Todd Chrisley, Josie Canseco & Guggi?


You've been watching real world right on facebook. Watch my favorite thing in the most recent episode is there was a fight between clinton one of the other ones honestly. I don't remember who tonight because clinton gets in a fight with everyone. <hes> he's like the hot head he was fighting and then they did that thing that everyone does and that the real what has been doing since day one whatever nineteen ninety where they show the other people reacting to the fight everyone in the house it's like eating sandwiches and it just zooms in on arly and she's like eating a sandwich live. There just like eating sandwiches. They're just living their lives. That is the abandoned tagline of real world. Here's what happens when people stop being polite and start living their lives as they eat sandwiches. It'll along to work. M._t._v.'s the real world the land is an all new reality experience with contracting daily and new episodes every thursday so find out what happens when the next generation stops being polite and starts getting real again in facebook facebook watched by khan and search the real world on watch m._t._v.'s the real world atlanta's streaming now only on facebook watch welcome to who weekly the podcast relearn everything. You need to know about the celebrities you don't. I'm bobby finger. I'm lindsey weber and lindsey. We missed a big holiday holiday over the weekend. We didn't talk about it. Was the holiday cinco de marlow. Stop well defensive. You're saying stop but there's an update so last night i was scrolling demand scrimshaw amari martino celebrating her daughter marlins birthday so she had a cinco de marlow as marlins fifth birthday party at her. I don't know some event space in westport connecticut. Oh and it's like mexican themed so there were pinatas and a lot of of you know spanish language word or their heritage right. Yes it's their heritage. It's nine oh my god and she and marlow has you know the skeleton the painted on her face. It's i mean it's a it's a celebration of a mexican culture in the middle of westport connecticut so match that looks like okay so this happens and she says secretive marlow in taco emoji <hes> also a smiley face but also talk about the best celebration for our best girl. Even in the sweltering heat the whole party will be on the blog soon hashtag happily ever after hashtag cinco de marlow happy birthday marlow at hashtag open yada. Okay okay okay so people are commenting like love this theme girl yes queen. We love it but then there are people obviously people people of mexican heritage who were like. Please don't appropriate my culture. This is fucked up like former f. a. fans who like ever you you messed up here right are never ever fancy of just <hes> <hes> found that never fans never ever after so people start commenting the things like this like ever your appropriating. You're being insensitive avenue and people we're saying i don't see all the comments anymore but there's a comment twenty minutes ago happily ever after wire up deleting comments. Are you blocking people to have opinions about your party bowl book. Uh well five hours ago in the middle of the night connecticut time the middle of the night. Can they have their own. It's like c. S. t. can get standard time mm-hmm yeah. It's the same as eastern time except like it's just a lot bright paid for that. Yeah they pay more. They pay more a little yeah. No on our mexican themed party for marlo. You will not believe how she spun this lindsey and you're going to lose your mind with everything going on in this political climate climate i thought now would be a great time to celebrate mexico and that role it has held in our culture and our country culturally. Anyone who knows marlow are low fiber roll a recent recently turned five-year-old anyone who knows marlow proven the toilet knows. She is obsessed with mexico. No i know sorry wait. Wait wait wait. Wait we wait. She has had incredible latin women taking care of her from three years three weeks old and one in particular from mexico who would always call her cinco to marlow on on may fifth she also claims women are little loves latin women's it okay wait it's getting it's so long okay so she says pretty low bar she talks about how much love the movie cocoa from when all this started we have been we have been donated to those infected spelled wrong to attack the horror of the horrific attacks on mexican culture we even donating to those effected spelled wrong and i also wrote a blog post which i'm putting in my bio. Unfortunately this has been going on a long time so the posts from awhile ago we have also been calling our senators. Someone reach out to me directly in a kind way to let me know that marlin team offended them. Blah blah blah blah blah <hes> <hes> i mean it goes on but she really it was a celebration of mexican culture lindsey. I cannot believe that she wrote that. Marlo loves mexico. Mortal lives latin women in mexico. I mean there's a way again. I feel like there's a way is there's a way there's a way to do this. Is there not like this. I think there's a there's a way for maria martinez. Marla arlit have cocoa themed party in west. Yes there's a way to do this in westport connecticut. There's also a way to apologize better and again the way to apologize say i'm sorry for doing this. I wasn't thinking you know she never. She admits that someone got offended but she doesn't accept the fact that she understands. Why people got offended because she gets so defensive. She doesn't understand because 'cause marla has a lot of strong latin women in her life but my question but my thing is is that if you are always going to be doing it for the content i mean she literally through her kid a birthday party to put it on a blog absolutely because if you search if you search the hashtag lindsey as of last night there's only two photos it's evers and then a random person. That's not even at that party but oh. I think that she does things maybe subconsciously to put content on that blog if she wasn't acting like everything was meant to be content content for a blog then this wouldn't stuff wouldn't happen. You know your anyway. That's the update you could say. Marlowe loves cocoa. She she wanted cocoa themed birthday party. You know so i- obliged and again. I think that that would have been a better apology. Just be like it's all because of cocoa we love cocoa because who doesn't love coco great marlow does not understand that cinco de mayo is not her culture. You know like she is five but to say like not only does marlow you. You know understand marlow loves. Mexico loves license anyway <hes> so that's what's going on with them. We'll she weather the storm absolutely at that party susan. I find that interesting isn't there. I find it interesting that susan doesn't go to eberstadt seasons really never i wonder susan doesn't doesn't want to deal with ever. She's there but she's like do not. Photograph made do not mention me which would be understandable. I just think it's it's weird that the number one thing about ever medina's at her mom has susan sarandon and soothes. The random is never mentioned never seen never spoken about. It's a little weird. It's part of me thinks that eva's thing is that she thinks that she's now doesn't mead susan. Does it need that that bump anymore. Yeah maybe but that's a real. The could be a stretch <hes>. She's fascinating. I mean ever is one of my all time. Favorite content creators a nepotism creed nepotism content creators incredible but we have a big show show today god that was just the intro in the intro. They wanna know we we do have a big show mainly because we're talking about a big big family in in the middle of a big big scandal new trouble for reality tv stars todd and julie christly the couple expected to turn themselves into day facing charges for financial financial crime that families the christly family. We've all heard of them. I think right now but if not we've talked about before i was ever heard of them. I was trying to find windows'. Find the episode where we talked about this. A you know a year or so ago two years ago water. It's the lake topic that brought us taxes no and it was all it was a weird romance. Now was it was it was it was taxes because there was a weird headline that i saw from two thousand seventeen rang a bell to me where it was like todd. Christly asleep denies tax allegations and speculation about his sexuality right so it was like oh we're at one time punch of taxes and sexuality yeah. What's what's funny. Is that like if you were like lindsey. The chris lease aren't paying their taxes. I'm like duh. I couldn't think of a more likely situation than the that. Christly family is not properly paying their taxes. These really really rich reality story. Who who who don't do anything whose job is to seem. Tom ridge like their job is to look rich right. Their job is to take on appear. Christly knows best is a reality show on u._s._a. Okay it centers around around. This guy todd christly who is in real estate. I swear to god he's a rate yes. He's a real estate. Guy in georgia used to be filmed easily be filmed in roswell now. It's it's like you know nasty outside. Which is an expensive suburb of atlanta. I i believe it's outside of atlanta and now it's in nashville now. It's in nashville and he has a bunch of kids and a wife and now at like circles all around his wife and some of these names. Maybe you've heard julie lindsey spelt insanely kyle chase shea savannah grayson khloe faye jackson like there are so many children in the christly brewed sitting on. We'll try to stay off. The sofa with buddhist avenue had to worry about having to get a new one because you've messed it up. First of all tastes chips saw it. Didn't you always out chips. Let's just after snitch on grayson on you dumped entire coke out on that that's exactly it's not share. It was a carpet. I believe the the eldest daughter who is lindsay. Who's belden saying l._a._n._d. Sl is <hes> has a different mother. The mothers julie christly but julie. I believe is the mother of all the other children and what's i guess not about the show why people like it is because todd christly is a._m. Wacky character right. He is very a big. He's he's got a big personality. People that people thought he was gay because he's big southern drawl so everything's like y'all like imagine i mean imagine a drag queen with a really thick southern accent riverside raise your eyebrows and act like you're mad at chaser savannah. I really hope oh yeah. Definitely gotta do a little bit here to get. Some of these lines loyd's but we also want to get your eyebrows up a little bit more in those little crow's feet are gonna keep on sneaking up unit to kill the cry. I'm gonna kill the crew. I walked in with my kids kids talking about me but now doc careers agree with it i mean. Can you not tell how upset i am about this now not with all that other talks. He's always a yelling at his kids and he's always like better. Get ready for school. I'm gonna spank bush whatever he said. It's very strange. I heard but it's just like it's i think what people like about the show is him as a personality and i think that they like him as you know a real talker about marriage and relationships and and child rearing you know yeah i'm just thinking of i just googled no country for old men movie quotes because i feel like imagine some of the weird things that josh brolin's has no country for old man where he says like where kelly macdonald is like where'd you get that money and he goes from the get in place but like imagine any weird southern thing but in like from the get in place like that start christly chill bomani that'll be the day where'd you get the pistol getting place imagine imagine llewellyn from no country for old men as has a very flamboyant loud other southern guy with a false seto but here's my thing also and i know you tell me u._s._a. Network doc somewhat low standards for successful reality t._v. n._t._b. In general so this show has kinda skated by with decent ratings for a long time yes and it's it's yeah it's been on for seven seasons. Now for seven seasons been on since two thousand fourteen does decent enough for cable. Now you know where it gets like joe adjust few million viewers and episode wenches fine nine like u._s._a. U._s._a. Has you know we'll know that they lawsuits what they have. This certainly kristie should go on suits. They should just like get them on suits. He can be the new meghan object. That'd be great. Oh that'd be so good. What do we have here. I tried to make a little timeline of stuff because this was made a timeline to skip. This got pretty crazy. Last weekend began last monday with the latest tax stuff like oh. They evaded their taxes. Can you believe and it's like yes well. First news was like christly didn't pay taxes but blames like friend of family and i'm like this always happens like we blame our accountant like they did. It and we didn't know mepham rules. Those with accountants is like even if they do things you don't quite understand because taxes are really confusing. You still have to sign stuff and when you have says that his dad all you you sign that you understand what's going on in your name right. That's why taxes will get you in trouble so if you have a shady accountant it doesn't matter like you are then shady for agreeing with that counsel yeah right so you're going to be shade if you are paying less of you're like well not paying any taxes and i'm like christly. I'm a real estate. Millionaire and i'm only paying a dollar a year. Whatever it's like you are complicit. Even if you don't understand why you're paying and will the one of the main. Things says he was paying federal taxes. Paying a lot in federal taxes wasn't paying state taxes. Nothing uh-huh got into trouble because he lived in georgia and georgia has state income tax and he was claiming he lived in florida when she was like i don't live. It's all the same they lit undeveloped that i think that's why we talked about it last time because every tax law we really are the tax law. Every headline was was was conflicting a <hes> <hes> every headline was combining these stories about his sexuality with stories of his tax alleged tax evasion so it was just a funny mess anyway gimme the line and really we're going to start. We're going to go back in time seven years. I couldn't you start looking at this. You realize that this has been going on for a long time a lot a lot of money yeah and he also is one of those people like he's not lying about the fact that he's rich but he's not as ritchie seems you know and so much of his money is tied up in real estate but he's a rich guy but then when he gets into trouble as saying that he's not as rich as he seems and then he lies about how not as rich as e._m._c. but limited at the beginning rich because you know you gotta be down home hohmann relatable like pioneer woman we could start back when christly was born but that would take too long so let's start in two thousand twelve when he filed for bankruptcy. Okay okay. That's bad sign. He filed for bankruptcy because he was in so much debt and apparently he owed his sister so many <hes> so his sister. <hes> meat is scary so apparently he owed his <hes> wife. Some money and his wife has a lot of money. His wife apparently comes from money so we borrowed four point point four million dollars from his wife. He had an unpaid i._r._s. Bill for five hundred ninety five thousand dollars. He had mortgages for all of his properties. <hes> that totaled up to twelve million dollars and then he did a business deal which can't really find any details about. I don't really think it was shady. I think it really was just like he tried to do a weird real estate deal. It didn't go oh well then. He owed someone thirty million dollars at all that up. His debts were forty nine point four million dollars. He filed for bankruptcy and it sort of like a trumpian thing right so everyone was kind of covering this when it was happening and there were like taught christly is filing for bankruptcy. He's supposedly so rich. Can you believe it and it's like no rich people file for bankruptcy sometimes right like they. They reorganized all of their assets. They it's sort of like a there's a scammy ish way up filed for bankruptcy right. It's not like i know the difference between china thirteen l. for bankruptcy. You have enough money to restructure all your shit. Yes therefore you can use bankruptcy to your advantage not disadvantage so he claims i'm quoting thing from radar here but he claims at the time he only had like fifty five dollars and a checking account one hundred dollars in cash and everything else was tied up in real estate right so we when you file for this particular type of bankruptcy. You're assigned a trustee god. I'm gonna get something wrong. Bankruptcy attorneys going to call in we love or who looking fans but this trustee sort of like overseas the case for a while and like says like okay well. You're going to have to pay the government back or pay your creditors back via me and at the end of this he owed one hundred and fifty thousand dollars and he was like got at honey's like all i all i o one hundred and fifty thousand dollars and i have to paige back in one year. It'll be fine. What are you gonna do about chloe because you have to explain this to her. We're going to go get another fish. Put it in there and we're gonna walk by and we're gonna say good morning inbounds no she has to nothing lasts forever. Two years later he had only paid like half of it got. He's like this isn't now. Let's cut to twenty fourteen in two thousand fifteen in two thousand fourteen. He hadn't paid all of it and then the trustees quote filed an adversary proceeding in february fourth twenty fourteen asserting that christly had not disclosed all of his assets and transferred assets to his wife prior to the filing of the bankruptcy so he was trying to lie and say. I don't have as much money as you think and he was giving it to his wife. He was claiming that things weren't as expensive as they were. One of the examples that i saw he was saying that he only owned like six hundred dollars worth of clothes but he's known for being a very ostentatious dresser so it's like that's a huge lie and you talk about it on your show. How you love to go shopping. This bankruptcies stuff is on the show right like they're not these are not in the plauen it but you can't you can't speak to that. Show is ninety percent being like chase. Get the school like chase. Get over here. The folks that i've seen throw you in the washer. Whatever tell me again what you daddy i've already told you about my turn such one hundred ticket and i turned turn too late whether you didn't know that when you're jumping through pine trees that you off the highway oh god again. I don't want to pretend like i really know much about like bankruptcy law and that's why i'm being sort of like wobbly about the whole thing but the point the reason i bring up the stuff from twenty twenty fifteen is that he has a history of being being shady about admitting things declaring things and moving money around right like moving around so the government doesn't see it. You know guy or allegedly doing those things right. That's why bring that up. He has a history of financial trouble specifically tax trouble moving on. Let's go to april twenty fifteen so i'm just gonna gonna read this. I'm gonna read this. <hes> this bankruptcy trustee again again. This is based on two thousand twelve step a bankruptcy trustee. This was googling like what's the difference between chapter seven and chapter thirteen chapter eleven bankruptcy. This is a chapter seven bankruptcy thing. It's a little it's specific and it says you are appointed. Bankruptcy trustee innocent set some bankruptcy trustees chapter eleven the one that we mostly hear about yes. This is chapter seven what he's what yes because i think chapter eleven usually it's it's what people do when they have a whole lot of money and what he he was claiming here is that he didn't have any assets right. All of his money was tied up and i think you can file chapter seven unless you don't files bankruptcy. It's bad for them to have filed chapter so the reason why it's bad for them is because then you have no credit right in your credit forever by anything you can't i mean or you can buy stuff but you really can't buy anything big without cash and like that becomes issue. If you are rich and cash is not really an issue in your future you can do this bankruptcy shit because you're not going to need to be taking out loans and stuff. What's weird to me about this is that real estate is based around loans and so it's weird to me that todd christly who's as real estate guy is able to file for bankruptcy that would fuck up his credit. I mean i don't know it just seems weird to me. It seems weird to me too and it seems shady that he filed based on my very limited understanding of the differences between types of bankruptcy. It seems very shady to me to be filed this but i could be completely off point is there's a bankruptcy trustee involved. There's the second party here and it says quote. I think this is from some like literal rule like legal one on one website getting your law degrees by todd christly. A bankruptcy trustee is appointed to administer your case in addition to review your bankruptcy papers and supporting according documents to chapter seven trustees job is to sell your nonexempt property to pay back your creditors if you don't have any nonexempt assets creditors received. Nothing and i sort of feel like that's what happened here. Your point is let's move to two thousand fourteen twenty fifteen <hes> he quote <hes> this is from bond and boats which is this like very weird. Weird looks like a g._o. Cities legal blah blah that but i guess people were interested in this like legal people were interested in this case so they were writing about it and it says the chapter seven trustee who administered christly bankruptcy estate filed an adversary proceeding in february two thousand fourteen asserting that christly had not disclosed all of the assets and transferred. I assets to his wife prior to the filing of the bankruptcy which is a shady thing to do right. He's like i don't have all this money. I don't have all this really it's because he passed it on to the other. Thing is moving everything around. Okay blow march twenty fifteen. The settlement is approved. He has to pay the bankruptcy estate. One hundred and fifty thousand dollars okay also in two thousand fifteen radar gets the court documents about this entire thing he confronts they confront christly and they're like how're you doing like. How was this bankruptcy z. Think affecting your life and intrude christly fashion. I just love this because this his oppressive and he does this all the time. He's like we're in a really good place financially emotionally and psychologically the we have rendered the greatest economic downturn that this country has ever seen since the great depression and in like rolls up the window and drives away right. He's like i am fine. Two years later. Come come to find out he is only pay back half of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. He owed the bankruptcy trustee worse right the trustees. Quote are pushing for severe sanctions including the quotation rebe occasion of the debtor's discharge taking back the order which they in which they cleared christly of his debt so they're basically saying like we're going to take all this back. We're going to take back. All these like good. Good faith like agreements. We made with you because you haven't been paying us back and again. It was only one hundred fifty thousand dollars in the grand scheme of things for some christly who on his show tells as the world that he has like. You know this infinite supply of wealth. That's weird okay. Okay blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah now. Let's get to the real deal because that was just the context to tell tell you that this guy is shady and this guy is not to be trusted and this guy likes to pretend that everything is okay when everything is collapsing around him now. Let's get to the real stuff the stuff that predates what happened last week began in january twenty seventeen win this like local news channel. I don't know how they got tipped off but it was like atlanta local news. They were like this dude who is out and proud georgia resident on his popular. A reality show is not paying georgia texas. We got his taxes and he doesn't pay them and so they did this. Expose on the news and they were like we don't. I don't think todd grizzlies paying georgia state income taxes. He's paying federal income taxes but he's not paying georgia state income taxes and they're like this is shady and he should oh a lot of money and he's not doing it so the interview all these i._r._s. People and they're like yeah this shady yeah the same shadia okay. They're like yeah this. This is not and <music> at one point. He claims that he lives in florida. I think this is why we talked about it and then it's like as the story progresses they start getting more and more evidence to back up the fact that like no they definitely live in georgia. They do not live in florida because at one point they get access to some deposition where the wife is being interviewed and they're like you can probably find a clip like do do you live in florida and she's like now. It's like has your husband taught ever lived in florida. She's like now and then they just like cut away to the next thing. It's like we have this footage lindsey. What's the last thing you posted. Did i know what mine is. What is it bagels. You posted bagels bagels one sunday morning. I'm i'm like on a sunday morning with the sunday monday morning rush. I'm like i'm just going to get up and get out of the house and do it but i was like you know what i'm gonna post mate and i got it from a bagel place. I'd never been to or heard of and it was unbelievably. Good good. 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I know i'm always having him spanked but like i don't know i just i feel like i don't know he's always like spare the rod. I'm gonna give you also. It'd be a looking. I'm gonna give you a look. I'm just it's a stereotype that i'm really digging into right now but what i'm saying because i don't watch the show but like maria mariano route and my point is that i don't watch the show so it's just it's just like in my mind. I think he does but i do. I don't do bankruptcy law but i'm twenty minutes. He's about this wacky dad and he's lucky kids and they come in and out and he he he he strangers them. They come back. They lead you'll see and you'll see why i i mean again. We're not even at the darkest part yet he oh no not at all yeah. We're not there yet we have to provide. A foundational understanding of this weirdo is so basically this this this w w._s._b. T._v. is basically like we don't like todd. Chrysler has lived here for eight years and he hasn't paid one cent in taxes to georgia this has messed up and so a ah somehow talk to the son kyle and they're like hey like what's happening with your dad does he pay taxes and kyle says he's he's always been that way. He stretches the truth and then later on. He says he's going to say he's a florida resident until he goes to jail. I mean honestly obviously <hes>. I mean honestly so here's their own son being like do not trust my father. My father is alive. My father say whatever it takes to not pay tag rains okay so this sort of causes a whole uproar and apparently apparently that specific investigation by channel two action news in georgia is is what led the government to actually further ahead so that's the point of like support your local paper right subscribe to your local paper because they the good work cut december twenty seventeen the next interesting thing lindsey up until this point has been a full time cast member on christly knows best. This is the eldest daughter from a different mom right. This is the one who's currently embroiled in stuff that we will get to in a second she quit and originally the story was like oh it's because the show is moving moving to nashville and she's very tied down to georgia like blah blah blah blah blah. This is why she's leaving nothing to see here nothing to see here but this is from nikki swift and radar. I think nikki swift was aggregating radar but then adding her own aditorial housing the supposed supposed real reason for lindsey's departure however is as much more juicy. A production insider claims that todd wanted to use lindsay's then divorce as a plot point on the show something she wasn't happy about quote. Todd use lindsay's heartache arctic for a storyline and he did not care either way how she felt about it. He's in an alleged source explained raider like he did what he wanted to do. And in the end it ruined his relationship with his daughter so now our daughters his daughters estranged. Thanks bye strange strange. I'm changing sweetie. No i would say that's what this family is like. They're just like straining left and right. You're straight instead of your grounded u._s. Strange your estranged poor poor live. I if i had kids my joke then would-be like you're a strange and then we'd laugh about it but then they go to therapy later on and they'd be like well my dad. He's the always say i'm estranged and he thought it was funny but it really messed my head and you're like it was so funny still to this day so lindsay is now at at this point estranged. Okay that was twenty. Seventeen at the end of season five day filmed another season in nashville filled another one a national blah blah cut to last monday. We're here. We're here. We've caught up here. We are so i did. This weird thing you know. Instagram is like weird about timestamps like once you pass a certain point you can't see the actual date posted anymore just as like a vague today's <hes> there's a way to do it. You have to like go through the source code and then copy this weird like a oh this weird piece of this numerical code that translates to time stamp but it's in like a certain language engage and we figured out how to do it. This was published on <hes> eastern time the twelfth of august <hes> five in the afternoon. Okay so oh this is this weird post that comes out of nowhere because the tax evasion story has not made it to the headlines yet so he preemptively breaking the story where it's like ah yes weirdly but he's being vague about it. I thought that this came after the headlines it came before so he posts this thing on his instagram. That's like i've i have never talked about this before but like look we are having some financial trouble and it all started back in two thousand twelve and we had this employee who was shady eighty and didn't like us and this employee has been saying a lot allies to the government regarding taxes regarding our finances and it's all because so then he's a liar or their aligarh. We don't actually know who this employers there liar. We have done nothing but <hes> pay our taxes. We are good citizens. Citizens of the united states like we've never done anything wrong. We're on the map this guy so bad he's trying to hurt our family and then he says he quotes the bible multiple times and then he says you want to express gratitude to everyone who helped places where we are today in our lives we thank you for your support and we'll continue to work every day to earn your respect loyalty and admiration then this weird sign off we covet your prayers todd todd julie and the entire christly clan not counting strange. I guess right right so this is when this is monday night tuesday morning the u._s. Bell we're really press releases to jesus. It's so weird. God says to us so he says as a result of god's say i will be your lawyers all right. I will be your lawyer. Gods like god get a law. All degree get outta here. Some like academic with their big glasses like hunched over an aramaic bible being like a <hes> what it got say. I'm just gonna write that. God said i'm going to be your lawyer and there's not a direct word for this lawyers close enough. There's like a lot of people out here thinking that god's their lawyer. He's he's not you need a lawyer. I'm sorry god god does not have a law. Degree doesn't doesn't have a california bar. God doesn't have time to get the california bar all the actually the. I god too busy okay anyway so he says in this thing. I didn't really say it. He vaguely mentioned said he's like we might get indicted soon but don't worry like pray for us. Everything's okay okay. God's our lawyer okay. We have lawyer. Our lawyer told us that we'd get indicted soon sure enough. God was right. God had good intel all questions to heart to god who is our lawyer. Also we covet your prayers if god your lawyer is telling you to like you're gonna eat some prayers. You're in trouble because that's also the moment. Your lawyer says start praying. It's like lawyers died. If you're layers god it's unclear if your lawyers god. That's probably the his only action. Just pray just probably why did i hire you got god on retainer jesus worthless tuesday august thirteenth what we're saying is. We're very pro lawyer. <hes> i guess we're not anti-god works just anti-god as your lawyer we we just don't want you to think that you're being protected by god so many to get in trouble or something to get a parking ticket and then your gods my lords in judge like he's not lotteries ariz. I'm not trying to be forward. I'm just trying to be brockton. Oh i know and we have there's so many good hooligans who are lawyers. One of them look doc hooligan lawyer network. It's law now is actually using. I i would use please and medical network. God if hooligan doctor just talking let me about bella thorne dot slashed. Let me under dot dot com slash who like that's all. I want please okay on tuesday. Turns out god had good intel. The government releases a press release that sets i just love i mean of course they release press releases of course the government has p._r. People working for them but but the fact that it's written in the way the press releases to you know they're thrilled. They finally got this guy. They're like here. We did you look at all the things i bowled it. It's like like so stuff and then it's so rude okay at arts yeah. A federal grand jury has indicted todd and julie christie the stars of the real also notice of course because they're minors. The children are not involved of course the children don't care my dad's a crook okay do that. The stars of reality television show christie knows best on multiple counts of conspiracy bank fraud wire fraud and tax evasion the christie's his account. Peter tarantino has been indicted on tax related offenses. Okay okay quo- quote the u._s. Attorney is talking about it and then any says celebrities face the same justice everyone does these are serious federal charges and they will have their day in court. <hes> special agent in charge of the atlanta field office says this action is part of a much larger coordinated effort by the i._r._s. and the department of justice to aggressively find crackdown on individuals who try to conspire with others to hide their income and then lied a federal agents when confronted keeping right he might what happened in two thousand twelve. He was accused of things that are similar to that but also like you know offshore. Oh that's like a number one thing that we move the money out of the way and say you don't have it yeah bring it to that island from at least as early as two thousand seven through approximately two thousand twelve todd and julie christie allegedly allegedly conspired to defraud numerous banks by providing banks with false information such as personal financial statements containing false information and fabricated this is the craziest fucking the world and fabricated bank statements when applying for and receiving millions of dollars of lots no wait lindsey after fraudulently obtaining these loans to christie's allegedly used much which of the proceeds for their own personal benefit then they used fabricated bank statements and fabricated credit reports that had this is a direct quote from the government a fabricated credit report that had been physically cut and taped or glued together woah. They faked a credit report in an arts and crafts like audit arts and crafts day it now i'm like should i watch the show like sounds fun like are these people doing this on the show clearly but lingle next time i watch house hunters and there's people with over a million dollar budget saying they wanna craft room. I'm i'm an iffy like i know you're gonna do in there. I know you're doing in there. Just fucking cut up those loans and pay them back together after that comes out todd christly releases another instagram that is also deranged so then that was tuesday. Let's go to the wednesday the fourteenth they turn themselves in again. We have our local reporters doing their work. They you say <hes> nicole outside. The local reports. Give a shit about crowd todd christly. It's like t._m._z. In the local reporters you know they turn themselves in cool then todd grizzly again. I don't know where these celebrities make. These graphics find these graphics commissions slender man but it's a slender man forest and then it says tough times never last note tough times never last but tough people do <hes> from robert h schuler should i know who that is. Maybe i don't is that god pseudonym. I dunno okay yeah. He writes a caption. That's like we trust in god. Everything's fine also the show has been cancelled which is wild to me so also that even brings it up p._s. Don't don't worry. The show hasn't been cancelled then you click. We'll so you just really quickly. You put <hes> promo. He puts a promo and instagram before i show i he posted the three three posts after he realizes that shit's about the fan first thing he posts a preemptive like explanation of what's going then. That's if you click on the promo for the show to show is like <hes>. I should know when chase christly invites me to visit him in savannah christian l._a. He needs something and you click on. The promos like i'm living with savannah again. This time my dad's not paying for anything we have to go out there and and do a hustle and so there's a shot of him like renting his apartment out for like modeling and christie's. They're taught autism and he's like no. No greg can't do this. I mean that was part of his contract. I'm sure you're right the episode. That's the show that's what the show is now basically so he now says they're getting back to work. They're about to start filming the show again. He says the show has been canceled. Got good. We drop our hands and serenity. God god the rest again. He's the lawyer you can't claim faith and still you'll express fear okay fine now. Let's move to fucking thursday. Thursday is this is actually when it gets interesting for. I mean it was interesting the whole interesting interesting we got this one gets who we yes extreme that is so disturbing and we noticed this news. I remember texting about ah either right before or right after recording episode on thursday so thursday morning <hes> we were like oh my god 'cause really so derain either of us care about it at first right because it's tax stuff of course a reality getting tax stuff. It's like duh of course yeah but then our friends who who are you know bachelor fans were like did you see what's it's going on. It and it's like oh my god. This is insane. I was i was right to wonder where i pasted this from but obvious t._m._z. because look at all these ellipses the way this is written so crazy okay. It's like dash dash. Dash dot tries to be conversational but it's so robotic. Here's the situation todd's daughter lindsay who strain from the fam- who's a strange from the fam- estranged arranged filed a police report last month so in july alleging her brother chase not kyle because remember kyle was the one who was like i'm turn it down my dad's a nightmare as that was the one that's always on the show chases the one who loves the fame chase and todd allegedly harassed lindsey and threatened threatened her with the sex tape of hers. She believed chase. The brother purchased where it be purchasing from. We don't know allegedly well. We'll get there <hes> so apparently apparently what happened was todd and chase went up to lindsay and they were like hey. We have a sexy of you. Fucking former bachelorette contestant will get to him in a second and if you don't do what we tell you to to do and lie about this thing that we want you to lie about the taxes we're going yeah but we don't really know what that we don't know what it is but it could be. It's probably about the task like close to lindsey say the lie was related to our testimony about the taxes okay so it's like you're going to lie about this incident <hes>. She says we're gonna release the sex tape. If you don't do what we tell you in this has to lie about this thing which was allegedly about the taxes. Whatever lindsay says this happened todd and chase immediately against wants their lawyers presumed council which is to not talk to the press are like oh. We're going to talk to the press. We're going to say that we didn't do this. They both went out and said this is a lie. We never did this. Blah blah blah blah blah asphalt todd is denying it flat out saying there's no truth to it in that lindsay is lying. Todd says he and chased didn't purchase lindsey sex tape which allegedly includes a bachelor star. He tells us quote although our hearts are broken lindsey is our daughter and we will always love her. Okay <hes> <hes> <hes> what happens what happens next okay. I love this e. L. of this e take on it because it says based on the report the coffee condos podcast co host stated that her father and stepmother quote wanted her lie about an incident and if she refused to they were going to release a sex tape involving her and i was like excuse me what is coffee convoys apparently when lindsay left. I love this when she left. Chrissy knows best. She was like well. I need an income and so she was like well. I'm gonna make a podcast we do now. It's two thousand seventeen so she's podcast cast with none other than booking caitlyn lowery from team from teen mom and apparently it's doing pretty well served. It's a love to hear pseudo. Celebrities talk on podcast listen to us. It's called coffee condos coffee compost. You could go on that show prob. Hey guys welcome. Welcome coffee combos. I'm so excited because we have a very important guests today. Vary the part of the quote that i didn't get to yet because it's where things really get dark and i was saving it until this part in that statement that todd gave the pros insane she sent out the bachelor out the names so t._m._z. didn't say they said a bachelor are like they didn't say and they said probably a bachelor star right. Is it probably about starting but we've there are reports of different bachelor people that lindsey has been seen with our dated actually very publicly so bachelor people knew who it could be but it wasn't actually converted and didn't want to and i was like oh name names honey and he said we have tried. This is a quote from todd grizzly. We have tried to keep lindsey's extramarital relationships this dragging right we have tried to keep lindsey's extramarital relationships with breath robbie hayes and josh murray private for her sake. Since august of twenty sixteen not only that sentence is a work of shitty parenting art because he reveals so many shady things about authors in one that was extramarital. It was never public that it's these two you piece of shit bachelor guys by the way these are like the two worst bachelor guys seem like released. Bobby hayes is the one that's on every single reality show that he can get on and josh murray is fucked opt over what surveys so i was you're hitting. Josh and i did want to tell you that. I think you're amazing. I think grade and as a friend. I guess you were my concerned because i didn't read the book. I have a general idea what it says about josh <hes> i hope handy make all that up because what she said was some pretty nasty stuff and i guess my thought when i heard about it was i hope to god it's completely false and completely fictional. I don't know if he's a good guy bad guy. I don't know it was written was true false but asked the question. Anyways key says that the sex tape with robbie todd does any jason again although our hearts are broken lindsey is our daughter and we will always love her but also like he says sadly for reasons we can only guess at she ran to the sheriff's office to accuse her brother irv buying a sex tape of her and robbie. How did he know it was robbie. This is like one of those things where you're like caught in your own like live a very simple. It's like how teach you know. The car was gray. Eh done dente. I was looking at the end of my best friends wedding when she's at the table and rupert everett is on the phone. He's like you look at you and your lavender. You're probably sitting sitting there with your lavender dress with your fingers and she goes. I didn't tell you my dress lavender. I can just picture this sitting at a table and you'll lavender gown swept up. I've been touched your kate purdy drumming your fingernails on the white linen tablecloth when you do when you really feeding down. I've seen looking at those nails. Thinking gosh stopped in on my evil plotting to have that manicure. It's too late now. George i didn't tell you my dress was lavender. I'll keep your charming version. Oh it's like a whodunit version where it's like you find out that like the butler did it because he's like. How did you know like he went to harvard and it's like you know so jason releases a statement to and chases statement is also crazy. It just like these people are psychotic. I love i love my sister and i don't understand why she's doing this to our family not only in my heartbroken over these false allegations by my sister and they are they are totally false but sore my parents and the rest of our family tasing and why would lindsey christly lie about her brother buying a sex tape of her that is first of all revealing that there is a sex tape of you which just very bad because then people are gonna try and find it also that you hooked up with these trash bachelor guys very bad in ear like in this fight with your fucked up family. There's no voted for her to want to do this. She doesn't need to do this. You know who else it need to do it. Josh murray so everyone i know reach out to robbie and josh and they were like can you give us a statement and robbie was like hell fuck and no. I'm not saying shit about this. I'm keeping my distance on the sex and then josh murray who's not in the sex tape but allegedly allegedly had an affair with lindsay says was like oh yeah. I have a statement prepared quote. I know taught in this family are going through. This statement is the tone of the statement is so all over the place. Tell me what you think. Uh-huh i know todd and his family are going through tough times right now and i pray everything works out in there. They probably should focus on how not to be imprisoned for thirty years rather than spreading gossip awesome and try to hurt their daughter. I truly and then i truly believe they are good. People and i wish them the best in however they choose to go about their actions so he sort of saying like think also. I really want them to go to jail like based sog. What is he actually like. Why don't they focus on not going to jail. It's like josh. What do you think think they're trying to do by getting their sister to not testify. They're focusing on not trying to go to the next the next day so now we're on friday. I don't really know if the implications of these are as of this particular story as big as i think because you you don't put a housing a house on the market that quickly maybe these are already in the works but even if was already in the works is because they knew something was coming. They're trying to sell their national house and nashville where they filmed the show so it's kind of weird maybe they're going to georgia. Maybe they're gonna cancel the show. I don't know but they put the house that they bought a couple of years ago on the market and like who knows what that means now. We're up to saturday <hes> saturday. Lindsey's attorney talked to people and maybe she talked to her friday but this was published dod not not god god. Her name is melissa attorney. Her name is <hes> mugabe and she says lindsay never sincere gesture from her father we didn't we don't even know how to react if she was given a sincere opportunity to reunite so. They say like they're not they're like. Would you ever like go back to being in a relationship with your father. Would you ever be higher. Father has never been now her in his entire life. So this is where we are literally negotiate buying your own daughter sex tape to blackmail her to not testify against you in a in a tax fraud case and and like that is an again though fucked up. I believe everything. I believe that i believe it. I believe it's gross. It's too weird to be not true rude. You know what i mean. Who would even make this shit like. It's too weird to be not trail yes right and based on everything we have seen in the past the it's not out of the remote possibility for todd christly to behave like this right like this is how he is just desperate to liked control everyone you know and and seemingly trying to keep the t._v. Show alive because as you know. You're only famous if you're on t._v. Yeah i think that's i tried to see if there was anything else any other news and right now. We're recording the monday morning. There hasn't really been anything as as of last night. There wasn't when i updated all of this but it's that's it so i mean t._v._d. When they actually when the trial begins the show and still the show has been canceled. The show was up. His show is cancelled which is really crazy to me because i feel like u._s._a. Should cancel the show like why show salon on u._s._a. Could learn a little from the kardashians and try to make the lawsuit the bulk of the season. You know like actually work it into work the headlines i. I mean sure they love to do that. Fasttrack production so that the the yeah the window is closed but i would watch christly knows best asked if it was all about how he doesn't remember too. Is that the joke. That is no anything i made. I've made this observation before best. Let's move on. We've been talking about this for a long time eligible. I'm sorry that was that was that interesting. Yeah i think so good is like a real stunner and with all that time for commercial. What was the cool thing when you were like in school like what what age though no middle school middle schools good. I don't even remember there. Were some kids that i knew who really into baseball cards and i was like i'm going to baseball cards and i was into baseball cards or one weekend and i was listen to your parents who you kidding like baseball card shop. My dad was like you want to go where and he drove me there. I remember being in there and i was like looking around being like. I have no idea what i'm looking at. You have to like be into baseball baseball cards. I know which i realized too late. I realized too late up that it was such a nightmare. What were you doing in massachusetts like just collecting dunkin it duncan what am i trying to say duncan cups and like turning them into like jewelry and accessories talking to what you were doing not a dunkin had. This is an ad for bomb buzz. Why don't you take your good will hunting d._v._d. Talking about what school in middle school because because bomba's are very cool socks that everyone loves on the school yard and they're the most comfortable kit sucks ever and they're colorful. They have little bs on them. They're cute and everyone thinks they're so comfortable. Oh because designed but comforted nations that helped make them feel better than any other kid socks ever made so if you have kids in the back to school with the socks that keep them company colorful and ready to take on the school year. I would love like anything to make more confident and school. Sign me up please and since baba's donate spare socks for every pair purchase you should get yourself some two so visit baba's dot com slash who and get twenty percent off your first purchase ooh. That's a big percentage. That's b. o. M. b. a. s. dot com slash who w._h._o. For twenty percent off your first purchase baba's dot com slash the hills brandon. Thomas lee is romancing big. Little lies is catherine. This is so boring. This is like news for for like truly four people. I just love us. Lead is this could these to be the hills as next it couple and it's like first of all no one's watching the hills so so they're not going to happen a couple. I really hope not because this girl has actually trying to make it in hollywood is like a real actress not as a reality person on the hills eating yup spencer heidi. You're always the couple in the hills. There's no one else there's there's not another couple. This was just the reason why i put this here because it was happening happening at the same time as this which is brody jenner might beating twenty two year old nepotism model that is a quote from owner. They didn't who has the best headlines might be dating twenty-two-year-old nepotism. Model is my fate. That's the best way to describe. Joseph and seiko also really is a nepotism so josie can say go. We dated we. We're old pros on josie can take oh because because of a recurring segment we would do in our live. Show is lindsay would do incredibly long like twenty minute long deep dive into joseph and seiko and i i feel like i know her better than with josie. He dated woohoo she she dated. Mike stud mike side. A wrapper on solid dropped out. I love college and never wanna leave. This place that guy back up josie can saco jose canseco's daughter with jessica and seiko. Jose can say go being the the baseball a player who wrote juiced about how he did all those drugs. His wife wrote a novel. A memoir called juic- which is ironic name. Josie announce became a victoria's a secret model. Yeah she's an angel and she dated this rapper than they broke up and now she's probably dating brody. Jenner insane. Jose canseco is now a conspiracy theorist. I very prolific conspiracy theorists and twitter aliens. He loves stuck. We'll take you to see bigfoot. If you call number one time finger fell off because he got shot off. That's a great that's a great part of our show all about just because she was on the show <hes> the mother daughter experiment on lifetime along with courtney and her mother oxygen by the way but it's fine oxygen oxygen. Maybe it was lifetime. No you're right was lifetime sorry lifetime but she's she's actually not that fascinating but everything around her is which is why that deep deep dive was so much fun because she's kind of boring boring person why she's like the perfect brody jeter rebound from his life because she basically is like a blonde stand in model for like caitlin carter and by the way he is you know i wrote this in the newsletter which patriot and you can get if you but it's like you know like the lady doth protest too much methinks he's. He's like that all over town. He's like he's all over town being like i don't care i'm good. I don't care. I don't even give a shit. I'm good. It's like relaxed like the more you say. You're good the more like he's not good. I know it's good talk- christie's doing the same thing. Yes me the lady dov protest so much methinks. Thanks fix i i mean i know it's from hamlet and we've had this conversation. Me thinks his last checked up the quote and i was like where does me thinks go that. We've had this conversation so many times really. We love saying lady protest too much me. Thanks because we love literature. It's one one of the most iconic lines always leads an everybody's dauth protesting too much. It's so wise. It's always appropriate to quote that. I know it's true. Though so brody jeter he doth protest too much. Let's move on on another big release ratchet but truly at big relationship news 'cause we basdeo. We love these tale hot felon and top. There's just amazing. Just amazing odd felon nicknamed up shop eras broke up. Can you will other names khloe green and what was heartfelt. Jeremy meeks meeks jeremy jeremy leagues if they ever got married but they really didn't have a kiss advocate advocate together years two years three years how long they plagued my life three years two years over to definitely over over two but when this podcast existed the they got together <hes> so they broke up and that was already news it was like they broke up which was sort of a surprise because they kind kind of seemed like a cute ish couple like it was gonna work. Maybe they kind of went back and forth forever. He seemed a little bit member that his ex wife like the there was always like big darkness with his ex wife but i could also see them getting back together after this you know being very often on yeah off and on which is now the new rumor. We're about miley and liam that like they're going to try to get work. Blah blah blah rehab in the future. I don't think so well for anyone. I don't wanna make allegations. Okay i mean if you're listening to my song slide away. You would say the ryobi's crates on the also. Maybe this fictional selling israeli grandson rats on grits so they broke oh cup that was news in and of itself then she was on a yacht just like every other rich person like you make news you go on a yacht with a mystery man. She's entangled. She was entangled like legs and arms just wrapped around this other person and it's so the by the mayor that he's amy polo player. She leaves hot felon for polo player here. She said she wrote extremely rose leaving jack. I know it works in a titanic. Represented is who leaves jack for cow jello agreements spit all the way off that boat glowing green imagine the titanic whenever whenever she does see him like ellis island and he's like looking around and she's like cow over year. That's my favorite part. I'm here. I'll i'll go go with you. I'm here. I'm here and i have the it's in your coat because you put the code on me. You put the diamond in the code and you put the code. Remember it's right here. Stop and the titanic could have been so good. Oh my god okay so but apparently did you see this. The new headline today is that khloe greens like no. I'm not dating johnny. No we're just this weird. This weird friend that they talk to daily. Mail said one of close friends claims quote. They aren't kissing the pictures. I can promise promise you that i literally. Who is this friend also. Were you there. I can see the picture. You're not there but it's like friend. You're not there. I don't believe aleve 'cause. I'm looking at a photo of them. Entangled entangled who cares. I think she's going to get back with jeremy makes i think so too and i kind of feel like us talking about them. Breaking up is like means. They're gonna act. They're going to get back together. We got to move on to my favorite story. Honestly this could just be a story episode. If we cut everything patriot that's possible muscle and this is a nicely christly in gooby dougie lindsey. Don't forget the funniest thing that's ever happened happened is that <hes> bradley cooper was in italy and he was getting dinner with someone and someone who was like vaguely blonde and <hes> actually i don't know how it's the described of brad and bano and a blonde person and other people at a table in very blurry photo and so everybody reported that it was lady gaga like this blah. Bleach-blond figure is one hundred percent lady gaga. You're getting having together they are they are in love. Oh my god stars born is real. I love this so much and then lindsey what happened and then the i. Okay sorry all her the u._k.'s son the glamorous person the way they described them as the glamour person the glamorous glamorous person sitting across from cooper at a cafe in france was actually the year old artist named dougie. It wasn't gaga gaga was he not got gug ing gone gone dougie. We thought it was gigi. It's no but then we watched an interview with him and he's like i'm gay my name is joey and i like to be called. I have very very bad hurt. So dougie is like actually a famous artist who's best friends with bono from child's bradley cooper's involvement bonneau having dinner with dougie makes more sense than anything in the world for for having dinner with bano makes sense sense just 'cause it's bradley cooper like of course he is <hes>. It's just great that they people are mistaking a sixty year old irish artists named dougie for gaga a- as you scroll through every story reporting this you will pass these face close up full face photos photos of dougie than you scroll further than gaga then like a profile of dougie profile of gaga and it's showing you that yes they have the same <hes>. They have the same attributes right. They had to say they belong. They have the same blonde hair long blonde on their air white. This is great says a source said bradley. He hasn't seen her in months. He's good friends with bono and met up with him and his friends who include gug. It's gaga gaga gaga. My gas mask gaga stop talking about. You're never gonna have kids but still if if i did if i did i'm yelling then they're going to be a stranger who listens to who weekly gaga gaga gaga dougie gi but it's fine because i was thinking guga doug fine he got game. The girl is like i am and so weird. Golly apparently is like a true legend. Apparently of i mean gene whatever you really can't really can't deal with that. Research shouldn't mistaking gaga from an i six year old. <hes> like avant-garde artist is exactly the way that i wanna if his name had been like howard we would not be talking about this. No is name is gutsy that his name is okay. Can we move move. The gug on cheryl has been taken out of madame toussaud's who sowed whacks museum this them so. I've never thought this is really sad and i've actually never seen like reporting on this before. This is like right. Which would you like. Don't you think someone leaked. This like someone told. I think not only did it. Take someone leaking it but it took the daily mail being like we don't like this person we're going. It'd be mean to her because this is a necessarily mean but i think that someone told them this. You wouldn't know this and even maybe somebody from madame. Toussaud's like a representative from the attraction told the sun because they thought it was hilarious it easily areas nobody almost but that representative quote could have been a reaction to someone asking about where the cheryl wax-figure wax-figure went but i just i just wanna know how this information got them because it's not like they have like a madame toussaud's correspondent and i'm sure that wax figures get changed and moved to say they changed moved in and out based on like public opinion and like popularity. I mean this is hilarious. Cheryl cheryl cheryl over seaney blah labib fernando mussina share all those names. She's just cheryl now. Well yeah but i know her. Best is cheryl. Overseen moran fernandez rossini yep anyways added tobacco. Sorry sorry her wax figure was taken off display as attraction boss worry that the singer isn't the best representation of what visitors see. That's it. That's so rude so this is a sign exclusive not daily mail. I take it back. I'm sorry this is it's still mean as hell because there's probably happens all the time but they decided to focus on this because they knew it's easy to dump on cheryl. It's easy to dump on her. What can i say. I love cheryl. Cheryl does not have a great reputation but she is a pop loosened in england. I'll take your word for it affected. You know that cheryl and derek off david. I didn't know this no yeah. This is is from a long time ago and more recently we had a he released a memoir. Take the lead lessons from a life in motion i did nobody released a memo. He apparently wrote her out of his memoir because she hurt his feelings so much whoa he was also at her bedside morning noon tonight when she suffered her malaria scare after break to africa. I did not know that that's the weirdest way i'm sorry. What is it a larry scare. She just thought she hillary but it was a cold or she didn't have anything thing. That's you when you go outside and you think you have a tick like malaria. I've had a lime disease scare. The podcast suffered a lime disease scare and summers in summers two thousand ten through two thousand nineteen nineteen every summer. It's true it's true anyways. God god god god god you you got doug. What'd be rita. Was she wary where arash she posted. Why aren't she's the who queen too you know aw what's rita ora up to who is this woman not much rita because she still indication but some good headless greece. I just saw a headline of her being in greece or something like making us so rita ora shows off her amazing figure in skimpy bikini on board a luxury yacht okay making a splash shen. What's new. It was great. It was key. I think it but it what i'm not i'm not scared. I'm saying what's new 'cause literally that happens. There's a photo of her from behind on a jet ski and it's just like her her ass and then you to your face 'cause she has a helmet on and it's from behind invest so the only skin you see you're like arms and then like but it's a funny picture and and then it says arms and bat rita was holidaying on a yacht off the off the coast of italy seems like an ideal holiday honestly and then there is read or queen of hygiene as she dons facemask for this. This is anti bill roxette interim story. She shared this like beautiful selfie of her with this like you think if you're in an airport and you see like a lot of people people wearing like a hospital facemask like the like the fibrous ones like the ones they give out. If there was like a mass issue looking yeah yeah like a flow rita's wearing like some industrial industrial strength facemask like something that would be kick started if contagion where riedel right like she's the chic est plastic know germs are getting getting through that thing and she says flight essentials. I can't get sick. I can feel it coming. Wait flight essentials. I can't get sick and i could feel it coming and fuck sake anyway. She was a little sick. She was a little sick. She didn't want to get too sick but i guess it's fine. No i mean it's it's incredible only read a house like a chic mask. It's so good and what's weird is that it seems very genuine because she doesn't tag them. Ask you know i want to get that mask. I don't know where she cares. Whether thank you for listening to who weekly weekly follows on instagram twitter facebook <hes> support us on pattaya dot com slash weekly rate reviews on apple podcasts we love your reviews so much colon six thousand nine who then if you have any questions comments concerns or if you are a bankruptcy attorney and have some insight into the christly case because yeah it's interesting. I would love you will change your voice choice. If you are on the case and you wanna call you are chris sort if you are a christly though we will not change your voice for just gonna play it. All calls are the property of who media <hes>. What else does i think that's it so thank you for calling me. Thank you for listening. We will see you on friday with an episode that apu's there by you know okay fame it.

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