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Stephen i wanna get back to admiral byrd for moment and then get into somebody. Bill your work at the an art deco but He he goes to the north pole then. He sees some incredible things. When does he go to the south pole. Oh he goes to the south pole in one thousand nine hundred forty seven okay and obviously for people unaware of you know the diary said. He was flying over vast fields of ice. When all of a sudden you started seeing tropical forest and the temperature in his cockpit which warmed up dramatically in other words there was an area that changed radically from something that was the frozen wasteland to An over What would you say on over. Lush almost like a prime primal forest or jungle environment. Even said he claimed he saw with his benign. Lers living. Woolly mammoths okay. This was in nineteen forty seven so when he did have the encounter with everything in How do i say this is. His diary was based around within in the year. Nineteen forty seven which was actually after. You know the operation. High jump. So i think george what was interesting too. Is that everything that he encountered was classified. It was classified as everything is an only make the statement. There are some things that need to be classified. But i'm believing that we're going to see basically the roof blowing off of the classification of all the ancient history and all the miseries. Now getting back to who. Admiral burden matt. He said point blank he met lord lucifer the king of the world. Okay the bible calls. You know that when jesus and satan got into it over who was the ruler of the world. Well because of a mankind's fall you will rebellion against god that devil gain control. And look the devil satan lucifer looser means light bringer and i think that one of the things that's getting and it's really important is that there are so many records that are hidden that are now being brought forth for instance the very term lucifer dealing with some of the genetically altered up Let's see proteins and catalyst one of them's called lucifer. Lucifer's we're dealing with the binocular telescope amount. Graham that's run by the catholic church that's called the lucifer telescope. We're dealing with the Amazing if you will signatures of something. That's other worldwide and now why is this important because we're talking. We're hearing all this news about new world order. Global government global a monetary system global religion. The pope is pushing it. And what's interesting is that a man named spangler stated a u. n. religious Expert years ago that the new world order would only be entered into by those who took an allegiance or pledge their allegiance to lose the firm and it was called the lusa ferrick initiation now. The bird though. Endorse this lucifer down there. He didn't endorse it. He basically carried the message that lucifer had given to him to the us government and he was told to shut up. Never speak of again. And you just don't hear from one of the most famous both bipolar meaning. He you know what i'm saying that ended but The bottom line is they pretty much locked him up and locked him away. When the first secretary of defense james forrestal was appointed Under the truman administration. That's when Forestall started attacking to people. He wanted to bring forth all this information and that's when he got throwing out he was murdered. He got thrown out the third floor window but before listen. How does this sound. Like i episode of the x files. They did everything they could do to keep. The guy drugged up. I'm talking about the first secretary of defense. James would massive amounts of drugs claiming he was hallucinating. And everything. and you know. I really believe so much of our quote. History is the basis for a lot of the writings of hollywood. That is a if you will almost a fourth foreshadowing of things that are going to be coming on the horizon for instance in nineteen fifty three. This is really critical. This has everything to do with what bird saw and everything to do with What is the whole if you will. The deleon Presence and the alien cover up that's going to be revealed. Wunder von braun. Everybody knows him was the first head of nasa. He was also a very brilliant. Probably the most brilliant rocket scientists in the history of the world up until that time was part of the nazi regime and he was a member of the he came to the united states along with herman over others under operation paper clip. But what most people don't understand is in nineteen fifty three actually wrote it but it got published in english and nineteen fifty three he. He basically wrote the book the mars project. And here's where it gets interesting. And here's how. I'm going to tie it all together. Believe it or not. The mars project was about the colonization of mars and it was about the way. Mars would be administered by the body of scientists who would be some of the most brilliant men on earth it would not have any relationship to how any government on earth was run. It would be basically a scientific utopia and what was interesting. The name that he chose for that body of the martian a rule if you will was called the ilan the e. l. o. n. u. c. Elon musk obviously. I don't know how his parents shows that name. Very fascinating that the ruling body of mars would be called the e lon or lon so the thing that is tying. His altogether is simply this. You know one of the things. That's really You get a lot of heat. We had a conference one of our true legends conference a couple of years ago and you have foes and the alien question answering the alien question and i was told by people who are there who are favourable in the intelligence community that there was a whole lot of talk going on when i was talking about the mars bases man mars bases manned Moon bases and all of the advanced technology and people said well. That's just crazy stuff. I personally george no five people six Even i don't know mr aldrin. But he's even Made statements. so that's the problem is is that there's space a secret space program and then you have the obviously the saturn program etcetera. But dr warner von braun was a friend of My friend and basically they talked about stuff faster than light. Speed and supposedly and then even. Hi dave hodges has a friend who's a friend of his ex secretary and she verified that. Dr warner von braun had been taken to other places but even even out there for now just to put that into perspective you guys. This is the most respective a respected and the most amazing scientists but the von braun and hermann ober made a statement. It wasn't that they were smarter than the scientists in the west but that they had help from the spirit world and people don't understand that the german advance whether it was the han about that flying saucers even even the the first stargate that Germany found the power it up. I had a four star general. Tommy steve go watch hell boy the opening scene. And he's and by the way in the special operations not retired and he said. That's exactly what the nazis were playing with the whole theme of. Hell boy that's not what i'm talking about but what i'm trying to get people to understand. Is this that the pyramids that all of these earth changes that are taking place. We're seeing triple quakes happening stacking quakes. Meaning they the Usgs and others fifty thousand quakes down there having their lay the if he thousand quakes and three months. So what's happening down argo and you know because i film Yellowstone we did our cascadia film. And you know. I have a lot of syrian yellowstone park. There is a magma pool under antarctica. George that is ten times. The size of the one that's under yellowstone yellowstone erupts. Every what six hundred thousand years. Yeah six hundred and fifty two or something but give or take you know six thousand years but again the thing that is as active and by the way the not only is the temperature rising you know in the arctic but the power surges. That are coming. You can go on the mimic program which shows you the amount of precipitation the atmosphere but there are like astonishing amounts of power. You know some guy said it's a science friend of mine said steve. It's more than one hundred fifty times all the power that the whole Civilized world can generate all that faa power fallen angel power and again. This is something that people have got to understand and it's critical. Not everybody wants to believe in god. Not everybody wants to you know I believe that there is a spiritual conflict going on. But i do and i believe that we're seeing it right now playing out because one world government one world religion and one world economic system is in the Making and that would be interesting. I think i sent you the list of the treaties that have been given to me by those in the world to understand these and other words you know pretty much deep deep deep state people And i'm talking to the secret. Government that for instance egyptian records indicate that there was an actual treaty between egypt. Three thousand bc in the sky gods and they end at the the indian The continent of india. They had one four hundred bc so all of these agreements. And then you get into our contemporary times. And you know what i would call post for roswell. Before roswell the nazis had agreement and these agreements were signed between the heads of the government and the islands. A famous eisenhower meetings that cetera. But what most people are not understanding is this that the realm of i would say and the release of this information. It's going cause men's hearts to fail. Jesus admits gonna fail them for looking after those things coming upon the earth. And so when you're talking about what some people say. oh that's superstition. When the things of men's nightmare start to materialize on earth. it's a whole different world than just. Oh that's science fiction. The tie in between the intelligence agencies and hollywood is a given us a fact. I mean even even Gene roddenberry and we all know who he was. Obviously they author and writer of star trek. The thing is they were all given inside information where they were all given by the way all of their stuff was asked to be checked but that was the way the intelligence agencies could offset the real discoveries. Oh yeah. I saw that. That's just a that's just the sci-fi movie and it's interesting because again now we're seeing. We're seeing that the release of the information. The famous navy fighter photos. We're seeing all of the strange stuff that's coming out. You know the lights beneath the water. And for the record and people can look this up both the nazis and the japanese had submarines that were doubling as aircraft carriers. These things were huge. Okay and The japanese had even more developed. And and since the nazis made a secret deal. And i maintain you know in my book is called empire beneath the is Which is sold around the world and people go. I didn't know this. That's the thing that i guess. I'm trying to overcome when you know what's going on. In the history of a thing you can obviously understand that there seems to be a coke attempt to subjugate humanity and to get rid of a whole lot of us humans and as human. I'm not really happy with a post human future. Because we're seeing it in every by the way i you know. The very first alien implant movie was Invaders from mars and all black and white one. It was a remake by i. Think cannon films in the in the seventies but they had an alien implant from mars going into a person's back of their neck so m plant artificial intelligence. Ai maintain this. I maintain that the basis of artificial intelligence is based on alien implants the coordinated integration between an organic and inorganic substance and we remember all the cattle mutilations remember all the strange stuff going on and it's accelerated the amount of manipulation the human genome. And it's getting to the point. George where somebody and something wants to totally annihilate the humanity and everything in my opinion that was Obviously created with such divine amazing god genius level stuff and the extinction of the human race and the insertion of what you know. You call the guberman. What's what overmatched what Hitler wanted the superman breathing creatures. That basically doesn't have any of the restraints of humans. Basically live forever. Be strong forever and be able to do everything you wanna do forever. And that's what zoltan each fund one of the most famous transhumance humanist said he basically all transhumance don't wanna die. I wanna live forever. So whether you're dealing with ray kurzweil and singularity and trying to be a name dropper what i'm saying it all gets back to this. There is a massive amount of revelation coming and the revelation that's going to come on ancient history the the hidden if you will Legendary and a logical Places of renown the golden age. That's all spoken about whether it's covered by the desert sands the horrific. Expose them whether it's covered by ice. And and here's something most people don't know. I think. I sent you a copy. And i know i sent lexa copy of the article that with the volcanoes that they've found ninety three which brings the total under an arctic. I think two hundred and thirty two that the ice if the ice to melt over antarctica the entire you know miles of ice thick. It would raise up to two hundred and thirty geez. Now you've always said it's not what's on top of the ice that you're interested in. It's what's on dir neath absolutely. It's the same story. it's never what you see remember. Ancient civilizations always seemed to build in an area or a pond a previously Area that was built up a good example that is the giza plateau in egypt. The giza plateau. What's above ground. We see space. We see the three great pyramids and now they're just releasing some more fines of the car. The step pyramid nesia but unknown to most people is the real antiquity what i would call the pre flood before the flood of noah that whole civilization is built beneath the Planes of diese. And they're finding this stuff and so you know the whole basis of our true legends film series was there's truth in legends and and what's fascinating is a special operations forces. This was explained to me by these guys they go out. And they're looking for ancient ancient If you will Technological developments communication devices and the big p. word power and. I don't mean like you know political power. They're looking for power sources and they're looking for Substances that they know exist in theory but they have not yet or found them. So it basically. It's a treasure hunt and history and that treasures when they start being released are gonna paint a whole different picture than classic history casts classic histories a joke in my opinion. Listen to more coast to coast. Am every weeknight at one am eastern and go to toast to coast am dot com for more at acuity insurance. We believe the things you do for your business are heroic and you deserve someone equally heroic to protect them. We put our all into covering your business so you can focus on the things you love. Most that's the power of heart acuity insurance wholeheartedly for you. I'm alec baldwin. Listen to my podcast. Here's the thing on iheartradio. It's my chance to talk with artists policy makers and performers. I always like to say. I like being an actress but i love being kristen. So i've prioritized that a little bit more than my like desire to spread my wings proved to people that i can be some dramatic actress. If you like listening as much as i liked talking interesting people go to. Here's the thing dot. Org and subscribe now on the. I heart app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts.

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