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Alaska Serial Killer Joshua Wade


From the Wilderness of Kodiak Island Alaska this this is murder and mystery in the last frontier. With your host Robin Bear field in a land full of peril and vicious animals. Humans are the most dangerous dangerous predators of all in my last episode I profiled Israel Keyes a serial killer who moved to Anchorage in two thousand seven. Many serial killer experts. Consider keys to to be one of the most intelligent organized serial killers of all times. He randomly chose victims live thousands of miles from his home and he stashed murder kids around the country planning to access them at some future date. It is easy to understand why Israel keyes wasn't captured. Sooner than he was he methodically planned his crimes and always had an exit strategy. He only began making mistakes when his murderous impulses grew too strong wrong for him to control and these mistakes led to his apprehension around the same time Israel keyes was active. Another serial. Serial killer stalked the residents of Anchorage but the story of Joshua weighed in his crimes is far different than that of Israel keyes. Investigators consider Wade intelligent but he did not stock as victims or plan is crimes. His crimes were sloppy happened on the spur of the moment and usually were the result of him losing his temper. The legal system should have stopped Joshua Wade long before it did. Welcome to murder and mystery in the last frontier. I'm your host Robin Bear Field. And I'm broadcasting from the heart of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge huge on Kodiak Island in Alaska according to a two thousand Fifteen University of Alaska Justice Justice Center victimization survey fifty out of every one hundred women residing in Alaska have experienced intimate partner violence sexual violence or both a two thousand sixteen report by the Violence Policy Center ranked Alaska first nationwide As the state with the highest homicide rate per capita a female victims killed by male offenders Alaskan native women are the most At Risk Group to become victims violent crimes. Alaska natives comprise only twenty percent of the state's population but Alaskan native women represent fifty four percent of Alaska's sexual assault victims compared to all other women in the US. Alaska Native Women Are Ten times more likely to experience domestic violence in September. Two Thousand Sheila to me with the Anchorage Daily News wrote a front page story about six unsolved homicides in Anchorage. The article displayed the photos of the six victims. All were women. Five were native Alaskan and one was African American. Nothing connected the victims and police did not know if they were looking for one. Two two or six murderers thirty-three-year-old Della Brown was the last of the six women to be found a passer-by discovered Dulles body audio on Saturday September. Second two thousand at two fifteen a m she'd been dumped in an abandoned shed near the CBS affiliate Lait K TV a channel. Eleven News Studio in Anchorage Della Lay on her back with her blue jeans pulled down to her ankles. Her left arm rested donner abdomen. Her right arm was raised above her head and her Bra and blue tank top were pushed above her breasts. Her head had been beaten so badly. Sadly that one of the responding officers said the back of her skull belt like a bag of melting ice police found no weapon in the shed but investigators. I believe a large rock had crushed her skull. The felty shed were Delta's body was found produced. No usable trace evidence. The medical examiner found a pelvic hair as well as seamen in Dulles Vagina Della was highly intoxicated at the time of her death and it took detectives little time to learn Della had struggled with alcoholism for many years. Maintaining her sobriety and attending a meetings alternated with periods periods. When she fell off the wagon and drank to the point of passing out she had also tried to commit suicide a few times and her last attempt occurred just a week back before her death della did not have an easy life? Her mother moved to California when I was a child leaving della in the care of her grandmother and step grandfather and her step grandfather sexually abused her. At the time of Dell's death. She was involved in an abusive relationship and her boyfriend was one of the first people. Police suspected had killed her before long though detectives became aware of another other. More obvious person of interest. This young man told at least seven people. He was the person who smashed in Dulles head He. He had even provided updates to his acquaintances as the molest station and murder occurred taking several people to the shed to see Dallas Body. Not Not one of his friends tried to stop him. Attempted to help della or even bothered to call nine one one twenty year old Joshua Wade and his three passengers to young men and one young woman. Were driving through the streets of anchorage when they came across a woman passed out in the middle of the road. Josh wanted to run over her. But nineteen year old DWAYNE clovinger convinced Josh to stop and let him drag the woman out of the road. Duane left Della Brown near an abandoned shed. The group drove around a while longer and then the three males went to a friend's automotive repair shop a block from the shed where they'd left Della they plan to spend the night at the garage working on cars and drinking whiskey and beer a while after they arrived at the garage Josh announced he was going back to the shed to see if the passed out. Woman had any money on her. Josh returned to the garage several several times during the night once asking for a condom. Witnesses said another time wade returned to the garage covered in blood and and he admitted he'd killed the woman. Several of the young men in the garage claim Josh took them to the shed to show them the body of Della Brown. Most of these young men have police records and were at least partially intoxicated. The Night of Dallas murder. None of them wanted to get involved with the police. Yes and Wade threatened to kill them if they told the police what he had done. No one said anything until a few days after Dulles body was found and police offered an award for information leading to the capture of Dell's killer with the promise of award money. The young men from the garage began again to talk on two separate occasions. Detectives Wire Josh. Wade's acquaintances incent them to talk to Wade Wade not only made incriminating incriminating statements about killing della. But when shown the new story written by Sheila Toomey in the Anchorage Daily News about the six murdered. Anchorage Women Wade suggested to his friends. He had killed three of the women. Police felt they had gathered more than enough evidence against Wade and they arrested did him and charged him with Della Brown's rape and murder as well as six other counts including tampering with evidence. Marianne Dan Henry was named lead prosecutor. In the case. Miss Henry a Harvard graduate was the first woman to prosecute homicides in the state of Alaska. Marcy Danell Assistant Marianne. Marcy was a young inexperienced lawyer. Eager to learn from one of the best prosecutors in the state. Marianne Henry new. The prosecution had almost no forensic evidence they had no weapon and no trace evidence evidence. The Semen Empu care. Found in Della did not belong to Josh. Wade and Wade also did not leave. The bloody fingerprint found in in the shed. The prosecution did have a strong circumstantial case. Though seven. Witnesses came forward to State Wade confessed. He killed Della Woah. The witnesses saw blood on. Wade's clothes. But unfortunately investigators were unable to find the bloody clothes. The prosecution also had the tape of weight. Admitting to two of his friends he killed Della and suggesting he might have killed two other women. Henry New the prosecution witnesses. Witnesses were not solid citizens. They were petty criminals who had been impaired by drugs and alcohol the night of the murder and they had trouble remembering dates times and the sequence of events still they all told virtually the same story and their stories should convince the jury beyond onto reasonable doubt. Josh Wade was very lucky. Though his defense lawyers Jim mccombs and Cindy strout or considered two of the the best in the state and they had a dual pronged approach for securing a non guilty verdict for the client. I since Joshua Wade was talker and a braggart his lawyers put forth the theory that Wade found Dulles dead body in the abandoned shed and then to gain street cred cred with his new criminal acquaintances. He told them he murdered della and even took them to the shed to show them her body as proof. Furthermore more when shown the photo of the murdered women in the paper Josh could not resist claiming he not only murdered della but also murdered two of the other women secondly the defense pointed to a sloppy work by the increase. Police Department in the Anchorage District Attorney's office claiming lay stopped opt investigating before they found the true murderer. Police never discovered who the semen pubic hair and bloody fingerprint belong to and they had several other viable suspects who could have murdered della including her violent boyfriend a month into the trial lead prosecutor. Mary Ann Dan. Henry suddenly stepped down from the case claiming health problems. He dropped the prosecution of Joshua Wade into the lap of the very very inexperienced marcy. McDonnell Carrie Brady another young inexperienced attorney stepped in to assist mcdaniel. Oh neither attorney had ever prosecuted a homicide before and both admitted afterwards. They were in way over their heads. The prosecution in case suffered serious problems before Henry quit but once she was gone. The inexperience of the two prosecutors only highlighted the claims by the defense insisting the prosecution brought the case to trial before they thoroughly investigated it after two and one half months of testimony. The jury eerie deliberated one week before they returned with a verdict they found Josh Will Wade not guilty on all counts except for tampering with evidence and for this offense he received a six and one half year prison sentence minus time he'd already served in December. Two Thousand Four Joshua Wade was released from jail and Anchorage law enforcement officials feared they had just unleashed just a ticking time bomb. Let me take a break for a minute and tell you how I relax riding. True Crime Stories sometimes weighs me down and I need to switch my focus. Focus to something fun. Recently I downloaded the free gay map best fiends and I love it. The game is designed for adults. 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Cathy Hodges a nurse in Fairbanks called the Anchorage Police Department to report her friend. Mindy Schloss missing thing. Mendi was a fifty two year old psychiatric advanced nurse Practitioner who worked one week in Fairbanks and the next week in Anchorage where she had a home when Mindy did not return to fairbanks in time for her shift there. Her friend and colleague became concerned. Police entered Mendis home in Anchorage but nothing seemed amiss to them when they spoke with some amenities friends though they realized something was wrong. A Mindy Schloss. SCHLOSS had mysteriously disappeared. One Mendis friend said Mindy liked a tidy house and always left her house neat before leaving for for her shift and Fairbanks. She never would have left dirty dishes and papers on her counter. Also Mindy always placed a check on the kitchen counter for the lady who cleaned her house. Even more suspicious though Mendis car was not parked in the garage and friends insisted she always always left her car in the garage and took a cab to the airport when flying up to fairbanks for Work Anchorage Police Detective Pam Paranoid contacted contacted. Mendis Bank to see if there had been any unusual activity with Mendis account a bank official told paranoid someone made an ATM withdrawal L. A.. Five hundred dollars for Mendis account on Friday August fifth at five zero one. A M Mendis friends did not think Mindy Indy would make an ATM withdrawals so early in the morning and they explained she really used her ATM Card Detective Paranoid contacted the FBI B. I.. And requested assistance and obtaining information about withdrawals made from Mendis Account the FBI soon retrieved a video of the person in who made the withdrawal from the account in the early morning hours of August fifth. All they could discern from the video was the person who withdrew. The money was a man wearing a blue and white BANDANNA tied around his face and a dark baseball cap pulled low over his forehead in grainy. ATM footage the man briefly pulled down the Bandanna an for three or four frames the camera Cada shot of his chin. The FBI learned that four sixteen the following morning same figure entered another ATM Kiosk and withdrew and additional final. Five hundred dollars from Mendis Account. He took the cash but left the kiosk before retrieving the card from the machine. When he returned return to the kiosk a few minutes later the machine had swallowed the card a safety measure implemented by the bank to ensure forgotten cards would not be stolen colon? Police ask Minnie's friends if they recognize the Caucasian man in the ATM video but they said they had no idea who he was. Detected paranoid knocked on doors and talked him indies neighbors. No one had seen many for several days but nearly every neighbor birther mentioned the rowdy young people who live next door to her the neighbors complained about the young men who drank smoke and through loud parties sometimes lasting all night paranoid attempted to contact these noisy neighbors but you could not find anyone at home. The first several times she went to their house Mendis missing two thousand Acura Integra was found in the parking lot of a building near the airport. Mendis purse and Wallet. Let lay on the back seat of the car and in the trunk. Detectives found a suitcase containing rebels close and Mendis laptop computer not long after the discovery of the car paranoid learned the two teenagers staying in the House next door to Mindy had rented a room to an ex-convict by the name of Joshua Wade paranoid and her colleagues begin to have a bad feeling about what had happened to Mindy Schloss F. B. I.. Agents used bloodhounds to help with the investigation. They took two hounds one at a time time to the first ATM where the suspect US Mendis card. They had each dog sniffed the sent from the driver's seat a Mendis car and then let the dog sniff the area around the ATM to see if the dogs could follow a scent trail. Each dog separately led detectives from the ATM to a door of the house. Where Joshua Wade was living the agents then took the dogs to the second? ATM Were Mendis Card was used used the first. ATM was close to Mendis House. But the second. ATM was located five miles from her home even at the furthest ATM am though the Dogs picked up the scent trail and led investigators. Back to. Wade's house. Paranoid had been skeptical about using the scent dogs but she watched in amazement as the dogs led detectives cross country on the route. Wade woodhead followed on his bicycle. Paranoid paranoid obtained a search warrant and police searched the house where Josh lived. They found a jacket resembling jacket in the ATM video and in the the pocket of the jacket they found an ATM receipt. For five hundred dollars. Police also found a gold watch hidden in a closet and when they showed showed it to Mendis friends they confirmed. It was her watch when the Anchorage. TV news stations showed the photo of the lower half of the face from the video at the ATM. To of Joshua. Wade's past girlfriends. Identified the man as Wade. One of Wade's friends handed over. Wade's phone to the police. And on the phone. They found a photo showing Wade holding a forty five caliber Glock pistol. Police assume this was the weapon used to murder Mindy Schloss detective paranoid also found Mendis. ATM PIN NUMBER STORED ON. Wade's phone. Own Alaska does not have the death penalty but because bank fraud is a federal crime. The federal government could pursue the death penalty against Wade if authorities could prove the bank fraud was related to the murder of Mindy Schloss. Nearly a month. After she disappeared and Mendy Schloss. His body was found in an undeveloped neighborhood. In wasilla she had been shot. Once in the back of the head and left in a heavily WLI wooded area after a standoff with police Wade finally surrendered he admitted to killing Mindy and said he walked her into the woods. I told her to kneel down and then shot. Her Wade made a deal to avoid the death penalty. He not only admitted to Mendis murder her but also confessed. He had killed Della Brown when sentencing. Wade the judge told him he was a coward who attacked defenceless defenceless women. Wade lost his temper and not wanting anyone to think he preyed on women he shouted. What about the men? The judge sentence way to life in prison with no possibility of parole but in the summer of two thousand fourteen Wade claimed he was being mistreated in prison in Alaska and struck a deal for a transfer to a federal prison in Indiana as his part of the deal. He admitted admitted to the murders of three men in Anchorage and he claimed he committed his first murder when he was only fourteen years old. He has not so far admitted admitted to murdering any other women and some wonder what to believe. Police think he killed at least two of the three men he claimed he murdered. But many who know Wade believe he killed more women. Three of the murders of the six anchorage women featured in the two thousand Anchorage Daily News is article remain unsolved. We might never know if Josh Will Wade had anything to do with their deaths or if he killed other women acquaintances claim. Joshua Wade often voiced his hatred for Alaska natives but authorities. Do not know if these feelings had anything to do with his choice of murder victims. Mindy Schloss was not an Alaskan native but Della Brown was Joshua Wade as an angry man incapable of controlling his temper even imprison. He has been transferred several times and is now housed at a maximum mm security federal penetentiary in way marked Pennsylvania where he spends most of his time in solitary confinement. Prison officials classify Wade as one of the most assaultive predatory riotous or seriously disruptive prisoners. How do we compare? Compare Josh Will Wade to Israel Keyes. They're both serial killers and there's no question they were both monsters. Who preyed preyed on innocent people? While Israel keyes presented a cold calculating demeanor though Josh Wade seemed to simply simply have a short fuse and no impulse control wade was a ticking time bomb ready to blow at any moment both both were terrifying predators but I ask myself which type frightens me the most. What variety of monster do you refund the scariest? Thank you for listening and police. Check the show notes to bind references for this podcast. I am an author and I write Alaska Wilderness mysteries. I've written four novels set in the Wilderness of Kodiak Island I also write a monthly newsletter about murder and mystery St Alaska. Check the show notes for more information on my novels and my newsletter. I'll be back soon with the next episode of murder murder and mystery in the last frontier. uh-huh mm-hmm uh-huh.

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