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Cory Booker's Debate Stage Hail Mary


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The New Jersey senator has essentially stalled out in polling link across the board. He qualified for the November debate but he is still a long way from the top tier of the twenty twenty field not to mention. He wasn't isn't even close to qualifying for the December debate by both polling and fundraising standards. That put a lot of pressure on booker. This debate was a potential the opportunity to reverse his current fortunes he had zero polls qualifying him for the December debate and he needed for and he had not yet met the fundraising threshold either. Debate stages are prime opportunities for candidates to reach a massive national audience positive performances can yield immediate polling winging fundraising success like booster national polling or a surgeon donations or both negative or worse nonexistent performances can in spell a campaigns death-knell in for the campaigns. That don't even qualify for the debates. It could be time to end the ron altogether like Beta work. Mark did a of November's debate for which he had not qualified so booker needed to leave an impression booker needed help end in his closing. The statement on Wednesday night. He asked for it. I have not yet qualified for the December stage. I need your help to do that. If you believe in my voice and that I should should be up here please go to cory. Booker Dot Com. Please help booker then went on to talk about civil rights leader. John Lewis who was seated in the crowd and booker's hail. Mary apparently worked in the nine hours. After Booker's Closing Statement Corey Twenty twenty. His campaign raised more than half a million in dollars. The campaigns eleven pm hour of online fundraising was better than the previous best online fundraising day of the campaign over over seventy percent of Corey. Twenty twenty donors. Who gave on Wednesday were first time donors to the campaign and most importantly as of seven? Am Thursday booker. Met The two hundred thousand unique donor threshold needed to qualify for the December DNC debate in Los Angeles which which brings us to the point. Booker still has a long road ahead. To the December debate stage he still needs to qualify in four required polls he currently has zero but thanks to this fundraising success. He is now a lot closer to that stage than he was before the debate. And that is the point for November. Twenty see I twenty nineteen. Thank you for listening for more updates throughout the week including our Sunday night. Campaign edition. Subscribe to the point newsletter at CNN dot com slash point. If you like this audio reading you can get on Google home or Amazon Echo or subscribe to hr or apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast APP. 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