September 21, 2019: Happy Museum Day!


Hiring isn't easy but there is one place you can go where hiring is simple in smart that place is ziprecruiter where growing businesses connect to qualified candidates candidates try it for free at. ZIPRECRUITER DOT com slash five things ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire good morning. I'm Taylor Wilson and this is five things. You need to know the weekend of September Twenty First Nineteen get you started. Happy Museum Day. Get yourself some free culture on Saturday sixteen hundred museums around the country will be opening their doors to the public the annual Newell Event which is organized by Smithsonian magazine encourages museums galleries and historic sites to allow free entry just as the Smithsonian Institution's Washington. DC based facilities facilities do year round to get a free entry. All you have to do is head to Smithsonian. Dot Com Slash Museum Day and Click the get a ticket bought in where you can find a museum you want to visit just enter your name email and download the branded ticket there are free options in all fifty states and also the District of Columbia the United Nations General Assembly kicked off earlier earlier this week in New York bringing leaders to the US from around the globe president trump will be on the road on Sunday with two of them. He's scheduled to visit Houston with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Render Modi before visiting Ohio with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison who he hosted on Friday night for a state dinner. Meanwhile General Assembly week also comes with widespread. Ed's bread climate protests both in the US and around the world. Both students and employees alike took off from school and work to hit the streets and fight for climate change awareness high school student. Alexandra said that change has to start with the youth so for me. It feels really important to encourage you to be involved in this movement just because we're the ones who are going to be here longer than anyone who's all day and it's us in our kids who are going to be really affected by next up getting ready for the seventy first annual. Emmy awards and though it may now be months in the rear view mirror. All eyes are on game of thrones to see if the mega hit. HBO Show will go out with a bang. Thrones is nominated for a staggering thirty two awards including best drama series which it has won the last three times it was nominated in two thousand fifteen sixteen and eighteen and meanwhile another HBO show Veep will also try to finish strong after wrapping up in May Star Julia Louis Dreyfuss. We'll try to go six for six and best actress. Emmy Wins Butch. You'll face stiff competition with the star of the Marvelous Mrs Mazel Rachel Brosnahan. You can tune in Sunday night at eight eastern five Pacific on Fox two of college football's giants will do battle on Saturday Notre Dame and Georgia. Just how big is the game. Well you swim coach. Jack Bauer Lee has memories the bulldogs games dating back to his enrollment in one thousand nine hundred seventy and he says very few games had hype like this one. He said quote very seldom. Have I seen a buzz like this. Maybe nineteen seventy-six was something like this. Alabama came in and they were undefeated and the town didn't sleep on Friday or Saturday night on quote. This game has even extended beyond the stadium. AM with one local store jokingly pulling Irish spring soap from shelves ahead of the clash against the fighting Irish and the soap company responded by sending Georgia heaps of its products with bulldog logos on the boxes. The home favorites number three ranked Georgia will host seventh-ranked. Notre Dame and Athens Georgia on Saturday night at eight PM Eastern time other the big games around college football will include eleventh ranked Michigan at thirteenth ranked Wisconsin and number eight auburn at Seventeen Texas. Am stay up on all the action with with USA. Today sports and last up happy birthday friends the Sitcom Turns Twenty Five on Sunday and the gang is still there for you in reruns the series presented in two thousand and four but it never really left television or pop culture even superstar movie actor. Brad Pitt made an appearance on the show though he told USA Today that actually messed S. Stop his first line with then wife. Jennifer Aniston flood my first line line at flood and we'd go back nostalgia might drive a love of the show for many any but thanks to Netflix. It's also widely popular with millennials and Gen Z. ears. 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