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Hey they're ralph garment here and thanks so much checking out this free edition of the row report. If you like what you hear. Do me a favor. Subscribe to the ralph report so we can put some fun in your ears five days a week and you can listen for as little as three dollars a month so subscribed today so you know miss out on any of the fun go to patriotdepot dot com slash. The roth report and sign up. Welcome to ralph. Report with ralph garmon. Well hello there boys and girls welcome back to the route before so very pleased. You decide to join us again on. This tuesday march ninth. I'm telling you may be the best show of the week. I hate to sell the rest of the week out. We haven't done the other shows. Yeah you don't know how good this show. I can't imagine us besting this particular program over the next three days because it's just jam packed. And everything is god. Damned magic sprinkling pixie dust on your dick. Does that work. does it make it fly. It does indeed. I'm just like peter pan hell of a show kids on the counter. You wanna know why well as if it wasn't good enough that it's tuesday we're gonna take a look at tv tunes from one of your favorite television programs. And if this isn't one of your favorite television programs. And then you and i are going to have to step outside. Wow wow you're gonna your birth to settle things like men coming in hot today. Well by mean at this show is goddamn magical. One of the few times featured a tv theme from a tv show still currently on the airbus okay becomes do us Per request from eric from clear. What roy eric. So we'll be talking about that in a little bit Ago we got of course. Entertainment is we'll get your phone calls There is no speaking of the royal family at all on this. Show nothing about them. It's fine with it. God damn ridiculous or in the words of the duke. It's regard damn dick euless. How much play this interview With oprah and harry and meghan is getting yeah it's everywhere it's absolutely everywhere and trust me. I thought it was a well done interview. I think Anytime you get to highlight racism or mental health issues. It's always a good use of television however the reaction and the constant coverage and the coverage of the coverage breaking it down. It's like it. It's just some people who are rich from another country at the end of the day. I think it goes back to wait. The entire woods coverage was a couple of weeks ago. I think the media is just looking for anything to obsess over right. Now i suppose but Yeah i'm having a little Little backlash to the royal family. So we're not going to talk about them. If you want that. there's plenty of places you can get. It ain't here sure also on today's show. No oysters saying a god. The rear admirals had no oyster policy implemented for the rest of the week. It's now a writer. My contract lot of people people disappointed. Why the anti oyster sentiment. That's only going on and ocean spoon in my mouth. First of all if i could disappoint the oceans. A sweet sweet lay. No it doesn't doesn't. She doesn't spoo- a because she's a lady. The ocean is my lading so at noise tres yet today thank god again but we do have a ton of other great stuff including my conversation with noodles from the offspring. That's why it's the best show of the week. It's pretty damn good he is. He's he's a pal and he's always entertaining and the offspring has new music coming out later on next month. Jesus right around the corner. So we'll be talking about the new album and we'll check in with noodles and talk about what he's been up to during quarantine and what the plans for. The band are moving forward. Definitely worth checking out later on in today's show so let's get right to it but before we do any of that. Because i do this on the counter you wanna know why no you did. Not all right. Well i just did it another reason. The show is going to be so great. Mr is because we got to take a look at our God battles oh yeah. We got that coming up as well. of course. Last week we pitted to powerhouse. Ladies up against the two heavy hitters in the tournament of the gods fina versus hegarty. Hectic man i was a good match up. I thought it was going to be closer. But we have a clear winner of decisive Decisive win seventy one percent of the votes going to the winner to just twenty nine percent to the loser. I was stunned by that. Over sixteen hundred votes were cast in total but the winner of this round of the great eight fina wins it walking away. Recognition plays a lot. Yeah in that battle when wonder woman's dropping your name all the time you got good friends like bet. A lot of people have a good feeling about athena november raw. She's a great. She's a great god s but equity. She's a she's dark mysterious. He's got the hell hounds and stuff. I don't think people want that. I wanna hell hound already got a hound from hell with reggie gotta down the gives me hell but i'd rather have a hell hound that i could just say you tears throat on those is turn red and i just devours my. That's what you want. I want a dog that devours my enemies. Great that's much to ask so now it's time to pit to new contenders against each other. They both moved on from the sweet sixteen into the great. It's time to take a look at the tournament of the gods because who's going to win. God only knows believe. Let's meet this week's competitor. Shall we hailing from ancient israel in this connor. it's lilith member lois. She was the first wife of adam may diverse. adam was and adam wanted her to be subservient to him and she said the phone your made from earth. I'm made from earth but makes you better than me. So she said i'm out of here. And she split from the garden of eden. In god's angels were sent to bring her back because adams like oh. I miss her. I wanna see her again. She wouldn't go. She's like no screw that but that dude so is on her own. She's the goddess of feminine independence. Well how more appropriate for national women's history to have a goddess that says no. I'm not going to buckle down to some man. He's also the spirit of taboo the primal the wild wanton sexual woman personal strength inky the goddess of kink of sexual exploration and sexual acceptance and. Adam kicked her out of the fucking guard. What he couldn't handle her she was too much woman for him at do and and i like it because The christians fear her. I like that another reason. I'm pro. lilith. She is said to be responsible for males erotic dreams and night emissions one theory says that low is impregnated by masturbation and erotic. And that's how she creates more demons. She considered to be first vampire. Well no because the demon see me. The the guy has the but when you masturbate. Your impregnating her. Yeah but she's the one carry in in the demon egg but you've been exit team and see your contributing to demons masturbated but it would be demon seed if the devil was fucking. A woman does not hurt. The seed is boring. Old human. See semantics notes not semantics. It's how the demons are born. All right look it up. I'm in the demon book. The neck ramakand. No let's not do that neck u. dub do cam across so she is our one competitor lilith who as you can tell i'm predisposed to like me. Some low however or competitor also a heavy hitter in this connor hailing from ancient egypt. It's hassle or hathor the ancient goddess of also women fertility and love. She's the more i guess. Upbeat or positive. Version of a similar goddess. She's the goddess of love. Beauty music dancing fertility and pleasure. She's the protector of women. Although men also worshipers she's the daughter of rah the sun gun of ancient egypt and she awesome often plays the role of the sun. god's defender and protector also the goddess of beauty. She was the patron of cosmetics. When you wear. Cosmetics is seen as a form of worship to hathor from ancient egypt. You know she's hot. I picked two new pieces of art to represent each of these ladies. You'll see a brand new. Lois and a brand new hathor when you go to the poll which should be available right about now over there on patron dot com. We'll be dropping it and as always you can go to tournament of the gods dot com or the tournament of the gods dot com. We nabbed him both their thanks. To dave there in winnipeg who put the website together for us so these two goddesses battling against each other to see who will move onto the final four. I like lily but hathor seems like a little slow. At lily caller. No you don't because you did she would smote you me and lille's god hathor seems like a fun time. I from then the goddess of kink. Yeah but the other one is sort of the same way but she's a little more a beach dancing and partying and stuff. I want the kingston i don. I want the one who's who's up for anything. Heather be like. Don't smudge my makeup a mobile cosmetics. Oh my lipstick is smearing. Don't get my shadow runny. I got a and if you looked at lilith wrong he'll take your head off. Well you're always on eggshells room little with a little bit. We'll challenge that. Says more about you and i than it does about the god s is right so those are the competitors. You can vote. Please remember one vote per army member only pleased and then this round will wrap up next. Monday will be the last time that you get a chance to vote so check in two tournament of the gods dot com or just check in the post that we did on patriot dot com to cast your vote in the tournament. The gods who will win right. God only knows i'm excited. They're starting to get good. It is now down the nitty gritty end goddesses and then move onto the gods next week is. We're kicking the second tier god's out now. The cream is rising to the craft and not the cream of the crop. The cream of the crop is rising to the dime rise into this is rising. That's what i meant to say the cream. There's a there's a crop. The crop has some cream in it. On top of it and that particular cream is rising home crowd to the top of the crop. Let's stop all this nonsense and turn our attention to the beloved members of the garvey. Shall we because you guys just the best. You're the reason we do this damn thing every day five days a week just to give you a smile or laugh or take your mind off your troubles so we like it when you respond to us when you reach out. There's a number as you can do that. Always via email ralph at the ralph report dot com steve and edy also available at that. Same email address if you put their name in the front. Don't send it to ralph at the ralph report dot com expect eddie or standard to get there. They get celsius. Line it to you won't forward you fuck i got. I got better better better things to do. Hey do bigger fish to fry. You can find some social media or you can do it a lot of folks choose to do which is to leave a voicemail message on the ralph report hotline twenty four hours a day seven days a week. It's just sitting there waiting for you. Lonely empty waiting for you to fill it up with your thoughts feelings. Your questions your comments. All you gotta do is dial up the number one eight three three. Yeah i listened to them all. And i grab a handful that catch my attention and we put them here at a segment known as gummy on the line. Phone is ringing rasta. A how yesterday we were talking about hypnosis. Eddie mentioned that. He used Hypnosis cool it's cool moses heading addio. They have no since they let him go over some social anxiety he was dealing with. I used hypnosis to try to quit smoking. It comes in very useful however there apparently other ways you can use hypnosis according to this caller hair off a one star general here. I'm gonna do this call anonymously. It's kind of thing that i know this all right but you guys are talking about trains and hypnotism today on the ralph apart and. I thought you guys might find interesting to know that there is a Trance recording by isabella. Valentine hall jackpot. That will be pants if you listen to it. I want wanna know that in because of that knowledge if you would like to all right have a great day. Okay mic my boss. Alright we your pants. I'm interested are you really. I can listen to something and it would make me. We talked about hands-free orgasms on ralph sex university not too long ago. Yeah so this would tie in game and isabella. Valentine apparently can hypnotize you into disney yourself. Having an orgasm on demand just by simply listening to her and allowing her to put you under and then she will command you to have an orgasm. And you'll just you'll be helpless. You won't have any choice and work download this isabella. Valentine jackpot is the name of the recording. Do yourself a little google search. That's what i did. I pulled it up a little piece of it here. If you wanna hear sure your she is explaining. Just what's going to happen to you. Here muscles are tightening tighter and tighter. Tighter and tighter tighter and tighter. Think about coming think about how wonderful it would come without touching yourself in. I can i can make you. Come without touching yourself. All i have to do is say the word jackpot and you'll do it without even having to try. It will happen naturally because i am controlling the flow of arousal with my words. There you gun. Isabella says she can make you come whenever she wants take. That challenge is by saying jackpot come jackpot though nothing jackpot. Okay that lobby. I think you have to listen to the entire. Doesn't just knows annoyed as fuck. He'd never the greatest place you've ever been at some point. You please stop and your glass is always half empty. isn't it. come. On caesar's palace. Jack jack ma the fountain in front of caesar's palace. That's what i would be on your knees crying at some point on. Please stop me be on my knees thanking hathor or lilith for bestowing upon me such gift pot. Here's my thought a when you do these hip. Every time i see a movie or tv show. It's like all right. We're going to give you this trigger word and whenever you hear the word chicken. Yeah you're gonna you're gonna think you're a chicken or men in the wacky sitcoms. Going to the company dinner with us. Oh well this looks good on the on the menu here i think i'll have the Roasted chicken back. And then the poor sorry launches into it. If i listened to isabella valentine and conditions. Now can anyone just fuck with me to say jackpot and then next thing. I know watching a game. Show host my pants. Yeah you right. You're watching card sharks or something. Wow look seventeen thousand dollars at our jack. So i'm dubious now. The actual recording is about thirty six minutes in length. And i'm pretty sure you have to go through the entire Process in order to gain any benefits. So i don't know whether i will Give that a go or not hard for me to carve out thirty six minutes of my day me too but yeah ok jackpot. I felt the tangle but maybe out there wants to test and let us know how it work do jackpot and then come. I suppose i got the buttons here in front of me. Let me say hold on a second naming jackpot thanks. Hey remember ryan. Who gave a sarah's ziggy intro. You called in drunk and let us that amazing intro. i love it. He's calling back He was surprised when he listened to the show yesterday. S right here. I had completely gordon. I coaches win. Poetry is to you to to the garden. Me and anybody had to listen to that. Like so i yeah. I'm i'm sorry talking. Saudi folks like my boast by sorry. Sorry apologies you have nothing to be. Sorry about ryan's you gave us this getting. He's he funny zagan to you a little creep and that may be the greatest thing we've heard a while area so apologies and since we're talking about it. We have been checking in with ziggy every day to see if he accidentally ever is funny. And i thought i'd pull yesterday's again. We'd take a look to see if maybe today's the day we got lucky. Maybe today's the jackpot and we'd find out that ziggy accidentally funny yesterday. Let's check in with the old zigzags showing all right. Ziggy is here. He is obviously at the doctor's office. He goes to the doctor's quite a bit well. He's bought ziggys well. He might be getting some chemo Don't make me feel sorry for ziggy. He's got no hair on his body acceptable. Maybe he's got alopicia. All it's true. I had don't want him gone through chemo. Can't be some sympathy. Laughs got no pants on. How do you explain that away with cancer. Maybe just shuts himself ally from all the chemo. Or maybe someone keeps saying. There's no point wearing pants anymore true. So he's at the doctor's offices with the nurse you can tell she's a nurse because she has that cross on her little hat again very great at describing where he's at. Yes there's no question i think. Tom wilson and tom wilson the second his son can do is give you the missile sale as they say these scenario in which we're dealing you know where he's at all time and so he's obviously answering a question to her and he says dur lay insurance company it's either the lizard or the deck see because To gyco or aflac the to insurance companies both have very popular animal mascots and so ziggys unsure but he knows it's either one that's bad or the other guy that's garbage of that singing. Jesus so yesterday we're talking about our galaxy coming to an end and after i read that ziggy could not be a moment too soon The milky way then drama on a collision course they're going to Smash into each other ending life as we know it and jesse heard that and saw an opportunity. They rouse jesse from indianapolis listening Today show listening to eddie. Come up with the name for the two galaxies becoming one if you slow down for drunk any thoughts I think we gotta hit. You thinks oh yeah. That was something else. Even a regular speed. That was something else but here on the show we have found when we slow eddie down by half he sounds like the drunk guy at the bar even though the man does not drink so it's time once again to check in with eddie's drunk thoughts. I can't see this closed from your face. It's gross eddie's drunk thoughts five my teeth. The galaxy of andromeda is hurtling towards the milky way galaxy. That's where we live right. And they're these two are going to collide that i didn't know the and dramas going to collide with the milky way. And then they're going to coalesce into one giant elliptical galaxy that Astronomers have dubbed milk. Amada they have not. They have all comedy milky way and andromeda or going to collide making milk. Hamadeh be amnesty am no way away. What should it be. Avenue away amway. We sell products and vitamins. Do i name zometa way. His worst thing. I've ever heard right. Maybe the other one. I'm trying to do and drama and in the milky way and drama away just end and drama way and drama way. That'd i once. I am bitter debris i forget the but the way the that particular drunk makes me sound like the bartender time and i'm reading a news article out of the paper one more. I gotta hear that attack you. The galaxy of andromeda is hurtling towards the milky way galaxy. That's where we live right. And these two are going to collide. I know that drama is going to collide with the milky way. And then they're going to coalesce into one giant elliptical galaxy that Astronomers have dubbed mill comedy. They have not they have oklahoma data milky way and andromeda or going to collide making milk ominous be the be him the way hamlet away. What should it be. Hammering away amway. Should we sell products. Vitamins douarnenez zometa ways. His worst thing. I've ever heard right. Maybe the other ones that are in drama too and in the milky way and just end and drama way and draw away. That's it last who we play. Beat music here on every single program kind of make your day a little bit happier. We call them are happy hits. Chris had an excellent suggestion given today's special guest. Hi this is chris from the car bomb podcast and i was just calling to request In honor of noodles from the offspring being on the show. If i could request an offspring song for my happy hit and this is one of the songs one of their jokey song. Sorta like pretty fly and a lot of people didn't like it because i think they didn't get the joke but honestly this song is just so much fun definitely puts a patron my staff every day so i'm requesting offspring cruising california otherwise known as bump in the trunk love. You mean it. By took songs easy cruising bumping will sign. We have a good time. The all you want is directly. How her caboose said she she. She calls this truck in how much you as much sure. It's fun to great to right. Noodles will be joining us later on the show. Thanks to everybody who called in today. Appreciate it you too can be featured in the garden on the line segment but in order for that to happen. You have to call me now. It is time to castor is on the giant calendar that hang on the bat cave wall because every single day of the calendar year has multiple holidays associated with it and so we like to break them down for you because not all of them are legitimate. Some of them are bullshit so we do a segment called holiday or holiday holiday. All a leased town. We celebrate rafeh happy national barbie day. Everyone rb day. Barbie the doll yes. I is that day because barbie is one of the most popular toys in american history. She's historic guess without that wouldn't have modern-day action figure. You wouldn't have anything that's true. Okay barbie convince me was the first mass produced doll to have adult features like boobs. Well yes but also her face was usually was baby dolls up to that point locals. Little baby dolls didn't make dolls adults. This was an aspirational. This was for for a little girl to look forward to see. Who am i going to be when i grow up. And you can't live up to man. See your always half empty. Kind of cutting grow santa barbie doll like look up. Look up to barbie the to grow up to look like a barbie doll. Some detractors do criticize bar before being an unattainable ideal. A woman little bit physically that most girls. I'm going to grow up to look like sharpy. Her specifications her measurements is when extrapolated. Out into human size are ridiculous. Thirty six twenty four thirty ninety one twelve thirty three. It's it's insane. You can't do it without meg ryan major surgery and having some ribs removed jackpot jackpot but and that may have been the case early on because she was mostly a fashion doll. But that i mean mattel's done a pretty good job of the modern barbie offering positive role models to girls in business and science and education. And more he is much more of a modern woman they have. They have done better. They have yes She was born on this day. March ninth in nineteen fifty nine when she made her debut at the american international toy fair. In new york city ruth handler was the name of the woman. Mattel who created the barbie doll and launched this american icon. Barbie has a full name. Middle name analyst. Really what does she has barbara. Millicent roberts is name roberts guess and Other reason barbie is sort of groundbreaking is barbie's marketing strategy relied almost exclusively on television advertising the first toys to really use. Tv commercials directed straight towards kids. Right to get them to bug their parents to buy the lead changes the whole toy because then they went into making cartoons specifically based on toys to sell toys. So yeah i guess. Barbie was the sole sponsor of the mickey mouse club back in the day. And that's how she became a a best seller. In fact estimates are that barbie dolls have sold over a billion dollars. Worldwide and over one hundred and fifty countries loaded so on. This day we celebrate barbie and her boyfriend can he was born in nineteen sixty one. But we're really celebrating barbie. He's got a last name what's his last name carson. They're not married. Ken carson boy. There's she's not going to settle down at her g. I joe to play with. She's not going to settle boring. Old can she. She lives with. ken achieved. She gets down and get some kung fu grip across the tracks. I will admit now that. When i was young my gi. Joe used to rub up against my sister's barbies. They would happen to it. They would lay down together in congress in sexual congress so i feel that you take the closer yes no no. I didn't know if you were just dry up. But why would g. I joe wanna lose it in his camoes when he could actually be with barbie and the dream. Maybe he's on-duty check bob with barbed. It's called the duty real quick. I used to wrap my wonder woman around. My penis had a live show. I drunk when live show is to take my migo. Wonder woman and wrap around my barbie doll fucker. Obviously wonder woman doesn't have any horrified. You climax. I don't remember i don't believe did i don't believe climate i no. I don't believe i did. I just i. She was attractive to me. And i thought she would look good around my penis. Look a big mma. Dick in who's the wonder now at woman chapada. So we're going to celebrate national barbie day. Despite the people who have criticism again her barbie also does a lot of good in the my kid never into barbie no early number. Even if it's a generational thing. I'm not as popular today as it was now. It's more of a collector's marquette. Anything else. I own a cat woman. Barbie a batman. Ken will celebrate that. It's also national meatball day. Depends i'm done with that. I know you are. We recognize the great american food the meatball however a lot of people think the meatball may becomes from italy. Not so much. They say in fact. There was a recipe a chinese recipe for meatballs. That originates back to twelve. Excuse me two hundred twenty one. Bc although ancient rome cookbooks do featuring meatball type recipes. Well as do persian cookbooks and other parts of the middle east so apparently everybody was taken meat and smashing together and then meeting a balls revolutionnaire. No one can really own that idea But it's still very popular. Of course today mostly related to italian cooking with spaghetti meatballs but the swedes also have their famous meatballs as well at ikea yes but they can get the mug place. I've had them of course they're good though. Not gonna run across. Carl's junior or the other fine establish requent. They're good swedish. Meatballs nike the meatball subs the meatball pizza. You can use other kinds of foods. Usually it's beef but you can use pork turkey or lamb porcupine meatballs no now. You don't need it's not porcupine meet you put rice in okay quills. Where okay that. We talk about that. So there's one restaurant in new york that has fifty four different kinds of meatballs on their menu. That you're just trying to make shit up at that point. No it's got dip it's got what different meats different flavors different additives. It's like i ended baskin robbins. Shouldn't make that many ice cream flavors they shouldn't they shouldn't have that many players. You're you're king of variety. I don't think you need that. Many just it. It adds to confusion and delay get in. Get out big. We want move on what this is. Why this is why lines form god happy meatball today. Everybody i think at the report. Actually sit down and you dine. I don't think you're standing in line at a counter waiting to get you balls on a stick or whatever however it was in your head. That's a great idea meatballs stick. Today's also national. Get over it day. This is a day as you can imagine from the name and implies you should just get over it. Get over me not liking oysters. Everybody get over it. A lot of people disappointed a sock. That you don't want to always do not the people this is. There's a lot of small things that happen in life that you should just get over. Whether it's spilt milk get over it. Traffic being passed over for promotion poor grades and argument with a friend or family member. They shouldn't just live on forever. Because you wanna hold onto a get over it This holiday was created by geoff. Goldblatt in two thousand five after his ex-girlfriend left and he was having a hard time getting over her so we started get over a day to inspire him and others to Not hang onto stuff. That just doesn't matter happy. Get over the. And lastly we like do take a food related to a holiday and run a pass daddy but something he'd be willing to eat or perhaps stick up his ass. Then pull out. How do we find out. Well we pull the handle of the patented eddie pence jackpot slot machine. If we get three reels after we pull the handle jackpot is going to eat. However if those reels mismatched there's no jackpot at all is anybody has listened to that audio edition. Slew favourite show. This is they're upping their subscription level. This show constantly today is also national crab. Meat day depends national crab meat day. The day to celebrate america's favorite crustacean. One point five million tons of crab meat are consumed every year around the world. Plenty of crab meat. Lovers celebrate this holiday each and every year. You know crab meat is actually a pretty healthy choices. A lot of Tizard what's that visit. Tis protein and twenty ad the butter and the ad but of course there's a wide variety here in the united states of popular tasty crabs like the blue the stone. The dungeon is the king. The rock the snow. They come both hard and soft shelled. Of course they can be found long all the coasts of the united states and hawaii however the most popular way to eat crab. In the united states depends. It's not cracking the shell on the on the way you think. Would you eat a crab cake. Said he a crab cake crabcakes. Nothing better than some lump meet in a crabcakes a delicious crab cake. One of my favorite appetizers in fact that and then a nice steak dinner man. It's pretty much perfect meal but it's not about me. It's about eddie pence seton crabcakes. There's only one way for us to find out. Let's pull that handle here. We go on crabcakes. Do ask brad my preferred way to eat crap. Oh the legs crab legs. That's my preferred. that's not a that's too much work though. That's that's shitty. blue crabs. They got to dig into the body for thirty five hours to get out of bounce of meat that sucks balls but like crab legs like dungeon. Not done just joking. Have you can afford that. Sorry once you get a gofundme we going so you can s. I might do that. I haven't had them in a while. I can see it now. L. get whatever's leftover two people who haven't had going to a charity charity people who have been victims of domestic abuse so they can eat crabs. So your crab cake. Well that's what a great but a great way lows out holiday or holiday barak moreira halladay. Say hey there. It's ralph garman here. I hope you're enjoying the show. And if you are why. Not subscribe to the ralph reports a. You can hear it monday through friday for just fifteen cents a day you can be a one star general supporter and that will get you the show in your ear holes monday through friday. Of course there are two three and four star general levels as well which get you more bonus content and more access to me. So if you like what. You're hearing why not subscribe goto patriot dot com slash the ralph report. That's p at r. e. o. n. dot com slash. The roth report subscribed today. So you don't miss a thing it's time to take a look at all the entertainment news with a segment. I call the showbiz. Wow can you imagine the surprise when this gentleman was trying to pull up tom and jerry for his kids over there. An hbo max. Yesterday when up popped. The snyder cut of justice league. Heard about this yeah. Hbo max accidentally leaked jazz. Zack snyder's justice league ten days before the film's official release and this guy wasn't the only one. Although he was the most famous called it out. I on twitter. He showed us seeing said tom. And jerry this is not about showing it to his kids. This is a hard our movie and tom and jerry as you can imagine not so much but there was another guy to work for the hollywood reporter. As a matter of fact ryan. Parker was also trying to take check out the tom and jerry and he pulled it up as well After about an hour so they say someone recognized what was going on and cut to the feed to the leaked show. One individual said. The first hour of the snyder cut is the best dc film. I've ever seen okay. We'll soon late. See that's the way you're snyder cut. It's all about the snyder. That's the wait and see. That movie needs work jackpot. I'm sure the first hour might be good. Let's see i feel better when you're in about three and chain. Let me see how you feel about the movie so some people have had a sneak preview. But it's going to be ten days before the rest of us can watch and we'll all watch because we're suckers mark wilson. Tv's most famous. Magician has passed away died at the age of ninety. One at one time in the seventies you couldn't turn on a tv without mark wilson showing up doing tricks on johnny carson. Yeah like that. It very influential musician magician. Because he was a pioneer in proving that magic could thrive on television at the time. They figured real magic is a live this art form. You have to be sitting in the audience to be experienced yet to experience. it live to really get. You're not going to be impressing on television. So no one would put. Maybe on the ed sullivan show and one of those variety show shorten the rest aikman. He was the first guy heavy tv series where the whole show was magic was called the magic land of alec exam. It was a saturday morning saturday morning. Kids show and ran from nineteen sixty two thousand nine hundred sixty five. It made him a star and he taught celebrities like cary grant and johnny carson. How to employ magic work. Even trained bill bixby for tv. Show called the magician remember. There was a founding member of the magic castle as well A beloved magician certainly by other magicians penn teller released a statement saying how how e influenced their work so zad new appeared disappeared. A puff of smoke. This that's how he went. Yeah he's land there and gone gone just. A dove was sitting on his pillow. Pretty impressive even to the end the way to go. Its cancel culture. Dooming these space jam. Remake is it Space jam in new legacy. That's the movie you know michael jordan. Of course start in the original back in one thousand nine hundred ninety six now. Lebron james is going to be on. For the sequel slash reboot of the franchise and many of the looney tunes beloved characters including bugs and daffy tweety and forty or all on hand. There was a scene reportedly written in the original script for pepe. Pugh a really where he was a bartender who comes onto a girl at the bar and lebron steps in and teaches him about consent. I shit you script but pepe shall not be showing up in this version. They say certainly given his reason troubles people saying he added to the rape culture. That stupid but but what about. Speedy gonzales depends. I heard about this to the fastest mouse in all have made right. They're trying to cancel header trying to cancel speedy because apparently the stereotypes that friends were perpetuating with their sombreros and they're thick accents and their siestas is very offensive. And gabriel gracieuse fluffy the voice of speedy gonzales. And he's not too happy about these people trying to cancel speeding. He's the voice in the movie or actual people from trying to cancel speaking. I'm quite sure who's or is this just like keyboard keyboard warriors on twitter. Now here's the thing to cancel gabrielle. Iglesias is from mexico. He's a mexican and it doesn't seem to have any problems playing the role israeli gonzales. Now i'm sure there's a big check involved. Getting paid probably helps but he is fighting back against the people who are trying to cancel speedy. I am the voice of speedy gonzales in the new space jam. He tweeted this mean. They're going to try to cancel fluffy to you. Can't catch me cancel culture. I'm the fastest mouse in all of mexican so as of yet speedy is still in the film. But i'm sure there's time for someone to get cold feet and start hacking at the new space jam movies. It's just as homogenized pointless. well thank god. that pepi scenes gone. Because i'd rather not him be in it then that send to learn an important lesson about consent so you don't want you don't want no women to be sexually assaulted bars. Wrong would have been brutal to watch. Oh thank you so much. Lebron james or teaching me how to be better with women seem have been all ruutel. Hey peppy that ain't right. You shouldn't be kissing on that pussycat like that. We could all learn important lesson. He wants true you jackpot exchange with the power. Puff girls live. Action series has founded director over there on the cw. Power puff girls. Of course those adorable little pint-sized superheroes while they're all grown up now over on the cw. They're all their twenties and their Their apparently a grumpy. Oh spread disillusion twentysomethings who resent having lost their childhood to fighting crime. They don't want any part of it but they may get called back in because a major catastrophe that only the power. Puff girls can help us. But i think so A director named maggie kylian has been tapped to helm the pilot for that. And then we'll see if it goes to series or not so. I like this thing now where female projects are being directed by women and ethnic projects are being directed by. What would some would say these. The appropriate at this point of view of those characters have should come from the director is the voice. It is their visions liking that trend. However my fear is is going to lead to some sort of weird ghettoisation of filmmaking. Where yeah okay. Well let the women direct the women's projects and we'll let the african americans directly african-american projects. But i would like to see more diverse directors taking on mainstream films say that a black guy can direct a movie full of white guys and a woman could direct man's story. I don't think we have to just keep people in their cubbies. No i don't even be uncomfortable. But it's it's a. It's a movement the queen's gambit. Did you watch over on greenspan. Great set the chess. one it is. It's about the young lady who is a chess prodigy. Now you 'cause i can tell right now you're saying oh that sounds boring to me but it's not. It's a brilliant piece of television and it's being made now into a musical. See i can. I can tell by your snoring new music because it's going to be awesome and i'm all about it. Apparently they just sold the the ethical stage rights to accompany. That is getting ready to make it was the most watched scripted miniseries in netflix's with over sixty two million in the first month. I'm just saying impress a lot of people. I'm glad to those people and speaking of musicals and animated musicals in the works about a k pop girl group that actually hunts demons on the side. K pop demon hunters is underway over at sony. Pictures animation and maggie. Chang is going to be directing that story of a wildly popular k pop music group who actually also have to hunt down demons on their time off. It could be fun. But i'm rooting for the demons in this particular case. Because i've heard k pop. And i if i have to have to pick a side. Even i'm pro demon. Let's take a look today. Celebrity birthdays all these stars. Born on tuesday march ninth. Mickey gilley are good old. Healy mickey gilley. Mickey gilley country music. Mickey guilio owner of gillies. The world's largest honky-tonk don't know it you ever see little movie called urban cowboy my friend. Okay okay. far they go. All the dance takes place. Gillies yes mickey was the owner of i got it now and had plenty of hits on the soundtrack as well including this bad stand by me but let me ride that mechanical bowl. I can ride that bill. If i want to bud. No you can't says he you're not getting all that both no girl minds can be riding the bull. Everybody looking at her. Wow wow a movie was an impact. I can tell the passion you just delivered in that speech. Yes that's uv. And a half a cowboy hat. I won't break out. Stetson mickey gillies eighty five today. Jean louisa kelly from uncle buck and mr holland's opus and the sitcom yes dear. She's forty nine brittany snow. The actress american dreams and hairspray is thirty five singer mark lindsay lead singer of paul revere and the raiders is seventy nine years old cherokee h. So good go. Way tongue taught their english. To young man that's going honky tonks cowboys indians. I run the gamut man. My passions are widespread emmanuel lewis. Remember webster i do. He's fifty webster's fifty now. Good lord juliette binoche beautiful actors from shock. Alah in the english patient is fifty seven tires. Robin trower from local. Harem is seventy six years old oscar isaac from star wars. Oh damn jackpot. Eddie lost in his pants act. He's forty two today. Comedian jordan clever from the daily show is also forty two singer jeffrey. Osborne turned seventy three. The week actors linda from men in black and of course dogma is sixty three today and drummer shannon leto of thirty seconds to mars fifty one. That's today celebrity birthdays. I'm ralph garment. I walked the showbiz. Beat because it's tuesday. It's time for us. Do a deep dive into one of your favorite tv shows and the theme that you know and love from it. It's tv tune. Tuesday here we go. You know liked that you do today. We are breaking the mold with tv tunes tuesday breaking two of my cardinal rules. Okay what are they. I we well not never but we practically never said loose rules. It's not really a cardinal rule more like just a regular priests guidelines priest rule. It's just one of the. Let's not quite as high up as cardinal or pope. It's more down there. We don't do it a lot of themes for shows that are still on the air. Okay mostly we do classic themes everyone grew up with and then it's one of those where everybody gets a chance to relive their nostalgic feelings. Yeah their youth and we almost never do songs that were originally released as music or singles and then used for a theme later on after the fact. This is my life by billy joel for bosom buddies or love and marriage by frank sinatra for married with children. I i tend to stay away from those because those those songs exist on their own before. They're used for television. Themes i am breaking both of those. Wow day because that's how much i love this show and that's how much i love this song and i think this song although it did exist before it was used in the series most people became familiar with it. Either from this series or some other Appearances it made on soundtracks for feature films and things like that. So let's talk about the show. It is one of my favorite goddamn shows. World debuted in twenty thirteen in september back in uk on bbc. Two and boy. It's a great show. The creators a guy named steven night and his idea was to show the exploits of a crime family. During the aftermath of the first world war and then close out that storyline with very first air raid siren signifying the beginning of world war two. And he's done just that sadly we have heard the season of this particular show will be the final. And i love it. Steve ashton loves it. I don't believe eddie pants as ever seen it. Because it's awesome. But i know eric clearwater loves it. Hey rows yoho know what to do group. As eric unclear london. A man. I wanted to call and request a tv to For tuesday So there's this show on my friends are all watch. And they're like man you gotta watch this show like. Yeah whatever and got time then you started talking about it. You and steve ashton started talking about it as a whole lot on the report. 'cause like men are let me go. Check this shit out. I immediately fell in love with it like the first of this And had been the hell out. The i'm on my third lodged through now preparing for the upcoming season. I think y'all know it. It got one dope is hugging inches is just all in my head. You know i'm With no rare right. And can we get peaky blinders on there all right. Thank you hell. Yeah we can talk about some peaky blinders another show you haven't seen i haven't seen it. Mike not a not a minute of it. Peaky blinders the story of the shelby. Family said of course in birmingham england. Just an amazing show with a great ensemble cast killian murphy and helen. Mccrory and joe call paul anderson just spectacular great guest stars. Sam neill. Tom hardy adrian brodie while he wasn't so good. But a lot of other people paddy considine great cast great series. We are going to see the sixth and final series coming up soon and he's right. The theme song is amazing. Red right hand is the name of a song by australian rock band nick cave and the bad seeds. It was released a long time ago on their eighth studio album. Let love in from nine hundred ninety four and this song has been used as such great effect on this series. The lyrics describe a shadowy alluring manipulative figure stalking the land and striking combination of fear. And all wherever he goes part daddy demon according to mick harvey. The songs co writer. And that's certainly describes tommy shelby from the show. It's been used to great effect in other soundtracks as well dumb and dumber featured. It was on an episode of the x files. Scream has used it. In three of the scream franchise films. It was featured in hell boy as well a cover version by pr on that soundtrack. But nobody uses it like peaky. Blinders does here. It is theme song from peaky blinders from nick cave. Red right hand won't crosses the vied. I do crappy rest secrets abode of home and we never spoke the bridge mills pastas staff. The gathering. storm comes a toll hinson main black cold with a red rat. Can no dreams took you love to destroy stroke reached d been a whole string game. Soul birthday won't be single thing user group news through this disappeared. A cold is a red rat right. That's the same from dumb. And dumber when he's carrying the beer and he's got the big phone. Whatever with dumb and dumber. That's what i remembered from. Peaky blinders the red right hand. Because that's homage shelby will kill you. Cut your heart out. And that's why his hands right because your blood's on yes. Because you don't watch the damn show. I like dumb and dumber. That was pretty good. Get the essentials is just beer and a big foam hat and he gets his wallet stuck in the old ladies like old people though useless. Do still repurpose okay you. I'm sure your shows good. We should take you out for allred a peaky blowing days the calm the peaky blinders because they look to blind like pick through blinds and a window. Save somebody's coven. Yep exactly why. Because they're always trying to see if someone's coming from inside the house right now. They wear peaked. Caps jeff caps. We used to call him back. East like newsies. Yeah exactly and in the in the the cap. The sewn into the brim of the cap is razor blades. So they give you a little Head but it cut you cut your they can grab it out of the thing wrote across your eyes. That's terrible and they blind you don't they don't wanna watch blind. Not watching the gangsters don't you think crime dramas don't you like family. Crime family dramas really. Did you like the godfather films films. Vast. hey this is the godfather but done with with gypsies in in birmingham instead of italians in new york. Okay but i don't like the razor blade across the eyeball thing. I'm a. I'm not down for that thank you. I like looking now. The house of the blinds. That's much better the much better definition for the. That's gonna be eddie's remake fifty blinders crowded inside waiting for his chicken tenders to be delivered is out there. Suppose mates was out there eric. Excellent choice pearls before swine. Some people don't appreciate the magic that he's peaky blinders on today's tv tunes. Tuesday here we go. You know what day it is like you don't do but not match. Oh these carry fear to cowboy hat. I'm so funny all right before saying goodbye. Let's check in with my noodles from the offspring. I love this guy. Been a pal of mine for years since going back. Of course my days in rock on the radio show where we played a ton of offspring music. And i tell noodles during our chat. It was one of the few bands that we played a ton of that. I never got tired of hearing their music. They've got a brand new album. Coming out called. Let the bad times roll drops april sixteenth. It is their first new album in nine years. It's been too long since we've had new music from the offspring. Here's a little taste by the way of the title. Cut here is let the bad times role took dan lynch crazy. So good on that is titled track from let the bad times roll. The new offspring album that drops on april sixteenth. Here's my conversation with noodles. Just a reminder for you to three and four star generals i've also posted the video version of our zoom. Call ceus chatting as well here. It is me and noodles well. It was good news last month for offspring fans when we heard there was new music on the way let the bad times roll the new album by the offspring out april sixteenth. Twenty twenty one so just a couple of months from now we'll be able to hear new offspring music noodles man. Good to see a pal how you doing you to raffia. Great to see you man one question. Everybody's asking noodles. Why so soon. Why you guys releasing an album so closely to the last one which was what a decade ago. Yeah just nine years. There's only been nine years. You know we figured why wait. That's right nostril. Quality iron is hot right. Yeah yeah You know the there's a number of reasons. Part of the reason is the last record. A days go by was our last record on that contract. So we've had no nobody from the label telling us we gotta finish something a after. We finished the two on that dexter when into he started school again. He said you guys. I was about a year away for my phd. You mind if i go back and get my phd and we were like very supportive. Now you know. How long is it gonna take. This is out maybe two years. Yeah took five years. But in that time we were recording here in this recording studio in huntington beach recording hair and And we tour for months out of every year as well so yeah and then we you know about two or three years ago we we kind of looked at what we had thought we were close to having a record done then we had this creative spurt and finished up a bunch of new songs and then the pandemic it right about the time we thought we were done with the record And so we tweaked it a little bit more eventually. You want you know what this is done. We gotta we gotta move on. It's just it's time while you guys released the title track. And i'm telling you it's just a kick s song. It sounds great bravo. yeah. I noticed the lyrics. I mean you. Guys aren't traditionally known as a very political band but the lyrics of this song. You're obviously you guys have a point of view. Yeah well i mean we always try to talk about what we see happening in the world without telling people what to thank. you know. we don't wanna put you fine a point on it. We don't like being preached at so. We don't want to preach at other people that being said you know the last four years here and our country and and other parts of the world. We've just seen a lot of craziness happening and to not talk about. It would be to ignore the elephant in the room. So we do. We do talk about it. I don't think it's been a fun for years for anybody. On either side of the spectrum really know is true and the and the last year with the pandemic. i was thinking of you guys. You mentioned you tour. Four months out of the year you know the pandemic took that all away from you guys. So what were you doing in instead yet. A covers of songs from tire king. Christmas song to you know while we were still trying to finish up this record you know because once the pandemic we we went well we can't tour or what are we going to do. Let's keep looking added and so. Yeah so we've been spending a lot of time in the studio wearing masks trying to keep socially distanced and and you guys are working with bob rock again. Who produced this record for your alleged. What why did you guys decide to go back with him again. Just because of the chemistry yeah absolutely. He's he's great. He's he pushes us. In a way that makes us want to be pushed. We we always know when we're going down the right path because he he'll he'll always say it's gonna be great which means you're onto something but you're not there yet you know it's gonna be great. Okay we'll work on it and he's you know we really is kind of like a like a family. Now we get together here in the studio and you know fifteen twenty minutes at first. We're just talking about what's going on in the world. Our families are and stuff like that and shooting the shit and then we just get to work. What are we working on. Today you know we visiting stumping. We've been working on before we're going to start something completely new He's got new fun toys as as a guitar player. It's always find working with him because he knows all the new stuff to play with an vintage stuff. You'll come up with a new toy you know from nine hundred. Seventy eight somewhere kind stopped box. That's always really fun and mix makes the guitar sound different. How much of the new material on the album is new or did you guys have stuff that you've been working on for a while but you kind of brought out and retooled it. Most of it's been done in the last three years probably There's probably four songs or fi signs that were from before that one of the new songs though has as a breakdown in the middle or guitar solo. That really comes from the eighties. We used to call herself before we were the offspring. We call ourselves manic subside. All you can see why we change the name. And there's there's a guitar riffs dexter in the breakdown. It comes from an old man song that we did back in the eighties. So you know. We're drawing on all kinds of different stuff. You know Obviously the single Let the bad times roles. Really all pretty new rifts and everything but but some of the stuff. We are going back to the before times the new single. I gotta tell you it. It sounds like the offspring. I mean that signature sound is still very much a part of that first thing to do going to hear the same on on the rest of the tracks. Yeah i mean that's that's a pretty pretty good example of what the the record sounds like. You got the aggressive guitars bass and drums and all the verses and then all of a sudden you have this kind of dancing chorus like the world's going to l. minds low. Enjoy ed bradley. I think many of us feel quite frankly. If you can't if you can't do anything about it. I mean you know some of the stuff you can change go out and change it but if you can't change it you gotta learn to live with it and roll with the punches right china to get you torn down by. So that's kinda kinda that that idea but there's plenty of like i said some the more kind of punk rock stuff that we've been. We always what we grew up loving so we always go back to that we do a different version of gone away which is an old offspring song that everyone the ostrich fans no certainly We stripped it down and did a piano version. Which is something we've been doing in the lives show for a couple of years now number of years now and The fans have been asking. When can we get a studio recorded version of the piano version of gone away and so we included that on this record. That's a little different. And then we have a song much horns in god. We never have sex anymore. I'm glad you brought that up. Because that title caught my eyes. I looked at the track list. Yeah it's it's a really fun song about a bummer bummed out part of people's relationship anyone in any any kind of relationship of any length knows what it's like when the passion of wayne's and it happens you can get it back doesn't mean the relationships over the last time you get the passion back again But this is just about. You know that that's hard in a relationship. Well i can't wait to hear the rest of the album. As i mentioned the first track is amazing. And it's so funny. I tell friends and i'm not just blowing smoke up your ass but all my ears on k rock. We played so many so many artists over and over and over again and the only music. I didn't mind hearing for those eighteen years. Was the stuff that you guys put out. Just such a huge fan man Thanks rouse thanks. Yeah always loves coming out hanging out with you down there to reconnect here. Hey while we're trying to feel optimistic about the direction this pandemic things going. Are there any plans for you guys to hit the road a little bit to support the record. You know. we're we're waiting to find out. We actually have shows scheduled. I think as early as june in europe You know i don. I don't. I don't know if that's going to happen. I i'm skeptical All i know is as soon as the pandemic stops spreading at least and people can get together in groups and do it safely. We're all about it. I mean we're looking forward to playing. We've been rehearsing. We never rehearsed. We hate rehearsing banding. We've been rehearsing has been really fun. Actually in but it's it's the only thing missing is an audience to play for you know but we've got know we've got a real tight unit happening right now. We're having a lot of fun playing together. This is probably the longest layoff. You guys have not playing together in a while. i can imagine absolutely it is. Yeah yeah we got together and played just just with us recording playing with us About a week and a half ago it was great to have the guys all together in the same rooms playing for a couple of days. But like i said as you can get out and travel and drink budding. Lay mary's at an airport. And you know and and then plan for a real audience There's something missing in our lives for sure. Well maybe when it's all over we can finally get are bad finger cover band together. We've known so long totally. Yeah yeah. I got chip on speed. Dial she's she's an for sure awesome. Listen you get dave and all right. Well well pat smear also said he'd step in if if they wasn't interested so We'll see less. And you know the mid. And i told listeners of the report that we were pows people have been bugging me and bugging me to have you come on the show and it's so great to finally have you on here. I really appreciate you doing this on my pleasure. Pleasure and the the photo shop with a lot of fun on that one fan. He was relentless. Absolutely ask good for him. I just wish. I didn't have dumb ass grin on my face because i'm so tired of looking at it. Well when we can meet up again in person we'll take some new photos that we can post those are. I love that idea noodles. Thank you so much really. appreciate it. my raft. It's good to see again. Thanks again the noodles for stopping by and chatting with me and again let the bad times. Roll the new album from the offspring. Drops april sixteenth. And so we'll be talking noodles again sometime soon as soon as they make plans to tour. Support the album you know. It looks like maybe springer summertime. they'll be doing some dates. We'll have him back onto that. All right that's it for us today. Thank you so much for joining us. Come on back tomorrow. Tomorrow is wednesday. They're always fun because we i know. It's a thing to think what i wonder. If we take a look at a smash hit song and the artists who performed it and it was never quite able to recapture that level of success. Also speaking on wednesday. Don't forget tomorrow night. If you're a four star general. I will be sending up a link. You can check out the livestream recording of thursday morning. Show we'll do it. Live right in front of your eyes. We had a good time with atlanta. So much fun and people seemed to enjoy it so Come and join us for that. If you're a four star general. Meanwhile join us tomorrow. Kids and in order to do that. You know you gotta take care yourself right so please still if he can stay the fuck at home at very least. Wash those hands sanitized. They could in the hood keep six feet distance between you and other people succeed because life is life and into we're all vaccinated. We all do our part all right. We'll talk to you tomorrow until tomorrow. Love you mean it by.

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