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Keeping the Culture Alive with Dwayne Bannon Harrison


And when we think genocide Germany Russia in all these other countries you know we do have on in this country and that's that's all uncomfortable Leeann. Ip can eat it went on. I mentioned that in training especially as united rather we see we see spirit but we all say I want a very tuned into martial intelligence and knockin. Feel the cops in people's throats when I say that and I am seeking barring too hot here but I'm GONNA find a way not to should be cut this but do it in a way where people can guy. Wow Okay I've let down my barriers and now I can see this good I and welcome to a limited living. I Am Andrew. Hack at an. I'm here to talk to you about everything. The world needs to discuss about living a life free from fees restrictive boundaries. So that you can not only live five but today you can become truly eliminate evil. I am here in Sunny Australia. And I want to take you on a journey diving deep into the mysteries of the universe. And how we live within it. Join me on a journey towards living a truly limitless life on the illimitable. Living podcast get everyone. Welcome to a limited believing illimitable. Living is a podcast about some discussions that I believe. We really need to have to try. And broaden mind broaden APP Perspective and hopefully change lives and the lives of those around us for the better now today I want to talk to you about a really remarkable person. This few people I come across in the world who is hot really stops me in my tracks and gets me thinking about my own approach in practicing wattle. I preach today's guest is one of those people that truly selfless man focused on keeping the cultural live through indigenous. Australia because he understands what is so important to ensure the stories in a lost. The teachings are understood and that are unconnected with the land around us is not overshadowed by the relentless destruction of societies political corporate search for prophets and economic growth. Despite these people being attacked ridiculing culturally destroy for centuries by the very people that invited. They Land Dwayne Bennett. Harrison through love of great land is leading the charge with arms wide open educate similar in infiltrate the very people. Who Need to populate Dwayne joins us so that we can open hearts now mines to why it is essential to keep the culture alive for the benefit of all cultures all creatures the choose to inhabit this incredible sunburnt country. Wine Eighty. So awesome to be talking with you again. How you doing Alabama much dae-jung good morning brother. I'm really good might. I'm really you know it's been a while. We've known each other for a number of years from when the farm that I lived on Dannatt till Tilbern of course for those that don't have met. Dwayne DWAYNE is a remarkable guy who founded an organization Golden Hour Narayan Cultural Awareness Tame effectively. And I worked tirelessly to help. People know and understand the indigenous culture. I hope the the indigenous people around Australia connect back to their culture in the hope that you know the two cultures that have clashed simony. Siamese injuries can actually begin to actually understand each other and look. I mentioned some of the work that I did with indigenous people in my book free from fear and Dewine was the Cape Cod on that that helped may connect with his background. His culture his people that helped me really understand because the farm that I lived on was a really beautiful spicer remarkable spice of incredible energy. Which to be honest with you I struggled with personally I never really felt worthy of that spice and it really Snapped me out of my funk and awakened mate what was going on and a large part of it was some of the Creation to us. That dwayne has who I was invited to participate in and did so with open arms a Michelle and I did those together and I found it a corden extraordinarily incredible transformational period as well. So I just wanted to say woke me new? Thank you so much for everything you did for me and my understanding things the one big lesson I learned from it all is I started to realize that the European people who really came to these land. We're not the ones that have had it right. All you guys have had ARADO along and that was a massively profound lesson for me to understand. So thank you for that. Local Mandra would saw good the CHAP An old friend And United Humbled Wound that in the impact. Did that experience give you and not only yourself you beautiful lawson and family is while we will shade several several spices together. Eventually off the off the first linking there on the walking track up the Mother Mountain Bongo being out the Nigerian Data Manga. So that's the mother Matinal of People in in. Just listen to your Your Date Soda. Hot Spice. Yana How you honestly overwhelmed by the energy in that place in at that doesn't surprise me. Why talk or Dynasty Guy? Could by myself there Because of the power that that she has. And if you remember when we when we go on we just go for the Diet list for the rest of Lawson and we take what what he's air mornings. What is on offer for us so that die in that time and with China? Sand play shy. Is You doing the experience now? we every experiences unite every every experiences. Different not one experiences as the sign. An end the heat at a few years on Saying you will also Kudos to you. And you'll brooks and occupancy main In our member our member the shoe not mommy signing off on slowly reviewed Especially on the on the second chapter up on on the mother. And that's as you nar. That's that's the it's it's this chapter where you could see for many many hours and it's about now meaning of lost. Its way we wear way way with Tom. From where we ought to die where we got our member used saying to me. It was either just after that chapter Maybe it was often experienced On the White Danell afterwards Any said in Humbling tomato man. That's found these purpose. Reciprocate that thanks because you one of the first people to to really unite. Give me that. That also applies lip. May on And as you got into the whole began today. That's another podcast damage. But it's it's it's nice to go back there even just in your intro just just feeling in on that journey again we do that as you know Now have taken thousands of people in that experience in walked one hundred hundreds of times That that was just the reciprocation of gratitude back to Dobbs For that in our member Very distinctly sign that and then are are restricted in winning. Would on that that was. That was a good Tom. And it was a GOUDA IN I. I think I've had this chat with YouTube Leadership in indigenous communities leadership in general Period it can be aligned lights and when you have other leaders I speak to you On on that level and Salak I said to you in the message is leading up to today. John Unites us to be able to have these conversations because the not only the united known every Dicey Saudi. But we now people like yourself and other people that sharing this universal spirit as is wayside in connecting to something deeper than themselves That's getting more and more Cullman it's not so not so uncommon anymore. I'm sure you're you're finding that in any nugent. These called costs. And and also congratulations on the book. Brother A we'll be. We'll be and rate. It gets to that now Mike that promise to It's an honor to sort of But he and his believe it or not of many many interviews and Donald so different things. This podcast. I'm really glad to help you. Pump that podcast cherry mice. That's awesome thank you for what you assigned as well. It's we don't often stop and look back the journey that's being taken and I usually try to h around knees between Christmas and as I have a bit of Dan Thomasson so to stop in Heffer. Reflect back I didn't get a chance to shape because of the FIS that have been raging. Call study at being distracting and so to look back that That journey as well. I mean you yourself have come an extraordinary. Why as I honestly feel I have to but you would the K. Founder of neuro culture winners and the work that you do. I've been watching so carefully. And watching it grow mature and what she would get out in the connections. You've got people now you you your spreading the extraordinary Tyson session of indigenous cuisine. As well I say. I think it's fabulous. I remember trolling. Somebody's the envisioning presenting on that glitter and those that are interested in doing that. In fact it's probably best distracted. Mighties a flea immersive weekend. A bit of a living thing you now got a bit of a claim glancing thing going on as well. Yeah we putting all the all the bells and whistles on it now Site it has evolved. Tighten the word you said. You Nile but mature and marinated and become a better person in general and. I've had to be awakening Andrew since we'll probably sat down and yawns over especially in the last two years Had A and I as we older. We go through the period of of a severe Wacko grounding and It made me realize that I am on. That sounds again. I'm channel market. Place is slow too. I feel about about a truly walls. It was just this. This is a situation that happened and it just made me going. Would and it was tough. It was it basically put me in spice where I had to draw upon everything in I that I teach people and help people connect within and again as you. Nala as at someone that helps us. Allies gone through this experience as you. Now I'm a big big believer in failing and it is about the person and then going on their journey and helping them connecting when we came going on that rollercoaster in Marsili. Why are used as a metaphor of spirit in tuning you'll spirit calm maintaining your spirit guy running it economically. Sometimes we have to downgrade or upgrade wherever we were yelling and and to add this donations and the work that we're doing now again as evolved a lot and I think the word that sorta comes to me in my reflection process which do beat all even always busy in the in the food trial behind me we ended up taking a popping today and into the into the Through business grinds which which was much needed that been having that reflection time and basically that the big teaching. That's come through my on that I'm sitting with and processing marinating Uni Saranda I'm an truly surrendering to the Feis in processing others and working really hard on on as your brother. Aw Aw and probably the self. We locked to control what we can't control because where you know. Wait wait wait wait. Ready People Way with where? This is where we're probably always going pulse on the boil in doing these things about surrender. Surrender was as big teaching for me. And and basically this disappear from that on by working on a lot said that then in turn has helped What you're saying Irene. In the garage getting back to your point and spleen such a beautiful thing justice justice surrender and have fights in the process And Yeah that's that's that's buying from lightly. Yeah yeah that's fabulous. I totally understand where you're coming from. You know entrepreneurs like us even if it is a very hot centered or spiritually focused business. We still feel these NATO constantly move forward syringes something. I talk about quite a lot and it's very difficult thing to really get hit around and grasp in practice. I think people go. Oh yeah kind of that sense or I'll give that a guy but when you driven way to constantly move forward and constantly provide value and constantly help people find that special place that special purpose in there are in very special. Why it's it's a really difficult thing to sit back and stop and allow and just allow influences and synchronicity or the universal at the an sisters to provide the special little bit of influence. So tell me a cultural awareness that team and I know it's very much a family kind of run business you know. I've seen your wife getting involved of saying you son get involved. It's fabulous to say the transits building up in him in connecting back to his roots to his ancestors and stuff at such a young. I'd I've seen you on the steps of a senior house of Foam your magic at football games these. That's quite an incredible journey to be taking noon on. That must be so extraordinary. The feeling the happiness joy that comes from being on purpose ignited. That's that's a really big deal. Yeah you're auden and thanks for the acknowledgement of saying not an and that's again and we just come out of We won't be out of pocket for later in the in the ANA a big Calendar in everyone's calender Jen Twenty six. We'll just call it Which has a similar essence. What you what? You're talking about us Bicycle League probably in the last six years of sixties. Along as you know it sort of died a toll nowadays. It's it's such a humbling. Sort of a what do you call it in? I? It's just whack of what am I doing? Sometimes than I what I'm doing and this is now taking made a lucky said steps to the upper house town hall a few months ago. You're not in the middle of Sydney in our bicycle practicing what he's proven culture in the world and pots of that in some of it easily commodities. Yeah but the but the coal that draws you mentioned the before the the ancestors are just GonNa guy with Spirit here because what you get back to your early part of your question that I'd probably we went a little tangent on but it's the spirituality and that's what What you said before. What people would I get that spiritual wack and and people are getting at spiritual What's coming through now is is. We were invited to do a A fire lighting. It's mocking ceremony town for the black lives. Matter on the young young men brother that that was shot in our newborn on either everyone knows about that and and one of my brothers is close to us actually came back and stayed with me for a little while for refuge from that. He's working out there and that community at the moment so I wanted to say it's unreal because it's all This purpose of connection to to having one of Bras in that community and a request from the elbows to to do what we did in town hall a few months ago United States it's constant Raimondo But it's still it's still. It's still logistics. Still in are getting in getting people all not all not canoe on that bar and as you can probably hear more voice Because it's it's something that's probably in. I respect people close to me that that are a part of our circle. Oh your friends and family and people that SORTA come along on this journey. It's not for everybody and then it's just NAS to have that conversation with you because it's something that you sometimes words articulation in. I sound boarding Sometimes I just have to be internal for the moment and this is one of those moments to talk about that and it's walking away from that Tom. Wherever it's now a dance performance as you'd Probably Say Cup last week we had a ninety three year old. Teach my grandfather Jump jumping that wild dates with Austin and for me. That's it's the small Fleiss to see my grandfather Jump on that. Say and dance. That day it's And have little babies and the kids bicycling to to give you the context. It was a baby while a female while Maya whilst in Charleston we'd always spoken about this movement and we never really planned until it just happened in and literally you now before the we were owning the performance that it happened and we had You know young kids special needs and I. We had elderly people women children and united there was some really polished and unreal. Dance dance as the Really also dances. Philosophy was we're not going to get. This is not going to be a polished performance practicing ten minutes. Before we go out we just GonNa vote in the right spirit and people at Yaba will buy in. The Moscow generally just felt felt that the United States i. It's all these things android whether whether we whether doing a corporate Giga it's the sign. Puppets brother is united using a few different tools. All vehicles to to try to get people to connect to that purpose. Yeah look thanks for explaining that because that's the one thing I loved so much about the work that you do in Gutu a we also did. I think it was the while welcoming ceremony down on handkerchief these extraordinarily spiritual internally spiritual moments that happen and to be a puddle of I mean. It's just incredible even myself as a what Fella who you know. I don't have any indigenous connections but to share that with me to share that with Michelle to share that with us. A was such an extraordinary profound thing for us. Because you know I I think I mentioned this evening my book to to have you open your heart and your arms to us you know the in what can only be described as a clash of cultures the far too long. Yup for you to be leading that charge in my opinion really. I've been via To you know what I really need to be doing and that is you know I really need to be engaging with my purpose. I really need to be opening my hotmail the world and welcoming people into my story in a similar way their role the listeners and people who don't understand the Aboriginal Culture Australia the culture of the indigenous people answers the joint talking about and get you to explain it a little bit more traditional terms but the dances. That dwayne is talking about the not dances for entertainment psych. These dances are Y of of sharing a story. It's the way that these culture poces down The teachings from the ancestors through the generations have been doing saiful literally tens of thousands. Va's tell me tell me about the dances and the real the real juicy bit behind them. Yeah Beautiful I in full my style rights. Hr teaches that have We've been speaking a lot of nine internal circle and I'll feel this the wrong target audience to throw this out. It's it's it's about the gearing of teaching why what what Gill. What level is that teaching coming in at? Is it teaching? You patience resilience. Respect united seems to be a bit of a flavor the different levels. guys back to the mild. Go to grab Bongo a mess. My grandfather He reminded me of that. He's my grandfather but when he hasn't been on his Asia and he's my boss man so having this many times having being the eldest leaving rats that holds a Lotta responsibility and As always at the Charleston one at Chasma Small Mama Philosophies By getting back to those dances and it comes through that old man through his grandfather and and to his father before that who was a survivor at of a massacre And we would just a family in December damned a little classical demurely Craik Dannon. All Boston mallards in between on the broad river side. That's where it all really stems from. It comes through. We call it the Ribas of kinship. My auntie was really profound in working. Not on it's it's. It's going to be a book. It's it's a story. It's a lesson for family and a lot of people That are affiliated with us But getting back to the the taking it stems from that it stems from the dreaming. You know the country that will down from Mala in Iowa down. The bottom of that snowy reboots the top of the SNOBBERY REBA To Nimble the little town the that that he's basically the start of the show rebound. Lachlan in either new Morella. That's that's a big crash in pot about dreaming ends up up where I am now at livenation see the creates that whole Sal West and western northwestern and northern Boulder apob now as the nation. So what we try to. Bo is to give that justice in Iowa and and to articulate and express that bats Yesterday there some unreal dance groups that have been randomly longer and troubled the world. And that's some of those family and they're fantastic what they do But for US. It's it's really exactly what you just said. It dances are different. We have a different style. And that comes from as you might sane one of some of Hashtag Dreaming and we're dancing out story with dancing. What that all meant has given us his grandfather and he teaches you know and When I was young follows in women. That's beautiful girls involved in dance another vice for for the women which again is one of the biggest mass profound Marmots in that growth geared that are touched on earlier fantastic And has been a lot of those key movements in the last probably eight months for women But but but sharing that spice understanding that. That's what we're giving giving you said it before giving Aqua Dunga Ukrainian John Stewart L. Hot Air. Mind to people that that WANNA listen to feel it and again that goes back to to what you said we we. We all know the old people country if we're not only our country and we're in a neighboring country or wherever we are but we're always bringing a peso vow you You and the guy connections through throughout throughout teachings in our house who has dads and so I suppose alone why dances one way of expressing the spirit of sharing with people but as you know is someone that's been into that a knife. Remember that Cultural Cappuccino to talk about And then just had a Kelsey said the Cappuccino metaphor you now. It's the throw sprinkles pot at the end. I'm a bit of a flat Walkman. Is that the flossy pop in going into that. Deeper deep aqap Fan and some forms as you now and then one of the most Another another profound moment that are maybe sharing on your first experience. I even though you lived at the base of mother. Guliga you and Michelle It took you guys around. Threes believed to do that experience and actually woke woke. The mother. That Yeah Walk. Which was actually on the Winter Solstice? Which is the the twenty first? June and that was in fact actually the weekend. Michelle moved to the farm are ought he actually moved to the family truly three days prior to that? Guy. Yeah and it. We founded so profound because not only was it the solstice which has a lot of meaning to it in in its trots now but Farrah's it was the perfect opportunity to welcome her to despise because I had developed a small understanding by that stage. Yup off the power of the place where I lived in a row. They're in the mother's womb so to speak better what I didn't realize at that point in time how the beautiful mother which is mountain for people listening how the mother just didn't suffer fools. She was a beautiful nurturing. Incredible woman but if you were going to leave in her space in her womb she wasn't going to to suffer for she wasn't excited shaved guts. I think she was a very large part of me. Finding Myself May soda. Musso fads may figuring out muscle finding my pies because and even though I don't live there anymore and for a range of good reason but it's It in itself. I always soared as a as a way of she was quietly signing. If you're gonNA live despise you need to be true? You need to be people you need to be who you are and you need to do what you came us. Because that's everybody's general to do that even if some of us having fact lost ally. Tell me getting back to the dance as well. 'cause I just want to make sure that everybody is really clear on what they had to be. Because it's there is more meaning behind something I never knew and understood until I experienced with you for everybody out. Indigenous people didn't really have a written language. Did you know you used to use Paintings to visually represent but the dance. It's a way of passing down. A message had teaching was and it wasn't until I started to see that and understand the white. The dance moves and changes that you actually start to see the extraordinary beauty behind it How do you find in your own culture because neither damage? That's been done to. The indigenous culture in Australia is still playing out wide. Fellows came in effectively. Invited the spice. I think there is enough evidence to show. The indigenous people actually welcome them bought as was the European colonizing. Why at the time I didn't understand and it was completely misinterpreted in fact than the white fill is often said about too well. Let's be really brutally honest here. They sit out to inactive effective genocide to try and wipe out the culture and join crush Colton. When I realized that that wasn't happening they then implemented a range of government policies to try and water down the culture. You know the the stolen children and I know some people thought they were doing the right thing and I I believe that in my heart that some people genuinely trying to help but I could never look past the tomato obvious that it was the government that was in the day-night that was doing. Its very best to stop that personally. I think it's because I saw the power in the connection that was happening in Munster indigenous people connection to each other connection to their ancestors connection to the land goes from Sir How is the culture at the moment? Because I know you do a lot of work to keep that culture alive but I also know there's still a lot of socially shoes and everything that happens. Why don't even begin to understand it myself to be quite honest with you even remotely know enough to fully understand what's going on. How do you see Yeah you buy a can of worms over me. They brought up It's good it's good. It's a good one. It's challenging But look at this turning into a cultural awareness soda aspect. I'M GONNA bring a couple of Bolton's that did I can give you the context and And you mentioned the extreme in you pretty well on point. There was a capital things that I'll add to that little now that Tom. Lawn for Allison's without disorder getting into the nitty gritty. Because I like to A lot to let people might informed decision themselves. I've learnt that Andrea I I'm now in my six year of New South Wales Hills Cultural. Training you know. And that's that's a mandated training brother. That's four hours of May having to wouldn't say wind people But I've had to learn to fond and as you know I'm stuck in that on buddy data. I'm good at getting getting people to understand the the bridge builder. Plus in that can help. People understand that bridge navigates worlds and And that's getting back to that that That Pope Anderson and I think a COUPLA casings Australia has an do genuinely get diesel. On No matter what forum I'm delivering in but predominantly in the cultural training people genuinely Feeling obviously guilty guilt on I cited them darn in I understand it and be episodic Darn that guilt. A sense of trickery they will not tell the full story's might periods. We have the two hundred. Thirty years will thereabouts. Little talk about coming into two hundred and DS actually for a Mile Jimmy Coca arriving as we also have a saying in the media it's When Governor Phillip Cain we saying what was the startled penal colony of New South Wales now looking at at the country that I called a strike in a couple of casings. The stolen generation inquest in the inquest into ninety ninety seven. That came out the inquest into a forcible removal of children from families The Justice Commission did not time. But but it's a form of genocide and that's actually being classified as and when we think genocide we think Germany Russia will these other Africa. Yeah Pot saw all these different things that we do have form of genocide in this country. And that's at Saul uncomfortable Leeann. Ip can eat. It went on when I mentioned that in training especially as united We say we feel spirit oil side. I want very tuned into emotional. Intelligence says knock and feel the clumps in people's throats. When I say that I I'm thinking barring to Hod here but I'm GonNa fond of white too many ways to skin a cat but on eight to underway not to shoot But doing away with people can while I let down my areas and now I can see this people have their own as you as you stated before everyone can. Guy Left fought in between left of left As long as April given that opportunity to understand the true history of this country and I. It's a truth telling the other pot that I'd like to touch on the is so yeah. The acceptance of genocide the other acceptance is country was built on the back of law of tyrannus and still continues to the Explain that to us. Yeah while I went not Governor Phillip. In Seventeen Ninety I plan planet that flag outbursts. It was actually twenty Mainly and then he came in and down at the next stage in new twenty six in Sydney Califa- people The constitution obviously a recognized original. People being recognizing the current constitution of this country on one is still not imply We had a referendum around that in two thousand seventeen. A statement came Which was called the statement of the auto from all the root of the MOCATTA statement That's available for people if they WANNA have a look at that statement. But that was basically the culmination in an Fini's point whether or not average Australia recognizing in the current constitution of this country. Seventy three percent of Aboriginal Australia said no to that are respectfully. Thanks but no thanks and the main reason that I did. WanNa do it without it being in the Mosh Pot and I. We've we've got a good cups and our backups in that community and painful that rain won't in Ireland and four really hot and have got a a very active this approach and all have so much respect for those people still even not not quite the way that I've been taught to to to deliver these messages again. It's that that would call. Bad Cop was still trying to get the message across without sugar. Coating it CEO Woodside Kai because it's not bought at the same time it's getting back to understanding if Stri Leah as as a United Nation as a nation of people Can can understand that we are the only Commonwealth government In in in the Commonwealths nice should that has not got a radio sovereign agreement with people. Now that sets US apart and it's a commitment that our Nar Lotta good people working on Oil around the country. We know we know that there's a there's A. There's a wrong that needs to be corrected. It's how I think. And that's pretty much where we're at. It's it's it's the Hale and listen to not on whether you've heard But STAYING GRANT. He's lightest podcasts. Are being listening to the second time of listen to what actually he touches on that any touches on that We just as much as anyone else. WanNa be a part of a nation of people and we know that. There's a really good arguments for us to be republic and ought to him on that journey. I if this is truly going to happen in the rottweiler. And that's probably the route that we need to go to to to make it a an inclusive inclusive apply. That's my spiel on Andrew. In terms of Trotta trying to frame it up on that for about four hours. That's all I've done are But getting back to the other point in the way that we are doing what we do in different form in the other arms about about work is getting people. Connect to the spirit of this country getting people to feel and my grandfather again talks about spirit spirit has not color it's not discriminatory in I. It's IT'S A. It's a thing that we all connect to even the Anglo Saxon ultraman. Show me new shattered about this before. Once upon a time lead off the land lived in language groups in Klan groups the same. Why is the indigenous people? I believe the United States. That's that's just the Mancha sunset. She probably you know. And then when when I sorta rattle that out and I can just feel people guy number one. What the hills you talkin about or two while. I never really thought about this way. So there's all those things going on in that one particular spice and you know. I'm just imagining people. He may talking about that. And and seeing the vice you know and just like you said before wound That did happen but obviously evolution and things happen look fostered in the European nations before they came here. So we're still a very grain when you really look at our history one hundred days. It's on average six generations. Miami was still a very very young country with with with stumbled with full the Narva with cough with spotted But they still believe just like stain mentioned in his talk around. This is a genuine intent for people to wrongs united area. There is a wouldn't do what I do and I you you'll such mason. Where optimus might we see the We save a lot you know. Yeah we might see fully lost on but if we can. I'd like you said before add value might change Mike those steps in the right direction to on to obviously get What's the word I'm give the aboriginal voice the full full party because actually hasn't happened in two hundred thirty years of the inconsistent history of this country and our love. The way you've put all of that as well I agree with you. You are the bridge builder between the two cultures. And I think that's really important but I think the only way that bridge can probably be billed as if we own the reality of what happened if we speak the woods that are true and this is why I chose the word genocide as well. Because you're right. That is what it is and that is what happened. However as a collective I know we can certainly move beyond that. I know we can certainly do what we need to do. In regards to that and I really appreciate people like yourself who are working solidly to try and do that. I think it's really important. Because and that's why these discussions are so important. I I find. Discussions are the absolute tool that he used to try and break down those barriers to create that understanding to inject some compassion into that whole approach. To what is needed and everything to move forward to me. I think there's a quite a common misconception. And I had this misconception willing to I started speaking with you and that misconception was that all indigenous people embrace the culture with open arms and I think when I soon as you started to talk about it and some of the challenges that you have with keeping the culture alive realized. Of course it happens. Everywhere every Issue the younger generations come through. They don't necessarily connected the same way. Perhaps old ice aor experience of the social issues whether it's drugs and alcohol whether it's sexual abuse whether it's Disconnected families whether it's loss of identity whether it's loss of connection to that culture anglo-saxon people as well. Have those Siamese different. So what are you doing to help? You'll people to help Cape that culture alive. What are the big steps that you're undertaking to try and make sure that I don't know you can fulfill your purpose? You can do what you came here to do. Which he's Cape that cultural off number one is is connected connected now people to to spirit that they have the the The Not always consciously because of what we just spoke about in that last passage on the issue of this country the disconnect on very lucky very privileged very blessed. I'll use words to sit in a position which is just uncanny. If you knew may even ten years ago it was a different person. The united the two always joking of that Bribe's ammonia neither to has an inserted models would if enacted as that was a bit of a situation where I would if it was a two thousand and thirteen version of me woulda went. This would went down hard united as Yourself and actually say yourself and had that awareness of self the guy. Yeah that that was that I would have done and and to be vulnerable about. That is the beautiful thing is actually get addicted to it a little bit of up doing it so much. I bet it's a good thing to have is a is that a way of getting back to getting back to the united. The tools without mall Biz is. I'm just GONNA call it right. Bosley Andrianov Boston. Honest person lateral wallets Easing can be the biggest downfall of aboriginal people in this country. It's an introduced by Ya. that comes from the inconsistent history. it's a behind comes from a place of Pain anguish is connection Jealousy Insecurity in great and I WANNA take ownership of jealousy insecurity in grade because as a metaphor in a very powerful healing program called the red dust hearing program so This really good people that that That run the program. And it's a lot around Grayson loss and mental health communities in offsetting. A few sessions on dutiful work. I'm so I take that that little piece of tool in content to to bring into mind tool belt I think if you've got a breakdown lies like you said before it's a bit like a a not joining army unite. We've gotTa talk that especially as you now. Aboriginal men and Mark. My healing concept. That I call mapping bring back the warrior which is not just about the staunch Warrior that that. He's that that that staunch masculine main image to have that characteristic all Sundays remember. He's a love protect Pravada. Nurture Alisa in these old old is characters and that makes the true humble man and I don't know if you've seen it but we've got a dance in its garage your number and it's a dance about a man. That's so proud of his journey but he's also remembering and as you in urine culture especially. We are maternal. Culture woman comes first nod nod becomes before Tonko. That's on our on. Our stories are a surprise bringing it in from from a men's Lens. That's my strength where I come from. is is really understanding. Especially around average will. Manny's is that enact culture changes throughout says the nation's across the country by some mobile paternal Their culture but from OSCEOLA Predominant in the southeastern seaboard. I it's McConnell boss culshaw and and that's the way it had been that way represents the motto which of the motherless and way he learned about all we are so Yes the cultural aspect everybody talks about and it gets added around SAIMAA watching as as opposed to not leaves embrace this stuff now for a decade working in amongst after municipalities Where I was probably four years. A guy was a lot more heavily. Involved in certain pockets of work was working. But I'm still keeping on it and and I basically is popping out Andrew. Now that community work That was around a lot of self so far not to be selfish be selfless in terms of looking off myself and there was a time where. I I made a decision to God kyle. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA leave. This oughta work to to work on myself and refresh muscle. We all need to do to help the trump. It's it can be so consuming. You know it can be consumed by trying to save your people because you are a pot of that struggle. You are pot of that that that surprised that that wrestle You see the pine of your people. Your sisters your elders your You see those behaviors that I alluded to. Yeah that does introduce behaviors. That in our colonize should boat You know if we're GONNA do a going to a if we have a disagreement and and your fellow rather than we have a ceremony around where we toll we counsel and then we bury the hatchet literally various star. And that's IT UNITED STA-. I'm just giving you a little bit of context that now in in my cultural training I have a circle of Bahia and I have square and obviously the Metaphor Square peg round hole that bridge. I spoke about before That bridge that builds the square the circle the circle has stray Lila's and that is a cultural a historic big a community cultural kinship. Lyle either on the other side Drawer Square which depicts the fast world of Western civilization. As as you know. It's it's clunky vehicle it's a vehicle that now. Western society has grown into foster than us. But we're getting we're getting slowly managing Nour's world side. This is getting back to the point. Now your point now. It's it's understanding that to weld. Leaving is a real thing. Three world leaving four world living whatever predominantly that to world leaving is an Mind building blocks that I have in my bridge. is a is awareness communication and capacity in the training that. I do I go through a Beta reverse psychology thing With people and talk about relationships and I look at relationships with you and Michelle myself and Amelia in. We love each other daily. But I'll bet you betcha bottom dollar we drive each other badly and and that's part of it and getting back to the kids you now. You're you're you're Allah's. My son's distraught started high school. Some going on that transition with him on daughters in. I still non turn twenty one so I I give this all all analogy of relationships and then I'm going to say a workplace relationship or professional relationship when we boil it all back Andrew. It guys back to that Middle Building Block. And that's communication and that's exactly what you just said before when communicating with the logging we're opening up conversations on. I mean you haven't had yet in our and what we're doing here on on this podcast to share with on the people at that makes more than that thought. Well that's seeing rural depth Back again to to that point. It's helping out people navigate those two worlds to communicate to Building blocks around and for us to gain awareness about western Saudi. And then have that capacity before we into that second world to to to have multiples The social issues. Yes they. You'll get on sunrise. You'll get on all your mind stream media. That'll be the first to try out. This is doing glory molds Aboriginal Society. But as you know brother you're one person. Is this surprising park terms you voting and I share your into the spice your your day back divided it and you have a like you said before beautifully you've got an ID you don't. And that's the thing you need to be out of boy into to fully understand and when people flicking on the television Was commissioned yeah It's something now way you know you see still in enter the as an twenty brother artist. Something on social media of a die that was an indigenous topic and we have strain on indigenous faithful online straight commercial TV EPISODE. Giving it boss around that and and any form to my college country occupied some pretty cool in history. Tomlin to show you a that that that that someone lucky. That's already said of the not yet you you'll get it started. Why it someone that's new to it and we will able to point out that panoramic collage of what happens in two thousand and twenty. It would be pretty more blowing. I and it goes back to your point. What are we need to do for people where we need to? We need to show that leadership that love compassion and empathy towards Non-indigenous brothers and sisters luck yourself and others genuine paypal. That guy you know what will happen was wrong song on all levels people and I'm sure that you connect with Simon Pipeline Andrew and would have had this conversation tom-tom Tom again with so empathetic to this situation. By but how do we help? Do we help? How can we genuinely help people There are people and I mean listen occupies in a in a healthily riot boss Wa Eichel them do gooders at. They've gone too far in that. Do Go to mentality. And they're actually enabling the process Andrew. We're going to be really careful around That they haven't intention are woodside. Most part it's good or it comes from a date place. Sometimes they're filling a gap in there are lost and the dabbling in business where we can We can do it. And that's That's that's the Await we we. Can we will and in another lady that said. I listened to a before the healing will come from us and it is and it always has and we need good people. Average and non aboriginal people jumping on that together and we can re route rowing that boat together united towards a a more inclusive any equal society. I look completely agree with everything. You've said there's an old saying econ fix a problem with the same energy that created it and I think part of the issue I'm seeing at the moment is we have a lot of these glose action people as you say analyzing it providing apparently expert advice on at all when way with the ones that actually created the problem the first by she goes. We're doing quite fine on your own before we arrived and I agree. We need to leave you guys to figure it out because wait on even begin to understand the culture that we're apparently trying to fakes. And I know a lot of people are trying to do it from the Rod Spice or I do believe that but in a lot of space sometimes you just need to step back but you know thinking about all of this. Token gestures is not what is needed her resonated as actual action for end the ability for the culture in it so to take action rather than constantly trying to control how that looks a little bit like the ager gone a little crazy with the colonizers egos assign nowhere whiz smarter because look at us. We can build these fancy things. Look we can do these great things. We bring ships to these show. We've got these these technology. Kill Look how smart we ask you guys. Just don't know anything when it was my massive realization years ago that you know what we're the ones that have had wrong all along you guys of Ed. The way you work with the land connection with the Earth the connection with your ancestors the connection with the way you communicate is so beautiful. I love hearing this native language. Speaking don't understand a single word of it at all you just you can feel that hudnut passionate in that story and everything goes on and I agree with you. I think it's time now for real action to be taken. I'm not even going to begin to suggest because I have no idea what all do not is it starts with understanding starts as discussions it starts with proper communication and it needs compassion. And that's a to a straight Nina. What I'm seeing it from from people of filtered from you from you know the people in the Nar Nar and cultural awareness time By the men and the women these unbelievable compassion which really ignited my mind. What I think is I think. People who think that they cycled experts in fact needs to step back a little bit and let the people who do not speak because Nelson for that to be heard in all honesty with you. I hope that the discussions you and I have today and the discussions we will have in. The future is just one part of the overall puzzle of things in the happened because if these discussions on head house anybody to know here or a little bit compassionate towards it on a percent and these discussions now we've technology we thought Kasa what we're doing so powerful. It's such a powerful why to yes. Technology gets a bit of a bad rap. Doesn't lightly about these tools that we've never had before and another person that fallout on. I'm going to be careful because the amps me. A little bit is Gary Vacek and I guarantee. Ya whether or not that guy just truly amazes me omay many levels but he And I remember was one podcast way. We touched on spirituality and on Gary Spiritual Post and he just might be caught clicked in yet but one day that'll happen but anyway getting back to in I what he talks about. He's adding value and being really purposeful around that That you know again getting back to my point listening to all these different people when it gets back to what you assign. It's a universal thing android and one thing that learned again in that in that period And you would have seen that in felt that from Maine last few years. Since we've spoken is is may really surrendering and accepting united. This is a this is a humane thing. This is something that Montana weed. But don't think Aboriginal people either. Don't take stalking and celebrate that no navigate that all. Try to work that as much as what we could And that's getting back to that earlier passage way you asked me if Al People As a collective can start to open up the stall can shave. Spice it doesn't have to be a fully fledged podcasts Doing debt spots just started. There's little pockets of of communication and all organ and and shattering love being being in spice where it SOM- Not a community form. We get many people that the number one. They'd never met an average of a person before number number two United the they've worked with. They've had hostile interaction with the community. Person in professional personal capacity as you can imagine That's lock in the thousands and thousands of people I've now triangle spoken to its comments. Lory and the thread story is nearly in every spice are working nearly heat it in not just not just in interactions with aboriginal cultures. It's just so quick to blame. The minorities will ever own reaction because our reactions are on the ever. What's going on inside house? Nothing to do Wayne Directing visit at What might just keep in mind on. Thank you so much for coming. It is such a fabulous discussion are really want to get you back. Because I think there's a whole range of topics that weaken absolutely guide with the the benefit of everybody's understanding moving forward in a more compassionate way before we finish up. I just want to tell people how to contact USA. If anybody wants to get a hold of dwayne joining the team they want to know what they do. You want to Google creation tour or a number one of these other programs that he has you can go to Narin Aboriginal Culture Dot Com. So That's NJ I R I N Aboriginal Culture Dot Com all one word and you can jump on the information there or if you WANNA send the name I'll go to info at Narin Aboriginal Culture Dot com introduce yourself to them and and getting contact because I mean really Gripe paypal. Doing extraordinary work. You know what might thank you so much for coming. I'm really looking forward to having you back on the show. So we can take this to a whole new level way to Andrew. Thanks for inviting me along and again. It's the glad to the podcast Jerry. We get better as an honor. Also pleasure was all mine. Thank you everybody have an awesome week and we'll talk to you again real soon. Thanks for listening if you want to find out more go to Andrew Hackett Dot com to see a range of products and services. I have available for you so you can stop making the changes you want to make any alive for those. Cain to stop moving forward in the live. I have my feet a freedom masterclass. These flea crafted program is designed to give you everything you need to get started today if you want to truly accelerate your results choose the premium edition tight back control of your own life experience. If you're looking for more self paced step by step approach have a look at my feet of Freedom Academy with my free seven day trial period where you can access all my videos blogs audio and exclusive online education programs that are delivering remarkable results worldwide. However if you want to connect with me you can find me at enter Hackett Ustralia on facebook and like my page or Andrew S Hackett on Instagram Phili-. Inspirations sent me a message shoot me an email. 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