lie but not the sixteen twenty journey. There being taught about this lie. That america was founded on slavery. It wasn't and they're not talking about the sixteen twenty journey of biblical freedom seekers that came to this country to settle to found country around christian values and what it really comes down to is a bitterness a deep resentment for the country around you you see. Gratitude is necessary to living a life of peace and a life that leaves you content. If you're not thankful for what is around you of course you're going to be more likely to want to tear it all down for the country that you live in then it makes it a lot easier to justify reparations or remaking american your image if you have even one percent or one degree of gratitude then of course you're going to be less likely to support a set of policies and decisions that deconstruct our country from within senator. Tom cotton from arkansas. Says squad does tribe had been wiped out a few years earlier by an epidemic plague. He now lived amongst the opponent tribe. In what is today. Southeastern massachusetts and rhode island. The play could also weaken the opponents. Though not neighboring rival tribes opponent messiah yacht thus had good reason to form an alliance with the pilgrims squad introduced him to the settlers and facilitated their peace and mutual aid treaty which lasted more than fifty years. Squats remained with the pilgrims acting and bradford's word as the interpreter and a quote special instrument sent of god for the good for their good beyond their expectations and quote. He instructed them on cultivation anita crops like corn squash and beans. you showed them where to fish and hunt. He guided them on land and sea to new destinations. You probably remember learning what happens. Next as the pilgrim's recovered and prospered throughout sixteen twenty one. They received the blessings of accountable. Bountiful fall harvest the pilgrims invited massa so it and wilpon odds to want pinault odds to join them in a fees to express their gratitude to their allies and give thanks to god for his abundant gifts. This meal of course was called the first thanksgiving as i said. The first thanksgiving was a celebration of harmony was a celebration of bringing people together. Unlike what the new york times daniels. David sullivan says the vicious reality behind the thanksgiving myth. Tom cotton responds by saying the story of the pilgrims not a myth or caricature living truth of history. What's more the faith bravery and wisdom of the pilgrims places them. In the american pantheon alongside the patriots. Seventeen seventy six. The pilgrims sixteen twenty deserve the honour of america's founders and instead of celebrating coming together family. And giving thanks to a good god. Tyrannical governors are saying shelter in place. 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Its roots in the greatest country ever to exist in the history of the world. Alyssa wanna get to some things that are happening in the news cycle. Mika brzezinski interestingly uses the same term that we've been warning about the great reset play. Cut seven mika brzezinski. Okay so and then there are people who who who give things that are false as their reasons right and that is. That's we need to look at. Well that's i mean. That's actually the degradation of our media and journalism world. Maybe there's a and that there needs to be reset in terms of the value of the truth and the news and that is coming after scarborough and msnbc cut six. No one has a compelling reason to support trump that anyone who supports trump it's just straight up laughable. Play cut six. I've talked to my friends and my family members. They don't have a good answer as to why they're supporting donald trump. they really don't they. They just sort of mumble around and say you know i can. I hate him. He's a horrible human being. But you know he's our guy is really there again. Nobody's really given a compelling cogent reason fits based on on verifiable as wife say donald trump's a straight talker is laughable. I would love to go on morning jail. I think that would probably make some fireworks than charlie kirk appearance on morning. Joe would probably be one of the more interesting segment and this guy. This goes to show a pattern of behavior from the left or instead of celebrating victory. Instead of joe scarborough and mika brzezinski enjoying the win of joe biden they're already talking about reprogramming and ridiculing trump. Supporters is a pattern now from the trump accountability project to afc to michelle obama. And the reason is this that they were expecting anticipating planning and funding a landslide that they were putting massive amounts of effort to try and make a multi-state decisive deathblow to conservatives possible. And they're kind of realizing that if joe biden becomes president won't be because of his ideas at won't be because of the democrat policy agenda instead it will be because out of the mechanics of the campaign. Changing mail in voting absentee balloting lack of signature verification questions and problems with the voting machines and also paired that with hatred of donald trump and a unified activist media and a unified democrat base. You put all that together. That is not a recipe for long term democrat. Victory it is in. Their ideas were widely rejected on state. Local level. democrats were not able to show any form of progress or flips. Outside of senator martha mcsally. Senator cory gardner losing which were very much anticipated and projected. The democrats agenda is now to go after republicans and conservatives at all costs we have seen this from verified blue checkmark twitter saying that re education camps are not out of the question that we might have to seek out and search out methods to reprogram trump supporters and conservatives to think the way that we do now what's the significance of all this the significance of the scarborough. Mika brzezinski endless musings is that now that they are in power. They're going to be far less convinced about being and far more concerned about who could dare disagree about how they want to govern. You see. I want to explore some predictions and projections that. I think what will happen. If joe biden does become the next president of the united states. You see the current news model that exists the profit model behind the news agencies. You can call them that the new york times. The washington post is not to actually report facts and to seek truth. 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President trump gain more than ten million votes census. Two thousand sixteen victory but biden's appeal was so substantial that it allegedly overcame president. Trump's record support among minority voters biden also shattered brock obama's unpopular. Vote totals really calling into question whether it was not perhaps biden who pulled up obama across the finish line in two thousand eight and two thousand twelve. This is written sarcastically intentionally. Of course proving how sharp his political instincts are the former vice. President managed to gather a record number of votes while consistently trailing president trump in measures voter enthusiasm biden was so savvy that motivated voter. He added voters on the asked about unenthusiastic about his campaign to vote for him. In record numbers winning. Despite losing bellwether counties number two biden set to become first president in sixty years to lose the states of ohio and florida on his way to the election for a century states have consistently predicted the national outcome and they've been considered roughly representative the american melting pot as a whole despite mashal polling giving biden the lead in both states. He lost ohio by eight points in florida by more than three. Maybe because those are tough states to cheat and because they've had good secretary states and we've been involved in the process for by lose these key bellwethers by notable margins and still win. The national election is news worthy but not sense. The mafia allegedly aided jfk and winning illinois which we've covered exclusively and extensively. I should say over. Richard nixon in nineteen sixty has an american president. Pulled off this neat trick even more. Unbelievably biden is on his way to winning the white house after having lost almost every historic bellwether county of cross the country the wall street journal and the epoch times independently analyzed nineteen of these counties around the united states that have perfectly near perfectly predicted. The presidential outcome president trump won every single bellwether county except cloud clowney in washington. The vice president picked up by about three points president. Trump's margin of victory in the eighteen counties averaged over six sixteen points in a larger list of fifty four bellwether counties that have correctly pick the president since two thousand twelve trump won fifty one of them by an average fifteen points while the other seven wants a biden by around four points bellwether counties overwhelmingly choose president trump or biden found a path to victory anyway biden trailed clinton in a select few cities. Magic trick number. Three is a phenomenal article. By the way the federalist patrick basham poster with an accurate track record and director of democracy institute in dc highlighted to observations made by fellow colleagues polling zero richard harris of big data poll in washington post election analyst analyst robert barnes quote biden underperformed hillary clinton every major area across the country except for milwaukee detroit atlanta and philadelphia. Barnes added that in big cities in swing states run by democrats. The vote even exceeded the number of voter registered voters everywhere. So we're supposed to believe as we go in here. Biden got eighty million votes. Don't ask any questions. He lost alabel other counties. Now the only explanation for this possibly is the massive amount of mail in voting. That happened they changed the way we did elections permanently in this country and we let it happen are weak republicans. We were not involved enough. We were trying to raise the alarm here. The people said oh. Don't worry about it. Mail in balloting is wonderful safe and secure let's get actual tapeh president trump warning about mail in balloting if we can magic trick number four biden one despite democrat losses everywhere. We've talked about this extensively on the charlie kirk show randy to soto noted in the western journal that quote. Donald trump was pretty much the only incumbent president. Us history to lose his reelection while his own party gained seats in the house of representatives. Now that's a biden miracle. She's the cook political report. Which is professionally wrong. The new york times rated twenty seven house seats as toss ups going into election day right now. Republicans appear to have won all twenty seven. Democrats failed to flip a single state house chamber christina policy spokes person for the democrat. Legislative campaign community said quote. It's clear that trump is an anchor for the republican legislative candidates. He's a buoy amazingly biden. Beat the guy who lifted all of the republicans victory. Now that's historic. You guys feel played yet by overcame. Trump's commanding primary vote number five in the past primary vote totals had been remarkably accurate in predicting general election winners political analyst. David chapman highlighted three historical facts before the election. I know incumbent who has received seventy five percent of the total primary vote has lost reelection second. President trump received ninety four percent of the primary vote. Which is the fourth highest of all time and third trump set a record for the most primary votes received by an incumbent when more than eighteen million people turned out for him so in order for us to believe that joe biden one he created one of the most inexplicable political magic tricks in american history. That eighty million votes ten million more than obama. Explain why obama's doing all this media lately trying to justify that maybe he was the one that may joe biden on the king-maker winning despite losing all the bellwether counties biden. Trailed clinton accepted just a few key. Cities biden one but democrats got blown everywhere. That only biden was the one that one and by overcame. Trump's commanding primary vote. Federalists phenomenal article. All of this is not explained by any person in the activists media or in democrats circles. How is this possible absent fraud. It's not. We had ballots being sent out all across the planet. We have ballots that. We don't know who filled out these ballots with no signature verification. We went through multiple examples here of people that were getting twenty. Thirty forty fifty ballots sent to their home. We're supposed to believe that. Joe biden was so effective in animating. People that he couldn't host a rally at any point of time. This is the most artificial campaign in american history. If we allow this joe biden. Victory to go unchecked. If we allow this joe biden win to go on. Litigated american politics will never be the same instead. We are going to have a new normal of not campaigning. Not persuading instead just using mafioso style. Tactics get the most amount of balancing with play tapeh president trump warning about mail in balloting before the election. Why didn't republicans. Listen play tape there. Being sent all over the place they sent to and a democrat area. They sent out a thousand ballots. Everybody got to ballots. This is going to be a fraud like you've never seen and the newscast continues by covering that. There is these ballot drop boxes. That was september twenty-ninth by the way. This is going to be a fraud. Like we've never seen and of course the department of justice and the federal bureau of investigation ignored him and didn't do anything and we're supposed to believe these five magical ways that joe biden outperformed. The election norms. Just happened because he was such a magnetic candidate. This is a power grab and then we have the center for tech civic life with nearly four hundred million dollars that got pumped into our elections. We have google's interference. We had the granny farming. The ballot intercepting. The developmentally disabled people that were taking advantage of the nevada of native pro. The nevada native project the videos of people that tore up ballots which we showed many times. Here on the charlie kirk. Show the videos of people disregarding ballots when they were counting them ballots that were lost dominion voting systems. The only thing that could really possibly fix this is if those guys that wear jackets that say the three letters. Fbi are told by the suits. The boots can start doing their job until that happens. This anti gravity machine that joe biden has created an american politics is just going to continue. And we're supposed to believe that. Joe biden got eighty million votes. Oh yeah people hated trump that match winning despite losing all the bellwether counties trailing clinton and a select few cities and the best argument is democrats did terribly everywhere except joe biden. Democrats were politically blown out except with joe biden and joe biden and being a clumsy mentally questionable candidate and this all ties then seventy nine percent of trump voters believe election was stolen through illegal voting and fraud. Politico conducted their voter priorities survey and they said. Nearly two-thirds of trump voters don't accept the result. The level of distrust in the election results is unprecedented. Eighty-three percent of trump voters bleed. The media's the enemy of the people eighty one percent of republicans believe they have less respect for democrats and they did for years ago. I'm right there. Should we keep the electoral college or use the popular vote. Sixty one percent of republicans. Want to keep it. And the kicker seventy nine percent of trump. Voters think that this election was stolen. This is heading in a very dangerous direction that will result in a collision. Course it will. This was fifteen hundred voters online from november tenth to november nineteenth. I think it's higher than i've not. I've not met one trump voter. That thinks this thing wasn't stolen. So now you have seventy three to seventy four million people probably more because the tally just keep coming in. That are convinced that this was stolen from you. What how do you act when you think something is stolen from you as it usually with rationality and you just kind of let it go. No you go on a manhunt to find out what happened. And to bring justice. And i'm afraid that people that are going to feel their votes and their countries stolen from them. This is going to unravel in a way that none of us are comfortable with and the left is encouraging it instead of explaining their condemning instead of walking us through this they are ridiculing us. At all costs there is no non fraud explanation. For how joe biden did this at all. Thanks so much for listening everybody please. Email us freedom at charlie. Kirk dot com your questions get involved turning point. Usa at teepee usa dot com. Thanks so much for listening everybody. God bless you speak soon.

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