Ep. 583


Many, men can stand my punch. Obviously, obviously, a for sure. Senate set a here on them. Black belt and chips chicken. I think you'd be surprised. I. You'd be surprised at any fight club bike club bike club. Kids got a piece on. Cutie pies still got it baby. Lift your shield a now from the on its studios in Playa. Vista California it is the moment you been waiting for the fire and the kid is coming at you live. We're not live. That does make sense. I. Don't. Now. It's a fighter and the kid. Live. We live. We live. You better, buddy! I feel a lot better. You're living exactly. As since I was exposed, I would imagine at least fifteen the minimum fifteen I would imagine. Maybe we've got exposed Friday because you guys got started showing symptoms on Sunday so. Fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen days. It's a weird thing been in the thick of it all fifteen. I sure have I've been pacing. My fucking floors with nowhere to go I. Don't know what's worse. Feeling like your lungs are Gla- made a glass, or just the sheer boredom of not going anywhere, and maybe even worse is not having a taste or smell that sucks. 'cause foods not come to your rescue now you don't care about food. And now you and then I started getting some tastes back, but it was the wrong kind tried to sniff some wine and some coffee. I almost threw up really. Almost throw up! then. I took zinc on an empty stomach. That was it. We got some expensive zinc. You take from a dropper. Albri threw up super hard years. Nothing worse I learned the hard way to. My doctor was I take zinc to get your taste back soon. He was right so I was popping all zinc but I was drawn empty stomach and I was like Oh. Man I feel nauseous and I. Know Amen I haven't had any symptoms with since she told me take zinc I'm starting to feel nauseous. He's like a take on an empty stomach. Are IOS will figure it out to? That's the only thing. Bring you. To throw up right now. I'M GONNA talk. I WANNA. Throw outside inside went I a double. Schuch or Iran in just shouted to the bowl I'll. Tell you. What Fun is You know have to Cortina's away from the Kiddo. So my girl had to hold down the fort with the Kiddos two kids by the way six months in a four year old, so she got to bed and drive time to school, and then I get better. I'm like cool. I can help and she goes cool story walking the baby downstairs Mrs step loops. Are Anglo rankled goes. Oh, you're supposed to go that way. I'M GONNA. Go this way out. The size of a hippopotamus now they cuts, so she can't help with the kids so now I got better. She's in bed and I've got to take care of the kid whose dad duty. Here's. Here's what I would do differently if I could've. Gotten right on in hell steroid, the minister getting a cough and I would have gone the hydrochloric wine, which seemed to really work for you, and and and you know. There's a lot of evidence in the first thirty six hours for anybody. Has this that? And your your proof of it really does help really does help. I'll. I'll say you know you got it Stevie. Your girl got it. I got it. When got some friends who have had it? And? It's what's weird about. Is it affected? Everybody Different Odyssey, you know. He had symptoms early to mild symptoms early and then it went away after three days when I was super fortunate you've had. It's been a lesbian. It's been a struggle for fifteen days. None of ours you know for. Four nights. Who's really intense form? And then it got better, and it just affects different. You know we got to be safe and thank God everyone who got is okay now and. I'll tell you what's fun. Though, too, is you WANNA WANNA to show up naked tap to go back to work back to studio with John Stu this week, so I took to test last week. I keep calm like where's my results? My results and they go. Oh, sorry, buddy that swab that we stuck balls deep into your nose. Will we lost the results? So we need you come back in. A time. That's a good time. Thanks a lot. Thanks, let's get. Let's get back up my nose D. DI I'm GonNa take I'm going to take a swab. A couple of days you should do you. Should guys with Wednesday be? Yeah! I will because that's technically when. One hundred percent I will have symptoms by Wednesday. It'll be symptoms for fifteen, so that's. And then I'll be you. Should this get results back? Friday I'm doing today. I mean like I did last week because I. Would you know tested negative? Most likely so I'll do today to get my results blackout, Wednesday glad to your taste and smell back. Yeah for the most part I mean still little still little by PRI- PRI- like eighty eighty percent. Talking to Stevie Blue Eyes to like. On, this isn't. You I'm not saying that Yes should be worried about Cobra like that, but I'll see healthwise. I feel better than before when I got sick. I feel if I was one hundred percent before I feel one hundred ten percent night I energy student roofs I'm sleeping better. On I'm eating. Pizza every day. One thing I've never taken for granted is my l. Ever ever and when you're sick with this thing and down and walking around with nothing to do, you can't go anywhere. Yeah, you wonder you really really really think about people who have debilitating illness. Were or if you're thinking about, you know if someone was old in your family got it because of our dumb ass. Older. You have underlying condition. Let's say you were. From fat girl you, it'd be a prompt. Well. Here's the other thing. Here's the problem you know the biggest issue to me is. We still are left with. Haven't to move forward with the economy haven't having move forward with our lives and the. Unfortunately most of us, I certainly can't wait for a vaccine I and and I don't think most of us can and people that can afford to might be people who have jobs that are you know I? Don't WanNa pick on the media, but you know a lot of media. A lot of academics have jobs worry about whereas most of us who work and have to come up, have create a business and keep the business going. You know I don't have that luxury man I really don't. WanNa fucking vaccines coming well. What about you said? Peter Cautiously Optimistic About Twenty twenty one. Twenty twenty two. I can't afford it. Land. These celebrities get on the on the tweet and listen till that vaccine and we don't need kids in school. It's like hold out dude. You May Captain America Nine Euro your. We'll go rushing. Need my kid, Russell, those suffering dude and the I need my kids back in school. I need my car. Do you WanNa talk about a disadvantage? California just said there, the rest of the using be online. They've done research shows on line. It's a real detriment to their to their learning, and it's not good well. I'm in the process of trying to help with creating a homeschooling environment with peop-. A lot of different kids from the neighborhood. Because I don't think I don't think it's good. For these children to be isolated segment out for my children, I totally disagree one hundred percent with the idea that children have to stay home. Raised me. Private schools are will that schools like my son's been school for three weeks now. Privates different than the public schools public or you're angry. Opt for quite some time. 'cause remember to allow the a lot of other she. They have a lot of teachers. Don't feel safe going back because allow the teachers or older. Collecting unemployment to Brooke. Making more money, not teaching your kid. It's a tough place for teachers to be at their older. That's for Damn, sure and somebody. Peaches are just afraid. I don't blame them. Just afraid man! I get it. You might be a lot of people are just afraid I understand. I'm not I'm not? I can't I can't release the problem. It's frustrating I can't really criticize people for being afraid. Either you know some people are just cautious in and very worried about catching fucking vacuum I have friends who are yet will shit. I'll be you know I've been ranting raving about statistics guy in all the stuff in data I do stick by that majority. If you get coded, you're GONNA be just fine and everyone that I know her associate with WHO got this virus is fine, but you know last week. Dude when you're getting worse. I called Rogan like dude. We gotTA figure style count. He's like dude I was. I couldn't sleep. I was worried, too I was. You know round about your age. You're not young on your. It's just like walk, dude, it's like. It just Rogan. Logan's called me every day. You've called every day. A lot of my friends have called me every day and I I'll be honest. I was very. I was very happy to come out of it. The other side I talked to like I got a lot of doctors and so interesting to talk to all of our doctors, and all of them were like on. Basically, said look, you can't. There's not much to do however. The inhalable steroid for my cough game changer fucking games. That's what they do in Taiwan. So, they live on top of each other. Yeah, and they have very very few debt so what they do on a nebulizer. They're going on a very basic steroid. Very cheap a an inhalable steroid, and it's a game changer meant so because it's an inflammatory disease. What what? What that fucking. Hayler doesn't brings your information now. Look Man! Yeah tumbling. It's fucking humbling. Scare. Now. Let's get for you. You know. Yes, SKIP DOWN! Raw said crazy. Shit happens right. It's like my doctor said. Hey, don't take this thing lately. I got marathon runner. Who's News Thirties? He died and then I talked to a woman who was very nice and her cameraman. Dot. Thought, so there's a lot of shit you know. It's it's like anything else. It's a fucking. It's a weird. That everybody came out on the other hand in. Everybody's healthy now and. Hopefully. We'll be back in the studio next week. In after it man is if I do one more zoom podcasts I'm GONNA take. Monster bottle and shove it all the way down my throat I understand well I think we shoot for a being in studio. Friday, I think I might be if I if I come up with to negative tests Arro-. I like that only just you're crooked teeth. Yeah, and if not we do it next Monday and that would be my friend say. I've got my master's degree in everything Pablo Escobar and everything Whitey Bolger. I bought literally and I've read to two bucks now on Pablo. Escobar I got this new Whitey. Bolger went attacking now as got the WHO's a bigger asshole, Escobar or Out To. Ninety. S The bar knew he gate crashed. Planes hold on, hold. disallow make very fucking clamps in. Narcos does a good job. I'm rewatching Arco Season One and two Pablo Escobar thinks the greatest TV of all time years. My issue with this is date. They make you fall in love with Pablo Escobar and how given Robin? Hood of the poor. You gotta understand something in the in the eighties in the. The early nineties published by was in the midst of this shit. You're talking about a straight up. Terrorist, a terrible Hilario killer. Oh, or why? Because he killed and this is just cops four hundred tops a year every year. He was in business four hundred cops of fucking year. Do Change also when he talked about money. Wise timeout a guy whereas when when when you know, he was killed or Most people including his friends and family said he actually shot himself. He was shot and shot himself. He's about the DOT. That's the majority of people said he shot himself, but you're talking about a guy who was at the time. We're thirty and this is in nineteen, ninety two thirty billion dollars. Thirty million dollars makes six hundred forty million dollars a week. Fucking Kat. It's not. What else is crazy like narcos as his his son, who's? You Know He. He was kind of going against narcos. He goes when you watch narcos and you see like when Pablo's on the run with his family, and show these cool houses, and there's pools his helicopters he goes. That's the one thing there so often that we were not nice places. We're in the fucking in the shanties and we were skit for our lives. Scare and he goes in. Everyone makes seem like my dad was loving father all this stuff he goes. My Dad didn't trust anybody when we would go from place to place. He'd blindfold me and my little sister and my wife because he thought we were going to stitch up. As mother Yeah Yeah Wow. Just. A real piece of piece of shit. Yeah, he he would cheat. Monopoly cheated everything. He was just a bad guy. Will you know when when they when they him? They wanted to extradite him to America. He his way of having a government switched. The rules is by taking people hostages who were government the children of the cover the elite. And then killing them and the Chilton, and then. If you didn't like that, you'd blow up schools shopping centers in the great guy. flew up a fucking airliner own literally blew up an airliner full of people, and do you know how he got the bomb on the plane leaking with seventeen year old, who thought he was recording two gentlemen speaking, he conned this seventeen year old, who just had a new baby girl? He was killed there and then killed his wife Yup. Yup and then wanted to kill the baby, too so good guy. He's very very nice gotta be I mean, don't you what Whitey Bolger? You know? He never killed anybody who wasn't in the business. You know that's the way the. The Irish mob worked, but You know fucking Pablo. Come on real fucking disassociate path to true. Social Heroes do Australia's. Terrorist. Yeah well. He said he said I'm going to. I'm going to get them to change laws in Colombia the extradition laws, and if they don't do it I'm Gonna I'm GonNa, just create so much havoc and bomb. The city centers until do my bit. He really ain't. Nothing hired a guy who's really good at these. These bombs, these homemade bombs, blowing up buildings, and in public places and farmers markets and you'd I'm up people you know now. They idolize him in there's Pablo squad painting. This dude, you're talking about a guy who literally the entire nation was terrified. People stay in their houses do. Didn't you send me a thing about Mexico this year being the bloodiest hold on dude, we're talking about corona. We're talking about Pablo. Escobar right now Mexico. June was their bloodiest months ever because Nortel wars going on there, check this out one hundred and fourteen people died in under twenty four hours due to. From the cartel Jesus Christ, can't there aren't there cameras where they can see the stuff and track this stuff light railway? The United States has. been have infrastructure. What do we know why? The new president came in two years ago and it's gotten worse since he was there. What happened? Did he take? Hands off approach. Will what they're saying a lot of it is because it's so ingrained. It's so it's not only is it? In obsolete, the cartels in it's part of the culture or hate to save. It's also ingrained in their politics. One doesn't play without the other. It's an stomach goes all the way up to the federal level. All Dude. It's so bad over the highly SCO cartel, and all those guys had yeah they. They're not working alone here. They've got people in the federal military and police blood. Everybody's on the take like. My friends said he goes. You know when you when you talk about cartel. What you're really saying is that you got a guy who's here and it's like well. My cousin works for that guy. My other brother were everybody's involved in one way or another. But also like in until, Know El, Chapo. When he got caught the one, the only reason El, Chapo got caught was because Americans and in until you get Americans in, that's all these cartel guys whatever city there in Colombia Mexico Russia. If Americaines yet called and you bring in our special forces one thing about Americans, do not all of them are terrified of America. is now going to get you? Barack! Here we are going to be bad, but that when that Mexico, we took out that WHO iskoe, or whatever the hell would call cartel Americans helped out with that, and then now with El Chapo Son's trying to fight for power, and it's it's great. It's it's not safety. Now. Now it's like a war. Going on stuck in crazy met talk about stress. STRESS MY I can't imagine it's still my girl. Can you imagine hobble Escobar with his family on the run, but here's what's interesting is his wife. You know after Pablo was killed every cartel in Colombia want to kill her and her kids just to prove appoint, so they had to go into hiding and saw my God. That poor lady. Blah Blah Panta fucking five years ago, her son get arrested on drug trafficking. Man The back in the business. Yeah, the arrested, but they didn't have enough evidence. They held him for fifteen months and let him go. Back in the old family business, and then the guy that I think that people are going to want to get high. Your biggest market is just here north yet. The only way Latin America gets out of this is by legalizing drugs. Yes, it's the only fucking. You mean northwest. They keep paying I'm saying I'm saying a lot of America keeps paying for our drug habit with their blood and tears, and I if I'm Latin America if I'm Mexico if I'm any of those countries I fucking legalize it i. go you guys keep doing the drugs. Drugs, so let's legalize it. We'll just fucking zone it will tax. It will organize it. People, you guys can make your money. And then I'd have the Federales say book. Everybody gets to take including US if there's any and so and you start killing people. You're going to have a problem which is going to focus on that and otherwise otherwise. Let's zone it. Let's cut it up and it's all free, and if you're American, come on now, i. mean that's what I do, you. What's your household going? Otherwise we will. The real issue would be you need a America. North North America American. Legalized drugs, because then. There's no incentive to do all this crazy. Crazy Shit and territory and sneak it in and smuggled in now. You come out from the legs by doing that, you know. Yeah, that's all you. That's all you can do well, because whatever was not working. Here's the other thing in those cities were one hundred forty people died in twenty four hours. Not only do they have to worry about Kobe which is hitting over there now, so he got cartel code. You know they have. They have lockdowns after dark. Because of the cartel shootings are so bad estates either house Jesus. Everyone know we cry about being Korn here in the states, because the Kobe being with our loved ones, but trust me could be a lot worse. You can't even earn a living. You start a business good luck when they come in and go, we'll take this. You know what else you know. What else is yeah? Exactly what else is frustrating is like most of the other countries besides America. Because we're Americans just what we do, what's make make this nation great, and we think ourselves, but all these other countries went. We have to wear mass. We have stay corentin. We're GONNA do that. And they did it and your time out. Most of Europe's back to normal. You don't south. Korea all backward but Americans. Nah You know and we're this year where we're one of these guys? With you start math in your start taking away our guns, you take away our freedom. And then it was like okay, dude, cool, but until we are. Now we're here and we have Americans. Don't follow rules well, and you're right I was not I was not a good rule. Follower and I was very critical. I would have liked little consistency though the problem with America's that we weren't given any real fucking. I was hearing. Three different stories smells difficult and I'm still I'm still hearing the New England. Journal of Medicine comes out with a says. Masks actually don't stop the spread. Is a lot of stuff where I'm like. Can Somebody please? Me Get a consensus here you know. But that's not going to happen I. Feel like in America, it's more political now. It's just do like I took my son to the outdoor mall. Grow fear. Now lay visits his favorite spot. To don't go to. Grove looks like walking dead now. Everything's boarded up was like one or two shots. Everyone's in mass. There's not that many people. Be So depressed. My son Goes Papa what happens not. The sickness. And then. To get down there, I took Laurel Canyon and last time I took Kanye canyons get to the comedy store. I got super depressed thinking. Will that never come. We'll those days of US hanging out the calmest with our boys in doing. Stand up in hanging. It just pop over there outside I was to give at eight thirty, and all my friends and try new bits like are the are those golden days over like at the time to realize that we will be in the golden age of our comedy careers. Is that just over? I. Think that's I think turnout October. You don't think you will. Bounce, back I think when there's a vaccine it will. It's going to be a long time. Yeah! and. I don't know when that's going to be. I mean I just don't. I don't know. Here's the good news. Your do look better, but one is lower than the other and you know. And you know and by the way this I just as ever been. As, it's ever bid maybe even more so at the end of the day the lid surgery. Not so much, you know. Let's be honest. Let's be still got. Some circles is too bad hasn't gone away. Who knows why doesn't? It doesn't better one night is. Well, here's the thing I. Don't think it looks better, but that's okay too, and here's the thing. We tried, and it didn't work out sometimes Brennan and lives things. Don't work out, and you might come out with one wonky eyed. At the end of the day they can still sniper might. My. I have a cousin who had a plastic surgeon and he said to his wife. He said man looking at his eyes. And he casually said. I don't know if he's a candidate. What do you mean he goes? I mean he would need a ballast. It's going to not do. And I remember she said that and dismissed IT I. was like I know he's only been doing it for fifty years. What t know and I just plunged ahead, so it turns out that old BRI. Is Let's I'M GONNA I'M GONNA walk over now I'm GonNa. Look at my eyes right now. I I don't see a goddamn difference exactly exactly. This and look. Added, little to the top well. Is a real beating. Then get Kobe, so things have been going. It's been shit month. Yet. Isn't tough. Did adopt brother. Did you watch the fights on Saturday? I watched the fights on Saturday. Why did it like? The flights went on for twenty hours because they did. I was glad I was glad that Rose Nama, Judas won that fight. I think she's awesome. I was glad that. I disagreed with the Max Holloway. Decision. I think Max won that fight. Handed not handling but Farren Square I think it was three to. No question and it was because Max. It was really interesting. Because Max was pressing the pace and he he was moving forward. If last night he was always moving back because. I'll ask you kept moving forward. And that changed. In this fight that was weird, but Listen man, It is what it is. It is what it is. I was very surprised that Max loss. Smith Mosleh Well. I mean. I don't know how. I thought this I I think that Mazda with this. Because had I was talking about this kid sucks from one ninety four to seventy in a very short period time, so I knew is wind would be a problem, or that's what I was worried about, and I knew it would be was. My never has a win problem. I don't know where he gets that. Cardio from, and he's a fucking grinder. He just. How are you going to solve that Problem Jon? Fitch copy. It's even more than that. They'll be because it's like yeah striking. You gotTA worry about two. Hey, yes, it's like this incredible pace, and it's like you know we've seen could be built a little tired. We've never seen newsmen. Get tired of Kobe Covington in Woodley now on Edward so it's like he's also very smart. Keep in mind strategic like He. He does weird shit to win and I. Don't know how you solve that problem. I. Think the only guy who can give him. Fritz is maybe Leon. Edwards could post a problem for me even though he did beat them, but he's a better fighter now, but the other thing is. The only guy note the only guy I think that could Finished tomorrow. WHO's been would be a mazda on a full cap G. I remember. I don't care what anybody says I don't know what miles well said in his post fight, but a six day notice is a six fucking day. Travel with travel in. Battle Cova Test Your you say you've been getting ready, but unless you have a contract on paper, and you know who you're fighting weeks out, you're not in the same grinding mode, so and he even said I think he mentioned got tired and around after that knows tops especially with the spent style also. If you give full camp. He's really the only guy can see. Giving been any trouble anytime soon. Leon Edwards could pose some problems, but outside that man I don't know I still even even even. Full as winds amazing. I still don't hey solve that problem. Once he closes distance and grabs onto your knee, little snatching single, or or just clinches up with you and get on the ground. You're still you're still in the same fucking both. The. Problem of this Mazal and I think people don't realize is how good is take down? The fence was amazing can amazing. Amazing stood up every time. He's a fucking. He's a killer, but you might see the same fight. You might see a grind out again most likely. Tomorrow's also he does throw. He throws well. But he but he even admitted when you know. When he throw, he's get tacked. He was losing the. Now all I'm saying is Moslem has the cargo twenty five minutes those exchanges, third, fourth and fifth round, even the first and second. You can be more willing to do it because he doesn't have to reserve tank so if he can trade those third fourth and fifth, whilst we might get a little tire, you have more of a shock to finish them. Because last fight human really have a shot in the fourth and fifth hour. That's one hundred percent right. Aldo. Young. I love although, and it's exactly what I figured because of all. On Aldo. You're just not for whatever reason with fighting. When you kind of just the just the wear and tear that although has you're not gonna be able to the fourth and fifth round. You're just not gonNA. Keep up with a younger fresher up and coming. Yawn, who is twenty seven years old? It's just different, and you could see the guy on a round four was jumping up and down and ready to fought. And and that's. What it's really interesting with fighting whatever it happens to your body, although look amazing so muscular so fucking great. He was fucking great for this three rounds, but At the end of the day man I don't know it's. A Long, all been doing it dude. He's so in his striking his abilities stand right there, and and move his head and catching angles and comeback. It's just astonishing. Hard. y'All at twenty seven. Who's never been in real high profile? Fight Faber Rivera. Crazy resume he went. Oh, you're good at striking I'M NOT GONNA. Here's a line in the sand, a Russian line in the sand. Russia moving back moving, so if you WANNA. Play this physics us in. I'm game for that and I was like Oh shit. He's the real deal. He's the real deal. He's fucking the real deal. Who Tian Right now? I mean I don't know who beats young I'd I'd like to see I. WanNa see him fight. I WANNA see him. Fight could guard. Peter Janka government than motherfucking fight. It's a modified because coke coke coke young odious and he's to, and he's looks Jim. What's that? He's good fighter. He's a good to the hardest hitter in the division Hanson. Yes, he hits hard and he's going to stand there, too. So it now now now you realize you just gone. Draws have the same haircut, yeah? We had the same haircut. Had the same haircut. She's got an amazing jawline. and. She's an amazing fighter, but yes, we do. Yes, we do. She is A. She's she's a handsome strong I say this with respect. She's a she's got a strong presence. You our full sites, Wednesday, inch and Saturday this week to. Yes and I'm very excited about the cater A. Fight yet, you see that he gave thought when Bourbeau say. You got stronger as the fight went on. Those who minds dude fucking Hawaii. Fuck? He's amazing, fuck! He's great and but cater is. Katie member cater fucking gave. beat the watch for we'll hold on. If that was a main event for five round to beat the B. I mean I agree with you. Cater is a motherfucker. Cater is as good as anybody in the forty five. His won two. Straight one two was? Second only McGregor as far as efficiency. There's nobody better what. Yeah he's he's going to be he's. He's a nightmare for anybody. He's an I. Don't be. He's the guy who could easily have above actually, Ilya. No question you excited that I fights watch Wednesday and something to do on Saturday. That's my life. WHO's fighting Saturday? Joy this? Yes. Out To. figure. Figure! With that with the caller near. You missed it because I was talking to you. You Miss. My favorite fighter is lending. Firefighters have a crush on him. Wicked smart as well. You missed the Yuri fighting the Ozdemir. Mobile over dude. He's referred small I. Did see it. He's versus heart. Talking about. Are you talking about Mr Koen Fu? Talking about are you talking about this? Schoeman showman the. Body up, Hadid up first team. All Show Pony Dude. I team. Honing is a sham. And and and I was like I. Don't know what he's right now. He's talking. He's looking. Keep stopping over in this direction and then moved back and I got get knocked. Out Hands Down. Hard the whole. Well I understand what I understand. That's your prerogative. Later I'm at home, hard fighter art fighter. Okay, I got a little scared. Use a senior. Now here's licensed by. Here's my question now doing you wrong. Oshima's ranked number seven. The world is when the best there is. Just he get away with those same tactics finally guy like Oh, I don't know lower tech era or Gusta thin or some of these other killers at to. Say this very clearly. Watch your love alone. I know we're not in studio. You Watch your fucking mouth or the time up my show, Pony yeary Madison your. Come to your house. Do get in your and I'll surf and turf Coburn Surf Turkey right now. You don't have lungs. Because you have the Kobe line, don't have longs. That's true and I'll cough I'm listen listen if he tries that show boat shit against if he tries that show bullshit. Against Italy, sacking it technician at the CIA against. Tony Smith. Against against fucking. Sweden, why am I blanking on his name right because Alexander? Gustafsson. Global Shera. Again. He's GonNa pay. He's GonNa pet, he's not ready for those guys. Stocks Get too excited up. Let's not get too excited that he did a great job, but you can't. You can't be doing. You can't be doing that stuff I think the Santa's might have an issue with it if he. If! He's fights him and doesn't look at him. You'RE GONNA have problems with younger Santus you're going to have some problems. Yeah so careful with. Eleven outgoing. I love him. My guess is by the way it might be. How he deals with nerves. It might be sometimes you show boat because you're fucking nervous and it gets you in his own, and it fucking gets the other guy's head. Some guys don't get they. Don't get some guys though the veterans that doesn't get into their. Do I. Go to call. Old Trafford Against John Jones or DC let me know how that worked for you. No, no, no, no, no, no, not against guys like. They want you to all the stuff. Come come. Dun done body checkout doozy. Here's a thing. He's beat King The wall you beat! Away you know, he's beat some tough dudes, and and you know this is. They offered him a UFC contract while he could do not see be out. Correct that! Everybody out, not NBA. He's got a he's. He gets very hard. Top five hundred citizen, the division east. Yeah. He's got wins Oshman's man. Team Barbara scope father time yes. Yes, we do. I have a little better. My Hair's OATMEAL. It's very handsome in a hat and a cap. For Myself I thought Oprah near looks very handsome on what he's doing with his face. He's got his beard. He's tall and handsome, and then he takes his hat off and he like talk. A. Nightmare, so we gotta make a choice to shave our head completely. It's a problem so better than him. I do better here than thank you. Thank you hymns yet so. Yeah. What about rose, Nama Judas, your thoughts on her performance, and where she goes from here rose the best in the world when when she's mentally into I, agree what she's. She's not or she somewhere else. It doesn't feel like fighting. It's a nightmare for so. She was still great though she was still great against US contracts the first fight. She pieced her up even more. Yes, she's she's. Check Hook. Amazing. Check a that job you know. For me, it's always it's rose verse. Roses roses ready to go. She's the best in the world at the can be Waleed hanging you know even even you know out good. UELI is I I do think grows beats, or if she's on that night, so and wailing even said roses toughest competition, so you're going to get that next. while. While young roses fucking Amish. She's she's my favorite. She and you WANNA agenda or my favorite. Female fighters to watch and by the name say that I. Think they're so technically great. I love watching period. I like them I like watching them. As much as almost anybody else. Male or female Oh wow interesting. That's cool. I just think tiger. No, I think technically a so sam. Lands and he just downloads. I. Watch roads was just Andreessen steeping DC three Oh. Okay, well in some way like. Because I like the I like the fluidity of rose. Oh sure sure sure. Did you like the fluidity of Max? Holloway rhyme I do his fluid nobody on the earth fine. Pass Communal pastor. Yeah it was exciting though. I've been watching a lot of weird shit. I watched an exhibition match between Jordan burroughs and. fucking Aban Aspirin. And Jordan. Burroughs beat him eleven. Nothing like it was nothing, and then I watch these weird things. Old beat fights. You Watch fighting and I watch. I just read books in Watch narcos Shit well I watched ballers I've watched every series from ozarks ballers to everything so I like ballers I'm new to that OFI. The studios can open up since we knew shit. I don't know man. That's a big issue, isn't it? That the Hollywood is really really panicking conveyed. Just don't know how to do this and I didn't Netflix's running out of content and well. That's obviously you. Sit through it. So I don't know man. We are living in our own president. Times my friend H. IN DC some. Breaking news that newsome lockdown the city again. I got I got a bunch of message because that newsome's lock in La down again haven't seen it. Check it out though. Yeah, let me Numb. And nothing but regular. Can you do Y lock it down trails and. I hope not. closed down. Restaurants no longer salons gyms going back to phase one. Well! No, I don't know either dude. Maybe they know something I don't know. I've been wrong many times I. Keep my mouth shut. Yourself. It's not political. You hope it's based off science research. That's all that's all I can hope for you. That's not. Off Two, thousand thirty two. That's twenty can eat my Dick, and it all started with me doing that. Death Whistle, and I want to apologize to everybody did will hold on the Nasdaq whistle, or was it toby dying i. I think I blew the. Whistle and two weeks later the epidemic hit. So I think Kobe had already passed short started with Koby. Koby set it off the new blowing. Whistle definitely didn't help shit. Now, that was probably really dumb. Jo- I believe Joe, because he started going. I wasn't doing it properly from I. Did it well? He got his lips around. It really looks around it. I use it my my my Kobe free lungs back then. So. It doesn't help. Let me just say this about fucking. When you're sick I, just want to let me just say this. Tell anybody who has a friend who said don't do the two things number one. Don't give me advice on what to do because you're not a doctor, so whatever you do I get like like Yosef Yosef as I love so much. Dr Zine. He goes you grow, do General. Do Large doses. They say large doses are. What is? I'm like. Dude so far, it sounds like you've really a lot of research that fucking Ben and everybody's got a different point of view. Take all take all the vitamin D take all the vitamin C get a Netti Pot. It'll be gone in two days. Shut the fuck up. You were doctors. Then I talked doctors and they go gotTA. Let it run its course or maybe hydrochloric, when or maybe in help steroids. Or nothing or fucking? Maybe nothing because you can talk I. It drives me. What about? Other friend now that they found out. We have friends who sent me and Brian Negative Shit About Code Oh. That's great I gotta say that. Yes, the other thing is when I'm stick. Please don't send me articles about how some people never come out of it and have organ damage for the rest of their lives and brainers. Please don't do that, mom, mom, don't tell me that my taste may never come back, mom. And other family members and friends who who catastrophes I'm already feeling Alexis thought I. Don't need you adding anxiety about how this I can be the one rare case that never gets better or gets worse than dies if you don't mind guys. fucking I don't like negative shit, and now that I have it. The people are saying you can get it twice and they're gonNA. Send me all the stuff about that I don't need that either. I get it that life sucks this. In the whole corollas staff for just the whole turmoil to that way, a lot of people that we associated with have shown their true colors, and I like you know what I can't be friends with you anymore? We won't talk. What's the world goes back to? We will talk anymore, probably not. Probably not. Feared as the weird thing. Does right. Yeah it does. It's been a bummer. It's a bummer, dude, she goes. Events Chin. Current events now, Brennan when you want auto insurance when you went car, insurance or home insurance, what do you do what you call different companies and you compare prices and you go with the lowest striped rebels. Forever and then I could. Go to Zeebrugge, DOT COM. They'll compare hundreds of different companies. Don't give you the lowest rate they do that by the way, it's completely free, so they will find you the most competitive price, and that's all you have to go to. This does Zebra dot com slash fighter load you will get. 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We'll keep track of all that stuff for him. We will my heartbeat I'd I'd. Like my heartbeat, one hundred, one hundred in the second, the saturated son. It's the best workout device I've ever used. Ice started because I wanted to sick boy nation to get their asses in gear, because everyone's guessing cows Birmingham hours again asleep. Should they ride long this week? Should they ride short? Are they recovered? Take all the guesswork out. Good Whoop Dot Com Promo Code fighter. You save film south description. The device connects to your own attracts. Do Records from your heart rate one hundred times per second man. You String I. Like a pint of has a five bay battery life as a five day battery like analyze way and looks it's smaller. A strap this. Giant Watch. It just dropped some dough colors he likes to swim. Around can wear in the ocean. You Win. The Pool Ioana I'm aqua bantered. I'm a water baby dude. We're just a couple aqua boys in this wild World Dude Yup couple of awkward voice be an aqua boy where the whoop strap whoop dot Com Promo Code. Fighters Save fifty dollars off the subscription. Get your mind right. Take the guesswork out of it. Loop Dot, com Promo code fire. ME ONE SECOND HOLD UP I. Hashtag Rip Ellen was trending, and a bunch of people thought that it was because Ellen Degeneres died when she didn't. It turns out that there were rumors about her show being potentially canceled due to the past couple of months, people just coming out with bad stories about her her. who was it? It was somebody within her production team actually had to come out and say that her show isn't getting canceled and people continue to post on the Hashtag r.i.p Ellen trending. Hashtag and what happened was people started to post up photos and videos of people that are not Ellen, but look like Ellen trying to say that her career is over. You end up having though, but it's not like you know the. The whole thing that one guy started like. Give me your worse stories about Ellen and then I. Know some people at work for upset because she never said anything about her pay during the time when other guy hosts like Jimmy, Kimmel Jimmy Fallon paid all their employees out of their own. A Lot Jimmy came out. You pay doesn't pull out of his own purse. dern Kobe because he's a good dude, even though these dummies one against home so with with Allen. All these negative stories came out about her and her. The thing was shoes, trouble and canceled because her rating is were shown though if it's not because she's an asshole, her ratings were really low, but I don't think they're cancel her. But we've got this. We've heard rumors of her being an asshole for ever. Yeah. I mean you know I I? Don't like rumors and I. Don't like twitter and I can't stand when the twitter mob decides that they WanNa. Kill somebody, which is what they're about so you know I I just. I met him Hollywood. I see the reality and I see the the hype and there's there's a big difference. Loud time so I'm not going to be involved Bullshit Yup me neither, but it also and I you know I've never dealt with Ellen one on one myself, so I I don't I. Don't partake in the rumors in in these people that one youtuber when our show goes. She didn't come to my restaurant. Say Hi, it's like. Never ran a show. Do now stressful around show and running tight on time and go and live at three on. You know and also don't forget. Ellen DeGeneres is very talented. Was One of my favorite comics of all time? One of the great comics use your old stuff. And what Godard dance is really hard work in a brilliant mind, and it might be a complicated. Much might be a difficult person sometimes as you work all day shorts all day every day. She didn't have a great childhood. One of the first women come out as gay on TV. She's a fucking pioneer. Yes, a little respect onto metal respect with them saying we L. and come out to help. Move The ball forward for gay. People have no idea that kind of pressure. She was under. John Remember you. She lost her job. She s those huge. They took her off herbs. She came out to Jews date right. I'm old enough to remember when rumors were that, she was gay and she couldn't say anything and she's always lived I when she was one of the first women on fucking. TV came out and pay the price for it so a little respect you young Fox for a pioneer. Who did some real shit for LGBT TQ and four four, just moving the conversation forward and everything else so you know, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter I. Guess You were kind of a jerk and now they wanna Fuck and destroy you. I. Don't even know how real these assholes are on this already. Got Fuck. This next one is really sad. be actress Nyah Rivera she was originally on the show glee on Wednesday, she went on a boat ride that she brought her four year old son with her on and a couple of hours later, they actually found the boat with the little boy inside. He was sleeping, and he was fine with the actress was nowhere to be out, and after a couple of hours trying to find her in the lake. They presume that she was dead because they couldn't find her body found. This morning they found a body and they said that they were going to have a press conference at the lake. I think today at two to reveal whether it's her or not but presuming. And, I think she was just swimming in dot cot under because the thing when I first heard thought using the ocean. We'll definitely shark that's nuts, but choosing a late so there's no. There's no tied in the lake. Man and it's a man made lake top for you, so maybe she just couldn't swim, you know. It's a weird situation, 'cause. The! Little boy came out the other day after he was. Like well take. Care of the felt like it was okay to interview him. He said that his mom jumped off of the boat and never came back up. She might have had cramp. She might have had fainted. Let him by. The hitter! Supplement. Yeah, you never know. About the something. How about four little boy being on that boat for? They found him four hours later sleeping on the boat. Marist vote never came back. It's fucking trap I thought. That's your whole world. So that's a it's. A disaster intends astronaut. Man. It looks like such inviting water. It's like all of us would do. You can jump and swim around. That's no. There's nothing dangerous in there. Maybe she hit her head on the side of the boat. She slipped. Fuck knows Matt's. There's people saying that local residents around that area. They're saying that water is very dangerous. That's why been I wanna go swimming in there and there's like. Growth trees and stuff you get entangled on stuff like that. I mean. I. Don't know I. Don't want to. Have you ever fished out there, Chin? Not Funny Moves when I. I thought I thought. Alyssa Lake I just went to. But. It's not. GonNa Party. It's such a shame that so many people have been have been killed died from that that cast. You know committed suicide. All kinds of stuff. Of Glee. Really six people six people who are associated with that. Show six people. Wow, that's scary, yeah! She's apparent had. Such a shame very pretty. This is weird. Okay so I think you guys have talked about this before. Where they're always been rumors about will smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith ringing open relationship or their swingers a couple of days ago, A. B. Singer August Alsina came out. To enter Louise Show and he talked about how he was in a relationship a couple years ago with Jada, Pinkett. Smith and he was just kind of talking about how. It was really good relationship and you love someone so deeply. And then he went on to say that he talked to will Smith about being in a relationship with her and that will. Smith gave him his blessing and a lot of people went crazy about that. To the point. Where Jada Pinkett Smith onto her show Red Table, talk with her husband where they talked about it, she said that she and will were at the time amicably separated, and they were gonna get a divorce, and that was the time when she started dating singer and when Will Smith asked her what. What it was, he kind of wanted her to say that she was having an affair and instead use the term entanglement which depend myrow because she refused to say that she was in a relationship with him and she. She said she was in entanglement, which Ben went viral on twitter, and a bunch of celebrities went out and D M Will Smith shortly after the interview went live and. There are text conversations between fifty cents and will Smith as will smith the comedian Michael Blackson. On screen shots. What's tough is a real sifted when you watch that and his wife goes, you know and we'll. Get at the time I had a entanglement with a August UNC. The pain of will Smith's face man. It's fucking. You just an embarrassment and the pain, and then he goes well. You'RE NOT GONNA. Get you back, thank. Put. August Steve is a good looking felon. Yeah. Handsome. I looked them up and I was like. Well all right? I don't want August seen near my on I. Don't want Chris Brown near my girl there. It's hard to compete with. New Your girl either man. Well yeah, that's true because he's got a great personality to any the handsome son of a bit. Will Smith is to hang out in August a lot more funding Bryan callen. Yeah with US making so batch. And this is just a silly video to dad. Recreating what their daughters were doing. Try and take like instagram thought photos I love it. I love it. So good? So. Mad I didn't do this we do. Funny. Vacant. White God. That's so funny. So good. He's so good. Humor humor the best. Data the GRANDPA they'll you know? Maybe. Maybe. Yet you got some serious one here. Let me, think of this British first of all. This is awesome police department. And this woman right here again's. She was doing some. Protests go on March in and she was driving behind. These motorcycles urged making sure nothing happens with the march, just driving slowly so she would start hogging officers, and then she also ran a red light, so then officers had to you know filing over in a your, and this is what happened when they were checking. I've seen this one he is it deal. titties. Talk! Bookings on birth. Nancy. So, that's the first they're. kind of like. The back of his WHO's The asshole? WHO's the asshole yelling at the please he's. Do his job that don't ask for. Me Ask people. This I don't know I've never taken cop courses. HOW WOULD HE FRISCO Women's breast? If you're gonNA, hide something your breasts. which how should they do I? Don't think you do with that I. Think you have a female, do it? Exerts. That's why she has an absolute. That makes sense so. Of course their policy, though if they tried to get a female officer and they can't get her, because there's no one there's no option the area. They're allowed to do that. Whether she? Them titties. What are they supposed to? See how he's also in front of the patrol car stroke are. RECALL THE MAP mobile auto video thing that's recording. That that's policies, so you gotta go mover in front of the car, so it's recording and he has to do that kind of growth, not groping sounds like he did it his job, yeah! Watch him as well so he did all those things. fucking asshole dude needs to get punched in the face. Who was fucking screaming at the COP that way? It sounds like this story again. There's no story here. I don't want people on the lose his job. Okay, of course, they do good. He's doing his job department. Now should. And shouldn't found what else you got. See here. What? IS FROZEN AND LADY'S LAP or This is crazy. This kid was playing soccer I mean. This is a practice game and you've got hit by. Lightning should see this, Tam. It! Did he die? Chin nobody's not doing that great, so it's all, but they said he's responding to like. You know they're asking questions. And his moving his head in his eyes so off. Let me see I'm great, but I'll show you this. Gets. Russia. and. You see right here. Rain. Odds are just ridiculous. So this is what the. Update as reports say that zone Broschi went into a coma after the strike and suffered serious burns, but reports signs of recovery I've been encouraging. God Jesus Campus Serious Burns. Bucking Selassie, you expect, play some soccer and God's exit and the. Palm. Even know who be mad at you like Oh. No. You. Know what I mean it's like. Well All right sometimes. Your boyfriend descent. I guess some rap who's like hassled before? There's like a video this way back. When this guy was casting fifty cent about how come you're listening to my stuff he was trying to. Know get stuff for fifty cents a listen to. Do! This is not the way to do it Blah Blah so apparently, he came back again. And then I'll show you the you hear. This is the new strain bodyguards. Idiots. Table. Now. So much debate with left on his with his. With his truck pretty much it. I feel like in that situation should just get out and fight the guy as opposed to throw a table out of I dunno well fifty cents hits him. He's going to be sued. It's got some way more money. And get together throwing me. What's that who knows guys weapons, so I'd rather just keep my distance and throw stuff out onto. Yeah well, I always that's why I carry throwing stars starring stars Super Quiet. And I throw them at your fucking Dome, and then you you you are you walk off with a bunch of stars? Don't let's. Yep Yep. So Brennan. You mentioned this before how? Shyla buff actually got chess statues. Yup, we finally got to see it. The artist shows what he did exactly so. That's that's that's They're all real. Apparently, that's what the artist is saying and everyone else is committed to the ruling. Was We wear? It tells you ever Moore across his stomach that his characters name creepers. Yeah promise had been. Doing the movie anymore. So, what do we do from? There took off. The Tattoo represented something with his family to his mom and stuff like that. Cool Tattoo you'd work. Yeah, really cool. All right, let's see. This thing I thought was actually terrible against this woman's a a radio host and she saw. Latin American people working and their boss was talking to them in Spanish, so she started recording herself. About why speaking Spanish way speaking Spanish, she eventually got fired from of studio network the strong, but play this video for you. Is speaking, English. Okay, but it is America. It is America. You should be speaking English. You should be speaking English. They worked for the state. You should be speaking English. What do you work for? Oh so these people? Is English. Doesn't matter. It's still English is. English English. Is Anybody here illegal? Are these guys illegal. Any. What's the name of this company? We'll get this. Ever is America speak English. Speak English so he. This is a form in working for this company mornings. and He's speaking. In Spanish to these guys, so you're attached, all is up here in the Hampshire. That's what's going on here. Appear in the hand. Bad. Guys was. Brown man from this white. Woman Who's practiced. White Privilege! anyways. She's person. She got fired from her job. Is He. It listened to catch up a fight to have used to sucks yeah. That's. The last one is a very sad one, and I didn't want in understanding all all these have been said we'll cut. You mentioned this hours zooming so zooming so it is you mentioned on below the belt as well, but you wife with? What happened, she passed away. Yeah, WHOSE WHOSE WIFE! John Travolta Kelly Preston. They've been together I worked with Kelly. No way she was so awesome. What happened? Fuck Man. Kelly was. She was so gorgeous on we did. She was so cool I spent a week with her man. Actress she's so when I when I did fat actress. When was fat actress? Somebody? Look it up. But fuck. Two Thousand Five I duNno, she's so pretty. Scored stamps. She died of breast cancer. She's really hot. Rolling Quinn's with Arnold Schwarzenegger's growing twin. She was so gorgeous. A good actress and a good person. Data fucking breast cancer. I didn't know she was sick. Actresses. Thousand Months. Thousand. Edie ELCO. Every Cell Phone While I'm sorry that she's passed away. Well. No the good news. Well guys. It was a Monday we came. We did our best. We did our best, but hopefully be. Let's get in there. Take those tests get. Those negative test results place. We can be in studio. I'm all about promise. All about. Our kids well. Thank you for listening. Thank you for a little bit. I dropped all new think boy merch. Some rich merch just dropped boy dot, com. Get you something he's. Yeah, that's it. Man I kids the kid we're out.

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