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The following program is sponsored by the national prayer chambal. Welcome to pilgrim's progress. I'm red greenlee from the national per chapel. I have a scripture for you. Found in luke the eleventh chapter so i save you. You must keep on asking and it will be given to you. You must keep on seeking and you will find. You must keep on knocking. And it will be open to you for everyone asking receives and the one seeking will find and to the one knocking. It will be opened now. Which father of you. If the sun will ask for bread you will not give him stone will he. Or even a fish he will not instead will not give him a stone or you've been a fish. He will not instead of a fish. Give him a snake will he. Or even if he might ask for an egg he will not give him. A scorpion will he. Then you being evil know how to give good gifts to your children. How much more will to father from. Heaven give the holy spirit to the ones asking him. Pentecost is coming. This sunday is pentecost sunday fifty days after first fruits. We're two loaves of bread. One for jews. One for gentiles will be low will be lifted up before god. The harvest is on and look at the field and it truly is ready for harvest. I sat last night in a pro group and there were there was a millennial there and i listened to this millennial described the absolute confusion of their marriage. The confusion and the total lack of understanding regarding the institution of marriage. We live in a culture of institutionalization institution simply meaning a group of people. Organize themselves together. And they accept certain understandings based on those understandings. They live in peace one with another. There are primary institutions in our land. One in the most basic is family family is being destroyed in our culture today the fundamental institutional understandings of family have been cast aside simple things like when a couple would marry years ago. It meant they would live together. It meant they would sleep in the same bed today. Many millennials if they find any kind of discomfort with the person they're living with or married to they simply bail and go do what's comfortable for them so if one likes it warm and one likes it cold. They don't sleep in the same bed instead. They separate so they can be comfortable. That's against the american institution of marriage. Now you can argue with me. And and i understand. There are many ways styles of marriages. But i'm speaking about the institutional understanding of marriage leave it to beaver. The early fifties forties. Understanding of marriage was where were two people struggled together to find the financial resources to buy a house and to get a car into to find work today. Those institutional understandings have been cast out and there's nothing to replace them except anarchy. There's no deep spiritual hunger. There's no clarity about who jesus is. in fact. Recent poll forty three percent of millennials. Don't even believe there is a god and they don't care they're busy living their lives however they wanna live them our cultures going through a radical transformation. Where it's gender fluid we don't even know what our genders are in america anymore. We've cast off the understanding of a man and a woman. This is not new. A man and a woman have been the human understanding for six thousand years but in our generation suddenly there are fifteen or so jen genders. It's no longer a male and a female. A got kicked out of the canadian army because he dared to say that a man could not have a baby. I'm just stunned by what i see happening. And then even more stunning to me is the lack in our culture of any kind of spirit of prayer at a time when we are watching our culture collapse and disintegrate at a time when we see tyranny coming in and ruling the day when we see tyrannical wicked men and women take charge of the levers of government and institute dishonesty. How many americans will believe the next election that it can be fair. I suspect very few. I personally totally doubt the integrity of our american election system. I mean started back with with john. F. kennedy who chicago. They cheated and they stole the election for kennedy. Just been rumors of this and people have talked about it. But now it's right in our face in arizona and michigan in california just today very burdened with a spirit of prayer. I've been. I've been crying up before. God i've been weeping. Before the lord for america for the millennials. So i come to pray today and i'm asking god to give us a spirit of prayer that we would cry aloud. Do you have any of the same concerns that i'm expressing. Are you concerned about the vaccinations. Have you been vaccinated. You feel all right about it. You feel safe. So where do you stand today with two lord. We're going to take this entire hour and we're just going to pray. Call eight seven seven five. Three four zero seven eight zero. You would like to pray online with me. Live but washington. Dc for our capital for our president if you're concerned about america if you're concerned about the christians who are being murdered in nigeria by the hundreds christians are being murdered different parts of though of the world. I believe it's coming to america to you. Wanna pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters. If you wanna pray for the millennials if you wanna pray for for america for the church then call right now. Eight seven seven five. Three four zero seven zero. All of our phone lines are wide open if you have trouble getting through. Please go to the youtube stream. National prayer chapel dot com youtube national per chapel. And let us know on the chat. If you're not able to get through and we'll try to figure out what's going on now. Eight seven seven five three four zero seven eight zero. Let's pray lord. I just come today with my heart. so so. Broken for our millennials for the young adults of our day who were wandering like sheep without a shepherd without direction financially struggling most of them getting married in wanting to have children but then getting lost and alcohol smoking pot no guidelines for holy living for righteous living lord. One person said to me last night. I want to be friendly and welcoming and loving to person. I meet but they soon will be very upset and angry with me when they discover that on a straight arrow that i don't play games with jesus i just want what the scriptures teach my heart lifted and i was encouraged by that testimony for lord. I'm in the same place. I don't need to win the approval of any man. I just want. I want your holy spirit and pentecost to come and mighty power and i want to see a change in america before this nation is given over to utter destruction. Lord i see america will be burned. It will be flooded. it will be drought regain. It will be every kind of curse and judgment will come upon us if there is not a dramatic change in direction so lord we need a spirit of prayer today masking. Would you please. would you please send us a spirit of prayer. The holy spirit the pentecost spirit where we could cry out and be sincere and not be phony. Not bef- alz not be institutional but lord god be controlled by your holy spirit lord. I don't like the institutional church. I've been a part of it for too many years. But lord without the institution there seems to be no unity no guidance. No no love for you. Jesus at least the institution preserves a little bit of a biblical knowledge even though most are defeated the lord masking for a vibrant alive church. That is a body not an institution not a culture lord. Police would you come and minister to our hearts today. My heart aches church today. My heart aches for the millennial generation. Lord it's already too late for most in my generation. They've already sold out to lust and money power prestige. But lord these millennials. They're struggling such anarchy and confusion on every hand in their lives. Lord i believe their hearts are open to a straight word. If given up on you. God and they've given up on the church many of them they've turned instead to the can. They've turned to to buddha. Lord one one couple on their home. They have pagan gods made of wood. That's the decoration. They have a fat buddha. They believe in karma lord. They don't have any understanding of of what it means to be a christian mort. We haven't gotten the job done. Your church has become luke. Warm and cold filled with entertainment and darkness in the pankin scorn us in america and the millennial generation scorns the church in america for police masking. Would you have mercy upon america. Thank you jesus. You can call eight seven seven five three four zero seven eight zero. I'll give you that number again. Jotted down and please join me and cry out to the lord he will hear our prayers. He will answer us. Eight seven seven five. Three four zero seven zero mr producer. Do we have any calls coming in are. The lines are open. Who have i shocked. You buy what i pre- and what i've said i don't mean to. It's just that i can't pretend anymore. I won't pretend we're in trouble. And the only answer is a revival of holiness revival of morality a revival of the presence of the holy spirit. You can be satisfied in the institutional church. But it's dying. Are you gonna die with it or do you want something more. I want something more. I'm not going to be satisfied after an cost. The breaking out of the holy spirit colleagues seven seven five three four zero seven eight zero. I had to take my car in yesterday. The brakes locked up on it. There were smoking a friend. Took me. I'll tell you who it was our our dear brother pugh. You drove from springfield. Pick me up at the car repair shop yesterday and then took me to get my car this morning and i could will pray for a new car on need a new car. It has almost two hundred thousand miles and it's dying but you know what i can't pray for a new car tried and it's the holy spirit doesn't answer. I know why he knows what i need before i ask. He can provide new car very quickly. The issue is not what need in terms of a new car. It's not even in terms of what. I need to pay for the radio bill this month. You'll take care of that. He'll move an open the hearts of people to give what's on his heart is the dead and the emptiness in the falseness of his people and of the church on his heart are what's happening with the millennial generation in what's happening with with our children the utter confusion of genders. I've always liked the logos. I've given many gifts to children. They like to play with them. And then i noticed today. They're coming out with a transgender logo. Set broke my heart. These corporations are are giving way to a minority and an illuminating. Those of us. Who call ourselves christians. Now the lord's concern is for the salvation of men and women. Would i need the tools i need. A car is a tool. It gets me from point a to point b. so i can testify and witness about jesus. It's not about a car. This radio broadcast is simply a tool in the hand of god to reach the lost. He'll move in the hearts of people to to cover that cost. I know he always has. He always will eat told me he would know what's on god's heart on god's heart is the repentance of the church the holiness in the righteousness of his people that they get ready because jesus is coming again lord i just i can't see it i have to print it. You are the almighty. You are the el shaddai. You're the provider of everything. Life is held in your hands. My life is in your hands. Jesus in the life of every person listening right now. It's in your hands. Your church is in your hands. And i come asking at this time of pentecost i come asking where the harvest we're surely. It is rotting on the vine for. Surely it's being lost because the church is full of cuteness and entertainment and false teaching about the christian lies. Jude is very clear about that. Peter is very clear about it. The apostle john first john the third chapter was very clear about it. Lord paul in romans six was very clear. Lord there's no excuse for this wicked teaching now that you can't ever leave your sin. Would your church is head false pastors. Come in you predicted in your sermon. On the mount you said false. Teachers will come. What i'm asking for. Change that this tool of a radio broadcast would be sent across america. Asking that these youtube videos would be would be sent out over. America and that people would hear and respond and become concerned and become passionate and that you would pour out a spirit of prayer upon your people lord. We're so dead. We're so busy. With all of our foolishness everybody has to make more and more money. Everybody has to survive. Lord we're not going to survive. We're going to die in our sin. If there is not a revival tired of softspoken effeminate men who were please who are afraid to say it like it is i. Thank you for those men and women who will stand up and be very blunt and very kind and very loving but very straight and say look. We're in danger. Jesus is coming again and we're not ready and we're going to be swept away and we're going to be cast into the fire if there is not a great revival of godliness in land lord. This message has to go out please. Lord please lord. I'm asking for a spirit of prayer amass for a passionate crying out to you. For the millennials who are the hardest hit by this wickedness who were being deceived. Who struggling just to find a sense of reality who have such a strong sense of entitlement. Lord would you send forth your gospel. We've made so many mistakes. I've made so many mistakes. Is it any wonder that we've not received the fullness of pentecost and our age lord in your early years of the nineteen hundred you pour out your spirit on kathryn kuhlman on others but many of them misused and abused it and grieved you and you withdrew now. Lord it's been. It's been many years since we've seen any real revival in america older. Been some small local manifestations. Like what happened. In pensacola florida lorded transform the community. It wasn't like the welsh revival. Wasn't like the jonathan edwards. The third grade awakening hasn't happened lord. The churches not even ready to begin to receive it and yet i've never in my life seen the church at such a low state as it is in right now such wickedness on every hand pleasant effeminate preachers pleasing the people in tickling their ears. Telling them what they want to hear giving them joel. Seen smiles lord lord. My heart is so grieved. Why spirit is so broke lord. We have teachers today. Who who lecture but not who cry out not who cry out against the sin and the wickedness of our age mighty caught. Would you come with power. Please lard right now. I'm asking and believing for a spirit of prayer to be poured out over men and women who are listening to this broadcast. Thank you geez. Our phone number in studio is eight. Seven seven five. Three four zero seven eight zero. Do you have any of the same concerns. That i have is your heart. Stirred s minus. Will you cast off the devils and that would stifle your prayers and will you cry aloud to the lord eight seven seven five. Three four zero seven zero all will put on the one. That's new welcome. Please pray lord we come before we humbly today through the precious blood of the land through a new and living way. Dear god because of the blood that you sport is spilled out poured out on calvary more. We thank you for calgary today. We thank you for this day. This is the day that you have made. You shall rejoice and be clad in it father we shall rejoice and be glad in it even in the face of all the adversity and all the circumstances and all the Lying whisperings. The devil himself telling us It can't be done. A revival will not happen. You may as well give up Your prayers are not going anywhere all the Deceptive lies of the devil himself. God yes in the midst of it we praise and we thank you faith. Lord yes even the children of israel complaining moses as he Lifted up the rod to split the red sea god but when they got on the other side. They began to praise dance. And thank you lord but more you said that they would have phrased you even in the midst of the storm. You would have shown up for them in their own hearts god nor were asked him for you today to show up in the church. Once again i agree. I said if you sit any two you shall agree. As touching anyone thing it shall be done. Our father roaches in heaven. And i agree with pastor ray today god for that spirit of prayer that spirit of supplication that spirit of intercession. That's spirit of cries. That spirit of crying would come upon the church. Once again god and the social club atmosphere would disperse lord and all begin to fall on our faces before you holy a mighty god and father we ask you lord to move upon men and women in this day in this our god that you would raise up preachers of righteousness raise up prophets that say thus saith the lord that could speak into the ears those that are in a forty today got that in the days of alive in the days of moses when they spoke their words did not fall to the ground but their words accomplished that which you have ordained for that word to accomplish lured in went into ahab and said three and a half years he said range will not fall on this land to las. Say it will again ya man or woman in this hour that could say Such a word to someone in power god and watch it come to pass and they had no other Alternative but to say god must be with this person and lord. May you be with the church today. And we lift up. All of persecuted. Brethren all around the world today got in asia and africa and north america south america. Central america god In africa in europe lord all those that are suffering for the gospel sake lord. Ns and the nation lord where the persecution so rampant more that our little american minds can't even imagine what they're going through god in and north korea china lord in nigeria and god as our brethren are suffering were suffering under demonic powers of influence lord and Destructive demons of hell. God that would come in and just rip up people and and and just just Gonna down lord at at an instant. Father god we ask for your protecting angels to come in and Be the separator of wicked From good more that you're at angels lure Even as that angel that went into the syrian camp in the store the hundred and eighty five thousand because they were coming against the people of god. We're asking you to send an angel of deliverance. Two brothers and sisters in nigeria god. The government won't respond. Send an angel lord and cause fear come upon the radical islam groups lewis boko haram and anyone else god that the full of baloney herdsmen and all those guys wanna wanna destroy the christian people god just come in and and more just intercede on their behalf. Today you more can't go over there physically. We could physically go over and we would want to protect them. God but we have no way of getting there in time lives are at stake lord and we just asked you to move mightily in the midst of italy on their behalf. God we plead the blood of jesus christ over their souls. The blood of jesus christ over their families their possessions. God their houses. We plead the blood. We plead the blood. The blood the blood the blood for their protection today. Gods yes and father. God we lift up the nation of israel to you right now. You said pray for the peace of jerusalem shall prosper that love the and god i pray for this wicked antisemitic. Spirit that's even in the church in some places. My god lord have mercy. May we repent more. May we love the jewish people. If it wasn't for the jewish people we would not have a messiah if it wasn't for the jewish people. We wouldn't have the ten commandments. If it wasn't for the jewish people we wouldn't have a bible. If it wasn't for the jewish people have this world would have been destroyed by now because of the influence god of goodness of right. The jewish people have brought into the world through You're a visit. God and more we just ask for your protecting hand upon all the jewish and the era of all the people at the other nations that are in israel. God lord that been killed lord. Those that have suffered because of these rocket attacks from the wicked hamas god and let the their leaders be brought down. God let us replace them and let another take their bishop. Ricca let another come in someone that has some humanity about themselves or and begin to work with israel to bring peace. We thank you for the piece that has come so far but lord we know it's a very fragile peace. At any given moment those demons could just go out of their minds and just sit off rockets. Even during the ceasefire we asked you to put the enemy to confusion. Even as the in the days of giving and god you said fourth confusion into the enemy's camp we send or confusion into the enemy's tampa devil is a liar. How do we praise. And thanks for today lord and we asked you while they got to move up on the leaders of this nation or somehow some way gripped their hearts god and if anybody's stands up against israel let them fall in any way you choose. God take him out of office. God anyway you choose By your Mighty power lords even as you began to be upset with the people of israel. And you told moses. i'll wipe them all out. But moses stood and interceded for all the people gone and a we ask you lord if there's not one dinner intercede if they would not repent you remove him out of office just get them out lord and let someone that loves this nation and loves the nation of israel gone and loves the people of god would put an office lord and there would be a a rejoicing. God him this station because someone who is righteous has come into a forty s. Come into the position in the place of office more that we need them to be. God we give. You sang some praise for today. In jesus name. Jesus name holiday loot glor- thank you to your brother. God bless you bless you. Pass the ray. Thank you touch. God bless a right. We have another caller. Yes please pray country. Even our churches have turned away from you and most are asleep in their sins. Please bring awakening to genuine repentance. Yes we the churches and lead us to. Cq was our whole heart. Broken open to the nation but fear glory. Because you've been rejected. And i pray for people that i know you know and the people that we talk with have them but if necessary for judgment in order the thing would be that for our nation's bring judgment it's necessary think he goes the revelation need to David wilkerson would be third grade weakening as a result a virus and now. It seems like you're at that point. Pre you bring revival spring break idle enemy strong hoops. Yes you're in. Bring addiction of these people at this time that we will be empowered reach the pre the we would reach other nations with the gospel and we know our churches lack power passion to serve you. Basically churches give us the career for the other Nations christians in some places like north korea and syria and suffered so much agree that that you would comfort them once they're suffering the mall and also get them boldness not to be afraid to say that they are christians. Summer just being silent because they're afraid of the persecution and they prayed it you. Would you get the boldness and thank you. For those who are both are even sharing the gospel. Secretion openly. pray that you would. I used to. Yes you get them. of course. They increase their government for the prosecutor. You chrysler initial list again for our leaders vitamin here. This speech them to know you and the thing would guide our country. According to your word is your in all areas of the country. Jesus been in man. Thank you sister. God bless you today kayla. Do we have another caller mister producer. Good please put them on welcome. Please pray jesus we just come to pray to the lord in such a a desperate place and where we need revival We need true. Pentecost in america lord. I know you're not going to send it. You're gonna do it in response to those who have awakened have cried out. Been importunate before you. Yes just thought. I've to have it. Where else word. And they wouldn't stop out. Or i was thinking about the two old ladies of the hebrew is revival. Both of them have blind both in their eighties and use them as intercessor. Some what you need. Inner sisters for this revival or that i. I'm asking that you would put your cry in our works. Yes for the disparate plot of america lord even if we just look at the people we love or some more precious to me who committed suicide and whole families have been being destroyed by satan one at a time and it's time that we take the fight lord yes and not let satan destroy america word. I know i know you call us to this battle. Where i'm asking. You would remove everything from our hearts that would break a spear prayer or self concern was of comfort. Or i'm asking that you would deal with anything in our hearts that would block your holy spirit from coming a people pleasing personality. All these things have to die out or similar not necessarily all sin. So but lord. I i see our nation sinking at such a fast pace. I just i mean. I can't even look at the news on the internet anymore just so disturbing it's demonic toward I'm asking you would raise up. Wears men and women boys and girls will say yes. I'll take up the fight. Your coach jesus which you have to equip me and teach me so i mask would that you'd have mercy on american or right mercy on america or but it cry has been blocked out or because of all war selfishness all or we could way sport where i'm asking i'm asking for anyone. He will take up that covenant with you to do whatever you ask them to do yes to pray for revival or two eight their lives their money time whatever. It is the us for more. I mean i feel now. Even as i'm praying or sup-. It's no i need a whole additional layer of intensity lords than what i currently have. I don't know where to get it. So i'm asking that you would change in me and that you would change that in each of our says we cry out of work or i don't wanna see all these pressures people just get washed away into hill and whole thing with the millennials or assist testimony of our lukewarm. This to them if they would have no interest in jesus so because we've been such witnesses were with. My heart spoke in over there that they didn't want they want an institutional church because it was dead. Yes i understand that. I haven't either but then what does it say about us sport over there. I just trust she today. And i'm asking that you would move in our hearts. Some of us need to fast and we're not fasting. Would you know whatever the need to be adjusted over you just them. Yes in paris to quickly enter into this fight. 'cause it's gonna be a bloody fight more. You're the victor. And we knew that i don't wanna marry eric. Damn fight in the spirit or so. I'm asking whether you'd have your way mighty king battle school to or to curse you and masking that you call your soldiers together. We're thank you. Jesus my printer holiday man kepler. Thank you god. Bless you okay. We have a moment for at least one more for. Are there any more people calling. Okay our line is wide open if you wanna pray. There's time with five minutes until the broadcast ends. Will you take that time to pray. Eight seven seven five three four zero seven zero eight seven seven five three four zero seven eight zero lord. You heard our prayers. Today you've heard our hearts and you know that there is an absence of the spirit of prayer upon this city. Lord would you said fourth your holy spirit upon this city and upon this nation the spirit of prayer would rise up in our hearts and that we'd begin to cry out to you. Jesus would you rescue us. Jesus by grace and by your power in your love and mercy and compassion lord. Would you rescue america. Would you rescue your church. Would you send forth the holy spirit for prayer and supplication and conviction would you 'cause such disatisfaction with what's happening and such a hunger in our hearts that we'd stop playing with the devil tools and toys that we turn aside from the wickedness of our age and we'd seek your face and cry aloud to you i ask for your mercy today in the name of jesus a man. Today has been a day of prayer. I plead keep praying for a spirit of prayer to come upon america and in the churches. I'd like to hear from you. You can write to me at the national prayer chapel post office box twenty. Three forty six woodbridge virginia to one nine five. That's the national for chapel post office box. Twenty three forty six woodbridge virginia. Two two one nine five. You can also go live on our webpage national. Pro chapel dot com. You can give online. I'm knowing that jesus will answer our prayers. I'm knowing that jesus will provide what we need. I'm trusting him to move in your heart that you will sacrifice for the work of the gospel that you will give mighty god the last moments of this radio broadcast i just completing your mercy and your grace and your power. I completing the blood of jesus christ over my brothers and my sisters. I plead the blood of jesus over the church. I plead that the church could be washed and made clean lord. I praise you for everyone who today is standing faithfully walking. Clean before you. would you fill them with. Pentecost power and boldness in the spirit of prayer is in the name of jesus. I pray amen. God bless you my brothers and my sisters. I'll talk to you soon to to keep you from falling shoe. Blame the presence of his law review gray.

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