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Two. Six. Season talking to. Children. Now next season. I am actually going to be bringing people. And. Some people are years. We're gonna talk about everything from acupuncture and beaching to heavy metal culture this episode. We're going to talk about our children diving into the workforce, and what we can tell them. So people don't complain about them like they do with every generation right now, the talking about the millennials how they want everything. But don't wanna work for. I feel like the millennials are a little bit more knowledgeable than what I was. I was taught to put your head down. What card and opportunity will come your way the honest and straightforward? And as a lot of the same tricks that will be played on them were played on me. And yeah. These kids are skeptical of commission paying jobs jobs that offer no security, no benefits. Joe the some come out college. Every generation of this case, I think they're gonna make the wages of forty will go to make I think they're hot shit. But does also allow them that no while you're taking advantage of me is a lot of older people that out of touch. So no matter what as a kid, you are going to get criticized. And while the low main on tonal poll in it's not your position to even be bothered with the critiques. Just listen and do what you told learn learn till the critiques end as reminded gun sale out of things about parents employers, because they are, quote unquote old, they think differently because they're old in most cases when you have to realize, they don't give shit a lot of times they've seen these things before, and yes, certainly people can be ignorant at any age. Some people don't mature past certain ages. But the same time you gotta keep remembering that, you're the young pope and people on people, you know, e- even if we have that elderly. Couple then that, like different creature. You know, you can put yourself in their position, and it's more similar than you'd think he'll course they have more memories. But allowed cases they're still like a Cade, just in the body that doesn't allow them to do the things they used to. So in one point, you had to be compassionate. And the other part is you have to have respect because with all those memories, come out of knowledge, his this ageism because of the TV, who has a people advertising on TV. No, it's the young people will going to spend the money in a stupid fashion. So you always see these young people doing all the fun things on TV and, you know, they sit coms where they are dealt are borderline brain damaged, they will glorify youth. But when it comes down to only really cool stuff is done. Mitre. So despite the narcissism that TV will teach you. You must remember that, you know, nothing. I want you to think about how much you know, you believe you know, I want you to quantify in your mind then multiplied by five and multiply, again by ten because wisdom can develop exponentially once the ball gets rolling. So think of old as how much you don't know, not too silly characters of forget, bone feeble, people that you see on TV the television will convince you that do you own the world? You don't your survival is dependent by those of already made it success is driven by those who already. There is an army of old people inventing ideas marketing products to get you to spend money that will give you this allusion that you on top of the world. So society will take advantage of inexperienced. They will give you less of what you want a more of what they tell you, you want. And convince you what's the former and forget about what you lead the child king is a myth is a berry tail any young rulers as a result of egotism of old, people who want a legacy Nike storm gli, if the old people who put it Kane in power die, the child often eventually dies to what I'm trying to say, hatching is that you are very dependent on old people, particularly those you work with, and you'll be working soon. So what is best is have a work ethic? You don't wanna be the kid that they criticize. Right. 'cause you alienated, and you're gonna end up feeling stupid, and it's not good for your confidence brands, same time, you have to do things to build your confidence. All right. Some people moan about themselves, and you should be confident person, but even self confidence isn't a switch. You have to work to answer you had to give yourself reasons to be confident besides self delusion or positive thinking, again anything else you have to work at it. So when you get onto the job site, you're not gonna talk much you're gonna listen and doing xactly, what new told the do don't rain, vent, the method don't try to do it, your way do it the way, you're told to do it, and to do it in that fashion with your eyes closed. And then maybe then you can begin to tweak things being a good worker will help you develop connections that will lead to better jobs and the same tips that parents have been giving children for generations. Listen to what others are saying thank before. Or you speak pay attention to what you are doing. Thank about what you were doing what you're going to do. And then do it, you can learn something from everyone. And don't be not just when people trying to tell you do something because they have taking their time. It's not like you were doing them a favor and, and you earn less than you deserve. A most cases, they are paying you probably more than what you're capable to do that taking time to train you. And when you resist it's a smack in the face hearts, because they now wasted their time incorrect judgment of character because they brought you alone and others will see that hell they don't even have to be the hiring person. They can pretty much feel bad about themselves, when they take a younger co worker, they tried to teach them something. And that person be Balsam and then that person fans so then you feel like a. A fool for even trying to help a kid, and you feel like you're wasted, your time and time is money. That's a problem with the narcissism of teenagers. You think you're working there in. You're still your own individual entity and you're not gay you're cog in the machine in what you do. Beck's everyone else and a decide to bring you on that hopeful. They want you to succeed jerk successes their success. Your failure is a blow to their ego and a blow to their judgment that actually on your team, whether you like it on that they could be jerks by the same time. It's a job, you all have jobs to do, when you have to be doing together, and even the guy convinced doesn't like you telling you to do something by his job. Tell you to do something in, if you do wrong, it's his failure, even if he fires you. It's his family. Jay can't always be thinking they have something out for you. You should be thinking at all you should be just listening and then doing. Now to summarize shut up and listen and do what you told you are. Representative of me you are Representative of everyone you work with most importantly, your Representative of yourself, if you want to behave like you don't give a damn, you can't expect people to give a damn about you, and that might be fine. But no one succeeds in this live alone. No one, they all need help one way or the other these this way, were you to on your lonesome develop? They relationships are going to take you. Places is to work hard. That's the bottom line. So good luck. And I look forward to pay for your own. Thanks, everyone for listening. This has been a fun season season three hopefully we'll be coming. Sooner than later, please. Thank you, Melissa.

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